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Mad Sane Libs

Jeremiah 1:5-10
I knew you before I formed you in your ________mothers name___________ womb [your childhood, scrapes, burns, stars next to the potty, your mother, father, siblings, spouses, your children, your losses, being fired, paying bills, your accomplishments, your failings, your strengths, your weaknesses etc. ad infinitum ! I set you apart for me before you were born! I appointed you to be a _______? _____________ to your __________?____________" [your church, your community, your children, your neighbors, your wife, your husband, your friends, the stranger at Starbucks etc. ad infinitum # replied, $%h, L&'( )od* Look, # don+t know how to __________ ?__________, because #+m only a ____________?_________________." ,hen the LORD told me, $(on+t say, -#+m only a _________?__________,+ for you will go e.erywhere I send you, and you will speak e.erything I command you. (on+t be afraid of ___________?__________, because I am with you to you," declares the LORD. ,he LORD stretched out his hand, touched my mouth, and then told me, $Look, Ive put my words in your mouth. See, today Ive appointed you to [/ inserted 0gird up your loins and rise, and speak" __________________________ about nations and kingdoms, to pull up and tear down, to destroy and o.erthrow, to build and to plant."

1)ifts should build the church up, not 2ust the indi.idual 3 4 /or. 45678 9ach of us ha.e been wo.en into the bodypolitic of )od:s church as well as ;is plan. <hile we are separate=and= uni>ue NOT created to become automatons [robotic in our expressions of faith and passions . <e are more like a snowflake, uni>ue to our sphere of influence, just as )od planned. &ur are consecrated, doted on by )od, and we are blessed in a sal.onic order long before our birth. &ur entire are in focus in an 0eternal now0 before )od. Focusing on Kardia The Greek term kardia is used in the Septuagint and NT to reflect the Hebrew term l b! "t is used in se#eral ways! 1. the center of physical life, a metaphor for the person 1cf. %cts 4?647! 5 /orinthians @65A@! Bames C6C8 2. the center of spiritual 1moral8 life

Mad Sane Libs

a. )od knows the heart 1cf. Luke 4D64C! 'om. E657! 4 /or. 4?65C! 4 ,hess. 56?! 'e.. 565@8 b. used of mankind+s spiritual life 1cf. Matt. 4C64EA4F! 4E6@C! 'om. D647! 4 ,im. 46C! 5 ,im. 5655! 4 Get. 46558

3. the center of the thought life 1i.e. intellect, cf. Matt. 4@64C! 5?6?E! %cts 765@! 4D64?! 5E657! 'om. 4654! 4H6D! 4D64E! 5 /or. ?6D! 9ph. 464E! ?64E! Bames 465D! 5 Get. 464F! 'e.. 4E67! heart is synonymous with mind in 5 /or. @64?A4C and Ghil. ?678 4. the center of the .olition 1i.e. will, cf. %cts C6?! 4465@! 4 /or. ?6C! 76@7! 5 /or. F678 5. the center of the emotions 1cf. Matt. C65E! %cts 565D, @7! 76C?! 5464@! 'om. 465?! 5 /or. 56?! 76@! 9ph. D655! Ghil. 4678 6. uni>ue place of the Spirit+s acti.ity 1cf. 'om. C6C! 5 /or. 4655! )al. ?6D [i.e. /hrist in our hearts, 9ph. @647 8 7. ,he heart is a metaphorical way of referring to the entire person 1cf. Matt. 556@7, >uoting (eut. D6C8. ,he thoughts,, and actions attributed to the heart fully re.eal the type of indi.idual. ,he &, has some striking usages of the terms
a. )en. D6D! E654, $)od was grie.ed to ;is heart" 1also notice ;osea 446EAF8 b. (eut. ?65F! D6C, $with all your heart and all your soul" c. (eut. 4H64D, $uncircumcised heart" and 'om. 565F d. 9Iek. 4E6@4A@5, $a new heart" e. 9Iek. @D65D, $a new heart" .s. $a heart of stone"

,he key to understanding our internal conflict, is knowing that we not only ha.e the Spirit of )od working for us, but we ha.e our fallen, broken, base, sinful nature trying to sabotage us. /onse>uently, we desperately need to be filled with the Spirit 19phesians C64E8 and to be led by the Spirit 1as the apostle Gaul discusses in )alatians C64D=4E8, if we are to see any success in subduing and controlling this selfish, sinister, sabotaging, destructi.e bent of ours. 0Jor # delight in the law of )od, in my inner being, but # see in my members another law waging war against the law of my mind and making me capti.e to the law of sin that dwells in my members. <retched man that # am* <ho will me from this body of deathK ,hanks be to )od through Besus /hrist our Lord*0 1'omans 7655=5C8 0Lut # say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. Jor the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit, and the desires of the Spirit are against the flesh, for these are opposed to each other, to keep you from doing the things you want to do.0 1)alatians C64D=478