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S. E.

94, Phears Lane Kolkata-700012. Dial-09830175581, 09903071599.

Ref To, Mr. Nitu Agarwal Address:- ________

SUB:-Quatatoin with material only

Date- 17/06/2013

1)Hall:Main entrance outside decoration Four piece flash door Entrance side shoe cabinet Complete false ceiling

2) Kitchen:Wall and counter breaking and rubbish shifting New counter standing with granite top counter Kitchen wall complete tiles fitting Kitchen counter door Counter inside modular fitting Over head cabinet Upper overhead cabinet One kitchen room and two bathrooms complete false ceiling Three bed room false ceiling complete

______________ Total = 414000/-

3) Bed room:One piece double bed box type with one side drawer One piece side table Bed head-side wall decoration Wardrobe almirah with overhead T.V. unit cum wall decoration Two piece flash door decoration Attached bathroom wall tiles complete Floor tiles complete Basin counter and cubical glass door fitting complete

_____________ Total= 458500/-

Complete flat electric and wiring and light fitting with switches 2,35,000/-

Complete flat wall and ceiling plastic paint finish with wall paper

1,16,000/___________ Total = 3,51,000/-

5) Materials
Water proof ply(green centuary alishan frontier)cp teak and badam wood inside laminates(0.8mm thick) outside laminates(1.0mm thick) godereg and Italian lock moduler auto-hinges. Wardrobe handles range up to 200/- to 400/- per pieces and small handle only 200/- per pieces bed without gudda kitchen room wall tiles range up to 60/- per Sq ft. kitchen room floor tiles range up to 125/- per Sq ft. bathroom wall tiles range up to125 per Sq ft. bathroom floor tiles range up to 150/- per Sq ft. electrical flexible wire modular switches range up to 50/- to 60/- complete flase ceiling concile LED fittings range up to 700/- to 1000/- outside laminates range up to 1700/- wallpaper range per roll up to 3500/- to 4000/- wall plastic paint velvet touch finish only

6) Terms and condition

Advance50% Running the job25% Before complitation of job15% After complitation of job10% Work complete finish time up to2.5 months to 3 months Dining area hall crockery unit and L.C.D T.v. unit with wall decoration 1,47,000/-

7) Bedroom (2):
One pc double bed box type with drawer Bed head-side wall decoration One pc bed side-table (big size) One pc bar counter cum cabinet One study cum wardrobe with overhead One pc flash door alteration Total


One pc mandir decoration (wooden)



back side wall paneling +Divider partition complete +Pillar cover paneling and side wall decorative tiles +One sitter seat and flowering pot +Sitting Area (L) shape sofa +Two pcs. side table and one center table