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Top 10 TEFL Destinations

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The Top Ten TEFL Hotspots
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If you speak English and want to live and work abroad, youre in for a treat! In this e-Guide, youll find heaps of inspiration and information on the top ten TEFL hotspots around the world. So, with no further ado, lets get going!
Behind the Scenes First: Why TEFL?
Teaching English abroad is not only an incredible way to fund your travels around the world, its also a great way to make your mark overseas! English is the global language of business, politics and economics, so teaching English to your students will significantly improve their academic and professional opportunities in the many years to come. With millions of people eager to learn English, its time for you to find your dream TEFL destination and start your TEFL adventure abroad! So get yourself a drink, get a cushion to rest your bum on and start exploring the top ten TEFL destinations!

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Everything Youll Find in the e-Guide!

Over the valley and through the hills Weve searched high and low to find you the essentials on the most popular TEFL destinations around the world!
Some people are happy to travel abroad with zero information about their destination while others want the get whole enchilada when it comes to info! Well, this e-Guide is somewhere in between. Youll get a great overview of the topics to consider when choosing your TEFL destination but not so much that it will take you all year to read it!

Top Cities
With many TEFL destinations, you can usually pinpoint a few of the top cities where youll find the best jobs and highest pay. Opportunities can exist across the whole country, but this section mentions a few of the most popular cities for you to consider in your job search.

Destination Types & Weather

Youre only human! The climate and landscape are a fair concept to consider when relocating abroad. If you love hot summers and chilling out at the beach, youll need to know its there waiting for you!

Some destinations are worth travelling to just for the food! Travelling abroad is not only an eye opening experience its also a great chance to tickle your taste buds with incredible flavours and cuisines. So, enjoy the delights abroad and feel free to try chickens feet!

Training & Experience

What do you need? Every employer in every city in every country will be different so always keep that in mind! However, you can find a few rules of thumb to follow in these sections. Your best bet? Get top TEFL training to make sure you stand out in the crowd!

TEFL Here If
Simply put heres a fun breakdown of whether youd love living in this TEFL destination.

Education Required
Dont worry! Employers dont expect you to be a mathematician or some literary genius! The education requirements usually boil down to work visa requirements.

So, as always happy TEFLing!

Teaching Types & Opportunities

From teaching in schools to hosting private lessons, there are all sorts of TEFL opportunities abroad! While most TEFLers will go down the schools route, its very common to pick up work teaching English to business people while some have even taught in nunneries!

Money Matters
The currency, expected salaries and cost of living are always something to consider when planning your TEFL move. How else will you plan all your exciting weekend getaways!?

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If you want to TEFL in Spain, youre not alone! Spain is one of the most popular TEFL destinations around the world and there are incredible opportunities for you if youre ready to bask in the sun, enjoy some sangria & make Spain your new home away from home!
Training & Experience
Spain is one of the worlds top TEFL destinations and the competition for jobs is really high, which means youre unlikely to get work there unless you have a high level of TEFL training and some experience of teaching English learners. So if youre heart is set on sunny Spain, wed suggest our top of the range EDI CertTEFL.

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Spain might be in a crisis, but the TEFL industry is booming. Spanish people NEED to learn English to help them in the job market, parents are prepared to pay extra for their kids to have a good level of English because they need a high level to get into the best universities. The weather is gorgeous; blue skies for over 300 days a year. Barry O'Leary Read more...

Education Required
If youre an EU national, you can search for work in Spain the same way you would in your home country. If youre not an EU national, youll need a university degree in order to get your work visa. However, we highly recommend you conduct your own research for visa requirements.

Teaching Types & Opportunities

Many jobs in Spain require fluency in English, so the demand for native English TEFL teachers is huge! In fact, English language lessons are compulsory in all state schools and while positions are usually only offered to the more experienced TEFL teachers, pretty much every town and city has at least one Academia de Ingls that may employ less experienced teachers. TEFL jobs in Spain can be found in any number of different settings, from state schools and kindergartens to private tuition and language schools.

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Money Matters... Show Me the Euro!

Currency: Like most members of the EU, Spains official currency is the euro. Salary & Perks: Firstly, remember salaries & perks always vary! The average salary will vary from 700 1,000 per month, but this will depend on the type of school in which you teach. Accommodation is usually not included in your package. You can also earn extra cash doing private tutoring, where youll usually earn 10 - 25 an hour. Cost of Living: The cost of living will vary based on the part of Spain in which you live. In general, the cost of living is reasonable but definitely not cheap. You should expect prices similar to those in the Western world and make sure you avoid the tourist hot spots! If you do your research and know where to eat and hang out, you can have some significant euro savings!

Pick me! Pick me!

Destination Types & Weather
Each city has its own unique charm and offers lots of opportunity for people looking to teach English in Spain. Spain is not a place to grow rich and save, but if having a memorable time is more important to you than having loads of cash in the bank, Spain might be the perfect choice. Spanish weather can vary greatly from region to region. In the north youll find mild winters and summers, while the temperatures can be more extreme the further south you travel.

Top Cities
Madrid - Spains capital is probably the biggest market for TEFL jobs in the country. It is one of the largest cities in Europe, and as the capital, it is home to many of the countrys largest businesses and educational institutes. Barcelona - Perhaps Spains most feted city and capital of Catalunya, Barcelona is also one of the countrys top TEFL destinations. Theres a well developed TEFL job market in the city and the opportunities to teach English are largely varied. Everyone from language institutes and state schools through to businesses and private clients are looking to learn English from native speakers. Seville - Seville is the capital of the beautiful southern province of Andalusia. While it doesnt offer the sheer number of jobs available in Madrid and Barcelona, there is still a well developed TEFL job market and the cost of living is lower, so you can live comfortably on a TEFL teachers salary.

