Food & Drink Trends 2010 and Beyond

Food-to-go is Here to Stay
22 October 2009

The importance of trends The food-to-go market Key players Market drivers Trends within trends Conclusions

The importance of trends

Markets versus Trends
Confectionery 4.0% Ethical

16.2% 13.6% 7.1% 6.1%




Baked goods



Fruit & veg



The market for food to go

used to mean a bag of crisps!

plenty of choice!!

The food we want... ...when we want it!

“Food purchased to be eaten out of home”

• • • • • • • •

Filled breads including those purchased in sandwich bars Bagged snacks Bakery breads, cereal bars, snack cakes and biscuit packs Countlines Meat & pastry snack meats, individual pies and pasties Dairy cheese snacks, yogurt and pot snacks Fruits & salads ready-to-eat fruit packs, salads Snack pots & soups

£11.5 billion
Larger than the UK

dairy market

7.1% growth rate Highly profitable

Filled Breads

£4.4 billion
Bagged Snacks

£2.6 billion


£1.7 billion

Meat & pastry Countlines

£1.0 billion
Snack pots & soups £0.3bn Fruits & salads £0.2bn

£1.0 billion

Dairy £0.2bn

Source: RTS Resource database & analysis. Provisional data for 2009

Food-to-go worth £11.5bn
UK: The market for food-to-go, 2009

000 tonnes


Filled breads Bagged snacks Bakery Meat & pastry Countlines Fruits & salads Dairy Snack pots & soups

720 372 282 148 140 56 30 28

£4,404 £2,581 £1,736 £985 £1,008 £237 £238 £311

Food to go



Source: RTS Resource database & analysis. Provisional data for 2009

Fruits & salad Bakery Meat & pastry Dairy Filled breads Bagged snacks Countlines Pots & soups

13.9% 10.9% 8.6% 7.8% 6.6% 5.8% 4.7% 4.6%

FoodFood to go to go


Key players

Fruit & Salad
Key Manufacturers

Own-label dominates Key Brands: Del Monte Whitworths Fruit Bowl Preda Sun Maid

Fruit & Salad
New Products
• Whitworths nibl • Florette Fresh Fruit Medley • Ella’s kitchen Pack ‘O’ Snacks • Graze Box • Natural Balance Foods Infused Raisins

Filled breads

Dominated by own label
Ginsters Foo go (Greencore) Cranks Sutherland Deli (Greencore)

• Brands include:

Retail chains include
Starbucks Republic Nero Eat Subway Soho Coffee Co Pret a Manger Coffee Costa

Filled & snack breads
New products
• Jam Sandwich • Prawn Cocktail with watercress salad • Fish Duo - Tuna & cucumber / Free range egg and salmon • Chicken Duo - Chicken & roasted red pepper / Curried chicken • Veg Duo - Free range egg & tomato / Cheese & pickle • Breakfast club on toasted oatmeal • Limited edition • Spicy king prawn with mango on kolonji seed bread • Roast chicken with lemon & tarragon mayo

New products

• •

Cadbury Wispa Gold Montesumas Orange & Geranium Chilli & Lime Dark Chocolate with Chilli Milk Chocolate with Cardamom

• Marks & Spencer

Bagged Snacks
Key Manufacturers

• • •

Pepsico Walkers, Quavers, French Fries, Doritos United Biscuits Hula Hoops, KP, Phileas Fogg Procter & Gamble Pringles

• Kettle

Bagged Snacks
New Products

• •

Kettle Chips Red Onion Chutney Walkers Max Cheeseburger Welsh Rarebit Beef Wellington Pork & Apple

• Tyrrells

Cereal Bars & Breakfast Snacks
Key brands

• • • •

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain, Squares, Special K Pepsico Harvest, Chewee, Quaker Oats Cadbury Brunch Bar Dorset Cereals

Cereal Bars & Breakfast Snacks
New products

Eat Natural 3 new varieties: Dark 70% Chocolate with Brazils and Apricots Brazils, Sultanas, Almonds and Hazelnuts Cherries, Almonds and a Yoghurt Coating

