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Pre-Intermediate B Entrance Test

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Exercise " Irregular past tenses &ere are ten verbs. Five are regular and five are irregular. 'rite in the (ast Simple and (ast (articiple for the irregular verbs onl .

Exercise 1 Tenses and Verb Forms

In the following newspaper article put the verb in brackets into the correct tense or verb form. Sometimes ou will also have to decide whether the verb is active or passive. Example: I asked John to do (do) the shopping but he hasnt done (not do) it yet.

Past /imple
appear bring feel forget

Past Parti$iple

!"##$ %rt Stolen

Paintings by Monet, Rembrandt and Degas (a) _____________ (steal) from the Boston Museum !esterday afternoon t"o thie#es "earing poli$e uniforms arri#ed at the museum and as%ed the guard (b) _________ (sho") them all the paintings by Monet &hey said that they ($) _____________ (re$ei#e) a telephone $all at the poli$e station that morning telling them that the paintings "ere in danger &he guard immediately let them (d)

invent know live speak start use

Exercise ) Used to or the (ast Simple


_______ (see) the paintings &he thie#es told him (e) _________ (turn off) the alarm system and then suddenly they made him (f) __________ (lie) on the ground and they tied his arms and legs &hey "or%ed #ery 'ui$%ly and $arefully and "hen they (g) _______________ ($olle$t) the best paintings they (h)______________ (lea#e) the museum 'uietly and $almly through the front door &he dire$tor of the museum, (aren )aas, said: *+ ne" alarm system (i) ____________ already _________ (put) in ,-m sure the poli$e "ill find the thie#es and our paintings, but they thin% it might (.) ______ (ta%e) a long time -

Pre-Intermediate B Entrance Test

/ 10

In the sentences below* sometimes +,T& used to %-. the (ast Simple are correct* but not alwa s. /ross out 0like this1 an incorrect used to. Example: He used to live/lived with his parents in Leeds. He used to have/had his first guitar when he was six. a +ndy went to/used to go to Bradford 0rammar /$hool in 1234 b )e didnt play/didnt use to play football for the s$hool $ )e went/used to go to a pop festi#al in 1251 d )e played/used to play in a band $alled &he 6or"ards e ,n 1257 he had/used to have a number one re$ord total /5
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Exercise 2 /hoosing the correct sentence

Exercise 4 Second /onditional and might

In the following pairs of sentences onl one is correct. Tick 081 the correct one. a b $ d e , sa" her fi#e minutes ago ,-#e seen her fi#e minutes ago 9e are here sin$e last /aturday 9e-#e been here sin$e last /aturday )o" long ha#e you %no"n 9endy: )o" long ha#e you been %no"ing 9endy: 9e ha#en-t made $offee yet 9e didn-t ma%e $offee yet )e is "aiting to see the do$tor sin$e nine o-$lo$% )e has been "aiting to see the do$tor sin$e nine o-$lo$% total
Exercise 3 (resent (erfect /ontinuous

5ead the text about 6ane. Then complete the sentences below.
Janes unhappy at home and unhappy at work !he has a "oring #o" and she doesnt earn much money $er "oss says that perhaps he will gi%e her a pay rise ne&t month' "ut he isnt sure yet !he doesnt ha%e a car and she goes to work on crowded "uses e%ery day !he doesnt ha%e a (lat' she li%es in a small room a"o%e a noisy restaurant in the centre o( town !he (inds it di((icult to sleep "ecause the restaurant doesnt close until midnight !he thinks that perhaps she will go and li%e with her (riend )endy "ut she isnt sure yet "ecause she likes li%ing on her own


Example: Jane wouldnt be unhappy if she lived in a #uiet flat. a ;ane _____________ happier if she __________ a more interesting .ob b $ )er boss might _____________________ ,f she _____________ a $ar, she _____________ to "or% by bus d ,f she ______________ li#e abo#e a restaurant, she ____________ it easier to sleep e /he might _______________ her friend 9endy

+s% 'uestions to find out How long . . Example: *,-m learning English!How long have you been learning "nglish a b $ d e *,-m "aiting for a bus ________________________________: *&om-s sa#ing up to buy a boat________________________________: *,-m ha#ing dri#ing lessons ________________________________: *+li$e is "or%ing in the library _________________________________: *&he 0reens are trying to sell their house _________________________________: total /5



Pre-Intermediate B Entrance Test


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Exercise 7 5eported Statements and 8uestions

(ut the following sentences into reported speech. Example9 *&hey li#e in <xford- she said $he said (that) they lived in %xford.
a *Do you often #isit your aunt:- she as%ed him

Exercise ; ,pposites 'rite each ad<ective in a box next to its opposite. =uiet generous pleased modern beautiful

/he as%ed him b *, #isit her e#ery /unday,- he said

)e said that $ *, too% her some flo"ers for her birthday,- he said

ugl anno ed nois mean old total /5

)e said that d *9hat did you do at the "ee%end:- he as%ed her

)e as%ed her e *,-#e forgotten,- she said

/he said that

Exercise : %dverbs


(ut one of the adverbs from the box into each gap. too a b $ d e exa$tly only e#en espe$ially
1 2 3 /10 /5 /5 4 5 6 /5 /5 /5 7 8 9
markers initials

,-m hungry , ___________ had a pie$e of toast this morning , li%e the ,mpressionists, __________ Monet ,t is ___________ three fifty=fi#e and t"enty se$onds Paul plays the guitar and sings _________ E#eryone li%ed the $urry , $oo%ed, _____________ Mal$olm, "ho usually hates hot food total /5

>3 >3 >3

total / 50 = Student to be admitted to level:

Pre-Intermediate B Entrance Test

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