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Director of Clinical Training Experiences: Dr Charles A Inderjeeth, Director of Clinical Training Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and Osborne Park Hospital Program I have been Director of Clinical Training (DCT) at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (SCGH) since 2009 and Osborne Park Hospital Program (OPHP) since 2004. The main role is to provide mentorship, coordinate education programs and provide support and professional development for junior medical officers. Apart from the supportive function, it plays a pivotal role in conjunction with junior doctors in identifying barriers and concerns both professional and personal in their professional development. The position also liaises with medical administration and relevant heads of departments to indentify deficiency in junior medical officers support and in addressing any significant concerns with regards to the professional development of the individual JMO. At Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, the DCT works in a team of two DCTs, a Director of Post Graduate Education and a Director of Physician Training. At OPH, the DCT position is a stand alone position involved in JMO, Vocational (College of Physicians) and undergraduate students from University of Western Australia and Notre Dame University. The DCT plays a fundamental role in cooperation with other DCTs at both hospital sites as well as other hospitals to facilitate orientation at the primary hospital site and support on secondment to secondary and rural and remote hospitals. Apart from the opportunity at weekly education meetings, there are two dedicated contact sessions with individual JMOs each year to identify their current professional development and future professional development needs and any barriers. Individual JMOs also have the opportunity to contact the DCT that they are allocated to at any time to raise concerns or seek advice on any professional matter including professional development and future career direction. DCTs provide an important role in linking JMOs with special interest to a relevant enabling professional. The JMO in trouble is probably the most challenging component to the DCT role and requires patience, compassion and expertise in mentorship and support. Performance management is sometimes an important component of this. The counter side to this is the negotiation with hospital and administration to ensure that there are adequate clinical rotations, suitable support mechanisms during the rotations and provision for professional development programs, educational resources and professional development and recreational leave. The role of a DCT is both a rewarding and a challenging role. In the environment of more emphasis on professional development in combination with clinical services delivery, the DCT has taken on a more important role to ensure a smooth transition from JMO (pre-vocational to vocational training). Thank you

Dr Charles Inderjeeth Clinical Professor University of Western Australia DCT Osborne Park Hospital Program DCT Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
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