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World of Lucid Dreaming 100 GREAT IDEAS FOR LUCID DREAMS
World of Lucid Dreaming 100 GREAT IDEAS FOR LUCID DREAMS

Welcome! Thanks for downloading 100 Great Ideas for Lucid Dreams.

My name is Rebecca Turner, I’m the author of this free download and of the website www.World-of- You can share this with your friends and family, or offer it on your own website
in its entirety, so that others may explore the amazing reality of lucid dreaming. You may even want
to print this list out and cross off each lucid dream scenario as you do it!

If you’re new to lucid dreaming...

If you’re new to this concept, know that lucid dreams are nothing like normal dreams. They occur
when the conscious brain wakes up inside a dream (usually when you realize it’s all illogical).

Suddenly, everything around you becomes crystal clear and the world you now inhabit is just as
authentic as waking life. With your senses fully activated, you can control the dreamscape and feel
as if you truly have entered a virtual reality world.

With practice, you can have exhilarating

lucid dreams on demand and open your
eyes to new possibilities in the dynamic
universe around you.

If you have never experienced a lucid dream

and would like to know how – see the
resources section at the end of this list.
Now, without further ado, here are my top
100 ideas for lucid dream control.
World of Lucid Dreaming 100 GREAT IDEAS FOR LUCID DREAMS

1. Fly up to cloud level and observe the world below.

2. Dive underwater and breathe normally – without oxygen!

3. Run super fast through fields and

towns until you reach the sea.

4. Walk through a mirror and emerge in

a different dimension.

5. Go to a restaurant and eat the most

extravagant thing on the menu.

6. Stand in your back garden and look

up at the night sky.

7. Morph yourself into a tiny atom.

8. Experience bullet-time and warp The Matrix like Neo.

9. Communicate with your subconscious in the form of a psychiatrist.

10. Shout out to the dream “show me something brilliant!”

11. Travel back in time and see how the pyramids were built.

12. Soar over great mountains and valleys like an eagle.

13. Journey to the centre of the Earth and explore the unknown inner core.

14. Obtain super powers like The X-Men.

15. Meet up with your favourite celebrities.

16. Perform real magic in front of a live audience.

17. Fly over New York City at night and merge

through buildings.

18. Bungee jump off of Golden Gate Bridge.

19. Ask your dream “at what level will the NASDAQ close tomorrow?”

20. Travel back in time and meet yourself as a child or teenager.
World of Lucid Dreaming 100 GREAT IDEAS FOR LUCID DREAMS

21. Travel forward in time to see where you’ll be in 20 years.

22. Induce an out of body experience and

explore the astral plane.

23. Take your brand new Ferrari out for a spin.

24. Run at super speed through the desert till

you reach Las Vegas.

25. Teleport to any place in the world by closing

your eyes and spinning.

26. Walk through walls and observe the interior

as you pass through.

27. Fly up into the night sky and keep going till you reach the moon.

28. Float in space and make your physical body disappear before entering hyperspace.

29. Zoom to the edge of the universe in seconds and see what’s there.

30. Summon non-human entities and have them show you their dimension.

31. Shape shift into a shark and explore a tropical coral reef.

32. Go to a tranquil garden and meet up with spirit guides.

33. Meet up with your future self and ask them about your development goals.

34. Paint the sunset in the sky by breathing

color into the atmosphere.

35. Swap perspectives with your dog and

experience the life of Fido.

36. Become the owner of your own fully-staffed

tropical island.

37. Ride a superbike around a rollercoaster


38. Have a heart-to-heart with a higher powered being from another dimension.
World of Lucid Dreaming 100 GREAT IDEAS FOR LUCID DREAMS

39. Gallop on a white stallion through

the New Zealand landscapes of Lord
of The Rings.

40. Compete in the Olympic games.

41. See your cat grow into a friendly

Siberian tiger who follows you to
the shops.

42. Fly a jetpack through a canyon,

chasing an enemy spy plane.

43. Win the golden ticket and take the tour of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

44. Leap and bound over the metropolis skyscraper rooftops on a dazzling sunny day.

45. Be a genius contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – you get every question right.

46. Direct and supervise the construction of your own personal castle or palace.

47. Walk down the street in an Iron Man armoured suit, destroying what you will.

48. Gain the ability to see music as you hear it.

49. Become a 50-foot tall giant, walking through the streets

of New York.

50. Become invisible and go play tricks on your friends.

51. Become the world’s greatest guitarist, play a sold out

concert at Madison Square Gardens.

