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Motivation Letter If I allowed to tell my recount, I will put this story in the first paragraph of my motivation letter, cause

I want you to know, where is this four-gear-spirit came from. This is my junior high school story. Elementary school story always have an epic story to tell, and it s usually stopped when we re going to junior high school, unfortunately that s not working on me. !uring my first year, I have no friends. The "eauties, the sporties, the modists, the wealthies that was the #clan I knew in that classic junior high school. I didn t know why there s no friend around who just want to talk to me a"out how my assignment went, how my e$traculicular worked, just to talk a"out any-"oring-thing in the school. In fact, I was alone. Everyday I came home desperately, then go upstairs in the evening, that s the only place I can "e free, no pressure, no sinic-eye-sight, no noise, silent. %ust me and the evening orange skyline. I used to think that, I hate school, I hate this place, even worse I hate this life. &ne day my mom watched a television in the midnight, that s impossi"le' My mom watched a movie from the "o$ office program, (irates )arri"ean. That was my first time to met with )aptain %ack *parrow, who "ecame #my dad now. +is ,uirky "ehaviour, low profile attitude, and uni,ue outfit actually represents how happy he is, living his crowd pirates life. +is compass, called "lack compass always directed him to the right direction, the direction what his heart want to go, so his compass is never wrong. &ne day afterward, I went to the movie rental to rent some movie !-!, from that time I never alone again. )aptain %ack already told me that living a life happily is the easiest way to enjoy the happiness in life, he told me a"out thinking out of the "o$, he told me that I am young and why I m insist to "e a static living creature, he told me to act right now' My evening schedule was progressed, I accompanied with a self development "ook and M(. player. That time I reali/ed, that my "lack compass was right, I have to travel the world. This is 0rich *parrow s mission. 10rich is me, apologi/ed me I m ridiculous2. 3e as a society, living a life together with the other else. 4od told us to e$plore and protect the earth as place where human can live. It supposed to "e an easy task, "ut since there s an evil ha"it called greed, half of us 1human who live on earth2 are in suffer. *uffer of water, food, and education. It s occurred "ecause there s a thing in this earth isn t on the track anymore. My lecturer said that every thing in this world is plenty enough to feed every"ody in this world, e$cept the living thing called greedy man doesn t e$ist. 3hat if, we who feel that suffer5 3e hope some"ody come and give his or her hand to help us. Law of attraction theory told me to do the same thing. To use my own hand for it s original function, to help. Every"ody is in their effort to make a "etter life just like my little dream when I was child, "ut some of them often over react a"out this. 6oise and violence. If we take a "ook titled 0n 0uto"iography of Mahatma 4andhi in a li"rary, his ten fundamentals to change the world is work out. 4andhi told me to keep calm when I ll do anything, to take a deep feel of protect anything, to mi$ a think, mind, and soul when I try to understanding every circumstances. 4andhi said to me that the #noise isn t a good thing at all, listen to learn, and read to act, that s "etter then "e noisy. &ne of the ten fundamentals is, 7 without act, you aren t going enywhere8, 9::; agree. This earth made for us to e$plore what is going on in the earth. If I may say that earth is like a pu//le, we took the pu//le fragment in the other side, and continue to the other side, continue again, again and again, until all of the fragments collected and "ecome a "ig picture of our dream. Every"ody needs a "etter life. 0 "etter life come out when we can use and maintain an environment wisely. 3hy there s still a hunger in Indonesia, whereas our country has a great natural source that can we use and eat actually. My lecturer said there s a devil ring "etween hunger and politic. *ince I can t cut off the ring immediately 1of course I can t, I haven t understand what is actually their 1"urglar in government system2 passion2, I just wanna use my hand. 3hy there s no enough rice for people in rural 3est %ava. 0re the ricefield going e$tinct5 6o, they still availa"le in an a"undant num"er in this land. <ut who s the owner. 3hy there s still an a"undant num"er of homeless people in <andung5 The field is filled with an apartment, industrial, and manufacture project. *tuck5 3e aren t stuck at all. Let s discover what the other country handle this thing' 3elcome to the voyage, )aptain 0rich.