VOLUME 42, LETTER 8-9 JAN .-FEB. 2000

Dear readers : Forgive us for combining your January and February Report . Your correspondent was hospitalized by a seized Moslem Kashmir and promised a plebiscite he had no intentions of keeping. Today both countries are nuclear. Black Africa is a vast expanse where only changes for the worse are predictable .

particularly bad case of the flu bug that has hit Europe and been fatal to many over 75 . We will make up for the missing numbers in August and December . There is much to tell you. Many authorities are predicting that this will be As century and finding no comfort in

Four black nations and three Congolese armies are fighting in the Congo where Mugabe, to whom Kissinger and Lord Carrington gave a once flourishing

Japan's growing right-wing call to rebuild her military might in the name of national pride.

A ground-preparing move for Japan's new mood is a forum about to take place in Osaka preaching the theme: THE VERIFICATION OF THE RAPE OF NANKING: "THE BIGGEST LIE OF THE 20TH CENTURY" Russia's war in Chechnya must in time

while he cannot buy oil for his people . A return to love of nation and protection

Rhodesia, is spending a million dollars a day in a war a thousand miles from his border

Jorg Haider, the Nazi sympathizer in Austria . That Chancellor Kohl's 1984

of sovereignty is spreading in Europe's other 14 countries since the spectacular rise of

touch the Turkic nations on Russia's southeastern rim and lead to unification with

conflicts that are solely religious . While awaiting a propitious time to take Taiwan by force, China's leaders warn America against introducing a new version of Ronald Reagan's Star Wars program. The reason : Teheran is helping Peking upgrade her C801

election was financed by President Mitterrand is a petty detail in the story of the new world order's rampant corruption . justified by those who would see the U.S .A . replaced by a triumphant U.S .E . (See H. du Whatever Kohl and Mitterrand did is

B . Report of October 20, 1972, on the recumbent A before the U .S . of Europe) That Britain and America will buy anything from the sort of leaders their electorates put in office was confirmed when they believed the IRA would surrender its weapons.

missiles, capable of carrying germ or nuclear war heads. An eventual war between India and Pakistan became inevitable when Nehru

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0 1989

JAN .-FEB. 2000

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The greatest threat of the coming century, however, is the war within countries which will outpass in danger and duration the years of cold war with Russia . Russia threatened but the new enemy acts, and every detail of the trial-taking place in Holland this month should be studied by Europe and America . It is not only an example of the weakness of armies and conventional weapons against terrorism but the length to which a judge who refuses to let reasons of state or the interests of politicians and powerful firms impede justice . The story of this month's trial in Holland may be said to have started at 7 :02 p.m., four days before Christmas, on December 21, 1988, when Pan Am flight number 103 blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland, on its way to New York, spreading the bodies of 271 passengers and four million pieces of luggage over an area of 85 square miles. Most of the passengers were American . In the search to find out who was responsible, intelligence services from 10 countries and over 400 investigators were brought into the hunt. Before July, 1991, they had spent over twelve million pounds sterling, but a number of countries and large firms had reasons to want to prove Qadaffi innocent of any connection with it. Over 90% of Libya's foreign currency comes from oil and despite America's efforts to impose an effective embargo, men high in governments protected firms reaping huge profits in deals with Libya or working to re-establish relations . Attempts to whitewash Qadaffi might have succeeded if flight 772 of France's UTA airline serving Brazzaville, N'Djamena and Paris had not been downed over the Tenere desert in Nigeria on September 19, 1989. This brought in one of the greatest judges of our time, Jean-Louis Bruguiere, a specialist in terrorism and head of the 14th section of the French court service handling terrorist cases. Judge Bruguiere's obsession with justice outweighed the pressure that bankers, firms

and his own government put on him. So many prices were already on his head, he and his two body guards had not ridden through Paris except in bullet-proof cars since 1981 . He spent two and a half years investigating the shipment of 120 tons of arms and explosives which Qadaffi was proven to have sent to the IRA, and Qadaffi was his first suspect. He learned that the Lockerbie attack was planned by Syria, Iran, Libya and Iraq at a meeting in Damascus the previous year. Presiding over the meeting was Ahmed Jibril, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC), which was based in Damascus . Jibril had broken with Yasser Arafat and his Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) because of Yasser's willingness to make peace with Israel in return for a small Palestine . Abu Nidal, Leader of the Tripoli-based Fatah Revolutionary Council, was in on planning the bombing which Syria encouraged and for which Iran put . $10 million dollars in Jibril's account in the now defunct Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) in revenge for the downing of an Iranian plane by the U.S.S. Vincennes in July 1988. Qadaffi was charged with carrying out the operation . The investigation of the two aircraft bombings became the world's biggest murder hunt . Four million pieces of wreckage scattered over 850 square miles were assembled to ascertain how the Lockerbie plane was blown up. Some 17,000 people in 53 countries were interviewed and by July 1991 over 12 million pounds had been spent. The first break in the Lockerbie case came when a member of the PFLP-GC named Abu Talb was identified by the proprietor of a shop in the tourist resort of Sliema, near Valetta, the the capital of Malta. On November 23 1988, Talb bought an umbrella and the clothes which were wrapped around a radio cassette in which the bomb was packed. Three days later he flew out of Malta and went to Frankfurt where 17 members of the PFLP-GC

page -3had been arrested on October 26, 1988, eight weeks before the Lockerbie bombing . Bombs and bomb-making equipment similar to that which destroyed the Pan Am jet were seized along with 17 terrorists, 15 of whom Germany released for lack of evidence . Scottish police believed the bomb had been smuggled from West Germany to Malta in November 1988 and put on the plane in a Samsonite suitcase similar to one found by the Swedish police in Talb's flat in Uppsala, Sweden. By chance, the day Talb's flat was raided police found his diary with a circle marked around December 21, the day the Lockerbie plane blew up. France's equivalent of the FBI, the DST (Defense de la Surveillance de la Territoire) rejected clues leading to Libya . Qadaffi swore on his heart that the days of French and Libyan discord were over and Roland Dumas, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, assured France through the press that times had changed . Not until November 15, 1991, was President Mitterrand forced to accuse Libya of having a hand in downing the French plane, and then only because of the tenacity of the judge who refused to let anything stand in the way of his pursuit of justice . He held that Libya's Qadaffi was behind the plot and that a head of state in office was not exempt from trial, a decision which many American appointees would oppose . Determined to prove his case and supported by the FBI, 700 men sifted 640 kilometers of the Tenere desert for six months to amass the 14 million pieces of the wrecked DC10, which experts reassembled in a hangar at Le Bourget . A 40 centimeter piece of a suitcase showed flakes of the leafy pentrite explosive which Qadaffi had bought from the Fifteenth of May organization, a Palestinian group headed by Abu Nidal and named after the anniversary of the founding of Israel . The suitcase was similar to the one that carried the same type of bomb over Lockerbie. Judge Bruguiere carried the charred piece

JAN.-FEB. 2000 of luggage to the factory in Denver where engineers identified it as coming from a Samsonite model "Silhouette 2000", manufactured between 1982 and 1985 . Searchers at Le Bourget found a small piece of an electrical appliance used in a timing devise . On it were the letters T.Y, used by the Tai Youn company in Taiwan . The judge flew to Taipei where he learned that it came from a shipment of electric timers sold to the Grosslin firm in Fribourg, Germany. The German government put every obstacle in his way . Only with the aid of an official demand did he learn that the apparatus in question was part of a lot sold to Colonel Chibani, head of the technical section of the Libyan Secret Service . Judge Bruguiere's trips were not made with the permission of his government . All were on his own initiative and financed by funds allotted for the investigation . Appointments with whomever he wanted to see were made through the embassies of the countries concerned, not through any member of the government in Paris. Taking his life in his hands he went to Libya, where he learned from a Libyan magistrate that a Samsonite identical to the one that had blown up the UTA DC10 was in the headquarters of the Libyan Secret Service . The Libyan judge made a trip to Paris to give him a photo of it. Qadaffi and his service denied any knowledge of such a suitcase but in 1995 the Mitterrand government fell and after a personal request from President Chirac, the judge went to Tripoli and on June 14, 1996, was given the suitcase he wanted . It was a Samsonite Silhouette 2000 model and in it were signs of the Czechoslovakian explosive . While Judge Bruguiere was slowly drawing a net around Qadaffi, Britain, France and America were demanding that those suspected of the Lockerbie bombing be extradited for trial by a Scottish court in a neutral country. Qadaffi would not hear of it. He held that they would not be given a fair trial . At the same time a couple of

JAN .-FEB . 2000

page -4unaccompanied luggage went through the baggage security systems at both stops and on to its appointment with Destiny over Lockerbie . For almost seven years Qadaffi rejected any requests for extradition of the two members of his intelligence service . They continued to live quietly with their families in Tripoli under house arrest that was more theoretical than of any inconvenience . The solution of trial in a neutral country under Scottish judges was turned down, always on grounds that the defendants could not

ambulance-chasing lawyers held out promises of wealth through litigation to relatives of those killed over Lockerbie . They claimed that the bomb had been put aboard the plane at Heathrow airport and were suing Pan Am

for failure to take security measures . All this the judge ignored . He was obsessed with proving beyond a doubt who had planted the two bombs and how. Through intercession by the Congo's minister of foreign affairs and the French ambassador he was able to question an adversary of the Congo regime named Bernard Yanga, who was living in Brazzaville . Yanga told him that Qadaffi's brother-in-law, who was first councilor to the Libyan ambassador in Brazzaville and number two in the Libyan secret service had put a young man name Apollinair Mangatani aboard the plane in Brazzaville. Mangatani thought he was being honored as a delegate to an Islamic conference on progressive youth, which was being held in Tripoli . The bomb was in his luggage and he was being sent to blow up with the plane .

possibly obtain justice . It took six years and nine months for Britain to reach a compromise . The sanctions were hurting and Qadaffi felt that by that time it would be impossible to present enough proof for a conviction . On

February 13, 1999, he agreed to hand the prisoners over for a trial in Holland by April 6. Under the agreement Libya would be permitted to open a consulate in Scotland and United Nations representatives would be permitted to monitor the prisoners .

had enough evidence to bring charges against Qadaffi after Hafez Dalkamoni, the PFPL-GC

As for the Lockerbie bomb, investigators

chief in Europe, carried the bomb to Malta, Qadaffi took the Lockerbie operation out of his hands and had his brother-in-law turn it over to Abdel Basset Ali Mohamed al-Megrahi and al-Amin Khalifa Fhima . Al-Megrahi's cover was "Head of security for Libyan Airlines" and Khalifa Fhima's was "top official for the line in Malta." Both were members of Libya's ISO, the equivalent of America's FBI .

against Libya and the place of imprisonment in the event of conviction . The last was the most difficult and Britain agreed to see that the two men were isolated from other prisoners with all preparation made for their religious and dietary observance . Camp Zeist, a former American and NATO base occupying a 25 acre compound enclosed by a 10-foot wire fence was temporarily ceded

The last three issues to be negotiated were the place of trial, the suspension of sanctions

officials to obtain baggage tags at Malta's Luqua Airport. They attached tag number 50009 to the Samsonite suitcase with its bomb concealed in a Toshiba cassette and sent it

It was a simple matter for such trusted

to become Scottish territory for the duration of the trial. It would be impractical to sequester a jury in a foreign country for a trial that may run to two or three years and prove to be the most expensive trial in history. Consequently, it will be held before three judges of the Scottish High Court with a fourth judge held in reserve.

down the chute for an Air Malta plane bound for Germany. In Frankfurt it was put aboard the Pan Am flight to New York via London . Because of the failure of security measures at both Frankfurt and Heathrow


Between their arrival in April 1999 and their first hearing on December 7 the two men

page -5were held in bomb-proof underground cells, not far from the temporary courtroom which they reached through a tunnel . Both men speak English, al Megrahi through having studied in America . He is said to hold four Libyan passports under different names and Fhima three . Through the trial which will start before the end of February they and the released even

JAN .-FEB . 2000
though there was an international warrant for Kreesat's arrest . One brought down an El Al Boeing 707 over

ten-man legal teams assigned to each side will be guarded by 100 police officers selected for

have made is somewhere in terrorist hands . If Ali al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa come

Rome on February 16, 1972 and another a Swiss Air jet on February 21, 1970. With the French DC 10 disaster and Lockerbie four were accounted for, but the fifth he is known to

their skill as sharp-shooters . To the public at large the big question will be whether or not

out of the Lockerbie trial with sentences the acts of terrorism, kidnappings to free terrorist prisoners and bombs aboard crowded planes will terrorize millions and be a nightmare for governments that never imagined the full range of Arab ingenuity. The Intelligence services of America, Britain and France know that The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command is well-structured and has cells in every nation of the new world order with its intentions of making national identification meaningless. It was estimated in May 1993

the court finds the defendants guilty. To those who must cope with the results of this trial of the two terrorists Sheriff Graham Cox handed over to Scottish authorities in their temporary part of Holland on April 5, 1999, the verdict will be a poisoned gift . Whichever way it goes the world will pay an awful price.

If despite the evidence on hand the verdict is "not guilty" or "not proven" the signal to Islamic leaders will be that Allah is with them and the infidel is afraid to imprison the terrorists .

From the first, one of their priorities as they infiltrated America and the new borderless Europe was to marry citizens of the country. This would give them acceptance and women who could be used as agents . In May 1990 Dalkamoni was in a German prison charged with attacks on American troop trains . In secret talks with the Germans

with their own parliament . Five million had

that four million Moslems were enjoying the protection of liberals in America where any attempt to question their loyalty or intentions is considered racist . In Britain there were over two million

established communities in France and fifteen million in the six countries, which abolished border controls in the treaty signed at Schengen . Hundreds more were arriving from North Africa monthly to disappear into closed communities. Intelligence services followed closely every

he discussed his liberation in return for freeing six German and Belgian hostages held by Abu Nidal . "It is in the nature of work for Palestine organizations, including the PFLPGC, to try to rescue their men by prisoner exchange," he told them .

summit meeting held by Libya, Iran, Iraq and

Dalkamoni hired Marwan Kreesat, one of his expert bomb-makers, to make the bomb, which blew up over Lockerbie . Kreesat assembled it in a house in Frankfurt which was raided by the German police on October 26, 1989 . Sixteen men were taken in on the haul but Kreesat and another man were

Syria to discuss ways and means of fighting a "dirty war" . Both American and British service reported in February that terrorists

are preparing to attack American and European cities with smallpox or anthrax viruses. Whatever the outcome of the trial in Holland, an epidemic or plague which the West is not even prepared to recognize may be ready when the trial ends . Quadaffi's chemical warfare plant at

JAN.-FEB. 2000

page -6-

Rabta, fifty miles south of Tripoli has never ceased buying material for nerve gases and bioterrorism through fake firms in third countries . Iraq used the absence of UN inspectors to repair and advance everything UN had undone. London learned in January that experiments with botulism had been carried out while Qadaffi stalled on turning his two prisoners over to the court in Holland . In mid December Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed, who heads the political wing of the International Islamic Front in Britain, called for attacks on Russian military and Government targets around the world because of the invasion of Chechnya . A hundred British Moslems left England on December 11 to join 350 recruits from the continent . The SUNDAY TELEGRAPH revealed in November that a camp in Britain was training fundamentalists funded by Osama bin Laden for the Islamic fight in Chechnya. Over 2000 European Islamic fighters took the route to Chechnya in November in reply to Sheikh Omar's call for: "Moslems around the world to confront militarily the Russian government forces, airplanes, government buildings and embassies in any part of the world by any means, whether verbally, financially, politically or militarily." This is what America and European enemies ofthe PFLP-GC face if the three high court judges in Lockerbie hand down the only verdict that justice, by Judge Bruguiere's standard, can permit . We are sorry to report that a libel suit in Britain, even when intentional libel can be proven is impossible unless the wronged party has considerable funds. We have been unable to meet the demand of British attorneys for another thousand dollars with which to file additional papers . An author enjoying the confidence of the Chinese communist government was given a grant to visit red China in 1990 and Brandeis

University purchased the 63 microfilm reels of legally worthless raw files gathering dust in red archives as material for a book. All the files that had been verified, such as the Sorge papers, had been taken to Tokyo by the Japanese . The British publishers were informed that every statement on H . du B. in their edition of the book in question was false and had been asked to withdraw it. They stalled however to give AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE time to cash in on the book in America . Amazon .co m invited readers: "Be the first person to review this book! Write an online review and share your thoughts with other readers ." Headed : "Publishers rig net reviews," the London SUNDAY TELEGRAPH of January 30 reported "Publishers are trying to rig the bestseller charts of the biggest e-commerce company by posting favorable reviews of their own books . . .Amazon .com, which has 18 million customers world wide, allows anyone to e-mail anonymous comments about a book on its website. Book companies have spotted the opportunities offered by the system and are adding their own comments in the practice... Philip Pullman, a successful writer from Oxford, wrote "It is becoming like graffiti. Amazon is offering a wall and a spray can to people and saying, `Here you are, have a go .'" THE BARNES & NOBLE (barnesandnoble .com/Northern Light Search : Hilaire du Berrier) stated in their "Documents that match your search", "Hilaire du Berrier, a barnstorming pilot from North Dakota in the 1930s, went on to become a spy for the loyalists in Spain." H.du B . ceased barnstorming in 1929 and, being a life-long anti-communist, wrote a series of articles for PETIT PARISIEN on the war Russia was waging in France's rear through the Spanish Loyalists . There seems nothing we can do to defend ourselves without meeting the terms of lawyers which a publisher of a newsletter can ill afford .


This is difficult to write . Economics, even when in a conspiracy with politics, are less interesting than terrorism and its global organization which rogue states have put in place while comfortable nations were coming out in June and the already fixed ideas of those who distrusted politicians were confirmed . Stories of slush funds, of influence peddling and suitcases of bank notes making their way to Switzerland and Luxembourg plunged the popularity of Mr. Kohl and his party to Germany's lowest level since the war.

sleeping . This report is something that must be written for the two continents of readers who still cannot believe that appropriation of their sovereignty is the aim of the superstate being formed in Brussels . The irreversibility of what is in store has never been brought home to them, any more than the importance of the revelations that have come out of the scandal that has shaken the Christian Democratic Union in Germany. Sleaze has suddenly touched portly Helmut Kohl, who for twenty-four years has led his party and seemed destined to be known only for his determination to give Europe a single money issued by a central

Suggestions that a President of France and a German chancellor had conspired to divert funds from the French oil company, Elf Acquitaine, to German political bank accounts seemed preposterous until further

history to those known as eurosceptics . Suddenly a spotlight is turned on the new world order's secrets and why natural enemies fought so hard for a common money. Reports of German corruption began

European bank in Frankfurt. That Jacques Delors, as head of the European Commission, and Francois Mitterrand, France's President, were so deeply involved in a love affair with Germany always seemed against nature and

reports stated that funds from Kohl came back to the Elysee Palace to finance President Mitterrand's last election . Other transfers of French oil money from foreign accounts were reported as funds returning to secure the financial future of the President's illegitimate daughter. When investigation for corruption forced President Mitterrand's former Prime

Minister, Edith Cresson, to resign from her post as one of France's European commissioners, it was reported that the oil company had given her some 180,000 pounds sterling listed as pay as a consultant . The stories of manipulations by those bent on making national parliaments subservient to a corrupt federal state should never have been surprising . The area is too large and the

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MARCH 21)00

-A"s 2is an idea embraced by left-wing peaceniks who carry the torch for bankers and politicians. "The result," he observes, "ii not chaos but rather a spooky kind oforder smasustiug frwon multinational corporations and globetrotting financiers. These, he asserts, swear allegiance, not to any nation but to profit alone, and they have implanted their values in such supranational bodies as the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization, whose tendrils threaten to engulf slowly and then' smother national selfdetermination. In.this view," he adds, "the alphabet soup ofsupranational organisations - IMF, WTO, UN and so on - is the harbinger of a coming planetary authority.. .If history is even a roughly accurate guide, much power now concentrated at the level ofthe nation state will indeed migrate to international institutions . World government, a single planetary authority, may or may not arrive, but something firm enough to warrant the name world governance is onthe cards." "A gentleman's agreement', which the American government supported, made the IMF an arm of the one-wonders by giving the European Union (EU) 30% of its votes and retaining only 1?% for the US, "the nation that in reality," says Mr. Wright, "is the power-house to which nations in trouble turn. Regarding the European Union, Mr. Wright observes : "As it helps itself to other. functions and goes on to institute a single currency, the moral of the EU story is: Presto! International trade can expand the scope of governance." He is honest enough to add, "All kinds of scenarios are imaginable. What is hard to imagine is that this migration of governance will stop before turning nation states into something like provinces .' This is the movement which impelled Margaret Thatcher to cry "No! No! No!" for which she was ultimately toppled. -A transition government was followed by a Prime Minister who made the Labor Party acceptable by caving it "new Labor." Class war returned with an attack on the House of Lords as part of the

races too diverse for corruption not to be endemic there. Opposition has been suppressed to a point where, as this is written, a grinning Prime Minister. Tony Blair is maneuvering to lead Britain into what Margaret Thatcher rejected, though ?S% of the country oppose a single money. With Britain in the new world order corral the next propaganda objective will be the United States. That is why we are ignoring the London TIMES story of March 6th, headed 'China readies army for `fatal' Taiwan strike". The TIMES explains why America's promise to defend Taiwan against; invaaion fails, m make Peking pause. "Predicting that the US would not have the stomach for a long war, the Military Commission says: 'If the US forces lose thousands or hundreds of men under our powerful strikes, the anti-war sentiment within the country will force the US government to take the same path as they did in Vietnam." Such reasoning is well founded . No one worked harder than America's current President to keep marchers filing past the American embassy in London day after day for the effects such demonstrations would have on the people at home. Details of the plan for a "First fatal strike on Taiwan", which the Military Commission of the Chinese Communist Party is circulating to regional military commanders, are founded on those demonstrations and no one doubts that the Military Commission . means business.- Events in Europe, however, lead us to abandon the sensational for a moment and try to clarify what the new world order's missionaries have been concealing. The political destruction of nationhood by one-worlders is as important as Taiwan's being erased from the map by soldiers. The problem is finding credible sources which one trying to expose the growing cancer in Brussels can quote. Robert Wright, in his book, NON ZERO - THE LOGIC OF HUMAN DESTINY, (Published by Little Brown, in London) has not minced words. At the risk of being called a kook, he declares openly that world government

page -3campaign to weaken the throne and throw overboard the pound. Mr. Wright feels that though some "tribes" are less eager to join the new world order than

MARCH 2000

others, it is unlikely that any nation, no matter how radical its origins, will forever resist globalization . Had he read H . du B. report through the years he might have written something on how men who formed America's policies and worked to bring about what Europe faces were chosen and prepared for their roles

conspiratorial - were preparing when the political crisis involving Helmut Kohl blew the cover off many secrets. What is most damaging to Kohl and his Christian Democratic Union is his refusal to name those who donated to the slush fund he amassed for the election of a French President and "pro-federalist Europe" politicians in other countries . What is unimaginable is the unconcern of Europeans and Americans alike when Bernard Connolly, an insider, sacrificed his career by stripping Europe's supranational

by Colonel House at dinners in the Hotel Majestic during the Versailles conference . He would remember how Britain's financial empire, known as "the City", elevated a French brandy salesman named Jean Monnet to such stature that Roosevelt regarded him as Europe . We have written ad nauseum on the metamorphosis of Monnet's Common Market into the European Union and how Marshall

Plan funds and American foundations financed the distortion of the minds of Europe's youth

and turned patriotism into an evil called chauvinism . This is why Henry Cabot Lodge was sent to Paris to set up THE ATLANTIC INSTITUTE in 1959 and assure de Gaulle that its aims were cultural . In DIALOGUE OF THE CONTINENTS, the 1963 booklet Lodge put out, he expressed satisfaction that the states which were America's allies had been stripped of their colonies and the Institute could turn to other


analysis of the European Monetary System and national and Community money policies . For six years, in the inner circle, he watched what the London OBSERVER called "the intricate dealings and double dealings of the Germans and the French". By 1995 he had had enough and wrote an analysis for the public on the interaction of politics and economics in Europe's plan for single money and called it "THE ROTTEN HEART OF EUROPE ."

government to the nude in 1955, so those marked for colonization from Brussels could see where they were being led. From 1989 to 1994 Connolly was head of the European Commission responsible for the

business . What that business was Betty Beale may have had in mind when she gushed in her Washington Post column of June 16, 1963 : "The book foreshadows a world currency."