Tapas, sangria, paella Mmm! Spain offers you some incredible flavours in both food and drinks. The best way to sample a lot of different foods is to go for tapas with a glass of tinto (red wine)! This is your chance to have loads of different snacks, and it is usually served throughout the day. Food can range from meat delicacies, like roast lamb and beef, to seafood if youre living along the coast. Paella, one of the most popular foods from Spain, gives you a whole medley of rice, seasoning, vegetables and usually seafood or meat. Things to try: There are loads of incredible foods to try. Tortilla Espanola! Youve probably had eggs, potatoes and onions before but the Tortilla Espanola combines these tasty foods into one big omelette. Its not as adventurous as frog legs but for many newbies in Spain, it can be quite unusual but delicious. Bacalao con tomate is simply cold fish with a tomato sauce, a very popular and unique dish! Tinto verano is red wine with lemonade and is pretty hard to beat on a hot day (which is most days!)...

Not only am I learning more about Spanish people, getting under the skin of the culture and discovering what it is that makes them tick, but I'm also enhancing my career, my skills and building something more than simply a 24 hour-a-week TEFL career.
Will Peach

TEFL Here If...

You thrive in the warm weather and like a laid back lifestyle. Its also an incredible destination if you want to learn Spanish, as youll have the chance to practice all the time! So ready to get yourself TEFLing abroad? Check out internationally recognised TEFLcourses today!

Ooh la la! 80 million tourists visit France every year, so they must be doing something right. Get under the skin of this vast and complex country famous for its art, food and berets as you live and work as a TEFL teacher!
Training & Experience
A huge TEFL hub for teaching business English, most schools will want to see evidence of a high level of TEFL training. Your best bet for landing a job teaching English in France is to take a level 5 qualification like the EDI CertTEFL. It combines face to face teaching, online tuition and vital experience of teaching real English learners. If youre budget cant quite stretch that far check out our 120 Hour Online TEFL Course & the 140 Hour Combined TEFL Course.

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I am teaching in north-east France, in a city called Nancy. Fabulous place, where I moved after marrying a French woman ... of course! I did my TEFL course before leaving Australia in December 2007 and have completely enjoyed my change in career. In Australia I was a senior manager, with some background in training so, because my French is so bad, I realised that the only thing I could conceivably do was teach English. I love the interaction with the students, and the way they are so keen to learn English! Neil Powell


Education Required
A university degree is not required for a work visa, but it can help you find the best jobs. If youre an EU national, there are no special requirements but you do need to register with the authorities once you have found your job.

Teaching Types & Opportunities

As with much of Europe, French businesses are increasingly seeing English as a key skill for their employees. In fact, legislation states that French companies have to put aside at least 1.5% of their payroll to employee training. Many private language schools are solely concerned with teaching business English so a relevant business English certificate would be useful.

Vive la France!

Money Matters... Euro-nly Live Once!

Currency: Like most members of the EU, Frances official currency is the euro. Salary & Perks: Your monthly salary can vary from 1,200 - 1,600 per month, and a business qualification and/or experience can really boost this figure. If you want to do private tutoring, you can earn anywhere from 15 - 20 an hour. Cost of Living: In France, this really depends on where you are! If youre living in Paris, always try and go for the prix fixe menu, as they offer you better value for money. Anywhere else in the country, you can get a meal with some wine for about 20. As usual, beware of tourist hot spots, as restaurants will always be more expensive.

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Destination Types & Weather
The weather is ever changing in France depending on where you are. If youre in the north, pack a parka. If youre in the central regions of France, pack sunglasses, decent walking shoes and a decent coat for the colder months. If youre lucky enough to be in the south, pack your swimwear! Its club Mediterranean time! You could be city-based in elegant Paris, sipping coffees in cafes, or strolling through picturesque towns with the sun on your back overlooking vineyards... a tough choice to make!

Top Cities
Paris - Paris is many peoples dream TEFL job destination, and its not hard to see why. It is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet and the opportunities for teaching English in Paris are many and varied. As living costs can be high, youll struggle to save much money unless you land a well-paid job, but the experience of living and working in Paris will more than make up for it! Lyon - Lyon has a population of around half a million people and is regarded as one of Frances most important economic and business centres. As is often the case, economic success has brought a high demand for people with an understanding of teaching business English. Montpellier - The southern city of Montpellier is Frances fastest growing city of the last 25 years. This growth has led to an increased demand for TEFL teachers as the city attempts to become a major player in the European economy. There is a fast growing TEFL job market and it is a little less competitive than in other large French cities.

Tasting the foods of France is one of the other perks of living in this incredible destination (alongside the TEFL experience, of course). Youve probably already tried a croissant, pain au chocolat or a croque-monsieur but not in France! Things to try: Try every pastry available to you! There are far too many incredible foods to describe, but heres a quick list to get your mouth salivating: Tarte tartin (apple tart), soupe de fraises (boozy strawberry soup), chariot de fromage (a chariot of cheese!) and bouillabaisse (a fish stew). Should we bother mentioning escargot and les grenouilles... snails and frog legs of course!

After 16 years spent in England, I decided to go back to France in 2009. I felt like combining my English knowledge with a new career path. I am now an English teacher. I teach privately both students at all levels and adults. I am loving it! The i-to-i TEFL course gave me the confidence I needed.
Dominique Papineau

TEFL Here If...

You want to sample a new culture while having the comforts of a Western lifestyle. Just make sure youre motivated to get out there and TEFL to a high standard while make new friends in a bustling environment. So ready to get yourself TEFLing abroad? Check out internationally recognised TEFL courses today!

Mix a little sci-fi futurism with plenty of technological innovation, add a dash of traditional culture, throw in a generous helping of the most polite students youll meet... and you have the recipe for a perfect TEFL destination, also known as Japan!
Training & Experience
Theres a huge demand for English teachers in Japan, so the amount of training you require depends on your teaching experience and what you want out of your TEFL career. If you havent had any teaching experience before, youll need to get started with a pretty high level course. Something like our top-end EDI CertTEFL or the 140 Hour Combined TEFL Course would be ideal.

