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I had a really hard time composing this within the stupid 45 min time limit. I hate time limits.

Anyway, I'd appreciate some feedback. "If a goal is worthy, then any means taken to attain it is justifiable." hether the end justifies the means, is a debate we all ha!e taken part in some point of our li!es. In my opinion, we can only justify the means when they are morally, ethically, and socially upright. "eople who go in pursuit of their dreams, more often than not, ha!e to take the path which has more obstacles than others. hen someone drops out of college to start a small business, we generally consider it as an act of lunacy. #owe!er, when that someone becomes a $ill %ates, we laud the decision. It just pro!es that it is not necessary to take the usual paths towards success. hen success comes knocking, e!en the awkward decisions look coherent. $ut in this case, the goals are achie!ed through hard work or inno!ation, so the means can be easily defended. &or many people, the goal in life is to earn money at any cost. 'he match fi(ing scandals in cricket and football that ha!e surfaced recently point out this phenomenon. #ere we see sportsmen losing on purpose to earn some e(tra money. 'hus, the goal is to earn money, but the method is illegal. )oreo!er, it brings disrepute to the sport, and the fans and spectators find it hard to trust the players in any future games. *ikewise, if a student cheats in the entrance e(amination to get a seat in a medical college, we cannot condone it. In this case, that particular student will attain her goal, but she may not become a competent doctor. +he may put the li!es of her future patients at risk. 'he greater good is more important than the goals of a particular person. 'he most blatant e(ample of such indiscretion is the attitude of the terrorists. 'heir goal of waging jihad does not justify their acts of killing innocent people or !iolating human rights. +imilarly, we cannot rationali,e the declaration of war on a country to rid it of an oppressi!e regime without any regard to the collateral damage it can cause. In conclusion, the methods which !iolate our sense of righteousness and morals, cannot !alidate the goal, howe!er worthy it may be. After all, our !alues are what make us humans.

here is no doubt that goals are necessary for the growth of an indi!idual and the de!elopment of the society. -!ery indi!idual dreams to achie!e his goal. #owe!er, to say that any means taken to attain it is justifiable is not correct. 'here are both positi!e and negati!e aspects of this statement. It depends on the indi!idual whether he.she takes the positi!e side or the negati!e side. +ometimes, based upon the distinct function of the worthy goals, it appears that any means taken to achie!e the purpose is justifiable. #owe!er, a balance is re/uired considering the morality factor.

It is a common accepted fact that goals pro!ide directions to people's actions and make their actions more purposeful. It helps in impro!ing the conditions of human beings and the world. +ometimes it is essential to take e(treme steps in some sense0 it becomes justifiable to use some e(treme tackles to gain the meaningful goal. &or e(ample, independence war of India against $ritish -mpire. 1sually wars are considered a serious loss to nations, howe!er, this war was to eliminate the sla!ery in India and for setting true democracy in India. It is also true that the benefits of attaining the goal of this war cannot re!erse the effects it had on the nation's heart and mind. #owe!er, it cannot be ignored that it ga!e birth to the largest democracy of the world. #owe!er, it cannot be said that one can use any means to achie!e his goal. A !ery general e(ample is that if a person has a goal to become a millionaire then it does not mean that he can attain his goal by any means. #e cannot be allowed to rob a bank and say that his goal is now achie!ed and it is justifiable. 2n the other hand, if the goal for an indi!idual is to study in the best uni!ersity and if he.she works !ery hard to get through it and studies day and night without any concern about what people say, then this can be called justifiable. #ence, it is difficult to predict whether any goal, which a person is seeking, is worth. At times, maybe some measures would lead to a side effect and e!en worsen the situation. "eople ha!e to take some basic moral standards into account before taking e(treme measures to fulfill their goals. In the absence of logical steps, a !aluable goal loses its meaning. A worthy goal is a purpose that would benefit the entire humanity and the society. A personal goal should not be abo!e the national or global cause. &or e(ample if you take the instance of cloning, it can achie!e a peerless le!el in the biology science. #owe!er, all the nations are !ery cautious to de!elop this technology as cloning may lead to a chaos in ethic. )oreo!er, it can be misused by terrorists. 'hus, you cannot justify all means of attaining a worthy goal. #ence, an indi!idual should consider the means, which help to achie!e a worthy goal. 'he result should be materialistically as well as morally correct.

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