Paul Johnson hailed it as the book of the year. The DAILY MAIL told its readers, "The revelations by a disaffected senior Eurocrat about the machinations in Brussels are a bombshell ." THE ECONOMIST called Connolly's book "the equivalent of apostasy by the Pope's private secretary." The eurocrats wanted no more adverse publicity so Connolly was not sacked immediately, when his dismissal would be tantamount to admission of his facts. He was given a few months of leave with pay, during which the superstate's little known "security service" - read : secret police - visited his apartment in the middle of the night. When the public had forgotten him he was sacked . The book, which one of the greatest propaganda machines in the world, is still trying to keep off bookstore shelves is the story of the myths and taboos which permitted what was known as the EUROPEAN EXCHANGE

McGeorge Bundy had already predicted "The day of the nation state is past," and Bundy was to become political analyst for America's invisible government, the Council on Foreign Relations. The wife of the American ambassador to Paris wrote in her diary that she saw the

European Movement take shape before her eyes as Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman sat night after night at secret meetings with Dean Acheson and her husband in the American embassy. This is the world for which occult forces - in the European sense that they were

MARCH 2000

page -4-

RATE MECHANISM to continue its relentless drive towards monetary union, and the ultimate goal, which is a federal borderless Europe . Connolly perceived that France and Germany were united in wanting a single money. A monetary alliance with Germany and her satellites would increase France's weight in monetary diplomacy. Germany's economic arguments were political. Germany wanted European Union, and monetary union was its precondition . To quote Connolly: "For the French elite, money is not the lubricant of the economy but the most important lever of power. Capture of the Bundesbank is thus, for them, the most important price in the European monetary war. To secure it they were willing to tempt Germany with the lure of political union, while never intending to deliver it." As part of the Franco-German jockeying for leadership, Germany permitted the appointment of Claude Trichet, governor of the French Central Bank, to head the European Central Bank, in exchange for putting a German, Herr Kohler, at the head of the International Monetary Fund . Connolly predicted that closer European cooperation would culminate in some form of political union and provide a convenient shell for German diplomatic action . In realization of this, a single money would be the shortest step to political union. But a single money necessitated a system in which currencies of the member countries would be confined to a narrow rate of fluctuation which they referred to as the snake. Within the snake no member currency was to go above the equivalent of 3 Deutsch Marks to an English pound . The Exchange Rate System, according to Connolly, was planned by Helmut Kohl and Francois Mitterrand in 1990 with the aid of Jacques Delors, then President of the European Commission . Delors made no attempt to conceal what kind of Europe Kohl and a French President, elected with the aid of a German party's illegal

funds, intended to create . When he left the European Commission in December 1994, Delors boasted that he had defeated Reagan and Margaret Thatcher by establishing socialism as the guiding principle in the European Union. As one reads this compilation of Connolly's thoughts on the plan for a socialist federal state where real power would be in the hands of bankers, it is impossible to escape the feeling that there is some relation between David Rockefeller and his Bilderbergers and the Europe Delors was working to create . None of the statements quoted in this report are unsupported opinions . All are from the book by the European Commission's analyst, which every European and American not under the spell of television should read. Connolly's eyes were opened, he says, by Nigel Lawson's obsession with the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) and he saw the damage ERM would do to the economies in its clutches . It was also Lawson's obsession that led to Margaret Thatcher's fall, according to Connolly. The ERM was part of a program to subvert the independence - political as well as economic - of Europe's countries and anyone who stood in the way of the European superstate had to be cut down . "Mrs. Thatcher was a prime target of the Eurofederalists and the victim of a continental conspiracy abetted by some of her own comrades-in-arms in the battle against British economic decline." She went with tears in her eyes and Connolly's comparison of the ideologies of Eurofederalism and Communism is a justification of everything she was fighting for. "The respective credos of Communism and Eurofederalism come together in many respects," he wrote, "including their belief in the inevitable withering away of the nation state. Initiates in the secrets of the two schools of history are equally convinced that they know where History is leading. It is to the Promised Land . For the first it is the classless society, for the second it is Europe without borders." Their amicable dealings with each other, as Connolly watched them from the pinnacle in

Brussels, -were not of selfless mutual love bpt of cold calculation of self intermit.-The great . feature of the Western Alliance (against Russia) was that it respectedahe right of each Western European country to order its own domestic affairs without interference from any other or from the institutions of the Western Alliance itself. Eurofederalists wanted, and stt71 want, to fence and wrestle with each other to decide which will have the greatest success both in meddling with the internal affairs of the others and in challenging and confronting the United States, the country that has protected Western Europe militarily and nourished it economically since the war." Aside from mentioning Kohl's conspiracy with Gorbachev, which Foreign Minister Genscher used in his attempts to spread German dominion eastwards, Connolly explained the proposals for a European Central Bank by writing: "This, the French thought, would replace Bundesbank leadership and go beyond the consultative role of the FrancoGerman Economic andFinance Council." Actually, as-he put it, 'mom that moment on the ERM would be turned on its head by the political drive to Monetary Union." This is what Tony Blair told Britons would never come unless they expressed by plebiscite that they wanted it. The London TIMES of March 10 devoted almost a quarter page to the appropriation of 20 million pounds to enable government departments to start switching their, romputers. to.E=os, : The-same paper of March 5 reported that the chief adviser of Roman Prodi, then Italian President of the European Commission, had admitted: "full political integration is the ultimate goal of the European Commission." All ofthis Bernard Connolly made public in 1995 in the book that cost him his job. The pages on economics are heavyreading butwhen he gets into exposing what sort of a world we will have when immigration services no longer bar floods of people from countries where there are no longer border controls make thoughtful reading. Isis description of those he watched

and accounts of events he analyses are more in ng thanfiction. "Sterling was to enter, the ERM on 5 . of Octobw 1990,' he writes, and goes on to tell of Mrs. Thatcher's opposition to it, which brought Nigel Lawson's campaign of defiance of her veto. When she finally did bend, according to Connolly, ehe had not;overcome her opposition. "The story of how she was forced by her enemies, -both at home and abroad, into this abandonment of British monetary sovereignty," he said, 'Ss one of a strange blend of political miscalculation, betrayal, ambush and conspiracy.' On taking ohm, one of her first steps was to subject sterling to the judgment of the market by abolishing exchange controls, one of the most daring and important steps of her premiership. "The decision was an unmistakable.indication of the determination of the Prime Minister and her immediate circle to break with the regulatory mania that had gripped Britain ever since 1940. It was an affirmation of faith in the British economy to stand on its own feet. It was also-a declaration that markets, not governments, must determine the value of currency." France under Mitterrand and the European policies ofDelors, was due to suffer humiliation, the route to which was socialism, Connolly explained in the beautiful English that marks his book:: "The banking sector was almost entirely nationalized, credit controls, exchange controls (strengthened in dune 1981) and price controls were pervasive. The 'Auroux laws' enlarged the statutory role of unions . Further measures continued the trend of the 1970's of reducing the ability of employers to dismiss redundant workers or to resort to part time or temporary employment.* Connolly denounced France's "freedom of managers to manage" as only freedom to follow the wishes of the government, and after his lines on Margaret Thatcher the description of the French President on page 24 of the softcover edition of his book in brutal : 'The victor in the May elections was Francois Mitterrand -

MARCH 2000 I

page -6Santer was President of the European Commission in the Fall of 1998 and on October 9 had written to the President of the European Parliament that he intended to give article 206 of the European Treaty "its full effect in the fight against fraud." Under article 208, if a member of the Commission had any information to give he was to send it to the Parliament and the Commission would send any documents the Parliament asked for. He tried and when the result was another brush-off, he went to the chairman of the Green Group in the European Parliament . The Greens held a press conference and his name was leaked . That afternoon he received his first ominous telephone call . He called the European Court of Auditors and was told to bring his papers on Monday.

break with capitalism .' Capital immediately decided to make a clean break with him : funds flew out of France at a dizzy rate in the days following his triumph. "Mitterrand's program had been agreed jointly with the communists, and he included four of them in his government . The government rapidly implemented cuts in the working week, an increase in the minimum wage, far-reaching nationalization, and increases in government transfers, dressed up as salaries to Socialist supporters in the national administration and education . Together these measures reduced the productive capacity of the French economy. ..

former supporter of the extreme Right, former Petainist, former minister in Fourth republic governments, former centrist, now socialist and partner of the Communists, always opportunist . In the run-up to the election Mitterrand had spoken of `making a clean

advancing the political objectives of a generation of French and German leaders who would govern a continent through an

The French balance of payments inevitably swung into deficit. ..France's foreign exchange reserves were rapidly seeping away ; a devaluation had to come ." Connolly has devoted so much space to the Exchange Rate Mechanism's role in all this because he saw it not as a rational economic mechanism . To him it was an instrument for

Colleagues phoned, warning him to get out of his house and take his files with him. When auditors had his papers he was given a letter telling him he was suspended and half of his pay was docked . He asked if "suspended" meant he was no longer allowed in EU premises and has never received a reply. That is how van Buitenen happened to write BLOWING THE WHISTLE, which may be obtained for 12 pounds and 99 pence through The Times Bookshop, LON3590, London W3

independent bank in Frankfurt . Europeans about to be made citizens of a province were given the sop of being part of a state more powerful than America. Get Connolly's book . The English edition in paperback is published by Faber & Faber of London and Boston, or it may be ordered through Waterstone's Bookstore, 71 Avenue Marnex, 1000 Brussels, for $20 or 830 Belgian Francs to cover purchase and mailing. The next European Commission man to commit career suicide for an ideal was a Belgian. Like Connolly, Paul van Buitenen watched corruption spread in the commission he was in and decided to act. But he wanted to correct the evil, not publicize it . Jacques

6BR. E-mail address : www.times-eshop .co.uk. Give some thought to the movement which John Foster Dulles told Monnet's legman, Joseph Retinger, he would do all in his power to help promote and which Normon Dodd saw as being the body through which Rowan Gaither hope to comfortably merge America with Soviet Russia . Our suit against the publisher and author of THE SECRET WAR IN SHANGHAI, which AMAZON is selling in America, appears to be stalled since I appear to be the only maligned party still alive . All are aware that uninvestigated raw reports sold by Red China to a man they had given a grant were put together to form his book. We hope to have news soon .



Neither those not personally interested in what is being put over on them, nor those on the inside in the most far-reaching conspiracy in his tory, have ever drawn attention to the fact that a softening action has preceded each advance towards what Eurosceptics call world governance. No name-writer or politician has drawn attention to the fact that national patriotism is invariably eroded by secession movements in every nation the Commission in Brussels with its 18,000 officials is about to take over. As in breaking up rocks, every ethnic or regional fissure is exploited, and what is a nation but a historical rock in the make-up of continents? While the European Commission in Brussels and Britain's Labor Prime Minister, the first openly, the second with stealth, move towards a federal Europe with its own money and a central bank, Italian federalists hasten the process by dividing their country into rival regions . The Northern League wants an Italy in which the industrial north is detached from the poorer center and mafia ridden south. In the center, from Tuscany to Naples, Italian communists would have their own separate state. The South, made ungovernable by crime, corruption, poverty, the mafia and illegal immigrants from Moslem north Africa, would enjoy autonomy under its own brand of socialism . France also has break-away problems. Military and police forces have been fighting a terrorist-led independence movement in Corsica for years while pro-European Union politicians in Paris decried patriotism and prepared for the day, now arrived, when bank statements would be issued in Euros instead of francs . Without pride in national identity to maintain the country as a whole, separatist movements are sold to its regions . On December 3, 1999, France's Prime Minister Jospin met in Madrid with his Spanish counterpart, Maria Aznar, to discuss the alliance between Spain's Basque movement, the ETA, and the Breton Anarchist Revolutionary Army (ARB). Separatist groups in Brittany were providing the ETA with safe houses and places to stack their arms. While Monsieur Jospin was in Madrid the ETA broke its 14 month cease fire with Spain and planted two bombs, both filled with explosives stolen in an ETA raid in northern France last September. During the summer of 1999 the Basques in Spain and France called for elections to form a pan-Basque parliament which in time will call for an independent Basque state which should mean little to France or Spain since both countries are doomed to become provinces in a greater EUROPE. This is only

Hilaire du Berrier, Correspondent / 20 Blvd . Princesse Charlotte, Monte Carlo, MONACO Leda P. Rutherford, Managing Editor / FO. Box 786 / St. George, Utah 84771 / FAX (435) 674-3703 / E-mail ledap@infowest.com Subscription Rate: $75 .00 per year Extra Copies : $1 .00 subscriber $7.50 non-subscriber © 1989

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a beginning and many are wondering where the sapping of patriotism and national loyalty will start next in the campaign to make Europe a borderless, single money country . In mid-March an inter-cabinet report informed Prime Minister Tony Blair that British identity could be in permanent decline. The Performance and Innovations Unit in what was formerly The United Kingdom reported that 35% of those polled believed that in 20 years Britain will be divided into states separated by border crossings if Blair is not stopped. In Italy the situation has grown steadily worse since April 1980 when Signor Cassiga formed the country's thirty-ninth government since 1945 . Fallen governments had left Italy ungoverned for 56 days out of each year, from 1965 to 1972 . The worst was 1979 when Giullo Andreotti's caretaker government lasted from March 31 to August 4. Andreotti loved deviousness for its own sake and was destined to go far after his 1946 election to the National Parliament in the republic which antimonarchy Americans and communists, directed from Moscow, gave the country before the army could vote. Seven times President ofthe Council (Prime Minister), thirty times minister in the government, retired as a senator for life, Signor Andreotti rode high for forty-five years on the back of his Democratic Christian Party. As a choir boy in his youth he started the climb upward by compiling files on his comrades and as President of the Catholic Action Students was soon the friend of men high in the church. Monsignor Pericles Fellici, who was secretary general of Vatican Concile 11, and Monsignor Giovanni Bennelli, high in the Secretariat of State under Pope Paul VI, confided in him . He rose at 5 :00 to attend the earliest mass before busying himself with politics, where he was tireless, easily accessible, receiving and listening to everyone, and then compiling his notes . Three Prime Ministers enriched themselves on kick-backs from industries while he was personifying the high standards of the church in the service of the state . He had no interest

in low corruption. The pleasures of deviousness and power acquired by wily maneuvers were more important to him than personal wealth. When Italy's top politicians were under investigation between June 1992 and February 1993, he knew, and they knew that he knew, everything about what they had been doing as he watched proceedings with his quiet smile. But the judges were tenacious and by the end of 1993 the smile was becoming forced . Evidence began to mount against him and one of the strongest pieces introduced in court was a photograph ofAndreotti giving the mafia kiss to Toto Riina, the head of Cosa Nostra, at a secret meeting in Palerma in 1987. Since September 26, 1995, Andreotti has been on trial as "the fox behind the mafia", of which far too little is known. The mafia, or "the Honorable Society" as it wishes to be called, was founded in 1739 when big land owners in Sicily formed a secret socie ty to defend themselves against the Calabrians who had been hit by a famine and were stealing their crops. In 1860 and 61 the mafia served as a defense against the anarchy that arrived with Garibaldi's Red Shirts. Once set up it never disbanded and in time became an organized secret society. Sicilians who migrated to the United States in the XIX century carried the mafia with them, corrupting administrations and installing a soci ety of crime. The mafia known as Cosa Nostra which exists today is of Sicilian American origin, organized around a strict and centralized hierarchy, but its mentality is still Sicilian. Money coming from American Sicilians permitted the growth of the society in Italy and the dividing of Sicily into 9 provinces sub-divided into cantons ruled by an estimated 161 "families" of 50 to 300 members each. Below the families are the "neighbors of families", trades people, doctors and others who provide information and if necessary medical care. Below them are the affiliates, on hand when there is ajob to be done but not under oath . At the top are the families . Over each 16 a "man of honor" who on being initiated draws blood from the hand he uses in firing a pistol

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and takes an oath in the name of Cosa Nostra's patron saint, the Madonna of the Annunciation, whose day is the 25th of March . The man of honor ceases to be an individual and becomes part of the over-all organization which regulates his life . He obeys a representative of the family who serves as the link between the family and its "capo decina", the chief of a group of ten men of honor who sit in the regional committee which is the Cosa Nostra's secret government . There are no official figures but according to the Italian government's Anti-Mafia Department there are some 605 families or clans in the mafia as a whole. They are estimated to have over 25,000 members who with their 250,000 sympathizers form a pool. Together they enjoy the second highest yearly income in Italy after Fiat. The sources of this income, which runs into billions of dollars, are business enterprises, investments, drugs, extortion, illegal imports and underground gambling, to name a few. Their expenses are heavy. Some 2,000 to 25,000 billion lires a year are spent on arms, cars and criminal operations. From five to 15 billion lires go for technical preparations and accompanying expenses, and over 500 billion lires for legal actions and the corruption of judges and officials. Of the 1,697 murders in Italy in 1992, half were committed by the mafia. The 4,000 or more members in prison at present are accorded special treatment . By the end of 1994 mafia members who had repented, or broken the law of silence by testifying, were costing the state an immense sum for protection. At the end of the war and throughout the cold war years that followed the mafia made a great bound ahead as a result of helping the Americans land in Sicily and later promising to form a bulwark against the communists . This was the period when the Italian Communist party was the wealthiest in Europe and the only one that was self-supporting. How this came about is a story which should not be erased from history. It was a time when Roosevelt's friendship with "good old Joe" had

permitted reds to infiltrate every level and branch ofAmerican government. Admiral Staton could not remove communist radio operators from American war ships because Adlei Stevenson, then in the Navy department, said he "liked the commies ." In late 1943 Lieutenant Irving Goff, a procommunist or actual member of the party, was appointed liaison officer between OSS and the Italian communist partisans . Goff was under the command of a loyal officer, Lieutenant Colonel William D. Suhling, who gave him permission to let Italian communists communicate with each other over OSS wireless in return for furnishing Intelligence, agents, and safe houses. Goff brought in three other pro-communists, Vincent Lossowski, Irving Fajans, and Milton Wolff, to help set up all-party agent chains in the north to handle OSS transmissions and communist communications with each other. By July 1944 Goff had 7 chains reporting on the Germans, the Italian Fascists, and general social, political, industrial and military intelligence. April 1945 found his network expanded to eighteen teams with 43 agents in the field and 23 others, with radio operators, awaiting orders to move into Austria . The communications between Goff's network and the Italian communists by OSS wireless were undoubtedly valuable, though the Italian reds were using it to strengthen their position for a communist takeover after the war. Goff's superior reported that operational results had been good. Financial costs were below average and Goff's recruiting, training, briefing, dispatching and control of agents left nothing to be desired. Suhling was nevertheless disturbed . His orders were to permit no support of native political parties, which included support through agents or radio . He kept a close watch on wireless traffic and agents and found nothing exceptional until November 10, 1944, when he was shown a message from the Comintern leader, Ercoli, who had recently returned from Moscow to command activity in northern Italy.

