Brand Repositioning Strategy: How, When and Where to apply

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!.ar#et overview /rrow co. 3 4 5 5 6 ! ! % ! % ( 1+ 11 12 13 14 Introduction Brand Repositioning Literature review 3. 1. Topic Page No.Brand Repositioning Strategy: How. 2.pan overview 0onclusion References 2| .4 "enefits of Repositioning strateg 3.1 four "asic approaches to repositioning 4.2 "ran$ positioning 'uestion 5. 6.3 three t pes of Repositioning strateg 3. When & Where to apply M$ Fa"hi n Mar%eting 2'12(21') Table of content Sr.2 The principle of Repositioning 3. No. 3.en-s wear . &ow to Reposition "ran$ 4. (.5 ris#s associate$ with Repositioning strateg 4. %. )ran$ e*tension an$ line e*tension .1 The stages of Repositioning 3.

e2er.herea" ha2ing a p "iti n mean" pe ple . :uality. dimen"i n t the 0 n0ept f mar%eting ( brand p "iti ning# + p "iti n a brand re!uire" ma%ing 0h i0e"> . pri0e r di"tributi n# 3| . but m "t n tably n fi2e %ey i""ue": 9ri0e. When & Where to apply M$ Fa"hi n Mar%eting 2'12(21') Introduction /rand rep "iti ning i" all ab ut 0hanging the "tatu" f the brand by m difying it" appeal t 0u"t mer"# 1 . 9r du0t $ttribute".ay 0 mpanie" determine .een the 2ari u" element" f the mar%eting mi5. 0 n"i"ten0y f ne. the brand p "iti ning f a 0 mpany r pr du0t "ee%" t further di"tan0e it"elf fr m 0 mpetit r" ba"ed n a h "t f item".ell inf rmed ab ut the pr du0t". targeting a "pe0ifi0 "egment. a" 0 mpared t earlier time"# 1en0e. different pe ple appr a0h "h pping# Many brand" and 0 mpanie" are 0 n"tantly rein2ig rating their bu"ine""e" and p "iti ning them f r gr .hen t rep "iti n i" a%in t h . ftentime" the .hen the brand need" t be rep "iti ned i" n t al. 0 mpanie" ha2e "tarted effe0ting brand rep "iti ning e5er0i"e" n a regular ba"i"# /rand rep "iti ning ha" be0 me an in0rea"ingly p pular "trategy in mature indu"trie" . Di"tributi n. there ha" been great 0 mpetiti n in the bu"ine"" "e0t r# +he ba"i0 human de"ire t 0hallenge ne. and U"age 700a"i n"# 3n re0ent time". the timele"" f the rep "iti ning. 0 n"umeri"m ha" underg ne a great 0hange# * n"umer" t day are .ay": ffering a "pe0ifi0 benefit.ill prefer a brand 2er an ther# $ brand 0an be p "iti ned in "e2eral . it 0 mmuni0ate" the benefit" and pr du0t attribute" t 0 n"umer" and u"er"# $" a re"ult.ay" 0ry"tal 0lear# 3n fa0t.hy buy me#&/rand p "iti ning 0reate" a "pe0ifi0 pla0e in the mar%et f r the brand and pr du0t 7ffering"# 3t rea0he" 0ertain type f 0 n"umer" and deli2er" benefit" that meet the need" f "e2eral %ey target gr up" and u"er"# +he a0tual appr a0h f a 0 mpany r brand8" p "iti ning in the mar%etpla0e depend" n h .e0 gni<ing the imp rtan0e f the 0u"t mer" in the bu"ine"" "tru0ture.ledge i" p "iti ned t mediate the effe0t f rep "iti ning n brand perf rman0e# M difi0ati n" in brand %n . r 4u"t "imply fend ff the 0 mpetiti n in an eff rt t better e5plain 6. determining . brand de2el pment# +hi" paper e5pl re" the 0 n0ept f brand rep "iti ning# 3t i" "ugge"ted that the de0i"i n t rep "iti n a brand in re"p n"e t 0hange" in the en2ir nment i" m derated by a firm=" mar%et rientati n# Further m re 0 n"umer brand %n . limit" and 0apture a" mu0h mar%et a" it i" p ""ible ha" gi2en a ne. and pa"t rep "iti ning eff rt"# Due t the gl bali<ati n f the e0 n my.Brand Repositioning Strategy: How. the mar%etpla0e ha" be0 me 0u"t mer 0entri0# .ledge are in turn affe0ted by the 0 heren0e high ri"% and e"0alating 0 "t" dimini"h the appeal f inten"e 0 mpetiti n and 0hanging 0 n"umer preferen0e" er de brand e!uity and .th# +here i" a 0 n"tant need t inn 2ate.ith e5i"ting brand image. update. p "iti ning .

