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Number 277
May 1991


At O'Hare International Airport
Rosemont, Illinois
Mufon UFO Journal
May 1991 Number 277


UTAH UFO SIGHTING .: Mildred Biesele 8


NEWS'N'VIEWS ., Andrus, Hopkins, Jacobs, Maccabee 12

SWISS AWARD Prof. Theodore Auerbach 14


LOOKING BACK Bob Gribble 16

THE UFO PRESS Dennis Stacy, Robert J. Durant 18

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THE JUNE NIGHT SKY Walter N. Webb 22


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By Barry E. Taff
Parapsychologist and Ufologjst laff However, by 1990, . things have
is also a Hollywood screenplay writer. substantially and radically changed
regarding UFO abductions and our
In the period from 1974 through 1977, perception of the possible magnitude of
few if any Ufologists believed that ex- their occurrence. For one, most Ufolo-
traterrestrials were literally waltzing into gists now generally agree that abduc-
people's homes within densely populated tions may, in fact, occur, and appear to
cities and abducting them for examina- be transpiring at an ever increasing rate,
tion and experimentation. Even after and that such events may have been
books like The Interrupted Journey by transpiring for many decades. In fact,
John G. Fuller and its TV movie, "The of the various types of Close En-
UFO Incident," starring James Earl counters, I-IV, IV being an abduction,
Jones and Estelle Parsons, and Budd it now appears as if CE-IV's may be the
Hopkin's Missing Time (1981), most most common variety.
UFO researchers found it difficult to ac- With the publication of Budd
cept or even believe that E.T.s were so Hopkins' second book, Intruders, and
bold and brazen as to literally come Whitley Strieber's Communion, its
directly into one's home and kidnap subsequent motion picture, his follow-
them right out from under their fami- ing books, Transformation and Ma-
ly's noses. It was extremely hard for in- jestic, not to mention the plethora of
vestigators to even come to grip with the motion picture and TV movies dealing
notion that large numbers of people with UFOs and a seeming wave of ab-
might be being abducted to begin with, duction reports from around the world,
never mind why it always seemed to oc- the entire UFO research community is
cur in remote, desolate locations, far well aware of the fact that these forces,
from major population centers. or beings, may, in fact, frequently

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

violate our most sacred privacy to serve out of nowhere within her bedroom and head, telling her not to feel any pain and
their own needs. Unfortunately, the before she could put up a struggle to simply relax. Ann then blacked out.
closed-minded attitude existing more rendered her semi-conscious through While conveying these details to me,
than a decade ago pervaded my own some form of paralysis. her emotional state became more in-
mentality and caused me to overlook The next thing Ann recalled was ly- tense, eventually ending in a crying
what might have been two very signifi- ing on her back on some type of binge that lasted for quite some time
cant abduction cases; one in 1974, metallic table in a roundish room, also which required immediate attention to
another in 1977 where I was actually metal-looking, that was emitting calm her down as she was on the verge
present during the abduction! brilliant light from the walls and ceil- of hysteria.
In the summer of 1974, while work- ing. Around her were either three or Finally calmed, Ann said that she
ing out of UCLA's Parapsychology four humanoids. Her description of the knew the beings or whatever they were,
Laboratory in the Neuropsychiatric In- "funny-looking men" is again very were going to come back and get her
stitute (since disbanded), I was refer- reminiscent of what we are now very again.
red by Dr. A, a psychiatrist at the NPI, used to hearing: 3-4 feet tall, hairless,
to one of his patients, Ann, who com- slim with very large, inverted pear- fter hearing the above story, I
plained of strange, diminuitive night
visitors who did horrible things to her,
one of which included impregnating her
shaped heads with no outer ears, no ap-
parent nose except for two vertical slits
and no lips except for another horizon-
A was startled and really didn't
know what to believe. Ann was
a well-educated, intelligent, emotional-
and eventually taking away her unborn tal slit where the mouth should be. ly balanced woman who, other than her
fetus. Under normal circumstances Dr. Ann's most disturbing memory of supposed dreams, demonstrated ab-
A would have assumed (with good their physical appearance was their solutely no overt or covert signs of emo-
reason) that Ann's fears were the result eyes. Large, dark, reflective and tional disorders. In fact, everything in
of paranoid delusions of supernatural almond-shaped, angling up away from her life up until that point was as nor-
persecutors, however, her stories had the horizontal about 15 degrees. Sound mal as apple pie.
a strange ring of reality and truth about familiar? However, her level of fear and an-
them which is why I was consulted. Dr. While these humanoids were "ex- xiety was so acute that I reluctantly
A felt that as he could be of no assist- amining" her she never heard them agreed to spend several nights on the
ance to her, perhaps I and our lab could audibly speak, but seemed to sense sofa in case the humanoids reappeared.
be. Was he wrong on that account! their words in her mind, as if telepathic After several nights on a very uncom-
in nature. Though she said it was as fortable couch with no visitations, I

eedless to say, when I first met clear as if they verbally spoke, their slit- convinced Ann that everything would
with Ann and heard her stories for-a-mouth never moved. Their skin, be fine and to call me if anything
I was very skeptical of her according to Ann's recall, was greyish unusual occurred.
claims regarding nocturnal presences. I brown and was leathery in its texture. About two months or so later she
spent several hours talking with her They did not have five fingers. The called back, saying that the humanoids
about her experiences, her personal shape of their hands, which included had again reappeared in her bedroom
background and any and all associated webs between their three fingers and an and basically repeated the same pro-
matters. My conclusion was that Ann opposing thumb-like digit, looked rep- cedures they had performed original-
was unquestionably suffering from acute tilian to Ann, who still found herself ly. However, this time Ann said she was
trauma and anxiety brought on by some in a state of total muscular paralysis, pregnant but couldn't account for it as
unknown stimuli. Her background except for her autonomic nervous she was using birth control which up
revealed no evidence of any childhood system. until then proved very reliable. The last
abuse or neglect that might lead to As the humanoids began a more thing Ann wanted was an unplanned
nightmares or fantasies of being detailed examination of Ann, her pregnancy, especially when she hadn't
manipulated and sexually violated. memory began to cloud over as the be- been sleeping with anyone in many
Similarly, there were no other relation- ings kept repeating to her that she had months!
ships in her past or present that would nothing to fear, she would feel no pain Upon hearing this update, I was very
even suggest that her "visitors" were the and would not remember these events. reserved in my opinion regarding this
product of a stigmatized imagination. Ann's memory concluded at this point entire affair as it was extremely
When Ann finally felt more comfor- with the apparent insertion of some type "strange" and I felt more than likely
table talking with me, she confided of probes into various bodily orifices: could be explained very prosaically.
more details than she had to Dr. A, nasal, mouth, ear canal, rectal and The real shocker came several weeks
perhaps because I was about the same vaginal. These probes were quite pain- later when in literal hysteria, Ann called
age she was at the time, twenty-six. Her ful and caused her to scream and cry. late one evening to inform me that her
story, now quite common by abduction At that point, just before Ann lost con- fetus had disappeared from her womb,
accounts, was that several small sciousness, she remembered one of the and that the little humanoids were the
humanoids (my word usage) appeared humanoids placing its hand over her ones who removed it.

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

After visiting with her again and
calming her down,. I tried to convince While these humanoids were "examining" her she
Ann that perhaps she had nothing more never heard them audibly speak, but seemed to
than a hysterical or false pregnancy,
which is not that uncommon. However, sense their words in her mind, as if telepathic in
Ann was not dissuaded by my attempt nature. Though she said it was as clear as if they
at logic, especially as she swore that she verbally spoke, their slit-for-a-mouth never moved.
didn't have an abortion, that she really
was pregnant, with tests to clinically
prove it, and couldn't explain who and Joan Collins. kept perfect time, suddenly and for no
fathered her child. After my initial investigation of her apparent reason began desynchronizing.
During another lengthy session Ann case in the West Los Angeles area dur- Each clock was keeping its own special
told me of her encounter in which the ing which we recorded some audible time, none of which were accurate. In
little humanoids took her unborn fetus phenomena, Margie and I grew to fact, one of the clocks in the den ac-
away. It again had all the earmarks and become quite close friends, during tually jumped off the wall, landing
keynotes of what is now being reported which time I discovered that she was several feet from the location where it
quite frequently by Budd Hopkins and extremely "gifted" in the sense of be- hung. As I first met Margie under con-
others. There was little I or anyone else ing overtly telepathic, clairvoyant and ditions and circumstances strongly sug-
could do to bring peace to Ann's mind. precognitive, which allowed her to gesting the manifestation of recurrent
Eventually we were able to convince work with us in our UCLA lab. Over episodes of spontaneous psychokinesis,
her that none of these events were in time, our relationship blossomed into or what's more commonly referred to
fact real, but simply the products of a romantic affair and everything was as poltergeist activity, I felt that this
night terrors and that she would even- going along smoothly. About the only might just simply be another outbreak
tually overcome her anxieties and fears oddities were Margie's occasional in- of this phenomena. However, nothing
regarding them. Well, she never really trusions into my own inner thoughts could be further from the truth as I was
recovered in full. when she would literally tell me what soon to discover.
Her present life, what little is left I was thinking about although she had Having first met Margie in February
of it after three failed marriages and no knowledge of such information of 1977, we had now known each other
numerous jobs she was unable to keep, through our relationship or our cur- for approximately five months as it was
is primarily due to a dramatic change rent conversation. This happened with July. She had a personal background of
in her personality. Ann was not the such frequency that I began accepting enduring emotional hardship and stress
recipient of any form of therapy re- it as normal. Her psychic talents were related to the untimely death of her
garding her possible encounter with multi-faceted in the respect that she older beloved sister from lung cancer
whatever phenomena she experienced. was very helpful in looking for miss- and the very early death of her bio-
Had such therapy been received, there's ing persons and/or property, cases logical father from alcoholism. Need-
a good chance that her life today would which we investigated many times every less to say, these are heavy burdens for
be far more stable and rewarding. I year. anyone to bear, but even more so for
have not heard from or of her since late Another interesting phenomena oc- Margie as her mother didn't really help
1979 and have been unable to locate curred while I was massaging Margie's raise her, but supplied her with a
her. I cannot help but wonder as to what lower lumbar region which always gave governess. Margie's stepfather worked
we might have learned and how her her pain. In the midst of attempting to for one of the U.S. government's in-
life and emotional make-up might have rub out the pain, a ball of brilliant light, telligence agencies and was never really
evolved had I been less nearsighted similar to ball lightning and about the around. Therefore, Margie grew up
in my a priori judgment of her ex- size of two large male fists, literally essentially without any real parental
periences? emerged from her lower back and guidance.
headed straight up. Given all this, Margie displayed ex-
ceptionally normal patterns of behavior

he second case occurred in Ju- The ball was self-illuminating and lit
ly of 1977 and was far more per- up the otherwise dimly lit room. Both and appeared very well adjusted and
sonal as it involved a young Margie and I bolted at the appearance balanced in terms of her interaction
woman, Margie, who was a close of the glowing sphere which disap- with others. Whatever emotional scars
friend I originally met during an in- peared into the ceiling of the room remained from her youth, they seemed
vestigation of poltergeist activity within without so much as a sound. well healed.
the apartment her and her boyfriend As time moved on, more phenomena However, in mid-July of 1977 all of
resided in. The thirty-year-old woman continued to occur while I was around Margie's sense of reality, well-being and
was a model and an aspiring actress Margie. Several times while visiting her peace of mind was forever shattered.
who bore a striking resemblance to a apartment in the Hollywood hills, all She woke up one morning and was very
cross between a young Elizabeth Taylor the clocks in her house, which normally disturbed by a dream she had that eve-