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The supreme allied commander was having trouble delivering air supplies because of the winter weather and Churchill feared that the authority of the King would be undermined by the Communists before he could launch a national insurrection in the north . At that moment Lieutenant-Colonel Suhling was jolted by a message Ercoli sent to the party through OSS on November l, 1944 : "We call the attention of all the organizations of the party and all the comrades to our duties at the present moment. The declarations of the leaders of the United Nations during and after the meetings at Quebec and Moscow have underlined that we are in the last months of the war. It is evident that these declarations impose upon all combatants against Hitlerian Germany the duty of immediate action and greatest effort to make victory as soon as possible . Communists and Italian patriots must multiply their activities in this moment. If we succeed in forcing the Germans to abandon our country quickly it would be a great victory for us and all the forces of liberty. Collect all your energies, plunge into the struggle with greater decisions, conscious of the fact that it will be the last decisive effort . Arrange then your battle lines and extend it in all manners and forms. Do not give any rest to the Germans and the Fascists . Attack them with all weapons. Destroy them. Kill them . Unleash all possible revolts among the masses in the occupied regions. Forward for the most rapid liberation of our country." Suhling realized that Ercoli's message to the Communist partisans and their party was not a pep talk but a directive from Moscow to prepare "in all manners and forms" for what would be their objective when the Germans were gone: removal of the last remaining force for stability, the throne . Suhling sent Colonel Glavin, the commander of OSS teams in Italy, a disturbing report . The communists were becoming daily more arrogant, unmanageable and conspiratorial in their preparation for future developments . They were spreading propaganda and refusing to

cooperate with the center and right of the Committee for National Liberation, which was supposed to control guerrilla movements. The communist drive to seize power when the Germans pulled out had started and the reds were out to get American arms and gold while they could. Glavin saw no threat in Ercoli's call for action, but there were high Americans in both Washington and Italy as determined as the com munists to destroy the monarchy. Their excuse was that the king had turned the government over to Mussolini. They had forgotten that America was in favor of the blackshirts when they came to power, and had King Victor Emmanuel III thrown Italy into civil war when Mussolini marched on Rome in 1922 he would have been criticized for opposing the will of the people . Glavin told Suhling to continue letting the communists use OSS communications while he examined Goff's messages to see ifthere was cause for concern. While he was doing so trouble was in the making in Washington . On March 13, 1945, a House military affairs subcommittee announced that fourteen communist soldiers were being investigated . Among them were Goff, Wolff and Fajans . After long and complicated searching of files it was discovered that there were grounds for suspicion . Furthermore, three Moscow agents had infiltrated the Italian Communist Party and were making minute preparations for the seizure of power. General Donovan was advised to bring Goff and his men home . Donovan and Colonel Suhling, who was chief of Special Operations in Italy, launched Operation Chrysler, with the announcement that America would no longer drop so many arms and as much military material as formerly to the partisans because they had already received all they needed to pin down and harass the Germans. They would, however, give the Italian partisans a large sum of money, and enough clothing, food, medicaments, and arms to keep them in order and interested in operations against the Germans. Suhling's chief-of-staff, Major William G. Holohan, a devout Roman

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Catholic and Wall Street lawyer, was Donovan's choice to head the Operation Chrysler mission . Under him would be Lieutenant Aldo Icardi, a political science major from the University of Pittsburgh, as intelligence officer, an Italian as wireless operator, Tullio Lussi, a red Italian secret agent, and an Italian body guard and arms instructor. The Ossola Valley, where they would be dropped, was particularly dangerous with Christian and Communist partisans controlling the area by night and the Germans in command during the day. Christian and partisan leaders were fighting among themselves for control and the communists hoped to establish an independent republic to be known as Ossola . Nothing was left to chance in the plebiscite they were planning to depose the King . Holohan's team took off from Algiers airport on September 26, 1944 and landed at Lake Orta, north of Milan, at 3 a.m . on September 27, where the right wing intelligence chief, Enzio Boeri, and members of the Liberation Committee were waiting for them . After spending the night in a cave they were taken to the small town of Coiromonte for briefing . Boeri had poor intelligence or was being deceived by the reds when he told Holohan that conservative socialists and church partisan bands controlled the area, unchallenged by the communist Garibaldi brigades . Consequently Holohan began working with what he thought were conservative groups but which were, actually, communist forces under the comintern-trained agent, Vincenzo Moscatelli . To a man, Moscatelli's team was more powerful, more unscrupulous and with more ruses than the newly arrived Americans. Holohan and his team had been at Coiromonte for just over a month when the Germans launched a manhunt for partisans and the Chrysler mission, of which they knew everything. Major Holohan and his men spent the next month moving from one village to another with churches and farms for shelter, until Boeri installed them in the 22-room Villa Castelnuova on the shores of the Lake of Orta. Secret radio messages to the OSS HQ in Bari,

to arrange air drops of fighting stores, were going satisfactorily until Holohan's first drop of machine-guns, ammunition, radio sets, money, and food for the Di Dio Demo-Christian Partisan Brigade indicated there was treason somewhere along the line. The leak was unlikely to be from the Germans at that late stage of the war and the Italian partisans knew if there was one betrayal of a drop there would be no more. Yet, on November 3, 1944, the drop area was suddenly surrounded by the communist Sixth Nello Brigade which demanded the entire delivery. Captain Leto, who handled liaison between Holohan and Moscatelli, was later found to be a Soviet agent. He was at the dropping point with Icardi and they settled by giving the communists half of the drop . The Di Dio Brigade put their half in the vaults of a churchyard. The next day the communists came back and demanded the entire drop, claiming the graveyard was in their territory, and Captain Leto settled again by giving them half of what was in the vaults . This left only a quarter for the Di Dio Group. Holohan signed his death warrant by meeting with Moscatelli, the communist, and telling him there would be no more deliveries to the reds until they accepted his orders as representative of the supreme allied commander, and (2) until they ceased plotting against the monarchies and demo-Christian partisans . Some three weeks later Villa Castelnuov was attacked by the Germans. Everyone escaped but Holohan and he was never seen again. All Intelligence could pick up was a rumor that he had been murdered by the Germans or the Italian communists . OSS was told that a professional killer known as Lupo, real name David Allessandro, did the job for Moscatelli, who wanted the large quantity of gold coins in Holohan's possession and hoped to receive the air drops of arms, munitions, and fighting stores sent to Holohan's successor. Lupo was never found. He was said to have been killed on Moscatelli's orders because he knew too much. Early in 1945 OSS received a report on

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events leading up to Holohan's "capture", his relationship with Moscatelli and Icardi and Icardi's relationship with Moscatelli . Landi, a civilian with the Chrysler mission, believed that Holohan had not been killed by the Germans or the Italian reds but by an OSS member of the Chrysler team . British interception of German transmissions carried no account of a German attack on the villa or the capture of an important American and up to the early fifties the Americans were still trying to find out what had happened to Holohan's gold and if his body had been dumped in the Lake of Orta. In the end, the only sound information that came out on developments after Holohan's meeting with Moscatelli was a detailed account of the close cooperation between Italian communists and anti-monarchist Americans when they set up the plebiscite to remove the King . There were those in Washington who were shocked when they learned that while they were negotiating with Victor Emmanuel through the Vatican for Italy to pull out of the war the U.S. Information agency was attacking "the cowardly little King ." When the King arrested Mussolini on July 25, 1943, and demanded his resignation, plans for a leftist victory in the plebiscite to be held on June 2, 1946, before the predominately royalist forces were demobilized, were leaving nothing to chance . With the aid of US Information Agency sound trucks blaring calls for a republican vote while the still mobilized army and navy looked on, the result of the plebiscite was no longer in doubt. Still, the vote was 54 .3% for the republicans and 45.7% for the monarchy. In the south over 65% voted for the monarchy, but elsewhere the plebiscite was suspect. It was some days before the results were made public and the votes from Sardinia and other places were said to have been lost. On May 9th King Victor Emmanuel III abdicated after forty-six years on the throne and on a Knights of Malta passport went to Egypt where he died the following year. Queen Elena, who was the sister of Belgium's King

Leopold, elected not to follow him and is buried in Montpelier, France. Their son took the throne as Umberto II and reigned from May 9 to June 13, 1946 . Not wanting to throw the country into civil war, he and the Queen, with their four children, accepted an escort from the Quirinal Palace to the warship which carried them to exile in Portugal . Before Umberto's death in 1983, Italian royalists called for a change in the 1947 constitution which barred male members of the royal family and their wives from returning to Italy. Italian royalists failed to exploit the fact that foreigners who had been taught to hate monarchs had united with communists loyal to Moscow and made Italy a republic while the armed forces were unable to vote . On November 6, 1995, the Italian parliament defeated a bill to amend the constitution and in June 1996 President Scalfaro and Prime Minister Romano Prodi favored the return of Umberto's son and grandson . Only the hardline communists opposed it and over 70% of the Italians polled were for their return as a symbol of national unity to oppose the secession movement of the Northern League . In mid-March of this year another appeal was made and this time it was the European Parliament that voted by 256 votes to 173 against the return ofVittorio Emmanuel and his son Emmanuel Filiberto. By then the European Commission was tightening its hold on individual nations and ignoring the alliance between Italy's mafia and the growing Russian one which promises to be worse. The Italian mafia has its organization and experience . Russia's arms stocks and sales from her supply of nuclear warheads to Islamic states already at war promise money laundering on a giant scale. The alliance between the two will fill many pages of history before calendars marked 2001 appear.

Lawsuits are expensive and their wheels grind slowly, but ours has not been dropped . We are still fighting and we will keep you informed .




CARGO LIFTER INC., which plans to transport three million tons a year by airship, floated seven million shares on the Frankfurt market on May 30 to revive the era when Zeppelins were in the sky. Germans have shaken off the fear of lighter-than-air craft which has dogged them since that May 6 in 1937 when the Hindenburg went down in flames in Lakehurst, New Jersey. The promises of the new company in Frankfurt make this a suitable occasion to tell the story no editor or government official would touch. A young New York Irishman named Tim McAuliffe had two fixed positions in his life: love of sports and faith in the Catholic church . He wanted a job where he could meet famous baseball players, fighters and other sports idols . He pestered the Spalding sporting goods store until in 1934 a personnel manager took him on for a period of training in salesmanship and on February 10, 1935, sent him to their Boston store. Becoming a friend of players with the Boston Red Sox and supplying equipment to the universities, colleges and high schools around Boston was an answer to his prayers . The famous Red Skin professional football team bought equipment from Tim. Bill Bingharn, the athletic director at Harvard, turned to Tim when he wanted someone to tell his troubles to and Adam Walsh, the Bowdoin College coach, would not buy the new "Tu-way stretch" football pants unless Tim did the fitting. McAuliffe became the friend, adviser, and uncle to most of the athletes in the Boston area. The Red Sox made his apart ment their hang-out and Jimmy Foxx fried steaks for them when they were not on tour. Moe Berg, the catcher, would be there, though some players regarded him as a loudmouthed braggart and did not like him. Tim thought he was a stupid know-it-all, but Tim's job was to sell sporting goods and he let Berg stay in his apartment during the team's off-season . Years later a book was written about Moe Berg and a film was made on him. Herb Morrison, of the National Broadcasting Company used him for a program . Whether in Boston or on tour, Berg would walk around town with Tim and on May 1, 1937, there was a conversation that troubled Tim for the rest of his life. The Red Sox were playing at the Yankee stadium in New York and when McAuliffe entered the clubhouse the men around Berg quit talking . Moe turned to him and said "Tim, you are going to hear something awful in a few days."

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To McAuliffe awful could mean only one thing. May 15 was the day when the big league sold and traded players. "Oh no," he said, "they are not going to trade Jimmy Foxx!" "No," Berg replied, "but you are going to hear about it." Less than a week later the Hindenburg, the pride of Germany's III Reich, burst into flames on May 6, 1937, as she was preparing to land at Lakehurst after her 63rd crossing of the Atlantic . Charles Dolfuss, the authority on lighterthan-air craft and Captain Pruss, the Hindenburg's commander, insisted the fire was caused by sabotage but an investigating committee reported that an accumulation of static electricity had ignited the inflammable hydrogen, used because America refused to sell non-inflammable helium to Hitler's Germany. Tim thought no more about Berg's words at the time but less than a week later papers carried giant headlines . The famous airship had burst into flames on May 6 and began to crumble as passengers leaped to escape the flames . The Red Sox returned to Boston on May 14 for one of the ten games it played each year on the home field and Berg suggested that he and Tim go to the Lobster Pot for clam chowder. Berg seemed in a self-satisfied mood and suddenly asked: "Tim, what did you think of that thing last week?" Unable to imagine what the player was talking about, McAuliffe asked "What thing?" "Lakehurst," Berg answered . "You know, in New Jersey." Tim answered "Yes, wasn't that awful." Suddenly a thought struck him. "Oh no, Moe! That's not what you were talking about when you told me something terrible was going to happen!" "Yes, Tim. We had to. We had to do something that would make that maniac (Hitler) attack us ." All McAuliffe could think of to say was "Moe, you didn't kill twenty-five people just for that! ." He was too upset to say more and finished the meal in silence while Berg went on talking. "I couldn't be there myself," he said, "I

was scheduled for a game but I did the planning and four of my men carried it out." According to Berg, they used a rifle with a telescopic sight, though the sight was unnecessary with a target that big. When the ship came in the men were hiding in the bushes at Lakehurst and the first shot with an incendiary bullet set the after end on fire . Tim lay awake that night, looking at the ceiling and thinking about Berg's words . He was too frightened to tell his story to the FBI. What if they charged him with being an accomplice for not going to the police when Berg told him something terrible was going to happen? The more he thought about it the more he realized it was not the work of a single man. There was team-work but McAuliffe had no way of knowing how sleep it ran. It was at the height of the depression and he was araid lie might lose his job. It was some years before he started besieging editors and government officials with his story and when he did no one would listen to him. Some editors were afraid of being called anti-Semite . When he offered to testify before a government committee, Secret Service men descended on his apartment. A man named Kent Tyler had seen the shots fired but Tyler was silenced by the government . Herb Morrison, who covered the disaster for NBC, never answered his letters . And that is how the mode of transport, which CARGO LIFTER is about to revive, was shunned for over half a century. The most important other news of today and perhaps the next decade is coming out of Africa . Brezhnev told the President of Somaliland in 1971 : "Our aim is to gain control of the two great treasure houses on which the West depends the energy of the Persian Gulf and the mineral resources of Central and South Africa ." Russia has collapsed but American politicians courting black votes, and countless bankers and dogooders have done their best to make Africa easy pickings for any trouble maker. When the true story of genocides is written the performances of blacks elevated by

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American politicians, labor organizers, dogooders and UN may surpass anything Hitler and Stalin imagined . Any doubt as to what lies ahead for South Africa should have been dispelled when President Mbeki and the African National Congress (ANC) approved of Mugabe's land seizures in Zimbabwe . Solzhenitsyn made headlines on March 1, 1976 when he told the world over a BBC broadcast that Lord Fenner Brockway's Movement for Colonial Freedom had cleared the way for Russia in five or six African countries . He had not studied the aims of the New York Times, the Council on Foreign Relations or David Rockefeller's Bilderberg Parliament, so mysterious it replaces the entire staffs of hotels where their international meetings are held. The truth was, American do-gooders, politicians, communists and labor bosses were more effective than the Russians in destroying order in Africa . The UN which Roosevelt had fathered saw Africa's colonies as new member countries while men led by Jean Monnet and Paul-Henry Spock in Brussels conspired to turn their mother countries into provinces under a single President. The cry when Eleanore Roosevelt was calling for "All Africa Independence Now!" was for African nations with one-man-one-vote . Countless organizations were clamoring for it in an area where tribes supplanted parties and the Congo alone had 206. The "American Committee on Africa", founded in November 1953, was working night and day to pave the way for massacres. Though Molotov felt that paternalism was slavery and communism would be triumphant he was enough of a realist to write : "We are entering into the period of decolonization which will be followed by a general independence . Then, on those colonies that were yesterday slaves will fall a period of unbelievable disorder. Afterwards, and then only, the dawn of communism will arise."

Ian Smith declared unilateral independence for food exporting Rhodesia in 1965 and the fury of UN and the media knew no bounds . Food exports made possible by white farmer provided employ and foreign exchange for a pleasant land when Henry Kissinger was sent to tell Mr. Smith in April 1967 that America wanted a Rhodesian government elected by majority votes. Under the brow-beating by Kissinger and Lord Carrington Ian Smith had no choice but to step down with the promise of 20 seats and two ministries, Defense and Foreign Affairs, for whites in a Black government . Joshua Nkomo, the leader of one faction of the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU), had a 10,000-man private army in Zambia and the Reverend Ndabaninvi Sithole was running his campaign from Salisbury, then the capital of Rhodesia . Robert Mugabe and his army were in Mozambique . When independence came the London TIMES of October 16, 1978, compared life in Rhodesia to the slave trade of the last cen tury, with Zanu's Patriotic Front abducting thousands of Rhodesian children for indoctrination and service . According to the TIMES, 100,000 young people of both sexes, between 10 and their early twenties, had been abducted, 60,000 from Matabeleland and 40,000 from eastern Rhodesia. "Nearly all," the report continued, "are taken to training camps run by Mr. Joshua Nkomo and Mr. Robert Mugabe, coleaders of the Patriotic Front, who say the children volunteered to flee Rhodesia and join their cause ." "Reports of forcible abductions and heartbroken parents are dismissed as `Smith propaganda', but from within Rhodesia it looks different. Guerrilla gangs storm the school at night or early morning, threaten or often kill teachers, and leave rapidly for the nearest border, driving frightened children before them." Those who enflamed Africa knew what

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Mugabe was long before they cleared his way to power, which may be why the media has shown so little indignation over his demand that Britain reimburse the farmers for land that was seized and which is now lying fallow . White farmers are blamed for the lack of food and the falling currency but Mugabe declared while Britain and America were still hailing his rise to power that "none of the White exploiters will be allowed to keep an area of his land." The London TIMES of April 22, 1978, ran an article stating that Mr. Robert Mugabe, leader of the Zanu wing of the Patriotic Front guerrillas, said he wanted to see a one-party Marxist state in Rhodesia. In his country's first one-man-one-vote election of April 20, 1978, his opponents were intimidated and the same sort of election will be repeated on June 24 and 25 . He had accepted the Constitution which the Lancaster House negotiations forced on Ian Smith but the DAILY TELEGRAPH of January 24, 1982, quoted him as saying that Zanu (PF) would rule forever. By August 1987 the white Zimbabweans had lost their 20 seats and the two ministries they had been promised. Today black workers loyal to their white employers or likely to vote against him are being beaten ifnot killed . Five farmers have been killed and schools, factories, hospitals and mines have been occupied . Teachers, nurses and workers have been given warnings of how they should vote if they value their lives. Ian Smith's farm has been taken and editors have forgotten that Kissinger told him : "Don't try any of your tricks on me because I'm as big a twister as you are." A feature story in the London SUNDAY TIMES of March 23, 1980, was headed : "Why Soames says `We can trust Mugabe ."' Lord Soames was Churchill's son-in-law and as stupid as Kissinger when he told the most influential journal in Britain : "Zimbabwe was not a bottomless pit into which aid would have to be poured imterminably, but a going concern, once the rav-

ages of war had been set straight . Moreover, Robert Mugabe, the Prime Minister designate of Zimbabwe, though a strong socialist, was anxious to establish close links with the West and to use western aid to develop a thriving multiracial southern Africa state which would have a beneficial impact throughout the region ." The story of Sierra Leone, the first modern state in West Africa, is equally embarrassing to those who went on a decoloniza tion kick a hundred years before Africa was ready for it. Diamonds were discovered there in 1930 and by 1988 fifty-five million carats had been mined legally. Eighteen months after Foday Sankoh and his Revolutionary United Front army of drug-crazed youngsters took Freetown, the capital, in a wave of amputations and cannibalism he has been arrested again. Among his victims was a two-weeks old baby with her hands amputated. Sankoh was under sentence of death when Britain and America engineered a peace accord in Lome, in July 1999, which granted him a pardon and put him in charge of the diamond producing region . His army of teen-agers was soon hacking people to death in front of their children . After killing an estimated 75,000 and amputating the arms, legs, feet, hands and ears of those who displeased him, Sankoh was recognized and arrested by a soldier on May 17 when he went to the Mosque to pray. By then diamond-rich Sierra Leone had become the poorest nation in Africa . In the Philippines the Moro Moslem Liberation Front is holding 21 foreigners while discussing ransom and political demands. The Americans also had trouble with the Moros when they were running the Philippines but religious terrorism was stopped by burying the offending Moro next to a pig. In this age, with information reaching 1 .5 billion Moslems in a matter of minutes that solution is no longer recommended. Brussels federalists are advancing the idea of a President for Europe while the

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Euro, which was always a political creation to hasten the end of nation states, is falling against the pound and the dollar. Every lover of his country should read GLOBAL REACH, which was reviewed in Donald Martin's publication, ON TARGET, of August 1976, (Published at 26 Meadow Lane, Sudbury, Suffolk, England C010 2TD) . The Club of Rome is described in this book as a group founded by the Rockefellers to frighten the West into a One World state run by an alliance of financiers and communists. "Pressure from the Rockefeller interests," the authors declared, "slightly altered its message to one that economic growth will cause economic collapse unless the world's growth is controlled by a one-world state ." This provides an idea of what goes on at David Rockefeller's secret Bilderberg meetings . Andrew Dismore, a Labor Member of Parliament, has passed a report to the British Foreign Office and the American Embassy in London on a training camp being run by Sakina Security Services on a thousand acres estate in the United States . Sakina, headed by Mohammed Jameel, a british born Moslem, is recruiting Islamic fanatics for training in the use of firearms, all forms of explosives and ways ofcommitting sabotage and has its own site on the internet . Jameel ; a powerful 6 foot, 3 inches, fighter is also head of his own organization, AI-Mujiroun, which means "The eyes, the ears ." These are a few of the bits of flash information of the day but let us take the liberty of giving readers a human interest story on the organization which Monsieur Yves Gignac and others loyal to the memory of General Roaul Salan worked through 1998 to found. LES AMIS DE RAOUL SALAN was recognized by France's Journal Officiel of December 11, 1999 and is now accepting members. General Salan, the most decorated officer in the French army, has been maligned in America and France for leading the army's

revolt against de Gaulle in 1961 . TIME Magazine demonized him on its cover with a brutal portrait captioned: "Terrorist Salan." The only request from the United States to date for membership in the new organization came from former Ambassador Lewis A. Tambs, now in the History Department of the Arizona State University at Tempe . Arizona. Public opinion and the press were against the General but Ambassador Tambs sensed that something was not right and made his acquaintance after his liberation in 1968. They remained friends for the rest of the General's life, though Americans in Paris were cool when I took him to the American club for lunch after his release. When General Salan helped de Gaulle return to power in May of 1958, de Gaulle swore that Algeria was a part of France and told General Salan to give loyal Algerians his word ofhonor that he would never desert them . The revolt of the army had to come. In October 1958 and March 1959 de Gaulle swore "The French army will never quit Algeria and I will never deal with those people from Cairo and Tunis!", but as his grip tightened at home it became increasingly clear that he was moving towards a sellout. Salan had to meet the eyes of his harkis (Algerian soldiers) and men like the Bachagah Boualem, lord of the Ouarsenais, deputy in the National Assembly and VicePresident of the French Senate . The dignified Algerian told the National Assembly "I have come to ask what you have done to us. After my father I have served France these fifty-six years. We won and you disarmed us. We defeated the FLN and you abandoned the field to him." Thirty-five thousand of the Bachaga's people were to die with their throats cut and the Assembly listened in silence as he con tinued in a voice tight with emotion: "It is in their name that I speak, in the name of those whom France and her chief promised that they would be French forever." The revolt was a baroud d'honneur - a

