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Applications of Instructional Technology Technology Integration Plan & Podcasts Spring 2013

Creating and Tracking a

Title of Lesson:

Personal Fitness unning Progra!

Grade Level:

11th"12th #rade

Subject: Stage 1: Desired Results

Physical $ducation

Standard: Content Standards: %CC#PS& P$'S()* Achie+es and !aintains a health"enhancing le+el of physical fitness( $le!ents* A( I!ple!ents a co!prehensi+e fitness plan and ad,usts +arious co!ponents of fitness necessary to !aintain a healthy le+el of fitness throughout life( -( .aintains or i!pro+es fitness le+el /y using the results of the national fitness assess!ent to guide changes in a personal progra! of physical acti+ity( C( 0ses technologies to assess1 enhance1 and !aintain health"related and skill"related fitness

'o2 to design and !odify fitness plans according to age1 gender and fitness le+el Participation in an e3ercise progra! !ust ha+e Fre4uency1 Intensity1 and Ti!e 2hich are all the co!ponents of the FIT concept( 5e+elop!ent of a fitness plan !ust in+ol+e all the health"related co!ponents6 cardio"respiratory endurance1 !uscle strength1 !uscular endurance and fle3i/ility( $3ercise has !any /enefits that 2ill lead to a lifeti!e of 2ellness -enefits of logging and tracking physical acti+ity in order to !aintain or increase one7s le+el of fitness( Ad+antages of and ho2 to use 2e/"/ased progra!s and8or !o/ile applications for tracking personal fitness data $!phasi9e 2ith others trying to /e physically acti+e and8or increase their le+el of fitness1 kno2ing 2hat it takes to carefully and properly plan1 e3ecute and !aintain an e3ercise progra!(

Students will know: :ey ter!s ; FIT Concept 'o2 to use a !o/ile app to /enefit physical fitness <hat is and ho2 to find pace 'o2 running is a lifeti!e physical acti+ity

Students will be able to: 5e!onstrate the kno2ledge and appropriate health"related aspects necessary to design a running8fitness progra! for self( .easure progress of their fitness goals /y tracking 2orkouts on Stra+a( $+aluate and !odify fitness progra! to !eet current personal health"related needs

!verarc"ing uestions:

To#ical uestions:

1( <hy is it i!portant to participate in daily physical acti+ity= 2( <hat are the /enefits of integrating technology into personal fitness plans= 3( 'o2 does the FIT concept apply to daily physical acti+ity=

1( <hat are the /enefits to planning and tracking a physical fitness plan= 2( <hat does it take to !aintain a healthy le+el of health"related fitness= 3( <hy is running such a popular for! of fitness=

Stage $ % Evidence

&erfor'ance Tasks: The goal of the lesson is to ha+e the students plan1 participate1 track and e+aluate a 3"2eek running progra! %for self& 2ith the assistance of a !o/ile application ; Stra+a un( The students7 role 2ill /e not only as the planner8e+aluator1 /ut as the participant as 2ell( Students 2ill plan out their 3"2eek running8fitness routine1 /ased on their o2n fitness le+el and concepts learned in this lesson( >nce planned1 students 2ill i!ple!ent their plan1 /y participating in the daily82eekly 2orkouts they7+e planned( Throughout the e3perience1 students 2ill log and !onitor their o2n 2orkouts through the use of the Stra+a un application %+ia a !o/ile de+ice&( The Stra+a un app 2ill not only help log 2orkouts1 /ut play a +ital role in the progra! e+aluation( $ach student 2ill design their progra! to !eet their o2n indi+idual needs( Participation is key1 so the use of the Stra+a un app 2ill ensure participation( <ith this lesson1 students 2ill* " " " " Indicate ho2 !any days and ho2 !uch ti!e 2ill /e spent acti+ely participating in running acti+ities1 /ased on their fitness pretest8planning( Acti+ely participate in running progra! $ffecti+ely use and !onitor daily acti+ities using the Stra+a un app( 0se an e+aluation of the 3"2eek progra! to deter!ine progra! for future fitness acti+ities(

!t"er Evidence: 1( Students 2ill participate in a pre"test fitness test %one"!ile run& to deter!ine fitness le+el 2( Students 2ill properly use Stra+a run on either o2n personal de+ice or school de+ice 3( Students 2ill do the podcast re+ie28e+aluation 2orksheet after +ie2ing /oth podcasts )( Participate in 3"? 2orkouts a 2eek ?( Su/!it 2eekly logs %3 total& of running 2orkouts to !onitor progress +ia Stra+a un @( Students 2ill co!pose a 2eekly reflection of their progra! and 2orkouts each 2eek %3 total&(