e2er. 1851 i" a brand .ant" and need"# * emerging 0 n0ept" in 0 rp rate.ay i" ften the impetu" that "pur" a turnar und that lead" t a 0 mpany=" 0 ntinued "u00e""# @hen it 0 me" t de0iding . and "in0e then ha" been m "t p pularly %n . When & Where to apply M$ Fa"hi n Mar%eting 2'12(21') 7n the ba"i" f a re"ear0h 0 ndu0ted pre2i u"ly.n f r it" f rmal .hy a brand might be rep "iti ned# +he m "t 0 mm n rea" n i" a" a rea0ti n t 0hange# +hat 0hange 0 uld be: • • • En iron!entally dri en: "u0h a" e0 n mi0 flu0tuati n.hi0h 0an be preferred by t day=" “pr fe""i nal 0la""& f r party .ith it" trademar% $meri0an "tyle# 3t entered 3ndian mar%et in 1??.ear f r men# @ith 0hanging time" and in0rea"ing 0 mpetiti n.ith unmet 0u"t mer need".ear. de"ign.een e5treme" li%e the "h pper" be0au"e they are un0ertain ab ut .hat 0 n"titute" a rea" n t rep "iti n# S me 0hange their brand p "iti ning t ften in rea0ti n t 0hanging mar%et trend"# +hi" lea2e" buyer" 0 nfu"ed ab ut . neither e5treme i" right# S h .hen t rep "iti n a brand. in0rea"ed mar%eting e5penditure f r rep "iti n brand" ften fail t pr du0e any impr 2ement" either in 2erall image r mar%et "hare# /rand rep "iti ning d e"n=t "tart . 0lub . ne.hi0h i" m "t p pularly %n . 1851& need" t rep "iti n it"elf a" a brand g d f r ne. a" a brand .n f r it" f rmal .ith a n deep 0u"t mer in"ight"# . it .ep "iti ning i" the pr 0e"" f identifying and le2eraging a 0 mpany8" %ey 0 mpeten0ie" in rder t redefine it" brand t be m re 0 mpetiti2e# Many mar%eter" t day are rethin%ing their brand p "iti ning be0au"e f 0 mpetiti2e pre""ure.ear and h liday dre""ing# $rr . 0an a bu"ine"" de0ide .h the 0 mpany really i"# Still ther" d n=t update their l %. many bu"ine""e" 2a0illate in a "tate f flu5 bet. in rder t be "u00e""ful. l g r name# 3t "tart" by dra.ear . $rr .a" f und ut that the brand “$rr .Brand Repositioning Strategy: How. r the green m 2ement "onsu!er dri en: "u0h a" 0hanging ta"te" r preferen0e" "o!petitor dri en: "u0h a" a ne. li%e “Friday dre""ing& and al" .ep "iti ning d ne at the right time and in the right .ay that i" better than the 0 mpetiti n i" d ing# . feel r me""aging f r 1' r m re year". falling ut f "tep .hen it=" time t rep "iti n it" brandA +here are a 2ariety f rea" n" . brand laun0h fr m a 0 mpetit r that ma%e" y ur p "iti n b" lete r inferi r 4| .ith buyer . 0hannel" and 0hanging 0u"t mer need"# 1 . in a . need" t rep "iti n it"elf a" per the 0hanging time" and need" f the 0 n"umer"# Brand Repositioning . p liti0al 0hange".ep "iti ning re!uire" an inten"ely di"0iplined f 0u" t realign the brand pr mi"e .

rep "iti ning a brand 0an be an e5pen"i2e in2e"tment.ill guide thr ugh the different pha"e" that f ll . "ee%ing t underline the brand=" 2alue 2er ther". "0ien0e. te0hn l gy.a"n=t . after e"tabli"h a brand pr p "iti n# 1igure 1 stages of repositioning strateg #$ %iterature re iew #$& The stage of repositioning' 5| .e2er.ard" a brand.Brand Repositioning Strategy: How. and theref re the ri"% i" great that the attempt t rep "iti ning might be un"u00e""ful# $fter r lling ut the "trategy. When & Where to apply M$ Fa"hi n Mar%eting 2'12(21') • Internally dri en: "u0h a" a 0hange in 0 rp rate "trategi0 dire0ti n r a0!ui"iti n f ne. figure#1 . it i" time t m dify the pr p "iti n thr ugh update f the per" nality and thr ugh rep "iti ning# +here are benefit" and ri"%" .ell(re"ear0hed r de2el ped and a rep "iti ning i" ne0e""ary# 1 .hen de0iding the ne5t "tep in the pr 0e""# + further under"tand the "tage" "tated ab 2e. and t br aden the brand pr p "iti n# 3t i" truly t ugh t 0hange the 0u"t mer=" per0ei2ed attitude t . a 0 mpany might reali<e that the riginal brand p "iti n . " it mu"t ma%e "trategi0 "en"e t pur"ue a rep "iti ning initiati2e# +he rep "iti ning "trategy i" r lled ut in three "tage": intr du0t ry. r ther a""et that gi2e" y ur brand a 0 mpetiti2e ad2antage and 2aluable differentiat r S metime" brand rep "iti ning are d ne pr a0ti2ely# F r e5ample. r a rep "iti ned brand. elab rati n and f rtifi0ati n "tage"# +hi" in2 l2e" the intr du0ti n f a ne.ith b th f thi" "egment" and it i" f great "ignifi0an0e that they are truly e2aluated .

