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PURE PRO Specifications & User manual

Vortex is a professional manufacturer of advanced computer input device on the global market. Our product range comprises unique and standard keyboards which are primarily characterized by their high degree of flexibility and their extreme reliability, making the ideal option for professional applications. The !" tiny size keyboard is the perfect solution for limited spaces in situations. The combine key is an epoch#making designed. $lus arbitrary change the key code that you want. %n&oy now for this fantastic tool and your typing feeling.

Main Features:
'. ). 1. 6. 8. . .. (emovable !" keyboard with *+%(T, layout - . /ey0 2herry 34 key switch -5lack, 5lue, 5rown, (ed0 7ual layer $25 /ey cap material9 :5;-<V coating# 5acklit version only0$5T =%7 backlight -5acklit version only0 <;5 >nterface

Package Material
'. ). 1. /eyboard x ' <ser 3anual x ' <;5 2able x '

Technical Specification
Number of ke s:
<; :;2>> - . keys0 ? <; =ayout

<;5 -728V ####'!!m:0

)@.8 x '!.) x 1.Acm -/eyboard0

"#ailable la out:
<; <;:

'.8 meters -mini <;5 5 type0



%e s&itch life time:

2herry9 D8!!! actuations

)! keyboards E ' outer box

Programming !nstruction
'. ). 1. 6. 8. $ress $3ode-FC G (ight 2T(=0 to enter the programming mode -$C =%7 flashing0 $ress the key you want to program -$C =%7 on0 /ey in the programming content and then press $C -$C =%7 flashing again0 (epeat step ) and step 1 to program other keys $ress $3ode-FC G (ight 2T(=0 to exit programming mode -$C =%7 off0

;upport FC layer programming, you can select the FC combination key -e.g., FC G :0 to program it <nder ;%=%2T state -step '0, you can press $C G any key to view its content in a word processing software -e.g., Cotepad0 ;upport time delay, press '8ms key-FC G F0 each time to delay '8ms, press !.'s key-FC G H0 each time to delay !.'s, press !.8s key-FC G I0 each time to delay !.8s. 2onsecutive delay will add up but will only be counted as ' key stroke %very key can program up to '6 key strokes >f there is no key pressed for '8 sec in programming, it will exit to normal mode

Programming Usage
$ress $C G $rogrammed key, O( $ress Toggle-FCG(ight ;I>FT0 to light up right FC key first. Then press the programmed key directly. >f you press $C G $rogrammed key at this moment, it will output the original key code.

Programming E'amples
'. ). 1. 6. 8. . .. A. @. $rogram : as ')19 FC G (ight 2T(=, :, ', ), 1, $C 2ontinue to program FC G : as 68 9 FC G :, 6, 8, , $C 2ontinue to program 5 as 2T(= G 29 5, 2T(=-Cot release0, 2, (elease 2T(= and 2, $C 2ontinue to program 2 invoking 237 under +>C.9 +>C, 2, FC G H, 3, FC G H, 7, FC G I, %CT%(, $C Finish programming9 FC G (ight 2T(= >nvoking programmed :9 $C G : ?D Output ')1 >nvoking programmed FC G :9 $C G FCG : ?D Output 68 >nvoking programmed 29 $C G 2 ?D (unning 237.%4% ;witch to $C layer9 Toggle-FC G (ight ;I>FT0 ?D (ight FC =%7 on -'0 >nvoking programmed 59 5 ?D Outpu 2T(= G 2 -;ame as copy0 -)0 >nvoking programmed FC G :9 FCG : ?D Output 68 -Co need to press $C0 -10 >nvoking programmed 29 2?D (unning 237.%4% -60 >f you need to get the : back -Cow pressing : is ')109 $C G : ?D :

Restore to factor (efault

$ress and hold FC G (, Toggle =%7 is flashing after 1 sec. 2ontinue to hold FC G ( until the Toggle =%7 flashes for @ times will restore to factory default

FN )eneral ke s
' ) 1 6 8 . A @ ! #J ?G > $ KL MN 4 F' F) F1 F6 F8 F F. FA F@ F'! F'' F') >C; $rint ;creen ;croll =ock $ause :$$ $age <p $age 7own IO3% %C7



/ey code change

FN Multime(ia ke s
FC G , C 3 ,O ? 2alculator Volume 7own Volume <p 3ute

/ey code change

FN +ED $ontrol ke s
V FC G 2 5 ? 5acklit =%7 on -%xcept =eft FC, (ight FC and $C0 5acklit =%7 off (educe =%7 brightness >ncrease =%7 brightness

$ress the 'st time $ress the )nd time Totally . level of brightness, backlight status and brightness will be saved after power down

FN Programming $ontrol ke s
( (ight ;I>FT FC G * (estore to factory default ;witch to program layer ;witch to visible layer %nter $rogramming 3ode %xit $rogramming 3ode 7elay '8ms 7elay !.'s 7elay !.8s

Ceed to hold for ') sec $ress the 'st time -(ight FC on0 $ress the )nd time -(ight FC =%7 off0 $ress the 'st time -$C =%7 flashing0 $ress the )nd time -$C =%7 off0 Only valid in $rogramming 3ode

(ight 2T(= F H I

FN Special ke s
;I>FT key is down even when the ;I>FT key is released. $ress the ;I>FT key again will make the ;I>FT key up ;I>FT key returns to normal

$ress the 'st time -=eft FC =%7 on0


$ress the )nd time -=eft FC =%7 off0

D!P S&itch
ON OFF Remark

;+ ' ;+ ) ;+ 1

;+ 6

2:$ ? =eft FC 2:$ =%7 ? =eft FC =%7 =eft FC ? 2:$ =eft FC =%7 ? 2:$ =%7 (ight 2T(= ? Q R CE: +rite protect, try to press FCG( to program a key will cause $C =%7 flashing quickly for one sec and then returns to normal

2:$ ? 2:$ 2:$ =%7 ? 2:$ =%7 =eft FC ? =eft FC =eft FC =%7 ? =eft FC =%7 (ight 2T(= ? (ight 2T(= CE:

7efault ? OFF 7efault ? OFF 7efault ? OFF

7efault ? OFF

Keyboard Layout (Top view):