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

blue bands of discoloration as if she'd
been held in tight restraints for some
time. Equally disturbing was the fact
that Margie was bleeding from her
nose, left ear canal and her uterus,
although she was not menstruating.
Were these the remnants or scars of
a physical examination performed by
extraterrestrials who abducted her
while she slept and her interpretation
of the event was a nightmare? Or was
it a form of stigmata? More puzzling
is that we were sleeping right next to
each other in the same bed and I slept
the entire night through undisturbed.
How could any agency have removed
her from the space directly adjacent to
me without waking me? To say that
these wounds and scars strongly sug-
gest mishandling by someone not that
familiar with human anatomy and
physiology, and that the experience was
traumatizing, would be the greatest
understatement of the century.

ven as someone who had been
studying Ufology for more than
16 years, I couldn't bring my-
self to accept the possibility that an
ning. At least she first thought it was one of the tiny men brought out a device alien entity, or entities, may have
a dream. and began inserting it into her nasal entered her house in the middle of the
Margie turned toward me in bed and orifice, her ear, mouth, rectum and night within the densely populated
began telling me of her nightmare. She finally her vagina. The insertion of this Hollywood Hills and abducted her right
remembered being somehow levitated "probe" or whatever it was, was ex- out from under my arms. Fourteen
out of bed, ending up in a strange round tremely painful and Margie began cry- years ago, no serious Ufologist believ-
metal room bathed in blinding white ing, even while relating the dream to ed that such events occurred, especially
light. Suddenly, she found herself ly- me. After the pain subsided she lost right in front of them.
ing on some sort of pedestal-like metal consciousness and finally woke up back In that I didn't take Margie's "dream"
table in the middle of this room, sur- in her bed. or encounter seriously and felt that it
rounded by small men with big heads My first question to Margie was might be a form of psychogenic reac-
and large dark eyes without lids. The whether or not she was at all familiar tion formation, Margie did not receive
men were very strange looking accord- with any UFO stories or literature, or or seek any form of therapy for her ex-
ing to Margie, as they didn't have ears, had ever seen "The UFO Incident" on perience. Since 1977, Margie's per-
nose, lips or hair. TV or read The Interrupted Journey. sonality has almost completely
Margie became very frightened and Her reply was "no" and that she never disintegrated into a vegetative state in
attempted to get off the table, only really had any interest whatsoever in that she's become a religious zealot who
to discover herself paralyzed and re- UFOs or even believed in them (this literally lives to worship Sai Baba, a
strained at her neck, waist, wrists and was before Close Encounters of the supposed East Indian avatar. She now
ankles by some sort of invisible mech- Third Kind came out). Margie asked believes it was he who actually visited
anism. The next thing she recalled was me why I was asking her about UFOs her on the night of her encounter.
one of the little men bringing a large, after having such a weird dream or Supposedly, Margie has had repeated
round eye-like device down over her nightmare. I answered that I was just nocturnal visitations by this being/en-
body and running it from her head curious, that's all. tity/avatar and it has performed
down to her toes. During this strange As soon as Margie got out of bed my somewhat similar procedures on her
"scanning" procedure, Margie could curiosity turned into shock and hers in- again. Her emotional state is so frag-
see different colored lights going on and to terror. For around Margie's wrists, mented and disassociated from reality
off on a wall near her. Then another ankles, waist and neck were black-and- that she has been unable to hold down

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

any form of employment, keep any
close friends or relationships (except of Her emotional state is so fragmented and disas-
course for those others who are also Sai sociated from reality that she has been unable to
Baba devotees), and has gone through
numerous interpersonal relationships hold down any form of employment, and has gone
and a failed marriage. Margie is ob- through numerous interpersonal relationships and
sessed with the notion that she must live a failed marriage.
and breathe only for Sai Baba. Follow-
ing her first encounter with whatever
affected her physically and emotional- removed from her by what might have norance, that disallowed me from
ly back in 1977, her psychic abilities been extraterrestrial intelligences is following up on what might have been
became so tainted and distorted by her related to a woman who very likely was three very rewarding cases of E.T.
deluded sense of spirituality that they abducted in 1977 while sleeping inches abduction.
became virtually useless for all intents away from me in the same bed. Moreover, the most important loss is
and purposes of research and law There may not be any direct proof or the personalities of the three women
enforcement. hard evidence that alien entities were who will never again be the same or
Interestingly, following Margie's ab- in any way involved in the aforemen- lead a normal life. It hurts to realize that
duction and continuing for some time, tioned experiences, but the circumstan- we came so incredibly close to actual-
she has experienced repeated outbreaks tial evidence in terms of the vestigal ly linking up with this phenomena. But,
of poltergeist activity and apport scars certainly speak for themselves and the pain of allowing these women to go
phenomena, which she naturally as- there isn't the slightest indication that untreated, without therapy, will be a
sumed was due to Baba. any of these women discussed here in- burden I and other colleagues of mine
The most intriguing event to follow flicted any of their bodily wounds or will have to bear for many years to
Margie's initial abduction was when scars upon themselves, nor would they come. No amount of knowledge or ac-
one of her close friends, also a Sai Baba have desired to. quired information is worth their peace
devotee, also claimed to have had In conclusion, one might say that if of mind, sanity and emotional well-
an abduction-like experience totally it weren't for the close-minded attitude being. Only now do we perhaps have
independent of Margie's. This also of this author back between 1974 and our sense of priorities and respon-
launched her into total spiritual 1977, we may have actually come a lot sibilities straight. Thank God.
zealotism. Later, she desired to have a closer to possibly understanding the
child with her husband. She went to nature of this phenomena, especially as
visit Sai Baba in India to literally ask this was all transpiring in our own
UFOs, MJ-12
his permission in order to have the child backyards, so-to-speak. AND THE GOVERNMENT
(both Margie and her friend [s] went to It was only my own limited belief A Report on Government
India at least once a year "to be one system, which unfortunately was shared Involvement in UFO
with Baba"). Nevertheless, Baba gave by many others at the time, and ig- Crash Retrievals
Margie's friend his blessing and of
course told her to have a child if that
1971 Midwest UFO Conference
is what she desired.
Proceedings Still Available
Several months after Margie's friend
conceived, she went to have a routine Theme: UFOs — Defiance to
examination during which a sonogram Science, 115 pages
was performed. The ultrasonic image Speakers: Walter H. Andrus, Jr.,
revealed that there was no fetus in her Hayden C. Hewes, Sherman J.
womb, although she manifested every Larsen, Ted Phillips, William H.
physical symptom of pregnancy! Hunkins, Stanton T. Friedman and
What's particularly interesting about Leonard H. Stringfield.
this missing fetus is that it followed (A limited special reprint.)
closely on the heels of what appeared $8 plus $1.50 for postage and han-
to be another alleged abduction as dling. Order from: MUFON, 103
Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155
described by Margie's friend, who of
course, believed it was all the work of Grant Cameron and
Baba, who took away her child due to T. Scott Grain, Jr.
some sin or infraction on her part. It UFOs, MJ-12
is incredibly coincidental that another AND THE GOVERNMENT Published by
Mutual UFO Network. Inc.
incident of an abduction-like scenario 9
wherein a woman's fetus may have been

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

By Mildred Biesele

Mildred Biesele is the Utah State the restaurant the odometer was halfway before they stopped the car and got out.
Director. between .1 and .2, at the place where Steve recalled later that as they stood
they stopped it was at .7, and when I watching the UFO they heard dogs

his UFO sighting occurred in passed the grove of trees where they lost howling. (We heard no dogs when we
West Jordon, Utah, September sight of it the reading was .9. visited the site.)
16, 1990, at 7:52 p.m. The The object was moving so rapidly They were both excited about the
witnesses, Denise and Steven Had- that by the time Steve's brother pulled sighting. Denise's mother was visiting
denham, were on their way home from up behind them and he got out to ask at the Haddenham's apartment when
eating Sunday dinner with Steve's what was the matter, the object was Mara Ulis, Les Beard and I were there
brother and his family at a Greek already out of sight. Unfortunately, the for the interview, and she told us that
restaurant on 3rd West at 2750 South. other family members did not see it. when Denise called her that evening to
Steve and Denise and their two tell her about it she had never heard so
children, Courtney, 6 and Joshua, 5, Two Full Moons much excitement in her daughter's
were in their car, and the brother and voice.
his family were following in their car. From where the Haddenhams live in After calling her mother, Denise
As they left the parking lot of the West Jordon, a Salt Lake City suburb called the county sheriff, the Hanson
restaurant, Denise's attention was drawn southwest of town, they have a view of Planetarium, the Salt Lake airport, and
to something moving in the sky. Look- planes approaching Salt Lake Interna- Hill Air Force base near Ogden. No
ing from the passenger's seat out the tional Airport for landing. They one had received any UFO reports that
right front window toward the west, she estimated the speed of the object as day, and no one offered a possible ex-
saw what she first thought was a gray three to four times faster than an planation. The officer she spoke with
wisp of cloud; but as she focused on airplane. at Hill gave her the Seattle number for
it, she could see that it was a silver, As to the size, I first asked them how the National UFO Reporting Center.
disc-shaped object with a dome and top it compared with a full moon. They Robert Gribble took the information
moving at a rapid speed from north to both said "bigger," and after some and forwarded it to Walt Andrus in
south. discussion agreed it was as big as two Seguin. I received it two weeks later.
She quickly pointed it out to her hus- full moons. Next, I asked how it would I phoned Denise and talked to her on
band. He said, "What the hell is it?" compare in size to a coin held at arm's the phone, then made an appointment
and pulled the car over to the curb and length. Again they agreed that it was to visit her with Mara and Les the next
stopped. The street is a commercial bigger than a coin. Holding out their day.
thoroughfare at this point, used large- arms and circling fingers and thumb, We talked with the couple, her
ly by trucks avoiding the central they suggested it would be more like the mother and1 the two children. After fill-
business district a few blocks to the size of a yo-yo. "It was the size of a ci- ing out the General Case Form, we
east, and at this time on a Sunday even- ty block," they said. followed the Haddenhams to the place
ing it is nearly deserted. They saw no lights, but what ap- where they stopped to watch the UFO.
They both jumped from the car, ad- peared to be a gray metallic disc with They showed us where the object was
monishing the children to remain in the a dome on top reflected light from the when they first saw it, how it moved,
back seat. From where they were stand- sun below the horizon. Although the and where it went out of sight behind
ing, they watched the object fly at about sun had set, the sky was still blue and the trees. Les shot pictures.
a 60° angle above the horizon, passing clear except for two thin clouds to the The Haddenhams impressed me with
from the northwest to the southeast, and south. These clouds were not moving their sincerity. He is a plumber; she is
disappearing behind a grove of tall trees and there was no wind. A shimmer of a crossing guard for the Jordon school
on the opposite side of 3rd West, about air seemed to follow the object, like district. They are both members of the
a half mile to the south. I drive from heat rising from a hot surface. Mormon church and do not smoke,
39th South to 21st South on 3rd West They estimated that it was in view for drink or use drugs. Their eyesight is
every week to work as a volunteer at about 30 seconds. In my opinion, this good; she was wearing contacts needed
the State Library for the Blind and may be a little low, considering that for distant vision. The children are
Physically Handicapped. Coming home Denise saw it first as they left the bright, and both claim to have watched
today, I checked my odometer for the restaurant, showed it to Steve, and they
distances involved in this sighting. At were about two blocks down the road Continued on page 15