ant t rea0h ut t a larger target gr up. it is about having a balance between the category party and differentiation when using reposition strategies” “Repositioning is a change.# “Repositioning is built upon the change unique and differentiated associations with the brand in some kind of direction.ant" t a0hie2e# $ 0 mpany might . but fr m the"e rambling" it i" b2i u" that all part" in fa0t belie2e that rep "iti n i" ab ut m 2ing " mething t a ne.ith the term “rep "iti ning& i" that a 0 mpany m difie" " mething that i" already pre"ent in the mar%et and in the 0u"t mer=" mind #the definiti n f rep "iti ning 0hange" different indi2idual and pr fe""i n# + 2ie. the purp "e i" t d .hat the 0 mpany .ith regard t . the different definiti n and per0ei2e a greater under"tanding ab ut thi" 0 n0ept. a00 rding t UgglaB2''CD it i" ea"ier t under"tand that the definiti n 0learly differ fr m per" n t per" n. When & Where to apply M$ Fa"hi n Mar%eting 2'12(21') +he impli0ati n . mission and value in a new direction that is more suited for the brand in the future” (Principally. r be in2 l2ed in "e2eral different p "iti n" at the mar%et# +here i" al" a 2i"ible relati n bet. reposition concerns change the consumer’s perception of the brand. /y mean f the e5ample ab 2e.Brand Repositioning Strategy: How. principally about trigging the vision. three e5ample f rep "iti ning gi2en by indi2idual in different pr fe""i n i" "tated bel .er and h pefully t a m re attra0ti2e and rele2ant p "iti n# +he purp "e f m 2ement differ" .een pri0e and !uantity a"pe0t"# @hen a 0 mpany per0ei2e" the mar%et a" a demand 0ur2e.n "tret0h r up "tret0h in thi" 0ur2e B"ee figure 2D# #$) The principle of repositioning 1igure 2 principle of repositioning 6| .

hi0h i" n t a rep "iti ning at all "in0e the firm maintain" it" initial "trategy in the fa0e f a 0hanging en2ir nment> B2D +radual repositioning.ard" a greater p "iti n at the mar%et# #$# Three types of repositioning strategies: B1D *ero t . 0u"t mer demand there i" a ri"% that 0 mpanie" 0an l "e "ight f their "pe0ifi0 mar%et" and thi" .hat t remember and it i" theref re "ignifi0ant t 0 n2in0e the 0 n"umer . and the nly 0 nne0ti n and "tr nger argument" ha2e t be e"tabli"hed t 0 n2in0e them t "tay a" r yal 0u"t mer" B.hase II$ @hat D e" the /rand Stand f r + dayA .ith great argument"# B+r ut1??CD# +he mar%et demand 0hange" rapidly and theref re rep "iti n 0an be ne0e""ary t meet thi" demand".een all the different the rie" i" that rep "iti ning i" m 2ing " mething fr m " me.Brand Repositioning Strategy: How. When & Where to apply M$ Fa"hi n Mar%eting 2'12(21') @hen "tri2ing t . .ed t a0hie2e the intended benefit": . 0 ntinu u" ad4u"tment" t it" p "iti ning "trategy t refle0t the e2 luti n f it" en2ir nment> B. p "iti n at the mar%et it i" imp rtant t under"tand that 0 n"umer=" mind are limited# 9e ple=" mind "ele0t .efining the /rand 9 "iti ning and Management 9re"entati n 7| .ithin the gl bal e0 n my# $" rep "iti ning i" a 2ery 0 mpli0ated matter and theref re there are n detailed the rie" r m del"# +he aim .ard" a" 1?85. target mar%et andE r a ne.hase I-# .ard" a ne. .D Radical repositioning that 0 rre"p nd" t a di"0 ntinu u" "hift t . p#))D $00 rding t +r ut B1??CD if 0 mpanie" d n t meet ne.ith rep "iti ning differ fr m per" n t per" n. ne.hase III# De2el ping the /rand 9 "iti ning 9latf rm" . 0 mpetiti2e ad2antage# $ f ur(pha"ed brand rep "iti ning appr a0h 0an be f ll .hase I$ Determining the *urrent Statu" f the /rand .here the firm perf rm" in0remental.# +he in0rea"e in 0 mpetiti n .ill ha2e 0 n"e!uen0e"A +he main rea" n f r thi" are: 1# +he fa"t pa0e f 0hanging te0hn l gy# 2# +he !ui0% and unpredi0table "hifting f 0 n"umer" attitude .

