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Lawful Rebellion St. Albans.

: Taking Control of Your BC Trust


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Lawful Rebellion St. Albans.

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Monday, 13 May 2013

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Taking Control of Your BC Trust

Taking Control of Your BC Trust

Posted byJaroon May 13, 2013 at 1:00am Send Message View Blog

tiri romneti ~ ultimele


Here's the latest from Patrick Devine about taking control of your Birth trust. I posted about this before, when some Canadians were claiming to have done it in their country but wouldn't say exactly how. This is not the only way of doing it, I'll post about other ones later on. Basically it involves getting a 98 or 36-series EIN number for your FOREIGN GRANTOR TRUST. Once you have that you stop being a DEBTOR, and can use the EIN # for banking etc. and NOT be subject to IRS taxes, among other things. So the problem with the SPC status not being recognized by courts and banks would seem to be because those people didn't properly established a foreign trust EIN and were operating as SSN-carrying debtors, rather than EIN-carrying creditors. Attached is Patrick's doc and a short MP3 file. BTW, here's a couple ofold blogs where we were talking about such Private Master trust: "From my Document dated 7/2/2010 but updated Patrick The process of taking Control away from the Governmental Money Changers: 1. Per the 1040 schedule B, question 8 you need to declare the original Trust a Non-Withholding Foreign Grantor Trust. It is so named because it is under a foreign jurisdiction to the Money Changers. a. You have to submit a 3520 and a 3520A form to do this. b. This will get you a 98-series EIN to open a banking account that is outside the money changers system of control, you are now to operate in honor. c. When you get the 98-series EIN; you will then need a Treasury bank account setup and opened per the TD F90-22.1, from 1040 schedule B, question 7. This should cover all of your local accounts, do not use the SSN# put them all under your Foreign Grantor Trust EIN#. But you still have not gained total Control over the access to the original trust funds yet. 2. You need to submit a SS4 against the SSN E-State and become the EXECUTOR over this E-State. a. This should get you ESTATE -series EIN (may be a 38, 61 or other #). b. As the declared EXECUTOR, you can now fire all of the money changer trustees. c. This is done with a UCC1 to Claim the ESTATE property as an ESTATE UCC1 or a UCC1 for your Foreign Grantor Trust. d. Then you do a UCC3 assigning the PAWN Estate Collateral to the PAWN Banker/Broker to collapse the PAWN Contracts, because the PAWN Banker/Broker now holds both sides of the Contract and the Contract cannot exist; therefore the Residue has to be returned to the Source - You. i. STATE OFFICE of Attorney General is the Governmental PAWN Banker/Broker per the UCC3 assignment (your Birthing State and/or the State(s) that you have PAWN Contracts with) and you also have to have them under Form 56's for the Pawn Contract items. {This is CHECK in the game of Chess.}This OFFICE can handle the following:

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Lawful Rebellion St. Albans.: Taking Control of Your BC Trust

1. Identity Theft Complaint by issuing a Special Foreign ID Passport. 2. Your Foreign Bills in Equity as Just Complaints. 3. Settlement of all Banking charges and fees for the Liquidation of the Pawn Accounts. ii. IF needed to have Enforcement; you may have to File an Action into the Federal District Courts; to issue the Orders to have Marshals resolve the PAWN account liquidations and get you your proper Foreign Identity Passport. {This is CHECKMATE in the game of Chess.} (They would also be able to get you any HARM settlements you justly require.) e. You can either keep your assets in the private or transfer them into your 98-series EIN bank account [or setup a 38-series EIN bank account as a last resort]. (You should also do the IRS 8806 and 8832 to get the process documented as being completed from the Taxing side.) The Original Inherit Birth Trust was setup per the Gutenberg Bible, incun 1454.b5, but then it was converted into Dead Estate with the PAWN Contract "Certificate of Live Birth".
98%20EIN%20IN%2BA%2BNUT%2BSHELL.doc Warning_and_Form_56s.mp3 FormSS4forESTATEtemprev1.pdf fss4.pdf

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Lawful Rebellion St. Albans.: Taking Control of Your BC Trust

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Lawful Rebellion St. Albans.: Taking Control of Your BC Trust

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Lawful Rebellion St. Albans.: Taking Control of Your BC Trust

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Lawful Rebellion St. Albans.: Taking Control of Your BC Trust

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