Stage (: &lanning Learning E)#eriences

*+ Classroo' Session 1( Introduce lesson title8topic 2( Introduce the essential 4uestions and the lesson perfor!ance task %designing and tracking a running progra!&( 3( Present i!portance of physical acti+ity and the popularity of running as Aa uni+ersal fitness acti+ityB )( Introduce the ARunning 101 podcast( Students are to +ie2 podcast on their o2n( ?( e+ie2 runners2orld(co!8training and sho2 so!e of the tools to help design a training progra!( @( 5iscuss the key ele!ents in designing a running progra! %FIT1 -aseline ; i(e( 1"!ile pretest& C( 5iscuss the use of technology in fitness1 specifically the #PS"ena/led application like Stra+a un D( Introduce the ACreating a Running Program podcast( Students are to +ie2 on their o2n( E( Students co!plete and su/!it the podcast re+ie28e+aluation 2orksheet( 10( Students 2ill all log on and create accounts for /oth 2e/"/ased and !o/ile application 11( $3plore the Stra+a application ; students can either do2nload the stra+a app on their personal !o/ile de+ice or use8check"out a school de+ice for the lesson( 12. Students 2ill use the online resource 222(runners2orld(co!8training to e3plore pace and the relationship in training 13( e+ie2 the !any features on 222(runners2orld(co!8trainging that can help create a running training progra!( 1)( >nce students ha+e e3plored the training resources on runners 2orld1 students 2ill /egin creating their o2n 2orkouts ,+ &artici#ation *ctivities 1( Students 2ill participate in the 1"!ile pre"test fitness test prior to class 2( >nce the running progra! is created1 students 2ill participate in schedule 2eekly8daily running acti+ities1 as prescri/ed 3( $ach 2orkout1 students 2ill use the Stra+a un app to log their ti!e8distance8pace( )( $ach 2eek1 for 3 2eeks1 students 2ill send acti+ity reports %+ia e!ail fro! Stra+a& to teacher ?( $ach 2eek1 students 2ill do a 2eekly reflection8e+aluation /ased on the attached 4uestions(

-ollow%u# *ctivities

1( Post"test Fitness Test ; one !ile run Follo2ing the 3"2eek running progra!1 students 2ill run the post"test one !ile run to gauge 2hether they decreased1 !aintained or i!pro+ed their cardio"+ascular fitness( This 2ill help deter!ine the effecti+eness of their running progra!( 2( Partner Assess!ent Follo2ing the 3"2eek progra!1 students 2ill share their %3& e+aluations 2ith a partner( The partner then 2ill then discuss* a&2hether they feel the progra! 2as effecti+e /&2hat he8she 2ill do differently c& opinion on partner7s o+erall fitness 3( Fe2 fitness progra! application Students 2ill take 2hat they7+e learned a/out their o2n personal health1 running ha/its and apply the FIT concept to de+ise a ne2 progra! /ased on indi+idual sport8fitness participation %cycling1 hiking1 s2i!!ing1 2eight lifting1 etc&(

Sa'#le Dail./0eekl. Running Log 1fro' Strava2: Students 2ill AshareB their running logs 2ith the teacher each 2eek through e!ail( This screen is 2hat is generated +ia e!ail to the teacher(

0eekl. Reflection/Evaluation


5irections* $ach 2eek1 ans2er the 4uestions in either paragraph for!at1 or short ans2er( 1( 5id you participate in all your 2eekly 2orkouts this 2eek=

2( <ere you a/le to co!plete the 2orkouts as descri/ed=

3( 5id your 2orkouts !eet your criteria /ased on the FIT concept=

)( 'o2 did you fell /efore8after your run=

Podcast e+ie28$+aluation <orksheet

Directions: After viewing both podcasts for this lesson, use this worksheet to help you get started and thinking about your running workout program. Answer the questions below as it applies to you:

1. Based on your 1 mile run !pretest" and personal fitness level, do you consider yourself to be a #beginner$, #novice$ or #e%pert$ runner& 'hy&

2. 'hat ( components of #)unning 1*1$ do you feel will be most important for your personal&

(. 'hat 2 components of #)unning 1*1$ do you feel will have the least affect, or be the least beneficial to you&

+. 'ill you be using your own personal device or checking out a school device to use the ,trava )un app&


'hat is your current feeling on running as a personal fitness tool or e%ercise&

.ersonal /itness )unning .rogram )ubric

13 &oint2 Program Design Evaluations Weekly logs Weekly 5id not su/!it any daily running logs

11%$ &oints2 Su/!itted 1"2 daily running logs each 2eek

1( &oints2 Su/!itted 3 daily logs each 2eek1 for all 3 2eeks of progra! eflections %3& sho2ed thought and e+aluation of indi+idual progra!



5id not reflect on 2eekly training

eflection sho2ed so!e thought1 and e+aluation of indi+idual progra!

Progra! has so!e re4uire!ents1 /ut does not !eet personal needs and does not include FIT concept Student participated in so!e 2orkouts Progra! takes into account FIT concept1 considers personal fitness le+el1 /ut !ay not ha+e proper progression( .eets !ost re4uire!ents of running progra! Students participated in all 2orkouts Progra! design fits the fitness le+el of student1 takes into account FIT1 concept sho2s progression and !eets all re4uire!ents of a running progra! Students participated in all 2orkouts and !et the the FIT concept 2ith each 2orkout


usage Technology Participation Program


Student used the Stra+a un app for so!e 2orkouts

Students setup and used app and 2e/"/ased progra! to aid runs

Students took ad+antage of app and 2e/"/ased progra! to /est aid 2orkouts


Gour Total Score 81?

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