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April 2007

No. 468

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U F O JOUrnal
Vimanas, Ancient Flying
Craft of India, p. 7

Twilight Reflectivity
Explained by Math, p. 8

Calendar, p. 12

UFO Crawler Search

Engine, p. 13

Airmen See Huge UFO

from Radar Station, p. 16

State Director CMS

Rankings, p. 17

UFO Marketplace, p. 23

Night Sky, p. 24

Columns Alien Encounter at Cisco Grove, p. 3

Donald Shrum breaks his silence after forty years
Director’s Message 2 and talks publicly of the night he spent in a tree
Filer’s Files 14 besieged by alien and robot beings. The illustra-
Stan Friedman 18 tion above was done by MUFON State Director
Ted Phillips 20 Paul Cerny, the chief investigator on the case. The
tree photo on the left was taken four weeks after
the incident. Shrum broke branches off the tree
top, lit them on fire and threw the burning branches
at the beings on the ground.
April 2007 Number 468
Director’s Message
By James Carrion
Since UFOs behavior appears to rep-
MUFON I am often asked by the media or
members of the public what is resent advanced travel technology, so-
UFO Journal MUFON’s mission, to which I proudly
reply, “The scientific study of UFOs
ciety could be revolutionized if that
same technology became widely avail-
(USPS 002970) for the benefit of humanity”. Although able and replaced traditional fossil fuel
(ISSN 02706822) this mission statement may sound based modes of transport.
simple, it is full of If UFO technology for example, were
Mutual UFO Network meaning and as to be incorporated in the family auto-
Post Office Box 279 an active member mobile, I could travel to Paris over my
Bellvue, CO 80512-0279 of MUFON you lunch hour and take a walk on the Great
Tel: 888-817-2220 should take the Wall of China after dinner. Sound crazy?
Fax: 866-466-9173 time to reflect on Yes it does, but if you could have told what that simple Copernicus that one day humans would
statement means set foot on the moon, despite his re-
International Director to you. For me nown open mindedness, he may have
James Carrion, M.A. personally, it all still thought you quite out there on the
P.O. Box 279 hinges on the lunatic fringe.
Bellvue, CO 80512-0279 phrase “for the James Carrion This leads us to the final question -
Tel: 888-817-2220 benefit of hu- whose technology is it? Trying to an-
Fax: 866-466-9173 manity”, that is I hope that when all is swer this question has landed more than said and done, pursuing the truth be- one ufologist in hot water with both the
hind the mystery of UFOs will lead to scientific and ufological communities.
Editor breakthrough discoveries that will im- After all, we are only human and equally
prove the plight of human civilization. capable of being biased in our beliefs
Sally Petersen, M.A. and perceptions. Is it secret human tech-
The next logical question I am then nology hidden from the public by power
asked is what benefits would accrue to
humanity by solving the UFO mystery? groups? Extraterrestrial technology
Continued on page 22
George Filer, M.B.A.
Stanton Friedman, M.S. Change of address and subscription/extra copies inquiries should be
Gavin A. J. McLeod sent to MUFON, P.O. Box 279, Bellvue, CO 80512-0279.
Ted Phillips
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The Cisco Grove Bow and Arrow Alien Encounter
By Steven Reichmuth
Donald Shrum spoke publicly for the Shrum corrected some errors that Shrum had an ample supply of
first time at a 2005 MUFON chapter had been previously reported. In some matches in his pocket, and he spent all
meeting in San Jose, California on his accounts, he supposedly climbed into night tossing down burning scraps of
1964 Cisco Grove encounter with alien the tree because he was frightened. (See paper and torn up pieces of cloth from
beings in what has also become known Case Study) This was not true. Shrum his jacket. Finally he broke off pine
as the “Bow and Arrow” case. had become separated from his hunt- branches, lit them on fire and tossed
Preston Dennett, author of UFOs ing party and it is a common practice them down. (The photo of the tree
over Topanga Canyon, and UFOs not to search after dark for your base shows that the top branches are miss-
Over California refers to Shrum as camp, but instead climb into a high tree ing.) The aliens were definitely afraid
“Donald Smythe” in his book’s account and wait till first light, in order to be of fire, Shrum said.
of the Cisco Grove case. This Journal safe from animal predators. Each time the aliens approached the
story is the first published article I know At one point during the night, Shrum tree in the pitch black darkness, Shrum
of that uses their real names. The Shrum threw his water canteen at the aliens at would shake the tree, and each time the
family gave up their anonymity after 41 the base of the tree. The aliens picked aliens would retreat 25 yards. Shrum
years so that the accurate story could up the canteen, quickly examined it, and could see other aliens gathering some-
be told. then dropped it on the ground. Trying thing, perhaps plant samples from the
Donald Shrum attended the meeting everything he could to avoid being cap- surrounding area.
with his wife Judy Shrum and MUFON tured, he also threw coins at the being. The aliens wore strange tight-fitting
investigator Ms. Kathlyn Bunyard. Mr. Although not interested in the canteen, garments with hoods - their eyes were
Shrum seemed in good health for 67 the beings quickly snapped up and kept large and black, but their noses were
years old, but he still appeared uncom- the coins. difficult to see and appeared small and
fortable relating his experience. low in relation to the eyes. The robot
looked metallic, and judging from the
illustrations had bright orange eyes and
what I would describe as “Gort-like”
jaw facial features. (I use the term “Gort-
like,” because Paul Cerny’s superb color
illustrations remind me of the facial
structure of the robot from the 1951
movie The Day the Earth Stood Still!)
The beings were not taller than 5 feet
and the robots slightly shorter.
Near the end of this siege, another
robot appeared and both robots moved
near to the tree. Strange sparks were
exchanged between the robots as they
closely faced each other. They began
emitting a larger volume of mysterious
gas, causing Shrum to pass out for an
undetermined length of time but his belt
tied around the tree trunk prevented him
from falling.
By the time Shrum awoke the aliens
had already departed. At sunrise he
This drawing of the Cisco Grove aliens and the drawing of the robot on the climbed down from the tree and re-
Journal cover are the original illustrations done by chief investigator, turned to the base camp where he met
MUFON California State Director Paul Cerny, who sadly passed away sev- up with his two friends. One of
eral years ago. Paul spent an enormous amount of time traveling and re- Shrum’s companions had noticed very
searching this case and his NICAP/MUFON case file on the Cisco Grove
Continued on page 4
Bow and Arrow case is about the thickness of a New York City telephone