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hopeless fight for honor. When Salan was betrayed by a leftist general all France awaited his trial . De Gaulle summoned General de L'Hermanat (if I have spelled his name correctly). "I am appointing you to be President of the court to try General Salan," he said, and he told the general he wanted an execution verdict. The general saluted, replied "Oui, mon General," and went home and shot himself. A new court was appointed. The defense called for 133 witnesses and was permitted forty-four. Admiral Ploix appeared in full uniform though the Defense Ministry ordered men in the armed forces not to testify for the defense. Nevertheless, defended by Jean-Louis Tixier Vignancourt, General Salan was sentenced to life in a converted prison in Tulle, in the Coreze Department of France . Six years passed and in May 1968 communists directed fist-clenching students, agitating professors and striking workmen immobilized Paris . The police could not cope. Ballbearings littered the streets they had to cross. Garbage piled up. Food rotted in refrigerators without electricity. Small cars disguised as ambulances flitted in and out, reporting police movements to hidden commanders who directed the rioting students by walkie-talkies from a command center in the Sorbonne . An overturned giant crane blocked Boulevard Montparnasse . Cars brought torn-up paving stones and loot for seven-foot barricades reinforced by felled trees over which mini-skirted girls emptied bags of cement and hooded students hosed water. De Gaulle left the Elysee Palace through a tunnel which opened in a building near Champs Elysee where a car with curtained windows waited to take him to a helicopter. The helicopter took him to a plane and the plane to Baden-Baden where eleven generals had been convoked . Facing the silent generals de Gaulle asked: "If there is civil war in France will the army be loyal?" No one wished to reply. The

silence was heavy General Massu spoke up. "The heart of the French Army has been cut to the quick, Mon General ." Aloof, de Gaulle, waited for him to go on. All were tense. Massu said "--And General Salan?" The only reply de Gaulle could bring himself to make was: "I will do what is necessary." That is how Maoist-anarchist students of the `60s freed the general they hated most and that noble soldier, Colonel Helie Denoix de St. Marc. Salan, his honors and pension restored, went to his home on Boulevard Raspail and wrote the first of the four books he was to write. De Gaulle ceased work at the long table in his home in Colombey-les-DeuxEglises one night and turned on the television for the 8 o'clock news. What he saw was Salan being interviewed and talking about him. In a fury, he switched off the TV and turned to storm from the room . Suddenly he clutched his side. "Qu'est-ce que c'est!" (What is this?), he exclaimed. In his rage something had ruptured . Fifteen minutes later de Gaulle was dead . The Maoist-anarchist students of the `60s freed the general they hated most and General Salan, with his book, killed de Gaulle . A history class in Arizona State University is probably the only one in the world where students will be taught the true story of the General who expected to be shot and went to prison, he thought for life, to keep his word of honor. Membership in Les Amis de Raoul Salan is 100 francs a year (Slightly over $20) and may be obtained through Yves Gignac, the organization's president, at 25 Rue de Vouille, 75015 Paris.

Readers, Please forgive the lateness of this report for health reasons. Next month we will bring you up to date on our libel suit in London and the troubles we are encountering .



Newspapers are still loaded with reports on African troubles which only a Jimmy Carter could have failed to predict when everything that is happening was being made inevitable . The situation throughout black Africa is so bad a return to colonialism is discussed more and more as a solution impossible to be realized but the alternative to terror. The March 1960 issue of H. du B. Report was headed "AFRICA THE TURBULENT." It started: "Here America and Russia made common cause. Each claimed to be the torch bearer of liberty to the colonized, the should have the 6th May, 2000, number of Donald Martin's ON TARGET (2 to 10 copies for 1 .50 pounds), 26 Meadow Lane, SUDBURY, Suffolk, England C0102TD . Washington sent Assistant Secretary of State George Allen to the Belgian Congo "to

sound the will to independence of the native population ; a strong, free and friendly Africa being important to the security of the United States ." That is how the way was cleared for the black war against whites which is spreading as a result of events in Zimbabwe . It cannot help but surface in the black

oppressed and the under-developed." The men forming policies in both countries had never read Conrad's lines: "In Africa no depth of evil is unbelievable ." Russia aimed to install communism; dogooders in America thought that independence and a system of one-man-one vote would make savages and cannibals become like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington . The late Dr. "Kitty" Little, all

communities and inner cities of the countries that put Mugabe where he is . That murderous African blacks would be beneficial to the security of the United States was never anything but a do-gooders fatuous utopia . On June 1st a report out of London announced: "Up to 1 .7 million people have died as a result of fighting in the east of the Congo Democratic Republic in the past 22

but unknown outside of Britain, wrote a pamphlet in 1984 entitled "A World Coup d'Etat is Planned" in which she traced the

months". On October 3, 1960, Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcello Mathias, of Portugal, informed his government that the American Committee on Africa and the International Federation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), the Brussels-based international action arm of American labor unions, were fomenting revolt in Angola .

United Nations' moves towards a world Government and European Integration. A chaotic Africa had a place in this plan and every believer in the theory of conspiracy

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page -2elected by 53 .3% of the voters who bothered to go to the polls, told his cabinet: "There is no doubt in my mind that over a period of years

Less than a year later, on March 3 to 17, representatives of 141 labor unions in 109 countries met in Brussels under ICFTU secretary-general Omar Becu, the head of Belgium's transport union, to discuss "international relations in the international movement ." The ICFTU press and radio service report on the March meeting announced that a union of Angolan workers would be set up in mid-May with a donation of approximately a million dollars from American labor to start the fight against Portugal . Thus the years of war started between a communist-

Andy Young will become a hero in the third world." In 1980 Washington pressured Britain into sending Lord Carrington to help Henry Kissinger topple Ian Smith and turn the country of 11 .7 million inhabitants over to Robert Mugabe and his henchmen . Mugabe changed the country's name to Zimbabwe, and

backed government and a Unita warlord in a colony where Portuguese had intermarried with the colonized. After over 30 years of senseless bloodshed an accord was reached in Lusaka in 1994 but in 1998 it was broken and Angola will remain a battlefield as long as the government in power can sell oil and rebels can sell diamonds . Angola became a training ground for the private army of Joshua Nkomo, the Matabele

when disillusioned Africans tried to get rid of him by a referendum, sent black mobs to kill if necessary and seize the farms that made the country viable . Now Rhodesia is broke though Mugabe has three palaces and the seizure of farms by black mobs has spread to Kenya. South Africa is next in line . The lesson Africans learned from Zimbabwe is that a black dictator can send mobs to kill whites, seize their property and

tribesman who with Robert Mugabe, of the Shona tribe, was fighting to topple Ian Smith's government in food-exporting Rhodesia . America and Britain joined forces to drive Ian

beat their workmen with no interference from America or their former mother country. It was not surprising that the violence which Kissinger and Lord Carrington made endemic in Zimbabwe should spread to Sierra Leone where amputated arms, hands and limbs that have not been eaten are still decaying. Americans must face the fact that

Smith's mixed race government from power because Smith was white and Rhodesia was in Africa . The consequences of that meddling will be felt in the nations responsible for a long time to come . Andrew Young told a conference sponsored by the Afro-American Institute that Smith's government was racist, which it was not, as the number of blacks in it attested . The racist was

Andy Young, who ran Michel Struelens, Moise Tshombe's representative, out of America and said Smith's government, was worse than communism. Jimmy Carter saw Africa

justify their killings and land seizures, will spread similar violence as far as the ghettos in America's black neighborhoods and inner cities . In England the coup d'etat in Fiji was a matter of minor concern. Attention was fixed

rampaging teenagers claiming to be veterans of the war of independence in Zimbabwe, to

through Andrew Young's eyes . Nothing was left undone to prepare American public opinion for the day in April 1976 when Kissinger was sent to tell Ian Smith to step down and give Rhodesia majority rule, which meant black rule, or else . On May 25, 1977, Carter, who had been

on the determination of a grinning Prime Minister to lead the country into a corral of nations, which once entered it will be impossible to leave . Dissolution of the House of Lords and the

beginning of moves intended to lead to destruction of the monarchy are not misrelated from the Prime Minister's final goal : the sacrifice of Britain's national money and subservience to a socialist government of people of another culture. Everything Blair is

page -3doing and permitting faceless leaders to implement will affect each phase of Britain's traditional life .

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On June 20th Prince Charles and his friend were subjected to cries of "Royal scum!" from a scum of scruffy protesters with shaven heads, punk Mohican hair and rings in their noses, as they arrived at a party. This is the level at which new Labor's leader is establishing his classless society. Britain, Sweden and Denmark are the three holdouts in the New World order

break out of her shell and assume her destiny as a leading partner of Europe . Refusal to become part of a federal state, he told Britain, will not be patriotic; it will be abdication of Britain's true national interests. This despite the fact that 156,300 French citizens have opted to live in yet-free England to escape the taxes and unemployment in member of Europe France . England has twice as many unemployeds as France and the French financial weekly, Valeurs Actuelles, provides an example of the

conspiracy. They consider themselves part of Europe but balk at giving up the money they control for money that is a prelude to loss of sovereignty. They realize that economic union will lead to political union and a transfer of power from their own elected parliament to a European appointed Court of Justice. Opposition to a common currency and the union that the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment helped sell to a

tax differences . When a professional soccer player earns 100,000 francs a month in France the government takes 71,000 . An English player earning the same sum pays the equivalent of 11,600 francs in taxes. In the European Union their taxes will eventually be the same but not in Britain's favor. Margaret Thatcher and Britain's

generation is growing. The principal leader of those who want it in Denmark is Henrik Dam Christensen, the Social Affairs Minister who left school at the age of 17 and worked for eight years as a postman until the weight of his mail bags proved too heavy. Christensen is now in politics as the plainspeaking man of the people and would take the j !I

Eurosceptics have joined forces with Danes who are opposing their government and media in the fight to escape going where Blair is

leading England. An appeal has been launched to raise 50,000 pounds for the Danish resistance and contributions or letters of encouragement should be sent to the Danish Referendum Campaign, PO Box 31070, London SWIP 4WT. Blair was in Brussels for the February meeting of Socialist members of the European

weight of Denmark on his shoulders . Politicians, bankers and labor leaders are with him ; only the left and right fringes remain faithful to Denmark's rejection of the Maastricht Treaty of 1992 . If Christensen succeeds in sacrificing Denmark's national money Sweden will almost certainly follow, leaving Britain's anti-Blairites the only defenders of a national currency. The

Parliament and a weekly session of the European Commission when he made his call for Britain to become part of Europe . From Brussels he went to Ghent, a short distance from Bruges where Margaret Thatcher cried


German Foreign Minister's call for a federal Europe frightened the Danes who dread seeing a German-dominated super-state swallow

"No! No! No!" In Ghent he told an audience of businessmen and politicians that Britain's destiny is in Europe on which 60% of British trade, over three million British jobs and billions of pounds of investment depend . He declared that by joining the Union based in Brussels Britain will close her economic gap with America and called on the European Union to create a "whole new single market, to embrace the internet, telecoms and venture capital ." He would put Britain in the

Scandinavia. There are a lot of Danes who, unlike Blair, want to preserve their nation-state in the referendum set to be held on September 28 . Tony Blair urged Britain on February 23 to

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page -4Union directive forbids Britain to house illegal immigrants in a special detention center and

socialist federal bloc whose only reason for being is to be strong enough to defy America. This is what he will advocate at the European Union summit meeting in Lisbon in July if he judges that public opinion at home is ready. He did not mention the euro openly in Ghent . What he gave was a more open statement of the policy he has always had in mind. He told the Eurocrats in Ghent that his government favors joining a successful single

give them vouchers instead of money, which they send to their relatives at home . Gypsies, asked why they slipped into Britain, replied that letters from their friends told them they would receive money and live for nothing for years before they could be deported . The son of Bettino Craxi, the late Italian

currency, but it must first get the economic conditions right. Always the same conditional.

What he meant was he will have to defeat the Euro-skeptics in Britain, and with every passing month their number is increasing .

Prime Minister who died in exile in Tunisia, defends his father's involvement in corruption with Francois Mitterrand and Helmut Kohl with the excuse that anything the three did was justified in creating the European Union and the single currency. That also appears to be the opinion of the Bilderbergers who held

There are some 370 million people in the fifteen nations of the European Union which hopes to become twenty-seven or thirty in the year ahead. Supporters of Europe's borderless super-state hope to create a loyaltyless continent in which people will have the right to live and vote where they wish . Britain is an island with over 116 inhabitants per square mile and its capacity for accepting more is not unlimited . Britishers are frightened by Europe's teeming immigrants and what de Gaulle called the bastardization of all nations.
1999, with a backlog of over 100,000 applicants

Considering the security measures taken at such meetings, the term conspiratorial is justified. That this year, for the first time since 1972, the meeting was held in Belgium

their latest meeting from June 1st to third in the Chateau du Lac, in Geneval, Belgium. Every detail of this meeting is so significant it should be studied carefully .

Over 71,000 people applied for asylum in

indicates that the conspirators now deem it safe to meet in the capital of the new world

awaiting a decision. This is double the figure Tony Blair's socialist government gave the public when he announced an amnesty for asylum-seekers who had awaited years for their claims to be processed. Any attempt to get tough on asylum seekers in a small island with a hundred and sixty-four nationalities in its capital will meet with a threat from Brussels . Britain is the largest destination of asylum seekers in Europe, most of whom are in no

juggernaught that is rolling from Russia's former empire to the Mediterranean . Other signs are even clearer that the conspirators are coming into the open . From the first, the Societe Generale, in Brussels was the financial base and holding company of the

order they have been working since 1954 to create . The net is closing around those with national loyalties and it is too late to halt the

danger at home but in search of better living. It is this that enabled Chinese triads to charge as much as 15,000 pounds a head to enable 58 escapee's from Mao's little red book to die scratching the door inside a sealed truck. Twenty percent of the petitions for asylum

globalists . Etienne Davignon, the President of Societe Generale, not David Rockefeller, was the host at this year's secret meeting. Prince Bernhard, who gained President Eisenhower's support by telling him the meetings were being organized to combat growing anti-Americanism in Europe, was a leading figure in the Bilderbergers until the corruption scandal involving Lockheed Aircraft made him a non-person among the conspirators . And the conspiracy runs deep .

are for entry into Britain, yet a European

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On December 4, 1964, 222 student delegates from 91 colleges and universities, led by 34 specialists from the fields of government and education, were brought to West Point to be misseducated by Prince Bernhard with his Bilderberg line on "The Developing Nations." To a nation, they developed downwards. This year, at probably the most important Bilderberg meeting since its inception in 1954, Bernhard's wife, Queen Beatrix of Holland, replaced her forgotten husband among the top participants . Henry Kissinger was there and James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank. Ambassador William Holbrooke was due to attend but apparently someone got word to him that the time to come out was not ripe, with American elections looming. At the last minute he sent regrets that he could not come. It was no coincidence that George Soros and JeanClaude Trichet, President of the Bank of France, were present. Also Fiat's President, Giovanni Agnelli, who was once badly injured in an automobile accident during an infidelity spat with Clinton-backer Pamela Harriman . The only thing spokesmen for the meeting admitted discussing were America's coming elections, one-worldism, the "new economy" with the euro, the Balkans, the enlarging of the European Union and the rise of the extreme right in Europe . These are the things Bilderberg meetings have been all about; it is what was said and decided in the notes no participant was permitted to take from the Chateau du Lac de Geneval that readers are interested in knowing. This is where Europe stands as a wave of African refugee's is about to invade the continent and fan out through the borderless area created by the accord of Schengen . By all estimates France will receive 23 million refugees between now and June 2023 but this does not take into account the fact that most will be Moslems with five to ten children families swelling ghettos that are no-go areas for the police, in a France with dwindling childbirths .

From Europe's point of view Syria's Hafez el-Assad could not have picked a worse time to die . Assad wanted an agreement, but on his terms : a drawback to Israel's original borders and withdrawal from the Golan Heights . With him, Israel's Barak knew where he stood . Now, in the power struggle ahead, everything hangs on a great unknown. The Arabs are only awaiting an opportunity to put America's promises to the test. Truman guaranteed to defend Israel's borders but not her conquests. Shas religious extremists will destroy Barak at home if he yields an inch and Assad, of the minority Alouite sect, which is 10% of the population, dared not settle for what Barak could safely give . Syria's majority Sunni sect could destroy the balance he maintained by a policy of divide and rule . The only thing he could do was be patient . Demography was working for him, a fact that the Shas rabbis ignore . There were few openings for a non-Sunni in Syria when Assad entered the airforce academy in his early twenties and held the aviation trophy when he graduated. From head of the airforce he rose to become Minister of Defense at forty and on November 13, 1970, seized power by a coup d'etat . The election of March 12, 1971 legalized his tenure and in September 1971 France was the first country to recognize him as President. For almost 31 years Syria was in his hands; the intelligence service, the army, security forces, diplomacy, oil revenues, the Bass party, everything. No opposition was tolerated. Five hours of his working day were spent with the chiefs of services whose eyes and ears were everywhere . In February 1982 his brother Rifaat wiped out ten thousand and thirty members of the Moslem Brotherhood in Hamas for giving him trouble. How the people feel about him there was no way of knowing. There was no way of expressing dissent. Of all the Arab leaders he had no opposition to fear when he sided with the Americans against Iraq in 1990 . By

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leaving Syria to his son he turned Syria in everything but name into a monarchy. After Bassel, his older son and heir, was killed in an automobile accident he put his brother, Rifaat, in charge of his elite Defense Brigades with their own intelligence service and budget . Rifaat's private army became a state within the state, and Rifaat became dangerous. In November 1983 he went too far. There was a rumor that Assad had had a heart attack and was in a coma . Rifaat's tanks rolled into Damascus . The head of military intelligence, the chief of staff, the head of interior intelligence and Ali Ali Saleh, commander of the airforce, were all Alouites and remained loyal to Assad. Rifaat's fortune, estimated at several billion dollars, is mostly in fashionable districts of Paris, London and Marbella . In February 1998 he lost his properties in Syria, including his private port and the villa his supporters died defending. There is no doubt that dormant units in the army, the intelligence service and the Alouite community will answer his call if he goes all out for revenge . Assad's health continued to deteriorate and in January 1994 he called his younger son, Bachar, home from the London school of ophthalmology to be his successor. There are people in Syria who can see today because of the 31-year-old Bachar, who never wanted to be President. Those who know him fear that the modernized young doctor will never be brutal enough to control Rifaat's supporters and the enemies he made when he started his campaign against corruption, which in the older generation is a way oflife . Rifaat has four wives and twenty-some children, one of whom, Sawmar, heads several communications companies including the Arab News Network, that is modeled after CNN. Broadcasting by satellite from London, he has the power to enflame the Arab world, which will not displease Qaddafi while the Lockerbie trial is going on in Holland. After the Lockerbie bombing America and

Britain had all the proof they needed to justify the sort of action Reagan took when a discotec was bombed in Berlin . For over fourteen years they let Qaddafi destroy evidence and arrange the disappearance or memory lapse of witnesses. Today, if the judgment goes against the defendants, Qaddafi is ready with the next move . He is preparing to declare a mistrial on charges that the defendants could not understand English and if the judges are not in accord Islam will erupt. This will make the victor in the power struggle between uncle and nephew in Syria the one willing to be most adamant against Barak's peace efforts. Such are some of the prospects for the new century. We have learned from our libel suit in Britain that unless one is very wealthy one can be libeled with impunity there. Perhaps it was our 43 years of writing this report or our series of articles on personal experience as a pursuit pilot in Spain that caused Bernard Wasserstein, recipient of a grant from the People's Republic of China, to make H. du B. a traitor and villain in his book, THE SECRET WAR IN SHANGHAI. Copies of a Nationalist Chinese Government attestation, attestations from French Intelligence, papers certifying my French decorations, my pension as a member of the French Resistance, and a letter from the OSS major who liberated me and whom I led to the four surviving Doolittle pilots who were being concealed and the French Intelligence officers with whom I had worked, made a British law firm finally agree to handle our case on a contingency basis. But after a fairly large sum was paid for filing papers . The firm has now informed my American lawyer that it can go no further. The case might be drawn out, and there is a possibility that I might die before it is settled . My American lawyer, an honorable man working on a contingency basis, is continuing the case and has another firm in mind .


the principal island . In the early `60s a spokesman for the Moluccans warned America that the break-up of Indonesia would come and that blood would flow when it happened . The break up appears to have started .

