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Sri Amritsar.

[March 21
, 2014 - Friday 05:00 AM. IST]

8| H|m 8 H N mH v H|H H|H |HH| N HJ mN| |8H v9v
H M HU NJ |U v N H F| |N |H|U |J |HH U |U v7v
| v N |8U N| ||Hm mN| U H| v H N8|M |8NM |N W|
N8| v J| |HH HM|J H| | | v |8H J |H| |m |H |M
|H| v |8H H NU |J HH|J HH J| v7v

HN c 8 (HH 0 NHJ|) 79 H8, 7O90 (mN: ?O)

H8| |m|m :
H HH H|l U| 8F 8FU J Jl Hl U J |8 l UU J, J N! H|
H JN HJ U M M UU NU |JU J (Hl U J U|) K| (|mN) mN
Jl U H J| N HNU| 191 J N! (mJ U|!) HU HJ Jl H|,
lJ H, 8 m l HU H U |HH U H U| 8N| M 8|8m |J,
JF H HMN |N M |U! 171 (J H|!) (Hl U|) (| U) |H (Hl
U) J U| mN |8 '|Nm 1 HJ Jl H|, NU KF H, (H) |UN J
W N |8 |m J|Um H 1 |HH |HH N J| H HUH (JF |) H
|JU |8 UU N 1 |HH m l 88|Um, H | J M 1
M|Uml NU H J| JU, (H M|UN l) H HH (U| 8H|) J N HN
English Translation:
Creating the soul, the Lord places this creation in the womb of the
mother. With each and every breath, it meditates in remembrance
on the Lord, O Nanak; it is not consumed by the great fire. | | 1 ||
With its head down, and feet up, it dwells in that slimy place. O
Nanak, how could we forget the Master? Through His Name, we are
saved. || 2 | | PAUREE: From egg and sperm, you were conceived,
and placed in the fire of the womb. Head downwards, you abided
restlessly in that dark, dismal, terrible hell. Remembering the Lord
in meditation, you were not burnt; enshrine Him in your heart, mind
and body. In that treacherous place, He protected and preserved
you; do not forget Him, even for an instant. Forgetting God, you
shall never find peace; you shall forfeit your life, and depart. || 2 ||

Friday 8
Chayt (Samvat 546 Nanakshahi) 21
March, 2014 (Page: 706)