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

By Dennis Stacy

he new Crop Circle season is wise direction, while the other two lay never seems to have entered into Had-
almost upon us and anticipation swirled clockwise. Moreover, the two dington's calculations, and the reason
is in the air. Journals and mag- pathways, each some 16 and Vi feet why is probably partly explained by his
azines are gearing up for the expected long, if I read right, were angled 67 intention in writing the original article,
summer onslaught as are, too, no degrees to one another. One pathway which was to refute the claims of "coin-
doubt, numerous news organizations pointed straight toward the old burial cidence" lodged against similar alleged
and the local landowners themselves. mound and beyond, to either the kirk triangles and alignments in Wiltshire
Look for roadside concession stands (church) at Swinton or Norham, the and southern England, where known
selling Guinness by the pint and T-shirts other to the kirk at either Norham or ancient archeological sites are much
by the dozen. Look for loads of new ex- Swinton. Needless to say, I'm working more numerous than in Haddington's
planations and "translations," too, here without a map. native Scotland. Thus, this latest
while a rationale as to why any self- Weirder still, the distance to both isolated and spectacular alignment, in
respecting "non-human intelligence" kirks is identical, creating an isoceles the form of an isoceles triangle yet, can
would want to waste its time writing triangle, and a 14th century knight is be held up as "proof positive that
circles in wheat fields goes wanting. buried at each. Moreover, Haddington something exceedingly strange and
Look for more hoaxes, too, and then adds, "a line drawn from Doons Law wonderful is indeed afoot within the
look for the role of the latter in this in a Westerly direction towards the Circles.
whole mystery to go largely over- Eildon Hills, goes through a "Bastle" "Maybe," Haddington continues,
looked. A case in point demonstrates which is an ancient defensive tower at "this is the start of a series of circles
the pitfalls of taking each and every Cir- Charterhall, the standing stone at in the Scottish borders. Certainly the
cle at gospel face value. According to Whiteside on Mellerstain Estate, and pattern is the same as in the south with
an article by John Haddington (Earl of finally through the Eildon tree stone sites of historical importance linked
Haddington is the patron of the Centre which marks the spot where in the 13th with ley lines, being chosen by the cir-
for Crop Circle Studies), "Doons Law, century Thomas the Rhymer met the cle makers. I cannot help but feel that
The Whitsome Pictogram," which ap- beautiful Faery Queen wearing green this event of the arrival of a crop circle
peared in the April/May 1991 issue of and riding on a white horse. She took at this particular spot, Doons Law, is
Global Link Up, an English New Age him away for seven years into the of great importance. Does it not show
journal, three Circles appeared over Eildon Hills where he was entertained quite clearly to all who previously
two nights last August in Scotland, near by the little people all that time ... He doubted, that there is a connection be-
the village of Duns. Doons Law is an was duly sent home with the gift of pro- tween ley lines, burial mounds and the
old burial mound. phecy and healing and became famous Circles?
Two Circles 32 and 31-feet in diam- for his divination. All of his pro- "It is easy in Wiltshire to think such
eter were found, along with a smaller nouncements have to date come to a connection to be purely coincidental,
Circle 16 feet in diameter. Without a pass." as there is a great proliferation of burial
plan of the formation itself to go by, Again, without a map, it's hard to mounds within the region. Not so in the
working out the exact arrangement is know exactly what a "Westerly line" Borders, they are relatively scarce here
hard to do, but apparently two of the really means, and how precise all these and are far apart geographically.
Circles (one large and one small?) were alignments actually are, although Had- Besides the Doons Law circle anchors
connected to the other by flattened dington assures us that three years ago itself in the landscape with the triangle
pathways like those seen in the giant he "dowsed a twelve bar ley line run- connecting it to the two churches, and
dumb-bell formations found in Wilt- ning from (the fallen monolith at points significantly at the Eildon tree
shire and southern England last sum- Whiteside) down the field side in an stone and the Lady in Green. Plasma
mer. The latter, however, were flattened easterly direction but had only traced Vorticans take note."
along their length, whereas these were it as far as Hume Crags. However since
flattened perpendicular to their long this latest development (the three "Captain Kirk"
course and each in a different direction. Circles), the full extent of this line can
"A new development, and one that be traced from the Witches Knowe The rest of us would do well to take
should be carefully noted," Haddington (another hill) at Mordington to Doons note and learn from Haddington's ex-
writes. Law and through the Whiteside Stone perience as well. Apparently the
More oddities were found. One of the to the Eildon Hills." Circles to which he refers are the same
Circles was swept flat in an anticlock- That this all seems too neat and nice ones which a trio of pranksters ad-

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

mitted hoaxing in the Glasgow Herald an eyebrow or two, too, not in terms go to its outer perimeter and plunk
of February 14 of this year. I haven't of the actual angle degree itself, but in down your plank so that its far end lies
seen the original article as yet, although regards as to how the pathways 16 feet way, a Circle drawn using that
I've written for a copy, and so am refer- themselves actually met their end point as its center will intersect the
ring here only to excerpts and com- Circles. If they met both satellite perimeter of the Circle you've just
ments made by Jenny Randies in the Circles at the same angle, and drawn by definition. A second plunk,
latest (April 1991) issue of Northern presumably at the Circle's "midpoint," or "throw," of the plank along the same
UFO News. The internal descriptions, for example, then things become fair- line, is required in order to determine
however, leave little doubt that the ly complicated fairly quickly. the center of a Circle that will be
hoaxed formation is the same one In other words, how did the hoaxers separated from the first by a distance
reported by Haddington. The hoaxers know precisely where to position the of 16 feet. And that Circle can only be
spoke only pseudononymously as centers of the two outlying Circles so 16 feet in diameter. A third throw is re-
"Captain Kirk," but told how they that they would be connected to the quired if the adjunct Circle is to be both
entered the farmer's field along the ubi- original Circle by pathways of the same 32 feet in diameter and separated from
quitous tram (tractor) lines and went to length? Certainly they need not have the first Circle by 16 feet of virgin, un-
work, "using a 16-foot wooden batten, been worried by alignments that sur- disturbed wheat. Am I making myself
and a three-foot steel pin and a few pints faced later (and which, at any rate, were clear? No? Then you begin to appreciate
(of beer)!" supplied by Haddington himself). some of the minimal difficulties in-
I'm not sure exactly what a wooden But the problem may be trickier than volved with interpreting the Circles
batten is, but we'll presume here it's a it first appears. Say, for example, we've phenomenon itself in the absence of
plank 16 feet long in this case, and laid down a single 16-foot diameter Cir- precise plans, maps and other relevant
perhaps a foot wide. The metal pin was cle according to the scheme outlined data.
inserted into the ground and then above. Now, using the only available Both "sides," in other words, are
through a hole in the middle of the "ruler," the 16-foot long plank, how do almost equally at blame for the present
plank, which swept out the first 16-foot you determine a distant center point for state of confusion and I, for one,
diameter Circle. Repositioning the pin the second and third Circles? If you ex- somewhat resent being stranded be-
at any point around the perimeter and tend the wooden plank from the outer tween two worlds and asked to choose
using it as an achor point for either end perimeter of the first Circle, for in- allegiance on any other basis than the
of the 16-foot plank then results in a stance, and then use that end point as available data itself.
roughly 32-foot diameter Circle. (Try the center of the next Circle, then ob- The fundamental problem with
it! It works.) The pathways between viously the result is adjoining Circles cereology, and much of the same
Circles were next created by shuffling whose perimeters intersect one another. criticism could easily be extended to in-
the board back and forth, or from side By way of a visual analogy, think of a clude contemporary ufology, is that the
to side. Mickey Mouse cartoon in which the original data is being hoarded and
Notice that all the dimensions of the central Circle consists of the head and secreted away and only publicly
formation, including the two pathways two adjacent Circles now constitute the disseminated as seen fit by opposing
and the three Circles, are exponents of ears. sides of the argument, both "super-
16 feet, which would seem to support If you use your 16-foot plank to natural" and scientific, and only in sup-
"Captain Kirk's" collective confession. separate the distance between the port of their own prevailing point of
But there is something a little too glib Circles, however, all you've arrived at view.
about the latter, too, or at least the is a perimeter point, not the center point

shortened version as I have it. A few which is necessary for establishing the addington, for example, seems
questions remain, and depending on separate diameters of the second and blissfully willing to accept any
their answers, the hoaxers were either third Circles. Furthermore, the latter formation on face value, with-
extremely prescient and prepared, or two Circles need to be precisely posi- out so much as a backward glance at
unerringly lucky in their first noctur- tioned in regard to the center point of the possibility of a human hoax or mun-
nal (?) attempt at concocting a com- the first Circle so that the resulting dane explanation, meteorological or
plicated 'pictogram' formation. pathways equal 16 feet in length and otherwise. What this means in real
presumably approach the two outer world terms, though, is that having
Quick Complications Circles at the same approximate angle. committed to the marvelous and
In other words, there is an informa- mysterious point of view, the Earl of
For one thing, why the 67-degree tion flow involved here which works Haddington is no longer interested in
angle between the two pathways at the automatically in one direction, but garnering meteorological data as any
outset? Admittedly, this could be a sim- which involves at least a minimal field investigator should, whether rele-
ple artifact of the way "things went amount of forethought and calculation vant or not, because he himself is now
down" at the time of creation. On the in the other direction. Think back again obviously convinced that the latter can-
other hand, it's curious enough to raise to the original first Circle. Now if you not in any way apply to the phenom-

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

enon at hand. Thus, for example, we to consume a rather large facial om- Does it take "hours" to carve out a
have no way of knowing whether the elette later. I believe it was a Professor hoax, or can it be accomplished fairly
pathways in the Scottish Circles pur- Schiller who once warned that rapidly, in a matter of minutes? Strange
posefully point in the direction of the "Nothing is more likely to impede in- as it seems, hoaxers have even been
burial sites of 14th century knights or vestigation than premature 'explana- filmed in the act with night-vision
merely along the direction of the tion.' " cameras; yet not one of the filmers, by
prevailing wind flow because no one on all accounts, so much as considered the