We love Japan

Japan literally does have everything... something for everyone. You can teach in the big cities and have western comforts. Up to date technology, gizmos and gadget, mixed with hidden shrines and temples. Paul Dixon Read more...

Education Required
With a degree and TEFL qualification, you should be able to find a TEFL job quite easily!

Teaching Types & Opportunities

Since the economic slump of the 90s, the Japanese economy has strengthened greatly. So the already-high demand for English teachers is increasing further. There is huge demand within private schools for business English teachers, and English teachers within state schools and kindergartens. There are also plenty of opportunities for private tutorials in public locations. In all, there are ample TEFL opportunities across plenty of locations across Japan.

ng i s i R e th f o d n La Sun...

Money Matters... Yen, Yen, Yen!

Currency: Japans currency is the yen. Salary & Perks: You can earn around 255,500 yen a month and some schools will offer subsidised housing too. With such a high demand, you can also explore private tutoring to earn some more cash on the side. Cost of Living: Japan has a reputation for being really expensive, but food, accommodation and transport can be a lot cheaper than parts of Western Europe, Australia and North America. Eating at local restaurants and shopping at cheap markets (100 Yen Shops) can really help your yen go a long way!

Rice is one of the most important ingredients in most Japanese foods, so if you dont like rice, good luck! Sushi (rice wrapped in seaweed), fried rice (a variety of stir fried vegetables and meat with rice), onigiri (rice balls wrapped in sea weed), domburi (a bowl of cooked rice with toppings like tempura) and kayu (a warm porridge) are popular ricebased dishes. Japan also offers you incredible marinated vegetables, meat dishes and seafood galore. Things to try: Weird and wonderful foods await you! Natto are fermented soybeans with a pungent smell, but these slimy beans are usually served with your breakfast of hot rice and sometimes a raw egg. Mozuku is a hairy, stringy type of seaweed and is very nutritious! Lastly shishamo! Its a skinny little fish jam-packed with crunchy eggs! You just have to rip the head off and eat everything inside of it!

Top Cities
Tokyo The capital city and the shining star of TEFL destinations! There are plenty of TEFL opportunities at the many language schools and institutes across the city. Many foreigners live and work in the Roppongi district, so its a good place to start looking for a job and a good place to rest your head. Kobe Kobe is regarded as Japans most attractive and cosmopolitan city, sat on a steep hill overlooking Osaka Bay. The rise in international businesses in this area means there is a constant demand for TEFL teachers with business English knowledge. Kyoto A Japanese urban jungle of types, what lies beneath modern Kyoto is ancient in heart and soul. With 17 World Heritage sites, over 1,000 temples and plenty of authentic Japanese cultural experiences, Kyoto satisfies all culture vultures!

Destination Types & Weather

Japanese winters are sunny and mild in the south with temperatures steadily getting colder and snow falling heavier the further north you go. Spring and autumn time are perfectly pleasant while summer varies from warm to extremely hot. Rainfall in Japan is fairly consistent throughout the year, with June and July as the main rainy seasons.

I worked with 8 different schools of elementary and junior high school grade and enjoyed the highs of spontaneous trips around the country, after school activities with students and making some of the most fantastic friends ever as well as the lows of trudging to work through hip high snow and sleet and getting lost in the mountains. Throw in a few festivals, some seriously good food and some close encounters with mountain monkeys and snakes and you have an entirely awe inspiring time from my life.

Carly Adams


TEFL Here If...

You are looking for true cultural immersion within intriguing traditions and customs. Consider that in smaller rural areas, English speakers can be hard to find, so you should be ready for an interesting and fun challenge! So ready to get yourself TEFLing abroad? Check out internationally recognised TEFLcourses today!

Given its full title, Bangkok has the longest place name in the world: Krung thep mahanakhon bovorn ratanakosin mahintharayutthaya mahadilok pop noparatratchathani burirom udomratchanivetmahasathan amornpiman avatarnsathit sakkathattiyavisnukarmprasit! Yep, try saying that after a few SangSoms!
Training & Experience
To tell you the truth, its possible to find a teaching job in Thailand without any TEFL qualification! But the question to ask yourself is Do you really want to go down that route? Probably not! Thailand is one of the most popular TEFL destinations and with that popularity comes fierce competition for the best jobs with the best pay in the most popular cities. You want to make sure you stand out in the crowd with a top qualification that shows commitment and dedication to TEFL. Additionally, without any TEFL training, what would you do during your first hour day or week in the classroom? So, check out these internationally recognised TEFL courses and choose the right one for you! Remember, you can request a free consultation with an advisor to learn more! Also, if the idea of a supported package appeals to you, check out our Thailand internship opportunities. With 24/7 in country support, monthly spending allowance and free accommodation, its a great way to start your TEFL journey.

off g n i w o h s T Miss her moves!

I love this country. It was the best place, I feel, for me to come as a new teacher and new to living abroad. The people truly are very friendly and there are plenty of Westerners here that you don't feel too overwhelmed by culture shock (although, I'm trying to escape that now!).
Jess Watson


Education Required
Rule number one a university degree is a must to get a work visa and legally teach English in Thailand. i-to-i strongly recommends you do not attempt to work in Thailand without the correct visa, as you can get yourself into some serious trouble. Sometimes there are teaching programmes for people without degrees, so do some research and dont make any brash decisions! If youre desperate to make the land of smiles your new home, you can also research voluntary TEFL opportunities in Thailand.

Teaching Types & Opportunities

Tourism is huge in Thailand, thats no surprise, so English teachers are always in demand because of it, good news for everyone! The English Language market in Thailand is well established and well organised. A well respected TEFL qualification will make finding a TEFL job a little easier and will set you up for the challenges ahead.


Money Matters... You Bet Your Baht!

Currency: The currency used in Thailand is the Thai baht. Salary & Perks: You can earn between 30,000 baht and 60,000 baht a month; however, this depends on the school, the city and your experience. You can also earn some extra cash through private tutoring and the doors are sure to swing wide open once youve started working at a school. Cost of Living: In a nutshell? The cost of living in Thailand is very cheap so your salary should go very far! A two course meal and a cold Singha beer shouldnt cost you more than 200 baht! Internal transport is also incredibly cheap making it quite easy for you to explore the country in your spare time. Remember, when it comes to day to day shopping, the ability to haggle is a HUGE bonus!

