To be or not to be?

by Archna Khurana Sharma on May 2, 2011

Quoting these lines from the famous play, Hamlet written by the great playwright William Sha espeare, the !uestion as e" by Hamlet in the scene where he is contemplating suici"e, #To be, or not to be: which means $ is it better to li%e or "ie& Hamlet's phrase is certainly the most famous (u"gment on the fear of the un nown& )he fear of what will happen the ne*t "ay or in the future& We all come across such fears, on the (ob+you are fearful of retrenchment& When you greet your boss in the morning, an" su""enly your boss loo s away, what "o you thin , -our timorous imagination will tell you that your boss is thin ing of retrenching you& .oor you, he may in fact be (ust getting some papers from the photo copier, but our !ualms of un nown ma es us so %ulnerable to thin in a negati%e mo"e& /n the professional worl", the "ilemma of to be or not to be must ha%e been face" by many of us, no no0not in the sense of suici"al "eath, but whether to "o something or not& 1ne such common e*ample coul" be "uring 2*it inter%iews or while gi%ing a resignation& Double Trouble: 3acing a snag from a ba" boss, to no hi e in the salary, trouble can be of many types, though /'m of the opinion that a bir" at han" is worth a "o4en in the bush& Sprea" your wings, an" begin to see yourself soar high& )hough you may not fin" fulfillment in your present (ob but are you sure you will fin" it in your future (ob, What is the moti%e behin" your reasoning, 5efore going for other opportunities as yourself factual !uestions6 What is the moti%e behin" your plan6 is it for the money or for growth, /f it's the money, then there is a problem but if it is about growth7career then you are buil"ing a foun"ation, 8areer buil"ing is li e a pyrami" which might ta e time but the outcome is as beautiful as the .yrami"s of 2gypt& 9ea%ing a company where you ha%e poure" in many great years of learning an" ma ing mista es, the comfort le%el with fellow team members may not be there :it's (ust a matter of few "ays; an" once you get ac!uainte" with the system an" culture it will welcome you with open arms&

also closing all the "oors of communication an" tryst& 5ut if you ha%e a conscience why not open up in a positi%e manner an" hea%e out the long face" anguish. Will you be stuc to your present situation an" "esignation. shoul" / tell my boss or wait for a few more months.Quandary of emotions: Will you get a promotion or not is another such e*ample with ingre"ients of fear an" pre"icament& Why worry "ear frien"s when the efforts are being ma"e. I #no" that if I "i resign I "on’t be e igib e for maternity benefit. In !eb I to d my manager about my pregnancy.ic)he fun of wor ing in such companies then goes. I joined this company in Oct 2010. thumping of heartbeats. but after that his behavior to"ards me changed. the tyranny of lea"ership or any such concern&)he !uestion is to "isclose it or not. why lose sleep o%er such a tri%ial issue. . will he let me continue or as me to resign. in fact recently there has been a !uery relate" to a similar "ilemma& <ea" this0&the plight of a la"y0 =I’ve a query regarding maternity benefit. I denied resigning as I said that I’m meeting up my $%&’s & this is not the actua reason. he says that I’m not focused in my "or# & he "ants me to resign. my probation is over & I’ve received my confirmation etter. or may be the en%ironmental issue you ha%e come across. your future may be "epen"ent on this promotion an" growth but what if you "on't get it. with a tsunami of thoughts. when you "eal with such situations. yes. each step ta en with utmost care an" har" wor .*+. an" min" won"ering whether to "isclose the agony of ri"icule you ha%e face" by the boss7co wor er. what woul" be his7her reaction. )he answer is in affirmation& The plight of Bonhomie: Maternity lea%es an" benefits also bring lots of confusion. as there are chances that the e*it will become notty with such loops that may not untie. will relish the autonomy& )here is a fabulous song also. I’m free from the fear of tomorro". where after your efforts an" performance also& -ou are being punishe" for no fault of yours> An" then / ha%e e*perience" many females who coul"n't fully en(oy their gol"en perio" of motherhoo"& Bid farewell and spill the beans: Sitting an*iously for the e*it inter%iew. may be the person who will replace you. will you not flourish. ' ease et me #no" if he terminates me "ou d I be e igib e for maternity benefit or not( )et me #no" "hat maternity benefit &ct says in this case.

.I’m free from the gui t of past Hence (ust go ahea" an" "eal with the "ilemma an" be a sport an" let Hamlet "eal with the !uest of $ )o be or not to be0006.

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