Let us pause for a story of a man as we follow the trail of events leading up to what may be the end of an era, the loss of sovereignties, national identities and the beginning of decades of conflict . History is the teaching of philosophy by example and it will be used in this issue and the issues to come to show how the world was brought to the edge of a precipice.

Western papers told their readers nothing about it when the once powerful sultanate of Aceh, the first place in the Indonesian islands to convert to Islam, revolted in 1989 and launched the Free Aceh Movement which is still continuing . Thousands have been killed,

Moluccas islands . The extremely reliable French weekly, VALEURS ACTUELLES, of July 13 gave ten lines to a report: "Moluccas. The Christians abandoned." Translated into English it was the story of eighteen months of violence between Christians and Moslems in which almost four thousand died, the majority decreed on June 26 will be applied by the police and the Indonesian Army, which bodes no good for the Catholics and the Protestants

European papers of June and early July told of atrocities in Timore before the Indonesians killed thousands more in the

raped, maimed or tortured and the lid can no longer be held on as Indonesia with her chain of some three thousand islands slides towards eruption .

TIME of January 3, 1949, emphasized the necessity of an orderly noncommunist Indonesia and felt that this could be achieved by forcing the Dutch from their East Indies colonies and putting Achmed S. Sukarno in power. Sukarno had been Japan's

of them Christians . "The state of emergency

man in the war against the West but Roosevelt's successors followed his policies and were mainly concerned with running their European allies out of colonies not ready for independence . The Moluccans had also

(45% of the two million inhabitants)," it continued. Indonesian soldiers had attacked two Christian quarters in Ambon, the capital, and

four thousand militiamen recruited at the doors of mosques in Jakarta had landed on

been under the Dutch and were mostly Christians . They wanted independence, not colonization by a power worse than the one from which they were being liberated.

Hilaire du Berrier, Correspondent / 20 Blvd . Princesse Charlotte, Monte Carlo, MONACO Leda P. Rutherford, Representative / P.O. Box 786 / St . George, Utah 84771 / FAX (435) 673-7638 / E-mail ledap@infowest.com Subscription Rate : $75.00 per year Extra Copies: $1 .00 subscriber $7.50 non-subscriber


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page -2managed the Congo, sent a former Finance Minister and two others to join Nikijuluw in the Beaux Arts Apartments . They looked on when Sukarno seized West New Guinea and Dean Acheson's friend, Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Clarence Streit's one-world Atlantic Union, prevented the Dutch from doing anything about it. Bunker was a delegate to the 11th General Assembly of UN and ambassador to Indonesia. Karel was still immaculately dressed at conservative meetings when his friends learned he had died . No one seemed to know the cause or how he had been living and he was too proud to discuss his difficulties . A long time later they learned that he had been washing dishes in a restaurant at night, and a lady at whose meetings he regularly spoke said she thought he died of a broken heart for having failed the Moluccans who had counted on him to save them . By mid-July of this year the Indonesians were again killing Moluccans and the Acehnesa and Richard Maybury pointed out in the July issue of his U.S . & World Early Warning Report that everything he predicted in his special 1991 article, THE NEXT WORLD WAR HAS BEGUN. Everything was happening according to plan. (U.S. & World Early Warning Report is available through Henry Madison Research, PO Box 84908, Phoenix, Arizona 85071 . Back issues $10 each .) The theme of Mr. Maybury's 1991 special report was not only that the next world war has begun but that it would be guerrilla war and that it could go on for decades. Working in America with a combination of research and common sense, Maybury's findings confirmed everything we have been telling subscribers from Europe on the new kind of war to come . He wrote in February 1998 that Indonesia would break up and the chaos that would follow would lead to a resurgence of piracy that would threaten some of the world's

Accordingly, a group of leading Christian Moluccans selected Karel Nikijuluw as the man best fitted to speak for them and with difficulty, great sacrifice and at a murderous rate of exchange, sent him to America to plead their case. They could not have picked a better spokesman . A christian descended from Moluccan sultans and of respectable rank in the Dutch Navy, Nikijuluw spoke excellent English, was poised and inspired confidence . Being in the Dutch service he had been a prisoner of war and was beaten when he refused to turn against his officers . In Washington he was at ease with senators, but they were not at ease with him . No votes were to be gained by taking up the cause of a couple million distant Moluccans. After a favorable interview by U.S . News and World Report Nikijuluw took the advice of representatives of other abandoned peoples and went to New York . The U.N . building on the East Side, they thought, was the place to be, so he took a room in the Beaux Arts Apartments on East 44th street and began speaking at conservative meetings . Those on the right side of the political spectrum took him up but to U.N. he was a trouble maker. UN intended to be the executive center of a lodge of nations and there was no point in alienating the member with the greatest Moslem population on earth to help the inhabitants of a few islands which Sukarno was claiming because they had been under the Dutch. As the Indonesian grip tightened, forced Islamization made Christians a minority in the Moluccas and it became more and more difficult to get money to their man in America. Captain Robert de Vrees, the submarine commander in Holland's NATO group in Paris, never failed to speak a good word for him, and he was a friend of Baron van Lyndon, the submarine commander with Holland's NATO group in Washington . Ten years later he was still accomplishing nothing when Moise Tshombe, the one man who might have

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most important shipping lines, and this at a time when America has let her sea power run down. Like us, Mr. Maybury did not know when the guerrilla religious conflict would be declared a war, or even World War III, but he saw it as the new kind of war would be, fought not against nations but within nations, and he regarded it as a 90% probability. He was astute enough to see that Washington's allies were cutting their force and laid it to the belief that America would protect them. He did not add that America's allies are divided and many have a fear that with America the principal enemy in an Islamic war-by-terrorism, friendship with America will be a Iia_.= 4 y, and the war to come may start sooner thar we think . Bound by their own propaganda, other European leaders, if not a majority of their people, believe they can let their defenses slide and an ever-expanding federalist Europe will be strong enough to make American support unnecessary. They are aware that Democrat Administrations in America have worked to make the United Nations as powerful as the soon-to-be 20-nation super-state directed from Brussels . What supporters of the super-state fail to take into account is that the enemy in the war to come is enlarging its communities in America and every city of frontierless Europe . Mr. Maybury had the courage to write in a two-part article on The Invincible Secret Weapon in his May and June of 1998 reports that the Pentagon is mortally afraid of guerrilla war. "To win, or even just survive a war with guerrillas," he wrote, "the troops must become criminal psychopaths willing to kill any man, woman or child suspected of helping the guerrillas . That is why Americans lose guerrilla wars . They have ethics, they hate to commit mass murder." America's defeat in Vietnam was due more to TV and the press than to action by the enemy. David Schoenbrun, of CBS, told wildly applauding students in Walla Walla in May

1969 : "Senator Joe McCarthy lied to this country and instilled fear of communism in the people ." Since the press was expounding the same line there was no reproaching of Schoenbrun after Russia's collapse when a flood of papers from the KGB revealed that McCarthy was right. Schoenbrun wrote in Colliers magazine of Sept. 30, 1955, a month before the deciding referendum, that "Diem must not only remove His Majesty Bao Dai, but do it in such a way that he no longer has any usefulness as a symbol of Vietnamese unity." This was what Ho Chi Minh wanted above all else and Schoenbrun's article was reprinted in Saigon so the voters know that was what America wanted . Speaking with the Emperor of Schoenbrun's call that he be destroyed, His Majesty said: "If America had given me a thousandth of what she spent to depose me, 1 could have won that war." In 1967, a grateful Ho Chi Minh gave Schoenbrun and his wife a free trip to Hanoi and Schoenbrun carne home to write a book in which he told of his close friendship with Ho since 1946, all the time that Americans were dying. It was from sources such as Schoenbrun and The New York Times that the present President acquired his vaunted knowledge of the struggle that made him go to England until it was over and Mr. Maybury was able to write: "Ever since the Vietnam war the Pentagon has been terrified of guerrilla war, but has never spoken about it. The American public remains in the dark as do the younger troops, not to mention the politicians who decide where and when to go to war." Mr. Maybury had reason for predicting that such a war may be near. President Clinton delayed his departure for the Group of 8 Summit in Tokyo in his desperation to keep Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat talking at Camp David . If he cannot achieve a peace deal while he is President, he is capable of moving the American embassy to Jerusalem to help his wife

JULY 2000

page -4is waning . One reason is that Orthodox extremists are making life more and more unbearable for those not sharing their zeal . "Most Israelis," the paper declared, "are not religious and live on the coast, far from the parched hills of the West Bank. Many see settlers as fanatics subsidized at great cost to the taxpayer." The view of the 200,000 settlers in the West Bank and Gaza strip is best expressed by a man who moved his family to the West Bank a year ago. "We have to keep building," he said. "The bigger the population the harder it is to give the land back . This is our policy." The settlers swear they will fight if ordered to leave and $15 billion is the price being mentioned to move them home from where an expansionist government installed them America will be asked to pay the bill but this will not solve the problem of Jerusalem, sacred to Jews, Christians and Moslems . Neither the settlers nor the National Religious Party, which backs them, have considered that the war they are threatening to bring on will have every place where Jews reside as a theater . At stake is Jerusalem, the right of four million refugees to return and the departure of settlers from Gaza and the West Bank. Sedentary people began settling in Jerusalem as far back as 3,200 B.C . In 1004 King David established his capital there and his son, King Solomon, built the temple which Nebuchadnezzar destroyed in 587 B .C. when he deported the Jews to Babylon . King Cyrus of Persia permitted them to return in 527 B.C. and reconstruct their temple. By 167 B .C . they had a Jewish kingdom with Jerusalem as its capital . The Romans destroyed the second Israeli temple in 70 A.D. and in 638 A.D. it was the turn of the Moslems to take Jerusalem and hold it until the crusaders seized it in 1099, to be evinced in turn by Saladin in 1187. Jesus lived, preached and died there and five Christian churches regard it as their holy place .

and Vice-President in the coming elections . He should have known that Jerusalem cannot be left for a future negotiation and that neither leader could do what must be done to settle it now without committing political suicide at home . Neither side trusts the other and this is a religious war in which emotions leave no place for rational thinking such as the thought that demography will triumph in the end . The Settlers' Council represents some 200,000 Israelis in the occupied territories who are prepared to fight for the land on which an expansionist government subsidized them in order to establish what they called "facts on the ground ." Yasser Arafat's 129-member Central Council unanimously demands that every inch of the West Bank and Gaza strip, which Resolution 242 of UN agreed was theirs, be evacuated, and that Jerusalem be made their capital . Jerusalem and the land seized by Israel after the 1967 six-day war are time bombs which Clinton never should have thought for a minute that he could defuse in fifteen days of talking at Camp David, which the Israelis refer to as "Camp Three" because David was a Hebrew King. Through the fifteen days of talks there was no doubt in anybody's mind that if Barak stuck to the claim that Jerusalem is non-negotiable, Arafat would repeat his threat to declare Palestine independent on September 13 with Jerusalem as its capital and many nations would recognize it. America would become a terrorist battlefield if she opposes it. Think what will happen if Clinton moves America's capital there . If Barak does not annex Palestine when Arafat declares it independent, the black-hatted fundamentalists with a knife at his back will, and Jerusalem would be their capital . Then the war of germs, bombs and sempex-loaded automobiles would be on their shoulders . London's Daily Telegraph of July 7 recognized that in Israel proper Zionist ideology

page -5When Truman recognized Israel in 1948 some 100,000 Jews and 65,000 Moslem and Christian Arabs were living in Jerusalem with Moslem and Christian Arabs owning three times as much land as the Jews . It was agreed that the mount should enjoy international status but when seized in 1967 some 30,000

JULY 2000 radiation and less explosive force. They are fatal to tanks by their ability to kill crews without destroying military vehicles or buildings. Tritium, used in producing the neutron

Palestinians were evicted or frightened into fleeing. Today 180,000 Israelis live in the city of the Holy Sepulcher where, as Father JeromeMurphy O'Connor, a longtime resident, put it, five Christian sects jealously guard their territory to the extent that when the doors are locked for the night each has its priests inside to see there are no encroachments during the dark hours. Jerusalem, writes :

bomb, is provided by the reactor at Dimona in the Negev Desert and can be fired in missiles or artillery shells . The neutron bomb weighs around 200 pounds, can be carried by two men and detonated by either a tank or remote control. If the breakdown in the peace talks or Arafat's threat to declare Palestine independence leads to a terrorist war supported by other Moslem nations an airborne neutron

Keith Graves, the English authority on

Orthodox spread their net over more of the city, displaying an intolerance of their fellow citizens

"Each year the ultra

a number of governments turn for advice, has carefully followed all the confidential texts of After putting Saudi Arabia, Iran, Algeria, and Egypt through his mental scanner he has written a book, "L'Islamism, Une Revolution the world's underground Islamic movements.

bomb would be developed and this brings up a difficult situation. Monsieur Antoine Basbous, a man to whom

that frequently leads to clashes. An increasing number of roads are closed for 24 hours from dusk on Friday to accommodate the sensibilities of the ultra-Orthodox on the Jewish Sabbath ." These are the people with whom Clinton

Avortee" (published by Hachette, 283 pages) which European authorities consider the best

thought Barak could make peace. With Syria, Barak knew where he stood . Israel seized the

summing up of the closed Islamic societies hesitating between opening to the modem western world and withdrawal into their religious past .

Golan Heights in 1967 with a threat to use nuclear weapons if Syria did not withdraw, and Assad offered a full peace in return for a full withdrawal back to the existing line before the Six Day War in 1967 . This meant withdrawal of the 32 colonies on the Golan Heights. The claim that the Golan Heights are

known the violence of an awakening Islam and writes : "London has become unquestionably the

He regards the countries which have not

intellectual capital and the command center of the radical Islamic movement . ...As paradoxical as it may seem, the West has offered through the British capital a refuge for the most violent ideologies of Arab Islamism ." In sum, the modem world is sleeping. In an interview with Muslem News, Prime Minister

necessary for security is no longer valid. No Moslem force can approach Israel through Syria . All Arab nations know approximately how many nuclear bombs she has and European

intelligence services have warned that under

the code name David's Sling Israel is prepared to sow small neutron land mines on her side of the border if the heights are handed back to Syria. Neutron bombs differ from conventional

Blair said that when anyone thinks of Islam their first thoughts should be of peace, tolerance and a force for good . He said he has no truck

with those who suggest that conflict is inevitable between Islam and the West . He wants the Moslem community to feel "fully accepted and catered for in Britain, to feel that

nuclear weapons in that they emit more

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their views can be expressed and heard by government ." The same issue of The Sunday Times which printed Mr. Blair's statement that Islam is a force for good reported that 18 alleged supporters of the Hezbollah guerrilla movement had been arrested in North Carolina and Michigan on charges of money laundering and supplying night vision devices for an anti-Israel organization . Such groups have been compiling hit lists for years, as Mr. Clinton and Mr. Blair will learn in the year to come. Recent events and Arafat's threat to make September 13 a day when terrorists will come into the open are enough to shake complacent citizens but there are other warnings . On May 25 the Christian Alert Network (e-mail address : ctomline@vvm .com) Web Site : hppt ://www.vvm .com, announced that on Saturday, September 2 the United Nations will hold the largest assembly of heads of state in the history of the world . There are powerful men in the Christian right and their announcement that this assembly will change the world forever and set it on a course of global governance under the authority of the United Nations is not to be taken lightly. Though the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace financed the education of American and European youth on the Brusselsbased organization for federalist one-woridism and David Rockefeller in his Bilderberg meetings advanced it, all is not well. There are indications that though Americans high in government helped plan the super-government in Brussels and Strasbourg many are becoming alarmed by the ambitions of Jean Monet's successors and see U.N . as preferable to the monster they helped create . In the early June meeting of the Bilderbergers in Genval, Belgium, David Rockefeller was conspicuous by his absence from the chairman's seat and his replacement by Monsieur Etienne Davignon, the President of Belgium's Societe Generale, the financial base of the one-

worlders . Was it a coming into the open in preparation for great events in the year 2000? Many wondered . Though Brussels' leading morning paper, La Libre Belgique, carried an innocuous interview with Monsieur d'Avignon it did not state the exact date of the Genval meeting and it admitted that the Bilderberg group and its offspring, the Trilateral Commission, are the most closed clubs in the western world . It stated that the Trilateral Commission was formed at the Bilderberg meeting in Knokke in 1972 . The French monthly, Lui, of September 1977 reported : "The Trilateral Commission is a totalitarian body working for a new world order with anticommunism dropped ." There we leave you . Whether September brings a struggle between UN and the European Commission for the world's new order leadership, or the only kind of war Islam is capable of waging after Israel's refusal to go back to the borders she was given, we agree with Europe's leading trouble watchers that the year 2000 will see an era's end and a worse one's start . Attention subscribers : We hope to get back to our regular schedule in the months ahead . Meanwhile we are engaged in a fight to continue publication without increasing subscription rates . The only alternative is more subscriptions, and if the European listening post we have worked for years to give you is important to you, we beg each of you to bring us subscriptions from among your friends . It is true that Europe's unpopular new money is weak against many currencies, but it has brought a rise in prices, which makes it impossible to meet expens : s under present conditions. This includes exchange rates, which make increasing subscriptions or their rates the only solution to balancing the ledger. Please plug H . du B . Reports among your friends before the world-shaking developments we hope to cover for you start .




class clogs roads to the sea while those on the inside plan how they will use the fall's strikes and their plot to change the world. When August ends dissatisfied workers will be back, children once more in school, prices will have July and August are Europe's vacation months . Every European below the insider are setting up a committee to realize our rights and sovereignty on the Temple Mount." Ikrema Sabri, the Mufti of Jerusalem, rushed word to Tel Aviv that building a synagogue on the hill which Moslems call al-Harem al Sharif (the Noble Sanctuary) "would start a war and only God knows where it would lead ." Shiekh Mohammed Hussein, the most

Last month we wrote of the new kind of war to come, a religious war between faiths unable to attack each other across a common border. Those who have been telling you the hill sacred to the world's three religions will be the flashpoint of a war in which none of the old rules apply were not conspiracy kooks. Their fears made a bound ahead in the last week of July when Ali Akbar Velayati, the adviser to Iran's hard-line spiritual leader, the Ayatollah Ehamenei, was sent on a secret mission to Damascus and Beirut . Word had reached Teheran that Shaar-

risen and the round of strikes will begin. To those who watch TV queens and read sporting pages September of this year may bring a series of rude awakenings .

willing to sacrifice their souls for our Holy Places ." The ball was back in the Chief Rabbi's corner and he replied: "I think the issue should be negotiated before any peace agreement is reached. To the Jewish faith, the Temple Mount is the holiest place and we all pray towards that place and we should not give it away to any other people and any

important administrator of Islam's holy places, added a plea to the Chief Rabbi's: "Don't play with fire, this is not politics, this is religion, and if something happens, God forbid, you will find millions of Moslems

Yeshuv Hacohen, the Chief Rabbi of Haifa, and the Chief Rabbinical Council were planning to build a synagogue on the Temple Mount near Al Aksa mosque, Islam's third most Holy site . The Rabbinical Council announced: "We

other religion ." Rabbis representing the settlers called for a ruling forbidding the Israeli Government to transfer any more West Bank land to the Palestinians . "The Government is not allowed to give away parts of the biblical land of Israel because God bequeathed the area solely to the Jewish people," they declared

Hilaire du Berrier, Correspondent / 20 Blvd . Princesse Charlotte, Monte Cado, MONACO Leda P Rutherford, Managing Editor / P0 . Box 786 / St. George, Utah 84771 / FAX (435) 673-7638 / E-mail ledapOinfowest .com 01989 Subscription Rate : $75.00 per year Extra Copies : $1 .00 subscriber $7 .50 non-subscriber


page -2Jews in the United States, six million of the former to 5.7 million of the latter.

with the certainty of possession of a title deed . Clinton's peace talks at Camp David had accomplished nothing. Israel's Chief Rabbinical Council announced that the issue will be discussed at Bet El in the near future . The Ayatollah Khamenei's reply was to send Ali Akbar Velayati to give Hezbollah leaders in Syria two million pounds to fund a Palestinian uprising before the end of the year. This is aside from

If the Gore-Lieberman team is elected both will be poor insurance risks . If Lieberman was selected with votes and campaign funds mind in mind, Andrew Sullivan's column on American affairs in London's SUNDAY TIMES of August 13, should give Democrats pause for thought . Mr. Sullivan figured that the Lieberman nomination will bring in $20m to $30m but the Jewish vote was already in the bag. Within an hour of Lieberman's selection Black Electorate .com, on the African-American web-site, was asking why not a black? Lieberman's conservative voting record was already against him with blacks, women and Hispanos who had choices of their own in mind and doubted Lieberman's ability to be objective in the troubles to come . Threat number two and an increasing one centers on the UN building on New York's East River where thirteen Russian Under Secretaries for Security and World Affairs have kept Moscow informed of every American movement or project since 1946 . In the Security Council of UN black nations oppose white ones, and poor Asian or Latin American countries vote against the rich West . The only common ground on which the Council meets is world governance from which all seek to profit .

the 66 million pounds a year which Iran has given Hezbollah since it was founded. So great was the religious fury this stirred up, Iran's grant could not have come at a more dangerous time . The Hajatoleslam Hasan Akhtari, Iran's former ambassador to Syria, and Hossein Sheikholeslam, the coordinator of Hezbollah in Lebanon, accompanied Velayati on his mission to Syria to meet Ahmed Jibral, of the Popular Front for the liberation of Palestine-General Command, and two other Palestinians who would iron out details of the war to come, of which the American public is being told practically nothing. When Syria's Havez al-Assad was alive he permitted Iran to send money and supplies through the country at will, but with his son, Bashar, in power the reception of the Iranian

delegation was cool . Bashar is not yet sure of the hold of his Alouite minority on the 90% Sunni majority, so he hesitated, yet dared not stop arms and money going to the fighters in Palestine. Both Israel and the Iranians know that Israel's superiority in aviation, nuclear warheads and trucks cannot be used without incurring international disapproval . So, in a man to man fight between the Israelis and millions of fanaticized Moslems, the camps will be about even . Any call for UN mediation will inevitably bring up Declaration 242 and a demand that Israel return to the lines of July 4,

