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Lewisham Central & Hither Green

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Local figures show Labour are failing on crime

Police crime statistics show that in August there were 93 violent crimes in
central Lewisham, yet Labour say they are proud of their record on crime
Anger over Lewisham LibYour local
Dem team
town centre plans
locally! While local Lib Dem councillors take an active part in Lewisham
Central’s Safer Neighbourhood panels, Labour has not even bothered to
attend the meetings.
Tam Langley, Lib Dem prospective MP for central Lewisham, Labour ignore residents’ opposition to flawed town centre development
has launched a campaign to cut crime. Working with local Lib Dem prospective MP, Tam Langley, Plans to build a high rise development at a planning of skyscrapers. We need a
residents and the police, the Lib Dems are aiming to make says tough words from Labour won’t development on Loampit committee. Objections plan that is both greener
our streets safer by identifying crime and anti social Vale have been pushed were heard from the and more human-scale."
tackle crime - we need more action.
behaviour hotspots and helping to organising more through by Labour, Ladywell Society and local
Neighbourhood Watch schemes. The Lib Dems would also like The Central Lewisham Max Calo
despite strong opposition residents including Lib Action Group is holding a 8690 4242
to see more uniformed police on the beat, especially after dark. from local residents and Dems, Max Calo and Cllr. meeting on the evening of
Tam says, “While it is important we don't give in to fear of crime, there is a real problem here that needs the Lib Dems. Local Lib Andrew Milton. The plans 12th November for local
attention. Tough words from Labour won’t tackle crime, we need real action.” Dems have opposed the were only passed when residents to suggest an
If you know of a local crime hotspot, or would like to set up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, then email development for a number the Labour Chair used his alternative view on the of reasons, including the casting vote to push them town centre regeneration.
reduction in swimming through. Cllr. Milton will be speaking
provision and the risk of Cllr. Milton says, "I am not - to give him your views or
‘Climate change action for Lewisham Advice Surgeries an empty wasteland in against the redevelopment for meeting details please
front of Lewisham Station. of the town centre, but email andrewmilton
Lewisham Lib Dems have the Labour-run council has an Your Lib Dem councillors hold
succeeded in getting the extremely poor recycling open advice surgeries twice a
Lib Dem councillor Dave many local people do not Cllr. Dave Edgerton
council to agree to cut their record, I'm pleased that they Edgerton voted against the want to live in the shadow 8691 3052
carbon emissions by 10% by have come onside to work with
First Saturday of each month
2010. us on climate change.”
Lib Dem Mayoral candidate Neighbouring Lib Dem MP
from 11am to 12noon at St.
Chris Maines says “I am Simon Hughes has also leant his Swithin’s Church on Hither
delighted that the other support to the campaign and Green Lane.
parties followed our proposal congratulated Lewisham Lib Third Saturday of each month
that Lewisham should sign up Dems on their success. from 11am to 12noon at
to the 10:10 campaign. While Lewisham Library.

James Jennings
Is there something you want to tell us? 07957 421919
Local Lib Dem campaigners, James
If you’d like to contact the Lewisham Central Lib Dem team, you can use this form...
Jennings, Max Calo and Dave
Edgerton want to see regeneration
Name & Address: Support the Lib Dems? plans for Lewisham town centre
I’ll be voting Lib Dem that local residents can support.
Telephone number or email: in the future
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Elderly residents deserve better Maines4Mayor
By Chris Maines
- say Lib Dems Lib Dem candidate for
Mayor of Lewisham
Lib Dem councillor, Dave Edgerton, has been People who run things run out of steam.
fighting for improvements for elderly residents And sadly, when things start going wrong -
living in sheltered accommodation at St. Mauritius there is nobody to say enough is enough,
House in Lewisham Park. nobody with the fresh ideas to turn things
Residents told Dave how landlord In-Touch, around. That's what happened with
formally Hyde Housing, had failed to carry out Labour in Britain and in Lewisham. After
essential maintenance work. nearly 40 years in charge of the Town
Hall, Labour in Lewisham have lost their
Problems include loose hand rails, blocked drains
way - no vision, no understanding of what
and guttering and loose entrances to lifts.
local people want and no solutions to the
Recently a fire broke out in one of the apartments, and did not set off the fire alarm, although In- problems.
Access for all call at Hither Green Touch say the system was recently tested.
For seven years Lewisham's Mayor has
Dave said, "Elderly residents deserve safe, well maintained homes. I am glad the landlord has seen to been trying to build a new school. His
Local Lib Dems are campaigning for The campaign mounted by local
some of the problems I reported to them." chosen sites were found to be unsuitable.
the closed-up ramps at Hither councillors has my full support.”
Plans keep being scrapped, and after
Green Station to be re-opened to

