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Jaipur National University

Table of Contents
Introduction General Guidelines On Enrollment Provisional Admissions Course Change Cancellation Procedure Specialization Change Additional Fees Course Validity Extension Accessing your course Assignments How to Attempt Assignments? E-library m-learn Examinations Fee Details How to Appear for Examinations? Exam Calendar Exam Exceptions Project Guidelines Grading & Certification Grade System Mark Sheets & Certification Placement Support Student Communication Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) Course Fee Academic Support Assignments/Examinations Certification Placement Support 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 10 10 12 17 18 17 17 17 20 20 20 20 20 21 23 25 25 26 26 27 28

We welcome you to Jaipur National University (Online).

Jaipur National University (JNU), Jaipur came into existence in the year 2007. Two professional institutes of the seedling Group, established in 2002, with several technical & professional programmes of studies, were merged with the University to form a major part of the University. In 2008 the University was visited by an expert panel of UGC members which a corded approval to our programmes under clause 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956. The School of Distance Education was accorded approval by the Joint Committee of the UGC-AICTE-DEC for offering programmes through Distance Education Mode. Besides these mandtory recognitions, the University has earned the trust and goodwill of aspiring students, parents, public and concerned agencies, based on excellence in teaching and sincere emphasis on high standards of research.

Jaipur National University

UTS is part of a leading educational group, offering you skill-based educational programmes and superior technical training in a wide range of specializations. Be it further studies, specialization in your chosen field or a simple change of career, UTS provides the solution to all your educational dilemmas and much more. With the advent of a new generation of industry-bred professionals, competition in the job market is fierce and unforgiving. UTS can give you the competitive edge you need. The flexible, accessible and applicable programmes offered by UTS can change your life. Our various skill-building courses in a wide range of specializations help bridge the gap between education and industry, equipping young students and professionals everywhere with the skills necessary for career growth. The management at UTS has a strong lineage, having successfully run the MIT educational group, a renowned private education conglomerate in Pune. In addition to mainstream technical and academic courses, we also provide courses that encompass the life and health sciences. Our fervent pursuit of knowledge has led us to develop learning techniques that emphasise creativity, confidence, self awarness and a passion for learning. As a UTS-certified professional, your education will develop your skills, translating into a future filled with career possibilities and success.

Vision The focus is not just on education, but also on the development of necessary skills to confront the challenges of life. We believe in complete education. We teach the students to think logically, judge critically & communicate clearly. Mission Our mission is to ignite the young minds towards their obligation to their communities, to be more humane, to ensure that their actions are so directed as to promote the welfare of all.

Online Education for a Glittering future

Jaipur National University is today all set to meet the challenges of globalisation through constant upgradation of skills and technology. The JNU-UTS online distance education programme is an example of this preparedness. The programme which has been launched with courses at the under graduation and post graduate level and integrated dual degree programmes makes upgradation of skills much easier. The biggest challenge of the distance mode of education was the lack of face-to-face interaction with teachers and fellow students. The proposed online programme uses the most advanced Learning Management System (LMS) Blackboard which empowers students with an e-learning environment. Here m-learning is a free learning mobile application for students which brings the campus experience to the mobile phone and provides access to a whole new world of mobile learning from anywhere, any-time. In addition students will also have access to the e-library and on line student support services. Quality assurance, universal access and industry academia tie-ups have been the motto of the School of Distance education and Learning (SODEL). Our efforts have received the wide recognition from the students and in a short span of three years the school in particular and JNU, Jaipur in general have become a desired destination. The popularity is evident in its admissions that are increasing with a jet speed. As students you will be assisted by the School of Distance Education in obtaining quality education, employable skills and placement support also for a successful career. I wish you great success and welcome you to the JNU-distance online learning programmes, and hope that this will prove a mile stone for shaping your glittering future.