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Destination Types & Weather
Thailand puts the hu in humid! Humidity exists throughout the country, so come prepared for this by perhaps leaving your oven door open when cooking! Destination types vary from intense city-based locations in central Bangkok to a hut near the beach in Chumpon! Pack your sunglasses and baby wipes!

Top Cities
Bangkok A little obvious perhaps, but heres why Bangkok is a top city. There are thousands of language schools across the city, as well as TEFL jobs in universities, state schools and private business colleges. Bangkok is an amazing and crazy city to be based in, try it for a short-term contract and extend if you love it, which we bet you will. Chiang Mai Chiang Mais tourism industry is huge, and people come from all over Thailand to learn English and tap into this industry in hopes of a brighter future and higher income. Chiang Mai is stunning! Phuket THE place you think of when it comes to Thailands glorious beaches. A massive tourist destination, theres a real need for the locals to speak English in order to make the most of tourism in Phuket.. So, you should be in demand in Phuket! This is also a perfect location for a weekend beach break on a nearby deserted beach

Where do you begin with Thailand? A favourite cuisine in the West, Thai food is even more delicious in Thailand. Dont be afraid of the markets... Youll find the best foods there! If you love coconut milk, spices and incredibly rich flavours, youre in for a LOT of Thai treats. From tom yam kung (spicy prawn soup) to tom kha hai (chicken in coconut soup) to phanaeng (meat in coconut cream), get your appetite ready! Things to try: Its mind over matter! Kung ten is a very unique feasting experience as you eat mini fresh water shrimps, prepared with loads of spices and extras, while they are still alive! Another treat? How about takaten? Simply remove the wings, head and legs off this deep fried grasshopper before dipping it in soy sauce and bon appetit!

I did my TEFL with i-to-i, booked a flight and came out to Thailand to try my hand at teaching. No regrets at all, best thing I ever did!
Gareth Openshaw

TEFL Here If...

You see quality of life as more important than how much you earn. You need to be non-confrontational also in Thailand; its not a place for the hotheaded and impatient, as its important to be respectful of local culture. Dont TEFL here if you like pointing at things with your feet; that is an absolute no no in Thailand So ready to get yourself TEFLing abroad? Check out internationally recognised TEFLcourses today!



If the 20th Century was an American Century, then the 21st looks set to belong to China. But rather than making everyone else learn Chinese, theyve decided to learn English! Which is great news for TEFL teachers...
Training & Experience
A respectable TEFL qualification can go a long way! China is one of the biggest TEFL hotspots with a huge demand for English teachers but experience and training counts for a lot. If you want to get one of the best paid jobs, youll need top TEFL training and/or teaching experience. Remember, i-to-i TEFL offers you internationally recognised TEFL courses as well as internships in China to give you solid teaching experience!

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My experience in China so far has been one of the best and also one of the most interesting things that I have done. Chinese hospitality is second to none, in the school where I am currently teaching we live in a building with other teaching staff. We have home-made food brought to us, we get invited to their homes and have currently just came back from Sanming (South China) which is a home around 4 hours drive away teachers we live. where from
Laura Peters


Education Required
China can be a tricky one! To legally work in China, you require a university degree for work visa purposes. However, many programmes exist to enable non-degree holders to live and work in China. The Teach in China Internship is a great example as its open to people educated to the age of 18. You can learn more about the Teach in China Internship here.

Teaching Types & Opportunities

TEFL jobs in China can be found in a number of different settings, from state schools and kindergartens to one-to-one tuition and private language schools. The rise in demand for business English classes in particular is due to more employers taking advantage of the huge growth that the Chinese economy has seen in recent years. If you hope to work in universities, youll probably need a degree and a recognised TEFL course.


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Money Matters... Its Yuan Time!

Currency: In China, the official currency is the renminbi (RMB) and you will often hear the yuan referenced as well. Yuan refers to the actual currency units, such as dollars, pounds or euros. Salary & Perks: Like any job in any country, salaries will always vary, but heres a basic guideline for you. Private schools will generally pay higher (10,000 RMB) than government schools (about 8,500 RMB); additionally, salaries will always be higher in the bigger cities and for the more experienced teachers. Sometimes your employers will also offer you accommodation, flight reimbursements and bonuses! Cost of Living: The cost of living and your lifestyle choices go hand in hand! If youre not looking for a 29th story penthouse in the centre of Beijing, you should be fine! China can be a really cheap TEFL destination for the westerner, especially if you choose to live like a local, using local transport and going to incredible local restaurants. A bottle of water can cost less than 5RMB roughly 15 US cents!

Ni Hao!
Dishes vary between regions, but typically there is a great variety from restaurants to street stalls. Chinese food is traditionally based on opposites, which is a fundamental concept in Chinese philosophy. It is not unusual to find hot and cold food paired together along with pickled and fresh or spicy and mild food. Things to try: Skewered bugs, butterfly cocoons and rats from the night markets. Also, the thousand-year-old eggs are not for the faint-hearted! Coated in red earth, garden lime, salt, wood ash and tea, these eggs and stored in airtight containers for 100 days!

Top Cities
Beijing An obvious choice really. The capital city is home to around 22 million people with more people streaming in every day. It is one of the key centres for international business and the demand for TEFL teachers is high. It is a relatively easy place for Westerners to live in with a big expat community to help you settle in. Shanghai The city boasts the worlds largest cargo port and is considered to be the most important commercial center in mainland China. These factors, and also its status as a tourist destination, have fuelled a huge demand for English teachers - especially those with experience of, or certification in, teaching business English. Kunming The capital of Yunnan, Kunming is home to the headquarters of many of Yunnans biggest businesses, which creates a huge demand for English teachers. It is also regarded by many as one of the more pleasant Chinese cities to live in due to its location high in the mountains.

