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Find a job ad - Job analysis o Tasks and duties o Responsibilities o Roles - Job Specification o Knowledge, Skills, abilities o Education,

below you will find some general instructions for how to prepare your first assignment (due March 21!). 1) Make a selection of interesting job ads from newspapers/journals/websites and inspect them. Pick the most appropriate one - you will use it for writting all three individual assignments. If it is originally not in English, please translate it first. 2) Do the analysis and write it down. The text should include but is not limited to: a description of an ideal candidate based on the ad including her/his competencies, values, personality etc (this will also define the key audience for the video clip), a description of key characteristics of the job that is being advertised, a list of key characteristics of the organization that posted the ad such as its corporate culture, employer brand image, organization's employee value proposition etc. 3) Append the selected ad / posting to the assignment (will not count in the wordcount!) 4) Submit your assignment through the Turn it in system (deadline is announced through the system). You will need to sign up and enroll into the class (the Clas ID is: 7724396; the class enrollement password is: mcerneeng)

Labatt Job Analysis

Through my chosen job posting, Labatt is looking for an ideal candidate to fill a spot in their trade marketing internship program throughout the summer. The overall objective of this role is to increase the incentives for retailers to offer your product by providing them with ways to increase their own sales to consumers (i.e. free trial, point-of-purchase displays, events etc.); this often results in increased sales for both parties involved. The position requires candidates fill two separate roles, the first requiring them to complete regular and realistic day-to-day tasks as an assistant to their superiors and the second asking them to act as a consultant and complete two specialized projects assigned to their role. With relation to day-to-day tasks, the job requires interns to work with external suppliers to determine their demands, and then communicate these demands to internal company sales teams and external below the line agencies in order to execute on them. In regards to the additional specialized projects assigned, interns are asked to complete two separate process improvement, and trade activation innovation projects to be presented to Labatt executives at the end of their term. The combination of fluid day-to-day tasks and structured summer long projects requires interns to display creativity, strong time management skills, problem solving, and flexibility. The ideal candidate for this position has to fit within the Labatt company culture, and must possess the skills necessary to complete tasks in a timely fashion. They must have experience in the marketing industry, and must also be currently enrolled in a university degree program. Candidates must value a fast paced, rapidly changing work environment, where expectations are high and results are demanded. They must be a competent team player, who has the confidence and skills to step up into a leadership role. They must have an incredibly driven and creative personality, an entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the willingness to take risks and accountability for the results of their actions. Finally, in a company like Labatt, where they are striving to differentiate themselves in such a highly saturated market, employees must bring innovation to the projects that they work on, and be poised under pressure as they consistently focus on delivering innovation ahead of competitors. Labatt presents itself to candidates as an incredibly goal-oriented, success driven company searching for sustainable growth on a daily basis. They consider themselves to be one of the biggest and best breweries in the world and aspire to build off of this reputation and scale to become the best in the world. They strongly believe in the philosophy that external growth comes as a result of consistent internal employee growth. As such, they push employees to new limits by challenging them and encouraging creativity, providing a sense of ownership and in turn an entrepreneurial spirit. Labatt also believes that their main driver of success is our dream, our people, our culture, and these three things prove to potential employees that they are team oriented, supportive and focused. They also increase their appeal to candidates because of their willingness to teach and invest in their talent through the form of workshops and leadership programs. Labatt is a company that allows for endless vertical growth, and additionally due to their international presence, they allow employees to expand globally and diversify their experiences.

Highly aspirational, sustainable growth, success driven, goal oriented, company built off of scale, well- respected, Must enjoy the beer industry Young, outgoing and positive attitude Experience in marketing background or equivalent Currently enrolled in a university degree program Needs to be able to excel in a team first environment High Sense of Urgency Experience in working in a cross functional setting THINKS BIG always pushing the limits to think differently Drive to deliver actions within aligned timelines Act like an owner Drive to reduce complexity in daily operations Ability to deliver results in a fast paced work environment

including deep dive analysis, market test and presentation of recommendations for full implementation

Marketing experience, entrepreneurial, driven, focused, team-player, hard working,

Description of key characteristics of the job: Tasks and duties Responsibilities Roles Key characteristics of the organization Corporate culture Employer brand image Organizations employee value proposition