1967 . This would not halt the war Islam would continue to wage in the west's cities . This is the greatest threat the world faces in the months ahead. According to both the WALL STREET JOURNAL and THE TIMES of London, there are now more Moslems than

The September 2000 Millennium Assembly in UN is heralded as a call for Global Democracy, by which UN means Global Governance . Debtor nations will outvote those who liberated them and UN will use their vote for the establishment of what will be worse than the colonialism from which they were "freed ." Many statesmen at the time of America's decolonization jag said that America's actions were like giving a six-yearold a checkbook instead of teaching him how to work . Today most of the corrupt leaders at the time of the liberation era are gone, along with the millions wrung out of taxpayers to pay for their property abroad and fill Swiss bank accounts . The colonies of Great Britain, France and Belgium were the ones Mrs. Roosevelt and the

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do-gooders in UN organizations worked hardest to "liberate" . Today people of every colony they "freed" are risking death to join the people they ran out and bringing trouble with them . In our July report we wrote of The Christian Alert Network, (TCAN) Inc . and its warning over web-site " http ://www.vvm.conVctomlin" that the United Nations would host the greatest collection of heads of state ever seen at her September Millennium Assembly and Summit on the future of the world in New York. The Christian Alert Network warned that the aim of UN is a takeover of national sovereignties. The cancellation of the world's poorest nations' non payable debts according to UN, will be a first step towards removing the causes of war and replacing them with a culture of peace. Civilization and the work ethic created inequalities in wealth and power for which the have-nots consider themselves blameless . They see it only as injustice on the part of the haves. UN is exploiting this by calling for a world government, which would bring about a leveling in power and wealth . The third world nations would have UN redistribute the world's wealth and start over at the lowest common denominator. It is unlikely that UN is attempting to seize the initiative from Jean Monnet's Brusselsbased superstate for both have the same objective . If there is a struggle for world domination it will come when the present order has been destroyed . Monnet's plan for revolution from the top in Europe and Roosevelt's idea of a black, white and yellow world security council in the building beside New York's East River are entering a new stage of action as allies with the same goal . Colonel House's disciple, John Foster Dulles, and other Americans aided Monnet, who sold his ideas to Roosevelt much as Colonel House did his to Wilson, in positions of power. In early 1947 The European Movement was formed in England while Monnet and his legman, Joseph Retinger, the Pole, were proceeding with a plan to mobilize the young

whose ideas were not yet formed in every nation on the continent . They lacked money but John McCloy, the U.S. High Commissioner to Germany, was a Monnet supporter and gave them all they needed from his mountain of banknotes acquired through selling Marshall aid to European countries for payment in their own currencies . Robert Murphy had been Roosevelt's revolution-sawer in the Moslem countries of North Africa and was ambassador to Belgium at the time . He was also a Monnet supporter and working with Paul-Henry Speak, the chairman of the movement that used Marshall Aid banknotes for a youth campaign in all the countries of Europe . In Geneva they established a European Cultural Center and in Bruges a "College of Europe," where for six years American taxpayers, through Rockefeller and the Carnegie Endowment, financed the campaign to teach Europe's youth the advantages of a super-state and the unimportance of national sovereignty. In Belgium it included educating youth on the unimportance of their King. In late March 1949 the Socialist international held a meeting in Surrey where delegates from the socialist parties of thirteen nations participating in the Marshall program were present . France's delegate, Guy Mollet, proposed that they start a campaign for European unity at once, to mobilize socialist opinion and assure that socialists directed the movement. It is difficult to say at what moment Monnet decided he was going too fast, that people were still proud of their country and its sovereignty. The International Herald Tribune ofApril 25, 1975 reprinted a pro-Monnet report from the Washington Post stating that after 20 years of struggle he had decided to dissolve the Action Committee for a United States of Europe and approach his goal by stages . He and his followers were taking no risks. They would start by infringing on only a small part of a nation's economy. This is how the European Coal and Steel Authority, known as the Schuman Plan, though it was Monnet's


page -4This was also a secret movement to take over national governments by revolution at the top, but, alas, Monsieur Mennevee's files on it and Monnet, the man he called "the occult dictator of France", are lost, probably forever. Feeling that death was approaching, Monsieur Mennevee told me he had given all his material to an American university because he did not trust any organization or university in France . The men in the Synarchie were too important. He would not tell me the name of the university to which he gave his files and there is no reason

idea, was formed in 1950 . Not until eight years later did they go a step further with the Common Market . After a suitable time had elapsed they took another step toward surrender of sovereignty and called for single money. The final step would be for a United Europe . This is what is at stake if Monnet's Europe calls for acceptance of the UN charter for Global Governance, which will be unfolded at the Millennium 2000 Assembly in New York . The Christian Alert Network in its 11-page document on UN Charter 99 stated that to all intents and purposes we already have world government . In what amounted to an admission that what Christian organizations

themselves had supported was in reality used by a monster conspiracy, the Alert Network stated that world government "is not to be found in the United Nations ." "Rather, the UN has been sidelined," it declared . "The real business of world government has been done elsewhere . Global policies are discussed behind closed doors by exclusive groups such as the G8, the OECD, the Bank of International Settlements, the World Bank, the international Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and others . These

the Bilderbergers who held their first meeting in 1954, after Prince Bernhard of Holland assured President Eisenhower its mission was to fight anti-Americanism in Europe . Actually the purpose of the Bilderberg meetings has been to spread the Monnet solution for world government, but the President gave it his benediction. In 1959 the Atlantic Union was set up in Paris under Henry Cabot Lodge, aided by his friend, Lord Gladwyn (who had been Gladwyn Jebb as Britain's ambassador to UN), to

to think that the man who talked him out of what represented years of his life's work was any more to be trusted than his counterparts in France . The most important international group implementing Monnet's visible plan has been

agencies are reinforced by informal networks of high officials and powerful alliances such as NATO and the European Union ." The UN charter's demand that all international agencies be placed under its control, it warned, will change the way governments operate and effectively abolish the nation state. Since this is also the European Union's aim, the two are either acting in cooperation or pretending to do so while waiting until one or the other ends up by governing the world . All

the time Monnet was building up his plan for a world government, Monsieur Roger Mennevee, one of the world's greatest authorities on Monnet, was compiling files in his monthly "Documents Diplomatiques et Financiers" proving that Monnet was also working through the highly secret and exclusively French conspiracy for world government, LE MOVEMENT SYNARCHIQUE D'EMPIRE .

prepare for American entry into the European Union, after which it would become Atlantic . The Societe Generale in Brussels was to be the central bank for Monnet's world government as Spaak and Monnet conceived it, until more aggressive Germans decided Europe's bank would be in Frankfurt and they would run it . Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs was organized as a United Europe think tank by British globalists as far back as the dinner given by Colonel Edward House in the Majestic Hotel in Paris on May 30 1919 . Herbert Matthews, who through the New York

Times made Castro a world anti-Communist hero, was chosen by the RIIA to tell Europeans what a great man Castro was . In 1921, the RIIA, aided and advised by

page -5Colonel House, founded the Council on Foreign Relations to advance Monnet globalism in America . Though as a refugee during the war Monnet had shaped Roosevelt's thinking on Europe it was inevitable that Roosevelt should get ideas of his own for a world governing body. Thus his UN was founded and Alger Hiss carried its charter from San Francisco to Washington . Unbeknown to the rest of the world, when UN exercised the power to commit armies to foreign wars in its name, the Russians and Chinese knew everything MacArthur was permitted to do in North Korea through a Soviet general serving as Under-Secretary for Security and Political Affairs in the UN base in New York. At present Monnet's utopia is having internal trouble . There is a power struggle between the European Commission in Brussels and its Parliament in Strasbourg. The majority of Britons are Eurosceptics. The Danes are demanding a plebiscite and populations are increasingly annoyed by Europe's meddling in their national affairs, appropriating their sovereignties and national moneys . It is at this time that UN is mobilizing all the power at her disposal for the giant Millennium 2000 summit in New York. Why David Rockefeller was replaced by Etienne Davignon, President of Societe Generale, in the June 1 to 3 Bilderberg meeting is unknown but nothing is a coincidence at such conferences . Rockefeller and Kissinger were there, as well as former CIA chief, John M . Deutch, Senator Christopher J. Dodd, of Connecticut, David Graham, publisher of the Washington Post, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, of Texas, MarieJosee Kravis, of Hudson Institute and Jessica T. Matthews, President of Carnegie Endowment. Whether one is for a federal parliament in which weak nations are denied their right to veto and made helpless under majority rule or Roosevelt's plan to govern nations through a UN assembly, neither UN nor the European Union have forgotten the validity of Lenin's


plea: "Give me a generation of your youth and I'll give you a communist world." Christopher Booker's NOTEBOOK, in the Sunday Telegraph of July 23 reported that thousands of school children in Britain and other European countries will be invited to join the "European Project on the Sun ." An artificial spaceship will be built for the European Science and Technology Week in November. Later it will be used as a traveling exhibition at a cost of 326,000 pound sterling to show university students and children how the European nations collaborate to show the beneficial impact of the sun on our daily lives . This is part of the EU's propaganda infiltration of Universities to promote closer European integration . Every British University is receiving subsidies under a score of programs spending billions of dollars a year to promote such organizations as EURC, a project designed "to develop a conceptual framework for the analysis of the evolution and impact of European citizenship ." To get an idea of the scale of the brainwashing of students one has only to consider the Jean Monnet Project, which cofinances 2,319 university teaching schemes "to promote European integration ." The scheme has funded 491 "Jean Monnet chairs" across the EU . Forty-seven universities now have "European Centers of Excellence" with Monnet's European Union (EU) funding them for three years under the understanding that the universities keep them open for at least four more . This propaganda campaign is dwarfed beside the vast EU Scientific and academic research program CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information Service) which finances 28,000 separate organizations . Three hundred million pounds a year go for this program in Britain alone but Britain must put up an equal amount to propagandize herself. The 600 million pounds thus made available support 10,000 posts in British universities and research organizations, plus 500 academics to evaluate CORDIS programs .



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The Booker report tells us that an Internet trawl reveals thousands of educational organizations and projects funded by the EU, from programs to "teach active involvement in the European ideal," to the "Trans-European Policy Studies Association ." By using academics in these organizations to develop and sell the European Union's policies, the academics have an invested interest in supporting Monnet's EU because they are involved in building its projects . Thus the entire educational system became a fifth column in the EU fight to promote a federal Europe, at a cost to the taxpayer which Mr. Booker states, has cleverly been made impossible to calculate. One of the leading organizations opposing British membership in the EU and loss of her historic pound sterling is the CAMPAIGN FOR AN INDEPENDENT BRITAIN (81 Ashmole Street, London SW8 1NF. E-mail : info@cibhq .co .uk) , which deserves the support of America and the nations not yet in, bound and gagged . Foreign subscription rates to the Campaign for an Independent Britain's monthly bulletin are little more than the cost of mailing, so desperate are its members to get their information out before it is too late . A group of 62 men calling themselves THE CONVENTION were preparing a new EU charter while working class Europe was at the sea. Actually, their charter is the European Union's constitution, which will be adopted at the December 7 and 8 summit in Nice . It will be a final move to make those in the FrenchGerman line-up accept extinction of their sovereignties . Those who refuse to join will face a blocking of trade similar to the showdown with America over bananas. There is no geographical limit to the nations marked for membership in a federal Europe with its own charter. Germany has lost interest in the West and the joint association, which was dangled before the French . Germany's eyes are on the undeveloped East which is marked for membership in an enlarged EUROPE. The charter for a federal Europe that will

be unveiled at Nice is no overnight production . The Commission in Brussels, the European Parliament and dozens of non-governmental organizations had a hand in drawing it up. The adoption of this charter by the Council of Ministers will regulate the lives of every citizen living in Europe, European or otherwise . The laws outlawing discrimination between nationals and non-nationals, as interpreted by the court of justice in Luxembourg, prohibit the barring of anyone from a right to lodging, work or citizenship, regardless of origin . It is the end of the nation state and equivalent to Clinton's executive order giving Spanish the same standing in America as English. This where once one had to pass an examination in English if one wanted to vote. Subservience to the September UN summit in New York and the EU summit in Nice will spread . How it will affect the protection of European and American cities when the conflict between Israel and Islam starts remains to be seen. We want to thank the many who are helping us in our libel suit against Bernard Wasserstein and the publisher of SECRET WAR IN SHANGHAI . The British law firm will not pursue the case on a contingency basis lest the defendants use delaying tactics and I should die before the case is finished . We are looking for a new firm. Meanwhile it is a sad commentary on British justice that such a book can be published with impunity. Written from raw reports bought from professional informers and never investigated, almost every person named would have cause for a libel suit, if alive. Written by a man trusted enough to visit red China on a grant makes it doubly suspicious . Worse is the fact that Wily Widler, Japan's most important Shanghai agent, responsible for many deaths, and scores of others of the same religion as the author are never mentioned . The Brandeis University professor and President of the Oxford Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies cannot be accused of being anti-Communist or objective.

Muammar Qaddafi is one of the world's most dangerous men and one of the most ruthless. He is 58 years old and his plan to ride and secretly direct the wave of Islamism sweeping the Moslem world has been hampered by his being on the West's blacklist for sponsoring terrorism . An impressive list of heads of State will attend the EuroMediterranean summit which France is holding in Marseille in November and Qaddafi, who has not been invited, wants to be there . Leaders of all the Arab states but Libya on the southern shore of the Mediterranean, which is known as el-Mahgreb, have been invited. By ruse and at the cost of some forty million dollars Qaddafi is seeking re-entry into international society on which his ambitions depend . The charges against him are heavy. Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere, France's scourge of terrorists, found that six Libyan agents, among them Qaddafi's brother-in-law and number 2 in his government, were responsible for the bomb that blew up a French UTA plane on September 19, 1989, killing 170 passengers and the crew. Qaddafi was charged with voluntary homicide but higher ups in France blocked carrying the case further, arguing that

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international custom made a head of State immune from legal action as long as he was in office . The two Libyan agents being tried in Holland for the downing of a Pan Am 747 over Lockerbie, killing 270 passengers, were not handed over until Qaddafi was assured that the trial would in no way be used as an attack on Libya. In the early `70s Qaddafi was obsessed with the idea of seeing Africa and the Moslem countries of Asia take up the little Green Book he had put out, hoping for the success Mao had with his red one . In the early seventies Qaddafi's attention was drawn to the Moros in the southern Philippines as a force which if mobilized might make him an Islamic leader. Under their Sultan the Moros had been in revolt for years but without the support of a nation bent on creating a worldwide Islamic empire under the law of the Koran their cause was hopeless. The first all out Moro fight for independence came when America withdrew in 1946, after defeating Japan. The Moros acquired fifty horse-power out-board motors from the Americans and installed them in wells in the center of their pirogues . Dashing in and out of the islands where they were at home they harassed the northerners until Manila subdued them. There they rested, a

SEPTEMBER 2000 minority of 4 million out of a population of 15 million, but never a serious threat until Qaddafi saw that they could be used . Intellectuals of the Moro Front for National Liberation, founded in 1970, were sent to Egypt or Syria for indoctrination and leadership training. The military were trained in Libya's international Islamic camps for the day that apparently has arrived.

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Schilling, who was lured into capture on August 28 by his Moro wife . The Abu Sayyaf group demanded the liberation of an Islamic terrorist arrested in 1993 in connection with the World Trade Center bombing for Schilling's release. At this point the Qaddafi Charity Foundation appeared . It had been founded in Mindanao in late 1999, a few months before the hostages were seized, and it started issuing

Among the Moros picked by Qaddafi in 1971 for advanced training was Nur Misuari, one of the founders of the Moro Front for National Liberation . Supported by Qaddafi and the Islamic Conference Organization, the islands with a Moslem majority were granted a

under Qaddafi's protection, representing the Moro Front and recruiting men for Qaddafi to train. From 1992 to 1999 Qaddafi funneled aid to the Moro rebels through Radjab Azzarouk, the Libyan ambassador to the Philippines. By sending the two men identified- as responsible for the downing of the Pan Am Boeing 747 over Lockerbie to Holland for trial, the embargo imposed on Libya in 1992 was lifted, but Qaddafi wanted full acceptance

large autonomy in 1976 but the guerrillas refused to lay down their arms and Misuari fled to Libya. There he lived for twenty years

communiques on its humanitarian work in the Philippines . With Nur Misuari, the former independence leader and Azzarouk, the former Libyan ambassador, in its Mindanao office, the Charity Foundation ; under Qaddafi'ss daughter, entered the game with a burst of publicity. In reality, it is part of Qaddafi's war machine. It gave the Moros 12 million dollars in banknotes and another 25 million. fo- "aid and development," supposed to be used for mosques, hospitals and schools . Actually, the Charity Foundation was set up to give Qaddafi a new image and recognition as a leader at the November summit in Marseille . When intelligence services took a good look at the Moro kidnapping and the $40 million ransom they realized it was pay to men Qaddafi had trained, for an operation he had set up . It was meant to introduce the new and respectable

before the Euro-Mediterranean Conference in Marseille in November . Accordingly he cut down his grants to terrorist movements and waited a few months to give the impression he had left his terrorist past behind him . Suddenly, on April 23, the Moros made headlines. The Abu Sayyaf group, founded in the early `90s, seized six French vacationers, two Germans, two Finns, two South Africans, two Filipinos and three Malaysians on the Malaysian island of Sipadan and took them on a two-day trip to Jolo, an Island 125 miles

Qaddafi and the West bought it . Wider events, some of which will change the world we know, are taking place this month. Douglas Reed wrote in his book "THE GRAND DESIGN," in 1977 : "The attempt of the one-worlders to bring off the final coup will be the time the Christian clock strikes two thousand," and the power play he anticipated

south of Manilla. Three French hostages, a German and two South Africans were liberated but negotiations for liberation of the others were drawn out for fifteen days by Rajab Azzarouk, Qaddafi's former ambassador. In the end, the Abu

Sayyaf group was holding twenty-five others including an American black Moslem, Jeffery

appears about to be made . Europe is waiting to see how France and nations of the other Dolo hostages react. Those who remember Reed's book recognize that he knew what he was saying. The Brussels-based world government in the making and the United Nations in New York have chosen the year 2000 for the launching of all-out attacks The massacre of on the nation state . Christians in East Timor marked the beginning of what may be the breakup of Indonesia and

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the Moros have started what may become the breakup of the Philippines. All challenges to civilization and authority serve UN and the European one worlders . Both intend to become military powers with the armies of former nations under their command. We have witnessed how schools, universities and a press campaign such as the world has never seen are being used to destroy patriotism and advance surrender of sovereignty to a super state. Wendell Wilkie spoke favorably of One World in the forties and the Club of Rome, which the Rockefellers founded, declared in the seventies that economic growth will cause economic collapse unless the world's growth is controlled by a One World state. In an announcement made by the European Parliament in August member nations were told to make youngsters a key target group for spreading a message that would strengthen the failing euro . Commenting on this order the TIMES of London, wrote on August 16 : "It (the European Parliament) suggests that children be taught the value of having a single currency through essay, painting, drawing and public speaking competitions . . . their role as channels of communication cannot be over emphasized ." What the European Parliament was proposing was that those with the least idea of what was being put over on their countries should be mobilized to influence their parents. This at a time when loyal British groups are spending two million pounds for newspaper ads in a fight to preserve their sovereignty and their money. Germany, the seat of the central bank, has been the leading nation fighting for leadership by urging other nations to surrender their sovereignty. Even here disillusionment is spreading. UN and the European One Worlders realized the necessity of weakening resistance to a single currency. It could only be achieved by weakening the nation state through immigration and destruction of its traditions . Surrender of sovereignty would be realized by conditioning citizens to willingly accept membership in a group which, once joined, they would be forbidden by treaty to leave.

