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August 2003 Number 424

So/we MUFON members were invited by Dan Aykroyd in June to a private session of the Blues Brothers
Band at the Pepsi Center in Denver. Aykroyd, a long-time MUFON member, has recently become a Life
Member, and has agreed to serve as MUFON's Hollywood consultant. Left to right are, front. Dan Aykroyd
and Jim Belushi; back. Dale Coats. Corrine Coats, Liz Coats, Lin Simpson, Tygh Simpson, and Bob Simpson.
An interview with Aykroyd is scheduled for the September Journal.
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August 2003 Number 424

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"' Urandir Oliveira case in Brazil by Dwight Connelly 3
Arkansas crop circle probably genuine by BLT 10
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John F. Schuessler, M.S.
Filer's Files by George A Filer. 12
MUFON Symposium features 11 speakers 15
; -..'"' Editor: , ;/."; Saucer over Utah mountain by Somers Pfeuffer. 16
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\' Tel: (217) 382-4502 Perceptions by Stanton T. Friedman 18
e-mail: View from Britain by Jenny Randies 20
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v Columnists: • The Night Sky by Walter N. Webb 22
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Stanton Friedman, M.S. Director's Message by John Schuessler. 24
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VJ1CU1U11 . Or smoke and mirrors?
By Dwight ConneUy
MUFON UFO Journal editor The primary investigators
A.J. Gevaerd Linda Moulton Howe

I n the April issue of the Journal

the dispute between reporter Linda
Moulton Howe and MUFON Di-
rector for Brazil A. J. Gevaerd concerning
the alleged abduction of Urandir Oliveira
A. J. Gevaerd is MUFON's National Ms. Howe is a graduate of Stanford
Director for Brazil and founder-editor University with a masters in communi-
of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, which cations, and has received many awards
has been in existence for 19 years. for her work in film, TV, and radio. One
in Corguinho, Brazil, was summarized. He is also the founder of her best-known films
Then in the July Journal, MUFON Di- and director of the Bra- was "A Strange Har-
rector John Schuessler made it clear that zilian Center for Flying vest," which explored
MUFON was not taking a position in sup- Saucer Research the world of animal muti-
port of the case, even though Ms. Howe (CBPDV), the largest lations.
was invited to speak about the case at such organization in She is the author of
the MUFON 2003 Symposium. South America with An Alien Harvest, which
Since then, I have received additional more than 3,300 mem- continues her work with
information from Gevaerd, and we have bers. He has investi- A.J. Gevaerd animal mutilations; L.M.Howe
the 40-page report prepared by Mrs. gated numerous cases Glimpses of Other Reali-
Phyllis Budinger, as well as additional in- throughout Brazil, and is the author of ties, volumes I and II, which concerns
formation regarding studies of the physi- UFO Contact at Maringua. U.S. military, intelligence, and civilian
cal evidence. In 1983 Gevaerd was selected by Dr. testimonies about non-humans interact-
Information provided by Ms. Howe J. Allen Hynek as representative of the ing with earth life; and Mysterious
is, of course, available on Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in Bra- Lights and Crop Circles, which fea-
Additional research on the photos by the ziL tures eyewitness accounts and scien-
Seattle MUFON group has also been He is one of the international direc- tific research of biophysical and bio-
made available. I have talked with Mr. tors of the Annual International UFO chemical changes in affected cereal
Gevaerd by phone and via email, and Congress in Laughlin, NV, and has spo- crops by complex energy systems.
talked with Ms. Howe at the Symposium. ken in 29 countries around the world, She appears on Coast to Coast with
hi this article I will look at the evidence as well as extensively in Brazil. Whitley Strieber, and has an internet
presented, emphasizing those things Gevaerd, 41, has a B.A. in chemistry, news magazine called
which are normally considered in estab- but decided in 1986 to quit teaching and She has spoken at many conferences
lishing the validity of a case of this type, devote his full time to UFO research. throughout the world.
such as the character and reputation of
the alleged abductee, the alleged wit- blond beings." According to Ms. Howe, of several years, and having concluded
nesses, the amount and quality of physi- after the rock fall, his family and friends that all were hoaxes.
cal evidence, and the procedures followed rushed to Urandir's house and found him He explained this to Ms. Howe, who
by the investigators. gone. told me that she concluded that Gevaerd
Throughout the report, I will use the However, in the bedroom everyone was being too emotional about Urandir.
name Urandir to designate the alleged was reportedly shocked to find imprints Ms. Howe visited the home of Urandir,
abductee, as is the custom in Brazil. of a human body "melted" onto the bed observed and photographed a burned
The alleged abduction sheet and scorched into the wood ceil- bedsheet and ceiling, and videotaped an
In November of last year, Felipe ing. interview (English-Portuguese transla-
Branco, an associate of Urandir (and an Ms. Howe says she is surprised that tion by Luciano Didier).
alleged abductee himself), sent details of she is the only individual out of several The alleged abductee reported that he
the alleged abduction of Urandir out over receiving the email who decided to inves- had been told in advance mat he would
the Internet. tigate. She contacted Felipe Branco, who be abducted, had taken a shower, and was
Ms. Howe says, "What made this paid her way to Corguinho to look at the on his bed, clothed only in his underwear
email unusual were the photographs at- case. shorts.
tached. One showed 18 small disc-shaped The investigation He reported that he was reading a
stones that Felipe Branco picked up from In order to become more familiar with book, with his right arm extended beyond
the ground, along with Urandir's family, the area and the situation, Ms. Howe the bed. His feet were also reportedly
friends, and visitors who heard and saw phoned A. J. Gevaerd, MUFON director extended off the bed. Urandir said that a
dozens of the rocks fall out of the sky for for Brazil, publisher of Brazilian UFO bright violet light dominated the room,
several seconds around 7:30 p.m. on Sept. Magazine, and a veteran ufologist who forming a light tube which reportedly
15,2002. she already knew. lifted him through the ceiling and into a
"Urandir Oliveira thinks the stones fell Gevaerd was, in fact, quite familiar with spaceship, causing him to feel heat. He
at the same time he was lifted from his Urandir and his Project Portal operation, said he did not lose consciousness.
bed through the ceiling and roof into an having investigated various claims by The burned outline on the sheet, as
extraterrestrial craft operated by the tall, Urandir and his associates over a period well as the less definite outline on the
August 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page3
ceiling (no right hand and no feet imprints
on either the sheet or the ceiling), roughly
matches that of a human body, although
there is some question as to whether it
matches Urandir's body.
In evaluating why mere were no im-
ages of the right hand and the feet on the
ceiling, Ms. Howe says, "The specula-
tion is that the violet beam technology
did not have to separate his feet and right
hand from the bed sheet. So, the energy
was different in those places when
Urandir's body went through the ceiling
without leaving feet or hand prints in the
She questioned why the burning of
the sheet and ceiling was necessary,
however, since abductees have reportedly
been moved from beds and through walls
and ceilings with no burning of bed cloth-
ing or structures. In fact, as she noted,
this is apparently the only case in history
where such effects have been reported
as part of an alleged abduction.
Urandir offered this explanation Burned shape of body on Urandir s ceiling.
through the translator: "Because this was
the only programmed abduction that he
was conscious about, and he knew it was "So no second set of marks," concludes other Brazilians who speak English, and
going to happen. There was no need to Ms. Howe. all condemned Urandir as well. However,
leave those marks actually, but they She collected samples from the sheet, several quoted Gevaerd's UFO magazine
wanted to leave him with enough credits pillow case, and ceiling, and obtained a as their main source of information about
to the public and to the science commu- number of the stones which allegedly fell him."
nity that these evidences are very during the alleged abduction. She was Gevaerd lives about 30 miles from
clear... .they wanted to have some proofs unable to view or take samples of the Urandir's Project Portal complex, and is
because they want to have the evidences undershorts Urandir was wearing during the ufologist who has done the most in-
to prepare the population for the arrival the reported abduction, since they had vestigation of Urandir's activities over the
(of the beings)." reportedly been tossed into the wash. past several years as claims of crashed
Ms. Howe asked Urandir to lie on the Ms. Howe speculated to me that per- UFOs and other events have been publi-
bed in the position he was in when he haps there were no burns on the under- cized by Urandir.
was abducted. He did so, sticking his shorts because they were made of cot- However, another ufologist, Claudeir
feet from the bed and holding the book ton. Covo, an electrical engineer, co-editor of
as if reading, but she noted that in this No mention has been made of retriev- Revista UFO, and president of the Na-
position the pillow would not have been ing and analyzing the so-called "akashic tional Institute of Investigation of Aero-
burned. So Urandir repositioned himself, records plates" of rough stone with space Phenomena (INFA), says that he
dropping his head onto the pillow, mak- scribbles on them (in the "extraterrestrial has also investigated Urandir's claims.
ing the holding of the book outside the language") which Urandir supposedly re- "I started to record in video all the pre-
bed somewhat awkward. trieves from a special cave, shows to visi- sentations of Urandir, which started in
Ms. Howe also noted that the body tors (for a price), and gives to special fol- 1997. Urandir used to bend coins and
pattern on the ceiling was farther east and lowers. forks, said that he could cure AIDS and
to the right of the body print on the bed. The "abductee" cancer, that he could resuscitate dead
She says, "One speculation is that Contacts with American and Brazilian people, and could perform other phenom-
Urandir's body was moving forward to- investigators, both inside and outside of ena.
ward the head of the bed as it was lifted Brazil, reveal that Urandir was no stranger "All these things were designed only
upward by the violet beam technology." to them prior to this latest alleged encoun- to impress the viewer. By analysing
Another researcher has suggested that ter with ETs. Urandir's videos that I recorded in slow
the bed had been moved prior to the ar- One well-known American investiga- motion I noticed clearly that he used
rival of Ms. Howe (more on this later). tor, who asked that his/her name not be simple techniques of magic, manipulat-
Ms. Howe also wondered where the used in this article ("I don't want to lose ing several small objects out of sight from
body marks were from the reported re- friends"), said he/she had contacted "a people.
turn trip from the spaceship to the bed few people" in Brazil in May about "Thus together with other UFO re-
three days later on Sept 18. Urandir said Urandir, and "none had anything good searchers, I started to investigate his ac-
that the paralysis of his body in the re- to say about him, and at least two do not tivities," explains Claudeir. "He used bat-
clining position, both leaving and return- like Gevaerd either." However, all agreed teries of 12 volts and headlamps of cars
ing, was calculated precisely by the non- with Gevaerd's view of the case. at the distance of 200 meters from his visi-
human blondes to be exactly the same. Later, he/she "queried about eight tors at night that could simulate UFOs.