TEFL Here If...

You want to sample a new culture whilst having the relative safety of Western escape routes if things get intense. Youve got to be motivated to get out there and TEFL to a high standard and make new friends in a bustling environment. So ready to get yourself TEFLing abroad? Check out internationally recognised TEFLcourses today!

Destination Types & Weather

An umbrella some flip-flops a few bikinis a big parka stop throwing things in your bag! China is a massive country with a very diverse landscape, so the climate will change as you travel across the Yangtze River as well as during the year. With cold, dry winters and hot, humid summers, youre in for the best of both worlds!

It is so hard to believe that I have now been living and work1ing 2 in China for over a year....13 / has the ere Wh e! cis pre be to w no months plate all that time I sit and contem is with joy has happened in the last year it ms my and happiness.....this just confir ve thoughts that making this big mo ! was the best thing I've ever done
Kate Fennell


Incredibly beautiful, Poland is crammed full of stunning scenery, eager students and easy transport links to help you see more of the sights it has on offer... Plus the beer is still cheap! Bonus!
Training & Experience
A TEFL certificate is your ticket to Poland, as youll usually need a reputable qualification to obtain a work visa (even if you have an EU passport). With the demand for English teachers on the rise, its recommended that you get top TEFL training to really stand out in the market. Experience can be useful but is definitely not a requirement so dont worry! i-to-i TEFL does offer you Teach in Poland Internships depending on the time of year, so make sure you speak to a TEFL advisor to learn more! Just request a free call-me-back today. Due to the visa requirements and the high level of competition, youll probably need a top-end TEFL qualification like our EDI CertTEFL or the 140 Hour Combined TEFL Course to have a good chance of landing a decent teaching job in Poland.

t in Dine ou yle! t s h s i l o P

Having read one too many scathing posts on the internet, this came as something of a surprise. Poland, beautiful?! Huh?! But it really is! Over the past few weeks, I've visited several towns, each one built around a central 'Rynek' (main square), all of which are unfailingly beautiful. You find yourself gravitating back to them constantly. Briona Cable Read more...

Education Required
A university degree is required to obtain a work visa, so dont take this lightly. While programmes may exist for non-degree holders, the general rule is that a degree is necessary. As always, this is a guide so feel free to conduct your own research!

Teaching Types & Opportunities

With a population of almost 40 million, there is no shortage of people looking to learn English, and their reasons for learning are varied. With the economy previously working against Poland, there was a rush of Poles leaving to more prosperous countries. Now the tide is changing, more tourists are discovering Poland, so there is a demand for Poles to learn English to meet the needs and prospects that tourism provides!


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Money Matters... Zloty for Your Thoughts?

Currency: The currency in Poland is called the zloty Salary & Perks: Whilst TEFLing in Poland, you can expect to earn anything between 1,500 and 4,500zl per month, depending on your qualifications and any previous experience. A small amount of schools may provide you with an end-of-contract bonus, but this is not very common. Cost of Living: Depending on where you choose to base yourself, you can actually live very well on your salary! Shared accommodation situated within easy reach of city centres can be around 2,000zl per month which may even include bills.

Time to hit the markets!

Vegetarians and cabbage haters steer clear! Just kidding! While the diet in Poland relies fairly heavily on chicken, pork and cabbage to bulk up dishes like stews and soups, Polish food is hearty and nutritious... you cant go wrong with those words. Poles take a lot of pride in their food and festive meals, so it can sometimes take DAYS to prepare! Things to try: Warm your bones with a hearty bowl (seehearty, we cant stay away from the word!) of Borscht, a type of purple soup made of tomato and beetroot. Dont leave without trying babka cake, pickled cucumber, Sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) and Pierniki gingerbreads. Yum.

Top Cities
Krakw It almost goes without saying that Krakw is the premier destination for TEFLers in Poland. Rated as one of the most beautiful cities by many visitors, there are so many stunning buildings, its easy to lose count. Rynek Glowny is well worth spending a little extra on a hot drink and watching the world go by. Its tourist status ensures there is constant demand for TEFL teachers. Warsaw Living in Warsaw will feel like living on a movie set entitled Mediaeval Old Town and would be your chance to live in a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Royal Castle is the most prominent tourist attraction and stepping into the Market Square is like stepping back into the 13th century, although much of the town has been rebuilt having been demolished in the 1800s. Gdask Situated on the Baltic coast, Gdask is Polands fourth biggest city, full of Dutch style buildings after the World Wars. Gdask is a huge industrial centre for Poland, so there is need for teachers with business English knowledge and experience.

Destination Types & Weather

We cant say enough great things about Poland! The country has an unfair reputation when it comes to the weather, but the reality is so different. Yes, the winters are very cold, but this is typical in Europe, and Poland becomes even more beautiful in the snow! Plus, the snow means the slopes are even better for skiing!

I am loving teaching in Poland the students definitely make it worthwhile! The language barrier can be challenging, especially with the young children, but it makes it all the more exciting as each day is different and can be full of surprises!

Lisa Troy


TEFL Here If...

Youre ready to embrace the Eastern European lifestyle, you want to practice your skiing moves on the slopes and you love a hearty soup! So ready to get yourself TEFLing abroad? Check out internationally recognised TEFLcourses today!


South Korea
Having English language skills has become increasingly important for professional Koreans. Both wages and demand for TEFL teachers are high, so its a great choice, especially for first time teachers.
Training & Experience
There is such a high demand for English teachers in South Korea that Western tourists are often approached by locals to teach them privately! While those opportunities are great, youll need to get recognised training to get the best jobs at the best schools. And the competition is pretty fierce too, so youll need to get at least 120 hours of TEFL training with a recognised course provider. Of our courses, the EDI CertTEFL, the 120 Hour Online TEFL Course, and the 140 Hour Combined TEFL Course are probably your best bets.