It may be said to have started after World War I with America's linking the destruction of Kings and the traditions associated with them to Wilson's talk of "saving the world for democracy." Von Ludendorph begged the allies to let Germany retain the monarchy, under the Wittelsbachs if not the Hohenzollerns, as an important factor of stability. Colonel House and President Wilson were carried away with their dream of a utopian League of Nations and Hitler inherited Germany. In 1935 Austria repealed her anti-Hapsburg laws and people called for the return of Charles I and the Empress Zita . The allies refused and reaped the anschluss. A communist OSS (Office of Strategic Services) team siphoned money and arms to the communists in Italy in World War II . As a result, Italy's Communist Party became the only self-supporting one in Europe and, with American aid, a rigged plebiscite destroyed the throne before the strongly monarchist armed forces were demobilized and able to vote . US Information Agency sound trucks campaigned against the monarchy and the King was deposed on June 2, 1946 . As a result, Italy had 58 governments between that date and May of the year 2000. Roosevelt saw Europe through the eyes of Jean Monnet, the new world order and League of Nations man. In the sick President's mind a new League of Nations took shape. It would be based in America and known as the United Nations . By stripping his allies of their colonies new nations were formed for the organization he was erecting and their mother countries were told they had no choice but to join it and the Monnet one-worlders in Europe . In Roosevelt's meeting with Stalin, behind Churchill's back, in Teheran on November 28, 1943, the President told his friend Joe of his intentions to run the French out of Indo-China and the British out of India . Harry Hopkins, now recognized by papers that have leaked out of Russia as their most important man in Washington, and Averell Harriman, whose hand was in every move favorable to Moscow, waited outside the door as Roosevelt told Stalin

SEPTEMBER 2000 "The best solution for India will be reform from the bottom, somewhat on the Soviet line." The NEW YORK TIMES was for it. The column of their man, Bilderberg member Cyrus Sulzberger, was reprinted in Paris in the April 10, 1976, HERALD TRIBUNE, and told countless readers : "The continent's most splendid dream following World War II has been the European Economic Community, or Common Market, which was designed to lead nations that had lost their global influence into a political confederation based on joint trading and financial interests ." When what had been sold as a lifting of trade barriers was turned into a federal state with no geographic limit to its enlarging, apprehensions began to set in . Euroland promised to become Worldland with its own constitution under which the importance of nations would depend on the number of votes attributed to each by the European Council . EUROPE would function like an administration council in which Germany, with her population of 82 million, would be a majority stockholder with 20% more votes than France, Great Britain or Italy. There is another point of contention in the charter which the Commission in Brussels, the European Parliament, and dozens of other nongovernmental organizations have drawn up. There will be no discrimination between nationals and immigrants residing in Europe . All will have a right to lodging, work and citizenship whether European or not . The only way implanters of Monnet's super state could maintain their momentum was to continue fostering independence movements and creating more refugees to weaken the will of member states to defend their sovereignty. The ETA was organized to demand independence for the Basques in Spain. Border controls were removed by the European Movement and French Basques, known as the Revolutionary Basque Association, joined forces with their Spanish cousins and gave them a base in France . Arms pass freely between the two groups . Simultaneously, the

page -4Spanish government was increasingly occupied with North Africans making Spain a principal entry point into Europe while the Basques committed their eight hundredth assassination on August 20. French and Spanish Basque separatists, having joined forces, are beginning to cooperate with a break away movement in Brittany known as the Breton Democratic Union (UDB). The three are establishing an alliance with the Corsican breakaway movement which has been killing French and pro-French officials for a quarter of a century. The French nation's power to face such revolts is further undermined by Algerians who refuse integration, take over whole sections of cities and make their religion the second in France . France's socialist Prime Minister recognized Basque, Corsican and Irish terrorism for what it is : a way of making a living . He tried to placate the Corsicans by offering autonomy within the French Republic, with their language a required subject in Corsican schools . The Socialist Minister of Foreign Affairs saw it as a step on the road to European federalism and resigned. In Italy a breakaway movement is growing in the north under the direction of the Northern league and threatening to spread to Savoy. In Germany the Lander are stirring and Ireland's terrorists are too strong for England to handle as long as Qaddafi arms them and Irish organizations in America finance them. Saddest of all is the relentless advance against Britain's sovereignty, traditions and a money that is part of her history. A Gallup poll taken in April showed 50% of Britishers convinced that their constantly grinning Labor Prime Minister will succeed in leading them into integration with the rest of Europe, though 64% thought it would be bad. Over 41% thought a constant wearing away of the will would cause living standards- to fall and only 16% thought they would rise. When a majority opposed dropping the pound sterling with its long tradition for a new and untried euro, a three-pronged attack was launched against the country's nationhood .

page -5Britain is the last bastion before the final attack on the United States, for which student movements, racial, gender and color lobbies

exception of Denmark, and it for how long?) to go where Blair is leading Britain and America is expected to follow .

have long been working. Devolution split the island nation into four autonomous blocs, Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland which would have their own parliaments and become provinces under the super state in Brussels . The four provinces would be socialist, (which is to say Labour) in a federal socialist republic, and to leave none of the old order intact, a campaign to destroy the throne was launched while immigration sapped nationhood from below. Part of the phenomena of the destruction of a world order formed by what Spengler called "the inarticulate wisdom of the centuries" was the conviction of utopian dreamers who prematurely liberated third world people would stay in their own country once it was theirs to ruin . It was the whites who furnished employ and when they were run out the colonized

Spengler tells us the first secret of a great state is good blood empowered and the second is tradition established by that blood . "Tradition," he wrote, "can dispense with genius because it itself is cosmic force at its highest capacity." Tradition is something that good education and discipline at home perpetuates. The English press announced on June 21 that a dozen scruffy protesters sporting a mixture of shaven heads and punk Mohican hair and nose rings cried `Scum Royals!' when the Prince of Wales and his friend arrived at a party.

risked death to go where they were . The campaign against the throne, I would say, started within the palace in the late 1960s when the Queen, influenced by the Prince Consort, decided to let a documentary be made on the home life of the Royal Family. Philip said he had always wanted to show the public how they lived, and that the monarchy must move with the times. When all England had

A do-gooder in his time, Adlai Stevenson wrote in HARPER'S magazine as far back as July 1964 that one must eschew "the hard kind of patriotism ." He saw loyalty to country as super-patriotism and narrow nationalism. After blasting John Birchism and McCarthy in his HARPERS article he praised his friend, Jean Monnet, and called for love of mankind instead of love for one's country. The London Sunday Times of July 18, 1965, expressed Stevenson's "worries that President Johnson would let this opportunity (the drive for surrender in Vietnam) go by without giving UN the kind of fillip it needed from the United States ." The surprises UN and the new super-state, EUROPE, are due to spring on a world that

seen Philip cooking sausages while the Queen mixed salad dressing the country was on the road to a day when theater audiences would cease standing for the national anthem . Watching what was happening I recalled the respect with which even the toughest of newsmen held Haile Selassie because he knew the importance of dignity. Philip forgot that familiarity breeds contempt and his refusal to accept the loneliness of command led to what a feature article in THE SUNDAY TIMES of November 16, 1997, described as "demystification of the

royals," and "release of the floodgates to public prurience." Rejection of tradition by the Woodstock generation and the profane of the sixties conditioned most of the world (with the

slept have been long in the making. In early September the European parliament called for a "College of European Diplomacy" to train officials to staff the worldwide European Delegations which have been in place for years but which this month are being upgraded to EU embassiesi Since the coming summit in Nice will give the EU the legal right to decide the policies of its member states it claims the right immediately to be represented around the world by its own ambassadors and diplomats .

This will make the ambassadors of member states all but superfluous. There has been no warning by the press how rapidly every level of administration and


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government has been integrated in the EU's new form of colonization . An Institute for Public Administration set up near Maastricht will enable the EU to train civil servants drawn from all the states under her control and post them wherever she wishes to destroy any remaining feeling of belonging to a nation . Anonymous armies of EU officials will control Europe's airspace . A budget for a European Police College has already been approved, to form the European police force, Europol, which will compile a central file on every person in Europe . Laws for food safety will take the decisions of what can be eaten and what cannot be eaten away from nations that have produced food for centuries . Once this right or any other has been appropriated by Brussels, national governments will lose any power to make their own laws in the areas concerned . Immigration, legal and illegal, plays a role in weakening the resistance of nations to infringements on their rights and none appear to have considered to what extent waves of immigrants will change their lives . With some 6,000 illegal immigrants, mostly Hispanics, entering America daily, Alicia Sotero Vasquez and another illegal immigrant managed to get themselves photographed being beaten by a Riverside County policeman in 1996. By suing the police for over a million dollars each they knew they could get the $500,000 that would qualify them for immigration . This while Carlos Ibarra Perez, head of the Citizens' Defense Committee in Mexico puts a price of $10,000 on the head of every US agent. With the rapid expansion of Mexican and Asian minorities it is estimated that in fifty years the majority of white Anglo-Saxon Americans will barely exist . Hispanics naturalized en masse, on the eve of an election, by the administration of a draft-dodger who loathed the army, may by that time have given land that was once Mexican back to Mexico . Japanese in Hawaii will demand independence for Hawaii, then union with Japan when their numbers increase . The flood of eastern Europeans, Asians, Moslems, Africans, Gypsies, Indians and Pakistanis will by mid-

2000 have "bastardized", as de Gaulle put it, the nations preferred by refugees, of which Britain and the US are the first. The country to be hardest hit by the new voting pattern such upheavals will create will be Israel, whose organization will no longer be able to make and break politicians abroad. A giant mafia-type industry is bringing illegal immigrants into Europe and America from the four corners of the globe . Once in Europe, thanks to the Schengen removal of borders, they are free to spread from Italy's Adriatic coast to Calais . Bosnia is the open door in the Balkans, where Milosevic had sold 25,000 passports to the Chinese and 42,000 more were awaiting transport when UN held the biggest summit the world had ever seen. "Europe's" coming summit, after UN's, will mark the end of freedom as we knew it if Monnet's disciples are as successful as Roosevelt's . Our experience with justice in our libel case has been as sad in America as in Britain . The army is alarmed that red China's state run news agency, Xinhua, has bought a block of flats with less than half a mile of unbroken sightline between them and the Pentagon . Yet American book dealers protect and support a former Brandeis University professor and head of Oxford's Center for Hebraic studies whom China's leaders must have regarded as a propagandist and agent, since they brought him to China at their expense and opened the door of their Institute of Social Studies for him, a pure propaganda and brain-washing institution . AMAZON is still selling Bernard Wasserstein's dishonest and China-researched book, THE SECRET WAR IN SHANGHAI, on the internet and asked readers to write their reviews . Later they admitted that some of the favorable reviews were written by their own employees . No letter warning that the nineteen pages on your correspondent can be proven untrue and libelous have been printed . We are still trying to find a law firm not interested only in money.



This is a report for the serious, before the European union holds its summit meeting in Nice in December. and appurtenances of a sovereign state. Once the powers of government are taken over by The One-Worlders are getting ready to upgrade their 132 worldwide delegations into embassies with the rights are waiting to impose laws and treaties formed by men untouched by Enoch Powell's impassioned plea of 1974 . "Independence, the freedom of a self-governing nation, is in my estimation the highest political good, for which any disadvantage, if need be, and any sacrifice, are a cheap price," he declared . "It is worth living for; it is worth fighting for; and it is worth dying for. It is for us alone to determine if we will continue to be a free selfgoverning people . I refuse to imagine that we shall answer `no."' Refugees and immigrants are diluting

men in Brussels the only duty of a national parliament will be to ratify decisions taken in

Strasbourg and the conspiracy theory kooks will have been proven right. With the December meeting drawing near, those foolish enough to have CITIZEN OF EUROPE stickers on their bumpers will find themselves under a new European constitution . Then is the time to start

remembering how blindly they believed the old maxim : "Nothing is less dead than

Europe and nothing is more destructive of the feeling of nationhood than hordes of immigrants of another culture. The mass naturalization of Latinos, which Clinton and Gore put over on the eve of the last election, mean trouble for America . When Islam's terrorist war against Jews and their allies begins occupying the forces of law and order,

yesterday's news ." It was never valid. Many who trusted the press will be surprised at how secure they felt when it was undermining nationhood and integrating Europe into a federal super state before their

for the fatal meeting in December and America's role in what was being done while patriots slept. Anonymous armies of officials

eyes. There is nothing better than old news reports to show how Europe was conditioned

join them and how foreign-speaking immigrants will react? David Schippers, the former Chief Investigative Counsel of the House Judiciary Committee, and Allen P Henry, have written a book called SELL OUT, "The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment", which

who knows what burners of inner cities will

Hilaire du Berrier, Correspondent / 20 Blvd . Princesse Charlotte, Monte Carlo, MONACO Leda P. Rutherford, Representative / P.O . Box 786 / St . George, Utah 84771 / FAX (435) 673-7638 / E-mail ledap@infowest .com ©1989 Subscription Rate: $75.00 per year Extra Copies : $1 .00 subscriber $7 .50 non-subscriber


page -2nothing was done about it. This report skims only a small part of Mr. Schipper's account of how the impeachment of the male member of America's first co-presidency was handled. We must explain, the woman who had been elected to nothing announced that she would use her maiden name and the term "First Lady" would be replaced by "Presidential Partner" . By yesterday's news, we can get an idea of the political education of the pair who, according to Hillary, would be governing together for the next four, and perhaps eight, years. Hillary, further to the left than Bill, had been a Fulbright follower . Bill the London SUNDAY TELEGRAPH of May 16, 1993, tells us, was totally engrossed in the Spanish Civil War when he was at Oxford in the late 1960's . His feelings on the war Russia was waging in Spain were so strong he never considered the position Europe would be in with a communist power in her rear if Franco lost . Paris' conservative SPECTACLE DU MONDE of December of 1992 devoted an article to Bill's participation in McGovern's pacifist, isolationist campaign of 1972 and his belief that to win elections one must follow public opinion rather than one's own feelings . What kind of man would follow McGovern, who stated in an October 1972 interview, "I don't believe the Russians would even try to test me, because I think they would regard me as a friend and do anything to keep my friendship ." The London SUNDAY TELEGRAPH of October 22, 1972, commented: "If George McGovern believes that, he is not living in the real world. The Soviets do not make foreign policy decisions on the basis of whether they like or dislike Western personalities . They make foreign policy decisions on the basis of Communist ideology and Soviet national interest. Anyone who thinks otherwise does not belong in the oval office of the White House." Roosevelt was as bad. David Carlton quoted his 1944 speech on page 274 of his book, FROM WAR TO COLD WAR: "If I give Stalin

should have been as much a requisite for acquiring a voting card in this year's election as an examination in English was before discipline and patriotism were thrown overboard. Mr. Schippefs, a Chicago Democrat, writes that by the time his work started, "investigations by the General Accounting Office (GAO) and congressional committees had already indicated that the White House used the Immigration and Naturalization service to grant citizenship to thousands of aliens that the White House counted as likely Democrat voters . . .The program was placed under the direction of Vice President Al Gore .. .He was responsible for keeping the pressure on, to make sure the aliens were pushed through by September 1, the last day to register for the Presidential election ." One of the first things Mr. Schippers discovered was that Bill Clinton had asked Doug Farbrother, of the National Performance Review (NPR) staff to look into barriers to citizenship. "Farbrother and the NPR" Mr. Schippers wrote, "won the assignment of getting the INS to process more than a million applicants by the end of the summer. . .He (Farbrother) told the INS and Justice Department (Janet Reno's domain) `to waive stupid rules' and he assured Gore that unless reforms were implemented the backlog would not be processed in time ." As a result Mr. Schippers continued, "aliens with criminal records were being granted citizenship . . .Just prior to the 1996 voter registration deadline, a box was discovered in the Chicago INS office containing nearly five thousand FBI arrest reports reports that had arrived in time but had been ignored. . .We unearthed that several individuals who had been naturalized illegally were now trying to sponsor their relatives for citizenship ." This is how nations are undermined . In Orange County, Latinos using a driver's license as proof of nationality, defeated the conservative Robert Doman for the Senate and

page -3everything I possibly can and ask nothing in return, he won't try to annex anything and will work with me for a world of democracy and peace." "If there is any one dominant threat to our foreign policy it is the negative ideology of anticommunism," McGovern declared in Hanover, Mass ., on June 30, 1970 . The London TIMES of April 19, 1972, carried McGovern's reply to Fred Emery's


The non-classic religious war we have been predicting is starting . Israel is at her height . There are 6 million Moslems in America (faceless against 5.7 million Jews with their addresses in the telephone book), 3 million Moslems in Britain, 5 million in France, over 15 million free to circulate in borderless Schengen Europe, and their numbers rising . No powerful Moslem nation is in position to

and barrel' withdrawal of all kinds of American forces to be affected within 90 days". He strongly believed that Hanoi would, in return, release American POWs and guarantee the safe withdrawal of American forces . But, and he went further than his previous positions, even if Hanoi refused the deal he would withdraw leaving the prisoners behind ." McGovern should try to shake hands with exPOW Senator John McCain . America is still searching for POWs lost in Vietnam.

questions at a Springfield, Mass . press conference the day before . "He (McGovern) reiterated his own solution : an announcement on the day of his inauguration of `lock, stock

attack Israel frontally or by conventional means . Frustrated Moslems have no other solution but to make every nation where Jews, their possessions and their allies are found, a place of conflict . That is why the USS Cole was attacked in a Yemen harbor. Worse is to come . In 1948 Harry Truman had a fifteenminute interview with his former business partner, and without informing the State

Europe with the line : "A land without people for a people without land ." Con Coughlin, in his book "A Golden Basin Full of Scorpions : The Quest for Modern Jerusalem", points out

Department, recognized the new state of Israel . A press campaign blanketed America and

months ." The truth was : Mendes-France, the socialist, carried on secret negotiations with the enemy for over a year while his countrymen were fighting, and of the 39,888 prisoners taken by the enemy, 29,954 were not returned . The opinion of David Schippers and his coauthor are worth noting . In their book, SELL OUT, they see Gore's running mate, Joseph

TIME of October 23, 1972, reported McGovern's statement : "Premiership of an end-the-war platform in 1954 and France's 11,000 POWs were repatriated within three

the inequalities the UN created with its partition plan for a small Israeli state.

Arabs were given control of access to the shrines of the world's three holy places, including the holiest shrine of the Jews, the

Wailing Wall . On the other hand hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were driven from their homes to become refugees in hatebreeding camps in Lebanon and Jordan . There the situation rested until the Six-Day War of 1967 . America guaranteed Israel's existence but not her conquests . After her crushing victory against Syria, Jordan and Egypt in 1967, Israel embarked on a policy of expansion, seized the Golan Heights from Syria, the West

Lieberman, as one of the few Senators who acted honorably in the Clinton impeachment process. It is regrettable, but outstanding though Senator Lieberman is, he would be a liability

Bank from Jordan, Gaza and the Sinai desert from Egypt. It was a mistake. The rights of the three faiths could have been satisfied in Jerusalem, and in time the Arabs would have accepted an Israel with her original boundaries, as they

as vice-president when any land where Israel's people and allies are found is a war zone in Islam's holy war and the American flag is being burned along with Israel's .

have been ready to do since Israel made peace with Egypt . Only Clinton, who made a Jew

ambassador to Israel, a Kennedy ambassador to Ireland and the top man of Lazard Freres

page -4-

destabilizing Europe and America will be Africa . Mugabe, whom Kissinger and Lord

ambassador to France, refuses to regard Jerusalem as occupied territory. The next continent to erupt while immigrants and ethnic minorities are

Butt, which has been compiled in two volumes . In a letter to Clara, dated April 28, 1911, the Major told how Jacob Schiff, head of the Kuhn Loeb & Co . bank, came with a delegation to see the President during his reelection campaign .

Carrington put in power, is turning Mozambique into a starving nation, the effects from which may enflame black Africa . Douglas Reed, in his magnificent book, THE GRAND DESIGN, recalls how Prime Minister Macmillan told the Cape Town

Major Butt wrote: "Now Schiff is demanding that the President abrogate the treaty of 1832 with Russia and threatening him with the hostility of the Jews if he continues to refuse to accede to their demand . He practically told the President that unless he abrogated the treaty or secured some amendment to it by which Jews could obtain

Britain out of Africa ." Mr . Reed exploded . "The wind of change! . . .No wind was blowing the Empire away. It was being broken up by decisions reached long before in secret conclave, and its demolition was done to clear the way for the world government conspiracy . . . Followed, in all the British territories, the pantomime of abdication: flags being lowered, plumed hats and gold-encrusted handing over the deeds and so on . The only truth behind this woeful pageant was that the

Parliament "The wind of change was blowing

passports in that country, the entire Jewish people in this country would not only oppose his nomination, but would support the Democratic candidate, whoever it might be . "The President rose to the occasion and not only told Schiff and his committee that he would not abrogate the treaty, but he would not even countenance an attempt to do so and that his people could take whatever course they

uniforms worn a last time, a Royal Personage

wanted ; that if he had to purchase the next election with his honor or by

Black man was being handed back to slavery." While US candidates today pander to every minority with a vote, a search to find when the country last had a President more interested in America's interests than his own election, leads to an interesting bit of history. Apparently, the

Taft was defeated . Jacob Schiff, the Frankfurt-born immigrant with his implacable hatred of the Czar, supported Japan financially during the war with Russia and negotiated her foreign loans. After that he supported Lenin and Trotsky in their revolution, according to records in the three volumes printed by the United States Printing Office in Washington . The Czar's government had been liberalizing, but with foreign financed

sacrificing what he believed was the national honor, then they must look elsewhere for a candidate to support."

union between America's One-Worlders and

Europe's was made possible in 1912 through a chain of events which no history book has ever taught . Major Archibald Butt, who stood in dress uniform on the deck of the Titanic, preventing men from crowding the life boats when the great ship went down, was President Taft's

military aid. (Major Butt was in dress uniform and wearing a sword when I met him at the

age of five, and I wanted to be a soldier forever after.) The major carried on an extensive correspondence with his sister-in-law, Clara

revolutionaries demoralizing troops at the front and stirring up revolt at home, Schiff's "new order" came . It cost an estimated eighty million lives. Fear of it brought Hitler, and

Hitler brought the holocaust . Back in America the election went as Schiff threatened, and Wilson, the unworldly

page -5professor who let Colonel Edward Mandel House do his political thinking, led America

Harvard University on May 23, 1961, and made no mention of the removal of trade barriers . "We are not in business to promote tariff preferences, or to establish a discriminatory club to form a larger market to make us richer, or a trading bloc to further our commercial interests," he told Harvard students . "We are not in business at all, we are in politics . Any nation which comes into the

into the war. When it was over he and his alter ego went to Paris to make the world safe for democracy. In Paris, House and his disciples, John Foster and Allen Dulles, Christian

Herter, Walter Lippman, and others who would one day shape America's policies, dined together in the Majestic Hotel of an evening. House joined forces with Europeans of like

Table Group. Here the men who were to form a Common Market, to abolish trade barriers, while under the table they were preparing When the advantages of a Common Market had been sold they conceived a political utopia with its base in Brussels . David Bruce, a handsome young American, came under House's influence while a member of Wilson's staff. In World War II he was an OSS officer in Caserta, conducting operations in Yugoslavia under Milton Katz, who helped put Carter in the White House. While Tito was enjoying a truce with the Germans, Bruce and Katz joined Britain's agent in dropping General something else, got together .

ideas, including Jean Monnet, the Frenchman with connections in the London financial world known as "the city" and members of the Round

Common Market is accepting a far-reaching political commitment ." While David Bruce was helping Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman set up the innocuous structure which the plotters, at a given time, would turn into the European Union, Bruce's wartime boss, General ("Wild

