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A Take Home Exam Paper Course Name: Human Resources Management Course ID: MBA 509

Submitted to: Dr. Shoaib Ahmed Instructor reasurer!s "##ice Inde$endent %ni&ersit'( Bang)adesh

Submitted by: Name: *arisa +han ID: ,-,,-./ *rogram: MBA


ab)e o# Content
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1 Introduction ,.- Histor' o# the Ban5ing Industr' ,.6 An o&er&ie7 o# Standard Chartered Ban5 8SCB9: ,./. SCBs Current $osition in Bang)adesh ,.5. Categories o# Ser&ices *ro&ided ,... "b:ecti&es ,.; SCB!s Com$etiti&e *osition 7ith other mu)ti<nationa)s

2.1 External Analysis -.- Macro 0n&ironment Ana)'sis -.-., heoretica) -.-.- *ractica) -.-.6 =indings -.6. *orter!s =i&e =orces Ana)'sis -.6., heoretica) -.6.- *ractica) -.6.6 =indings 6., Internal Analysis 6.- Core Competencies 6(-., heoretica) 6.-.- *ractica) 6.-.6 =indings 6.6 S>" Ana)'sis 6.6., heoretica) 6.6.- *ractica) 6.6.6 =indings /., Com$etiti&e Strateg' /.,., heoretica) /.,.- *ractica) /.,.6 =indings /.- Im$)ementation Strateg'

/.-., heoretica) /.-.- *ractica) /.-.6 =indings

5. CSR *o)ic' .. Recommendation and =uture Cha))enges ;. Re#erences

-.;.6 Cor$orate Ban5ing Strateg' -.;./ Broad Strateg' -. ? "rganogram C apter T ree: Industry Analysis ! S"#T 6., Industr' Ana)'sis 6.- Industr'!s Com$etiti&e =orces 6.-., Ri&a)r' among the com$etitors 6.-.- Substitutes 6.-.6 *o7er o# Su$$)iers 6.-./ *o7er o# Bu'ers 6.6 S>" Ana)'sis 6.6., Strength 6.6.- >ea5nesses 6.6.6 "$$ortunities 6.6./ hreats 6.5 Recent changes in SCB C apter $our: SC%&s Competiti'e Position /., De$orite Condition /.- Cash in hand @ mone' at short ca)) /.6 Remittance in Bang)adesh /.6., Com$arison and condition o# remittance in#)o7 to BD /.6.- Com$arison o# remittance in#)o7 bet7een *CB ( NCB @ =CB /./ SCB!s Com$etiti&e $osition 7ith other Mu)ti<Nationa)s C apter $i'e : (eneral %ankin) * Credit Card * +oan ! Ad'ances 5., Introduction 5.- Account "$ening 5.-., *ersona) and Aoint ABC 5.-.- =iCed De$osit

5.-.6 Com$an' ABC 5.-./ Access ABC 5.6 e)e<Ban5ing 5./ S$eed CheDue Cash 5.5 A M Card 5.. Credit Card

5.; *ersona) 4oan 5.;., A$$)ication t'$e 7ise segment 5.;.- *ur$ose 7ise segment 5.?. Com$arati&e Ana)'sis C apter Six : Assessment o, -isk .., 4oan 0&a)uation Criteria ..- =ormat ..6 0&a)uation ../ =actors ..5 Securit' ration 7ise ana)'sis ... Ban5ing re)ationshi$ 7ise ana)'sis ..; Securit' ration 7ise de)inDuenc' ..? Ban5ing re)ation 7ise de)inDuenc' ..9 Segmentation ana)'sis o# Business *eo$)e C apter Se'en : Conclusions and recommendations ;., Introduction ;.- Recommendation ;.-., De&e)o$ a Credit Scoring S'stem ;.-.- Change in 0&a)uation *rocess ;.-.6 a5e )ega) measures against #raud ;.-./ Maintain re)ation 7ith credit bureau o# Bang)adesh Ban5 ;.6 Some other Recommendations APPE./ICES Bib)iogra$h'

A Case Analysis On

T e 0orld1s local bank

Prepared ForMr. Tajuddin Ahmed Faculty: HRM 4 ! "orth #outh $ni%ersity

Prepared &y Marilin Far'ana Ahmed () * !++-+44-!,! -ane Alam Romel () * !!.-!/ -!,! Al%i Cho0dhury () * !+,-+,1-!,! #hameem (2rahim () * !.+-++/-!,!

)ate: .+3+.3.!!4 "orth #outh $ni%ersity


One of the most pleasant parts of submitting a report is the opportunity to thank those who have contributed to it. These acknowledgements are no exception. Our first thanks goes to the team members whose unflagging capacity for creative work and long hours made the project successful under the pressure of deadlines. And thanks to those who have helped us to improve the report with various advises. Finally we convey our gratitude to !r. Tajuddin Ahmed our honorable course instructor of "orth #outh $niversity for his guidance and cooperation which helped us immensely to prepare this report.

6etter o7 Transmittal
%ecember &' &(()

!r. Tajuddin Ahmed Faculty *+! ),( #chool of -usiness "orth #outh $niversity %ear #ir .n this report on /*#-0 -ank 1td.2 we have tried to implement our learning of #trategic *uman +esource !anagement in the practical field with due sincerity and we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to have the chance to work on this topic. %espite many limitations we have tried our best to address the major

and in depth issues in making this paper accurate and reliable. .f you have any further en3uiry concerning any additional information we would be very pleased to clarify that. Thank you. #incerely yours

!arilin Far4ana Ahmed .% 5 (''6'))6(7(

8ane Alam +omel .% 5 ((&6(9,6(7(

Alvi 0howdhury .% 5 ('76'7:6(7(

#hameem .brahim .% 5 (&'6''96(7(

89ecuti%e #ummary

Ta2le o7 Contents

&ac45round Theme

! ! !

Main (ssue ! #:OT Analysis

#tren5th :ea4nesses Opportunities Threats

Human Resource (ssues Alternati%es Recommendations (mplementation APP8")(;

! ! ! ! !

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