April 2007 MUFON UFO Journal 3

The Bow and Arrow Artifacts of the siege
Encounter Donald and Judy Shrum displayed
Continued from page 3 the 60 lb. bow and the water canteen
used that night. The canteen was typi-
odd lights during the night and had in- cal Army WWII surplus in a cloth
dependently interpreted those lights as pouch with belt hook. Shrum had re-
a UFO. The length of time Shrum was paired the metal canteen after it had
in the tree is not exactly known but he punctured striking a rock and a metal
estimated he was there from just after patch could be seen on the side.
midnight until dawn. Shrum also displayed an arrowhead
I asked Shrum if the gas emitted by similar to those used the night of the
the first robot had any particular odor encounter. Shrum had three arrows with
or smell. He said he could see the gas, him that night and shot two of them at
but it was odorless and just one whiff the aliens. One of the arrowheads struck
would cause him to suddenly start gasp- the robot’s chest area from a range of
ing for air. At one point he thought of 8 feet (the force of a rifle shot at point
committing suicide—one side of the lone blank range), knocking the robot on its
tree overhung a cliff—but the desire to proverbial “metal ass.” The aliens did
see his 19-year-old wife and their 1-year- not attempt to fire back in return as they
Donald Shrum holding the 60 lb. old daughter again kept him from do- did not appear to be carrying any sort
bow and canteen used the night of ing so. Shrum said he had never be- of weapon.
his experience, September 11, 1964. lieved in UFOs before that night. Four weeks after the encounter,
Shrum returned to the encounter scene
with his younger brother Bill and friends
Bill McAdams and Vince Alvarez. Vince
Case Directory: Cisco Grove, California Alverez (now deceased) had been one
September 4, 1964* of Shrum’s hunting buddies that fateful
Synopsis by Richard Hall night. They noticed that the site had
flash and the robot was knocked back- been meticulously picked clean and
wards. This was repeated twice more, and
Donald Shrum, 28,** and his friends there were rake marks everywhere on
were bow and arrow hunting in an the humanoids scattered each time. A
the ground. Cigarette butts and a single
isolated area of Placer County, California, second robot then appeared and a vapor
again rendered Shrum unconscious.
cigar butt were scattered about. Shrum
and Shrum had become separated from took photographs of the site and the
his companions. At sunset he decided to When he awoke, he discovered that
the two humanoids were climbing up the original prints are dated October 1964.
sleep in a tree for the night. Later he saw Shrum was able at this time to retrieve
a white light zigzagging at low altitude tree toward him, so he shook the tree and
threw things down at them to ward them the two arrows he shot.
and, thinking it was a helicopter, he Bill Shrum confirmed the visit and
jumped out of the tree and lit fires to off. The same actions were repeated all
night. the people present. He said that the
attract its attention. The light turned
Near dawn more beings approached. scene was exactly as Don had de-
toward him and stopped about 50–60
yards away. The object’s strange “Large volumes of smoke” drifted up and scribed: burned spots (from the burn-
appearance frightened Shrum, so he he blacked out. He awoke, secured to the ing tree branches thrown down), ciga-
climbed back up into the tree.*** tree by his belt and the creatures were rette butts and discarded cigarette
After a while two humanoid beings gone. Later when reunited with his packs along with a cigar butt.
and a robot-like creature approached the companions, Shrum found that one of the Shrum stated that one arrow tip was
tree. From then on, Shrum was in a state other hunters—who also had gotten lost turned over to a U.S. Air Force Cap-
of siege as the beings tried to dislodge and separated from their camp—had also tain and a Sergeant at a 1964 McClellan
him from the tree. At one point a white seen the UFO. Air Force Base interview. A September
Sources: Strange Effects from UFOs 9, 1968 U.S. Air Force letter to Ted
vapor emanated from the robot’s mouth
(NICAP 1969), p. 17, and The Hynek UFO
and Shrum blacked out, but woke up Bloecher (NICAP) stated that the Air
Report (1977), pp. 210-212.
again nauseous. He began lighting * Actually September 11, 1964. Force had not conducted any labora-
matches and throwing them down to ** Shrum was 26 years old at this time, tory analysis on the arrowhead and this
frighten the beings away and they according to his wife Judy. arrowhead is still likely in the posses-
backed away. Finally he shot an arrow at ***Not exactly true. sion of the U.S. Air Force.
the robot. When it hit there was an arc

