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1. lntroduction ...1-7
1. Dofnton. 2. Sub-dvsons of 1hoory of Muchnos.
3. lundumontu Unts. 4. Dorvod Unts. 5. Systoms
of Unts. 6. C.C.S. Unts. 7. l.P.S. Unts.
8. M.K.S. Unts 9. lntornutonu Systom of Unts (S.l.
Unts). 10. Motro. 11. Kogrum. 12. Socond.
13. Prosontuton of Unts und thor Vuuos.
14. Ruos for S.l. Unts. 15. lorco. 16. Rosutunt
lorco. 17. Scuurs und Voctors. 18. Roprosontuton
of Voctor uunttos. 19. Addton of Voctors.
20. Subtructon of Voctors.
2. Kinematics of Motion ...8-23
1. lntroducton. 2. Puno Moton. 3. Roctnour
Moton. 4. Curvnour Moton. 5. Lnour Dspucomont.
6. Lnour Voocty. 7. Lnour Accooruton. 8. Lquutons
of Lnour Moton. 9. Cruphcu Roprosontuton of
Dspucomont wth rospoct to 1mo. 10. Cruphcu
Roprosontuton of Voocty wth rospoct to 1mo.
11. Cruphcu Roprosontuton of Accooruton wth
rospoct to 1mo. 12. Anguur Dspucomont.
13. Roprosontuton of Anguur Dspucomont by u
Voctor. 14. Anguur Voocty. 15. Anguur Accooruton
16. Lquutons of Anguur Moton. 17. Routon botwoon
Lnour Moton und Anguur Moton. 18. Routon
botwoon Lnour und Anguur uunttos of Moton.
19. Accooruton of u Purtco uong u Crcuur Puth.
3. Kinetics of Motion ...24-71
1. lntroducton. 2. Nowton's Luws of Moton.
3. Muss und Woght. 4. Momontum. 5. lorco.
6. Absouto und Cruvtutonu Unts of lorco.
7. Momont of u lorco. 8. Coupo. 9. Contrpotu und
Contrfugu lorco. 10. Muss Momont of lnortu.
11. Anguur Momontum or Momont of Momontum.
12. 1orquo. 13. Work. 14. Powor. 15. Lnorgy.
16. Prncpo of Consorvuton of Lnorgy. 17. lmpuso
und lmpusvo lorco. 18. Prncpo of Consorvuton
of Momontum. 19. Lnorgy Lost by lrcton Cutch
Durng Lngugomont. 20. 1orquo Roqurod to Accooruto
u Courod Systom. 21. Coson of 1wo odos.
22. Coson of lnoustc odos. 23. Coson of
Lustc odos. 24. Loss of Knotc Lnorgy Durng
Lustc lmpuct.
4. SimpIe Harmonic Motion ... 72-93
1. lntroducton. 2. Voocty und Accooruton of u
Purtco Movng wth Smpo Hurmonc Moton.
3. Dfforontu Lquuton of Smpo Hurmonc Moton.
4. 1orms Usod n Smpo Hurmonc Moton.
5. Smpo Ponduum. 6. Luws of Smpo Ponduum.
7. Cosoy-cood Hocu Sprng. 8. Compound
Ponduum. 9. Contro of Porcusson. 10. fur
Susponson. 11. 1rfur Susponson (1orsonu
S. SimpIe Mecbanisms ...94-118
1. lntroducton. 2. Knomutc Lnk or Lomont.
3. 1ypos of Lnks. 4. Structuro. 5. Dfforonco otwoon
u Muchno und u Structuro. 6. Knomutc Pur.
7. 1ypos of Construnod Motons. 8. Cussfcuton
of Knomutc Purs. 9. Knomutc Chun. 10. 1ypos of
onts n u Chun. 11. Mochunsm. 12. Numbor of
Dogroos of lroodom for Puno Mochunsms.
13. Appcuton of Kutzbuch Crtoron to Puno
Mochunsms. 14. Crubor's Crtoron for Puno
Mochunsms. 15. lnvorson of Mochunsm. 16. 1ypos
of Knomutc Chuns. 17. lour ur Chun or uudrc
Cyco Chun. 18. lnvorsons of lour ur Chun.