Jordans Limited Edition Morello Cherry & Cocoa Frusli Bars

Cadbury Brunch Munch Oats & Apricot Oats & Honey

Biscuits, cake bars & similar
Key Manufacturers

• • • •

United Biscuits McVitie’s, Penguin, Go ahead Nestlé Kit Kat, Blue Riband, Breakaway Burtons Cadbury, Maryland, Jammie Dodgers Premier Foods Cadbury, Mr Kipling

Biscuits, cake bars & similar
New products

• • • •

Mr Kipling Cake Bites Mr Kipling Fiendish Fancies Jaffa Cakes Lemon & Slime Cadbury Trick or Treat Mini Rolls

Meat Snacks & Pastries

Major brands include: Ginsters Pork Farms/Northern Foods Dickinson & Morris Kerry Foods Duchy Originals

Retail Chains include Greggs West Cornwall Pasty company

Meat Snacks & Pastries
New products
• Special edition pasties
New Flavours: Steak and Ale Chicken and Bacon

• New Cornish Pasty inspired by
popular british dishes: Bangers & Mash Bacon & Brie Roast Chicken Dinner Chicken Tikka

Yogurts, Desserts & Cheese Snacks
• • •
Galaxy Probiotic Muller Fruit Corner Limited Edition - Raspberry & White Chocolate Dr Oetker Limited Edition - Coconut Yogurt

Pot Snacks & Cup Soups
• • •
Heinz Taste of Home Limited Edition - Steak & Guinness Casserole Princes Hot Pots Ainsley Harriott World Kitchen Soups Moroccan Fusion with Couscous Southern Cajun Gumbo East Indian Mulligatawny

Market drivers

Food-to-go drivers
Product type cereal bars, meat sticks, nuts Attractiveness & suitability taste, satiety, speed Occasion breakfast, desk lunch, in the car, lunchbox Consumer type on business, children, family, busy parent Trend within the trend

The next generation of products

In addition to all the product types covered here, there is no reason why other products, either

completely new or variants of
existing products, cannot be developed to meet the needs of this market.

Attractiveness & suitability
Suitable products are usually hand-held but based largely on traditional products and flavours. Attractiveness and suitability factors can include:

• • • • •

Availability/delivery Speed of consumption Portability Light or satisfying Indulgent/treat

• • • • •

Taste & flavour Lack of crumbs or mess Trendy especially for school lunchboxes Healthy/organic Shelf-life long for storage
or fresh if purchased for immediate consumption

• • • • • •
Breakfast Lunchboxes Mid-morning snacks Travel (business and leisure) and
driving (dashboard dining)

• • • • • •

Informal business meetings al fresco Afternoon snack Busy “grab and go” Meal substitute Evening snack/supper

Lunch taken in the park or at the desk Picnic

Consumer types
Nearly all consumers are targets at sometime:

• • • • • •

Late risers Busy mothers School children
especially with reducing take-up of school lunches

Office workers
where there is no staff catering

Outdoor workers Busy home workers

• • • • • • •

Business travellers Holiday-makers Working lunchers Hectic social life Attack of “the nibbles” Boredom Anyone having a busy day

Trends within trends

Food to go is a large and dynamic market
• • •
The subject of today’s seminar is TRENDS We have established that FOOD-TO-GO is a large and exciting growth TREND with much potential. So, there are also trends for the future that we think food-to-go also need to adopt in order to be even more successful and keep pace with future demand and expectations .......

Trends within trends

The following relevant trends can be combined successfully with FOOD-TO-GO products:

• • • • •

nostalgia artisan/small company image health & wellness use of spices new flavour materials & sources

Source: RTS Trend Watch

Trend Watch

Free copy available to delegates.


The market has changed dramatically
• • •
Confectionery bars and bagged snacks were the original FOODS-TO-GO Today, there is a number of other segments developing as consumers increasingly look to satisfy nutritional needs out-of-home. Consumers are increasingly looking for foods which require the minimum effort to eat and/or prepare

Food-to-go is a dynamic, growth market
• • •
The FOOD-TO-GO market is large and dynamic although there are some poorer performing sectors within it. The future looks promising too, against a background of constraint/restricted growth. In order to maintain high levels of growth some products need to be weeded out and replaced with those that combine latest trends.

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