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Fahrenheit 451 Final Project

The goal is to create and present your own science fiction/dystopian story using everything that you have learned about these genres during our Fahrenheit unit. You should be able to 1. Apply your understanding of the science fiction and dystopian genres through your project by including specific techniques that the authors of science fiction and dystopian fiction use to tell their stories. 2. Develop a significant theme about a particular topic that is important to you.

You are the creators and performers (writers, artists, directors, actors) of your own cautionary tale. You will be part of a creative team or work individually.

You need to warn skeptical members of your own society about the potential problems that they may face if your society continues down the same path in the future.

Imagine that you are a writer like Ray Bradbury, the creator of a television show such as The Twilight Zone, or another artist. You look around at your society and are troubled by something that you have observed. Through your work, you want to share what has been bothering you and warn others about what might happen.

Product, Performance, and Purpose

You will create a science/dystopian fiction scene in order to show how a routine, habit, or device that is commonplace (used every day) today could gain an exaggerated place in your society in the future. You will act out a skit (according to a script), make a short video, make your own comic book, or create a website about this strange and disturbing future.

Standards for Success

Your project should include 1. an initial project proposal 2. an explanation (at least one paragraph in length) of why you chose your subject (the routine, habit, or device) and at least two paragraphs connecting your story to Fahrenheit 451 by answering the following questions: How is your future different from or similar to the world created by Ray Bradbury? Must include specific details! How is your vision of the future a good example of the dystopian and/or science fiction genre(s)? Specifically, what elements of your project match the elements that are usually included in these genres? 3. a performance/presentation of your vision in front of the class. This can come in the form of presenting the story on a website that you have designed, creating a skit, etc. Presentation Options

In groups: Note: Each person in the group shares responsibility for the project and must participate. Each team member must have a clearly defined role to fulfill. Skit 15 minutes. Include a script and consider acting, costume, and prop choices. Video (movie/T.V. episode) - A 15 minute video. Hand in a script/plan with the presentation. Consider acting, costume, and prop choices. Teams must use their own equipment. Comic Book Must include both words (including dialogue) and drawings to tell the story. You need multiple panels. There are several good comic book templates available online to get you

started. There are many presentation options: the document camera, a PowerPoint, a poster with your whole comic book laid out, etc. Website Create a website with links to multi-media. You should include dialogue somewhere in your project. Team choice - Run other ideas by me. I am open to options. On your own: Video see above Comic Book See above Website See above Note: Choose activities that highlight your talents. Do not choose activities based on which ones you think are the easiest. Whichever activity you choose should thoroughly demonstrate your understanding of the science fiction and dystopian genres.

Day 3/19 3/20

Project Schedule and Checklist Agenda

Introduction to the final project Choose whether you want to work in groups or on your own. (Maximum group size is three.) Write down the name of one or two other group members with whom you would like to work. Brainstorm ideas. Receive your group assignment Make a final choice about a habit, routine, or device that you will create a story about. Identify the problem presented by the thing you have chosen. Why will this routine, habit, or device cause harm, become annoying, or replace something else that is more valuable? Choose how you will present your project to the class. Will you create a movie or website, act out a play, or create a drawing or comic book? What does the scene you have imagined look and feel like? Get your project idea approved by Mr. Udel or Mrs. Johnson. Write a paragraph explaining your choice of topic. HW: Finish your paragraph and complete necessary research to include in your project. Create your project, making sure that it refers to the techniques that an author uses to tell a science fiction story. Complete preparations for your presentation. Presentations MCAS

Check when complete

3/21 3/24 3/25 3/26 -27 3/28


There is great serious fun for the writer in asking himself, when does an invention stop being a reasonable escape mechanismfor we must all evade the world and its crushing responsibilities at timesand start being a paranoically dangerous device? How much of any one such invention is food for one person, fine for this man, fatal for the next? Ray Bradbury

DAY 1 Brainstorming
Routine, Habit, or Device
Online shopping (habit)

Use in our society How is it used in our society?

Quick and convenient, it allows shoppers to choose from a range of options to find the items they are searching for. They can purchase these items and have them delivered without leaving their homes. Amazon is leading the way with one-day deliveries. In a few years the company will deliver packages using drones!

Problem(s) in the future What problems might it create?

I can imagine a future in which people almost never leave their homes because they can have everything delivered. They might work remotely over the internet and even receive their education entirely through online courses. Without the need to leave their homes, people will become lazy and antisocial.

Routine, Habit, or Device

Use in our society

Problem(s) in the future

Brainstorm #2: Authors Techniques Science Fiction

What techniques does an author use to tell a science fiction story? Which of these techniques can you use in your own story? Explain.

Dystopian Fiction
What techniques does an author use to tell a dystopian fiction story? Which of these techniques can you use in your own story? Explain.

DAY 2 Project Proposal

(Topic) My project will be about _________________________________________________________________________________ The message that I want to send about this topic is

I will create a (check one) Video Skit Comic book Website (using the available tools) Other What details will you include? ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Why did you choose this type of presentation? ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Teacher signature___________________

Rubrics There are three test grades attached to this project. 1. Preparation

Use of Class Time

Time used effectively and demonstrated consistent focus on the task at hand. If working within a group, the individual was focused and collaborated well with others.

Includes several fully developed and well thought-out ideas. Completed on time.

Shows evidence of a clear plan. Includes important details. The final product showed evidence of this plan.

Use of Feedback
Used teacher and peer feedback to develop and improve ideas.

Exceeds expectations Meets expectations Barely Meets expectations Does not meet expectations

Grade: Comments:

2. Written Product

Choice of Topic

Understanding of Dystopian and Science Fiction

Demonstrates a strong understanding of the science fiction and dystopian genres and the specific elements within them.

Compare and contrast with Fahrenheit 451

Makes deep and insightful connections between Fahrenheit 451 and the students own story using specific details.

Formal writing conventions

The written work shows evidence of careful writing and editing. There are no serious mistakes in grammar, punctuation, or spelling.

Offers a clear and thorough explanation of why the topic was chosen.

Exceeds expectations Meets Expectations Barely Meets expectations Does not meet expectations

Grade: Comments:

3. Presentation

Time requirements

Effectiveness of Presentation

Use of media

Creativity and deep thinking

Demonstrated original and deep thinking about how the material could best be presented.

Project met requirements for time and level of detail.

The presenter delivered a clear presentation that communicated his or her ideas so that the class could understand them.

The project demonstrated strong artistic and organizational techniques to present information. The choice of presentation format provided a strong way to demonstrate understanding.

Exceeds expectations Meets Expectations Barely Meets expectations Does not meet expectations

Grade: Comments: