Unit 16 - The Black Sheep | Linguistics


If I'm the black sheep of the family, Jennifer is quite the opposite. She has a good relatio ship !ith the teachers, she gets alo g !ell !ith her classmates, she is o good ter"s !ith the neighbours and she can hit it o## !ith basically everybody she meets. She always talks se se, she is very reaso able and "at$re, as they say. She has both #eet o the gro$ d, her head is scre!ed o right, she is a very practical, prag"atic person. She is a a%id reader as she says ( I would rather say she is a book!or"), and she always tries to help other people in trouble (within reason, of course). y parents p$t their tr$st i her, they ha%e co #ide ce in her and !eep as!ing her to talk so"e se se i to "e, to get "e to see reaso at last and so on. I li!ed her as well but now I see it was misplaced trust. It's horrible that there's no one you can trust these days. y sister is so gossip& I can be sure anything I tell her will be co""o k o!ledge in the family within an hour. "hy did I tell her that I was going to fail in biology# "ell, you see, somehow she always decei%es me, she !or"s her !a& i to "& heart me by pretending to be the most understanding sister in the world, and when I ha%e co"plete tr$st in her, she stri gs "e alo g, she p$lls the !ool o%er "& e&es, and leads "e $p the garde path. $er ne%t move is to run to mother and tell her all about it. I !now I o l& ha%e "&sel# to bla"e, I'm solel& respo sible, but I can't help telling her everything& I always promise myself that I will be ca & and s"art and shre!d the ne%t time, I'll let her k o! i o $ certai ter"s I'm obod&'s #ool but when it comes to actually telling her, I'm lost #or !ords and she always manages to get the tr$th o$t o# "e one way or another. 'ecause of my little sister, today I had a little discussion with mother (I thin! she'd call it a telli g(o## or a good talki g(to). She lect$red "e on my future, as she said. (he topic was, of course, my biology test. )ow that she's told me I !now that it's easy, it's a s ap, a bree)e, it's like #alli g o## a log, there's othi g to it. I should ta!e a loo! at my sister. *She ca do it sta di g o her head, it's child's pla& for her, these thi gs co"e at$rall& to her, she ca do it !ith her e&es sh$t. "hy can't you, son#* I could beat her in biology !ith o e ar" tied behi d the back, but I'm a sensitive person. I can't !eep on swotting all day, I have I+,-S that need e%pression. I'm wor!ing for a better world, that's what they should realise.

.. /ill in the blan!s with one suitable word.
0n entering the flower shop I realised there was something in the air. (he assistant gave me an uncertain, hesitant loo! and I thought I should be careful with him and I shouldn't let him 1 his way into my 1, 2ust to ma!e me buy things I would never dream of buying under normal circumstances. I have a reputation of being a practically3minded person who has both 1. on the 1 , but I must admit there was something in the man's eyes that made my 1 stand on 1 . 4enerally, I'm a warm3hearted fellow and I can hit it 1 well with most people, but loo!ing at this man I had the snea!ing suspicion that somehow he will try to lead me 1 the garden 1 . I quic!ly chose two roses and left the mysterious flower shop as quic!ly as possible. I still have a vague memory of the man running after me but I didn't stop as I !new all he wanted was my money and my soul. I wasn't born yesterday and I'm nobody's 1& I luc!ily escaped but I thin! I'll go bac! one of these days 2ust to tell him in no 1 terms that his magic didn't wor! on me and that it never will. (I might also give him the money for the roses, which I didn't pay but I'm not really sure yet.)

I hope the security measures we have ta!en to ensure the security of the building will save us from any disaster. run3down. $is sudden interest in aerobics is 2ust a passing fad.1IN2 derelict. <. . 6eplace the words underlined with their synonyms in the bo%.ICULT ( H-USE IN A BA+ C-N+ITI-N ( C. I !now I can always rely on him whenever I have some problem.T C.. 6ewrite the sentences using the phrasal verbs below. KE13 . I didn't have a lot of time so I read the article quic!ly. turn on the waterwor!s.%ercise . a tall order have a lump in your throat. :.. I got sic! and tired of hanging around all day. =. 9. 5. $owever un!ind he might be. be on the verge of tears 8. (he school year finishes in June. ?air the words and e%pressions on the right with their meaning on the left. so I decided to ta!e up tennis. run down.>. +I. (he organisation of the conference is the most important pro2ect I have ever done. I can't help admiring his determination to succeed. do !ith ( #all thro$gh ( #all back o ( #ill i ( go do! !ith ( go i #or ( break $p ( see sg thro$gh ( r$ thro$gh ( !rite s& o## . . . you must face the unavoidable consequence.. find fault with brea! down.. 7. Jac! is my best friend. . If you insist on carrying on with this !ind of 2ob. (heir remar! had a very negative overtone. (he position of the wor!ing woman in modern society has been a source of controversy in the class from the first day. 7. <. 9. $e never did his homewor! last year so the teachers now consider him a la@y3bone. 7.. ephe"eral ( $ dertaki g ( i e%itable ( discord ( cala"it& ( pe*orati%e ( %iable ( bias ( disti ct #ro" ( te acit& . has seen better days pic! holes in. I fell ill last wee! so my colleagues had to do my 2ob. it will ta!e some doing. I will not quit before the end. (he second chapter of the boo! is different than the others as there are far more e%ercises. =.5. 8. $e was not able to overcome his own pre2udice when writing about women's rights.1 ( STA. .>. burst into tears daunting. 8. (he pro2ect he put forward seems to be feasible.cup of tea would be really nice. -fter he spent the night out in a sleeping bag he caught the flu. 0ur plan to travel to Stoc!holm by bus did not materialise. 5. :.ITICI/E ( AL0-ST C. . 0nce I've started this course. be on its last legs.

be on its last legs. fool .. I got sic! and tired of hanging around all day doing nothing. burst into tears. distinct from . it'll ta!e some doing. has seen better days -C 0S( A6ED have a lump in your throat. heart 7. ear . uncertain .%ercise 7 +I//IABC(D daunting. I could do with a cup of tea. discord . so I decided to go in for tennis. feet 8. 7. turn on the waterwor!s . . run3down.D pic! holes in. 0ur plan to travel to Stoc!holm fell through... tenacity 5. . I fell ill last wee! so my colleagues had to fill in for me. hair :. -fter he spent the night out in a sleeping bag. I) '-+ A0)+I(I0)D derelict. 0nce I've started this course. 9. he went down with the flu. :. I will see it through.>.. worm 5. calamity 9..>.. a tall order $0BS. bias =. up =. =. underta!ing :. be on the verge of tears A6I(IAIF. .. <. so the teachers have written him off as a la@y3bone. path . pe2orative <. run down sy.. 8. ephemeral 7. Jac! is my best friend. 5. School brea!s up in June. $e never did his homewor! last year. hand 9. I !now I can fall bac! on him whenever I have some problem. I didn't have a lot of time so I ran through the article.%ercise 8 .>. inevitable 8. viable . find fault with sy S(-6( A6EI)4D brea! down.. off <.%ercise 5 .

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