ALIGNEO® pocket guide

Know your ALIGNEO®
R'222C PC 1 imprimir inter)a/e +A3ARILL4. !ran(d5/tor Cone//i6n +A70L.

A L I G N E O@

&e/ha dir *imen(ion( ?ey 3ea(5rement ?ey Re(5&t( ?ey 'o)t )oot ?ey 3o;e ?ey

"nter G5ardar Abrir ar/hi;o Aorrar 9)5n/ione( 4n 14)) *ata entry ?ey(

) key functions  )1 *i(p&ay +,-y. /oordinate( and rotation ang&e  )2 0nit( (e&e/tion- mm1in/h  )2 89)oot ma/hine )oot re(5&t(  ): *i(p&ay time and date +(et ;ia )<0.  )= A&ignment (tat5(>  )8 ",tend mea(5rement>  )00 PC /omm5ni/ation  )02 Print report  )70 'e&e/t (tati/ ma/hine or )eet>  )71 'e&e/t report )ormat +graphi/ or te,t.  )72 'e&e/t /o5p&ing type- (hort or &ong>  )7: *e)a5&t (etting )or re(5&t( ?ey +/o5p&ing or

© Copyright 2007 by PRÜ !"C#$I% A&ignment 'y(tem(

Pocket guide

Mount ALIGNEO® and switch on
",terna& in/&inometer

!ran(d5/er +La(er. mo5nted on (tationary ma/hine

Re)&e/tor +Pri(m. mo5nted on ma/hine to be mo;ed

 )7=  )78  )77  )7<  )79  )<0  )<1  )<2  )<2  )<:  )90  )91  )92  )92  )9:  )9=  )98  )9<

Berti/a& ma/hine a&ignment> "nter /o5p&ing target(> "nter therma& groCth> *e)a5&t /o5p&ing diameter *e)a5&t RP3> 'et time and date 'et &ang5age +0Deng&i(h. 'et n5mber o) indi;id5a& reading( )or a;eraging 'et the de;iation band 'et re(5&t re(o&5tion *e&ete a&& (tored data !e(t entire di(p&ay !e(t indi;id5a& di(p&ay (egment( !e(t ?eyboard *i(p&ay ;er(ion- I* $o. 3emory te(t PC di(p&ay Re(et a&& (etting( to the )a/tory $eC ma/hine 9 a&& dimen(ion( Li(t o) a&& (pe/ia& )5n/tion( Li(t o) &ang5age( )or report

Nu !er " in precision #aser a#ign ent

 )99
Printed in Germany · ALI

'Cit/h ALIG$"4 on by pre((ing


 )0<  )09

> E 4ptiona& )eat5re(.

L0*"CA In/ 1:2= $.H. <<th A;en5e *ora&- L 22172 PhoneF a,F +20=. =919<92= +20=. =9191=27 in)oI&5de/a./om CCC.&5de/a./om

$oteF Go5 may re(5me )rom Chere yo5 &a(t &e)t o)) by pre((ing


PRÜ !"C#$I% A & i g n m e n t ' y ( t e m ( G m b # 4 ( ? a r 9 3 e ( ( t e r 9 ' t r a ( ( e 1 = < = 7 2 7 CCC.pr5)te/hni?. / o m ./om I ( m a n i n g G e r m a n y i n ) o I p r 5 ) t e / h n i ? .

