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Why I further my study.

People always say that life is a continual struggle and to survive you must always keep in touch with the latest changes and capable to adapt the situation you are in. Therefore, if I were to ask why am I doing what I have done right now (further study), my first answer would be for survival.

Right now in my school, I am the only one diploma holder left. All my other friends have moved all their way to other position in teaching profession. Some of them are in dg41 and there are others in dg44. They are leading far in their career. As for me, I feel like I am left behind. Being 15 years in this profession makes me feel ashamed of myself for being so calm and comfortable of the situation which I am in right now. As a good teacher actually should not stop for searching for knowledge and upgrading self because yet a teacher will impart knowledge to the students.

From this consciousness and realization I finally decide to further my study. I want to walk away from this comfort zone and challenge myself for the process of searching and learning new knowledge so that I will be born as a new person every time I come to the class and feel impatient to share with my schoolchildren students. I want to challenge my ownself and go beyond in my own career. I want to be recognised as a degree holder, achieve my dream to be and stage and receive the scroll watch by my beloved family.

Beside that, I study because I want to be a good role model for my children who are growing up. As they see me work so hard to study and finish my assignment as well as staying up late at night to revise for the final exam, I really want them to make me as their exemplary. I also want them to see me graduate and receive my scroll on the stage so they will be motivated to succeed in their life just like me. I want them to have at least some good view on me as a mother and also a career woman. It is also one of the ways to show to my children that nothing in life is

impossible. It is a matter of hard work and keep on focus in achieving objectives in life. I would also like to reach my goal of financial freedom. Through further education, I will be able to enhance my earning potential and earn a higher salary. There is a proven correlation between higher salaries and higher education. From the research done by the American Management Association, it was determined, MBA degree holders can earn up to 145% more during their lifetime than those without advanced degrees. Finally, I would like to further my personal growth through knowledge (Knowledge is Power). Further education is the way to go for me and as far as I am concerned, when it comes to education, the sky is the limit.