Sandeep Bakshi

Chancellor - Jaipur National University

General Guidelines
On Enrollment
Student will, receive the following: UTS ID card LMS login ID & password Course material in hard copy Course material in CD Registration letter Fee receipt University I-Card will be sent to you in a span of 45-60 days from the time of enrollment

Provisional Admissions
Provisional admissions will be given under the following circumstances: Incomplete/unsigned application form Lack of photographs (2 copies) Documents submitted are not self attested Name Change Certificate missing Missing Service Certificate Insufficient Documents Copy of Visa Missing (for Foreign Residents) Provisional admissions will be cancelled if the information provided by you is found incorrect or if you fail to submit the required documents within 2 months/60 days. In such cases, the fees already paid will be forfeited.

Course Change
Course change requests need to be done within 45 days from the date of enrollment and no verbal requests will be accepted Enrollment team will check eligibility criteria Processing fee of ` 1,000/$50 will be charged for course change New study material will be sent once the previous study material, I-Card, Admission Letter and Payment Receipt are returned Once above are received, course change along with new study material dispatch will require at least 10 working days

Cancellation Procedure
Cancellation requests need to be sent by the students within 15 working days from date of enrollment (which is 21 calendar days), for the student to be eligible for a refund Verbal requests are not accepted There will be no refunds for cancellation requests received after the mandated timeline of 15 working days from date of enrollment For cases which are eligible for refunds, the following deductions will be done 25% as administrative charges (if study material returned by student and received by uts) 50% as administrative charges (if study material not returned by student or received by uts) The % deductions will be done on the total course fee (not on actual fee or installment paid by the student) Refund processing takes 30 working days

Specialization Change
Specialization change requests need to be done within 6 months from the date of enrollment and no verbal requests will be accepted Processing fee of ` 1,000/$50 will be charged for specialization change New study material will be sent once the previous study material, I-Card, Admission Letter and Original Payment Receipt are returned Once received, study material will be dispatched in 10 working days

Additional Fees
Duplicate I-Card will be issued on payment of `200/$15 In case the student requests for study material replacements (in case of loss or damages), a payment of ` 750/$25 per book needs to be made Bonafide Letter will be issued on payment of `200/$15 Duplicate Certificate will be issued on payment of `500/$25 Transcripts will be issued on payment of `200/$25 Duplicate Mark sheet will be issued on payment of `300/$25 Additional Specialization can be taken on payment of `5000/$600

Course Validity Extension Programme Duration 3 Year Programme 2 Year Programme Programme Validity 6 Years 4 Years Amount to be paid if extension required INR `5,000/US$200 INR `5,000/US$200 Extension Duration 1 Year 1 Year

No verbal requests will be accepted student will need to send the request in writing Once payment is received, processing will be done in two working days

Accessing your Course

Log on to with your dedicated login ID and password Every course is broken down in to 3-5 Units Each unit comprises of e-book Study guide Reference Module Self Assessments Assignments Upon completion of self assessment the learner will be provided access to assignments Go to Log in to the student portal using the designated Student login ID and password

My Institution TAB

Accessing Tools



Personal Calendar





Discussion Board

Course Material

Course Outline


Content (adaptive release)

Value Added Content

Assignments are uploaded once your Student ID is activated. Each subject has 3 to 5 separate assignments, for which there is no set number of assignment attempts. You can attempt as many assignments as desired. Each assignment consists of objective questions The duration of an assignment is one hour Assignments account for 30% of the total score for the final gradation How to Attempt Assignments? Important points to remember before taking the assignment: Disable the pop-up blocker Recommended browser to use is Mozilla Firefox with SUN JRE 1.6 Use of wireless internet (Wi-fi) connections not recommended Assignments are not recommended to be taken from office as few of the links are disabled due to security reasons If any problem encountered during assignments, please call 1800-1037-667 or email to with screen shot

Attempting Exercise



Taking an Assignment

Accessing My Results


Our library offers subject based electronic resources such as e-books, journals, videos and more. Students can search the collection by: Author Title Keywords Subjects Students will be provided links to paid e-resources and will be allowed to use the collection from various national and international publishers. To use the e-library, log-in to Click on the library tab as shown in step 1 and 2

Step 1

Step 2


Use the library by entering search terms, or browsing subjects. To know more about the library, click Help, or use the guide and training video

Reading a book: Select any book from the list by clicking on it.