08 mm +0. to (e&e/t )oot to be /he/?ed. 4))(et i( po(iti..712.e /orre/tion(.g.and /enter the &a(er beam 5(ing the re)&e/tor th5mbChee& and the ye&&oC ?nob 5nti& the /oordinate( are /&o(e to 0-0.20 )or :=N. Pre(( & or r to (e&e/t dire/tion o) mo.terna& in/&inometer.ALIGNEO® pocket guide "$ %i ensions 0(e the data entry ?ey( to dire/t&y enter a&& )&a(hing dimen(ion(.ieC a&ignment re(5&t(. Con)irm (e&e/tion by pre((ing Pre(( %i ensions to !e entered inc#ude&  !ran(d5/er +&a(er.ieC appear(. and the horiPonta& mo. M0289M appear( on the (/reen.a&5e( are o5t o) to&eran/e Pre(( e to re/ord the . Reading( )rom any 2 o) the < a.erti/a&L. Po(ition the (ha)t( (5/h that the tran(d5/er i( at either the 2F00 oS/&o/? or 9F00 oS/&o/? po(ition. !he arroC( indi/ate the dire/tion o) mo. Corre/tion i( app&ied to b&in?ing )eet.erti/a& and horiPonta& /o5p&ing . !he a&ignment to&eran/e (tat5( /an be di(p&ayed 5(ing the optiona& to&eran/e( )eat5re +ALI 11. Pre(( / & or r to (e&e/t the ang&e Chere the (ha)t Ci&& be po(itioned + thi( /o5&d be at :=N.e or (himming. to )ront )oot +right ma/hine.  !ran(d5/er +&a(er.erti/a& (himming di(tan/e that the )oot ha( ri(en i( (hoCn.. Con)irm entered . Ba&5e( may be Pre(( ? to .pre(( Pre(( & or ? 5nti& the '$ Measure $oteF !he de)a5&t mode i( the (tati/ mea(5rement mode. are reO5ired )or re(5&t(.e mea(5rement. 0 Pre(( r e.. Co5p&ing re(5&t( are di(p&ayed Chen the (ymbo& appear( on the di(p& po(ition( +in any order. AdR5(t beam to 0-0. to re)&e/tor +pri(m. Mo*e Pre(( 5.e the ma/hine into a&ignment )o&&oCing the arroC. Rotate (ha)t to thi( po(ition Cith the aid o) an e.a&5e(. eet re(5&t( are di(p&ayed by pre((ing (ymbo& appear( on the di(p&ay.002J.a&5e.. !he )orCard or rear ma/hine )eet /an be (e&e/ted 5(ing or & r. Rotate (ha)t to any :=N /&o/? po(ition. !he (mi&ey appear( i) Cithin to&eran/e.e (e&e/tion .12=N.and then retighten the bo&t. Gap i( po(iti.ieCer.and then pre(( to (tart &i.e Chen open at the top or (ide aCay )rom .  RP3 K optiona& )eat5re L  !ran(d5/er +&a(er. Hhen "ntr appear( on the di(p&ay- e or & or r to togg&e thro5gh the pre(( e. "nter the (ha)t /&o/? po(ition to ta?e mea(5rement E e. to /enter o) /o5p&ing  Co5p&ing diameter +de)a5&t i( 100 mm 1 10J.  ront )oot to ba/? )oot +right ma/hine. Repeat the pro/ed5re )or ea/h )oot. !he mo. .ieCer than the ma/hine on the &e)t (ide. .e Chen the ma/hine on the right hand (ide i( higher or )5rther )rom the . 'o)t )oot (ho5&d be /orre/t i) greater than 0. 3o.22=N or 21=N . e. Hhen "ntr appear( on the di(p&ay.a&5e( are Cithin e.a&5e( are in a//eptab&e to&eran/e(  $o (mi&ey indi/ate( . AdR5(t beam to 0-0 i) ne/e((ary./e&&ent to&eran/e(  A )&a(hing (mi&ey indi/ate( .en in )orm o) gap and o))(et.a&5e by pre((ing /orre/ted 5(ing ($ )esu#ts e. 1. Loo(en the )oot bo&t. !he /a&/5&ated e or & or r to /y/&e thro5gh the . Pre(( m.  A (teady (mi&ey indi/ate( . !he(e are gi. +oft foot Pre(( ( to /he/? (o)t )oot. !he tran(d5/er po(ition (e&e/tion (/reen Cith a b&in?ing Mbo&t dotM in a&& )o5r :=N po(ition( appear(. !he /ontin5o5( (Ceep and m5&tipoint mea(5rement mode( are optiona& )eat5re(.e +# Q KhoriPonta&L or B Q K. Pre(( e.

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