and gain a 0 mprehen"i2e under"tanding f the mar%et in rder t 0reate brand g al" and a brand p "iti ning "trategy that ha" a 0han0e f r "u00e""# +here are a fe. B2D -e. rep "iti ning i" m "t effe0ti2e .ith ther brand" B0 (branding.Brand Repositioning Strategy: How. ingredient branding. brand p "iti ning# +hi" e5er0i"e i" " 0riti0al t an rgani<ati n=" "u00e"" that the rgani<ati n=" leader"hip team and it" mar%etingEbrand management leader" "h uld de2el p it. p "iti ning and B.ele2ant p "iti n “Up t date& image #$/ The ris0s associated with such strategies are: • • • • G "" f f 0u" -egle0ting riginal 0u"t mer" G "ing 0redibility f r the brand * nfu"ing the brand +heref re.ith initial brand p "iti ning. analy<e y ur 0 mpetit r". %ey" t brand rep "iti ning "u00e"" that y u need t %eep in mind# Fir"t. brand rep "iti ning i" m re diffi0ult than initially p "iti ning a brand be0au"e ne mu"t fir"t help the 0u"t mer “unlearn& the 0urrent brand p "iti ning# +hree a0ti n" 0an aid in thi" pr 0e"": B1D *arefully 0rafted 0 mmuni0ati n.ith the help and fa0ilitati n f an ut"ide brand(p "iti ning e5pert# . pr du0t". a" . preferably . et0# that empha"i<e the ne. Benefits of repositioning: • • • • Falue 2er ther" Updated per" nality .hile differentiating the brand fr m the 0 mpetiti n at the "ame time# 8| . 0 (mar%eting.hen it appeal" dire0tly t em ti n" and need" that are meaningful t the target 0 n"umer audien0e . pa0%aging.D $"" 0iati n" . When & Where to apply M$ Fa"hi n Mar%eting 2'12(21') #$.$ How to reposition a brand H u need t 0 ndu0t brand re"ear0h. et0#D that reinf r0e the ne. "trategi0 allian0e".

ing are " me !ue"ti n" t get y u "tarted: 9| .hat 0 n"umer" 0are ab ut the m "t# .n a . but %eep the pr du0t and target mar%et the "ame# )$ M dify the pr du0t t ma%e it m re attra0ti2e t the 0urrent mar%et# #$ 9r m te the "ame pr du0t t a different 0u"t mer "egment# . .Brand Repositioning Strategy: How.ositioning 2uestions $ brand mu"t begin by a"%ing it"elf " me !ue"ti n" t identify . not co!panies.een t. it=" 0 n"umer" . “the "h rte"t di"tan0e bet.hat y ur brand p "iti n "h uld be. a "u00e""ful brand p "iti ning eff rt enable" a brand image and identity t in"tantly ha2e meaning f r 0 n"umer" and differentiate it fr m 0 mpetit r brand"# "onsu!ers build brands. rd r phra"e and a related "pa0e in 0 n"umer"= mind".& in mind# 3t applie" in brand rep "iti ning.$ $lter b th the pr du0t and target mar%et# +he be"t brand" . @hile it=" true that 0 mpanie" and mar%eter" 0an nudge 0 n"umer per0epti n" in a de"ired dire0ti n thr ugh mar%eting and ad2erti"ing ta0ti0". and belie2e the brand pr mi"e# +heref re. %eep the phra"e.hi0h be0 me ea0h brand=" p "iti n in the mar%etpla0e# 3n "imple"t term".$) Brand .ill depend n the degree f 0hange in it" 0u"t mer"8 ta"teElife"tyleEattitude" and the 0 mpetiti2e mar%et# +here are f ur ba"i0 appr a0he" that an rgani<ati n 0an ta%e t rep "iti n it" brand: &$ *hange the image f the pr du0t.ell a" f r future brand e5ten"i n" and e5pan"i n# + identify . y u need t ta%e time t re"ear0h 0 n"umer". 0 mpetit r" and indu"try# .$& 1our basic approaches to Repositioning +he e5tent f a 0 mpany8" rep "iti ning eff rt" .h e5perien0e a brand. y ur brand=" p "iti n mu"t be belie2able and uni!ue . t # D n=t get 0aught in the trap f trying t ha2e the m "t 0reati2e and inn 2ati2e brand p "iti n# +ypi0ally.hile al" lea2ing the d r" pen f r e2 l2ing 0 n"umer" and mar%et" a" .hat y ur g al" f r y ur brand are# H u might learn later thr ugh y ur mar%et re"ear0h that y ur initial g al" are 0 mpletely ff tra0%# +hi" gi2e" y u the pp rtunity t m dify y ur g al" " they=re reali"ti0 and attainable# F ll . the m "t 0 mpelling brand image and me""age i" the m "t b2i u" and "imple ne be0au"e that=" u"ually . de2el p e5pe0tati n" f r it ba"ed n th "e e5perien0e". p int" i" a "traight line. When & Where to apply M$ Fa"hi n Mar%eting 2'12(21') Se0 nd.

