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!$ ME1403 COMPUTER INTEGRATED MANUFACTURING %"st &' ()est"&!s Part A ( 2 marks each ) 1* What are the activities of an engineering department of a company? +* What is the meaning of CIM? 3* What are the product re ated activities of a company? 4* !o" the CIM is differs from CAM? ,* #ist some CIM hard"are and CIM soft"are$ -* What do you mean understand the term% is ands of automation%? .* What is meant &y 'inventory contro % /* (ring out some &enefits of imp ementing a CIM system? 0* What is meant &y% MAP%? 10* )efine group techno ogy$ 11* #ist out the faci ity design ayouts using *$+$ 1+* )efine part fami y$ 13* #ist out the types of machine ce design$ 14* What are the &enefits of group techno ogy? 1,* #ist the advantages of ce u ar manufacturing$ 1-* What are the app ications of ro&ots in CIM environment? 1.* What is meant &y automated materia hand ing system? 1/* #ist the various coding system "ide y used *+ 10* What is the ro e of *+ in CIM environment? +0* What is the difference &et"een product ayout and process ayout? +1* Is CIM is a concept or a techno ogy? ++* #ist out various components of CIM$ +3* What is the main o&,ective of CIM? +4* )efine -)I$

+,* )efine CA).CAM$ +-* What is ce u ar manufacturing? +.* What is P/A? +/* #ist the various steps invo ved in P/A$ +0* What are the &asic approaches of CAPP? 30* What is CMP+? 31* What is MP0? 3+* #ist the source of input data to M1P and output of M1P 33* What is 0/C? 34* What is meant &y /)C0? 3,* )istinguish &et"een on ine and off ine data co ection system$ 3-* #ist out various data input techni2ues of /)C$ 3.* What is meant &y /M0? 3/* What are the components of /M0? 30* Mention different type of ayout in /M0$ 40* )ifference &et"een /M0 and /MC$ 41* #ist out the advantages of imp ementing /M0$ 4+* What do you mean &y CIM architecture3 CIM40A3P)M3 C0MA.C)? 43* )efine +opo ogy$ #ist different types of +opo ogy$ 44* What is communication net"ork? #ist its types$ 4,* What are the functions of net"ork management? 4-* What is MAP3 40Imode 3 +4P? 4.* What is data mode ing? 4/* What are data associations? 40* #ist some important features of )(M0$ ,0* C assify data mode s$

Part ( 1* -5p ain the is ands of automation and soft"are$ 3* )ifferentiate dedicated system from open system$ 4* -5p ain the ro e *$+$ in CA).CAM integration$ -* What is meant &y physica distri&ution? -5p ain its various activities? ( 6 marks) ( 6 marks) ( 6 marks) (6marks) +* )ra" the CIM "hee and e5p ain its different segments in re ation to CIM scope?

,* (rief y "rite a&out i)Composite part concept 7ii) 8ey machine concept$ (6marks) .* -5p ain "hy the *+ is important in achieving CA)7CAM integration? (6marks) /* -5p ain the changes in manufacturing and management scenes in the recent past that ed to the deve opment of CIM? 0* Why CIM? 10* )escri&e the product re ated activities of a company$ that$ 1+* )escri&e the different p ant operations$ 14* !o" is the 4PI+; c assification system used to group the parts? 1,* -5p ain the various steps invo ved in Production f o" ana ysis$ 1-* )escri&e the different types of faci ity design using *$+$ (6marks) (9: marks) (9: marks) (9: marks) (9: marks) (9: marks) (9: marks) (9: marks)

11* !o" the -ngineering function is divided into severa activities and discuss a&out

13* What is the ro e of &usiness and financia management of a Company? (9: marks)

1.* -5p ain the techno ogica frame "ork of process p anning &y using & ock diagram a so e5p ain "hy process p anning is important in achieving the integration of CA).CAM? 1/* -5p ain in detai the process p anning activities? 10* What is meant &y CAPP? #ist out the &enefit of CAPP system? +0* -5p ain in &rief of the fo o"ing$ a* 4pti< coding system$ 1* MIC#A00$ c* )C#A00$ 2* P/A$ +1* What is shop f oor contro $ And "hat are the functions of 0/C? -5p ain various phases of 0/C$ (9:marks) (9:marks) (6marks)

++* -5p ain &ar code techno ogy? +3* "hat is meant &y /M0 and ho" it differs from other manufacturing systems? +4* -5p ain various components of /M0? And ist out app ications3 advantages3 disadvantages of /M0$ +,* What is P)M? -5p ain its ro e in CIM imp ementation? +-* What is net"ork? And e5p ain various advantages of net"ork$ +.* Write short notes on #A=3 MA=3 and WA=$ +/* What is net"ork management? )iscuss various functions of it$ +0* -5p ain CIM40A mode "ith neat diagram? 30* -5p ain MAP and +4P? 31* -5p ain the features of data&ase management system and data&ase mode s$ 3+* What is +4P and ho" it differs from MAP? 33* What is )(M0 and e5p ain various components of )(M0? 34* What is meant &y open system interconnection? -5p ain &rief y seven ayers of I04.40I reference mode $ 3,* What are data mode s? -5p ain them$