Page 4 MUFON UFO Journal August 2003

TTze photo of the burned sheet provided by Felipe
Branca on the Internet in an attempt to get researchers
interested in the Urandir case.
The photo of the burned sheet taken by Ms.
Howe when she visited in February. There ap-
pear to be differences in the burned areas, the
beds, the pillows, and perhaps the room and other
items, as compared to the original photo on the
truly Brazilian ufologists.
Pillow in photo taken by "Realizing that he doesn't have any
Ms. Howe. more space to spread his lies around here,
Pillow in photo provided Urandir decided to make an investment
by Felipe Branco. throughout the Brazilian community of in your country, and unfortunately he
UFO researchers that this person does found someone to support him.. .He was
He also used laser pointers and other not have, nor has ever had, any kind of arrested for fraud, and claims to be ca-
tools that generate light to fool people. psychic powers whatsoever, and has pable of curing diseases like AIDS, can-
Then Urandir started using advertisement never been involved in the abduction cer, and leukemia, charging a lot of money
balloons of three meters in diameter with phenomenon. Whatever goes on in his for this."
a lamp inside to fool people." estate, known as Projecto Portal, has been There are, in fact, numerous other re-
Fourteen members of Grupo de proven false and phony, nothing more ports and complaints regarding Urandir's
Estudos Ufologicos da Baixada Santista than a huge setup aiming at profit at the Project Portal, including the illegal sale of
(GEUBS-UFO Study Group of Baixada cost of people's good faith." land. The land sales were reportedly to
Santista) emailed a statement to the Rodrigo Branco, radio DJ and GEUBS people who were told that they would be
MUFON UFO Journal which said: coordinator, adds, "The main means of safe on this land, protected by extrater-
"We hereby reject the groundless communication in Brazil, either televised restrials, when a natural disaster came in
popularization of the false close encoun- or printed media, have already shown all a year or two.
ter of Mr. Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira. the farse of Mr. U.F.O. claims through a Urandir's Project Portal operations
It is a notorious and well known fact series of constant denunciation by the have been compared to the "Heaven's
August 2003 MUFON UFO Journal PageS
Gate" group and to the Jim Jones suicide dent of Campo Grande. I have a
cult. buy and sell contract, and I only
The Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group have to pay the last mortgage to
has, in fact, produced a side-by-side com- own the land."
parison between Jim Jones' Jonestown Asked if he had had any pre-
group and Urandir's Project Portal. vious problems with the law,
According to Gevaerd, when someone Urandir said, "No. Once I was
complains about something or discovers arrested because of a domestic
they have been misled, he or she is threat- fight with my ex-wife with another
ened by Urandir or his followers. woman, but there was nothing."
"One of the most serious cases," says In an interview by Ms. Howe
Gevaerd, "happened to a manager from and Whitley Strieber publicized
Sao Paulo who discovered in warehouses by Ms. Howe on,
of the farm of Urandir, in Corguinho, mo- Urandir claimed to have been
torcycles prepared to transit in rural ar- shot by individuals lying in am- Some of the stones from Brazil.
eas and paraphernalia composed of ra- bush. Ms. Howe noted that she
dios, communications type walkie talkie has seen the "round (dark) scar on his Internet by Felipe Branco (i.e. the origi-
batteries, mile lights, and varied instru- left arm slightly below his elbow." nal photo) does not match the bed sheet
ments she did not know. This claim by Urandir was investigated photographed and investigated by Ms.
"When seeing that such equipment by Gevaerd, who says, "Urandir hurt him- Howe, even though Urandir and his as-
could only be used to produce the insis- self with a piece of wood from a wired sociates stated that the room had been
tent lights in the hills of the area that ev- fence in front of three people, one of them sealed immediately after the alleged ab-
erybody thinks are flying disks, she asked a former co-worker from Belo Horizone, duction hi September of 2002.
what the equipment was for. Urandir re- Fabiana Matias. It is contended that the burns in the
portedly told the lady, 'If you open your "About a month after that, while talk- leg areas "are dramatically different," the
mouth you will be sorry.' She says she ing to a small group, Urandir said that he pillow is different (with what appears to
received more than ten threatening calls was shot and showed the scar, again in be an additional pillow of some sort in
from him or his followers after returning front of Fabiana, who immediately inter- the original photo), and the position of
to Sao Paulo." rupted and said it wasn't true. Then the bed is different (see photos on page
In Ms. Howe's reports, Urandir is re- Urandir said it was, and that he was shot. 5), even though the lighting is similar.
ferred to as a "farmer." However, Gevaerd This is the origin of this lie." The photo analysis was done by
states that Urandir is simply a promoter Ms. Howe also quoted Felipe Branco Charlette LeFevre, B.A. in Research at
for Projecto Portal, but in the past has as claiming that "A.J. has been there Wright State University and three-year
been a bricklayer, a gold washer/prospec- (Urandir's compound) only once, almost member of the Ohio Academy of Science.
tor, and an amateur magician. seven years ago." She also measured the torso of Urandir
In an interview with the publication Replies Gevaerd, "Perhaps he should sitting on the bed, and compared it to the
ZeroHora, while in jail, Urandir was asked consult the local Campo Grande press, or torso length of the burned area, and
what he does for a living. He replied, "I even his boss, Mr. Urandir. I was at his found "a difference of almost half, even
have been working by myself these past pal's property the last time in December, taking into account photo perspective
four years, giving lectures. I used to 2001, when he claimed that a UFO crashed distortion and foreshortening."
work in the building industry, and I also at that man's farm, which also proved to Thus there is some doubt as to the
have a publishing company." be another fake from the same scam go- legitimacy of the bed sheet and pillow
He said his lectures are about "mental ing on. Urandir will certainly remember, "evidence," especially in view of the repu-
evolution, apprenticeship in the manipu- as I noticed their contradictions to the tation of Urandir and his associates for
lation of energy, and self control. I charge press and interrupted." producing fake UFO evidence.
$R 50 (about $ 14.00 U.S)." The "evidence" The initial report by Ms. Howe of the
According to Urandir, those coming The evidence in this case consists of investigation of the burned sheet in-
to Project Portal pay "for tickets and the burned bed sheet, samples taken from volved an examination by W. C.
food," about $11.00 per day for visitors the burned ceiling, and a number of Levengood, a biophysicist who is known
and about $4.50 per day for "associates." stones which supposedly rained down for his work with crop circles.
He said that Project Portal is "a place on Urandir's supporters during his al- He indicated that the cotton threads
where people have parapsychological leged abduction. interwoven with the polyester threads
experiences, ecological and ufological. Before looking at analyses of the bed showed no signs of scorching, while the
There are 490 hectares (of land), and my sheet by various individuals, there is the polyester had melted, despite the fact that
intent is to buy 1.5 thousand to form a question of whether the bed sheet polyester has a melting point of 500 de-
community where I will raise cattle and viewed, photographed, and sampled by grees F and cotton has a scorch tempera-
fish. Associates will pay R$ 1,4 thou- Ms. Howe is the original bed sheet pro- ture of 300 degrees. He said he had "no
sand (about $390 U.S.) for this... .There's moted by Felipe Branco hi his effort to idea" how the anomaly had occurred.
nothing as yet; we are gathering get someone to investigate the alleged Also investigating the bed sheet for
money....We sold about 6,000 shares of abduction. Ms. Howe and Levengood was Phyllis
the 490 hectares. Each person bought as The Seattle UFO/Paranormal Group, Budinger, an analytical chemist and
much as they wanted." which cancelled a scheduled appearance owner of Frontier Analysis, Ltd., who has
When asked if he owned the land he by Ms. Howe because of then- concerns investigated such anomalies as Betty
was selling, Urandir said, "The land is in with her support of this case, states that Hill's dress and material from the Delphos,
the name of Zeferino Bingolin, a local resi- the photo of the bed sheet put on the KS, encounter.

Page 6 MUFON UFO Journal August 2003

The Project Portal compound on the "farm " A Project Portal building.
of Vrandir.
She concluded that a fast burst of heat ven with the cotton. Ms. Howe later ac- we can't explain."
could melt the polyester without scorch- knowledged that Mrs. Budinger was cor- He said it seemed reasonable that the
ing the cotton due to polyester's faster rect. burn happened quickly. "You are talking
conduction of heat. Ms. Howe describes a section of the about no more than ten seconds in any
Experimenting with a common house- mattress cover which appears to have a one area, probably. Otherwise you would
hold iron with a temperature of about 500 missing vertical thread, and three hori- ignite it."
degrees F, Mrs. Budinger was able to melt zontal polyester melts where the thread Mrs. Budinger says she feels the 1500
the polyester without scorching the cot- should have been, with none of the other degrees of heat from the torch used by
ton. polyester fibers affected, suggesting that Prof. Barndt was "rather high and not very
However, Ms. Howe pointed out on this indicates a pinpoint heat source. realistic, because polyester degrades rap-
her web site that the polyester on the Mrs. Budinger says that particular idly at 1 500 degrees F. So, it was my judge-
sheet provided by Urandir was melted the sample was not sent to her, but that she ment that whatever source produced the
same on both sides, while Mrs. Budinger's found no evidence of pinpoint melting in quick burst of heat was in the tempera-
experiment on a sample did not look the any of the samples she did examine. "I ture range of 600-900 degrees F."
same on both sides. She also noted that suspect the missing thread went missing When asked to explain the missing
Mrs. Budinger's experiment had flattened after the heat exposure, perhaps during polyester thread, Prof. Barndt said, "How
the polyester, due to the weight of the the sampling procedure." about I have no idea why that could have
iron, and that the sheet obtained in Brazil She concludes that her analyses of the happened....You'd almost have to have
did not have that characteristic. material, along with her evaluation of the a very-a pinpoint heat source like a laser
Ms. Howe also disputed whether the recent Earthfiles reports, show "no real to do something like that." However, he
polyester would conduct heat ten times evidence of an alien abduction." said a laser could not have made the pat-
faster than cotton, citing Prof. Herbert Professor Barndt, who reportedly has tern on the sheet.
Barndt, director of the Grundy Testing been working in textile research for 35 Asked for his "bottom line" conclu-
Laboratory, School of Textiles and Mate- years, tested a sample of the sheet with a sions regarding the burned sheet, Prof.
rials, Philadelphia University. small blowtorch at 1500 degrees F for two Barndt said, "Oh, I can't explain it. The
Mrs. Budinger responds that the iron to four seconds. only thing I can tell you about it is there
experiment was to test whether the poly- It produced some melting, but Ms. are obvious heat damage to the fabric.
ester could melt without the cotton being Howe said, "The shape of your melted "Surprisingly, the polyester has melted
scorched, not to try to exactly duplicate polyester; it's not quite identical to the and the cotton has burned in some areas,
the burns on the sheet being tested. Brazil." Prof. Barndt agreed that the burns but not all of them. It has the general
She adds, "Clearly a value of 0.280 for were probably not caused by a torch simi- shape, as you say, of a body. I would be
PET (polyester) and 0.029 for cotton lar to his. at a loss to explain how a body could have
shows that the PET transmits heat faster. He had previously dampened the sheet been present in the amount of heat that
My sources for these values are refer- because Urandir had reportedly taken a was required to do the damage that you
enced in my report. Furthermore, the poly- shower before lying on the bed (and not see here and not suffer serious bums.
mer chemists I consulted concur with me. dried off?). Ms. Howe also speculates "So, from a scientific standpoint, that's
"On this case I consulted with five pro- that Urandir was sweating, due to the high pretty much what I can tell you. I don't
fessional polymer chemists, four of whom temperatures in Brazil in September. know exactly how this was done," Prof.
are Ph.D.s. The total experience repre- When asked how he would duplicate Barndt concluded.
sented by these people is roughly 175 the burned sample, Prof. Barndt said, "I Turning to the disk-shaped rocks, both
years. If you add my own professional don't know exactly what I would do, but Mrs. Budinger and Nick Reiter, of the
experience, this comes to roughly 210 I can tell you we'd probably need a lot of Avalon Foundation, separately examined
years," Mrs. Budinger noted. bedspreads before we got it right. It the two stones submitted. Mrs.
Mrs. Budinger also points out that wouldn't happen the first time, at least Budinger's examination included infared
Prof. Bamdt had originally said that the not what I see happening here. It's very (IR), and Reiter's included EDS tech-
fiber strands were a mixture of polyester unusual. And why didn't it just ignite niques. Stone two was cut in two. Stere-
and cotton, while she had correctly re- and burn up? Probably because of the omicroscope photos were also taken.
ported that the polyester was cross-wo- presence of moisture or something else It was noted that the rocks are similar

August 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page?

in shape to Moqui rocks found in Utah Ms. Howe took stones
and Arizona, and that they could have to the University of Penn-
originated naturally in the Corguinho area sylvania for x-ray
of Brazil, since "Brazil is known to have diffractometry (XRD).
an iron-rich sandstone-type geology simi- "The XRD computer analy-
lar to that of the U.S. Southwest," says sis produced a list of min-
Mrs. Budinger. "Previous Earthfiles re- erals, starting with quartz,"
ports of the Brazil landscape also indi- she says, "which is the
cated this might be true." most abundant substance
She adds, "I suspect that the presence in the stones, and continu-
of titanium in the stone I examined could ing in order of quantity:
be a marker as to its origin. Mr. Reiter quartz, goethite, hematite,
correctly indicated in our report that trace rutile (which contains tita-
minerals vary with the local mineralogy nium), albite, andcubanite.
in an area." "The mineral cubanite is
Gevaerd, who has lived in the area for very rare and strongly Urandir talks to his followers.
many years, says the explanation is magnetic. Biophysicist W.
simple: "The hills around Urandir's place C. Levengood had discovdered magnetic
are covered with these stones. He sold fields in two Corguinho stones I sent to
them as extraterrestrial souvenirs. He has his laboratory before the cubanite was
also done the rock fall from the sky rou- discovered."
tine before, with the aid of his workers, Additional work on the stones was
impressing his followers." done by Prof. Gomaa Omar, described by
An Internet entry by a Pat Fish Ms. Howe as "a rock expert, published in
( says, "Identical Science, and has taught and researched
stones were once commonly found all at the University of Pennsylvania Depart-
over the Channel Islands, and I have a ment of Earth and Environmental Science
dozen in my possession that I bought for 25 years. He is puzzled about the ori-
from an old fisherman who picked them gin and creation mechanism of the sev-
up on San Nicholas in the 1930's. He told eral disk-shaped Corguinho stones that
me the Chumash Indians thought of them he examined."
as good luck stones, and he thought they Prof. Omar reported to Ms. Howe: "See
were droplets of volcanic lava that had the banding here in each one of these. In
swirled into stones as they hit the sea.. ..I addition to the football shape, really the
bet the Natural History Museum has a lot most important thing is the banding there.
ofthem." This is a mystery to me. I don't see it
Reiter obtained a Moquis marble for very often.. ..The stone is primarily an iron
comparison with the Brazil stones, and matrix in which quartz crystals are em-
found that "elemental composition (2 mm bedded."
from the stone surface) is almost identi- He said the stones had to originate as
cal to that from the exterior of a reference hot liquid iron, and that the quartz grains
to Moqui Marble. The data show the #2 were floating in this iron.. .."But as to the
banding and the stratification going from The special cave at Project Por-
stone contains major amounts of Fe, Si,
O, and Al, with very minor amounts of K, the center outward, that has something tal where the "plates ofAkaschicos
Ti,Mg,andC. to do with spinning force that we were Registers are given to special fol-
"A Moqui Marble reference contains talking about before. That's the most lowers called "plaquistas."
the same major elements, except there is a likely explanation so far, and I really don't
small amount of Mn instead of Ti and C. know what would cause this spinning pect. There is, as already noted, the basic
This minor variation is likely, and would force to form this....It would be nice to question of whether the sheets were
vary with the local mineralogy of the area know how this happened." switched and the bed moved between the
and trace minerals in the water when the Even though the rocks are interesting time of the alleged abduction in Septem-
stones were formed." to Prof. Omar, he does not believe they ber and Ms. Howe's visit in February. The
When asked what he had concluded, are extraterrestrial, as claimed by Urandir. photos indicate that this is possible.
Reiter said, "In my own professional opin- In an email to an associate of Gevaerd, There are also questions as to the ceil-
ion, neither the stone nor the cloth Prof. Omar said, "Professor Johnson and ing image, and questions as to whether
samples represented any anomaly what- I have always known that these rocks are the images match Urandir's body. And
soever. If indeed the stones in question of terrestrial origin. Based on scientific why are the undershorts missing?
are falling from the sky, then this would curiosity, we were only after characteriz- Mrs. Budinger, a very well qualified
require documentation of a totally differ- ing the mineralogical content of these scientist familiar with the UFO phenom-
ent sort. rocks and determining the spatial relation- enon, spent many hours researching the
"But without adequate evidence on ship between the minerals. We did that." materials in question. She wrote a 40-
that account, nothing otherwise that was Conclusions page report which indicates that she
brought to my attention seems to be un- With the key witness and his associ- found no evidence of anything that could
usual. My personal opinion is that a hoax ates having below zero credibility, all al- not be duplicated by humans.
or disinformation is likely." leged physical evidence becomes sus- Prof. Barndt said he could not explain

