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Test statistic:____________________________ where s12 is the larger of the two the hypotheses are: _________________ _________________ ariances

the ! "istri#$tion loo%s li%e:

so the "ecision r$le is always: __________________________ __________________________ To fin" the critical al$e:

1& !in" n$merator "egrees of free"om: n1'1 2& !in" "enominator "egrees of free"om: n2'1 (& Loo% $p the critical al$e on Ta#le )*+ page ,-( .ass$ming */5 le el of significance which m$st #e "i i"e" #y two #eca$se this is a two'taile" test&

0R1CE22 !1R 31456 T'TE2T2 1! TW1 010UL)T4152: 1&__________________________________ 2&__________________________________

flow chart


e7ample 1: ) professor in the )cco$ntancy "epartment of a #$siness school claims that there is "ifferent aria#ility in the final e7am scores of st$"ents ta%ing the intro"$ctory acco$nting co$rse as a a re8$irement than for st$"ents ta%ing the co$rse as part of their ma9or: Ran"om samples of 1( non'acco$nting ma9ors an" 1/ acco$nting ma9ors were ta%en from the professor;s class roster in his large lect$re an" the following res$lts were comp$te" #ase" on the final e7am scores: n5)<1( s25)<21/*2 n)<1/ s2)<(=:5

)t the */5 le el of significance: is there e i"ence to s$pport the professor;s claim?

E7ample 2 $sing >inita#:

pg -12 ta#le 1/*?

Minitab Instructi ns: To test equality of variances: Data must be in one column with the code for groups in a second column. Choose stat Choose ANOVA Choose Homogeneity of Variance Select data variable in "response" Select code variable in "factors" Click OK ASSIGNMENT: Rea" in yo$r te7t#oo%: pages -/,'-1(

Written assignment: #y han": pg -1( @1/*5( #y comp$ter: 1& pg -1( @1/*5= 2& Using the pro#lem written #elow or on the ne7t page: "o the complete in"epen"ent t'test process* 3o not ma%e any ass$mptions a#o$t the ariances'yo$ m$st test to "etermine whether the ariances are e8$al or not then choose an" "o the appropriate t'testA

0ro#lem: The "irector of training for a company man$fact$ring electronic e8$ipment is intereste" in "etermining whether "ifferent training metho"s ha e an effect on the pro"$cti ity of assem#ly line employees* 2he ran"omly assigne" -2recently hire" employees into two gro$ps of 21 each* The first gro$p recei e" comp$ter'assiste": in"i i"$al'#ase" training an" the secon" gro$p recei e" team'#ase" training* Upon completion of training: the employees were e al$ate" on time .in secon"s& it too% to assem#le a part* The res$lts are as follows: Comp$terBin"i i"$al training 1,*2/*+ 21*? 1-*1 1=*1 1=*? 1-*+ 1=*+ 1,*( 1=*? 1+*+ 1,*? 1,*( 1=*/ 1+*+ Team'#ase" training 22*1?*+ 1,*( 15*= 1?*/ 21*+ (/*+ 2(*+ 1(*? 1?*/ 2/*? 1+*1 2?*2 2/*? 2-*+ 1+*-


1=*2 1=*-



2(*2 12*( 1=*/

2/*1 15*2

Using a */5 le el of significance: is there e i"ence of a "ifference in the a erage assem#ly times .in secon"s& #etween employees traine" in a comp$ter' assiste": in"i i"$al'#ase" program an" those traine" in a team'#ase" program?