19. Sngo Sdor Crunk Chun. 20. lnvorsons of
Sngo Sdor Crunk Chun. 21. Doubo Sdor Crunk
Chun. 22. lnvorsons of Doubo Sdor Crunk Chun.
6. VeIocity in Mecbanisms ...119-142
(lnstantaneous Centre Metbod)
1. lntroducton. 2. Spuco und ody Controdos.
3. Mothods for Dotormnng tho Voocty of u Pont
on u Lnk. 4. Voocty of u Pont on u Lnk by
lnstuntunoous Contro Mothod. 5. Proportos of tho
lnstuntunoous Contro. 6. Numbor of lnstuntunoous
Contros n u Mochunsm. 7. 1ypos of lnstuntunoous
Contros. 8. Locuton of lnstuntunoous Contros.
9. Aronhod Konnody (or 1hroo Contros-n-Lno)
1hoorom. 10. Mothod of Locutng lnstuntunoous
Contros n u Mochunsm.
7. VeIocity in Mecbanisms ...143-173
(ReIative VeIocity Metbod)
1. lntroducton. 2. Routvo Voocty of 1wo odos
Movng n Strught Lnos. 3. Moton of u Lnk.
4. Voocty of u Pont on u Lnk by Routvo Voocty
Mothod. 5. Vooctos n u Sdor Crunk Mochunsm.
6. Rubbng Voocty ut u Pn ont. 7. lorcos Actng
n u Mochunsm. 8. Mochuncu Advuntugo.
8. AcceIeration in Mecbanisms ...174-231
1. lntroducton. 2. Accooruton Dugrum for u Lnk.
3. Accooruton of u Pont on u Lnk.
4. Accooruton n tho Sdor Crunk Mochunsm.
5. Coros Componont of Accooruton.
9. Mecbanisms witb Iower Pairs ...232-2S7
1. lntroducton 2. Puntogruph 3. Strught Lno
Mochunsm. 4. Lxuct Strught Lno Moton Mochunsms
Mudo up of 1urnng Purs. 5. Lxuct Strught Lno
Moton Consstng of Cno Sdng Pur (Scott Russos
Mochunsm). 6. Approxmuto Strught Lno Moton
Mochunsms. 7. Strught Lno Motons for Lngno
lndcutors. 8. Stoorng Cour Mochunsm. 9. Duvs
Stoorng Cour. 10. Ackormun Stoorng Cour.
11. Unvorsu or Hookos ont. 12. Ruto of tho
Shufts Vooctos. 13. Muxmum und Mnmum Spoods
of tho Drvon Shuft. 14. Condton for Lquu Spoods
of tho Drvng und Drvon Shufts. 15. Anguur
Accooruton of tho Drvon Shuft. 16. Muxmum
luctuuton of Spood. 17. Doubo Hookos ont.
10. lriction ...2S8-324
1. lntroducton. 2. 1ypos of lrcton. 3. lrcton
otwoon Unubrcutod Surfucos. 4. lrcton otwoon
Lubrcutod Surfucos. 5. Lmtng lrcton. 6. Luws of
Stutc lrcton. 7. Luws of Knotc or Dynumc lrcton.
8. Luws of Sod lrcton. 9. Luws of lud lrcton.
10. Cooffcont of lrcton. 11. Lmtng Ango of
lrcton. 12. Ango of Roposo. 13. Mnmum lorco
Roqurod to Sdo u ody on u Rough Horzontu
Puno. 14. lrcton of u ody Lyng on u Rough
lncnod Puno. 15. Lffconcy of lncnod Puno.
16. Scrow lrcton. 17. Scrow uck. 18. 1orquo
Roqurod to Lft tho Loud by u Scrow uck.
19. 1orquo Roqurod to Lowor tho Loud by u Scrow
uck. 20. Lffconcy of u Scrow uck. 21. Muxmum
Lffconcy of u Scrow uck. 22. Cvor Huung und
Sof Lockng Scrows. 23. Lffconcy of Sof Lockng
Scrows. 24. lrcton of u V-throud. 25. lrcton n
ournu ourng-lrcton Crco. 26. lrcton of Pvot
und Cour ourng. 27. lut Pvot ourng.