PageS MUFON UFO Journal August 2003

flawed. Ms. Howe went only objective. Moreover, she has not shared
to the alleged abductee and results negative to Urandir in a timely and
his supporters to obtain infor- unbiased manner.
mation and physical samples- Mrs. Budinger, for example, has stated,
the same group of biased in- "It is my opinion that the Earthfiles
dividuals who paid for her trip. website report utilized only minimal and
Although she contacted carefully chosen excerpts from my final
Gevaerd prior to going to Bra- report, interspersed with comments which
zil, she chose not to believe appear to disagree with my analysis by
what he told her about Urandir 'textile expert' Prof. Barndt.
and his associates, and did "Additionally, I think this has been
not contact Gevaerd or other done in a deliberately misleading manner,
Brazilian ufologists while in completely devoid of any professional ob-
Brazil. jectivity."
Miss Howe still seems not When I asked Ms. Howe why she had
to believe what Gevaerd, a re- not presented any of Mrs. Budinger's re-
Phyllis Budinger spected ufologist, says about search at the Ozark UFO Conference, she
Urandir and his associates, told me she had not gotten the results of
the burned areas, and indicated it would but she appears to believe (and report) the study prior to her presentation on
take much trial and error to duplicate the every negative thing that Urandir and his April 12 at the conference.
bums, but he did not indicate that the associates say about Gevaerd. Mrs. Budinger, however, told me that
burns could not be duplicated by mortal A statement by Ms. Howe at the she had phoned Ms. Howe to verbally
man. MUFON symposium requires special give Ms. Howe the results of her study
Levengood's initial excitement over clarification. In response to a question prior to Mrs. Howe's presentation on
the burned material appears not to be as by a member of the audience regarding April 12 so that this information could be
exciting as first thought. whether Gevaerd was looking carefully incorporated into the talk.
Thus the burned bedsheet and pillow enough at the physical evidence, Ms. In addition, another researcher who
do not support a claim that the burns are Howe said the following: was familiar with Mrs. Budinger's find-
extraterrestrial in origin. "Yesterday Whitley Strieber told me ings suggested to Ms. Howe prior to the
What of the stones? Mrs. Budinger's that he had gotten email from Urandir April 12 talk that Ms. Howe include the
and Mr. Reiter's work on the stones from Oliveira saying that the University of results in her presentation. But there was
Brazil did not indicate any sort of anomaly, Pennsylvania scientists were ludicrous. nothing about Mrs. Budinger's study in
and the conclusion was that they were Now I think that says just about all you Ms. Howe's presentation at the Ozark
most probably naturally-occurring in Bra- need to know about Mr. Gevaerd." conference, or during a somewhat heated
zil, similar to naturally-occurring stones The wording itself does not make argument about the case after her talk.
found in Utah, New Mexico, and else- sense, but it seemed clear from the con- A partial report of the Budinger re-
where. text of the statement, as well as the re- search was presented on Earthfiles later
While the geologists who tested the sponse by the questioner and the audi- in conjunction with findings by Prof.
stones indicated they had not seen any- ence, that .Ms. Howe was saying that Barndt, as already noted. Whether there
thing like them before, this hardly makes Gevaerd was making this statement-al- are additional negative studies of the
the stones extraterrestrial-only unusual though the origin of the information ap- physical evidence which have not been
and outside their particular experience. parently came from Urandir. reported is not known.
University professors tend to be very I asked Gevaerd if he had communi- Bottom line
specialized, even within a specific disci- cated anything regarding the scientists Research on the alleged abductee, the
pline. It may be significant that none of to Strieber, He said he had commented physical "evidence," and the investiga-
the rock experts consulted were from Ari- positively on Mrs. Budinger's study, and tive procedures clearly indicate that the
zona, Utah, California, or Brazil, where had pointed out that Prof. Omar had Urandir case is a hoax, as originally re-
they might have been more likely to en- stated that the stones were not extrater- ported by Gevaerd.
counter such stones. restrial in origin. Gevaerd denied saying However, hoaxes such as this, sup-
In fact, one must question why an in- anything about any of the scientists be- ported by a high-profile individual, die
dependent Brazilian rock expert has not ing ludicrous. hard, and it seems likely that Urandir, po-
been consulted by Ms. Howe. Regarding the study of the stones, tentially one of the more dangerous hoax-
As already noted, Prof. Omar and Prof. Gevaerd had earlier said, "It looks like ers, will continue to be promoted.
Johnson have concluded the stones are the professor contacted by LMH found Another aspect of this case which
not extraterrestrial in origin. some unusual patterns in them, thus lead- should be of concern is the wasting of
The stones had always been especially ing the investigative journalist to accept the very limited research capabilities
suspect, because reliable sources have the hoaxer's claim that they have extraor- available to ufologists on a case that
reported that similar stones were used dinary origin or nature. The professor should never have been pursued.
previously in the Project Portal scams as would not speculate beyond his knowl- Mrs. Budinger, for example, spent al-
extraterrestrial sales items and as "rains edge. It seems that LMH, once again, as most two months on this case at no pay.
of extraterrestrial rocks" from the sky. with Phyllis Budinger, just jumped ahead." She says, however, that "on the good
Not only is the physical evidence in Although Ms. Howe has sought the side, it has generated more samples for
this case of little consequence, the inves- scientific study of the physical items me from cases that have possibilities, and
tigation itself and the reporting of the re- which she brought back, her interpreta- put me in contact with other researchers
search on the physical items is also tions of test results appear to be less than who can be valuable for the future."

August 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 9

BLT Field Report
Arkansas crop circle probably genuine
PO Box 400127
Cambridge, MA 02140
ph: 617/492-0415

Event Location: Knobel, Arkansas
Date Occurred: June 6,2003
Date Found: June 7,2003 -••'•£"^#3^
; ; ;
Crop: Mature wheat, ready for harvest
Date(s) Investigated: June 16 and
^ J^^cf^^W
^* ^^^w
$ s i^'^&A
In. W-
^ l**a. % i • r

June 25,2003
Field Personnel: JoAnne Scarpellini '^Mi M-
Formation Characteristics: A 3-
armed fractal-like spiral consisting of 10
circles, the center circle approx. 31' in di-
ameter, with 3 circles in each "arm" of de-
creasing sizes down to 8' in diameter.
Circles in arms spaced approx. 10' apart,
and with a slight curvature clockwise.
Crop lay was reported to have been clock-
wise, in all circles.
Associated Phenomena: Several re-
ports from local residents of unusual aerial
light phenomena about 2 weeks prior to
formation being discovered.
A bird's nest (of a tree-nesting spe-
cies) was found, unscathed and with eggs
intact, on top of the flattened crop in one
of the spiral-arm circles; the nearest trees
estimated to be approx. 550' away.
Multiple daytime photo anomalies, in-
cluding an unusual object in one, and
"fogging" in at least two aerial shots di-
rectly over the formation at about 800'. Aerial view of Knobel crop
circles (top), ground view (center),
Field Investigation (6/16/03): Because and enlargement of magnetic par-
farmer Todd Young had cut the field al- ticles (right).
most immediately after he discovered the
formation, Ms. Scarpellini's first visit con-
centrated on interviews with adjacent Field Investigation (6/25/03): Ms.
home-owners and local reporters who had Scarpellini returned on the 25th to obtain
visited the formation. negatives of some of the "anomalous"
Local residents and reporters who did photos and to take soil samples.
enter the formation reported crisp edges The farmer, Todd Young, stated that tant from a presumed edge of the spiral.
to all the circles and the presence of the he had disced the field, down to about 2- No magnetic particles were evident on the
undisturbed bird's nest in one of the 3 inches, and planted soybeans, but he surface.
"arm" circles, with several eggs inside it, was able to locate where the formation
completely intact. had been. Magnetic particle concentration:
Several people were located who had Scarpellini then took soil samples from These samples yielded the highest con-
taken photos, although very few of these what had been the central circle and from centration of magnetic material ever re-
were taken inside the formation on the each of the three circles in one of the ported by the BLT Team in a crop circle:
ground. Unfortunately none was taken "arms" (a total of 10 Ib. of soil). 30.29 mg/g soil. [The highest concentra-
of the bird's nest. Control soils (3 Ib.) were taken 500' dis tion one might expect to find in "normal"

Page 10 MUFON UFO Journal August 2003

soils is 0.4 mg/g soil.] This distribution offered to explain the presence of these
level was the same in all of the circle magnetic particles in so many crop circle Astronomers find
samples. The particles, which were mag- soils, all over the world.
netic, have a considerable range in size, The hypothesis that a plasma energy planetary system
with many clearly visible to the naked eye. system of some sort is involved is also
Ms. Scarpellini's microscopic examina- borne out by years of laboratory work similar to ours
tion revealed a mixture of irregularly- documenting the typical changes to
shaped rust-colored particles mixed in plants at crop circle sites. By Dr. David Whitehouse
with smaller spherical, and partially ab- Additionally, the "fogging" effect in BBC News science editor
lated (rounded), shiny black particles. several of the aerial photos (photos taken Astronomers have found a.planetary
An SEM/EDS will be obtained to de- at about 800' up in the air above the for- system similar to ours-a Jupiter-like world
termine the sizes of the particles and their mation) is very similar to other cases in circling a Sun-like star in roughly the same
elemental content. England, cases where the laboratory work orbit that Jupiter follows around our Sun.
NO magnetic material whatsoever was again indicated a non-mechanical source Of the 100 or so other planetary
systems known, this one more closely
found in the control soils. of the crop formation. resembles ours than any other found
There are a number of indications that, thus far.
COMMENT: Without plant samples in some crop formations, there is some Researchers speculate that this sys-
to examine we have only the soil results sort of remnant energy which tem may contain other worlds, such as
(and possibly the anomalous photos) to can interfere with battery function (cam- smaller rocky planets like Earth, either in
help us determine this event's causative eras, watches, cell phones, etc.), as well orbit around the star or around the Jupi-
agency. as animals and sometimes people, and ter-like world itself.
Because a large number of crop for- which appears to linger in some cases for The planet's parent star, called HD
mations world-wide, in which the plants several weeks after the original event. 70642, is slightly too faint to be seen with
have been found to contain anomalies, There is growing evidence that, in the unaided eye, but is easily visible in
the southern sky using binoculars.
have also revealed magnetic particles in some cases, this energy extends UP- At just 95 light-years away, the gas-
their soils in excess of "normal," we know WARDS into the air above the giant planet, bathed in the light of a yel-
that this parameter is a good indicator of circles....perhaps in this case to 800' above low-dwarf star, is on our galactic door-
authenticity. the crop surface. More work on the nega- step. Like Jupiter, its atmosphere could
The fact that under the microscope we tives may provide additonal information. be mottled and streaked with wind pat-
can see both spherical and partially ab- Whether the unusual aerial light phe- terns and weather systems.
lated particles here, the fact that there were nomena reported by at least two local resi- Dark-red methane clouds may scurry
NO magnetic particles found in the con- dents two weeks prior to the arrival of the across its face beneath a high-altitude
trol soils, and the fact that the concentra- circle was in any way related to it is un- frosting of bright ammonia crystals. At
tion in the circle samples was so great, all known. its poles, aurora may glisten and light-
indicate that this formation was not me- ning bolts pulse across its night-time face.
The planet detected orbiting HD 70642
chanically-flattened. RESULT: Probably genuine (not me- is not the first Jupiter-class world to be
W.C. Levengood and John Burke, in chanically-flattened), but without the found circling another star. All of the plan-
their 1995 paper ("Semi-Molten Meteoric plant work we cannot be certain. etary systems found so far contain gas
Iron Associated with a Crop Formation," giants like Jupiter.
J. Sci. Exploration 6:2,191-199) hypoth- Nancy Talbott But the interest in this system is not
esize that microscopic particles of mete- BLT Research Team Inc. principally because of what we know is
oric iron which are entering the earth's there, but rather because of what else we
atmosphere constantly as meteors burn suspect may be lurking unseen around
up in the upper atmosphere get drawn Sc-Fi Channel announces the star and its planet.
There could be other worlds, smaller
into a descending plasma vortex system. UFO documentaries and rocky-possibly Earth-like. These are
[Plasmas have strong magnetic fields This fall, the SCI FI Channel will in- currently below the limits of our detect-
associated with them and they also emit troduce a series of original two-hour ability.
microwaves when they spiral.] primetime documentary specials "in the "This is the closest we have yet got
The idea is that the meteoric debris is spirit of last year's highly successful 'The to a real Solar System-like planet, and
both drawn into the descending plasma Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence.'" advances our search for systems that are
vortex by its strong magnetic field and The SCI FI Declassified franchise will even more like our own," says Hugh
then heated to a molten state by the mi- launch with what they call "two Jones of Liverpool John Moores Univer-
crowaves emitted by the spiraling plasma. groundbreaking investigations," hosted sity, UK, who helped discover the new
by Bryant Gumbel, "that uncover stun- world.
The molten, and now magnetized, par- ning new evidence utilizing the quantifi-
ticles then form spheres and particles with able, forensic tools of modern science." Check your label
partially rounded surfaces as they cool SCI FI will feture "fresh forensic test- Please check your mailing label
on the way down to the earth's surface, ing" in connection with two unsolved periodically for the expiration date of
and are left in the soil in the crop circle cases involving unknown objects from your MUFON membership and
area as the plasma vortex impacts the field. space-Kecksburg in Pennsylvania, and MUFON UFO Journal subscription ion.
This theory is the most reasonable yet Rendlesham in Great Britain.
August 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 11
FILER'S FILES By George A. Filer
Director, MUFON Eastern Region