4 MUFON UFO Journal April 2007

The Bow and Arrow big light came high over the ridge pretty
fast and was followed a few seconds
Encounter later by a smaller light in the exact di-
Continued from page 4 rection and path of the first one. These
two lights seemed to be very high and
The second arrow tip that struck the traveling pretty fast. It was strange be-
alien robot was handed over to Paul cause Don had turned around and was
Cerny, chief investigator on the case (at looking at the ridge before those lights
that time he was with NICAP but later came over. It was his reaction to those
joined MUFON). This arrow tip was lights that scared me. After those lights
Loch Leven lakes, Cisco Grove, disappeared we sat around and talked
sent to a metallurgist for laboratory
analysis and was part of the Condon California - Elevation 5600 feet about it.
Report’s physical evidence cases. “After we went to bed I noticed Don
Later this arrowhead became the lieved the aliens were after him once had gotten his gun, checked to make
property of Dr. Allen Hynek and after again. Extensive hypnosis sessions re- sure it was loaded and slept with the
Dr. Hynek passed away, the arrow tip assured Shrum that he had not been gun beside him. Sometime during the
(which the Shrums insist still belongs abducted and that he had never had an night something was walking around our
to them) was donated to Arizona State implant. tent. Also a deer ran into our tent later
University. The third arrow tip remained Judy Shrum, in a November 1973 let- that night. It scared us so, that the next
in Shrum’s possession for years, but ter to Paul Cerny related an experience morning we ate breakfast, packed up
was lost, possibly while moving. that happened that year during a camp- and came home.”
ing trip: “We were sitting around our
Investigation of the event campfire around 8 or 9 PM with our Re-telling the story
backs to a ridge of mountains when we
In 1964 Judy Shrum’s mother con- noticed Don had gotten quiet and had In an episode of the 1977-78 NBC
tacted Professor Killick, Professor of turned around and was looking behind TV program Project Blue Book (pro-
Astronomy at Sacramento State Univer- him at this ridge. duced by Jack Webb) the Cisco Grove
sity. The Shrum family—Don, Judy, We didn’t know until later that his story was re-enacted without the
Judy’s mother, and Don’s younger ears had started “buzzing.” Anyway, this Shrum’s permission or involvement.
brother—met with Professor Killick at Judy stated that “the story was done
his Sacramento home. The MUFON file poorly. Of course names were not used
on this case includes Professor Killick’s and things were changed in the story,
written report of this initial interview. probably to avoid a lawsuit. Every time
Shortly after the Shrum interview, Pro- this is done in books or articles by UFO
fessor Killick contacted the U.S. Air researchers they change Don’s experi-
Force. ence which makes it appear as if he is
Only Don and Judy were interviewed the liar when in actuality the writer is
by the Air Force, and the declassified covering their own butt at his expense.
Blue Book documents detail that they I know this sounds harsh but it has been
were interviewed by a Captain our experience. Paul Cerny and Rich-
McCloud, USAF, and a Sergeant Ma- ard Hall did the best and closest-to-the-
jor R. Barnes. At this interview, Shrum truth story.” The Shrums never met
gave Captain McCloud and Sergeant Cerny or Hall in person.
Major Barnes an exact detailed map of Another aspect of this case is how it
the area where the incident took place. relates to UFO/Alien encounters re-
ported after 1964. I wondered that if
After-effects of the encounter the alien motive in this case was abduc-
Judy Shrum said that Don had ter- tion, why did this one apparently fail?
rible nightmares for many years and Is there a “learning curve” for alien ab-
This photo was taken by Shrum four ductors?
suffered from what we now call post
traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He tweeks after his experience. Note the Often different aliens have been ob-
never went deer hunting again. cliff to the left of the tree. The marks served working together, the so-called
Several times he was frightened by on the photo indicate a height of
an unusual “buzzing” in his ear and be- seven feet. Continued on page 6

April 2007 MUFON UFO Journal 5