Bill") Donovan, was running the AMERICAN COMMITTEE ON UNITED EUROPE, at 537 Fifth Avenue, New York . Schuman's sales booklets were pushed from Donovan's office . THE ATLANTIC UNION COMMITTEE, at the same address, ran the drive for American membership in Monnet's One-Worlder's movement and used William Clayton's

pamphlet : "WE MUST TRADE SOVEREIGNTY FOR FREEDOM." A more idiotic statement would be hard to find . conspirator from House's dinner table coterie, founded THE ATLANTIC COUNCIL in 1961 with Kissinger as one of the directors. When Norman Dodd investigated the foundations in Christian Herter, another adept

Mihailovich, whose war cry was "For God, King and Country", and Tito murdered him. The most important information defenders

of nationhood can have in the fight to come is furnished by Mrs . David Bruce in her diary: "A

great deal of the making of Europe was between Dean Acheson, Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman, who would meet in the American embassy in Paris when my husband was American ambassador there. It could have been done elsewhere, but it was done there and one could actually see the idea crystallizing. The talks went on daily and in the end they beat out what was really the original plan for the Common Market ." A lot of things are

1962 for the Reece Committee, the CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT FOR INTERNATIONAL PEACE blocked him in every way they could, but in one of their old files he found that they had conducted a study on the best way to change a nation . The conclusion reached by the peace organization was that the best way to change a nation was by a war. Presumably by defeat .

explained by this prattling. Walter Hallstein, the first President of the Commission of the Economic Community, as the Common Market was called, addressed

In his International Herald Tribune column of January 4, 1971, C .L . Sulzberger, of The New York Times and the Bilderbergers, wrote: "Every President since Truman has accepted

the Wilsonian Credo of peace without victory. Indeed a very interesting paper produced last


page -6Tribune, owned by the New York Times and the Washington Post, "For more than 70 years Americans have advised Europeans to establish a political federation on the U.S . model." As an afterthought he added: "The idea that federation makes you strong is not true if the units of the federation preserve

year by R.G . Shrefller and W.S . Bennett, of the Los Angeles Scientific Laboratory, states categorically : "Military victory, like concepts of unconditional surrender, has been recognized as obsolete since World War II ." One of the papers Wilson and House helped

draw up at Versailles states that until World War I, Conservatives and the military of British Intelligence worked for what was called "England's permanent interests." After World I

two forces were in conflict . A new group of bankers (the City) and internationalists sought to establish a new world order in which national interests ceased to exist. The military wanted to win the war. The new group reasoned a German victory would give Germany supremacy over England. French victory would make France Britain's rival on the continent. No winism was born as supporters of the "New World Order" saw that their interests were served by prolonging the war.

what was once known in the U.S . as State's rights ." What he means is sovereignty. As you can see, the conspiracy runs very deep . That is where we stand a month before the date set for the birth of a global nation in Nice ;

as half of America has no confidence in its new president or the White House; and as a war without borders looms following Israel's $309 million budget to build new settlements in the region the war is all about. A word on our libel suit . The going is rough and the cards are stacked against us . AMAZON is still pushing the book, The Secret

Generalissimo Foch knew he could have ended the war sooner, but not understanding conspiratorial reasoning, he thought his plans were sabotaged by civilians suffering from professional deformity. Carroll Quigley, who wrote TRAGEDY AND HOPE, would find himself vindicated today. "The aim of the

War In Shanghai, that Bernard Wasserstein wrote from raw and un-investigated reports

provided by Red China. Readers are invited to write their own reviews, but only favorable ones from ignorant readers or employees of AMAZON are published . The author is praised for his research, but he sought only

private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the

international bankers is nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in

material to support his thesis . No Russian or refugee Jew who worked for the Japanese is mentioned. He writes of the French baron assassinated for dealing with the Japanese, but is too ignorant of that era to realize that Chiang Kai-shek's famous intelligence chief, Tai Li, would have assassinated half the people

world as a whole," he wrote. "The systems to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by

secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences." (This was written in 1966 when David Rockefeller's Bilderberg meetings were already of concern).

In 1975 Marshall Shulman, the U.S . State Department's advisor on Soviet affairs, announced: "Detente implies a long term plan which calls for the cooperation of the United

he attacks in his book if they were guilty or not serving his purpose. Instead of sending me the book and an insolent card "With the

compliments of the author", he should have questioned me about the people he was

States and the Soviet Union in the installation of a world order." Four years later, on May 9, 1975, William Pfaff wrote in the International Herald

libeling . He took the precaution of waiting until they were dead . My photo of November, 1969, with Chiang Kai-shek, would have shown him he was being duped. We are going to continue fighting and hope our readers will support us .



there is only one way Americans, with their taboos and no-go areas in the press, can know At the end of year one and, hopefully, a campaign which all but the most committed were sick and tired of long before it was over, behind the scenes in the Clinton impeachment shocked him to his core. The cover jacket of his book carries the statement: "In SELLOUT you'll learn how Schippers unraveled a "criminals for Clinton" what is being said of them abroad and thought but not expressed at home . That is by getting quotes from an unmuzzled press. Still, neither Americans nor foreigners were given the story of the most blatant campaign rigging ever seen outside Africa, the Soviet bloc or a banana republic . Apparently Gore got the idea four years ago conspiracy involving immigrants hurriedly naturalized for Democratic votes - a program run from the office of Al Gore ." It is a book every American should have for the political education of his children . They will live to see the day when a Latino majority will vote

and Clinton gave it the master touch for this election . As contemptible politics it was better than anything the Chicago father of Gore's man, Daley, ever imagined. The first move was in `96, according to Dave Schippers, when Gore went to Clinton and suggested Latinos just before the election .

for the return of the part of America that was once Mexican. Gore's hand-on-his-heart call to recognize the sanctity of the polls, after stacking them with a million foreign speaking aliens in 1996

that they rush the naturalization of a million We quoted pages in our last report from THE SELLOUT, by David P. Schippers, the

should never be forgotten. The cancer he was planting in the body politic of America will form a nation within the nation and influence bad elections and policies for years to come . Mr. Schippers tells of the irregularities his men uncovered which agents

Chief investigative Counsel of the House Judiciary Committee in the Clinton Impeachment Trial. Mr. Schippers, a Chicago Democrat though he was, wrote that he thought he had seen everything - treachery,

Immigration and Naturalization Office (INS) had been ordered to ignore . He tells how on March 21, 1996, Elaine Kamarch sent an e-mail letter from the Vice-

of the

President's office to Douglas Farbrother, of the National Performance Review, who was helping remove the barriers to

double crosses, sellouts - but what he saw

Hilaire du Berrier, Correspondent / 20 Blvd . Princesse Charlotte, Monte Carlo, MONACO Leda P. Rutherford, Representative / P.O. Box 786 / St . George, Utah 84771 / FAX (435) 673-7638 / E-mail ledap@infowest.com 0 1989 Subscription Rate : $75 .00 per year Extra Copies: $1 .00 subscriber $7 .50 non-subscriber

NOV.-DEC. 2000

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naturalization . Things were not moving fast enough and Gore told Farbrother : "The President is sick of this and wants action . If nothing moves today we'll have to take some pretty drastic measures ." Farbrother replied: "I favor drastic measures ." If INS didn't give him what he wanted, and do it quickly, he said he would "call for heavy artillery." It was this rigging that gave America what she has just been through and the press was silent . Perhaps they thought it could not be undone and had the Republicans made an issue of it the Latinos would have been estranged for elections to come. For whatever reason it was, Clinton was able to carry the criminal naturalization of aliens still further and do it with impunity. European writers were shocked at Gore's determination to settle the Florida vote by lawyers until they reached a figure favorable to themselves, but the important swindle they completely missed . Cynical as they are of all things American they remained stuck in the illusion that American naturalization is in federal hands and decided by lottery. Gore's precaution, four years in advance, to load certain states with immigrants who would vote for him in the year 2000 was card-sharp genius . Clinton's cooperation was again a subject too hot to raise since illegally naturalized aliens could not be denaturalized . Even the Washington Times failed to mention it. Only Joseph Farah gave readers of his WorldNetDaily.com a picture of Clinton's unpardonable loading of the election for Gore . An eighteen-year-old girl from Guatemala who had filed papers but not been naturalized was surprised to receive a letter a few days before the election . Mr. Farah called it a "Dear friend" letter from Bill Clinton, paid for by the California Democratic Party. One can imagine the emotions of a young Guatemalan girl at being honored by a letter from the President of the United States, not realizing that it was a form letter, turned out by the hundreds of

thousands to make a Gore victory important to Latinos. On one side in Spanish, in case she couldn't understand the instructions, and on the other side in English, it told her: "While every election is important, the November 7th election will determine our future for the next decade and beyond. The stakes are high for America's Latino families. And California is the critical battleground ." "That's why I am writing. We need your help to elect a Democratic Congress." "Despite our strong economy, many hardworking people still struggle to make ends meet. Quality, affordable health care, a world class education, aging with dignity, and wellpaid jobs are part of the American dream-rather than an American reality-for too many people ." "Now that you are registered ... Can I count on you to vote Democratic on November 7th? Will you make an extra effort to elect Democrats to congress-and to your state legislature-by talking to your family, friends and neighbors?" "Remember : your vote is your voice . Su voz es su voco . Make your voice heard on election day." "Sincerely, President Bill Clinton." Below the letter a P.S. explained: "Here is your personal voter identification card . Sign your name, then detach your card. Bring your card with you to your polling place on election day. It will help your voting go more smoothly." Directions were explicit, so the girl would not have to ask for help at the polls. Mr. Farah emphasizes, "This card was sent to a previously unregistered voter. Only the U.S . government knows her age and pending residency status, and obviously her Latino background . How did this information wind up in the partisan political hands of the California Democratic Party? And what kind of impact will a mailing like this-obviously using a government data base for political purposes-have on the California legislative races?"

page -3All possible support should be given to reports like Mr. Farah's . "Stop the election!" he cried. He called it a "Voter fraud, pure and simple", and named those responsible: the President of the United States, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, possibly the census bureau and certainly the California Democratic Party. Speaking at a ground breaking ceremony for the new National Constitution Center, in Philadelphia, on September 17, Clinton stated before nearly a thousand invited guests that America needed a "diversity of citizens ." He praised the 75 new citizens present and repeated America's need of them "as the country adapts to a new fast-changing, globally connected world." The word "globally" should give pause to every citizen who places importance on the sovereignty of his country, though Strobe Talbot, Clinton's Assistant Secretary of State, is among those who believe that the day of sovereign nations is past . A man named David Bage (bage4@which .net, if you care to shake his hand) sat down at his desk in Sittingbourne, England, and watched the disgusting show in Florida . Mr. Bage wrote the editor of the London TIMES : "Sir, The most frightening aspect of the US election aftermath is that the leadership of the free world could be decided by a handful of people who do not have the sense to fill in a ballot paper correctly." He may have been right. THE TIMES of November 17 pointed out the most important aspect of the election : "The Vice-President was doggedly obsessed with winning." It added : "In the rest of Miami-Dade County under 3% of ballot slips were double-punched, while, in two dozen predominantly black areas, between 8 and 11 per cent were fouled, the highest rates in the area ." After gender, black votes were what Gore was after and he got 90% . The SUNDAY TIMES of November 12 told its worldwide readers: "Gore ran a campaign designed to

NOV.-DEC . 2000

bring out the black vote . He junked any pretense at his former moderate self and backed full-throated affirmative action, hatecrime laws and anything else the AfricanAmericans wanted . He acquiesced in the most manipulative ad campaign of the year - a television spot that graphically reconstructed the brutal dragging to death of a black man by three neo-Nazis . The ad all but accused George Bush of complicity in the crime ." Blacks and three Florida blocs were blamed for the votes that let lawyers make millions and threaten the fate of a nation . Grandmothers like 82-year-old Alice Levine were offended at being blamed by talk show hosts for punching the wrong holes in ballot papers . In reply to their demands to be heard, London's TIMES of November 18 quoted Mrs. Levine as saying "I worry that whatever the result, this election will be remembered as the one where old Jewish ladies like me messed up America. . . "Both sides made a frantic effort to court the 800,000 Jewish voters living in Florida as well as those living in Israel, and Mrs . Levine," according to the newspaper man, "said her sisters, who usually side with the Republicans, were going to switch sides for Joe Lieberman ." Continuing his special report on Florida's "Jewish grannies," the Times' man continued: "Spencer Eig, a Miami lawyer and a prominent Republican figure in the city, said : `If Gore had not picked Lieberman on his ticket he would not have had a shout of catching Governor Bush in this state and George W. would now be President.'" According to the London report : "A good number of Jewish Republicans changed sides because of Joe Lieberman. Orthodox Jews such as 45-year-old Abraham Berman, a store owner, is one of the defectors . He said : `Republicans are stronger on family issues that matter to us, like abortion and education, so the orthodox community usually sides with them. But I did switch because I think he will protect Israel better than anyone else.'"

NOV.-DEC. 2000

page -4times . If 174 out of 1000 students in one university admitted multiple voting, as THE TIMES reported on November 17, the number that knew how to vote more than once and did so without confessing or being questioned could

or blacks more favored treatment than Bush was patently nonsense . With the number of lobbies they command, every President since Roosevelt, with the possible exception of Ronald Reagan, has given both all the favors he could.

This could not be called a vote for America and any idea that Gore would give either Israel

form a bloc . This was only in one of America's thousands of universities and there is little possibility that such votes were cast for Bush .

No honest analysis of Gore's campaign can made be without recognizing that Gore's prattle about "the votes of all Americans" and his "representing all the people" was pure hypocrisy. There were no shouting, hateinspired blacks demonstrating on TV for Bush . The close-up of a well dressed, hard faced Florida woman holding a yardstick with a call for Gore votes attached was on magazines in battle-ax supporters, imagining there would be

After days of watching CNN broadcasts of the farce in Florida, the Belgian edition of the French weekly, LE POINT, discussed the hopes of both parties that overseas votes would help them . How voters without a lobby, which is to say America's service men, made out, we have

mentioned . Also how those eligible for two passports but with a single loyalty reacted when Lieberman joined the Gore teams . that this is another reason for Moslems around

almost every nation in Europe . These were the more old-age money in a Gore victory. Let us consider the way they marked their ballot . It is not the duty of a newsletter to tell readers what they can read in the newspapers, but the purpose of this issue to tell them what is being said abroad about the stature Gore will

No paper, as far as we know, has pointed out

the world to burn American flags . Questioned in Paris on the Palestine situation, Monsieur

Camille Cabana, President of the Arab World

give America and her first election by lawyers. One of their charges was that Republicans marked ballots before handing them to voters, thus it had other marks and when the machine

government can refuse to support the Palestinian cause ; none can accept the unacceptable . Israel cannot live indefinitely her." All this we have heard before . with the hostility of the countries surrounding

Institute, replied : "That land is a patchwork, a leopard's skin, without any coherence... No Arab

spotted them the ballot was rejected . On the other hand, over an unknown

number of overseas ballots were rejected and men who did not loathe the army lost their vote because stamp cancellations were not up to post-office standard .

Middle-East specialists not important enough to have a press spoke frankly of a tangible question . "Gore was a fool . Knowing nothing of Middle East thinking, he thought only of winning an election . Any fool can see

This obviously provided an opportunity for trickery in a hand-count but Gore replied on

Nov. 16 : "The choice is whether the voters are going to win this election by having every vote

he was planting a single thought in the minds of a million hotheads . All they would have to do is get Gore and America would have a

counted." No computer can establish how many false votes were accepted without a question in the Wisconsin 174 Marquette 1000 University students out of admitted they had voted at least twice and some up to four area where

Jewish President." The news centers of the world were Florida, where lawyers were fighting an

election, and Palestine, where an Intifada was raging, as November and December unfolded, but most of the countries in Europe saw the picture of a fresh faced girl carrying a "CRY BABY AL" poster in their morning papers .

page -5-

NOV.-DEC . 2000

Foreign opinion of American intelligence was not flattering . "What we have been seeing in America," Mr. Andrew Sullivan wrote in the SUNDAY TIMES of Nov. 26, "is only a smidgen less than an attempted legal coup . . .And I say `coup' because what has been going on is an attempt to snatch victory from the twice declared winner in a manner that violates almost every principle of common sense, constitutional law and due process . "Moreover, this was clearly a premeditated, conscious decision by Al Gore's campaign . Gore didn't blunder into this crisis . He planned for it, prepared for it and has been micromanaging every aspect of it from the beginning. ..The first inklings came in the early hours of election night, November 8, when William Daley, the Gore campaign manager, declared to the throngs in Nashville that : `This campaign goes on ."' "Can you imagine a party leader in Britain, after a cliff-hanger of a vote and a pending recount, saying that `the campaign' goes on? Campaigns are what happen before polling day. What happens afterwards is mere counting . .. Even as he (Daley) spoke, teams of Democratic lawyers, experts and spinners were being dispatched to Florida. The war was on." After listening with "increasing disbelief" to what he called "Gore's mouthpieces already spinning on television," Mr. Sullivan concluded: "So the strategy was clear. The Gore team would throw every legal challenge they could at every recount they could find. They would routinely invoke the phrase `will of the people' at every convenient moment . . .They knew the (Florida Supreme) court would be on their side - it is one of the most biased, liberal courts in the country .. It is in favor of affirmative action and it believes its role is to stop voters from having a free vote on the matter.. .This is what judicial tyranny is..." "So with this court behind them, Gore's aides hired every hot shot lawyer they could find and fought on. ..Then they tried the racial angle, declaring that black voters had been

intimidated from voting by police, election workers and even dogs . Forget the fact that black turnout was at record levels and that, as yet, no intimidation has been proved .. ." "This is a man who will do anything to win : trash the constitution, get his lawyers to peddle falsehoods in court, change counting rules in midstream, gerry-rig recounts to favor him, intimidate anyone who stands in his way. ..It is enough to make any fair minded person realize that Gore is a danger to the country and to the constitution . He is beginning to make Richard Nixon look magnanimous and Bill Clinton look honest ." The story covered half a page and ended before all the forces at Clinton's command were put on a search for dirt on Francis Harris . While this was going on the long expected war a divided America and disgusted allies will face was gaining force in Israel's occupied territory. It started on September 28 when Ariel Sharon, a leader of the hardline Orthodox Right, led an armed group to the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem's holiest site for both Moslems and Jews . The stone throwing that followed was the start of Intifada 2 . Some 200,000 settlers had been encouraged with cheap mortgages, subsidized schools and child care to set up villages in the occupied Gaza strip and West Bank. Stone throwing at the settlers and their guards brought helicopters and anti-tank missiles in reply and the fighting escalated. Clinton, desperate to be remembered as a peacemaker, set up a meeting in Paris and put pressure on Arafat and Ehud Barak to make them come . Arafat refused to sit down with Barak until the latter agreed to an international investigation into the cause of the violence that left scores of Palestinians dead and several hundred wounded. Barak refused to let any international organization make an inquiry. To assure his people, who were losing confidence in him, Arafat walked out . Madeleine Albright followed him, crying to the guards "Close the gates! close the gates!"

NOV.-DEC. 2000

page - 6half of the country favoring the return of Binyamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu's policy, if he is reelected, will be to seal off the Palestine area of the West Bank and Gaza and force the population into submission through a total economic blockade .

The day's negotiations ended with Arafat a prisoner in the house of a Jewish American ambassador. The ultimate insult . He would have returned the following day but battle-ax diplomacy had ruined the conference . By

October 6 the situation was worse . Thirtythree years had passed since the Six-Day War,

extremist Shas party called for Barak to throw in the army. Tear gas filled the interior of St . Anne's Church, the site of the birthplace of the Virgin Mary. The Arab world considered America and Israel as one, as a mob marched on the American embassy in Syria. Marchers in Qatar carried banners stating: "The United States and Israel are enemies of God ." A Moslem mufti in Bahrain called from the pulpit : "Jews

when Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza, as young Palestinians continued to vent their anger over the 70 who had been killed since the trouble started. Orthodox rabbis and the

He would also step up military operations and encourage the building of more settlements, though the ECONOMIST of November 26 reported that many of the setters are reluctantly accepting the fact that their settlements are preventing peace and may provoke war. As hopeless as things seem there is a peace movement in Israel . Neta Golan, a 27-year-old Israeli therapist sat on a wall as a

human shield while the Palestinians of Hares picked their olives .

Sam Kiley, the British writer, reported on November 22 that some Israelis have begun to question whether it is worth paying the cost of maintaining 200,000 settlers in their camps and new homes. Rabbi Moshe Hirsh, who came from New York 45 years ago and is Minister for Jewish affairs in the Palestinian National Assembly, supports Arafat's plan to declare an

must be killed wherever they are." This is the kind of war we have been predicting .

Daily the situation grows worse. On December 6 armored bulldozers began flattening homes in the Gaza Strip, driving out

inhabitants, crushing their livestock and obliterating hundreds of acres of citrus and palm trees on which they lived. Secular Jews in Btselem, the Israel human rights group, called on UN for an observer force and Near East watchers reported : "Any hope for peace is disappearing beneath the tracks of bulldozers ."

independent Palestine. So stood affairs in a volatile Near East as Gore's lawyer, David Boies, persuaded four members of the Florida Supreme Court to call for a recount of votes in three counties favorable to Gore . "The Presidency is the certain loser of the American election," THE TIMES of London, of December 11 editorialized.

as the land her husband's family had farmed for generations was turned into rubble . Their

A crying woman and her children watched

home was bulldozed because it was too near a road used by the settlers . The reason their home and their livelihood were destroyed was because with whom they sympathized but not connected had bombed a bus, killing two Jews and wounding five others . militants

On January 29 it will be a year since we received a book from Mr. Bernard Wasserstein and an insulting card with his compliments, We are still trying to push our libel suit without the vast amount of money it takes to sue for libel in Britain . We shall continue

Prime Minister Barak's resignation on December 10, as this report is finished, will send the country to the polls in 59 days with

trying and sooner or later we will find a way. If we get any interesting replies to our letters to law firms and legal journals we will print them for our readers .

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