Helping Your Self Or Your Child To Become Telepathic!!

by Gary Mahatmas Muhammad and Afiya Muhammad!

One of the strangest things in this world, is the power that some people demonstrate in communicating mentally with others who are attuned to the same mental and vibratory wavelengths. To understand this power, one must have a knowledge of more than physical energies, for the energy which makes telepathy possible is so subtle that it's difficult for the physical instruments of "this world" to measure it. According to the dictionary, telepathy is the sympathetic affection from one mind by the thought, feeling or emotions of another at a distance without communications through the ordinary channels of sensation. These ordinary channels of sensation are as follows: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Now which brings me to the sixth sense(channel of sensation) called telepathy. This sixth sense can be described as perception between two people through the cerebral

path. When we speak of telepathic communications, we must recognize that man has two aspects of mind; the objective and the subjective.

All communications must take place between subjective mind, whatever part may or may not be taken by objective mind. Communication may take place at any time during sleep or when awake. Examples of telepathy are common occurrences in every day life even though we do not consciously recognize them as such. For example, you write a friend who is writing you at the same time, and upon the same subject. Your letters are received at the same time, and you find that in each one has answered the questions of the other. Again, you call on a friend who you have not met for sometime, and when you meet the friend, he says I have been thinking of you all morning. Your concentrated thoughts, along with the calling on the friend reached him when for some reason his subjective mind was relaxed and a connection was successful. I would like to stress to you all, you cannot receive a message unless you are in a relaxed mental state or send one without serious concentration. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us that it’s a lot easier to receive a message than it is to send one. He also said when one is trying to reach you, you will hear the ringing of a bell in your inner ear and upon receiving this ringing sound, to get somewhere quiet. These conditions are very vital to allow the mind to enter into this subjective or objective state . Now I would like to offer the exact words of Elijah Muhammad on this point taken from his "Theology of Time" lecture series. Elijah said "I will tell you. God has told me how this is done. It comes to your ears just like the bell in your telephone. It starts ringing in your ears, but you can't pick up on who's on the line. If you do have that ear ringing, that's me or somebody else trying to get in touch with you. I'm not trying to make you think that I'm a great scientist who can pick up and tune in on you at will, God didn't raise me up to do that. I go so far as He lets me go. Regardless to the nature, the organs of nature are there to use for such purpose. David says in his Psalms, God had opened his ears that he may hear - you have it there in Psalms and I think maybe God will bless me with the same someday when it pleases Him. I don't think David was any better than I." Now here is a simple technique which will help you or your child to relax and prepare the mind for the following telepathic exercise. How To Properly Perform Deep Belly Breathing * Have yourself or the child sit in a comfortable position. You can instruct your child to just sit in a position that feels good to them * Have yourself or the child close their eyes, and place their hands on their stomach * Have yourself or the child close their mouth, and then slowly and gently breathe through the nose * Then have yourself or the child inhale through the nose to the count of eight, count out loud to the number 8 as they do this. Depending on their age, the child can count to eight in their head. * After inhaling to the count of eight, have yourself or the child hold it in to the count of two. Again you can count to the number two as your child holds it in, or the child can count to two in their head. * Then have yourself or the child slowly breathe out through the mouth with the teeth shut forcing the breath through the teeth. After you or the your child completes this type of breathing exercise, you all will feel more relaxed. This type of breathing exercise also allows for the child to be able to focus better. This helps them to enter into the next phase of this exercise. The more harmony that exists between the mental state of the sender and the receiver, the better the results that are obtained. Harmony then is the first requisite for mental communication. To obtain this mental harmony, several methods may be used. The easiest being for both operator and subject to concentrate or meditate on singular object or thought for several minutes before attempting to send a message. There should be absolute quiet for the most perfect result to be obtained. Before attempting to send any messages, both should practice meditation on some simple object comparing notes as to the similarity of thought arising from the meditation. Then one should place themselves in a

subjective state, that is relax his body and mind setting out as many as possible impressions received through the medium of the five senses. For this reason, it is best to conduct the experiment in a darkened room. The one who is to receive should make an attempt to make his mind blank, moving his consciousness to the pineal gland, and holding it there, then relax. The following picture is an example of what you should do.

The one who is sending must prepare themselves in the same way. he'd go that way. Think over that. Yes. Imagine a hollow tube beginning at the pituitary and extending to the individual you are sending the message to and view for the image to pass through the tube into the mind of the other party. If they said they'd go this way. In closing I would like to offer another quote of Elijah Muhammad before his departure to be exulted before the Throne of Allah. accepting that his consciousness should be centered on the objective mind center. concentrate on nothing but that wheel or that brother. He could tell if whether the Jews would be planning to come to him. cube or square. triangle. in sending a message. You could do it yourself if you would take time. and within the tube to the receiving mind. experiments can be made in sending messages. in it or visualize a simple object or diagram such as a pencil. He'd bear me witness quickly. and tell us what we're thinking.. but you'd never known it. We're a pretty smart people. It is not that we're such people that we have to wait to see everything happen before we know what's going to happen. after a while. We would not be Gods if we did not know what was going on around us among other than God. and maybe you'll hear the motors going in the wheel. checking the time and the accuracy." ~ servants of Allah Bro Gary Mahatmas Muhammad & Sister Afiya Muhammad . There is nothing strange about a few scientists. The experimenters should alternate sending and receiving. clear your mind and then go get into someplace where no one is around you. you'll hear what that brother is saying yourself. Now they have one out of every 100 over there who could tune in on us over here. Sensing the image directly above and between the eyes. A record should be kept of all objects sent or received. The pituitary gland. mule. "Jesus was a scientist and he could tune in on you and I and tell what we are thinking. After the ability to send simple forms have been gained.Any image or thought which comes to the mind should be recorded as soon as the experiment is over. that this is true. He said these words of the much disputed and some what Mystical figure named Jesus. one or two may be in here. Each separate word being visualized as written in the mind. the operation is the same as the proceeding except that the message to be sent should be formed word by word in the mind. He knew what the Jews were thinking about and knew what they were planning. He'd tuned up on them and listen to them. That's why they never could catch him.

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