The Bow and Arrow Meeting of the Minds by one or more world governments or
Encounter From March 10 – 12, 2007 a panel by covert elements thereof.
Continued from page 5 of ufologists and academics met in Fort These power groups are testing these
Collins, Colorado in a “Meeting of the objects in public airspace, and are not
Minds” to discuss how to stimulate in- publicly disclosed because they are be-
tellectual curiosity in the scientific com- ing kept in strategic reserve for national
munity on the subject of UFOs. security reasons. These power groups
MUFON was well rep- conveniently use the
resented by Board Mem- popular media and cul-
bers John Schuessler, tural view that UFOs
Robert Wood, Jan Harzan, are extraterrestrial craft
Clifford Clift, and James as cover for these co-
Carrion. Stanton Friedman, vert projects. That the
Bruce Maccabee and Rich- U.S. Government has
ard Dolan, and Paul Sperry been implicated in this
were also present. Al practice is a matter of
Harrison, Professor of national record.
Psychology at University HM however cannot
of California Davis at- explain all of the UFO
tended as an interested observer. cases that MUFON has investigated,
The panel has become known as the many of which fall in a category deemed
Redrarn Witness Map “Armstrong Panel”, named after the the “highly strange”. These are cases where
historic Armstrong Hotel in old town the observed objects temporarily immo-
“greys” that possess apparently pow- Fort Collins where the workshop was bilize witness vehicles and even the wit-
erful telepathic and hypnotic abilities to held. nesses themselves (temporary paraly-
incapacitate and control humans in an The results of that workshop will be sis), emit rays of light that abruptly end
encounter. published in a future proceedings pa- in the atmosphere, or bend light rays
So why were these special powers per. Currently a call to action letter is around objects. In the same highly
not used by the beings in the Bow and being drafted and will be distributed to strange category, non-human occupants
Arrow Case? Could they have pos- the scientific community. emerge from these objects and some-
sessed such abilities, but were not close times interact with witnesses (sometimes
enough to Shrum to have been effec- using telepathic communication).
tive? We may never know the answers Workshop Discussions
MUFON has been investigating and The objects observed in these close
to these questions. encounters are of a physical nature as
studying the mystery of Unidentified
Flying Objects (UFOs) for 38 years, evidenced by the physical traces left in
Sources: Strange Effects from UFOs the environment (burned vegetation,
(NICAP 1969), page 17, and The Hynek taking over where the U.S. Air Force
left off when it terminated Project Blue imprints in the soil, etc.) These highly
UFO Report (1977), pages 210-212. strange cases could be evidence of ETH
Book in 1970.
The hypothesis that these strange ob- or could be related to another hypoth-
Steven Reichmuth is the Northern esis not yet formulated.
California MUFON State Section Di- jects represent a visiting non-human in-
telligence is called the Extraterrestrial It is a travesty that the scientific com-
rector for Alameda and Contra Costa munity has not adequately addressed the
Counties. He is the creator of the UFO Hypothesis or ETH. Unfortunately,
ETH has not been explored by the sci- UFO phenomenon, but instead has rel-
Weather Map, a monthly report of North egated it to the status of Pseudoscience.
American UFO entific community because it is not sub-
ject to the tenet of hypothesis falsifi- In this vacuum of intellectual curiosity,
activity using data MUFON has operated for the last 38
from MUFON, ability, which states that a hypothesis
that cannot be disproved is not consid- years, assisted by a small group of in-
CMS and the Na- terested academics who form an “in-
tional UFO Re- ered a viable hypothesis.
A hypothesis that can be explored is visible college”. We hope that the Meet-
porting Center ing of the Minds workshop call to ac-
(NUFORC) da- the Human Manufacture hypothesis or
HM. The HM hypothesis states that tion will stimulate others in the academic
tabase. See the community to join this invisible college.
latest UFO those objects of apparent technologi-
weather map at cal manufacture that cannot be prosai- cally explained are being manufactured