Choose from the list of resources

Explore the advanced search option for combination searches.

Click on the required document, and then click on the online resources link. The other links on the library home page provide you with rules to be followed, additional references and answers to all your queries.


Using the openresources library The openresources library is free for all. It will direct to books, videos, journal articles. To use this library, go to:

Click the library tab

Search the catalogue


Use Library services from the UTS Library


 uts m-Learn is a platform designed to enhance the education experience by utilizing the mobile device as another dimension of the virtual campus. Taking teaching and learning with m-Learn. Bringing campus experience to the mobile device with m-Learn. In the future, we plan to extend m-Learn to support additional elements of the campus experience including campus commerce, security, and mass notification.

m-learn application is available for all android user app will enable you to access Course Content Self-Assessment Study Guides and reference module E-Library Placements Academic Support


Examinations are conducted between 12th 24th March, June, September and December. You can attempt examinations twice a year only. Students are eligible to appear for examinations after 120 days from the date of enrollment. The examination consists of objective questions the exam paper will contain 50 questions of 2 marks each. Examination duration is one hour Pass mark is 50 if the student scores less than 50, he/she will have to reappear for the subject Examinations account for 70% of the total score for the final gradation

Fee Details

First Attempt : Free of cost Examination Fees (Per Subject): `500/$75 Examination Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable Students who have past due payments will not be allowed to give their examinations Students who are enrolled under the Indian/Civilian category but wish to appear for the examinations abroad, will need to pay the examination fee as per the NRI examination fee structur

How to Appear for Examinations ? You need to fill up the examination form on The forms are made available one month before the examination month.You will be eligible to appear for the examinations, only if you have completed 120 days from date of enrollment by January 31st April 30th, July 31st or October 31st (depending on the month of examination)

Important Points

You will not be allowed to appear for the examination without the Hall ticket, Student ID card and a photo ID For any queries related to examinations, please call on 1800-103-7667 or send a mail to

Exam Slot Booking Procedure Exam slots need to be booked three days after submitting the online examination form (only for Indian students) Availability of Exam slots is on First Come First Serve Basis.

Important Points to Remember

Disable the pop-up blocker Recommended browser to use is Internet Explorer 6.0 and above with SUN JRE 1.6 Login to LMS NRI students need to appear for examinations, under the supervision of an individual, who is a higher authority official The examination link will be provided the higher official nominated by the student, one day before the examination date Exam Calender Activity Examinations Exam Form Acceptance Exam Booking Dates Examination Result Timelines
12 -24 March, June, September & December 1 -25 of February, May, August & November 1 -30 of February, May, August & November 15 of April, July, October, January

NRI Students


Exam Centers in India


Chandigarh Ludhiana Deharadoon Agra Delhi Gurgaon Jaipur Lucknow Kanpur Meerut Udaipur Rajkot Baroda Gwalior Surat Bhilwara Indore Jalgaon Amravati Nagpur Bilaspur Jamshedpur Kolkatta Ranchi Bhubaneshwar Patna Guwahati

Ahmedabad Gandhidham Nasik Pune Solapur Kolhapur Hyderabad Goa Bengaluru Bareilly Vizag

Aurangabad Mumbai

Chennai Kochi

Graphical representation not to scale.


Exam Exceptions
There will be no exam exceptions at all for students. Students in remote locations or serving the Nation, have the option to book/schedule their examinations, as per their convenience, they will not be exempted from appearing for examinations

Credit transfers will be possible for common subjects. For subjects which have the cut off ratio less than 65%, in the examination evaluation methodology, credit transfer will not be possible.