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I'm an English teacher in Jeju! And I love it, which makes the wait completely worth it. I've climbed Halla Mountain, been to the Jeju Five Day Market, moved house, bought some warm clothes, explored the beaches, been to a Buddhist temple, climbed another mountain, had a party, drunk too much soju, visited a couple of museums and eaten a lot of good food! Elizabeth Taverner Read more...

Education Required
A university degree is essential to get a work visa and teach English in South Korea. As always, it is highly recommended that you take this seriously.

Teaching Types & Opportunities

It can sometimes seem that learning English is something of a national obsession. Early mornings in most major cities see a pre-rush-hour-rush-hour as students and business people head off for early morning lessons. Universities demand that all students pass an English proficiency test before offering them a place. And the school holidays see huge numbers of students signing up to join English classes at private language institutes. There are countless hagwans in Seoul, Busan and in pretty much any other city across the country. Youll need a university degree to get your working visa, and although there are employers who will hire untrained teachers, a recognised TEFL qualification will make finding work with a reputable school a lot easier.


Just a typical Friday night in South Korea

Money Matters... Youve Won!

Currency: The official currency of South Korea is the South Korean Won. Salary & Perks: Usually, you will earn 2,000,000 won per month on a 12 month contact. Sometimes return airfare, free accommodations and other extras will be included. You can always try and negotiate better wages depending on your experience. Cost of Living: South Korea is one of the few TEFL destinations where you can save some serious money as the cost of living is very low and the salaries are high. A really nice meal can cost as little as 5,000 won thats just US$4!

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Top Cities
Seoul Home to over 10 million people. It is South Koreas capital, and its most important centre for commerce and industry. The opportunities for teaching in Seoul are many and varied with language schools and institutes scattered across the country. Busan South Koreas second city. The number of TEFL jobs in the city is second only to Seoul, and due to its position on the coast it enjoys a more comfortable climate than many of the inland cities. Gwangju Sits amid stunning countryside in the agricultural region of Jeolla. It is also home to a number of thriving industries and universities. The opportunities for teaching English are wide and varied, including TEFL jobs in universities and language schools across the country.

Kimchi, Noodles, Banchan you name it! Korean food is most noted for its many side dishes accompanying a rice base. Foods to try: Haemultang a live seafood soup! In this dish, the raw seafood is cooked in a very hot soup as it is brought to the table and its quite delicious! Gejang is also another bit of raw seafood, as youll eat raw crab with a bit of seasoning on it.

Destination Types & Weather

Winters are pretty cold with occasional rain or snow. Summers are lovely and hot with the majority of annual rainfall occurring between late June-July the monsoon season. Spring is warm and runs from late Mar-May. Autumn from Sep-Nov is warm & the most pleasant time of the year.

This year has been the best of my life. I love Korea. I love the people. The culture, the mix of traditional and modern, the guys and the fashions, the food and mostly, my students.
Sophie Roberts

TEFL Here If...

Youre looking to not only fund your travels abroad but also save a bit of cash! South Korea is well known for offering TEFLers a more than decent wage, so its the perfect destination if money is one of your main TEFL motivations! So ready to get yourself TEFLing abroad? Check out internationally recognised TEFLcourses today!

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GOOOOOD MORNING VIETNAM! Its Asia Jim, but not as we know it.* From honking motorcycle horns on crazy intersections to chilling out in a hammock, Vietnam is known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and theyre still relatively unknown so get in there while you can!
*If you dont get the reference, get yourself watching an episode of Star Trek ASAP!

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Training & Experience

Vietnams tourism is fast catching up with its next-door neighbour, Thailand as more and more people are looking at Vietnam as their TEFL destination of choice. This is mainly due to the low living costs and the amazing variety of tourist hotspots to visit over the weekends. Getting ahead of the game with plenty of TEFL training, particularly bolting on specialist modules such as Teaching with Limited Resources and Teaching Large Classes. This will give you an idea of what teaching in a South East Asian classroom is like. Any previous experience will always help you get the best jobs but its absolutely not a necessity.

I really like teaching here in Vietnam and never having been out of Europe before, Hanoi is a hidden gem just begging to be explored. Briona Cable Read more...
Education Required
A degree is a requirement to get a work visa and teach in Vietnam. While theres a huge demand for teachers and many travellers on tourist visas get approached to teach privately, i-to-i does not condone this. You want to be really careful and make sure you follow the rules!

Teaching Types & Opportunities

Education in Vietnam is held in high esteem, and one that all in Vietnam strive to benefit from. The support of TEFL teachers is critical to continue providing the most basic of education to thousands of students who are now able to benefit from the free primary system. In Vietnam, education from age 6 to 11 is free (in theory), universally accessible and mandatory.


Ha Long Bay

Money Matters... Dong, Dong, Dong!

Currency: The local currency in Vietnam is the Vietnamese dong (VND) Bank notes come in denominations of 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000 and 500,000! Salary & Perks: You can expect to earn up to around 18,000,000 VND per month and many teachers take on additional classes out-of-hours for 315,000 VND to 525,000 VND an hour. Cost of Living: Salaries arent high, but neither is the cost of living, so youll earn enough to get by and have a fantastic experience at the same time. So, once youve taken into account the low montly cost for your apartment, youll still be able to get a nutritious breakfast of Pho Bo (Hanoi Beef Soup), hop on a bus to explore a new city and then finish off the adventure with a few glasses of Bia Hoi! In other words... your TEFL wages will stretch far!

What's for lunch?

Destination Types & Weather

Vietnam is a great destination throughout the year. The north has two seasons; wet with cool, damp winters between April and October; then dry hot summer weather between December and February. The south tends to be very humid and wet between May and November, and the humidity continues as the rain dries up between December and April.