Brand Repositioning Strategy: How.ned 2ernight# 3t ta%e" time and m ney t .ith ut "uffi0ient fund" t ba0% up the eff rt i" a re0ipe f r failure# Stay tuned t 9art . line e5ten"i n deal" nly . in the "ame pr du0t 0ateg ry# Gine e5ten"i n 0an al" by e5tending "ame pr du0t and "ame brand .ed a" ne f mean" t attain integrated brand ar0hite0ture# +he u"e f "ame brand n e5i"ting pr du0t Bparent brandD f r a ne. pr du0t in different 0ateg ry Be5ten"i n brandD in0rea"e" rate f ne.ledge and e5perien0e" f the e"tabli"hed brand# 3n 0 mpari" n.ith different pr du0t feature" Be#g# intr du0ing ne. and e5tend . yet may gain "imilar le2el f "u00e""# $ "tr ng reputati n f parent brand 0an minimi<e ri"% f ne.n a "pe0ifi0 . fla2 r" and "elling different "i<e" f pa0%agingD# Fr m ri"% management per"pe0ti2e.ith "h rt(term ta0ti0". parti0ularly if y u=re entering an e"tabli"hed mar%et# H u al" need t 0 n"ider the m ney needed t "u"tain y ur brand=" p "iti n n0e y u "u00e""fully e"tabli"h it# 5re you thin0ing long6ter!3 Sh rt(term g al "etting i" t "h rt("ited f r brand p "iti ning de2el pment# H u 0an "upp rt y ur brand p "iti n . y u=2e hit the brand p "iti ning 4a0%p t# What can you deli er that co!petitors cannot do as well or at all3 +hi" i" y ur ni0he and the ba"i" f a "tr ng brand p "iti n# 4oes your desired brand position !atch your o erall co!pany goals and ision3 * nfu"i n i" a brand=" .erful brand p "iti n mu"t be able t gr .. brand e5ten"i n p "e" m re ri"% than line e5ten"i n# 9 rly e5e0uted e5ten"i n f brand t ne. pr du0t".ell int the future# /$ Brand e7tension & %ine e7tension /rand e5ten"i n i" a part f brand management t di2er"ify and le2eraging the e5i"ting brand by entering int ne. line e5ten"i n ffer" ne. a00eptan0e and pur0ha"e intenti n t 0 n"umer# +he "trategy maintain" effi0ien0ie" n ad2erti"ing and pr m ti n e5penditure" yet "till 0an 0reate ne.n a p "iti n in 0 n"umer"= mind". pr du0t 0ateg ry by ne. pr du0t# /rand e5ten"i n i" in0rea"ingly u"ed by 0 mpanie" a" a part f "trategy f r pr du0t de2el pment"# 3t i" 2ie. but a p . r"t enemy# 5re your brand goals realistic3 F r e5ample.ith "light 0 nne0ti n" t the brand# 10 | .ith brand e5ten"i n# @hile ta%ing 0 mpletely different appr a0h. line e5ten"i n "trategy i" " metime" mi5ed up . When & Where to apply M$ Fa"hi n Mar%eting 2'12(21') What do you want your brand to be 0nown for a!ong your target audience A 3f y u 0an . rd r benefit in 0 n"umer"= mind". e5pand. f thi" "erie" t learn m re ab ut thi" t pi0# 4o you ha e the necessary funds to de ote to de eloping your brand position3 /rand p "iti n" aren=t . mar%et "egment# * mpany i" n t in p "iti n t all 0ate mar%eting e5pen"e" at the "ame le2el a" "pent by the parent brand. pr du0t de2el pment# 9 "iti2e image" and "trength" f e5i"ting brand E parent brand are le2eraged t bring an ther "u00e"" "t ry f r ne. atta0%ing the mar%et leader .ith the pr du0t it"elf . pr du0t laun0h by ta%ing ad2antage" n 0 n"umer"= %n . pr du0t 0ateg rie" 0an 4e pardi<e 0urrent image f parent brand# 3n le"" degree f ri"% en0 untered. under the "ame brand name.