Project Guidelines
For programmes, with project work students are required to submit a soft copy/hard copy of the project The project should be industry related topic selection & finalization will be done by the institute For project guidelines, please email Project evaluation charges are ` 200/$30 The project should be done by the student and must be original. Plagiarism will not be accepted

Grading & Certification

Grade System

Students are graded into five categories, based on the following criteria:
Grade A+ A B C Fail Parameters 70% & Above 65% 69% 55% 64% 50% 54% Below 50%

For final gradation, examination: assignment weight age is 70:30, respectively

Mark Sheets & Certification

Once the student completes all the mandated assignments, examinations and

 projects (if applicable) the final mark sheet and certificate are dispatched All pending payments/dues need to be cleared by the student, before the certificate can be received


Placement Support

UTS Job Portal is your personal career guide to enrich your knowledge as well as with premium options like Professional Resume Writing, Job Search, Latest Jobs and Top Employers. Go to Login using the designated student login ID and password

Once logged in, upload your resume in Post Resume section shown under the Member Options. Once updated, you can search a job and apply to it.

To get a professionally written resume, send your resume in word format to 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. One click subscribe/unsubscribe job alerts Manage job alert options Maintain multiple resumes Mark your resumes as confidential / searchable Maintain cover letters

Get Equipped: Skills required for Job Market UTS placement guidance brings a holistic approach towards job search. We equip you with constant placement updates like: 1. Cover letters for different jobs 2. How to Ace Your Interview 3. Making Smart Decisions 4. Upgrading soft skills for success Focussed job search starts well before you feel the need for it.


Better performance in your current role is one of the ways to land with a better job. We equip you not only in a better job search, but also to plan for it in advance and in par with upcoming trends. Recent trends in the hiring practices have laid emphasis on 1. Employability and 2. Social Media in Recruitment UTS Placement Guidance assists you to be more competitive and getting noticed by the hiring managers by leveraging above trends. The placement guidance at UTS is available on social media sites for you to connect with us anytime, anywhere. We intend to enable employers reach the right talent, make our students highly employable and enhance the role of technology in placement support activities. Our activities involve: Maintaining an updated Student directory Maintaining an updated Company directory Resolving placement queries Developing placement policy and strategy Online professional networking to keep regular contact with companies and track industry changes Collecting student resumes Editing and minimizing mistakes in students resumes Providing job opportunities Keeping track of provided job opportunities

Students are encouraged to post their resumes on our portal and receive support from the Placement Department. Important Note: JNU only acts as a facilitator and does not guarantee placement


Student Communication
The Student Care Team can be reached via the following: Student Care Helpline: 1800-1037-667 (Toll Free) Email : Chat : Chat service may be accessed through the Need Help option available on the website For any University related queries: Students can address their queries to the following email IDs, based on scenarios listed: Email ID To Be Used When
I want to know dispatch details I have not received the study material kit/one or more books is missing from the kit I have paid the fees, but have not received the study material I have received a blank CD/need a replacement CD I have lost my study material and need replacements Content related queries I require project guidelines
All Academic related queries All other Project related queries

Unable to view subject link of assignments

What is the assignment submission procedure?

I have faced problems during assignment submission I am unable to view my assignment marks

Other assignment related queries


Email ID

To Be Used When
I want to know the exam procedure I am unable to view my examination marks

I want information about my pending examination I want to know the status of my exam form/ DD sent I need an extension for fee payment I have not received any acknowledgement of the fees paid I have not received my assignment invoice All other fee related queries

I want to know programme status

I want to request for Provisional Certificate (will be issued only after successful completion of programme) I want to request for Transcripts (will be issued only after successful completion of Programme)

I want to request for Duplicate Diploma Certificate along with the mark sheet

My examination marks are incorrect/missing I want to request for Bonafide Certificate

All other certificate/mark sheet related queries e

To be used for general queries To be used for any queries related to our online library
To be used for any queries related to placement


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About JNU

Q Is JNU recognized by any government authority? A JNU is recognized by AICTE/UGC/DEC Q How do I get more information about the courses offered by JNU? A The updated information about the courses offered is given in detail on the website

www.utsglobal can also chat with our counselor live through the Need Help option available on the website or call us at +91 9011067684/1800-103-0887.

Q Can a final year student enroll for the programme? A Students appearing for their final year may also apply. However, we will process the

admission as a provisional one; on receipt of the students Degree or Provisional Certificate, the admission will be confirmed.

