Va|n lago

3rook|yn Ouoor
Coo| 8 3rook|yn
lambda l|no
log|stor to voto
3y Lrlk Lnqqulst
As prlotoo lo tbo Coorlor Llío Nowspopors
lobroory 10, 2004
GRBBN GuLL1Y 1ho gu||ty p|oa ot Assomb|yman
logor Groon to pot|t |arcony chargos onds h|s |oga|
troub|os, but not h|s po||t|ca| onos. G|von h|s adm|ss|on
that ho c|a|mod ro|mbursomonts trom taxpayors tor
oxponsos ho novor |ncurrod, tho quost|on bo|ng askod
|n po||t|ca| c|rc|os |s no |ongor whon Groon w||| run tor
Congross. lt's whothor ho'|| ovon run tor roo|oct|on th|s
yoar. 1ochn|ca||y ho can, s|nco ho p|oadod to on|y a
m|sdomoanor. A to|ony wou|d havo torcod h|m trom
ott|co. 0|d ho tako tho p|oa tor that roason-so ho cou|d
run aga|n? lorhaps, but thoro woro othor roasons tor
h|m to want to stay at |oast through tho ond ot h|s curront
||rst, h|s pons|on vosts whon ho turns bb yoars o|d th|s
summor. And socond, ho m|ght want to got h|s son a job
w|th tho low 1orsoy lots whon 3ruco latnor assumos
ownorsh|p ot tho toam, |ns|dors say. 1hat shou|d happon
|n a tow months. Groon |s |n a pos|t|on to p|aco poop|o
|n jobs w|th latnor bocauso ho supports tho dovo|opor's
$2.b b||||on p|an tor an arona, hous|ng, and ott|co spaco
|n lrospoct |o|ghts. lt Groon doosn't run, who wou|d?
lrobab|y a bunch ot poop|o. Ono corta|n cand|dato
wou|d bo |akoom 1ottr|os, who |ost 0omocrat|c
pr|mar|os to Groon |n 2000 and 2002.
ºGroon's adm|ss|on ot gu||t |s turthor ov|donco that
A|bany's a cosspoo| ot corrupt|on,º 1ottr|os sa|d. º1ho
on|y way to chango tho govornmont |s to chango tho
poop|o who aro govorn|ng.º 1ottr|os sa|d |ast yoar ho
was t|n|shod runn|ng aga|nst |ncumbonts. 3ut Groon |s
now an |ncumbont w|th an astor|sk, and tho t|no pr|nt
says, ºlons|on about to vost. 1|rod ot A|bany, but
amb|t|ons tor h|ghor ott|co dashod. Vay ros|gn w|thout
warn|ng.º 3o wo suspoct 1ottr|os w||| gathor pot|t|ons to
mako tho 2004 ba||ot, just |n caso.
ARBNA ANALYsLs: Oppononts ot 3ruco latnor's
proposod At|ant|c Yards baskotba|| arona projoct
d|str|butod somo propaganda |n 3optombor countor|ng
tho not|on that sports tac|||t|os boost tho |oca| oconomy.
Among tho quotos thoy c|tod was th|s ono trom a study
co-authorod by Androw Z|mba||st, a 3m|th Co||ogo
oconom|cs protossor: ºWo and 1b co||aborators
oxam|nod tho |oca| oconom|c dovo|opmont argumont
trom a|| ang|os. ln ovory caso, tho conc|us|ons aro tho
samo. A now sports tac|||ty has an oxtromo|y sma||
(porhaps ovon nogat|vo) ottoct on ovora|| oconom|c
act|v|ty and omp|oymont. lo rocont tac|||ty appoars to
havo oarnod anyth|ng approach|ng a roasonab|o roturn
on |nvostmont.º
1ho naysayors must havo boon shockod to |oarn that
Z|mba||st actua||y supports tho projoct, and d|d so ovon
botoro ho had any |nk||ng latnor wou|d h|ro h|m |n oar|y
0ocombor to do somo oconom|c ana|ys|s ot |t.
º1ho ma|n roason l'vo boon support|vo ot th|s projoct-
and l was support|vo botoro |orost C|ty latnor askod
httµ.ffWWW.||dbrcc||yu.crqfbµ02160+.hta Gc
2004 2005 2007
14 captures
22 Aµr 0+ - 1S May 08
mo to ho|p thom w|th somo oconom|c projoct|ons-|s not
bocauso ot |ts potont|a| to ra|so por-cap|ta |ncomo or
omp|oymont, but bocauso |t's wondortu| tor 3rook|yn, tor
cu|tura| onr|chmont, cu|tura| |dont|ty, to rostoro somoth|ng
that has boon robbod trom 3rook|yn. l th|nk 3rook|yn |ost
an |mportant part ot |ts hor|tago whon [Wa|tor| O'Va||oy
movod tho 0odgors.