the 'supernatural side' of the equation he same could be said of some possibility that a mundane hoax —
is now willing to admit of any me- of his critics as well. Certainly rather than something exceedingly
teorological correlation or influence as I have it, "Captain Kirk's" strange and wonderful — was in pro-
whatsoever. account of having confabulated these gress. No one went to investigate at the
If you don't think, a priori, that a cer- particular Scottish circles reeks almost time.
tain correlation appertains or even con- as much of scotch as it does of reality.
ceivably applies, then you certainly But isn't there an easy way out? With "Translations"
won't go looking for it. And by virtue the promise of a few more pints couldn't
of not finding what you are not look- Captain Kirk and crew be induced to What should be clear by now is that,
ing for in the first place, you can only replicate their infamous and presum- unlike a good UFO case, Crop Circles
obviously conclude that your pre- ably nocturnal escapade for all to see? are relatively easy to hoax, or at least
existing world view is being reinforced The exercise, as I see it, would be both easier to hoax, and that their numbers
at every turn. Meanwhile, potentially exciting and illuminating. We could are likely to increase incrementally this
relevant data is consigned to the junk finally find out the time frame under coming summer, given the numbers of
heap, not because it wasn't worth which human hoaxes could be per- gullible investigators and tabloid media
gathering at the time, but simply petrated, and whether or not the latter people likely to be on hand. For the rest
because it wasn't seen as worth gather- can be convincingly distinguished and of us to have even a vague idea of which
ing at all. eliminated from the ongoing Circles formations are genuine and which are
In this particular case we can see that data base by professional cereologists not, we need better guidelines than
Haddington never once even considered like the Earl of Haddington. If the local those of "feel" or intuition.
the notion that wind flow, air tem- rowdies couldn't reproduce their clever This is especially true when it comes
perature or frontal movements, never performance of a fortnight or two ago, to "interpreting," or "translating," the
mind a human hoax, might have had however, then we could also look upon complex "pictogram" formations,
anything remotely to do with what was their claims with some askance. Rather which is rapidly becoming a small cot-
found on the ground. Since we don't than trying to establish the paranormali- tage industry in its own right. Why an
know the angle of prevailing wind cur- ty of some Circles, perhaps the Centre unknown "non-human intelligence,"
rents in the 'afflicted' area, for exam- for Crop Circles Study should be try- ufonauts, or much of anything else,
ple, how do we know that the pathways, ing to prove their normality, perhaps by would want to spend its time carving
hoaxed or not, weren't aligned with hosting weekend contests with cash complex patterns in cereal crops is just
isobars or not? prizes for the best hoax? Publicity sort of blithely assumed on the basis
This would be fairly easily obtainable would accrue, and who knows, it might that the patterns are simply too fun-
information, too, one would think, were even turn out to be a fund-raiser of the damentally complex, on their face, to
one so inclined. Instead, we are treated first water. have sprung fullblown from nature,
to information that is even more easily At the least it would let us know how however complex or a prisoner of pat-
obtainable, and certainly more digesti- easy it is to distinguish a manmade hoax terns the latter might be in other areas.
ble, when mixed with the overall aura from the real thing. As it is, we are Hurricanes are fairly complex
of excitement the Circles inherently usually told that the experts on the systems, too, ones that have their
possess, namely the mythological land- scene can readily tell the difference be- origins hundreds and thousands of
scape and folklore of any area that can tween the two, but exactly how is never miles away from where they do their
be found in almost any local library. made clear. Most times, we're simply destruction, yet only a few fundamen-
If the Earl of Haddington indeed left to take the investigators' word for talists run around claiming that the sky
wants to inform himself and his readers it, as if some sort of inherited sixth is falling or that hurricanes are a "warn-
about the Circles phenomenon, rather sense were at work. There must be a ing" from above. Yet without fairly re-
than regale both parties with cultural better way. Hoaxing an elaborate Cir- cent innovations in aerial and satellite
correlations that may or may not have cle or two on our own would at least photography, we would probably have
anything to do with what's at hand, then establish a few known benchmarks by no really good idea of just how com-
it would behoove him and his to con- which subsequent formations could be plex the structure of an average hur-
sider all avenues of approach, including judged. Is it always true, for example, ricane or tornado really is. But we feel,
the meteorological and human hoaxers, that a clever hoax breaks off seed pods
rather than face the prospect of having and/or damages the existing stalks? Continued on page 15

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

News'n'Views ...
Call for Abduction Cases to further the study of UFO abductions. experience and any other biographical
The time has come now to work data that you deem appropriate. If your
In 1964 the National Investigations
together in a cooperative effort for the cases are used, you will be asked to sign
Committee on Aerial Phenomena
good of UFO research. It is only a release allowing us to publish them.
(NICAP) issued a compendium of in-
together that we can make substantial Either Budd Hopkins or David
formation about UFOs called The UFO
headway into deciphering the mysteries Jacobs will be happy to provide their
Evidence. This enormously influential
of this most important phenomenon. professional opinion about the
and useful volume drew together the
Both Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs methodology employed in your case, if
various aspects of sightings and
will be contributing their cases and I you so desire.
witnesses into a systematic and power-
feel sure that you will want to make Please send your cases either to:
ful testament to the reality of UFOs. It
your own contribution so that you can Budd Hopkins, 246 W. 16th Street,
was used to educate congressmen and
be a part of this historical undertaking. New York, NY 10011 or David M.
the public alike and it helped change
Jacobs, 607 E. Gravers Lane, Wynd-
the direction of UFO research. — Walter H. Andrus, Jr.
moor, PA 19118.
Now we have the opportunity to pro-
We are looking forward to working
ceed with a project that promises to be
with you on this most important
even more powerful and influential.
Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs have
Instructions project.
— Budd Hopkins
been named project directors of a ma- The cases should be as complete as
David M. Jacobs
jor effort to bring together into one possible. Short fragments are accept-
volume the complexity and variety of able, but we would prefer comprehen-
the abduction phenomenon. The pro- sive cases. "Multiple" cases, in which
ject calls for a compilation of abduc- abductees see others abducted, nonab- Japanese UFO
tion cases from around the country in- ductees see others abducted, or two or
vestigated by as many UFO and abduc- more people are abducted at once, are
and Space Symposium
tion researchers as possible. It is hoped important for inclusion. The first International UFO and
that new patterns will be identified, new Documentation should accompany Space Symposium took place on
questions can be asked, and new direc- reports. Names (or pseudonyms) along November 23-25 of last year, in Hakui
tions for research can be developed. A with the age, sex and pertinent infor- City on the west coast of Japan, several
compendium of this type can provide mation about the abductee, e.g., phy- hundred miles from Tokyo. The sym-
authoritative evidence of the reality of sical infirmities, ethnic background, posium ran concurrently with a space
the phenomenon for UFO researchers, etc., should be sent. Include the time, exhibit which opened on November 17
scientists, members of the therapeutic place and date of the abduction. All and closed on the 25th.
community and skeptics. names and addresses will be confiden- The UFO portion of the symposium
Obviously this type of endeavor tial. It is also important to send sup- was unique in that it was supported by
depends on the cooperation of the en- porting material like how the abductee both the local city and national govern-
tire UFO research community. Without first suspected that he/she was involved ments. Although Japan's Prime
your help it cannot be done. Therefore with the abduction phenomenon, where Minister, Toshiki Kaifu, did not attend
I would like to make a special request the abductee went for investigation and in person, he did send a message read
to you. The project would like to so on. in his absence which said that he
publish the abduction cases that you If possible, please send a transcript thought it was time to take the UFO
have collected over the years. If your of the hypnotic regression and/or non- problem seriously. The Governor of
report is used, you will be given full hypnotically recalled interview. If it is Ishikawa Prefecture, Yoichi Nakanishi,
credit in the compendium and your by- not possible to provide a transcript, did attend, as did Mayor Kazuo Shiotani
line will be on the case. In effect, this copies of audio and video tapes will be and the Hakui city council.
would be a refereed publication that can accepted. If a taped account is used, Others who labored long and suc-
be added to your UFO resume. If you transcripts will be made by us and given cessfully so that the symposium could
are planning a book on your case, and to the investigator at the project's take place included Mr. Josen Takano,
you want to have only a part of the case conclusion. a name probably familiar to many
used, your wishes will be respected. Please include your name, address American ufologists, ably assisted by
This is a non-profit endeavor. Proceeds and phone number, along with infor- Trudy Nodahara of Los Angeles, and
from the final publication will be used mation about your years of investigative a number of local helpers.

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

cluding three of special interest to
Japanese citizens (Japan Airlines Flight
1628 of November 1986; the December
1978 New Zealand sightings; and the
Hamazaki video case of July 1989). He
also discussed the Roswell case re-
search, pointing out that these sightings,
and many others like them from
throughout the world, demonstrate that
UFOs are real. Now the major problem
is to get the world to treat the subject
seriously, as suggested by the Prime
Mr. Von Keviczky addressed the in-
formation contained in government
documents available worldwide, and
addressed his efforts to get the United
Nations to recognize ufology as a
legitimate subject of serious scientific
Dr. Popovich discussed a few Soviet
sightings, but spent most of her time
describing her activities as a pilot. Dr.
Entrance to the UFO town of Hakui City, Japan Azhazha discussed several Soviet
sightings and the official reaction to
them, including the establishment last
The advance planning was more than MUFON State Director for Maryland, spring of a center to coordinate the
evident. Widely advertised ahead of represented the United States, as did more than one hundred small groups
time, the UFO and space exhibits Major Coleman Von Keviczky (Hun- of scientists and civilians currently scat-
occupied several floors of the city's garian Army, Ret.), a resident of New tered throughout the country.
main cultural center. One floor, devoted York and Director of ICUFON. The Hong-yung Chiang presented a very
to space exploration, was decorated Soviet Union was represented by Dr. interesting study he had performed
with numerous displays of manmade Vladimir Azhazha, director of the new- of ancient (mainland) Chinese
spacecraft, from the early astronaut ly formed "SoyuzUFOtsentr (Unified sightings. Reviewing the records of
days to the moon landing. These in- UFO Center), and by Dr. Marina several dozen cities, dating back many
cluded two actual moon rocks and Popovich, who holds over a hundred hundreds of years, Chiang found
a mock-up of a proposed moonbase. world records as a woman test pilot. numerous references to odd things seen
Another floor contained a large UFO She is also the wife of cosmonaut Pavel in the sky.
photo exhibit featuring sightings from Popovich, head of the commission on Kai-Chi Chang discussed sightings in
around the world. "Space Girls" in Abnormal Atmospheric Phenomena. Taiwan. Dr. Naganobu spoke about two
special uniforms served as guides. Representing Taiwan were Hong-Yung sightings made from Japanese ships in
Nearly one thousand people attended Chiang and Kai-Chi Chang. Finally, the Pacific Ocean. He was an observer
the opening ceremonies. The Mayor representing Japan, were Dr. Mikio during one of the sightings.
welcomed the crowd while the speakers Naganobu, a geophysicist, and Jun-ichi Finally, Mr. Yaoi surveyed several
were presented with large bouquets of Yaoi. Japanese sightings, ufology in general
flowers presented by ladies dressed in The latter should be familiar to many and the sorry state of the environment
beautiful traditional kimonos. Then the American ufologists, too. During the throughout the world. His talk
symposium split in two, the space half past decade, Mr. Yaoi has traveled ex- demonstrated that the study of UFOs
probably highlighted by Skylab 4 tensively in the USA, making UFO and often leads to a wider, more holistic
astronaut Dr. Gerald Carr, who ad- environmental documentaries that have view of world affairs than the limited
dressed over 15,000 school children in been widely and well received in his earthbound perspective that normally
the first two days. native Japan. prevails.
The UFO portion of the symposium During the closing ceremony on
consisted of lectures, and a question and Japanese Cases November 25, the speakers presented
answer session directed at invited the city with a signed statement
lifologists. Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Chair- Dr. Maccabee opened the UFO lec- reiterating the need for such a global
man of the Fund for UFO Research and tures by discussing several cases, in- outlook, and particularly addressing the

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

consequences of an encounter with
another intelligent lifeform from out-
side the solar system.
— Bruce Maccabee

(Left to right) Dr. Vladimir G.

Azhaza; USSR AF Colonel Marina
Popovich; Colman S. Von Keviczky,
MMSE: Bruce S. Maccabee, Ph.D.;
and Johnsen Takano, Hakui City
Symposium Organizer.

The Dr. A. Hedri-Foundation for Exopsychology and Epipsychology
Zurich hereby bestows the AWARD FOR EXOPSYCHOLOGY 1991
with 20,000 Swiss Francs to:
in recognition of his investigation into the theory of ball lightning and
for his work on antigravity.

This award was presented on February 15, 1991 in connection with the
GV of the Swiss Association of Parapsychology, Bern/Biel in the
University of Bern.