Top Cities
Hanoi Hanoi has served as Vietnams capital for almost a thousand years and is a rapidly developing city. There is still a lot of evidence of its traditional charm too with plenty of pagodas and temples. There is a less hectic pace of life in Hanoi than Ho Chi Minh. Ho Chi Minh A bustling, dynamic and industrious centre, Ho Chi Minh is the largest city in the country. This is where Vietnam meets the Western world with big hotels, banks, neon lights and a whole lot of character. Despite this cosmopolitan image, you can still find a fantastic bowl of noodle soup at the side of the road for pennies or a gourmet meal still for a lot less than you would pay anywhere else. Hoi An On the coast of the South China Sea, Hoi An is home to around 130,000 people. Its a large tourist destination with a laid back vibe that entices backpackers of all kinds. Therefore, locals are always in need of English teachers to meet the demand tourism provides.

Vietnamese cuisine is delicious, with a great variety to choose from. There are said to be nearly 500 different traditional dishes that include exotic meats and fantastic vegetarian options - all at ridiculously low prices! The staple of Vietnamese cuisine is plain white rice served with vegetables, fish, meat, spices and sauces. Things to try: Pho is the Vietnamese name for noodle soup which is eaten at all times of the day and is especially popular at breakfast time. Also worth sampling is che, which is a cold, refreshing sweet drink made of sweetened black bean, green bean, mung bean or corn. This is served in a glass with ice and sweet coconut milk.

I have been in Hanoi for 4 weeks now. I am teaching in a nursery school part-time and teaching i-to-i with 3 students. The school is fun and hard work but more rewarding than I was expecting. Life here is very different but my income 200 a week is pretty good considering the cost of living. I found an apartment for 220 a month and have been doing some short trips.

TEFL Here If...

You like playing chicken while crossing the road! If you like a laid back lifestyle, like to haggle over goods and dont mind dressing in a modest way to fit in with the locals, Vietnam will be perfect for you! So ready to get yourself TEFLing abroad? Check out internationally recognised TEFLcourses today!

Sean Usher



Turkeys desire to join the European Union has led to a huge increase in the number of English learners, so you can TEFL in the many state schools and English language institutes springing up around the country.
Training & Experience
Turkey has become one of the Middle East/Europes top TEFL destinations with a high demand for English teachers in both state schools and language institutes. However, the level of professionalism in the TEFL industry has increased considerably in recent years, so its in your best interest to have at least 120 hours of recognised TEFL training. Any experience will always help you get the best jobs but its absolutely not a necessity. So, check out the EDI CertTEFL, the 120 Hour Online TEFL Course, and the 140 Hour Combined TEFL Course

ts n e d tu S r e Eag
Turkey is a marvellously rich country in many aspects. In addition to the history and cuisine, Turkey is a country full of natural beauty. With turquoise blue seas in quiet beaches to skiing in the winter and thick pine forests nature thrives! A truly unique gem in the Mediterranean, and the only country which sits on both Europe and Asia. A definite must visit! Naz

Education Required
A university degree is required to get your work visa. If you do not have a degree, some employers may request that you enter on a tourist visa and continue renewing it, but you should be cautious of these types of employers. As usual, i-to-i strongly recommends that you follow the rules and are very careful!

Teaching Types & Opportunities

After years of being a slightly Wild West TEFL destination, Turkey has become one of Europe/the Middle Easts (even the Turkish cant quite decide!) top destinations! While Turkey is home to more TEFL teachers from the UK and Ireland than from anywhere else in the world, there is no official bias towards these teachers and there are opportunities for both North Americans and Australasians. Over recent years the level of professionalism in the countrys TEFL job market has increased, and youll now struggle to find a decent TEFL job without a university degree and a TEFL certificate.

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Money Matters
Currency: The official currency of Turkey is called the Turkish lyra which can be abbreviated as TL, TRL or TRY Salary & Perks: You can expect to earn roughly 1,200TRY to 2,000TRY per month. You can also pick extra work on weekends and evenings to increase your income. Cost of Living: The cost of living in Turkey is quite low, so you can definitely live comfortably on an English teachers salary. A three course meal can be as inexpensive as 20TRY!

Teacher! How do I spell...

Need we say more than shish kebab? Pieces of lamb cooked over a charcoal stove mmm, stop that salivating! How about doner kebab? Another incredible lamb-based dish, where the lamb is cooked on a skewer parallel to a hot grill. Theres also Istanbul pilaf if youve had enough of lamb! Turkish cuisine (from your fresh dolmas to your rich baklava pastries) is absolutely delicious, so youre in for a lot of Turkish treats here! Foods to try: If you like the shish kebab, maybe youll be interested in trying kokorec, lamb intestines grilled over charcoal! You can wash it down with ayran, a cold yogurt based drink with just a pinch of salt!

Top Cities
Istanbul Often described as East Meets West, Istanbul gives you the chance to immerse yourself in different cultures as its the only city in the world to sit in two continents. Some might say this gives Istanbul a remarkable split personality when it comes to the TEFL world! Ankara Ankara is Turkeys capital and home to many of its key economic, educational and political institutions. Other than Istanbul, Ankara is Turkeys biggest TEFL job market and offers ample opportunity for foreign TEFL teachers. Izmir Izmir is home to Turkeys second largest port and is a major tourist destination with over 1million annual visitors. The city has lots of private language schools and offers plenty of opportunity to teach English.

Destination Types & Weather

Central Turkey has bitterly cold winters and hot summers, with very little yearly rainfall. Around the coastal regions however, winters are warmer and summers are very warm! Make the choice between packing your umbrella and your sunglasses depending on which region you find work.

TEFL Here If...

Youre looking for 12 month contracts, free accommodation and the potential to have your flight costs reimbursed! Yes please! So ready to get yourself TEFLing abroad? Check out internationally recognised TEFL courses today!

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I know! I know!


Samba samba! Brazilians have a strong family bond and families are traditionally large in size with many extended family members. Brazilians have a friendly, energetic nature and share an enthusiasm for celebrations!
Training & Experience
Brazil is definitely the dream TEFL destination for many travellers. While the demand for English teachers is high, TEFL training is really important in order to be competitive in the job market. There are many jobs for unqualified teachers; however, TEFL training will increase your opportunities and ensure youre prepared for life in the classroom. If you have teaching experience, a basic 20 Hour Classroom TEFL Course or 60 Hour Online TEFL Course can suffice. However, if you have little experience, youll want to specialise your skills on a top course, like the EDI CertTEFL or the 140 Hour Combined TEFL Course.