52. Gain the ability to telepathically talk to all people... and


53. Make the best hamburger ever created, and eat it.

54. Peaceful aliens have made first contact with earth, and
you are sent to meet them first.

55. Your ancestor of the same age has just woken up from cryogenic sleep since the 15th
century, be their guide of all the new technology.
World of Lucid Dreaming 100 GREAT IDEAS FOR LUCID DREAMS

56. You fall into cryogenic sleep until the year 2500 – and your descendant of the same age is
showing you all their new technology.

57. Spend a day as a guest of the Simpsons family – dream in full cartoon!

58. You learn by whistling a certain note, you can control other people’s actions like a puppet.

59. Become a tiny ant and experience the world from its perspective.

60. Point your finger like a magic wand to move, create and delete objects in your dreamscape.

61. Become incorporeal and go hang-gliding over the Jurassic Park island.

62. Go back in time and observe the life of Jesus.

63. Practice your public speaking

abilities in front of a packed

64. Try astral projection and discover

other dimensions and entities.

65. Re-enact your favourite movie,

playing the central character and
allowing the plot to change course
naturally for completely different

66. Become a master ninja, gliding silently among rooftops to spy on an enemy agent.

67. Drive a super-powered battle tank down the freeway.

68. Discover the absolute perfect cup of tea. People are amazed when they try it, and come
from all over the world to have a cup.

69. You are a silver gibbon, swinging through the shimmering treetops with ease and grace.

70. Gravity does not affect you. Walk up your bedroom wall and onto the ceiling... then wake up
your partner and watch their reaction.

71. You are a world champion boxer – step in the ring against your boss, your nosey neighbours,
or even George W Bush.

72. You have a magic snowboard which travels across land, water, air and even uphill.
World of Lucid Dreaming 100 GREAT IDEAS FOR LUCID DREAMS

73. Assume a spirit form and possess other people’s bodies to see things in their perspective.
Solve real-life problems or just have fun a la Being John Malcovich.

74. Practice playing a musical instrument or play music by hopping along the horizon, hearing
every note with crystal clarity in your mind.

75. You drink a love potion that makes

you the most attractive person in
the world.

76. Play a relaxing round of golf with

Tiger Woods on the world’s most
exotic golf course.

77. Witness a children’s story about a

monkey in the forest, which is a
predictive metaphor for everything
that will happen the next day in real

78. You win one billion dollars and go on a spending spree.

79. You are a great psychic detective, employed by the Miami Police to solve murders.

80. At a scenic lake holiday, you find telekinetic powers of shaping and manipulating water –
create some majestic water sculptures or invent a new water sport!

81. You can jump 50 metres into the air, and fall infinite distance without hurting yourself.

82. You are captured by aliens and placed in a universal zoo on a distant planet. Escape!

83. Ask your dream a question about the future

– the winning lotto numbers, where you lost
your purse, or what to name your next child.

84. Summon up a wise dream character and ask

them ‘what is reality?’ until you get an
answer that blows your mind.

85. Develop your powers of telekinesis with

increasingly bigger objects, starting with a
pen and building up to an elephant!

86. Enter your favourite first-person video game and experience it in full 3D reality.
World of Lucid Dreaming 100 GREAT IDEAS FOR LUCID DREAMS

87. Create your own solar system with planets and intelligent life.

88. Practice martial arts and reinforce your procedural memory for each move.

89. Give yourself superhero powers and travel at super speeds round the planet, diving into
deep blue oceans and flying to the top of great mountains.

90. Slide through a portal to another universe and explore parallel worlds.

91. Ask your dream to take you to the nearest planet with intelligent life – and open a window
of communication with them that you can access whenever you want.

92. Practice dream healing and overcome your

physical limitations.

93. Practice distance healing on others you care

about or want to send positive energy.

94. Speak with your inner self as another character

and ask what it is you truly want from life.

95. Discuss unresolved conflicts or misconceptions

that are holding you back, and free yourself
from those negative restraints. The answers
come from a much deeper place.

96. Agree with your subconscious that you will no longer suffer from these issues in reality, and
can go about life with a clearer, more positive attitude.

97. Enter Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, and witness its existence during the last 4 billion years.

98. Speed up time and watch what the universe has in store for Gaia for the next 4 billion years.

99. Create every detail of your ultimate ‘happy place’ where you can go at any time, during
waking life, dreams and meditation.

100. Vow to your subconscious to consistently recognize when you are dreaming, to
experience longer lucid dreams and draw on the immense creative power within.
World of Lucid Dreaming 100 GREAT IDEAS FOR LUCID DREAMS

Lucid Dreaming Resources

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that will help you become conscious in your dreams ASAP! Remember, anyone can learn to have
conscious dreams with enough patience and determination.

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