Prof. Theodore Auerbach

The Mutual UFO Network is ex- Germany in 1974 and is the coordinator in UFOs, his major hobby is model
tremely proud to announce that this is of Mutual UFO Network-Central Euro- engineering. He has a well-equipped
the second consecutive year that one of pean Section (MUFON-CES), the Ger- machine shop in the basement of his
our foreign representatives in Europe man speaking nations in Europe. Dur- home and is presently building a steam
has received this prestigious recogni- ing a business trip to the U.S.A., II- tractor. Your International Director had
tion and monetary award. Dipl. Phys. lobrand visited MUFON in Seguin. the privilege of meeting Ted Auerbach
fllobrand von Ludwiger, West Germany In 1980, Theodore Auerbach, Ph.D. at a London UFO Congress. Dr. Auer-
was the recipient in 1990 in recognition was appointed Representative for bach will be attending the Sheffield,
for his long standing, exact scientific Switzerland where he was also a England UFO Congress in 1991.
exploration of the UFO phenomenon member of MUFON-CES. Dr. Auber- Both Dr. Auerbach and Dipl. Phys.
and for his publication of the deserv- bach is now a retired professor of von Ludwiger are an asset to MUFON
ing and elaborate ten volumes of physics from the University of Bern in in Europe and raise the scientific
MUFON-CES. Herr von Ludwiger Zurich, Switzerland, residing in credibility of the organization.
became MUFON's Representative for Gebenstorf. In addition to his interest

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

the UFO from the back seat of the car.
Les talked to little Courtney alone, and
Calendar of UFO Conferences for 1991
there were no discrepancies in her June 27, 28 & 29 — 12th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investiga-
story. She was very serious about it. tions • University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY
Estimates of speed, distance, size and July 5, 6 & 7 — MUFON 1991 International UFO Symposium • Hyatt
duration in this sighting are Regency O'Hare Hotel at O'Hare International Airport near Chicago,
"guestimates," but there is no question
in my mind that the Haddenhams did August 16, 17 & 18 — Sixth International UFO Congress - Central
Library Theater, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
see a large, apparently metallic object
moving at great speed across the sky September 7 & 8 — The UFO Mystery - Sebel Townhouse Hotel, Eliza-
beth Bay, Sydney, Australia
over Salt Lake Valley.
September 13 & 14 — 28th Annual National UFO Conference - Holiday
Inn, Cleveland/Airport, Cleveland, Ohio
HOAXES, Continued October 3-6 — International UFO Congress - Sponsored by European
UFO Network, Belguim
without the slightest shred of evidence October 12 & 13 — The UFO Experience - Holiday Inn, North Haven,
other than their 'miraculously' im- Connecticut
pressive, seemingly symbolic ap- October 12 & 13 — Fourth Symposium on Ufology and Exobiology - Sao
pearance, that the Circles must be "say- Paulo, Brazil
ing" something to us, something they October 19 — Show-Me UFO Conference III - Holiday Inn Airport-West,
apparently didn't feel compelled to say Bridgeton, Missouri. Near St. Louis Airport
in the Sixties or Seventies, or at least
not in such numbers or complexity.
Strange, isn't it?
Meanwhile, we do agree that the
Circles are an intriguing phenomenon,
and the Journal will continue to review
and address them in that light. It may
be naive to think that the mystery will
be resolved to everyone's satisfaction as
early as this summer, or even next, but
it doesn't hurt to hope.

Our first attempt at decoding one of the English crop glyphs was performed on a pic-
togram which appeared at Hazeley Farm Fields in August of 1990, and which gave the
reading, "This is the place of the devil, an evil place." The above agriglyph was found
at Barn Field, near Hazeley Farm, and suggests a similar "interpretation." The decoding
technique employs the Old Norse/Tuareg-Berber pictographic language known as Tifinag
(2000 B.C.), as discussed in Bronze Age America (Little, Brown, 1982) by Barry Fell,
an avowed Crop Circle skeptic. Of course the decoding is tentative and speculative, but
goes as follows:

Vee Shape, Circle Circle Holding Two Bars Circle, Vee Shape

In Tifinag: D R L L R D

Vowels Dire (Old English) Liki (Norse) Red (Norse)

Added: Darlig (Danish/Norse)

Translation: bad, dangerous or evil is, is like roadstead, anchorage

"This roadstead (or anchorage) is a dangerous place to camp."

Colin Andrews — Jon Erik Beckjord

Crop Circles Researcher

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

Looking Back
Bob Gribble
May 1956 • Several UFOs were Tennessee, Ground Observer Corps (The UFO Investigator (NICAP), Ju-
observed by members of the Pueblo, spotted four UFOs at 4 p.m. on the ly/August 1961)
Colorado, Ground Observer Corps, sta- 20th. Major Cecil Gullett, director of
tioned at the courthouse observation the post, said the filter center reported • 1966 A Mentor, Ohio man
post. They said the objects had flashing back to him that a radar check had been reported seeing a UFO which appeared
lights, were "baseball size," fluores- made of the area and the only thing that to pick up 10 smaller objects before
cent, and traveled at rapid speeds. showed up on the radar screen was a streaking out of sight "at a fantastic rate
"They saw nothing other than ordinary jet that the Air Force had in the area of speed." Richard Goldthorpe, a
celestial activity," said Col. John M. "looking around." The observers design engineer who worked on the
White, commanding officer of the described the objects as being oval- Lockheed C-138 aircraft project, said
4602nd Air Intelligence Service shaped and resembling two plates put the sighting occurred at 3:05 a.m. on
Squadron at Peterson Air Force Base, together rim-to-rim. After four minutes the 17th. He was looking out the
Colorado Springs, Colorado. His men in the area, the objects disappeared. bedroom window and saw a white to
checked reports called in on six suc- (The Herald, Columbia, TN, 5/30/56) bluish-white object "for an estimated
cessive nights beginning on the first. three to six minutes." It stopped twice
Sgt. Gilbert Nelson, a member of the • 1961 Skyquakes and UFOs in its slow, westerly course to pick up
intelligence squadron, was sent to plagued Long Beach, California on the first four, then six "very, very dim ob-
Pueblo to investigate. He reported 19th. Area residents reported two aerial jects." The larger UFO would brighten
observing six appearances of the ob- explosions about 3 p.m., and the when picking up the smaller objects and
jects. "They were dull, more or less sighting of 12 shiny objects playing tag then dim when the smaller objects were
fluorescent glows, faint but bright over the city at 3:50 p.m. At 4:30 p.m., aboard, he said. Goldthorpe said the
enough to see. Most of them were three jet interceptors flying in forma- larger object accelerated at a "fantastic
triangular in shape, but one was round tion swept in from the ocean and the rate of speed" northward after the 10
and brighter than the rest." Nelson said shiny objects "just disappeared." Five smaller objects were aboard and after
the objects were visible for only five minutes later, six of the objects reap- it changed its westerly course. (The
or six seconds at a time, so great was peared and continued their maneuver- News Herald, Willoughby, OH,
their speed. (The Star-Journal, Pueblo, ing before abruptly fading from sight 5/17/66)
CO, 5/4/56; The Free Press, Colorado at 4:45 p.m. (The Independent, Long
Springs, CO, 5/12/56; The News Beach, CA, 5/20/61) • About four hours later and about
Tribune, Tacoma, WA, 5/10/56) 2500 miles west of Mentor, Ohio, a
• For 90 minutes in the early hours similar incident occurred. Mrs. Jim
• In dead seriousness and with some of the 20th, Tyndall Air Force Base, Grant of Madras, Oregon, was return-
reluctance, the Air Force confirmed an Florida, was under observation by a ing home from Portland when she spot-
eerie tale of UFO sightings over Pratt, strange round object, glowing orange- ted a large UFO and seven smaller ones
Kansas. Some two dozen people, in- white, which maneuvered over the during the early morning hours. She
cluding Ground Observer Corps Drone (pilotless aircraft) Launching was one of four witnesses who saw the
members on duty in the observation Site. During this time, the UFO was objects from the high plateau west of
post, saw the objects and were inter- tracked by two Air Force radar stations. Warm Springs Indian reservation. They
viewed by Air Force officers. The ob- Its prolonged maneuvers were observed first spotted the objects about 4 a.m.
jects, described as resembling two by members of the 4756th Air Police and watched them for an hour and a
saucers rim-to-rim, were seen three Squadron and the assistant to the base half. During the pre-dawn watch, Mrs.
times the night of May 8-9. Four were UFO officer. After attempted intercep- Grant said that at one time seven tiny
"flying in formation" in the first inci- tions by a jet and a helicopter, the UFO specks of bright light appeared in the
dent, at 8:30 p.m. A single disc was climbed away from the base and disap- northeast moving rapidly toward the
seen at 12:30 a.m., and two more at peared. The simultaneous visual and south. When reaching the large craft,
1:30 a.m. (The News-Herald, Hutchin- radar reports, including double confir- the smaller ones appeared to circle
son, KS, 5/27/56) mation by two Air Force radar stations, around it, dip below it, and then three
completely ruled out any possibility of of them swooped under the hovering
• Four members of the Columbia, mirages or refractions of distant stars. vehicle, went up over it and appeared

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

to disappear into the top of the craft. The vehicle approached to within 100 outside the front door of the house and
Some time later the four pin points of feet of where he was hiding and began observed his sister's car racing up the
light that had disappeared to the south to descend. driveway with "this gigantic disc-
appeared to return, fly under the larger "Legs came out under it and it shaped craft following them" When
object and then disappear into the top bounced as it hit the ground," Mike they arrived, Cathy jumped out of the
as did the three earlier ones. (The recalled. "I couldn't move, I was stun- car and ran to the house, while her
Pioneer, Madras, OR, 5/19/66) ned. I kept watching it and finally a younger sister remained inside the car,
door came down. Finally I saw this too terrified to move. The disc had
• A disc-shaped craft with a dome on man, he had long arms and everything. followed the car up to the house and
top, "as clear as seeing a Cadillac drift- Finally he started walking ... he continued to hover above it while Mike
ing by," was observed in bright daylight looked around. He had some type of and an older brother watched. Cathy,
on the 21st by an experienced pilot and object in his hand — I don't know what meanwhile, called her parents who
his passenger. At 3:15 p.m., William it was — like a little small box that was were visiting nearby relatives. Before
Powell, a chief pilot for Sears Roebuck glowing. He looked at me, put his they arrived home, the vehicle moved
on the east coast was flying north- hands up and started coming at me. away. (The UFO Investigator (NICAP),
northwest at 4500 feet, three miles from Finally I told my dog to 'sick em' and May 1972)
the Willow Grove Naval Air Station he went after him." The being turned
near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ahead around and in a stiff, bouncing fashion I 1976 Huge chunks of earth
of him were four Navy jets split into returned to his craft. The door of the weighing hundreds of pounds were
groups of two. While watching the jets, vehicle closed "and about 10 minutes mysteriously cut from the ground,
Powell noticed a solid, bright con- later it just lifted off." Mike's compan- moved intact, then arranged like giant
figuration at his 11 o'clock position, ap- ions found him a few minutes later ly- pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in a remote
parently at his altitude. The weather ing down in the grass "moaning" and Canadian farming region where glow-
was excellent and the disc stood out obviously frightened. All three quick- ing UFOs were reported. At least five
clearly. Moving from left to right, the ly returned to their homes. people claim vivid, close-up UFO
craft approached one group of jets from sightings. Others reported hearing
the rear, then made a sharp turn and • While Mike's experience went strange beeping sounds in the night. But
came directly toward Powell's plane at unreported outside of the immediate the most puzzling part of the mystery
moderate speed. Passing within 300 family, another incident that occurred remains the holes in the ground. "There
feet, it was seen to be a disc with a in the vicinity of his home on the 18th has been no explanation for them,"
glistening white dome on top. Powell received considerable attention, in- Police Constable Robert Bruce said. No
estimated the UFO's diameter at 20 cluding an extensive police investiga- tracks from excavation equipment have
feet. The vehicle disappeared after tion. That evening, two of Mike's been found near any of the digs. And
passing the plane. (The UFO Investi- sisters, Cathy, 18, and Susie, 14, were scientists are at a loss to identify a
gator (NICAP), March/April 1967) returning home from the house of a natural cause for the holes.
friend. They were driving up the fami- Bruce investigated one case in which
• 1971 On the afternoon of the 16th, ly's long winding driveway when they three triangular pieces of earth and
three teenagers, Mike, Bill and Dave, became aware of a humming sound and grass, about eight inches thick and
had set-up a campsite adjacent to a red lights around them and apparently weighing up to 600 pounds each — like
pond east of Fredericksburg, Virginia. coming from above the car. Almost im- huge chunks of sod — were neatly cut
Two of the high school students set mediately, the car's engine stalled, the from the ground and moved intact 16
about exploring the area. Mike re- headlights went out and the car radio to 21 feet from their original locations.
mained behind with his German quit. They tried frantically to start the One piece was 11 feet by seven feet by
shepherd dog and began to walk away engine but it would not respond. Ac- six feet along its three sides. The other
from the pond towards the other end of cording to the girls, they could see a two were seven feet by five feet by four
the field. "I felt like something was gigantic disc-shaped craft, glowing feet. "The sod was placed in the same
following me and I turned around and white with four red lights beneath it, triangular pattern as the holes and could
there wasn't anything there. In a split hovering about 50 feet above their car. have fit back into them like the pieces
second I turned around again and there After about five minutes, the car finally of a jigsaw puzzle," Bruce said. The
was this huge object, just like it was did start and Cathy, the driver, raced "puzzle" was discovered in a hayfield
floating." The craft, when first spotted up the driveway and the "thing" con- on a hilly, rocky farm near the hamlet
by Mike, had been hovering almost tinued to follow them. of Cooper, 112 miles northeast of
directly above the high voltage power The sound of the car racing up the Toronto, Ontario. "My son found the
lines near the pond. It slowly began to driveway, throwing rocks and pebbles holes on Sunday, the ninth," said the
move in his direction. Mike, shocked in its frantic search for safety, attracted farm's owner, 68-year-old Reginal Trot-
by what he had already seen, laid down the attention of Mike, who was inside ter. "I'd been in the field the Friday
in the high grass to avoid detection. the house at the time. Mike stepped before and there was nothing wrong