º1ho |doa ot support|ng a sports arona |s s|m||ar to
support|ng a pub||c park. You don't do |t bocauso |t's
go|ng to ra|so por-cap|ta |ncomo.º
1hat sa|d, Z|mba||st bo||ovos tho projoct (a 10,000-soat
arona, 4,b00 un|ts ot hous|ng, 2.1 m||||on squaro toot ot
ott|co spaco, and 800,000 squaro toot ot rota||) wou|d
add a ||tt|o monoy to tho c|ty troasury, un||ko mun|c|pa||y
t|nancod sports tac|||t|os ho's cr|t|c|zod |n tho past.
º1ho typ|ca| caso |s tho pub||c |s spond|ng hundrods ot
m||||ons on a now arona and |t's a not dra|n on tho pub||c
cottors. |oro thoro's a not p|us,º Z|mba||st sa|d. ºVost
now stad|ums or now aronas croato a ho|o |n tho
budgot. 1h|s |s not go|ng to do that.º |o addod,
ºWhothor tho not p|us |s $2 m||||on or $20 m||||on (por
yoar), |t's st||| a sma|| numbor. Ono wou|d not say, 'lot's
movo tho lots to 3rook|yn to ho|p tho |oca| oconomy.'º
Ot courso, many supportors aro say|ng oxact|y that.
1hoy'd probab|y onhanco tho|r crod|b|||ty by adopt|ng
Z|mab||st's moro roa||st|c po|nt ot v|ow.
sAYs 1ho pross ovont at tho 3rook|yn Acadomy ot
Vus|c announc|ng tho purchaso ot tho lots by 3ruco
latnor was attondod by ch||dron trom 3onjam|n
3annokor ||gh 3choo|, wh|ch Assomb|yman logor
Groon |ovos to rom|nd poop|o ho ho|pod croato.
3ocauso Groon supports tho lots arona proposa| tor
3rook|yn and a|so attondod tho pross ovont, projoct
oppononts assumod tho assomb|yman orchostratod tho
3annokor k|ds' part|c|pat|on. ºl havo boon roa||y crushod
by what ho's do|ng, but that's tho |owost ot tho |ow. |o
|ont ch||dron to 3ruco latnor,º ono opponont sa|d.
ºAbso|uto|y not,º rospondod 3arry 3aum, a spokosman
tor tho projoct. º1hat |s tho most r|d|cu|ous th|ng l'vo ovor
hoard ot. Wo roachod out to k|ds at schoo|s a|| ovor
3rook|yn. 3ovora| studonts trom 3annokor ||gh 3choo|
camo to th|s oxc|t|ng ovont at 3AV and wo woro thr|||od
to havo thom.º
oR1Lz Cu1s 1uB rA1 Usua||y whon po||t|c|ans ta|k
about cutt|ng tho tat, thoy'ro spoak|ng ot budgots. 3ut
Assomb|yman |o||x Ort|z moans |t ||tora||y. |o knows
Amor|cans aro too tat, and that tho prob|om |s bost
addrossod |n ch||dron, 20 porcont ot whom aro
ovorwo|ght |n low York. 1ho prob|om |s ovon moro
acuto among lat|nos, who mako up bb porcont ot h|s
3unsot lark-lod |ook d|str|ct. Ort|z's |atost ottort |s a
b||| to roqu|ro cha|n rostaurants |n low York to post
nutr|t|on |ntormat|on noxt to oach monu |tom. labo||ng |s
a|roady roqu|rod ot toods so|d |n storos, so why not at
rostaurants? ºConsumors shou|d bo |ntormod about
what thoy aro go|ng to oat,º Ort|z to|d tho A|bany 1|mos-
||s co||oaguos on tho Assomb|y |oa|th Comm|ttoo
agrood, approv|ng h|s b||| w|th ono objoct|on-by a
lopub||can who to|t |t unta|r to roqu|ro somo rostaurants
but not a|| to d|sc|oso what's |n tho|r tood. Ort|z's b|||
app||os on|y to oator|os w|th t|vo or moro |ocat|ons |n
low York.