ith a brand per" nality f fre"h. rd".ith brand management r pr du0t(line management "h uld addre"" the l ng(term impa0t f the brand a"" 0iati n"# +he brand 2ariant" "h uld empha"i<e the rigin and per" nality f the brand# +hi" 0 uld be e5plained by analy<ing the b undarie" f brand rep "iti ning BJumar 2'''D# +he b undarie" f brand rep "iti ning are defined by the brand=" "u"tainable 0 re pr p "iti n BS*9D BJumar 2'''D# $n S*9 i" a pr p "iti n f a brand Bfun0ti nal. de0ade"# .aterfall . and are 11 | . elab rati n and f rtifi0ati nD thr ugh . uld be refle0ted thr ugh a"" 0iati n" rele2ant t the brand# /rand image" de2el p 2er a peri d f time and are generally ba"ed n the per0epti n f the 0 n"umer"# +he 0hallenge f r mar%eter" i" t ma%e u"e f thi" per0epti n .Brand Repositioning Strategy: How. .ie" I +r ut 1?87D# 3t in2 l2e" de"igning the 0 mpany=" ffering and image " that they 00upy a meaningful and di"tin0t 0 mpetiti2e p "iti n in the target 0 n"umer"= mind" BJ tler 1??7D# @hile p "iti ning i" an a00epted 0 n0ept in mar%eting 0 mmuni0ati n". the 0 n0ept f rep "iti ning d e" n t "eem t ha2e been ade!uately e5pl red by mar%eter"# 9 "iti ning d e" underg 0hange" B+r ut I .hi0h need" t be nurtured and de2el ped during p "iti ning and maintained during rep "iti ning# S*9 .ere n t "u00e""ful be0au"e they defied the Lnatural fre"hne""= element in the per" nality f the brand# 3n ther .a" p "iti ned . r"%i I Ma0lnni" 1??CD# 1 . year" ba0%# +he 2ariant" .hi0h pr be" int the three "tage" Bintr du0ti n. regardle"" f the 2ariant" laun0hed and h .a" the fanta"y element in the ad2erti"ement# Giril laun0hed Giril 0 l gne and Giril "h .hi0h a brand 0 uld pa"" during it" life0y0le B9ar%. . "er2i0e r 0 n0eptD t .ep "iti ning f a brand i" n t an i" lated mar%eting e5er0i"e: it ha" t be 0 n"idered .e"ear0h finding" bef re the laun0h f the brand "ugge"ted that it 0 uld be p "iti ned a" a p"y0h l gi0al utlet f r h u"e. the brand i" e5tended# $n ther fa0t r that influen0e" the b undarie" f brand rep "iti ning i" the en2ir nment# Giril i" a brand f " ap that ha" been "u00e""fully mar%eted by 1indu"tan Ge2er in 3ndia f r 2er t.e2er. rep "iti ning a brand i" a" imp rtant a" f rmulating the riginal p "iti ning "trategy f r the brand# S me in"ight" int the rep "iti ning imperati2e" are pr 2ided by the "trategi0 brand 0 n0ept BS/*D. p"y0h l gi0al r b thD .hile attempting t ma%e the brand m re 0 ntemp rary# +hi" e""entially re!uire" the 0 re pr p "iti n f the brand t be maintained. When & Where to apply M$ Fa"hi n Mar%eting 2'12(21') 9 "iti ning i" the pr 0e"" . Ka. indulgent and fanta"y( riented trait"# $ lady indulging in a . %ind" f imagery in a 0hanging en2ir nment# $ brand i" a mar%etable unit Bpr du0t.hile the S/* del2e" int brand "trategie" that are appr priate t the different "tage" f brand life0y0le.ith a brand "h uld refle0t rati nal and em ti nal benefit" and brand per" nality i" ne f the t l" t a0hie2e the"e enduring a"" 0iati n"# +hey are enduring be0au"e they gi2e the brand a "u"tainable differentiati n in the l ng term# Strategie" a"" 0iated .h .a" r ped in and the brand .i2%in 1???D# 3n a dynami0 and "patially differentiated mar%eting en2ir nment.hi0h uni!ue.ith pr du0t(line management. rele2ant and m ti2ating a"" 0iati n" and benefit" Bb th fun0ti nal and em ti nalD be0 me atta0hed BSen 2'''D# +he a"" 0iati n" 0 nne0ted .ere fatigued and "uffering fr m the tedium f perf rming h u"eh ld 0h re" B9adam"ee I /abu 1???D# $n element f fanta"y .ith the brand per" nality 0reate 0 nfu"i n in the mind" f the 0 n" gel a" a 2ariant a fe. "ub(brand" and ne. it d e" n t pr be int brand rep "iti ning dimen"i n" fr m the 2ie.hereby a mar%eter 0reate" an a"" 0iati n f r a pr du0t r entity in the mind f pr "pe0ti2e 0 n"umer B.p int f brand per" nality# .i2e" . rep "iti ning d e" n t 4u"t in2 l2e bringing the riginal Bm therD brand int a different per0eptual field f target "egment> it al" in2 l2e" rep "iti ning the pr du0t(line emb dying the riginal brand# Sub(brand" n t in 0 n" nan0e .