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

then. I don't have any idea how it could ly high, but the sun was overhead and some of it but it was like you wasn't
have happened," Trotter said. "I've it was hard to see. Stepping into the touching anything. It just disappeared."
lived on this farm all my life and I have shadows of the house, he got a better It appeared that the silk-like strands
never seen anything like that before." look. Then he got a pair of binoculars. were coming from the small disc-
According to Trotter, no one could When he looked up toward the sun, he shaped craft. He said he and about six
have gone into the field with excavation saw what appeared to be a giant circular of his neighbors witnessed the objects.
equipment without his knowledge. object with a dome on top. Small disc- Hummer's sister, Marie, came home
"There's absolutely no way to get in shaped craft were being launched from from work about 2:30 p.m. "I could see
there except to go right past my house. the larger vehicle and they moved off silky-like cobwebs and they were in
Any vehicle would have to go right in different directions in groups of great big strands," Marie said. "I
through my yard," he said. Similar three. While this was going on, a wispy watched that stuff flying around for a
holes were also found on two other material like cobwebs came floating long time. I could also see these things
nearby farms. And in each case, the down. like flying discs." (The Daily Item, Sun-
earth and grass were moved intact. "This stuff was coming down con- bury, PA, 5/5/81; The Enquirer & News,
"One of the pieces I found must have tinuously," Hummer said. "I went after Battle Creek, MI, 12/28/81)
weighed at least 600 pounds, and it was
30 feet from the hole," said farmer
Glenn Rollins. "There were no signs
of machinery tracks," he added. Bob
Reincke, a spokesman for Fiat-Allis in
Milwaukee, a firm that manufactures
construction equipment, said: "I can't
The UFO Press
think of anything that would do that
The UFO Silencers
without leaving some kind of tread
By Timothy Green Beckley, Introduction by John Keel
mark or track." He and other experts
Inner Light Publications, paperback, 160 pages, illus., $12.95
also agreed that no machinery they
know of could move such large pieces Reviewed by Dennis Stacy
without breaking them.
Lightning was discounted by Dr.
Frank C. Creed, a high voltage engineer f Timothy Green Beckley didn't or at least of someone in a dark suit).
and lightning expert employed by the
Canadian government. "When lightn-
ing strikes, it's the equivalent of an ex-
I already exist, ufology would prob-
ably have to invent him all over
again, a thought sure to send shivers
Form meets function, but the fault,
dear reader, is hardly wholly Beckley's
own, for nothing else about ufology is
plosion. It would scatter the sod, not down the spines of many. But he does quite so garish or outlandish as the tales
move it intact," he said. Dr. John exist, and in many ways he is his own told of mysterious MIBs, those shad-
Westgate, a geologist at the University best invention. He is, if nothing else, owy strangers who drive black Cad-
of Toronto's Scarborough College, said remarkably irrepressible. Others may illacs and supposedly spy on UFO in-
"I can't think of any natural process that dream about editing their own UFO vestigators and witnesses, pilfering pic-
could have done this." One of the most magazine, of having their own pub- tures and other evidential data, while
spectacular UFO sightings in the area lishing platform, but Beckley simply posing as low level bureaucrats straight
was reported by Mrs. Pauline Dudgeon, goes out and does it, year after year out of Monty Python's Ministry of
who said she saw a brilliant object in after year. The results are not always Strange Walks.
the road near her home two miles south on firm footing with facts, but why let Nothing funny about this latest crop
of Cooper. "It was just a huge big thing little things like that get in the way of of Kafkaesque kids, though, in fact, far
sitting out there on the road..." (Na- a rip-roarin' yarn? On occasion, public from it. Beckley's dark visitors strike
tional Enquirer, August 17, 1976, by service is even performed, as with the terror into the hearts of men (and
Bob Pratt) publication in this country of Jenny women) everywhere. Occasionally, they
Randies' Alien Abductions, also from even cut loose with a machine-gun. But
• 1981 William Hummer, a middle- Inner Light Publications, Box 753, New mostly, they just hang around and make
aged security guard in Danville, Penn- Brunswick, NJ 08903. a nuisance of themselves, exuding a
sylvania, was so intrigued by what he The UFO Silencers, however, is pure sense of dread and otherworldliness.
saw on the afternoon of the fourth that unadulterated Beckley, from the garish For all their assumed nefariousness, in-
he couldn't help but tell others. But later cover art outside, to the equally garish stances of actual alleged damage to per-
he was sorry he did. "You're marked contents inside, in this case an examina- sons and property seem relatively few
as a looney as soon as you say tion of the myth and lore of the now in- and far between, hardly the results one
something." He happened to glance up famous Men in Black, or MIBs (Beck- would expect of sinister supernatural
at the sky and spotted something, fair- ley even includes a photograph of one, CIA or KGB agents.

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

Beckley traces such stories back to ly (and possibly even entertaining) example of the ongoing diaspora of
medieval times and themes, but you're apt to find The UFO Silencers. rumor, myth, folklore and paranoia
psychological and psychosocial com- The author stirs in all sorts of discon- within the UFO community, it repre-
mentary are not the author's strongest nected bits and chunks before the book sents a thick, chunky stew. And of
points. Nor is he fabricating these tales not so much concludes, as simply ends course as the latest chapter in Beckley's
out of whole cloth, either. Although with the last episode. As documenta- own lifelong biography, it comes with
Beckley rarely meets a footnote or tion of the MIB phenomenon itself, or its own collector's item status built-in.
reference he likes, unless it happens to as an attempt to analyze what, if Not bad for thirteen dollars in today's
have an address and a dollar sign in it, anything, it might mean, Silencers is market.
he is, after all, only reporting what fairly thin gruel. But both as source and
others have told him or written. Typ-
cially, but not always, these others are
a "reliable" or "well-known" UFO in- Of Wolves And Aliens
vestigator who no one else has ever
relied on or heard of. But if verifiable THE WILD
facts aren't allowed to get in the way of By Whitley Strieber
a good yarn, why should reliable Tom Doherty Associates, NY, paperback, 378 pp, $5.95
sources fare any better? If abducting
Grays and Nords are believable, why Review by Robert J. Durant
not MIBs?

Black Choppers hitley Strieber is by far the cluding the Greenwich Village apart-
best known abductee. His ment, the Ulster County cabin, and
The latter category, in fact, has taken Communion was on the best- much else of both a concrete and per-
on a new twist with the advent of the seller charts for six months, and the se- sonal nature that Strieber-watchers have
black helicopter, which seems to be quel, Transformation, also sold very picked up in one place or another over
well on the way to replacing the worn- well. Fans of horror fiction made him the years about Whitley, Anne and An-
out dark sedans of the early days of a star in that field long before Commu- drew Strieber.
ufology. Whether this represents a nion appeared. Now Strieber has pro- One day Bob Duke turns into a wolf,
psychological undercurrent of fear of duced a new book, The Wild, which I abruptly metamorphosing right in front
modern technology, or merely an in- picked up in the supermarket, a certain of his family. This absurd, impossible
crease in the MIB's black budget, signal that he has become a genuine event launches the story. The fact that
Beckley fails to note. Such stories con- mass media fixture. Strieber makes everything following the
tinue to surface in the serious literature, On the surface, the book has nothing metamorphosis perfectly logical, and
however, most recently in personal to do with abductees or ufos. It is in- indeed fascinating, is a tribute to his
Epilogue of Ed Conroy's Report of stead a return to his bread and butter skill as a writer.
Communion, and once started, they horror fiction, and once again deals But the book is far more than just a
burn like grass fires, tenaciously and with a favorite Strieber theme — sen- horror thriller. The nature of a universe
almost impossible to put out. tient, almost supernaturally powerful that can permit sudden dramatic
Few seem to notice or care that once wolves. And like his previous horror upheavals in the laws of physics and in
you start being aware of black fiction, this one is gripping and hard everything that we thought was "true"
helicopters, the more black helicopters to put down. and "right" is repeatedly questioned in
there are to be aware of. Flying back But the book is worth reading on a the text. It quickly becomes obvious
to San Antonio not too long ago, for ex- deeper level, too, as part of the search that Strieber has used the metamor-
ample, I glanced out of the window in for the "real" Whitley Strieber and the phosis as a metaphor for the nearly
time to see a shiny, new black helicopter true nature of his bewildering abduc- equally absurd and impossible abduc-
on the ground in front of a small tion experiences. tion experience. Yet, he is telling us,
hangar, its rotar blades slowly turning. The central figures are Bob Duke, a through the cleverly contrived medium
Curiously, the chopper bore no obvious man given to poetry but a failure in the of a man-to-wolf story, it happened.
markings. Equally curious, perhaps, practical world of business, his wife And the event demands explanation.
my inflight reading had been Conroy's Cindy, and their 12-year-old son, A consistent theme of profound
Report. Now, was it a mere coincidence Kevin. Prior to embarking on a career puzzlement and distress runs through
of perception on my part, or an act of as a writer, Strieber worked in adver- Strieber's formal and informal com-
persecution or surveillance on the part tising, apparently with indifferent mentaries on his dealings with the
of the MIB? Your choice not only results. The rest of the description of aliens. Lately he has turned his back
reveals a good deal about how you think the Duke family is plainly true to life, on ufologists, denouncing them as
about UFOs, but also about how like- a thinly veiled biographical sketch, in- useless at best in the quest for mean-