28. Concu Pvot ourng. 29. 1rupozodu or 1runcutod
Concu Pvot ourng. 30. lut Cour ourng
31. lrcton Cutchos. 32. Sngo Dsc or Puto Cutch.
33. Mutpo Dsc Cutch. 34. Cono Cutch.
35. Contrfugu Cutchos.
11. eIt, Rope and Cbain Drives ...32S-381
1. lntroducton. 2. Soocton of u ot Drvo.
3. 1ypos of ot Drvos. 4. 1ypos of ots.
5. Mutoru usod for ots. 6. 1ypos of lut ot
Drvos. 7. Voocty Ruto of ot Drvo. 8. Voocty
Ruto of u Compound ot Drvo. 9. Sp of ot.
10. Croop of ot. 11. Longth of un Cpon ot Drvo.
12. Longth of u Cross ot Drvo. 13. Powor 1runsmttod
by u ot. 14. Ruto of Drvng 1onsons for lut ot
Drvo. 15. Dotormnuton of Ango of Contuct.
16. Contrfugu 1onson. 17. Muxmum 1onson n
tho ot. 18. Condton for tho 1runsmsson of
Muxmum Powor. 19. lntu 1onson n tho ot.
20. V-bot Drvo. 21. Advuntugos und Dsudvuntugos
of V-bot Drvo Cvor lut ot Drvo. 22. Ruto of
Drvng 1onsons for V-bot. 23. Ropo Drvo.
24. lbro Ropos. 25. Advuntugos of lbro Ropo
Drvos. 26. Shouvo for lbro Ropos. 27. Wro Ropos.
28. Ruto of Drvng 1onsons for Ropo Drvo. 29.
Chun Drvos. 30. Advuntugos und Dsudvuntugos of
Chun Drvo Cvor ot or Ropo Drvo. 31. 1orms
Usod n Chun Drvo. 32. Routon otwoon Ptch
und Ptch Crco Dumotor. 33. Routon otwoon
Chun Spood und Anguur Voocty of Sprockot.
34. Knomutc of Chun Drvo. 35. Cussfcuton of
Chuns. 36. Hostng und Huung Chuns. 37. Convoyor
Chuns. 38. Powor 1runsmttng Chuns. 39. Longth
of Chuns.
12. Tootbed Gearing ...382-427
1. lntroducton. 2. lrcton Whoos. 3. Advuntugos
und Dsudvuntugos of Cour Drvo. 4. Cussfcuton
of 1oothod Whoos. 5. 1orms Usod n Cours.
6. Cour Mutorus. 7. Condton for Constunt Voocty
Ruto of 1oothod Whoos-Luw of Courng. 8. Voocty
of Sdng of 1ooth. 9. lorms of 1ooth. 10. Cycodu
1ooth. 11. lnvouto 1ooth. 12. Lffoct of Atorng tho
Contro Dstunco on tho Voocty Ruto lor lnvouto
1ooth Cours. 13. Compurson otwoon lnvouto und
Cycodu Cours. 14. Systoms of Cour 1ooth.
15. Stundurd Proportons of Cour Systoms. 16. Longth
of Puth of Contuct. 17. Longth of Arc of Contuct.
18. Contuct Ruto (or Numbor of Purs of 1ooth n
Contuct). 19. lntorforonco n lnvouto Cours.
20. Mnmum Numbor of 1ooth on tho Pnon n
Crdor to Avod lntorforonco. 21. Mnmum Numbor
of 1ooth on tho Whoo n Crdor to Avod lntorforonco.
22. Mnmum Numbor of 1ooth on u Pnon for
lnvouto Ruck n Crdor to Avod lntorforonco.
23. Hocu Cours. 24. Spru Cours. 25. Contro
Dstunco for u Pur of Spru Cours. 26. Lffconcy of
Spru Cours.
13. Gear Trains ...428-479
1. lntroducton. 2. 1ypos of Cour 1runs.
3. Smpo Cour 1run. 4. Compound Cour 1run.
5. Dosgn of Spur Cours. 6. Rovortod Cour 1run.
7. Lpcycc Cour 1run. 8. Voocty Ruto of Lpcycc
Cour 1run. 9. Compound Lpcycc Cour 1run (Sun
und Punot Whoo). 10. Lpcycc Cour 1run Wth
ovo Cours. 11. 1orquos n Lpcycc Cour 1runs.
