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through Bertha Dudde 7358

Jesus' Ascension....

It is difficu t for !eo! e to "e ie#e $hat cannot "e !ro#en $hen it concerns !heno%ena $hich are outside the a$ of nature& $hich therefore can on ' "e ta(en on faith as true. )his a so inc udes *' ascension& the fina e#ent of *' !resence on earth& $hich tru ' too( ! ace against the a$ "ut cou d on ' "e $itnessed "' !erfect !eo! e. And these !erfect !eo! e $ere instructed to inc ude this infor%ation $hen the' to d other !eo! e of the +a #ation through *' death& of *' suffering and d'ing on the cross and *' resurrection.... ,ence *' disci! es a so s!o(e of *' ascension "ut the' $ere on ' "e ie#ed $here !eo! e& due to their faith& $ere a read' %ore s!iritua ' %inded and $ho $ere therefore a so a" e to believe $hat $as con#e'ed to the%. -or did the' dare dou"t the $itnesses of *' ascension "ecause the' fe t that these& *' $itnesses& $ere s!ea(ing the truth and !roc ai%ed the Gos!e to the% on orders fro% a"o#e. For this reason the faith in the Ascension of Jesus $as !reser#ed for a onger ti%e& it $as not as dou"ted as is the case no$& $here o#e has gro$n co d a%ong !eo! e and faith can a read' "e ca ed co%! ete ' dead. Besides& there are no credi" e $itnesses of this e#ent and !eo! e %ust unconditiona ' "e ie#e that $hat is (no$n to the% as tradition or fro% the Boo( of the Fathers is true .... But i#ing faith is %issing& for this can on ' "e a$a(ened "' a ife of o#e& so that a !erson's s!irit there"' $a(es u! and en ightens hi% and an eas' so ution to this !ro" e% is found& $hich can ne#er "e disco#ered $ithout an a$a(ened s!irit.

When I ascended to ,ea#en I $as surrounded "' s!iritua ' a$a(ened %en and $o%en $ith o#ing hearts $ho adhered to *e $ith ardent de#otion. And thus the' $ere a" e to o"ser#e a !rocess $hich $as entire ' natura "ecause *' earth ' "od' no onger e.isted& instead& I on ' ado!ted a co%! ete ' transfigured "od' in order to "e a" e to re%ain #isi" e to these !eo! e unti I eft the% to return to the (ingdo% $here I had co%e fro%. *' (ingdo% is !ure ight and o#e and cannot "e seen $ith !h'sica e'es& on ' the s!iritua e'e can "eho d it& /ust as e#er' !ure s!irit d$e s $ithin an ocean of ight and can a so on ' "e seen $ith s!iritua #ision. At the time of death a perfected soul takes on a garment of light and radiates fu of %agnificence and g or'& and $ere !eo! e a read' s!iritua ' !erfect then the' cou d a so occasiona ' see such a figure of ight $hen the sou ea#es its earth ' "od' "ehind after the co%! etion of its !h'sica ife and enters the (ingdo% of the "e'ond. For every soul making an effort to attain perfection on earth will already be spiritualised to a certain degree so that it can clothe itself with a radiant garment& it is /ust that on ' #er' fe$ !eo! e ha#e this gift of grace to "e a" e to s!iritua ' see $hen a sou ea#es its earth ' "od'. )his is $h' s!iritua ' dor%ant !eo! e cannot "e con#inced that after *' resurrection I 'ascended to ,ea#en....'& $hich $as a !rocess that on ' too( ! ace in a s! endour for the sa(e of *' disci! es& so that the' $ere a" e to co%! ' $ith their tas( $ith con#inced faith in *' !o$er and g or'& for the' $ere su!!osed to carr' the Gos!e throughout the $or d and %a(e *' resurrection and ascension (no$n to !eo! e.... )o $hat e.tent a !erson is a" e to "e ie#e in this de!ends entire ' on the strength of his o#e for *e and his fe o$ hu%an "eing.... 0#er'thing is rooted in the fu fi %ent of *' t$o co%%and%ents1 +u!re%e rea isation and a i#ing faith arise fro% the o#e for God and one's neigh"our& 'et $ithout fu fi ing these co%%and%ents it $i "e i%!ossi" e for 'ou hu%ans to "e ie#e $hat cannot "e !ro#en to 'ou due to 'our freedo% of $i .

But 'ou can consider 'ourse #es " essed if 'ou "e ie#e $ithout e#idence& for 'ou $i "e re$arded for such faith one da' if it $as the resu t of a se f ess ife of o#e.... Then you, too, will put on a radiant garment of light and not taste death, you will also 'ascend to Heaven....', you will be able to enter the kingdom of peace and beatitude and be permeated by brilliant light, because then you will dwell in light for all eternity.... A%en

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