Unless noted, these reports have not blinking light situated on the port or star- leyball in its hands and held on to it at
been verified by official investigations. board (left or right) side of the object. I about chest height. The light cast off from
think it was about one-half to three-quar- the glowing orb illuminated its head for
Georgia hovering object ters of a mile (0.8 to 1.2 kilometers) away. several seconds and she described a large
HELEN - Tom Sheets, MUFON Geor- "My friend also witnessed this. The almond-shaped head with big black eyes
gia Director, reports that on May 13,2003, object never moved; it just hovered. Af- staring intently at her movements.
a married Tennessee couple was visiting ter two or three minutes of staring at it, it "She told me that she just stood there
the Blue Ridge Mountains and lodging disappeared." Thanks to UFO in stunned silence trying to understand.
at one of the motels when at 11:30 PM the ROUNDUP Vol. 8, # 24, July 2,2003 Edi- Everything was happening in slow mo-
woman noticed a white flashing light tor: Joseph Trainor tion. The 'being' seemed to tighten its
moving slowly over a nearby ridgeline. grasp on the glowing orb of light, and it
The craft stopped and began to hover. Illinois: alien on a trash bin jumped feet first into the dumpster and
She noticed that the SPRINGFIELD—Aman reports, "My disappeared without making any noise.
red, blue, and green wife arrived home from work late at 10:30 "Right after that is when she began to
lights did not appear PM, on June 10,2003, in a state of panic breakdown emotionally and run to the
to be like any stan- and terror. She was pounding on the front apartment. Between the time she entered
dard aircraft. door, so shaken she was unable to get our apartment and calming her down and
Her husband had her key into the lock. It was very disturb- debriefing her was about an hour.
gone to the motel of- ing for me to see my wife going through "With much reluctance-I'll admit I was
fice, so she ran in and the fear she was experiencing and I as- really crept out to do this-I went back
grabbed their video sumed she had been assaulted or raped. out to the exact spot she described with
camera and began to "As I was getting ready to call the po- my metal softball bat and D-Cell Mag-Lite.
take footage of the lice, she calmed down somewhat and told I examined that whole area, even to the
object. He returned George Filer point of looking inside the dumpster. ,and
me to put the phone down-that it would
in about 15 minutes, not do any good anyway. Confused and I did not see or notice anything.
and the craft was still in place. The ob- shaken I asked why? She explained that "Over the past several years we have
ject vanished after 30 to 45 minutes, but as she was pulling into our apartment seen many electric white-blue streaks of
not before two similar craft appeared. complex, she noticed what appeared to light in the evening around this parking
These also vanished. be a small child playing around a large lot, and have had frequent, but brief,
The crafts were saucer-shaped with an steel waste dumpster in the corner of the power outages. My wife and I conclude
apparent size of a penny at arm's length. parking lot about 15 feet from her. that these may be related to what she ex-
They flew at an estimated altitude of 500 " She got out of her car to get her brief- perienced.
feet, at less than one mile. They moved case and saw movement out of her pe- "This is going out on a limb here, but
in a straight-line path before taking up riphery. Her next concern was whether this my wife thinks that the orb of light was
their extended hover, and seemed to fade child was too young to be playing out in some kind of device that gave this 'be-
in and out, all against a cloud cover. the dark late at night. She began to slowly ing' an ability to disappear, conceal, or
The lights were steady, but then walk towards the dumpster to ask where transport itself." Thanks to Peter Daven-
seemed to also pulsate. Duration of the the child's parents were. port NUFORC
event was thirty to sixty minutes. They " As she approached the dumpster she
are submitting a copy of the video to could make out the contrasting shape of Low-flying saucer in Holland
MUFONGA for analysis. a head peeking out from one corner as KATWIJK-AAN-ZEE — A 63-year-
she calmly spoke. old retired public officer from a Dutch
Saucer-shaped object in the UK "She approached to within 6-8 feet sea-resort, had a "close encounter" for
BUCKINGHAMSHIRE — Stuart when she heard a loud banging noise and almost one and a half hours during the
Wood reports, "I spotted what I thought this 'child' suddenly had the ability to night of July 8,2003.
was a low-flying plane out of my living high jump 5 feet. It was then standing on The witness states, "It was 3:10 AM
room window in Great Missenden on June top of the dumpster's steel lid staring when I saw this strange saucer-shaped
25,2003,atll:20PM. down at her. object, round and flat, that looked like sort
"I soon realized that there was no en- "At this point she described feeling a of a white button with four dark holes in
gine noise, and that it could not be a hot- pressure in her head, nausea, and dizzi- the middle. Somewhat outside of it, there
air balloon at that time of night. It was ness. She told me she strained to identify were small square lights that didn't emit
saucer-shaped with four metallic legs if it was a neighborhood child who was real light, but a kind of hazy shine.
hanging from the undercarriage that were staring at her for about 20-30 seconds, a "The object was about 10 meters in
bent in the middle, almost in a crouching kind of'standoff.' diameter, and hovering 6 to 7 meters
stance, with three amber lights, one of "Just as she realized this was not a above my garage. The object itself was
which lit up the leg-like structures. child, the 'being' produced a glowing- twirling around very fast, like a bicycle
"It also had one red and one white white orb of light about the size of vol- wheel. It was striking that the object
Page 12 MUFON UFO Journal August 2003
made the same half circle over and over flashing lights, the object had blue and water like a search light, but the beam did
again; northwards and then back to my red lights. From behind, the object looked not spread out; it was straight up and
house. like a "flattened pyramid-shape." down, like a five-foot wide beam. And as
"I watched for quite some time, but I He tried to make contact with a it went higher above the water, the beam
didn't dare go outside. I opened the win- laserpointer, but didn't succeed. After a did not change size or shape."
dow and found it quite remarkable that I minute, the object began accelerating Thanks to: Mike D. and UFO Wiscon-
could hear no sound from such a big ob- again, first jerkily and then fast. The biker sin
ject. About 4:15 AM, it got lighter out- got on his bike, and followed it to the county/reports2003/
side, and I could merely see the curves of next town, at high speeds. r2003_0629_marathon.html
the object. It became blurry, but still vis- Near a bridge the UFO accelerated and
ible. disappeared. Thanks to Toine Trust Missle/UFO near plane in Italy
"It didn't fly away, but as it became BENEVENTO - The commander of a
lighter, the contours of the object faded, Alpi Eagles Fokker 100 that was set to
until I couldn't see it anymore. I got an Flying triangle in California land in Naples with 80 passengers at
enormous headache, the whole day after CAMARILLO - A doctorate level around 8 PM on June 25 reports they were
it also." professional in education saw a chevron- buzzed by a missile-shaped object.
The sighting made a deep impression shaped black object flying low and slow The commander called the control
on the witness, and she can't stop talk- with no sound on June 6, 2003. tower to report having observed a strange
ing about it. BTW: I'm investigating a de- The observer was driving south on and large elongated "missile-like" object
tailed sighting of a triangular-shaped ob- Lewis Road near the Point Mugu Naval coming towards him from the opposite
ject that was seen near a Dutch Air Force Air Station, and saw three Navy planes direction, and passing very close under-
Base on the night of June 28,2003. flying low along the foothills of the Santa neath the plane.
Thanks to Toine Trust Site Admin @ Monica Mountains that veered around The alarm involved ENAV (the Na-
UFOPlaza site: mail: mountains to the south and went out of tional Flight Assistance Agency), ENAC
Dutch UFO Disclosure" sight. (Civil Aviation National Agency), ASV
"I thought it was cool, a free air show, (Flight Security National Agency), the
Blue crescent in Texas like the Blue Angels," said the witness. Ministry of Transportation Services, and
WAXAHACfflE - The observer went "Then at 5:30 PM I looked to my left (east) the First Minister Crisis Unit, featuring
outside on June 15,2003, and was enjoy- and saw a large, low-flying black chev- the activation of the usual security pro-
ing the cool breeze when he saw a plane ron-shaped craft moving slowly. I thought cedures.
heading for Love Field and DFW Airport stealth bomber, because of its low alti- In the report drafted the following day,
to the north all 0:25 PM. tude and a straight-on view. the commander described an "unidenti-
The witness reports, "It took only a "It appeared completely flat on top, fied flying object" approaching him at an
second to realize this thing was moving unlike the stealth bomber. It flew over- altitude of approximately 8000 feet: it was
too fast with a faint blue crescent, or what head with no sound. I parked and looked cylindrical in form, 3 to 4 meters in length,
may have been lights around the leading towards where it had been heading. Noth- white in color, and reflected the sun rays.
edge and sides with a faint yellowish circle ing was there. It had been flying east to The object, observed by both pilots,
in what would appear to be the middle. west. I assume it is some craft I'm not was reportedly not detected by radar sys-
" It was traveling at 1200 to 1500 miles familiar with." Thanks to Peter Davenport tems. For security reasons, however, the
per hour at around 10,000 to 15,000 feet. NUFORC state prosecutor in Naples opened an
It crossed roughly 30 % of the sky in about investigation and confiscated the radar
3 to 4 seconds. There was no noise from Wisconsin high-speed object recordings and the tape recordings of dia-
its engines. STRATFORD - The witness reports, logue between the aircraft and the con-
"I grew up around the airline industry "The object I saw I had seen before in trol tower.
and was unable to identify it." Thanks to Mosinee last summer. I know Mosinee Thanks to Edoardo Russo for the Ital-
Peter Davenport NUFORC has a large airport, but this was no plane. ian Center for UFO Studies (Centre
The first time, last summer, I was with a Italiano Studi Ufologici),www.arpnet.hY
Flying triangles in Belgium good friend and we were fishing at night. ufo/ultime.htm
ANTWERP - A 19-year-old resident On June 29, 2003, at 11 PM, I saw it
from Edegem first spotted a triangular- again. I was outside with my cousin, NASA expert backs ET travel
shaped object on May 14, about 1 a.m. smoking a cigarette, when we saw a Mitch Battros (ECTV) writes, "There
while driving home on his motorcycle. On strange object headed over Stratford, fly- are new scientific studies which show
June 20, he sighted the triangle again, ing towards Wausau. there is in fact a speed faster than light.
with flashing lights hovering 125 meters "It flashed on and off like a strobe New evidence, which is currently meet-
above a house. light. It moved a great distance between ing the trials of intense scientific peer re-
He drove to the object, and the UFO flashes, like two miles or so. It was I'd views, show the speed of gravity is at
gradually departed and accelerated. The say 3000 feet up. At Mosinee, when I least one hundred times faster than light,
biker had to speed up to 20 km/h to keep saw it, it came from way up and almost and some researchers suggest a thousand
up. landed in the water. It came to a sudden times faster.