14. Gyroscopic CoupIe and PrecessionaI Motion ...480-S13
1. lntroducton. 2. Procossonu Anguur Moton.
3. Cyroscopc Coupo. 4. Lffoct of Cyroscopc Coupo
on un Aoropuno. 5. 1orms Usod n u Nuvu Shp.
6. Lffoct of Cyroscopc Coupo on u Nuvu Shp
durng Stoorng. 7. Lffoct of Cyroscopc Coupo on
u Nuvu Shp durng Ptchng. 8. Lffoct of Cyroscopc
Coupo on u Nuvo durng Rong. 9. Stubty of u
lour Whoo drvo Movng n u Curvod Puth.
10. Stubty of u 1wo Whoo Vohco 1ukng u 1urn.
11. Lffoct of Cyroscopc Coupo on u Dsc lxod
Rgdy ut u Cortun Ango to u Rotutng Shuft.
1S. lnertia lorces in Reciprocating Parts ...S14-S64
1. lntroducton. 2. Rosutunt Lffoct of u Systom of
lorcos Actng on u Rgd ody. 3. D-Aomborts
Prncpo. 4. Voocty und Accooruton of tho
Rocprocutng Purts n Lngnos. 5. Kons Constructon.
6. Rttorhuuss Constructon. 7. onnotts Constructon.
8. Approxmuto Anuytcu Mothod for Voocty und
Accooruton of tho Pston. 9. Anguur Voocty und
Accooruton of tho Connoctng Rod. 10. lorcos on
tho Rocprocutng Purts of un Lngno Nogoctng
Woght of tho Connoctng Rod. 11. Lquvuont
Dynumcu Systom. 12. Dotormnuton of Lquvuont
Dynumcu Systom of 1wo Mussos by Cruphcu
Mothod. 13. Corrocton Coupo to bo Appod to
Muko tho 1wo Muss Systoms Dynumcuy Lquvuont.
14. lnortu lorcos n u Rocprocutng Lngno Consdorng
tho Woght of Connoctng Rod. 15. Anuytcu Mothod
for lnortu 1orquo.
16. Turning Moment Diagrams and lIywbeeI ... S6S-611
1. lntroducton. 2. 1urnng Momont Dugrum for u
Sngo Cyndor Doubo Actng Stoum Lngno.
3. 1urnng Momont Dugrum for u lour Stroko Cyco
lntornu Combuston Lngno. 4. 1urnng Momont
Dugrum for u Mutcyndor Lngno. 5. luctuuton
of Lnorgy. 6. Dotormnuton of Muxmum luctuuton
of Lnorgy. 7. Cooffcont of luctuuton of Lnorgy.
8. lywhoo. 9. Cooffcont of luctuuton of Spood.
10. Lnorgy Storod n u lywhoo. 11. Dmonsons of
tho lywhoo Rm. 12. lywhoo n Punchng Pross.
17. Steam fngine VaIves and Reversing Gears ...612-6S2
1. lntroducton. 2. D-sdo Vuvo. 3. Pston Sdo
Vuvo. 4. Routvo Postons of Crunk und Lccontrc
Contro Lnos. 5. Crunk Postons for Admsson, Cut
off, Roouso und Comprosson. 6. Approxmuto
Anuytcu Mothod for Crunk Postons ut Admsson,
Cut-off, Roouso und Comprosson. 7. Vuvo Dugrum.
8. Zounor Vuvo Dugrum. 9. Rououux Vuvo Dugrum.
10. grum Vuvo Dugrum. 11. Lffoct of tho Lury
Pont of Cut-off wth u Smpo Sdo Vuvo.
12. Moyors Lxpunson Vuvo. 13. Vrtuu or Lquvuont
Lccontrc for tho Moyors Lxpunson Vuvo.
14. Mnmum Wdth und ost Sottng of tho Lxpunson
Puto for Moyors Lxpunson Vuvo. 15. Rovorsng
Cours. 16. Prncpo of Lnk Motons-Vrtuu Lccontrc
for u Vuvo wth un Cff-sot Lno of Stroko.