men ..''' 0r reD and i" gr .M B.D f ?M# +he men". "u00e"" ha" emanated fr m it" unrelenting adheren0e f !uality.hile men "h .ere pre"ent in the p "iti ning f the riginal Giril brand# Su"tained mar%eting 0 mmuni0ati n i" re!uired f r the 2ariant t reinf r0e the idea f fre"hne"".ere intr du0ed# Stain repellent fabri0 u"ed f r the fir"t time in "hirt" and tr u"er" in 3ndia# + day.hile 0 ntinuing t in"pire brand l yalty# 3t i" "urpri"e t %n . $rr .. n t nly f r "tyle but f r 0 l r" t # 3n term f "i<e and "pe0ifi0ati n". When & Where to apply M$ Fa"hi n Mar%eting 2'12(21') 2ulnerable t failure# Giril later n laun0hed Giril .# Gl bally $rr .ainfre"h a" a 2ariant B. a retail 0 n" e2en in the high(end y u .ay" been the prime "pender" and are n .ear i" "impler and unli%e . premium 2alue" and e50lu"i2ity# @ith readymade brand" entering the 0 untry in dr 2e". laun0hed it" . $rr .hi0h .ear line in 3ndia in 2''? .ear&# 3t 0ater" t y ung pr fe""i nal"# +hr ugh thi" $rr . by 11M t .ear brand fr m $r2ind life"tyle p2t#ltd# $rr .ear mar%et in 3ndia i" the fa"te"t gr . repre"enting a *$G. " 0%" and 0ufflin%"# $rr . finding a2enue" t e5pl re# 6O2en in 0a"e f e!ual "pending p . "p rt and urban line f 0l thing# +he f rmal pr du0t" n .ant t l % dapper and "tarted buying# +he men8" apparel i" m re . men=" .ardr be " luti n thr ugh it" range f f rmal. men. ha" ." 1' apparel "egment# +he 3ndia Men". i" ften 0alled “+he F i0e f $uth rity& that had defined the . by nature . a preferen0e f r te0hn l gy and apparel#6 Men=" are fundamentally !ui0% buyer"# +hey ta%e fa"ter de0i"i n" and ha2e m re brand l yalty# 3n fa0t that . al" ha2ing it" "ub brand 0alled $rr .ear Mar%et $naly"i" 2'1'(2'1) by Fenn . -e.ith the late"t "tyle" and te0hn l gy. i" n .ay men=" dre""ing 2er the year"# +he 0 mpany ha" "e2eral "art rially fir"t" t it" 0redit: the 0 untry=" lighte"t . belt". i" a premium men=" f rmal .ing at a 0 mp unded annual gr .ear . the entire te5tile and apparel indu"try B2'1' e"timate"D.2. tr u"er".hite f rmal "hirt" f r man# $rr .eathered the 0 mpetiti n thr ugh %eeping pa0e . ffer" 0 mplete . i" pegged at .Brand Repositioning Strategy: How. H r% . "tandardi<ati n f pr du0t" i" "impler and ea"ier# +hen again. there are fe. that $rr . the men ha2e al.a" 0 n"i"tent . men=" .''' 0r re and i" e5pe0ted t gr .er.e"ear0h f und that t tal re2enue fr m men".5'' 0r re# *learly the men . f 8#CM fr m 2''5 t 2''?# 3ndu"try e"timate" peg the f rmal "uit". men might buy m re 4e. bag" and f lder" and entire p rtf li f tie".''' 0r re by 2'2'# *urrently men". men=" ready t . bla<er" and "uit"# + it" already e5ten"i2e range f 0l thing." .rin%le free 0hin " .e"terni"ed unli%e . ha" added men=" leather a00e"" rie" in0luding .ear d e" ffer m re "tandardi<ati n f r men than . $rr .ain fre"h ha" all the p "iti ning element" that ." 72.e"tern . bel ng" t 9F1 gr up# 3n the "tarting the main u"p f the brand i" it" ultra .ellery . e2en . uld "ee many f them pting f r 3ndian . r% . 4a0%et" and bla<er" "egment at . 0 n"i"t f "hirt".allet".hi0h ha" a tagline f “<er 0al rie .a" N11#8 billi n in 2''?. in0luding d me"ti0 and e5p rt".ear i" the ma4 r 0hun% f the mar%et at ).ear# 1en0e. 0ame t 3ndia in 1??. in0rea"e" it" 12 | .$ 5rrow6 "o!pany < er iew $rr ." ).27.hi0h i" a g d e5ample f line e5ten"i n# $rr .ith the element f natural fre"hne"" in the brand per" nalityD# +he p "iti ning f Giril .th rate B*$G. attribute" t 0u"t mi<e# . 8$ 9en:s wear !ar0et o er iew $00 rding t +e0hn pa% $d2i" r".