Somewhat farther, the object halted stop like nothing moving at that speed "Live on Tuesday's ECTV's 'Radio
again above a house. The witness put could. Hour,' my guest, Dr. Tom VanFlandren,
his motorcycle aside and waved to it, but "It hovered, and my friend and I could NASA astronomer and author of Dark
there was no reaction and no sound. actually feel it watching or observing us. Matter, Missing Planets and New Com-
From beneath, it looked like a triangle, We got the hell out of there. One thing in ets, hit us with an unexpected surprise.
but without sharp edges. Besides the Mosinee, though, it shined a light on the "While discussing the inter-planetary
August 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 13
play of asteroids, comets, and minor plan- Tennessee glowing object Puerto Rico ruby red lights
ets, Dr. VanFlandren disclosed his ground- ARDMORE - Brian Vike reports that SE COAST — A former US Infantry
breaking research with regard to the in early June a couple was coming home officer and 3,000-hour commercial pilot
speed of gravity. about 9 PM when they got a glimpse of a writes, "My wife and I live on the SE coast
"He stated unambiguously that due very bright light off to the north, not very of Puerto Rico, and we are in the habit of
to his (and several colleagues) findings high up, over the tree tops. It was more sitting on our roof at night looking at the
of the speed of gravity, 'that it is highly of a glowing or illumination! sky, since it's cooler and breezier up there.
possible there has been, and currently is, The witness told her husband to look "Three months ago, at about 11 PM,
extraterrestrial travel.' up, but he said it was a plane. She states, on a clear night, we both became aware,
"Dr. Van Flandren has worked for "I told him that it was not a plane, and simultaneously, of three ruby-red lights,
NASA for at least two decades and spent since it was moving slow, I was going to bright and distinctly visible, like car tail-
20 years at the US Naval Observatory, follow it, and we did. We took back roads lights or red aircraft navigation lights.
where he became the chief of the Celes- and tried to keep it in sight. At one point, "They were approaching us from south
tial Mechanics Branch." we went down a dirt road and it looked to north, as we viewed them, in a sym-
"Go to 'audio/video' page to listen like it just hovered above the trees, maybe metric V formation, one leading and two
to this groundbreaking interview, at: 1500 feet or so. trailing. After three seconds of this mo- "It was a giant egg-shaped object. tion, the three lights diverged, the lead
Audio_Video/mp3_2003 .htm. Subscrip- One thing for sure, it was something I light continuing straight, each of the trail-
tion required." had never seen before. There was no ing lights turning 90 degrees away from
sound at all, and it was moving very the original direction of motion.
Missouri triangle slowly. Not once did it speed up. As it "The lights passed more or less over-
KANSAS CITY — The witness re- moved out of sight, we had to drive a head as they made this divergence, then
ports, "On Sunday, June 8,2003, at about short distance to be able to see it again, they didn't fade away into the distance,
11 PM, we were driving south on High- and it was moving southwest. but simply vanished out of sight. In about
way 435, ten miles from the Kansas State "We followed the object for 30 to 45 two seconds, pouf, they're gone.
line, when myself and my two passen- minutes. As we got into town, where we "We had the 'impression' that they
gers asked each other what was that ob- could see it better, it was moving higher. were several thousand feet above sea
ject we all had been watching? It was an inch and half to 2 inches in size level, and that the rate of movement must
"It was a quarter of a mile away and at arm's length. It never made a sudden have been much faster than our fastest
was large and very bright. It looked about movement, and never sped up. fighters."
the size of a football field, and the top "It was the color of a fluorescent light, Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC
glowing and putting off a lot of light. It UFO Research Hotline 1 866 262 1989
surface seemed to be covered in very
was oval shaped, with the egg lying on
bright lights. The lower side was dark with
its side. My husband said it was prob-
rotating red and blue lights. ably a blimp, but it flew too slow and low. 218 UK constables see UFOs
"We stopped on the highway, got out, Later, I was talking to a friend and told Toby Manhire of the "The Guardian "
and watched the object for five minutes her about it, and she remembered she had reports, "If you need convincing the truth
as it just hovered, not moving. After five seen it also." Thanks to Brian Vike, Di- is out there, what better authority than
minutes it started a very slow forward rector HBCC UFO the British constabulary?
motion. It flew over a hill and descended "In UFO Magazine (July), Gary
and disappeared. There was no engine or Heseltine, detective constable No 1877
propeller noise." Thanks to Peter Daven- Nevada luminous object
Rachel - The witness reports, "On of the British transport police, presented
port, NUFORC the results of a year's work compiling
Wednesday, July 9, at about 9:30, Ike
Bishop and I, together with two friends, police officers' observations of unidenti-
Disc/fighter dogfight in NC met at the Little'aleinn. We drove to the fied flying objects. "The last 12 months
SYLVA - A Ph.D. professor of com- Mailbox Road on the famous Extraterres- have literally flown by," recounted
puter science in a university called to ex- trial Highway 375, twenty miles west of Heseltine.
plain he had a life-changing experience Rachel, and our friends were facing east, "But his feet were firmly on the ground
on July 9 at 11 -.30 AM when his family while Ike and I were facing west. as he presented a database bulging with
.observed a disc-shaped UFO being "They started to holler and point to encounters of the first, second and third
chased by an F-14 fighter. the east. I turned around in time to see a kind-a total of 84 incidents spanning the
The disc looked similar to a garbage bright, luminous object about ten de- period from 1950 to 2002, involving more
can lid, and was only slightly smaller in grees above the Tikaboo Peak horizon, than 200 police officers.
diameter than the fighter aircraft was long. moving from north to south. I saw it '"Given that well over half the num-
The professor estimated the diameter or drift for about one-second, then plunge ber of incidents were corroborated by
the disc at fifty to sixty feet. straight down behind Tikaboo Peak. other police officers present at the time,
He felt our understanding of physics "The others observed this object for a this dispels any notion that all of the 218
was very wrong after seeing the perfor- total of about five seconds. The object officers could have been mistaken or imag-
mance characteristics of this UFO. He was as bright as the moon, and about 50 ining things,' said Heseltine.
stated, "The fighter would dive toward feet in diameter. It's circular shape was "And he was keen to find more mem-
the disc, and it would simply move to an- clearly defined and not just a luminous bers of the flying saucer squad: "I firmly
other spot in the sky. It seemed to jump glowing light. Tikaboo Peak is about 11 believe that this report is only the tip of
from place to place; actually it would dis- miles from Mailbox Road." the proverbial iceberg,' he said."
solve from one spot and appear a mile Thanks to Gary Emry glemry@cableone. Thanks to The Guardian, July 9,2003,
away. net
Page 14 MUFON UFO Journal August 2003
The UFO Continuum: Past, Present, & Future"
2003 Symposium features 11 speakers
The 2003 MUFON International Sym- lyst, and long-time UFO investigator, is numerous reports of UFOs over the years.
posium July 4-6 in Dearborn, MI, featured employed at the Naval Surface Warfare Stanton T. Friedman, nuclear physi-
11 speakers under the overall theme of Center in Dahl- cist, author, researcher, and the best-
"The UFO Continuum: Past, Present, and gren, Va. known UFO lec-
Future." He has been turer in the world,
Papers from these talks are included heavily involved in presented "Cri-
in the 2003 MUFON International Sym- such cases as the tiquing the Ros-
posium Proceedings, available from Kenneth Arnold well Critics."
MUFON Headquarters for $25.00 plus sighting, the Gulf As the earliest
$2.50 p&h ($4.00 outside U.S.) Video and Breeze photos, the of the Roswell re-
audio tapes of the talks and panel dis- McMinnville pho- searchers-and one
cussion are available from Lost Arts Me- tos, and the Phoe- of the most persis-
dia, P.O. Box 15026, Long Beach, CA nix lights. His talk tent and profes-
90815, or by credit card at 800-952-LOST, was on "The USS sional-he is in the
or on the internet at WWW.- Supply Sighting of position to quickly
LOSTARTSMEDIA.COM. Maccabee Remarkable Mete- see where the
David Walks-As-Bear, a writer, private ors. Friedman various Roswell
investigator, and game warden, dealt with Dan Wright, who recently retired as a critics-from the Air Force to recent maga-
the Kinross incident researcher and policy writer for the state zine articles-have gone wrong.
ofNov.23,1953. of Michigan, has John Greenewald, Jr., 21 -year-old cre-
This case in- served as MUFON ator of The Black Vault website, has used
volved the pursuit in Deputy Director of the Freedom of In-
northern Michigan Investigations, formation Act to
over Lake Superior authored three compile an on-line
by the two-man chapters of the library of more than
crew of an Air Force MUFON Field 108,000 pages of
F-89C all-weather Investigator 's government docu-
interceptor of an Manual, and di- ments related to
unidentified target rected a MUFON the UFO phenom-
moving 500 mph on Walks-As-Bear research project in- enon over the past
radar. When the two volving 250 verba- seven years-all
targets (plane and UFO) merged, both tim accounts of ab- Wright available to the
faded from the radar screen, and nothing ductions. public at no
was again heard of the plane and the two His presentation, "The Marian Visita- charge. Greenewald
individuals aboard. Walks-As-Bear has tions: Miracles, Hoaxes, or Alien Encoun- He is the author
used this case as the basis of a novel, ters?," dealt with three focal events in of the recently-published Beyond UFO
The Murmurings. Roman Catholic lore involving the ap- Secrecy (to be reviewed in the Journal in
Tedd St. Rain, owner of Lost Arts pearances of Mary, the mother of Jesus, September), and recently launched an
Media, is involved in document research, and comparing these with ufological re- online radio network. He spoke on "It
video production, e- ports. Never Stopped," explaining how the vari-
books, DVD auth- Jim Hickman, host of radio's "Wake ous government departments and agen-
oring, and other ac- UP USA" show on the Stardust Radio cies have never stopped compiling infor-
tivities. He has Network, has been mation about UFOs, despite announce-
amassed nearly a NIC AP investiga- ments to the contrary.
20,000 pages of tor, is a Research Neil Freer, researcher, writer, and lec-
documentation on a Specialist for Media turer, is the author of Breaking the
variety of subjects. Operations for Godspell, which
His talk, entitled MUFON, serves as explores what he
"Enigmatic Myster- staff consultant for believes are the
ies and Anomalous CAUS, has ap- ramifications of the
Artifacts of North St. Rain peared on numer- archaeological, ge-
America: a Connec- ous radio pro- netic, and astro-
tion to the Ancient Past," dealt with such grams, produces nomical proofs for
topics as pre-historic mines near Lake the Hickman Report Hickman our being a geneti-
Superior, and an Egyptian-like mummy on the internet, and cally-engineered
case that would have held a 12-foot per- is the author of two UFO books—with a species, and pre-
son. third one being written. sents what he sees
Bruce Maccabee, MUFON State Di- His talk, "The Back Roads of the Uni- are the conse- Freer
rector for Maryland, author, photo ana- verse," dealt with capsule summaries of quences. He has recently completed his

