Day 0: Take a night bus from Bangalore to Chikkamagaluru ( Airavat- Volvo/Merce des Benz- INR490: Pre-booking

website: o;jsessionid=0000AG6p6AwGF9xvaoHiAGKNGr9:12pb18uqd ) reaching at around 6 am o f Day 1. Day 1: Upon arrival, check into a decent hotel( Hotel Soundarya Residency, or th e more upmarket , freshen up, breakfast. Contact the hotel travel desk for a minimum-two-days outing towards Kemmangundi along the following route: Onward to Kemmangundi: Chikmagalur-Deviramma Temple-Kalathi Falls-Kemmangudi Back from Kemmangundi: Kemmangudi-Bhadra Wild Life Sanctuary -Attigundi-Bababuda ngiri-Chikmagalur It will be convenient to rent a car with driver on a day-to-day basis( say, arou nd max 2500 per day all inclusive, for the car- ask for a decent driver who'll p atiently stop anywhere you ask him to, for reasonable amounts of time) Accommodation in Kemmangundi is either the Karnataka Forest Department( pretty b asic rooms/dorms) PRE-BOOKING WELL IN ADVANCE IS NECCESSARY - Contact directly t he DFO office-Bhadravati, or if you know someone in Forest Dept., it'll help.( h ttp:// or the Horticulture Department ( While in Kemmangundi, places to visit are Hebbe falls, Mullaiyanagiri peak, et a l. Jeeps are available near GH. So, Days 1,2 spent Kemmangundi. assuming one is not looking for a touch-and-go t rip. Day 3: Leave Kemmangundi by the abovesaid route, spending ample time in each of the stops enroute, reaching Chikmagalur before nightfall. Day4: Start as early as possible towards Belur( about 2 hour journey max): Put t he luggage someplace( cloak room of the hotel, perhaps). Spend day4 in Belur tem ples. Tuck into Hotel Mayura Velapuri( 8177-222209)( PREBOOK!) Spend Day5 in Halebidu temples and post afternoon, leave for Dharmasthala(a 2-3 hour journey to a famous temple town). Check into clean temple accommodation in Dharmasthala. Day 6: Have early darshan at temple and leave to Subrahmanya( another 2 hr journ ey to a deep-in-forests temple). Have darshan and lunch in temple premises. Depending on how you feel, you can spend the day in Subrahmanya and leave for Ma dikeri next day. Day 7: Start early,take a 3 hour drive to Madikeri( District HQ of Coorg) . Take a decent room( or stay at Taj Vivanta, if you don't mind the cost for a day) an d spend a day or two at Madikeri, taking in the coffee gardens and the rest. Day8: Leave Madikeri and go to Kabini reservoir, a 3- hour- drive. . Check in at Kabini River Lodge, ( Spend Days 8 and 9( maybe more ) at Kabini River Lodge till you have your fill o f the abundant wildlife( supposedly the single largest congregation of wild elep hants in India) Day 10: Proceed to Mysore, which is about an hour-and- a half drive. Check in t o Hotel Dasprakash paradise, one of the oldest hotels in Mysore( http://www.myso or , if you prefer newer ones, Ginger is a go od bet( Spend days 10,11, or more in Mysore. Places worth seeing are : Somnathpur, T-narasipur, Palaces( Mysore Palace ,JaganMohan Palace and perhaps, dinner at LalitMahal Palace, a hotel on the Chamundi Hill), Karanji Lake, Sriran gapatna( temples and Tipu's summer palace museum). Day12 or later: Leave to bangalore, a 3hour drive/train journey. * * * * Carry some candles, warm clothing, et al for the hilly parts of the trip Make good use of the Lonely Planet Guide that I've attached. Some electrolyte for hot May weather could come in handy. If the same trip were taken in December, the ruins of Hampi would be a must-vi

sit. Jog falls can't be missed. . * If the same trip were taken in Monsoon/just after Monsoon.

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