hi0h i" a brand a""et al" 2i"ible be0au"e f the fa0t that they=2e been "u00e""fully pre"ent ar und "in0e 1851# "onclusion 3n a turbulent en2ir nment .hi0h target y ung and a"piring pr fe""i nal"# .ard" pre"ident 0 lle0ti n a" .ear "egment . a" a "trategy. "h uld n t be ign red# 13 | .erful brand name .ell a" thi" "egment i" ha2ing high 2alue mer0handi"e in it# +hey ha2e t 0 me . When & Where to apply M$ Fa"hi n Mar%eting 2'12(21') target mar%et a" . "trategy f r 00upying m re mar%et "pa0e by $rr . i" d ing e5a0tly the "ame f r $rr .Brand Repositioning Strategy: How. -e.ith . e"pe0ially if the 0 mpany ha" a ban%able and p . 1851 i" n the "tarting pha"e f rep "iti ning their brand# .n f r being an inn 2ati2e brand .# $rr . H r% i" a men=" .ith m re inn 2ati2e idea" in ne. r% e!ually hard n maintaining it" already "u00e""ful 0 lle0ti n"# +he rep "iti ning eff rt" are dire0ted t . "egment"# +hey are %n . 1851 "h uld n t nly 4u"t f 0u" n ne.hi0h need" n intr du0ti n but 4u"t re(intr du0ti n# $rr .ith laun0hing a ne. H r% pened their "eparate "t re in .ard" f 0u"ing a different 0 n"umer "egment n . e2en th "e f 0u"ing ther "egment".h le life"tyle branding $" they are d ing m re n ne. but "h uld al" .e p "iti ning.e0ently $rr . 2enture". i" n . i" a 2ery "uitable pti n f r the brand" . "egment" but they are lea2ing their pre2i u" "egment" li%e the “pre"ident 0 lle0ti n&# +hey "h uld al" put " me f 0u" t .hi0h ha2e been e5i"ting "in0e a 2ery l ng time in the mar%et# /ut f r a "u00e""ful rep "iti ning. .here the 0 "t and ri"%" a"" 0iated . men# I!ple!entation for 5rrow $rr .ard" m re pr du0t "pe0ifi0ati n" a" they are . "u0h a" rep "iti ning i" mu0h benefi0ial. f 0u"ing t . r%ing n rep "iti ning "trategy# +hey are gi2ing m re depth t the pr du0t and 0 ming up .# /ut the already "u00e""ful 0 lle0ti n". -e.ell# $rr . men=" a" .ell a" it" mar%et "pa0e# 9re"ently $rr . $rr . p "iti ned it"elf a" premium life"tyle brand f r b th men and . le2eraging e5i"ting brand" thr ugh re2itali<ati n "trategie".ida# +hi" i" a ne. brand are high.

D rand Positioning #tandards $ Part %& Repositioning asics # P nlineQ $2ailable at: http:EEaytm#0 mEbl gEre"ear0h(4un0ti nEbrand(p "iti ning("tandard"(and( pra0ti0e"(part()E P$00e""ed: 15 $pr 2'1.)2. K# B1?8CD# Positioning. 9# et al# B2''7D ' (ramework for a #trategic Repositioning #trategy& ' )ase #tudy of ulmers *riginal)ider#Pe(b %Q http:EE"ear0h#pr !ue"t#0 mEd 02ie.p#? r Dimini"h: +he $rt and -e0e""ity f /u"ine"" $ytm#0 m B2'1. $#.D72)D)**215)*128'E1A a00 untidR2?8?5# • 14 | . J# B2''7D 6Differentiate 9 "iti ning6.Q# . H r%: M0Gra. the battle for your mind. I Shan"by.2E1.( 1ill# Ge2i. When & Where to apply M$ Fa"hi n Mar%eting 2'12(21') References • • • • $". I +r ut.E2'7C.Brand Repositioning Strategy: How. D# $#. -e. K# B1?82D# 9 "iti ning y ur pr du0t# usiness !ori"ons. 2 l(25 pp5C(C2# .

S# B1??CD# -he /ew Positioning& the latest on the 0orld’s 12 business strategy# -e. /# K#.(1ill 9ar%.# B2''7D# +arketing and branding .. 45. 3ndia: +r ut.i2%in. Delhi. Ka. 9# B1??7D# +arketing management& analysis. -# K#: 9renti0e(1all 3nternati nal# * mpany @eb"ite: http:EE. -he . D# K# B1?8CD# Strategi0 brand 0 n0ept S 3mage management# 3ournal of +arketing.Brand Repositioning Strategy: How.ndian scenario# 9atpargan4. H r%: M0Gra. I Ma03nni". K#.#arr . r"%i.5# J tler. I . S# . implementation and control# Upper Saddle . *# @#. C21(. When & Where to apply M$ Fa"hi n Mar%eting 2'12(21') • • • • • mE 15 | . planning.i2er.

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