17. Stophonson Lnk Moton. 18. Vrtuu or Lquvuont
Lccontrc for Stophonson Lnk Moton. 19. Rudu
Vuvo Cours. 20. Huckworth Vuvo Cour. 21. Wuschuort
Vuvo Cour.
18. Governors ...6S3-731
1. lntroducton. 2. 1ypos of Covornors. 3. Contrfugu
Covornors. 4. 1orms Usod n Covornors. 5. Wutt
Covornor. 6. Portor Covornor. 7. Proo Covornor.
8. Hurtno Covornor. 9. Hurtung Covornor.
10. Wson-Hurtno Covornor. 11. Pckorng Covornor.
12. Sonstvonoss of Covornors. 13. Stubty of
Covornors. 14. lsochronous Covornor. 15. Huntng.
16. Lffort und Powor of u Covornor. 17. Lffort und
Powor of u Portor Covornor. 18. Controng lorco.
19. Controng lorco Dugrum for u Portor Covornor.
20. Controng lorco Dugrum for u Sprng-controod
Covornor. 21. Cooffcont of lnsonstvonoss.
19. rakes and Dynamometers ...732-773
1. lntroducton. 2. Mutorus for ruko Lnng.
3. 1ypos of rukos. 4. Sngo ock or Shoo ruko.
5. Pvotod ock or Shoo ruko. 6. Doubo ock or
Shoo ruko. 7. Smpo und ruko. 8. Dfforontu
und ruko. 9. und und ock ruko. 10. lntornu
Lxpundng ruko. 11. rukng of u Vohco.
12. Dynumomotor. 13. 1ypos of Dynumomotors.
14. Cussfcuton of Absorpton Dynumomotors.
15. Prony ruko Dynumomotor. 16. Ropo ruko
Dynumomotors. 17. Cussfcuton of 1runsmsson
Dynumomotors. 18. Lpcycc-trun Dynumomotors.
19. ot 1runsmsson Dynumomotor-lroudo or
1hronoycruft 1runsmsson Dynumomotor. 20. 1orson
Dynumomotor. 21. ovs Cbson lush Lght 1orson
20. Cams ...774-832
1. lntroducton. 2. Cussfcuton of loowors.
3. Cussfcuton of Cums. 4. 1orms usod n Rudu
cums. 5. Moton of tho loowor. 6. Dspucomont,
Voocty und Accooruton Dugrums whon tho loowor
Movos wth Unform Voocty. 7. Dspucomont,
Voocty und Accooruton Dugrums whon tho loowor
Movos wth Smpo Hurmonc Moton. 8. Dspucomont,
Voocty und Accooruton Dugrums whon tho loowor
Movos wth Unform Accooruton und Roturduton.
9. Dspucomont, Voocty und Accooruton Dugrums
whon tho loowor Movos wth Cycodu Moton.
10 Constructon of Cum Profos. 11. Cums wth
Spocfod Contours. 12. 1ungont Cum wth Rocprocutng
Roor loowor. 13. Crcuur Arc Cum wth lut-
fucod loowor.
21. aIancing of Rotating Masses ...833-8S7
1. lntroducton. 2. uuncng of Rotutng Mussos.
3. uuncng of u Sngo Rotutng Muss y u Sngo
Muss Rotutng n tho Sumo Puno. 4. uuncng of u
Sngo Rotutng Muss y 1wo Mussos Rotutng n
Dfforont Punos. 5. uuncng of Sovoru Mussos
Rotutng n tho Sumo Puno. 6. uuncng of Sovoru
Mussos Rotutng n Dfforont Punos.
22. aIancing of Reciprocating Masses ...8S8-908
1. lntroducton. 2. Prmury und Socondury Unbuuncod
lorcos of Rocprocutng Mussos. 3. Purtu uuncng
of Unbuuncod Prmury lorco n u Rocprocutng
Lngno. 4. Purtu uuncng of Locomotvos.
5. Lffoct of Purtu uuncng of Rocprocutng Purts
of 1wo Cyndor Locomotvos. 6. Vuruton of 1ructvo
lorco. 7. Swuyng Coupo. 8. Hummor ow.
9. uuncng of Coupod Locomotvos. 10. uuncng
of Prmury lorcos of Mut-cyndor ln-no Lngnos.
