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Development Support Communication 12:18 AM | By Qureshi


Development support communication is an activity aimed for purposive change in a society to improve socio economic condition. It is systematic use of art and science of human communication to persuade specific group of people to change their habits, lifestyle and thought pattern. The aim of development support communication is utilization of mass media and other available communication means for mobilization of a specific segment of society towards o particular change. The main communication of development support communication is the message production unlike normal communication in order to bring socio-economic change in the target society. Development support communication campaign Planning of campaign is very important it is a prime step in order to bring a new idea in the mind of the people of society What is campaign? Coordinated use of different educational and communication methods aimed at focusing attention of the target audience towards a particular problem, idea, practice, issue etc Kinds of campaign There are different kinds of campaign Political campaign, Charity campaign, sale campaign etc In general and broader they are divided into two main types 1. proactive campaign 2. reactive campaign a kind of campaign used in DSC is called self help campaign. It is intended to provide information and education to the target audience so that they can improve their lines Creating a plan for Development support communication campaign There are three stages to plan a campaign

Analysis stage Identification of objectives Formulation of campaign plan Stage 1 Analysis stage Careful analysis of following things is very important 1. Campaign title analysis You have to see that target people are aware of the topic How easy it is seen and describe? How bitterly it can be demonstrated? How much advantages it carry for target audience? 2. situation analysis One should be very much aware of the problem How severe is the problem or opportunity for target audience? What has created problem and opportunity? 3. audience analysis who is your target audience? Where they are located? How much do they know about idea? How much important do they consider idea? 4. analysis of sponsoring agencies why are different sponsoring agencies important in your campaign how much particular sources they can provide Stage 2 Identification of objectives Three types of objectives are worked out Specify amount and kind of change to be bring

Should clearly identify target audience Exact time period required for campaign Stage 3 Formulation of campaign plan 1. methods 2. formulate and schedule the activity 3. control How to evaluate DSC campaign? Evaluation is always made on observation and collection of evidence related to a set criteria Evaluation in DSC It is continues and systematic process of addressing the issue of the project for the community