Q When will the admission status change from Provisional to Confirmed? A Students will have to submit the required documents within the stipulated time frame, for
 an admission to get confirmed.

Q Is there any provision to pursue more than one course at a time? A There is no provision for doing more than one course at the same time. Q How can I apply for dual specialization? A You can apply for dual specialization only if you enroll for the 2 year PGDBA + MBA programme.
For dual specialization fee details, please refer to the Information Brochure.

Q Do I need to be computer/Internet literate? A Basic proficiency in computers and internet is required since all assignments and
examinations are online.


Course Fees

Q How do I make a payment? A Fees can be paid by:

Using our online payment gateway Demand Draft (DD) drawn in favour of uts, payable at Pune.

You can address your fee-related queries to Registration numbers should be quoted on all correspondence

Academic Support

Q What kind of help will I receive for the subject? A Once enrolled you are given academic support by subject matter experts (SMEs). All
queries related to the subject or self-assessment need to be addressed to


Q How am I evaluated? A You are required to appear and pass assignments and examinations. Certain programmes also
require the submission of the project. For subject details for each programme or course, please refer to the Information Brochure.

Q What is the examination schedule? A Examinations are conducted between 12 -24 of March, June, September and December. Q When are assignments to be taken up? A There are 3 to 5 assignments per subject. It is musr that you complete the assignments to
eligible for examinations. Multiple assignments attempts are allowed and are free of cost in Blackboard.

Q What types of questions appear in the assignments/examinations? A Assignments/examinations will contain only objective questions. Q What is the mode of examinations? A Examinations are conducted online, at the examination centers. Students are required to

select their examination center of choice, while booking examination slots. In case of NRI/ foreign students the  examination link will be sent to the person elected by the student to supervise.

Q Is it mandatory to fill in the examination form? A Yes, in order to appear for the examination, the student needs to fill up the examination form
and pay a fee of `500 per subject or $75 per subject (for NRI/foreign students).


Q Can the examination center be changed after booking the slot? A Online exam slot booking once done cannot be changed, cancelled or re-scheduled. Q What is the Passing percentage? A A student should secure at least 50% marks to pass. Q What is the ratio of marks considered for the final certification? A Examinations marks contribute to 70% and assignment marks contribute to 30% of the
weightage for the final certification.

Q When will the results be declared? A The results are declared one month after the examinations are completed. Results can be
seen on the website as well as in the grade book.

Q What happens if I do not appear for the Examinations? A Students are required to clear all the subjects of the programme within the prescribed
validity  period, as mentioned in the Information Brochure.

Q What is the procedure for re-evaluation of assignments/examinations? A There is no provision for re-evaluation. The procedure is completely online and is error-

Q Are the answers of the assignments/examinations taken shared? A Answers for assignment can be viewed upon completion however for examination answers
are not share /examinations with the students. Provision of answers, would hamper student learning and will not enable the student to gauge the level of comprehension gained by studying.

Q When will the results be declared? A The results are declared one month after the examinations are completed. Results can be
seen on the website as well as in the grade book.

Certification Q When do I get certified? A Once you complete and pass all the required assignments/examinations (and projects), the
 certificate will be awarded.

Q What is the procedure for obtaining a duplicate mark sheet? A You can send in a written request to A nominal fee needs
to be paid for a duplicate mark sheet, which will be communicated once the request is received.

Q What is the procedure for obtaining a duplicate certificate? A You need to send in a written request to A nominal fee

needs to be paid for a duplicate certificate, which will be communicated once the request is received.

Q What is the procedure for obtaining a transcript? A You need to send in a written request to A nominal fee
needs to be paid, which will be communicated once the request is received.


Placement Support

Q Will I be charged for placement support? A No, you will not be charged for placement support. Q What kind of service will I get? A Professional resumes and cover letter of your profile to meet the Industry Standard for
free of cost.

Q What is the advantage of being a part of UTS job portal? A Each student can have minimum FIVE different profiles, helping them to get noticed by

Q Am I guaranteed a placement? A No, we will support students who are looking to undertake placements by assisting with

application and CV advice, as well as sourcing and promoting placement opportunities to students.




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