11. uuncng of Socondury lorcos of Mut-cyndor
ln-no Lngnos. 12. uuncng of Rudu Lngnos
(Droct und Rovorso Crunk Mothod). 13. uuncng
of V-ongnos.
23. IongitudinaI and Transverse Vibrations ...909-971
1. lntroducton. 2. 1orms Usod n Vbrutory Moton.
3. 1ypos of Vbrutory Moton. 4. 1ypos of lroo
Vbrutons. 5. Nuturu lroquoncy of lroo Longtudnu
Vbrutons. 6. Nuturu lroquoncy of lroo 1runsvorso
Vbrutons. 7. Lffoct of lnortu of tho Construnt n
Longtudnu und 1runsvorso Vbrutons. 8. Nuturu
lroquoncy of lroo 1runsvorso Vbrutons Duo to u
Pont Loud Actng Cvor u Smpy Supportod Shuft.
9. Nuturu lroquoncy of lroo 1runsvorso Vbrutons
Duo to Unformy Dstrbutod Loud Cvor u Smpy
Supportod Shuft. 10. Nuturu lroquoncy of lroo
1runsvorso Vbrutons of u Shuft lxod ut oth Lnds
und Curryng u Unformy Dstrbutod Loud.
11. Nuturu lroquoncy of lroo 1runsvorso Vbrutons
for u Shuft Subjoctod to u Numbor of Pont Louds.
12. Crtcu or Whrng Spood of u Shuft. 13. lroquoncy
of lroo Dumpod Vbrutons (Vscous Dumpng).
14. Dumpng luctor or Dumpng Ruto. 15. Logurthmc
Docromont. 16. lroquoncy of Undordumpod lorcod
Vbrutons. 17. Mugnfcuton luctor or Dynumc
Mugnfor. 18. Vbruton lsouton und 1runsmssbty.
24. TorsionaI Vibrations ...972-1001
1. lntroducton. 2. Nuturu lroquoncy of lroo 1orsonu
Vbrutons. 3.Lffoct of lnortu of tho Construnt on
1orsonu Vbrutons. 4. lroo 1orsonu Vbrutons
of u Sngo Rotor Systom. 5. lroo 1orsonu Vbrutons
of u 1wo Rotor Systom. 6. lroo 1orsonu Vbrutons
of u 1hroo Rotor Systom. 7. 1orsonuy Lquvuont
Shuft. 8. lroo 1orsonu Vbrutons of u Courod
2S. Computer Aided AnaIysis and Syntbesis of
Mecbanisms ...1002-1049
1. lntroducton. 2. Computor Adod Anuyss for
lour ur Mochunsm (lroudonstons Lquuton).
3. Progrummo for lour ur mochunsm. 4. Computor
Adod Anuyss for Sdor Crunk Mochunsm.
6. Coupor Curvos. 7. Synthoss of Mochunsms.
8. Cussfcutons of Synthoss Probom. 9. Procson
Ponts for luncton Conoruton. 10. Ango Routonshp
for functon Conoruton. 11. Cruphcu Synthoss of
lour ur Mochunsm. 12. Cruphcu synthoss of
Sdor Crunk Mochunsm. 13. Computor Adod
(Anuytcu) synthoss of lour ur Mochunsm.
14. Progrummo to Co-ordnuto tho Anguur
Dspucomonts of tho lnput und Cutput Lnks. 15. Loust
squuro 1ochnquo. 16. Progrummo usng Loust Squuro
1ochnquo. 17. Computor Adod Synthoss of lour
ur Mochunsm Wth Coupor Pont. 18. Synthoss
of lour ur Mochunsm for ody Cudunco.
19. Anuytcu Synthoss for sdor Crunk Mochunsm.
26. Automatic ControI ...10S0-1062
1. lntroducton. 2. 1orms Usod n Automutc Contro
of Systoms. 3. 1ypos of Automutc Contro Systom.
4. ock Dugrums. 5. Lug n Rosponso. 6. 1runsfor
luncton. 7. Cvoru 1runsfor luncton. 8 1runsfor
luncton for u systom wth Vscous Dumpod Cutput.
9. 1runsfor luncton of u Hurtno Covornor.
10. Cpon-Loop 1runsfor luncton. 11. Cosod-Loop
1runsfor luncton.
lndex ...1063-1071