Top Tories oppose the NHS

No date has been set by rail thousands of pounds on fees and
ease access to and from the bosses to make Hither Green fully consultants its back to the drawing board
station. accessible, even though work is again. But the pupils are still waiting for a
Re-opening the ramps would allow already underway at Lewisham A senior Tory without the NHS.” Tam Langley, Lib Dem much needed school places.
direct access to platforms 1, 2/3 station and is time-tabled for politician has caused Unfortunately he’s prospective MP for
Promises to ensure all Lewisham’s council
and 6, avoiding the current need to Grove Park and Blackheaths outrage by calling the not the only Lewisham Deptford,
homes are modernised keep being broken.
use the foot bridges. stations. “If passengers end up NHS a mistake. Conservative who said, “Cameron has
Five more years of delay, money lost and
Campaigning Lib Dems brought waiting years before the station is Speaking on a right feels this way about tried to create a more
people desperate for decent homes have
Caroline Pidgeon AM, the London fully accessible it’s even more wing American TV the NHS. A number of acceptable image for been left waiting.
Assembly Transport Committee reason for the closed ramps to be channel, Daniel Tory MPs expressed his party, but many
re-opened in the mean time.” Hannan said the NHS Conservatives are From low recycling rates to rising violent
Chair, to Hither Green to see the similar views about
commented Lib Dem councillor, had “made people beginning to show crimes, Labour have failed to come up
problem for herself. Caroline said Lewisham Lib Dems the NHS in a book
Andrew Milton. Hither Green is a iller” and that Britain their true colours.” with solutions we need. It is time for
“Re-opening the closed ramps marching in support of published in 2005.
very busy station - with over two would be “better off change. The Lib Dems are the only force
would massively improve access to the NHS.
million journeys each year - and in Lewisham with fresh ideas, the energy
this station for those with mobility
that number is set to grow. and the experience to end the decay.
problems, pushchairs or luggage.
Cut taxes for low income With 17 councillors, the Liberal
Democrats are the only party locally

Lewisham Council makes £1.3million families - say Lib Dems strong enough to take over. Our
councillors and campaigners are
committed to listening to residents, to

profit from controlled parking zones

working with them to solve problems and
Lib Dems call for the personal tax threshold to be raised to £10,000 committed to changing Lewisham for
good. Next year, you can help them make
Lib Dems have exposed how Lewisham Council profits from The Liberal Democrats people out of that change.
controlled parking zones. have launched new income tax
proposals for fairer altogether,
Last year, income from controlled parking zones across the taxes. especially those
borough exceeded expenditure by almost £1.3million. That’s not working part-
surprising, say Lib Dems, given that the charge for a yearly The proposals would
raise the personal tax time.
residents’ permit has DOUBLED in just one year from £30 to £60.
threshold to £10,000, Lib Dem
“If the council is making such a big profit from controlled so that anything treasury
parking zones, why did they need to charge residents double for Lib Dem MPs, Nick
earned below that spokesperson,
their parking permits?” says Lib Dem campaigner, James Clegg, and Vince Cable
amount would not be Vince Cable,
Jennings. Lib Dem councillors have requested a breakdown for taxable. says the proposals calling for fairer taxes.
each parking zone, but the Council says it doesn’t hold this would cut taxes
information. Lib Dem Leader, Nick currently paying too
Clegg, says the for millions of others,
much in tax and
Dave, James and Max with one of James says, “This explains why the council refuses to introduce proposed tax policy including lower paid
struggling with basic Chris Maines, Liberal Democrat
Lewisham’s parking meters. shorter hours of operation for CPZs - the whole thing is a profit would take four million employees who are living costs.
making exercise.” candidate for Mayor of Lewisham