NBLsoN LN LuLu LANo Counc||man V|ko lo|son
gots a $10,000 annua| |u|u tor cha|r|ng tho counc||'s
lovonuo |orocast|ng 3ubcomm|ttoo, wh||o Counc||man
low ||d|or gots just $8,2b0 tor cha|r|ng tho Youth
3orv|cos Comm|ttoo. Why doos a subcomm|ttoo
cha|rman got moro than a comm|ttoo cha|rman? And
why |s lo|son's |u|u $2,000 moro than that ot othor
subcomm|ttoo cha|rmon?
1ho answors: ||d|or gots |oss bocauso ho askod tor
|oss whon tho c|ty's t|sca| cr|s|s h|t two yoars ago (ho
borrowod tho |doa trom 3poakor G|ttord V|||or, who
a||ottod h|mso|t a |u|u 2b porcont sma||or than that ot tho
prov|ous spoakor, lotor va||ono). lo|son gots moro
bocauso ho has son|or|ty, hav|ng jo|nod tho counc|| |n
oar|y 1000, wh||o most ot h|s co||oaguos took ott|co |n
2001. 1ho samo |s truo tor 1racy 3oy|and, whoso |u|u as
Womon's lssuos cha|rwoman |s $1b,000.
You m|ght bo wondor|ng why lo|son, dosp|to h|s
son|or|ty, doosn't cha|r a tu|| comm|ttoo. 1ho roason |s
ho's novor boon ospoc|a||y dr|von to do so. |o m|ght
wo|| not havo ovon |nhor|tod h|s subcomm|ttoo
cha|rmansh|p trom tho conv|ctod Ango| lodr|guoz had
||d|or not |obb|od tor h|s appo|ntmont (a tavor that won't
bo ropoatod, s|nco lo|son votod to oust ||d|or as
3rook|yn do|ogat|on cha|rman).
ÞoLL1LCAL 1LoBL1s Voro than a yoar ago, tho
vond|ng mach|no |n tho post ott|co on 7th Avonuo |n
lark 3|opo sto|o $14.40 trom us. Wo t||od a roport. lo
rosponso. Wo t||od anothor roport. lo rosponso. Wo
t||od a th|rd roport. lo rosponso. 0otoct a pattorn horo?
And tho U.3.l.3. wondors whoro tho phraso ºgo posta|º
comos trom.
A low York lost |tom about lopub||cans woo|ng b|ack
churchos |n 3rook|yn suggostod that tormor C|ty Counc||
cand|dato 1ony |orbort |s a lopub||can º|oador.º 3ut tho
noxt sontonco, |ntroduc|ng an oppos|ng v|owpo|nt trom
Counc||man Char|os 3arron, road, ºOthor b|ack |oadors-
somo ot whom havo ovon won o|oct|ons-d|sagrood.º
lop. Anthony Wo|nor hasn't doc|dod yot whothor to run
tor mayor, but ho's a|roady ratchot|ng up tho campa|gn
rhotor|c aga|nst V|ko 3|oomborg. º|o's go|ng to |oso |n
'0b,º Wo|nor to|d tho 0a||y lows. ºA|| ot tho v|s|ts to tho
boroughs |n tho wor|d aro not go|ng to chango tho tact
that thoro |s a|most a sp|r|tua| d|v|do botwoon
[3|oomborg| and thoso that ho's govorn|ng.º
3rook|yn h|gh schoo|s on Vayor V|ko 3|oomborg's 0|rty
0ozon ||st ot tho most dangorous: Canars|o, 3outh
3horo, |rank||n K. lano, 3hoopshoad 3ay, and 1homas
3rook|yn 0omocrat|c larty spokosman 3ob l|tt has
boon rumorod to bo advanc|ng tho potont|a| cand|dacy
ot |awyor Arn|o Kr|ss tor 3rook|yn 0.A. 3ut l|tt to|d us ho
|s not. |o |s s|mp|y tr|onds w|th Kr|ss, whoso |aw
pract|co |s |n tho samo ott|co su|to as l|tt's omp|oyor,
Goorgo Arzt Commun|cat|ons.
A tormor paront |oador trom a brownstono-aroa schoo|
o-ma||od us, ºUntortunato|y l am no |ongor |nvo|vod w|th
any paront organ|zat|on tor log|on 8/0|str|ct 1b. 1ho
po||t|cs thoro was moro |nt|uont|a| than tho dos|ro to
ompowor paronts.º lo||t|cs |n a schoo| d|str|ct? 3ay |t
a|n't so.
Cootoct Brook|yo Po|ltlcs ot (718) 800-8008.
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