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

ingful interpretation of the abduction an insane quest." Sounds painfully
experience. Like most abductees, he familiar. Like "Bob" and "Cindy" and UFO
feels abandoned by his own civilization. "Kevin," Monica is a figure based on
Neither science nor religion has pro- a very real person. Indeed, most of us NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE
vided answers or solace: "He has no who toil in this perplexing field of The UFO Newsclipping Service will
way of explaining himself, not even in ufology can sigh agreement with this keep you informed of all the latest
his own mind. His only thought was that description. Aren't we all, researchers United States and World-Wide UFO
ours is an age at the far limit of time, and abductees alike, victims? reports (i.e., little known photographic
and it is at limits and extremes that the And in a passage reminiscent of his cases, close encounters and landing
impossible can happen. Or maybe the writing in Communion on the social reports, occupant cases) and all other
mysterious fifth force that physicists nature of the aliens, Strieber speaks UFO reports, many of which are car-
ried only in small town and foreign
speculate about had something to do thus of the "wolves": "How could
with it. Maybe it was a disease, psy- anybody have ever thought that these Our UFO Newsclipping Service
chological or otherwise.'' were simple beasts? Bob was faced with issues are 20-page monthly reports,
The wolf that had been Duke/Strie- the shocking realization that the wolves reproduced by photo-offset, con-
ber enters the world of unadulterated had evolved an intelligence and a sense taining the latest United States and
nature, where higher and more univer- so great that it was literally incom- Canadian UFO newsclippings, with
sal laws beyond our ken control ex- parable, and yet so different from man's our foreign section carrying the
istence. His wife and child metamor- intelligence that it was all but invisible latest British, Australian, New Zea-
phose and join him in the new life, clos- to the human mind.'' land and other foreign press reports.
ing the personal ring. Our human We suppose that the alien intelligence Also included is a 3-5 page section
culture is left far behind without regret. laughs at us, carrying on a sort of of "Fortean" clippings (i.e., Bigfoot
It is troubling to watch an acute in- and other "monster" reports). Let us
cosmic Keystone Kops routine that
keep you informed of the latest hap-
tellect such as Strieber's struggle makes hilarious sense to them, but penings in the UFO and Fortean
helplessly in the face of "the phenom- leaves our pythagorean sensibilities fields.
enon." Even more unsettling is the pic- stupefied. One is reminded of the ex- For subscription information and
ture of a man of truly refined instincts traordinary elaborations of last year's sample pages from our service, write
and immense erudition embracing Crop Circles. Surely this is an in- today to:
wolves, primeval enemies and com- telligence at work, and surely some-
petitors of man, as models for both the thing like communication is the pur- Route 1 - Box 220
aliens and a regenerated (Transformed?) pose. And there is a delicious irony in Plumerville, Arkansas 72127
mankind. the use of cereal crops as the medium
of communication, the same cereal

fologists can propound con- agriculture that founded our human
vincing arguments for the re- civilization.
ality of extraterrestrial visita- Dr. David Jacobs, a leading abduc- MUFON
tion. But for them the subject remains tion researcher, once told me that the Amateur Radio Net
abstract and sterile, an armchair exer- common denominator of abduction ex-
cise, and that is something that enrages periences is what he called "the stare." 80 meters — 3.990 MHz
abductees, for whom the experience is That is, the experience begins with the Saturday, 10 p.m.
overwhelmingly real and personal: onset of what we would call hypnotic
"What eats us? We can't understand it trance, and the trance is produced by 40 meters — 7.237 MHz
any more than the chicken can under- a steady gaze from the awesome eyes Saturday, 8 a.m.
stand Frank Perdue. There is something of the aliens. 10 meters — 28.460 MHz
out there." In the final pages of The Wild, Cin- Thursday, 8 p.m.
In addition to his wife and son, the dy has been metamorphosed and the
metamorphosis was witnessed by Mon- son, Kevin, is being asked to join his 10 meters — 28.470 MHz
ica, a psychiatrist and friend of the parents, completing the family transi- Sunday, 3 p.m.
family: "The woman was slowly com- tion to the new world. A native
ing undone, tortured by her inability to American Indian has accompanied Cin- All times Eastern Standard
understand what had happened to Bob, dy and Kevin, providing guidance from or Daylight
and unable to enlist the aid of any of the rich store of his race's mysticism.
her fellow scientists and doctors in her Cindy, now a wolf, is standing with her
research. Monica was now a haunted paws on Kevin's shoulders, looking into
woman, her practice in ruins, her his eyes: "They do it to you," the In-
wealth disappearing into the well of dian shouted. ' 'Kev, they do it with their
what the rest of her profession saw as eyes!"

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

lee effect of hills, which divide the glaring failure is that it simply does not
Letters to the Editor... airflow of the geostrophic wind: account for the facts. There is no ex-
"Something energetic takes place to planation for the vast increase in the
Dear Editor: disturb the relative tranquillity of the numbers of Circles, the increasing com-
Larry Bryant, a civilian writer for the dynamic stability of the spinning col- plexity of the patterns and the occa-
Pentagon, has seen his lawsuit against umn or trailing vortex and forces a sional precise "revisitation" of the ex-
the Secretary of Defense et al, finally component of its energy, probably con- isting formations, all of which are now
come to an end. centrated into a small volume, to follow beyond doubt. In the past Meaden has
That suit, filed in the mid '80's, a path that eventually leads to self- denied that any of this was even hap-
claimed an abuse of his constitutional- destruction at the ground or in the air." pening! Anyone with scientific training,
ly protected right of speech and press. Something energetic indeed! If we who is aware of the facts, has to discard
As most know, Bryant's exemplary per- are to accept this line of reasoning, we Meaden's theory and think again. Most
formance ratings plummeted (jeopar- must abandon the Law of Conservation Circles researchers rejected it long ago.
dizing his career) when he refused to of Angular Momentum, which Dogmatic insistence that the Circles
cease placing his "UFO Whistle- physicists have never previously are a natural phenomenon and are not
blower" ads in military base papers. queried. Circles frequently form on produced by a intelligence, is what has
The suit sought to prevent Base Com- completely still nights when the at- lead to the tacit acceptance by some
manders from arbitrarily refusing to mosphere is extremely stable; so, from people of this very unscientific theory.
allow publishers to place Bryant's ads tiny initial velocities, Dr. Meaden Few would deny that some kind of
and to restrain his supervisors from fur- would have us believe, localized speeds energy (whether intelligently directed
ther harassment. The Government of over 200 km/hr or so, needed to flat- or not) produces the Circles. If we lack
agreed with Bryant on his claim of prior ten crops, spontaneously develop. scientific instruments at present which
restraint and stipulated it would not Nowhere does his book suggest any are able to record and explain this
recur. Those ads continue to be pub- rotational velocities for these mythical energy, are we to say that it doesn't ex-
lished. Bryant lost on his harassment vortices or offer any equations to show ist and settle for explanations which are
claim, however, the reasons buried in how they form and act. His vortices are clearly at variance with the facts?
legal esoterica. something quite different from Finally, what I labelled "stupid" was
My reason for this letter is to thank whirlwinds and dust-devils since these the statement by Randies and Fuller that
Bryant as a U.S. citizen and ufologist. are produced by separate (understood) "UFO research in its own right is now
A letter to Larry from his attorney, processes and are ascending vortices, dead and has become part of
James H. Heller, dated February 28, rather than ones that press down on the meteorology." Perhaps, with the per-
1991, says it better: ground. And somehow Dr. Meaden's mission of the Editor of the Journal,
"... You fought a long principled vortices, without any lateral movement, I could canvas readers' views on this
fight. I'm sorry it did not come out well miraculously disperse leaving geo- issue?
in the laws books, but I do expect they'll metric patterns with sharply defined — George Wingfield
leave you alone henceforth. If not, you edges! Director of Field Research
let me know. I mean it when I say you Having abandoned one well estab- Center for Crop Circle Studies
have the stuff of which constitutional lished law, Meaden then has no qualms Somerset, UK
heroes are made. I'm very proud to about jettisoning another. His vortex,
know and have represented you." which has sprung energetically from
nowhere, can assume, he says, an "in- MUFONET-BBS Network
— Robert H. Bletchman
ternal structure" which is highly Electronic Bulletin Board
Manchester, CT
organized: observe for example the pat-
8-N-l 300-14,400 Baud
tern, supposedly produced by a
Dear Editor: "plasma vortex," which formed the 901-785-4943
The letter from Hilary Evans in the Alton Barnes pictogram shown on the
January 1991 Journal promotes Dr. cover of the December Journal. He ig-
Meaden's "Plasma Vortex" theory of nores the fact that such a process would
Crop Circle formation as "the best ap- contravene the well established Second Have a Viewpoint
proach — because it is the only scien- Law of Thermodynamics, which states to Express?
tific approach." I doubt that Mr. Evans, that entropy (a measure of the pro- The Journal welcomes
if he is a scientist, can have studied bability of degree of disorder) of a clips and comments.
Meaden's theory for there is little that system either remains constant or
Send to:
is scientific about it. Those who have increases.
read Meaden's book, The Circles Effect If disregard for the established laws 103 Oldtowne Rd.
and Its Mysteries, will know that he of physics were insufficient reason for Seguin, TX 78155-4099
ascribes the origin of his vortices to the rejecting Meaden's theory, its other

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

MESSAGE, Continued

The Night Sky Director. Jorge Aquiles Alfonso

(Asuncion) is the new Representative
for Paraguay.
Walter N. Webb Virgil C. Staff, State Director for
northern California, has appointed the
June 1991 following new State Section Directors:
Michael D. Jamieson (Napa) for Napa
Bright Planets: (Evening Sky) County; Nicholas R. Rotermund
This month Venus overtakes Jupiter and Mars, while Mars catches up with (Pleasanton) for Alameda County;
Jupiter, creating a rare tight grouping of three naked-eye planets against a dark Vince T. Migliore (Petaluma) for
sky on the 17th. The crescent Moon joins the beautiful spectacle on the 15th. Sonoma and Lake Counties; Randall
The events involving the four objects are as follows: O. Littlejohn (Mariposa) for Mariposa
June 6 & 7 Mars passes through the Beehive cluster. and Tuolumne Counties; Jeffery S.
June 12-15 Jupiter and Mars less then 1° apart. Tarbell (Chico) for Butte County; and
June 13 Venus at greatest elongation 45° east of the Sun. Josh Goldstein (Aptos) for Santa Cruz
June 13 Mars 0.6° north of Jupiter. County.
June 15 Crescent Moon near the planetary trio (4° below Jupiter). In Charles D. Flannigan, Florida State
case it's cloudy, the Moon is also in the region on the 14th and Director, made the following new ap-
16th. pointments or reassignments of State
June 16-19 Venus and Jupiter less than 2° apart. Section Directors this past month:
June 17 Rare compact massing of three naked-eye planets. Venus Larry S. Nelson (Gibsonton) for
(magnitude -4.3), Jupiter (-1.8), and Mars (1.7) all fit within Hillsborough County; Gary D. Dunn
a 1.8°-diameter field in Cancer. Venus 1.2° north of Jupiter. (Clearwater) for Pinellas County;
June 20-26 Venus and Mars less than 1° apart. James G. Spring (Panama City) for
June 23 Venus 0.2° north of Mars. Bay, Gulf, Washington and Calhoun
Keep in mind that Venus will be 250 times brighter than Mars, while Jupiter Counties; Jon Brunson (Tallahassee)
is 25 times brighter than the red planet. Nevertheless, the changing spectacle for Leon, Wakulla, Gadsen and Jeffer-
is worth watching and perhaps photographing throughout June. The three planets son Counties; Fearon L. Hicks, Jr.
won't set until about 11:15 PM daylight time in midmonth. (Auburndale) for Polk and Osceola
Counties; Thomas G. Hawn (Avon
Saturn (0.3), in Capricornus, rises in the east shortly before 11 PM in mid-June. Park) for Hardee and Highlands Coun-
Bright Planets: (Morning Sky) ties; and Philip M. Biancone
(Titusville) for Brevard County.
Saturn lies low in the south at dawn. Bruce A. Widaman, Missouri State
Director, revised his State Section
Moon Phases:
Directors' assignments in the following
Last quarter — June 5 manner: Barry R. Ballinger (Liber-
New moon — June 12 ^P ty) for Clay and Ray Counties; and
Kerri L. Murphy (Parkville) for Platte
First quarter — June 19 ^) County. Jeff Ballard, State Director for
Full moon — June 26 Q_) Alabama, selected two new Co-State
Section Directors for Cullman and
The Stars: Morgan Counties. They are Kathy D.
As we near the summer solstice, the stars of a new season ascend the eastern Puckett (Eva) and Jerry W. Woody
sky led by the Summer Triangle — the stars Vega (in Lyra the Harp), Deneb (Cullman).
(in Cygnus the Swan), and Altair (in Aquila the Eagle). Other new State Section Directors
volunteering their talents were: Charles
Look for the four-sided "Keystone" of Hercules, almost overhead after eve- R. Dills, Ph.D. (Liverpool, New York)
ning twilight ends. About a third of the way down the western side of the and Consultant in Instructional
Keystone is a dim "fuzzy star." Actually, this object isn't a single star at all Development for Onondagua and
but rather a sphere of hundreds of thousands of stars called a globular cluster. Oswega Counties; Thomas J. Carey
A four-inch telescope is needed to begin resolving a few of the stars. The Her- (Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania) for
cules Cluster is 21,000 light years away. Montgomery, Philadelphia and Bucks
Low in the SE the scorpion Scorpius, with its bright red heart star Antares, Counties; Ricky D. Monroe (Vidalia,
and the archer Sagittarius emerge along the horizon. Georgia) for Toombs, Montgomery,

