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We've got your savings in the bag!

Protect your wallet while supporting the environment, our economy and our veterans San Francisco, Calif. – March 25, 2014 – How many times has this happened to you: You go to checkout at the grocery store, only to realize you don't have your reusable bag. You also forgot to bring that special offer, discount, reward, coupon, club card, or gift card that would have saved you money. Your forgetfulness is not only bad for the environment: It’s also bad for your wallet. California-based entrepreneur Chandler Hadraba has developed the first reusable bag that pays you to remember! “Shopping Bag Solutions” reusable bags feature patent pending clear external pockets to hold all of your special offers, discounts, rewards, coupons, club cards, or gift cards. The groundbreaking, domestically produced bag comes with access to money saving incentives at In 2013, SBS Alpha Testers saved $2 to $3 on top of traditional loyalty savings, on average, when using our initial prototype bag and incentives gallery. That’s because having the savings in the bag - literally! - helped them remember to bring the bag. They were able to do so because the incentives helped them remember to bring their bag to the store. Here's what those testers had to say about the product: "A similar bag at Whole Foods is going for $4.99 and doesn't stand up to your bag."
 "I never knew about digital coupons before: Now I do and will not give up this new behavior."
 "I use to just throw out the Redplum mailer, Valpak envelope, etc.. Now I put them in your bag and actually use the offers." "I love having a way to remember my shopping bag without having to install another useless app!" IN THE NEWS: SBS garnered mentioned by Coupons in the News. Read it here:

MADE IN AMERICA BY US VETERANS: Over 90% of the reusable bag market is dominated by foreign imports. Shopping Bags Solutions is striving to pioneer new value-added features and services that will give the domestic industry an edge. Not only are they committed to local manufacturing, but SBS has partnered with Green Vets Los Angeles to manufacture our first production run of 1000 SBS bags. Green Vets is a non-profit vocational rehabilitation program that provides job training for returning Veterans. Press Contact: Chandler Hadraba | 310 418-6067 | SBS Indiegogo page: SBS website: Facebook: Twitter:

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