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I can honestly say that I have had some really interesting and unique experiences teaching in Brazil. Although I went to Brazil to teach what I found was that I was really the student not only learning about life in another culture but learning about myself, about my own strengths and weaknesses and about stretching my limits, taking myself out of my comfort zone and challenging myself. Hiten Bhatt

Education Required
You do not need to have a university degree to get a work visa for Brazil.

Teaching Types & Opportunities

Brazilian language schools can see hiring foreign nationals to teach English as an expensive option; however, that doesnt mean its impossible to find work. You can find opportunities teaching in language schools, teaching privately and teaching families. Your career in Brazil is what you make of it, so definitely start researching! Your first step? Chat to TEFLers in the Brazil group on Chalkboard to network and get advice..

On a lunch break!

Money Matters... Keep it Real!

Currency: The official currency of Brazil is called the real. Its sign is R$ and the abbreviation is BRL. The real is divided into 100 centavos. Salary & Perks: Salaries in Brazil can range from 1,500 real to 3,000 real. Youre likely to earn on the higher end if have experience and are teaching in the bigger cities. Cost of Living: The cost of living in Brazil is very low! For as little as 25 real, you can get a three course meal!

Making lifelong friends

There are plenty of different types of food ranging from meat and seafood to rice and beans, so get ready for some serious grubbing! Acaraje, a popular dish served in street markets, is a fried ball of shrimp, black-eyed peas and onions. Its definitely one to try when you get the chance! Feijoada is a very traditional stew with black beans and smoked meats and goes really well with a Caipirinha that is if youre a lover of rum! Last but not least is acai, a berrylike fruit that exists in the western world as a powder mix! In Brazil, you can find it on just about every corner! Foods to try: Fancy some shrimp on your pizza? How about Brazilian barbecue, known as churrasco, where chicken heart is on the menu?

Top Cities
Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro is Brazils top TEFL destination with a huge number of people taking English lessons in state schools and private language institutes. TEFL here between January and March to be on hand for the Rio Carnival! Sao Paolo Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, seat of the Brazilian Stock Exchange and home to the headquarters of over 60% of the countrys top international businesses. Its position as the countrys leading economic hub means there is a huge demand for TEFL teachers with Business English experience. Brasilia Brasilia is the countrys capital and home to all of the apparatus of government. It offers experienced TEFL teachers a wide variety of opportunities to teach English in language institutes and in the business sector.

Destination Types & Weather

Overall, Brazil has 5 major climatic regions; equatorial, tropical, semi-arid, highland tropical and subtropical. Though Brazil experiences mainly tropical conditions, the south has a more temperate climate even experiencing frosts and occasional snow falls during winter! Music is massive throughout Brazil and has many different styles of Latin music like the bossa nova and tropicalismo. However, its the funky beats of the Samba, Carnival sound, which is the beat behind the daily life of Brazilians.

Olinda is a beautiful town. That's what the name means. "Oh! Beautiful." My students were amused that my name was Linda, so every time they spoke to me they started by saying "Oh Linda." A joke that never got old and sent us all into big smiles. Linda Woodland

TEFL Here If...

You are not a wallflower and want to party hard and sleep later on in life! TEFL here if you want to see the worlds smallest bikinis and if you have a lifes a beach philosophy! Consider that Brazil rich/poor divide can be difficult to experience. So ready to get yourself TEFLing abroad? Check out internationally recognised TEFLcourses today!

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Things Weve Learned Along the Way

From Us to You!
Toilet paper Imodium A couple of memory cards Get those musthaves packed first! Okay, now that those are tucked away in your bags, here are some other helpful bits to help you with your TEFL travels.
With years of experience not only teaching abroad but sending thousands of TEFLers abroad too, weve selected the top ten tips for your TEFL-travels around the world  You dont need to speak another language! In fact, youll be a stronger teacher if you communicate in English and create vivid lessons using things from the real world, such as pictures and objects.  Stop packing your life! Never take more bags than the amount of limbs you have! It wont get you far on your travels and you wont have space to bring back everything you collect along the way!  Get insurance coverage. Travel insurance isnt the coolest, sexiest topic, but its a necessity! If anything goes wrong during your travels (from losing a bag to hurting yourself in a crazy game of dodge ball), you want to be covered. So, dont even think about travelling without it!

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 Learn how to cope with culture shock. Culture shock and homesickness are a natural part of travelling abroad. If you experience either, try talking to some of your fellow TEFLers first. Chances are theyve been through the same and can offer you comfort and support.  Be prepared for worst case toilet scenarios! A recurring topic when travelling, its always worth it to carry a little wash bag with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. While this really depends on where you travel, its a worthwhile tip for anywhere in the world even home!  Embrace cultural differences! Your experience will be more rewarding if you see cultural differences as a meaningful challenge and an opportunity to learn about where youre living. Remember, youre not there to criticise or change things!  Shhh stop talking so much! As a TEFL teacher, the less time you talk the better! You might feel you arent doing your job if you arent constantly lecturing, but students will benefit from practicing what they learn.  Dont worry your students wont be clueless. It is very, very rare that youll walk into a classroom filled with students who havent already learned some English. A couple of decades ago it could have been different but today most students have had some training.  Learn the local lingo! Take the time to try and learn the local lingo and catchphrases. It can be really fun and empowering to take on this challenge! If you want to test drive your new skills, try ordering food at a restaurant or even negotiating with a street vendor!  Try all the weird and wonderful foods! Dont start gagging and turning your nose up - well, you can sometimes! Trying exotic, new foods is part of the excitement so get involved!  Stay safe! Remember, youre in a foreign country and your street smarts may not be that tip top so be careful and always use good judgment!

Such enthusiastic students!

commute g n i n r o The m

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