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The challenges of SAP BusinessObjects Administration within Tirus International

Tirus International SA sets in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is 100% affiliated with VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation, world leader in the production of titanium. It manages and coordinates the purchase and delivery of the products from the VSMPOs factories around the world, throughout the Tirus network. In addition to this activity, Tirus International SA offers its services to the whole VSMPO-AVISMA group regarding finance & controlling, marketing and business development, legal support, IT and logistics.

The issues encountered by the CIO

Marc Buthey is the IT manager at Tirus International. He talks about the daily use of SAP BusinessObjects my team and I had to face several issues related to the use of standard tools provided by SAP (CMC, LCM). Among others, these ones allow the management of the security, the administration of the platform and the migration between environments. Within SAP BusinessObjects, the CMC is a time-consuming and error-prone. The company policy requires us to follow a specific development schema: run the tests on a dedicated environment before the production. But it was complicated to follow the master plan, because of the issues we encounter. At Tirus International, we manage many entities in a single SAP BusinessObjects platform. Thats the reason why we were looking for a tool allowing us to build a policy security, to easily promote content between environments and to establish a strong and efficient backup strategy. Finally, we were looking for a good value for money suitable to our deployment.

The benefits of the 360 solutions

GB & SMITH is a software company that creates solutions for SAP BusinessObjects. It develops and markets powerful and intuitive solutions. Marc Buthey explains by choosing the 360suite range, we can finally respect the internal process of the CIO Office. Within my IT team, the SAP BusinessObjects users enjoy the easy use of the 360suite range. Using SAP BusinessObjects becomes easier, faster and more efficient. We get 60% productivity gain on specific tasks. Now we can focus on tasks with higher added value, such as delivering new contents or solutions to our end users.

The 360suite range combines 4 solutions: 360view (security), 360plus (backup), 360cast (dynamic bursting) and 360eyes (audit and impact analysis). By purchasing the 360suite range, Tirus International will gain daily time in the SAP BusinessObjects administration. GB & SMITH allows us to test 360suite. Thanks to these testings, we had the chance to evaluate the solutions in our own environment. At last, the issues met the right solutions. We were able to make a full and deep analysis of our SAP BusinessObjects assets and we can keep control on our deployments. The return on investment will be fast, thats why we have decided to purchase the whole range of products. By acquiring the GB & SMITHs solutions, our company increases efficiency and a future migration will be simplified.