August 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 15

second book, God Games. His talk, "The Smoking Gun Research Agency, a paran-
Alien Influence: an Expanded Perspec- ormal investigation organization, is cur- MJ/UFO Retrieval
tive," dealt with the modern theme of rently attending
aliens as entities who fly saucers, abduct, Norwal College hi Conference slated
and communicate, as well as the descrip- Connecticutt, ma- A Majestic Documents/UFO Retrieval
tions from ancient histories and the Old joring in journalism Conference will be held Nov. 14-16 at the
Testament of what could have been alien and media arts. He Sunset Station Hotel and casino at Las
craft and beings. is a MUFON con- Vegas, NV.
Freer discussed the research of sultant in parapsy- Information is available at www.-
Zecharia Sitchin involving the Anunnaki chology and jour- or at 720-887-
coming from the planet Nibiru to the Earth nalism. 8171.
and inbreeding with humans, and how He discussed Scheduled speakers included Robert
this information fits into our genetic "Big Media and Wood, Ryan Wood, Greg Bishop, Grant
makeup. No winski Little Green Men," Cameron, Art Campbell, Jonathon Downs,
W.C. Levengood, most noted as the pointing out the Stan Friedman, Stan Gordon, Linda Howe,
"L" in the BLT crop circle research team many ways in which ufologists can suc- Richard Miller, Nick Redfern, Kenn Tho-
of Burke, Leven- cessfully deal with the media. mas, and Mathew Williams.
good, and Talbott,
has spent the past
13 years research-
ing the energy rela-
tionships and
plant-soil transfor-
mations in world-
wide crop circle for-
mations at his lab in
Grass Lakes, MI.
Levengood His talk, "Mul-
tiple Anomalies
Within Crop Formations," dealt with such
anomalies in legitimate crop formations
as significantly elongated or expanded
nodes on plant stems, expulsion cavities, Photo of location of sighting, with object drawn in by witness.
deposits of magnetic material in the soil,
insects adhering to seed heads, and fun-
damental changes in the respiration pat- Witness reports:
terns of plants and seeds.
Linda Moulton Howe, award-winning
film producer, TV and radio personality,
Saucer hovers over Utah mountain
author, and internet Reported by Somers Pfeuffer move. Eventually the mountain ob-
journalist, dis- It was late October, 2001, while driv- scured the saucer.
cussed "Field Re- ing north on 1-15 on my way to Wyo- I have read many descriptions of
search of Mysteri- ming to see my cousin. I had left Las UFOs concerning then- shapes and col-
ous Lights Re- Vegas early and stopped in Beaver, ors. This was a typical saucer shape,
ported in Norway Utah, for gas and a breakfast sandwich. and the color was pewter. Silver but not
and Brazil." About forty miles north of Beaver shiny. The dome, in my estimation, was
The Norwegian there is a mountain range where I saw small in comparison to the size of the
lights explored were this saucer sitting between two moun- saucer.
in the area of the tain tops. It was huge, and I was really Since the UFO sat there so long I
Hessdalen valley astounded. had the feeling that it was not there ob-
of Norway, while It just sat there. It didn't wiggle or serving, but rather making a statement,
the Brazilian lights wobble. I immediately looked at the "Look, here we are." This thing was just
wereintheareaofCorguinho. The Bra- clock, aware of this missing time thing, beautiful and to me an epiphany.
zilian trip primarily involved her investi- and it was exactly 10:3 0 AM. Of course This was a bright sunny day with-
gation of the Urandir Oliveira abduction I slowed to a crawl and moved over to out a cloud in the sky, but unfortunately
case, which she discussed in detail. the side of the road. I didn't have a camera. Now, however, I
Jon Nowinski, 22-year-old head of the There was other traffic, but not a lot. never go anywhere without one.
Probably, if I had stopped and waived I went to Utah several times to get a
Photos needed to others they may have stopped also. picture of the mountain. Once the film
The MUFON UFO Journal wel- It was almost impossible to miss 'this was not good and the second one
comes photos from MUFON meetings thing unless one drove with blinders on clouds obscured the sight. This time
and other events. Please clearly list, and just stared at the highway. there was some haze when I took the
left to right, who is in the photo and I drove toward Fillmore, the next pictures. I still get excited when telling
what is taking place. These may be town, for at least fifteen more miles at a this story and I hope someday to see
sent snail mail or electronically. very slow pace and this saucer did not this again.

Page 16 MUFON UFO Journal August 2003

chapter is the fact that Fred Crisman, sup- and sometimes explains and speculates
posedly the employer of one of the wit- in too much detail. Yet one has to be
nesses, was later tied into the Kennedy impressed, for the most part, by the ex-
assassination investigation by New Or- tensive research and the incisive think-
Alien Conspiracy: Unraveling the leans District Attorney Garrison as an ing that has gone into this effort to deal
UFO/Alien Mystery, Limited researcher's undercover operative, possibly con- with a very complicated topic.
edition, volumes 1 &2, by Chris B. Evans, nected to the CIA. This is not light reading, but it should
2003, Alarm Clock Publishing, P.O. Box A significant portion of the book deals be quite interesting to anyone who wants
1389, Ceredo, WV 25507,6x9 soft cover, with Andrea Roberts, who has a history to explore what the agenda(s) of UFOs
282 pages plus Appendix, Bibliography, of consciously-recalled encounters, be- and entities might be-a question whose
and Index, $29.95. ginning in childhood, including the ef- answer continues to elude most of us.
Reviewed by Dwight Connelly fects that a light seemed to have on her
father. A particularly interesting aspect
This book is not as "far out" as the of this case is the fact that Ms. Roberts'
title and cover would suggest. Evans, blood type switches,
who describes him- such as from type A
self as an amateur sci- Dear Forum Editor,
to type O.
entist and inventor, In looking at. the Re "Fire lookouts see anomalies" in
explains that this vol- whole picture, Evans MUFON UFO JoumalWo. 422, June 2003:
ume has been con- concludes that there the description on page 5-"shadows
densed down from has been an ongoing seemed to cast onto the object, even
400 pages. Still, it interaction between though the light seemed to be coming
contains a great deal from it"-is worth comparing with testi-
entities and mankind
of material, from re- "over the course of mony from Bentwaters, 30 December 1980.
viewing the field of See page 216 in either edition of the
thousands of years."
modern ufology in He adds, "Research 1984 Prentice Hall book by Fawcett &
part 1 to looking at tends to suggest that Greenwood (The book was first titled
ancient writings a grand scheme was UFO Cover-Up and then Clear Intent):
which may be related formerly conceived in "the men walked around the object and
to UFOs in part 2. the distant past, and, noticed an interesting effect...shadows
Evans says of the similarly, has been pa- would appear to advance one pace more
book, "This writing tiently allowed to un- and then stop." The account adds that
is not pro alien, nor shadows were cast "probably by bright
is it an effort to de- In discussing this 'light-alls' in the field."
bunk any known ancient past, Evans is Considering the similar fire lookout
possibilities. Rather, it is one author's aware that he is dealing with sensitive case, that opinion may be wrong. A cor-
gloved attempt to sift through a moun- rect interpretation may be much more pro-
tain of preconceived notions that may issues. "Some readers may at first react
to this material as if it were sacrilegious found.
have left a wobbly and confused founda- -Thomas M. Olsen
tion in recounting modern UFO history." or goes against their religious teachings,"
He says he feels "it is important to em- he says.
phasize caution toward any euphoric no- "To the contrary, the verses we review
tion that the entities behind alien abduc- may serve to explain certain truths that
tions might be engaged in a humanitarian are long-since forgotten, while possibly
mission-when viewed in the sense they defining the nature and purposes behind
might be our 'space brothers.' In fact, their original themes, as viewed by the
human logic tends to dictate otherwise." ancient patriarchs who attempted to de-
Like many other researchers, Evans scribe what they saw and heard. It is not
sees the probable involvement of the the intent of this segment to postulate
government in debunking and hiding in- religious theory, but rather to offer his-
formation. His sources for UFO cases torical parallels that hint of interactions
and reports, which he utilizes mostly in that might have occurred between ancient Gordon Creighton, 95, long-time
looking for patterns, are a mixture of reli- men and higher beings in the distant editor of the UK's Flying Saucer
able and questionable. He observes, past." Review (FSR), died July 16.
however, that "the real issues are mostly There is much more, of course, in this
established by the testimonies of the first- lengthy book which attempts to cover Field investigator t-shirt
hand witnesses: common people who- both the ancient and modern history of
UFOs. The field investigator t-shirt has
through their natural and intuitive bear- the MUFON logo over the left chest
ings-have come to realize that they have The Appendix features documenta-
pocket and "MUFON Field Investiga-
seen and/or experienced something that tion of the blood-type shifts of Ms. Rob-
tor" on the back. It comes in S, M, L
was out of the ordinary." erts, the Bibliography lists 49 books of and XL in white with a blue logo ($12
One of the interesting cases discussed varying quality, and there is a helpful in- + $3 S&H) or black with a white logo
by Evans is the famous Maury Island dex. ($ 15+$3 S&H). MUFON, P.O. Box 369,
encounter, which was investigated in part If there is a criticism of Evans' efforts, Morrison, CO 80465-0369. (Check,
by Kenneth Arnold. Among the many it would be that he tries to cover too much, MO, or cash, U.S. dollars.)
interesting details brought out in this does not always zero in on the best cases,
August 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 17
PERCEPTIONS By Stanton T. Friedman