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

Appling, Jeff Davis, Tattnal, Candler,
Treutlen and Emanuel Counties;
Robert L. Schuman (Winthrope,
Iowa) for Buchanan and Delaware SPEAKING PROGRAM
Counties; and Richard D. Niemtzow,
M.D. (Clovis, New Mexico) for Curry, SATURDAY, JULY 6 - MORNING SESSION -
Quay, De Baca, and Roosevelt Coun- 9:00 a.m. Welcome to Chicago Thomas P. Stults
ties. Dr. Niemtzow is also a Consul- Illinois State Director, Downers Grove, IL
tant in Radiation and a member since 9:05 a.m. Greetings from the Mutual UFO Network Walter H. Andrus, Jr.
International Director, Seguin, TX
Introduction, Master of Ceremonies Forest Crawford
New consultants this month are: Illinois Asst. State Director, Collinsville, IL
Solomon V. Weinstein, J.D. 9:10 a.m. "Crop Circles: Brief History and Overview" Dennis Stacy
(Southampton, PA) in Law; William Editor, MUFON UFO Journal, San Antonio, TX
H. Jervis, M.D. (Walnut Creek, CA) 10:00 a.m. "The 12th Planet - Key to the UFO Enigma" Zechariah Sitchin
in Plastic Surgery; Thomas D. \arnell, Author, New York, NY
Ph.D. (Biloxi, MS) in Clinical 11:00 a.m. "Modern Biology, Close Encounters, and the ETH"
Psychology; Harvey Goodman, J.D. Michael D. Swords, Ph.D.
(Miami, FL) in Computer Science; and MUFON Consultant and CUFOS Board Member, Kalamazoo, MI
Dr. Dieter Staschewski (Stutensee- 12:00 noon LUNCH - (Place of your choice)
Buchig, Germany) in Physical - AFTERNOON SESSION -
Chemistry. Dr. Staschewski has been 1:30 p.m. "Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations and
Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms" Linda Moulton Howe
a member of MUFON-CES since 1985. Film Producer and Author, Huntingdon Valley, PA
Nine new Research Specialists 2:30 p.m. "Tissue Changes in Unexplained Animal Mutilations"
recently volunteered their expertise to John A. Altshuler, M.D., Hematologist, Englewood, CO
MUFON and Ufology. They are 3:30 p.m. COFFEE OR COKE BREAK
Hiroshi Kubota, M.S. (Nagoya City, 4:00 p.m. "Has Science Something to do with UFOs?" Prof. Jean-Pierre Petit
Japan) in Physics; Robert T. Bowker, CNRS Senior Researcher, Pertuis, France
U.S.A.F. Retired (Payette, ID) in Elec- 5:00 p.m. DINNER - (Place of your choice)
tronic Engineering (also Amateur Radio - EVENING SESSION -
K6QT); Rudy A. Landry, M.S. (Win- 7:30 p.m. "The Reality of the Abduction Phenomenon"
chester, MA) in Mechanical Engineer- John S. Carpenter, M.S.W.
ing; Kent M. Graham, M.S. (Ft. Clinical Hypnotherapist, Springfield, MO
Monroe, VA) in Computer Science 8:30 p.m "Update on Crashed Saucers in New Mexico"
Stanton T. Friedman, M.S.
(ham radio operator K6UKZ); Helen Nuclear Physicist and Researcher, Fredericton, NB, Canada
Baker, Ph.D. (Cape Coral, FL) in 9:30 p.m. "English Crop Circles" Colin Andrews
Counseling; Rolf-Dieter Klein, M.S. Author and Researcher, Andover, Hampshire, England
(Munich, Germany) in Computer SUNDAY, JULY 7 - MORNING SESSION -
Science; Roslyn Stronger, M.S. (Lit- 9:00 a.m. "Theses for a Pre-Paradigm Science: Cereology"
tleneck, NY) in Counseling; Denise C Michael M. Chorost, M.A., Researcher, Durham, NC
Breton, B.A. (Wilmington, DE) in 10:00 a.m. "Government UFO Connections" C. B. Scott Jones, Ph.D.
Philosophy; and Edward J. Cichorek, Researcher, Falls Church, VA
M.A. (New Brunswick, NJ) in Human 11:00 a.m. "What Can We Believe in Abduction Accounts?"
Development. Irene Hantke, R.N. David M. Jacobs, Ph.D., Author and
Abduction Researcher, Wyndmoor, PA
(Mitchell, SD) volunteered to be
12:00 noon LUNCH (Place of your choice)
translator for German.
The "UFO Intelligence Summary,"
1:30 p.m. "Insights Into the Ancient Astronauts Theory"
a monthly updated computer listing of Gene M. Phillips, J.D., President of
U.S. sighting entries, along with graphs Ancient Astronauts Society, Highland Park, IL
and commentary is available for $11.50 2:30 p.m. "Gulf Breeze Without Ed" Bruce S. Maccabee, Ph.D.
per year from the UFO FILTER Chairman, Fund for UFO Research, Sabillasville, MD
CENTER, 618 Davis Drive, Mt. Ver- 3:30 p.m. COFFEE OR COKE BREAK
non, IN 47620. Sample copies may be 4:00 p.m. Question and Answer Panel, Composed of all Speakers
obtained for $1 and a self addressed ( Forest Crawford, Moderator
stamped envelope. Please make checks 5:30 p.m. Invitation to MUFON 1992 International UFO Symposium in Albuquerque, NM
payable to Francis Ridge. Hosted by New Mexico MUFON.
5:35 p.m. Adjournment Mrs. Judy Stults
Chairperson, MUFON 1991 Symposium

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991

^Director's CVfesscuje
Walt Andrus
1990-1991 Award published in this issue of the Journal. Desk and give the Star File #S-0171K6
A flyer advertising the symposium and for the 1991 MUFON International
The Annual MUFON Award plaque an advance registration form were Symposium. Your International Direc-
for the most outstanding contribution to enclosed in the April 1991 edition of the tor is looking forward to meeting many
Ufology for 1990-91 will be presented Journal for the convenience of people of our new members in person for the
at the MUFON 1991 International UFO planning to attend. first time and renewing old friendships
Symposium in Chicago, Illinois on Ju- Special rates at the Hyatt Regency with everyone else in Chicago.
ly 6, 1991. The actual contribution or O'Hare Hotel have been contracted at
work is not restricted to the calendar $68 per night for single or double oc- National UFO Information Week
year of 1990-91, but may include signifi- cupancy, triple occupancy $78 or four
cant accomplishments during the past people at $88. Hotel reservations may The Seventh National UFO Informa-
five years. In addition to presenting the be made by calling (708) 696-1234 or tion Week has been scheduled for
plaque to the recipient, the Fund for toll free (800) 228-9000 and advising August 10-18, 1991. This will be an ideal
UFO Research will provide a $500 cash the desk that you are attending the opportunity for State and State Section
award in memory of Isabel Davis as in MUFON 1991 UFO Symposium. The groups to set up photo exhibits,
previous years. A special runner-up cash Auditorium will seat 1500 people so we displays, booths for receiving UFO
award of $500 will be presented by the will have adequate room for everyone sighting reports from the public and
Mutual UFO Network in memory of Dr. planning to attend. Six hundred rooms closed circuit TV showing of UFO
Dan C. Overlade. have been reserved at the Hyatt Regen- documentaries, etc., in shopping malls
Four candidates have been nominated cy O'Hare. and libraries. Advance planning is re-
for this prestigious award. In Reservations for the symposium are quired in order to reserve space in these
alphabetical order, they are Charles D. now being taken. The special advanced facilities and to construct the exhibits
Flannigan, Florida State Director; price for all five sessions is $45 before and displays. MUFON endorses this
Robert J. Gribble, Western Regional June 1, 1991 or $50 thereafter and at program as a Public Education project
Director; Howard J. Hoffman, Fund the door. Individual sessions are $10 in order to take advantage of th$ resurg-
for UFO Research and Dan Wright, each. College students may secure ad- ing interest in UFOs by the public,
Deputy Director, Investigations. A ballot mission to all five sessions for $40 if printed media, radio and television.
is enclosed with this issue of the Jour- they present their I.D. cards. A recep- Stan Gordon, State Director for Penn-
nal so all members and subscribers may tion with hor d'oeuvres will be held Fri- sylvania, is again planning for a large
vote for their choice from the candidates day evening, July 5th at 6 p.m. for $5 exhibit at a shopping mall in
nominated. This is your opportunity to with a cash bar. Reservations for the Greensburg, PA, as he has done in past
not only recognize the fine work of these reception must be made before June 1, years.
gentlemen, but to express your personal 1991. Your tickets and reservation
thanks to the person you feel has con- packet will be held at the symposium New Officers
tributed significantly to the progress of registration desk for your arrival. Ad-
Ufology. All ballots must be received in vance reservations may be made by Stephen P. Johnson (Lincoln) has
Seguin, Texas by June 26, 1991. so ade- writing to: Paul Fisher, 3952 North been promoted to State Director for
quate time is available to engrave the Sheridan Road. Chicago, IL 60613 and Nebraska to fill the vacancy created
plaque. enclosing a check made payable to when Scott N. Colborn decided to
"MUFON 1991 UFO Symposium." relinquish this position. Mr. Colborn
1991 MUFON Symposium A contract has been signed with appointed John C. Kasher, Ph.D.
American Airlines to be the official car- (Omaha) to become the Assistant State
"UFOs: The Big Picture" is the rier for the symposium which also in- Director. Ruth L. Walde (Regina)
theme for the MUFON 1991 Interna- cludes American Eagle flights to volunteered to become the Provincial
tional UFO Symposium to be held July Chicago from the contiguous 48 states, Director for Saskatchewan. Hal Starr
5, 6 and 7 at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin recently selected Robert O. Dean (Tuc-
Hotel at O'Hare International Airport Islands. To obtain American's Meeting son) to serve as his Assistant State
near Chicago. A complete agenda of Saver Fare Discounts call toll free
events and the speaking program is 1-800-433-1790 to the Meeting Services Continued on page 22

MUFON UFO JOURNAL No. 277 May 1991