SAFETY MOMENT – Tyre Awareness G1 - Admin & Personnel  Ensure that all the information contained within your Daily Records are correct. The end of the month is quickly approaching so make sure the information is correct. o Training Records o Attendance Records o Fuel & Mileage Records EID Bonuses – Make sure that all the EID bonuses are added to the salary sheets. GF – Eid bonuses are only for those that continued to work throughout the month as normal.

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G2 – Intelligence & Security  NTR.

G3 – Operations & Training. 1. Operations  Reporting – UXO finds. All suspect ordnances found in and around the area that you are working are to be reported back to the Operations Room immediately. The Ops Room are to record the conversation in the Daily Occurrence Book. 2. Training st  Monthly training records to be up to date by the 31 . The records will be printed and sent to the training wing on st the 1 .

G4 – Logistics & Service Support. 1. Vehicles  Ensure that all the documentation that you have in your vehicles are current and in date. Remove any all information and shred it.  Servicing. If you still have vehicles that need servicing get them to the garage in the evening. I will be requesting a list of outstanding vehicles that have not serviced by the end of the month and you better have a good excuse.  If you cannot send your Daily Report due to internet problems you are to ring the Watchkeeper and inform him of the mileage that you have completed that day.  I will be moving some vehicles about between teams to ensure that we have transformers in the right teams. When this happens I want the teams to do the exchange of vehicles straight away. Also once the vehicles have changed make sure your Daily Reports reflect the changes.  The following vehicles need to be swapped: o AVH 018: From Foxtrot to Delta o AVH 016: From Delta to Foxtrot o AVH 023; From Kilo to Papa o AVH 029: From Papa to Kilo o AVH 036: From Oscar to Carpark o AVH 044: From Garage to Oscar o AVH 048: From Hotel to Carpark o AVH 046: From Garage to Hotel o AVH 035: From Tango to Garage – VOR. o AVH 045: From Garage to Tango – Temp. 1

The list is then to be given to the Ops Manager to scan and file electronically. Equipment  I am at the moment creating an Equipment table for this Project.Once the change has taken place I want the TL to physically tell me that it has been done. has. The day it is completed you will need to alter your Daily Report to show the change. Then the shackle that sits in the vehicle is to be sealed in plastic bags and tied up. Communications  All phone card issues will now be conducted on a Friday.  On hand over from TL to 2 I/C before the TL goes out on rotation both parties are to sign and date the Equipment list to ensure that a full check has been conducted. 2. G5 – Civilian & Military Liaison  NTR 2 . I want you to have released them and greased the bolt. This also means that you need to ensure that all the items that have serial numbers are correct also. This is your last chance to ensure that you have all your equipment and that it matches the list that the Logistic Dept. onto this table.  D Shackles – Make sure that you have two for each tow rope. Once it is complete I will then have a clearer picture of all the short falls for the teams. I will be cross referring all the information that is held by the Logistics Dept. 100% checks will then be carried out. 3.

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