Frequently-Asked Questions Even though the cold war is over, there is too close to their borders. Neither side
no shortage of governments trying to find said a word for decades. Families were
I was very busy at the MUFON 2003 more efficient ways ofkilling their enemies, lied to, too.
Symposium in Dearborn, MI, July 4-6. better ways of delivering nuclear and Why Come Here?
Mostly I was answering questions after other Weapons of Mass Destruction, and
keeping enemies from delivering theirs. Often the next question would be, but
my lecture "Critiquing the Roswell Crit- why would any aliens want to come here
ics," during my workshop on "UFOs: The Rule number 1 for security: one can't
tell one's friends without telling one's en- from hundreds or thousands of light
Cosmic Watergate," during the speakers' years away? I have to point out that
panel, and while emies.
2. What if "The other guy" figures within only 54 light years there are 1000
manning my ven- stars, of which 46 are similar to the sun
dor table behind out how they work before we do; how do
we defend? We don't want them to know and probably have planets and life.
my various books, One pair, Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli,
videos, and pa- we know that they know.
3. What if an announcement were made are, after all, only 1 /8th of a light year apart
pers. from each other, only 39 light years away
Mostly the by two individuals highly trusted around
the world that some UFOs are ET space- from us, and a billion years older than the
questioners were sun. So why worry about distant stars
looking for an- craft (we could have a competition to fig-
ure out an appropriate pair. Maybe the and ignore those in our own backyard?
swers to why, Then I go into a quick list of reasons
rather than dealing Queen and the Pope?)
What would happen? Church atten- for coming here (26 are in my 1975
with specific facts. MUFON paper). But I finish by saying I
Facts are gener- dance and mental hospital admissions
would go up, stock markets would go think they are here primarily to quaran-
ally the focus of Stanton Friedman tine us, because we are such a primitive
my presentations, down, and the younger generation would
push for an earthling orientation rather society whose major activity is obviously
but people still want to know why. Or tribal warfare.
How come? I thought it might be useful than the nationalistic or religious ones
insisted upon by governments. At the end of WWII, during which we
for me to deal with a number of these. Earthlings killed 50 million of our own kind
One unexpected problem that devel- I know of no governing body that
wants its citizens to owe their primary al- and destroyed 1700 cities, it would have
oped was that rather than my workshop been perfectly obvious to alien observ-
consisting of a small informal group of legiance to the Planet rather than to that
body. Those in power want to stay in ers that soon we would be moving out,
people in a small room, it was held for a power. based upon the obvious development of
few hundred in the main speaker's hall. 4. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell nuclear weapons, large rockets, and ra-
I had planned to avoid using slides have loudly proclaimed UFOs are the work dar (electronics).
and to make good use of my paper, "The of the devil, and that we are the only in- Southeastern New Mexico was the
Cosmic Watergate," which includes a telligent beings in the universe. They only site on Earth where all three of these
number of quotes helping to establish would be up a religious creek without a new technologies could be studied.
that there is a coverup by US govern- paddle if an announcement were made. Surely it is not a coincidence that
ment agencies of UFO data, and to show The votes of their followers are very im- Roswell and White Sands Missile Range
the blacked out and whited out UFO docu- portant. were in that area where the first nuclear
ments issued by the CIA, NSA, etc. 5. If an announcement about peaceful bomb was exploded, where the captured
Why the coverup? alien visitors were made, many would ex- German V-2 rockets were being tested,
Of course, when I answered the inevi- pect that, since they are obviously tech- and where we had our best tracking radar
table question, "Why the coverup?," I nologically superior, soon there would be following the often errant missiles.
had to preface my remarks with the obvi- new methods of energy production, But wouldn't you expect them to make
ous caveat that I do NOT speak for the ground and air transport, computers, and official contact with us? In the first place
US government, but here are the reasons communications. we don't know that they haven't. In the
which I think have kept all governments Economic chaos would ensue, such second place, why? They hold the cards.
from wanting to release the best data- as happened when Eastern Europe ac- Certainly nothing any aliens have
from crashes, the best multiple witness cepted freedom, democracy, elections, done to Earthlings can match what other
radar visual cases, physical trace cases, and capitalism. They haven't benefited Earthlings have done to Earthlings. They
etc: much. We are not good at large-scale eco- may well be being kind to dumb animals.
1. They want to figure out the method nomic transitions. But Isaac Asimov and others have
of propulsion and the method of manu- 6. What if the government were to ad- suggested if they neither make themselves
facture of the high-strength, lightweight mit that many pilots had been lost chas- publicly obvious (land in the middle of
materials used in constructing them, ing and trying to shoot down saucers? I the World Soccer Cup?) nor don't hide
along with electronics and other unique have heard half a dozen cases of several from us, they must not be coming here!
devices. planes going up and fewer coming down. Of course we all know that science fic-
Flying saucers do make wonderful Both the USSR and the USA shot down tion writers are experts on the behavior
weapons delivery and defense systems. "enemy" planes doing reconnaissance of aliens, even if they totally ignore the
Page 18 MUFON UFO Journal August 2003
data related to observations of those nia where Bob was at the very same time ETI or UFOs any more than the sci-fi writ-
aliens and their craft. when he was supposedly at MIT 2500 ers who also have no qualms about speak-
The geologists among them may be miles away. The element 115 scheme ing on these topics. That surely hasn't
concerned that we, over the past 100 makes no sense, etc. There is an article at stopped them. I wish they knew as much
years, have developed a strong interest my website and in TOP SECRET/MAJIC. about ufology as I know about setiology.
in a number of very dense rare metals that How about Col. Corso? Isn't intersteller travel limited?
have special characteristics, but are likely Don't you think Lt. Colonel Corso's Doesn't the fact that the speed of light
to be more abundant here (because Earth story is an important piece of the UFO is the absolute limit for movement of any-
is the densest planet in the solar system) story? No, there is no substantiation in thing forever prohibit interstellar travel?
than on nearby planets. his book, he overstated his government There are several answers here:
These could include such dense ex- role (he was not a member of the NSC, A. No reason to assume that each
otica as rhenium, platinum, uranium, os- was not a buddy to J.E. Hoover, etc). small saucer observed here hi our atmo-
mium, tungsten, gold-all with densities There is an article on the website. sphere just came here from another solar
much greater than that of lead, and with Why is the press so negative? system. There may well be bases hi the
various special metallurgical characteris- Why has the press been so negative? local neighborhood.
tics. Huge mother ships flitting between the
Again I don't speak for the press, but I
Why abductions? have observed them a lot since giving stars may well warp space and time with
But why abductions, then? Who my first lecture 36 years ago. The big city white holes, black holes, worm holes or
knows? Genetic manipulations, hybridiza- press seems to suffer from the David clever techniques about which we know
tion, search for genetic diseases? Or Susskind Syndrome. I did a program with nothing. One doesn't need or want
maybe to determine how much our ge- David 30 years ago. speeds even close to the speed of light hi
netic makeup has changed from what it They, like David, take great pride hi a planetary atmosphere. Hard to meet
was when our ancestors were dropped knowing about everything that is impor- somebody for lunch when going around
off here to colonize the place, or as pris- tant: If some UFOs were really alien space the earth in l/7of a second.
oners on Earth, the Devils Island of this craft, that would be important. But if it B. Remember, too, that pilots moving
corner of the galaxy. were important, we would know about it at 99.99% of the speed of light only age a
We don't understand serial killers or and we don't, so why waste our tune on bit more than 6 months while travelling a
child molesters very well, but they are real. this nonsense? distance of 39 light years.
The biologists among them may just be Terry Hansen's book The Missing C. Limits related to the increase of
on field trips, doing graduate theses. Times certainly makes a strong case for mass at speeds close to the speed of light
Why do UFOs crash? major media often being in bed with gov- are irrelevant if the acceleration is pro-
Well , OK, but if aliens are so ad- ernment, which most definitely adds to duced by cosmic freeloading or the pro-
vanced, and their materials are so strong, the problem. The recent fuss at the New duction of very high energy charged par-
how could the saucer wind up in small York Times shows that truth has not al- ticles hi appropriate fusion reactions such
pieces on the debris field near Corona? ways been the major concern of the press. as Deuterium-Helium 3.
I had to point out to a number of It would be fun to see a debate be- D. Though it is tough on our egos, I
people that the steel and concrete remains tween a team of knowledgeable scientists see no reason at all to assume we know
of the Oklahoma bombing were still and top journalists. Or for that matter be- all there is to know about flight or com-
strong and hard though in small pieces tween ufologists and SETI cultists who munication technology. The laser was
instead of big pieces. The materials are so opposed to flying saucers, but so invented less than'sO years ago, and now
weren't atomized as in a nuclear blast, nor enamored with listening for signals. My there are a zillion different uses for lasers,
dissolved as hi a bath of acid. debate challenge to SETI Specialist Dr. ranging from CD Players, checkout
A tracking radar (or lightning bolt) Seth Shostak has been refused. counters, classroom pointers, to welding,
known to be on in the Roswell area, for Why are you opposed to SETI? attaching retinas, drilling holes in baby
example, may have induced guidance If there were no evidence of alien visi- bottle
nipples, and producing an incred-
energy density, albeit for a very, very
problems for one or both of a pair of sau- tations, then I would be interested, par- short interval,
cers moving along-or created a problem ticularly in optical SETI. But almost all watts per square of a million, million, billion
with an electro magnetic propulsion sys- the literature of the so-called science is cm!
tem, causing a mid-air collision or the based on wild conjectures, including such throughs 50 yearstechnological
Any bets on
from now?
dumping of a lot of energy hi to the skin weird notions as that there is no evidence
of one or both of the saucers. for UFOs, interstellar travel is impossible, manNuclear physicist lecturer Stan Fried-
can be reached at
How about Robert Lazar? wherever there is life out there it had to
Why don't you believe in Robert have originated at that location, that there is
His website
Lazar? He certainly sounds sensible. Yes, is no colonization or migration, that ra-
he does. However nothing about him dio is the most advanced means of long
checks out at five different offices at MIT, distance communication, that there is no
at Cal Tech, or at Los Alamos (he worked national security aspect to flying saucers, Black MUFON cap
there briefly for a subcontractor not for and that SETI cultists are knowledgeable MUFON has a black cap with white
the lab). about behavior patterns of earthlings, no MUFON logo to match the field inves-
His high school said he finished in the less aliens. tigator black t-shirts (also great with
bottom third of his class, he didn't gradu- Look at their books and papers and the white t-shirts). Screen printed is $8
ate with his class, the physics professor, study their references, or, in most cases, + $3 S&H. Embroidered is $15 + $3
Dr. William Duxler, he claimed he had at the absence of relevant references. As- S&H.MUFON, P.O. Box 369, Morrison,
Cal Tech, never taught there, but only at tronomers, hi particular, are not qualified CO 80465 (Check/Mo/Cash, U.S.$)
Pierce Junior College in Southern Califor- to talk about astronautics or behavior of
August 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 19
By Jenny Randies

Perspectives on our field One case I spent a long time on (20 years man was returning from a meeting (where
on and off) involved cine film evidence he had drunk only coffee-though lots of
In recent months UFOlogy seems to and multiple witnesses at three indepen- it) and stopped at a beauty spot in
have been very much on a downer, with dent locations. But it was solved in the Staffordshire known as Rudyard Lake (in-
many classic cases ,.' _ _ . . . . end thanks to a combination of good for- cidentally, from where writer Rudyard
being supposedly tune and perseverence. Kipling got his name). It was 1:30 AM,
reinvestigated and The UFO was an aircraft ejecting blaz- dark and deserted, but a mild night.
found wanting—not ing fuel that got trapped by a freak ther- His intention was to relieve himself of
by skeptics, but of- mal layer into a short-lived, but very real, excess coffee, but he discovered a golden
ten by fellow "fireball." ball of light hovering on top of some
UFOlogists. The solution proved more important standing stones, part of an ancient monu-
Inevitably this here than the UFO case (this event hap- ment of Neolithic origin. As he watched
causes anyone pened right on top of a junior grade the ball of light, it moved towards him,
who thinks deeply school with potentially catastrophic con- spraying sparks of electricity towards the
about the subject sequences). But do you hear any kind of ground.
to question our public outcry about this? Not at all. Yet Not surprisingly fearful, he climbed
own opinions as to Jennv Randies TV programs were made about the case back into his car to discover it was totally
whether there is when it was deemed to be a UFO, includ- drained of all power-neither lights nor en-
anything real behind the UFO mystery at ing one in which a noted skeptic and sci- gine would fire. Getting out, hoping to fix
all, as a wave of negativism sweeps the ence writer offered the wonderfully ab- it, he now saw that the ball of light was
field. surd '"explanation" that it was a meteor. closer, and he was swamped by strange
When I considered the cases that still Slight problem, as UFOlogists discov- physical sensations.
impressed me I was struck by how ered on day one, but said "expert" had A heavy pressure was pushing him
UFOlogy is very much a field of perspec- not bothered to check: there was full into the ground, his level of conscious-
tives. How ever you tend to view things cloud cover at under 2000 feet. No me- ness was fading, and there were tingling
affects quite considerably the manner with teor could have flown that low without sensations over his body and a shooting
which you approach any case. its impact becoming obvious. pain behind his eyes. He crashed to the
Skeptics look at a case already certain You might think it odd that one of the ground, losing all further recall.
that it must fail, seeking any answer to cases that has impressed me the most in An unknown time later, he awoke on
consign it to the trash can. recent years does so from the kind of evi- the ground, feeling light-headed and dis-
Rational investigators accept nega- dence that would cause a skeptic to write orientated. He literally had to crawl
tive evidence with the philosophy that it off without even trying-on the pretext through some bushes looking for his car
not all UFO sightings will remain un- that single witness events always can be (he was only a few feet from it), and fell
solved. Indeed most, based on past ex- assumed to be lies, illusions, etc, etc. when he tried to stand.
perience, clearly will not. So they embrace Happily, UFOlogists do not fall for He noticed that his shirt and shoes
the findings and move on. such cop-outs, which is really just an ex- were missing (he has no idea why, and
Enthusiasts, those who treat UFOlogy cuse not to have to think too hard about they were in fact next to the car by the
rather like a game of poker with the pow- the events. And whilst I absolutely agree spot where he lost consciousness). As
ers that be, tend to ignore any problems that we should strive for hard evidence he brushed the dirt off his clothing and
because the case, as a case, is what mat- and multiple witnesses and assign proper (still lacking bodily coordination) gingerly
ters. Since it only becomes a useful asset merit to these cases, they are not, per se, got dressed, sparks of static electricity
if it remains unassailable, it tends to take greater cases because they possess these shot out from the clothing.
on an air of invulnerability that it may not attributes. He stumbled into the car, relieved to
always deserve. An ideal case find that it was working perfectly, and the
What makes a good case? A case that impresses me does so for keys were still in the ignition where he
If you asked yourself what makes a reasons very different from those likely had left them. But it was now 3:05 AM.
really good case I dare say that few of us to impress even other UFOlogists. We are Over 90 minutes had disappeared during
would end up with the same answer. Most back to those perspectives again. his period of unconsciousness.
would plump for multiple witnesses tied It was first told to a friend who is a Reactions
to some kind of physical evidence and/or local folklore investigator, and who con- It is easy to write this case off as a
radar or film footage from multiple loca- veyed details to me knowing of my UFO dream or fantasy, and no doubt most skep-
tions that offer independent verification. interest. It was never reported in that con- tics will do precisely that, relieving them
Such cases are, understandably, not text, but if this is not a UFO case, good- of any obligation to really ask what it
in abundance, and even they are not im- ness knows what is. means.
mune to the shadow of demystification. Briefly, on 16 June, 1991, a business- Many UFOlogists would perceive its
Page 20 MUFON UFO Journal August 2003
merit as limited, even though this man was we really know—minus any aspects tacked community who tend to take the data sev-
an impeccable witness. He has zero inter- on later via hypnosis. I have collected eral steps too far when seeking to justify
est in publicity, being a major business- literally dozens of cases that are nearly a theory about UFOs (usually that it in-
man with much to lose if those he worked the same as this one, and from all over volves alien contact).
with considered that he saw strange the world. Their perspective on the case urges
things. They are not always even reported in them to do so, but I wonder if they don't
In such circumstances, sadly, most a UFO context. Without any doubt these dilute the power of the case by so doing.
witnesses never do speak up, and we miss cases reflect a genuine, physically real These cases prove merely that some-
impressive cases for that reason. To me phenomenon whose origin we do not yet thing truly fascinating, of clear physical
this man's motivations are vital. understand. dimensions, with predictable effects and
Of course, many other UFOlogists They are so much of a pattern that scientifically analysable features, is oc-
would immediately regard this as an ab- those scientists who allege that they curring all over the world. By all defini-
duction, and presume that during the would study UFOlogy if it ever offered a tions this is a real UFO phenomenon.
"missing time" there is a "hidden consistent stream of evidence that could It demonstrates why we should still
memory" of some kind of alien contact. be investigated are shown to be mistaken be pursuing this mystery, not abandon-
No doubt this would explain why his by believing that it has not yet been iden- ing it at speed.
clothes were found on the ground. The tified. If only we could recognize the impor-
aliens did it after some kind of probe. The evidence exists. The data is out tance of the data that we have already
In this situation, a lot of UFO groups there. Sadly, too many scientists flee from uncovered, and stop finding answers
would persuade this man to have regres- looking for such evidence, not because it before we have even realized the right
sion hypnosis to seek out this missing lacks inherent strength, but because of questions to ask about what these cases
part of his story. We know this because it the weaknesses added into it by a UFO mean.
has happened often in similar scenarios.
And I have very little doubt that if they
succeed, then some kind of "story" would
What I cannot at all be certain of is Strange light at Georgia airport
that this story would reflect any actual
event. Hypnosis generates fantasy much By Tom Sheets mate twenty-minute duration. Upon con-
as it stimulates recall, and here the end Georgia State Director clusion, the light zipped away vertically
result could quite frankly be either. In my at such great speed that it appeared as a
view it would be dangerous and mislead- MUFONGA's Michael Hitt has ad- streaking blur.
ing to even consider using hypnosis in vised me that a witness who had recently Michael has made an initial inspec-
this situation. approached him has now provided initial tion of the video and indicates that he
Thankfully this has never happened, information regarding a 17 Feb 2000 night detected a slight tint of red in the light.
as the witness has no interest in hypno- event. Michael stated that thus far, there appears
sis, nor any belief that he was anything The preliminary interview revealed to be no indication that this event is any-
other than unconscious during the miss- that this witness, an adult male in his thir- thing other than what has been described:
ing 90 minutes. Indeed, in many similar ties, was at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport a family group being in the right place to
UFO encounters, I suspect witnesses of- along with other family members. They view an aerial light/object that appeared
ten think that way until UFOlogists con- were awaiting the arrival of an interna- radically different from routine airport area
vince them otherwise. tional flight in order to meet their parents. traffic.
The human desire to plug any gap in This was an auspicious occasion for MUFONGA frequently receives re-
memory is powerful, especially when all, and a video camera had been brought ports of darting, chasing nocturnal lights,
given a boost by people taking undue along to record the reunion. While wait- and as a general rule these are usually
interest in you because they think your ing, the witness observed a round bright distant, star-like lights, perhaps indistin-
story will add to their knowledge of alien light in the sky that seemed different from guishable from the average star except
abductions. the typical lights seen in such areas-i.e. for their quick and bizarre maneuvers.
Either the abduction or a period of un- landing aircraft, approaching aircraft This case and it's video seems to go much
consciousness view is valid here, and I lights etc. beyond that.
feel we should err on the side of caution- This particular white light was pulsat- ' We have here a light that appears sub-
not seeking to add to this story any di- ing and began to change position by stantial in size or is much closer than the
mensions that we have no proven way to moving and darting up and down in a dra- average "nocturnal light." Its apparent
demonstrate it really ever possessed. matically noticeable fashion. The witness change of shape also seems unusual.
Yet to me this is a hugely impressive then began to videotape the bright light While atmospheric conditions and/or
case for one simple reason. It is consis- as it loitered in the same general airspace, viewing conditions might cause aircraft
tent with a type of phenomenon that is recording its unusual movements. lights or any aerial lights to take on un-
widely reported. At one point the light, its approximate usual characteristics, the darting move-
Many of the relatively obscure fea- apparent size being that of a pencil eraser, ments and its very fast vertical departure
tures in this story (such as the static elec- seemed to shape shift from round to a calls for closer scrutiny.
tric charge left on clothing, and the tem- sort of jelly-like shape. During this video Lastly MUFONGA has investigated
porary loss of muscle coordination in the sequence, a portion of a building was several solid events involving "un-
aftermath) scream out from case after case captured on the tape, lending some per- knowns" in relative close proximity to
if you look deep into the evidence. spective to the event. Hartsfield Airport, and of course the vari-
You often need to look only at what The other family members also ob- ous FAA personnel knew nothing.
served this activity during it's approxi-
August 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 21
Director's Message...
(Continued from page 24)
Illinois State Director David Marler
appointed Sam Maranto to the position
of State Section Director for the counties
of Cook, Will, Kendall, LaSalle, and
September 2003 Kankakee.
Oregon State Director Tom Bowden
Bright Planets (Evening Sky): The Stars: appointed Keith Rowell to the position
of State Section Director for the Portland
Venus (magnitude -3.9) emerges at The six constellations involved in the Metro area.
dusk, first for observers in the southern Royal Family legend come into view in Robert E. Farrell, Erie, PA, has ac-
states during the latter half of September. the eastern half of the late-evening sky. cepted the position of Consultant in Plas-
Otherwise, our bright neighbor remains High in the N look for Cepheus the tics Engineering; Robert H. Miller,
inconspicuous this month. King of Ethiopia (shaped like a house with Deerfield, NH, has accepted the position
a peaked roof) and Cassiopeia the Queen of Research Specialist in Biophysics, and
Mars, retrograding in Aquarius, con- (crooked "M" shape). Gregory Kautz, Sherman Oaks, CA, has
tinues its rare and dazzling appearance In the E their princess daughter An- joined the Astronomy group.
all month. Its -2.9 magnitude at the start dromeda is formed by two rows of stars
of September makes it 3 times brighter curving out from a corner of the Great New Field Investigators
than Jupiter! The red planet advances Square of Pegasus the Flying Horse. Kathleen Marden, Director for Field
from the ESE across the southern sky Below Andromeda in the NE is her res- Investigator Training, announced the fol-
during the night, on the night of the cuer Perseus ("J" pattern). Finally a rather lowing Field Investigator Trainees have
8th-9th, it appears near the full moon. For nondescript Cetus the Sea Monster can successfully completed the Field
details about observing Mars, see the be found low in the E and ESE. Investigator's Exam and are now MUFON
August Night Sky. The complex story (made famous by Field Investigators: John A. Bielun,
the movie "Clash of the Titans") devel- Henderson, NV; Terry L. Groff, Dallas,
Bright Planets (Morning Sky): ops when Perseus, returning home on the TX; Bill Roache, Worcester, MA; and
back of Pegasus after his battle with Me- Alejandro T. Rojas, Golden, CO.
Mercury has its best morning appear- dusa, spies Andromeda in the grasp of All Field Investigator Trainees are
ance of the year, reaching its farthest an- Cetus. urged to study the MUFON Field
gular distance from the Sun on the 26th. Our hero holds up the cut-off Investigator's Manual and take the exam.
Look for the orange-tinted planet in the Medusa's head whose stare turns the The manual provides guidelines for UFO
last week of the month into early October monster to stone. The princess is rescued investigations and reporting.
low in the E at twilight. and rides offwith the celestial warrior. It is available from MUFON Headquar-
ters for $25 plus $3.50 p&h in the U.S.
Mars sets in the WSW about 4:30 AM Please add $4.00 for orders shipped out-
in mid-September. side the United States.
The exam is available from MUFON
Jupiter (-1.7), in Leo, rises in the ENE Headquarters and is mailed free to train-
just as twilight begins (before 5 AM in Sept. 6-7-National UFO Conference
ees when studies are completed.
midmonth) and so it remains low in the (NUFOC), North Hollywood, CA,.
dawn sky. Jupiter and Mercury can be 323-256-8655 Kathleen Marden Recognized
seen near the lunar crescent on Sept. 24. Sept. 13-Roswell International UFO
The enormously productive Galileo Museum, Gloria Hawker, damom 15165@ Public recognition was bestowed on
Jupiter probe finally ends its long career Kathleen Marden in July by the dedica-
by plunging to its doom into the big Oct. 11-12-Halifax, Nova Scotia, In- tion of the MUFON 2003 International
planet's atmosphere this month. ternational UFO Symposium. 902-463- UFO Symposium Proceedings in her
The spacecraft was launched way. 4728orinfo@ufohalifax . honor.
back on Oct. 18, 1989, and had orbited Oct 12-13-Pat Marcatillio's UFO Con- During her twelve years with MUFON
Jupiter since December 8, 1995. The ference, Bordentown, NJ she has held a number of important posi-
project succeeded far beyond all expec- Nov. 14-16—Majestic Documents/ tions and is always ready to support
tations. UFO Crash Retrieval Conference, Las MUFON initiatives in the most positive
Vegas, NV. way.
Saturn (0.1), in Gemini, rises in the NE or 720-887-8171 She began as a Field Investigator
about 12:30 AM in mid-September and Trainee and soon completed the neces-
stands high in the SE at dawn. A reminder sary training to be certified as a MUFON
State and local MUFON organiza- Field Investigator. In 1995 she accepted
Moon Phases: tions which have address changes, the position of State Section Director for
email changes, or web site changes Rockingham County in New Hampshire.
First quarter-Sept. 3 need to immediately contact MUFON About a year later the Position of Di-
Headquarters so that this information rector for Field Investigator Training be-
Full moon-Sept. 10 Harvest Moon came available and Kathy zestfully ac-
is included in our files and on our
Last quarter-Sept. 18 website. cepted the position that she still holds
New moon—Sept. 25 today-
Page 22 MUFON UFO Journal August 2003
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August 2003 MUFON UFO Journal Page 23

By John F. Schuessler taking for a volunteer staff, but it is im- first Wednesday in September.
MUFON International Director portant to save this 34-year old historical I am scheduled to be the first program
database and to be able to make it avail- guest, setting the stage for MUFON state
Successful 2003 Symposium able electronically for future researchers. directors, state section directors, consult-
The MUFON 2003 International UFO We would welcome financial help that ants, research specialists, field investiga-
Symposium, held July 4-6 at the Hyatt would turn this into a fast track project tors and more to bring the current state
Regency Hotel in Dearborn, MI, was a by buying some additional equipment of UFO investigations and research to the
huge success. and paying the salaries of three or four attention of the public.
The speakers were professional with people to do the work five or six days a
their presentations, and cordial with the week, rather than depending on volun- New Lifetime Members
audience. The hotel's meeting facilities teers to do it on weekends in addition to It is a pleasure to announce that Doris
were excellent, the their regular jobs. Alvarez, Branford, CT; Dan Aykroyd, Los
food great, and the Please contact me at (303) 932-7709, or Angeles. CA; and Alexander Mebane,
hotel site easy to, or MUFON, P.O. Box Venice, FL are MUFON's latest lifetime
access. 369, Morrison, Colorado 80465-0369 with members. We are extremely grateful for
Upon arrival we suggestions or offers of financial help for this vote of confidence and outstanding
were treated to the the Pandora Project. level of support.
sight of 600 antique We are already looking forward to
Ford cars because Pandora Project II, where we plan to scan
all past MUFON UFO Journals and
Membership Fee Increase
their owners were Meeting in Dearborn, MI, in July, the
attending the Ford MUFON Symposium Proceedings and
make them available in electronic form. MUFON Business Board of Directors
anniversary event John Schuessler considered the continual increase in costs
that week. for postage, printing, purchase of wares,
All in all it was an excellent weekend. UFO Case Reports Needed supplies, new initiatives, improvements
A hearty thank you and a round of ap- MUFON receives notice of UFO re- to the MUFON UFO Journal, a forthcom-
plause goes to MUFON State Director ports by telephone and via WUFOD on ing new and upgraded web site, and for
Richard McVannel and his symposium the website at on a daily general operations, and opted to increase
team. They made it all happen. basis. We depend on all of our great vol- the annual membership fee, rather than
unteers in the field to investigate and re- cutting services or quality.
MUFON Pandora Project port on each of these incidents. Therefore, effective Dec. 1, 2003, the
In recent issues of the Journal 1 have One of the steps in the process is to cost of membership in the United States
talked about the MUFON Business Board send a copy of the report with support- will be $45 per year and $55 per year out-
decision to turn the many file cabinets of ing data (maps, charts, drawings, news side of the United States.
paper UFO reports into electronic reports. clippings, photos, etc.) to MUFON Head- Members will be allowed to renew
This has been a long-standing need, quarters. These in turn go to the Journal early, before the Dec. 1 deadline, at the
but the job is very large, and no one and into the archives being turned into current rate for one, two or three years.
seemed to know how to get things un- an electronic database by the Pandora
derway until late last year when Colorado Project. Position Announcements
businessman and MUFON State Section We are finding that many of the re-
Canadian National Director Eugene
Director James Carrion agreed to take ports have not made it back to Headquar- Prison has announced the formation of a
the helm. ters from the field, and that will hurt the
completeness of the electronic database Canadian Cases Investigation Committee,
The first thing he did was to define a and will be providing the details of its
project plan and present it to the Board. until those reports are sent in to us. operation for a future issue of the
Then in the spring of 2003 he beta tested Everyone in MUFON has a hand in
MUFON UFO Journal.
the plan using a set of the MUFON UFO making the Pandora Project a success To oversee the operations of the com-
report files. Because MUFON didn't have by going to their files and sending this mittee, he has appointed Chris J. Styles
the resources to purchase the equipment material to us over the next several as Canadian Director of Investigations.
necessary for the project. James loaned months. Our goal is for this to be the Chris was the MUFON Eastern Regional
equipment to MUFON to get the project most comprehensive, current, and useful Director for Canada. Michael Bird, former
started. database available.
Provincial Director for Ontario will replace
Then we needed a location to do all of Chris as Eastern Regional Director for
the work, so Board Member Robert MUFON Radio Program Canada.
Simpson and Director of Membership Lin Another result of meetings in We are pleased to announce the ap-
Simpson volunteered to host the project Dearborn during the recent symposium pointment of Susan Swiatek to the posi-
at their home in Parker, CO. The project, was a plan to inaugurate a weekly tion of State Director for Virginia. Sue
now known as the Pandora Project, offi- MUFON Radio Program. was the Symposium Coordinator for the
cially got underway on the first weekend Board member Clifford Clift, working very successful MUFON 1999 Interna-
in August with training of volunteers that with MUFON Media Operations Special- tional UFO Symposium held in
will be doing the work. ist Jim Hickman, formulated a plan for a Arlington, Virginia.
The Pandora Project is a huge under- weekly radio program to air starting the (Continued on Page 22)

Page 24 MUFON UFO Journal August 2003