6 MUFON UFO Journal April 2007

Vimanas, The Flying Craft of Ancient India
By John B. Ringer machines date back to the earliest material worlds altogether and travel in
Historical Anomalist civilizations, primarily in India. Vimanas higher planes. More pragmatically, these
were nothing like our own humble begin- same people understood that the physical
Few aspects of modern life are more nings with flight, but were sleek, fast, Earth is a globe, and they knew its
iconic than the airplane. From its humble maneuverable, and capable of mysterious diameter correctly. They also measured
beginning on the fields of Kitty Hawk, behavior. Many have likened them to the the apparent movement of the sun around
heavier-than-air flight has captured both UFO sightings of our own times. the Earth and referred to this as the “flat
our imaginations and our loyalty—despite Let’s consider one culture which disk of Earth.” 3
the escalating hassles of airport security. claims to have seen and used them. The The Puranas speak of 400,000
Vedic society of ancient India left detailed humanlike races living on the various
Manned flight in recent history
records of their activities and experiences. planets and of 8,000,000 other life forms,
The Wright brothers made their The Vedic texts were originally part of an including plants and lower animals. Earth-
historic first flight in 1903. Others, such as oral tradition, typical of the time. Scholars bound humans were said to be among the
Samuel Pierpont Langley, were experimen- have recently determined that oral least powerful of the humanoid types.3
ting with airplanes as early as 1896, but histories tended to be passed on through Quite a few documents claim the
Langley couldn’t get his device off the the generations with surprising fidelity. people of ancient India built (or were
ground. Humans had flown in lighter- Even after writing had become widespread given) and flew aircraft with advanced
than-air vehicles before the Wright in India, it was prohibited to write down (even by our standards) capabilities. Just
brothers. In 1900, German inventor the Vedas, a ban that was in force until what do they say?
Ferdinand von Zeppelin launched the first about 1,000 years ago, the date of the Description of the Vimanas
flight in which a gondola capable of earliest surviving written versions.4
holding a human being was suspended The Samarangana Sutradhara says
beneath a “powered” hydrogen-filled bag. Ancient texts tell of flying machines that Vimanas are made of light material,
Dirigibles proved to be too vulnerable to Vedic writing was recorded on parch- with a strong, well-shaped body. Iron,
fire or storms, however, and they passed ment, palm leaves or another vulnerable copper, mercury and lead were used in
from use prior to World War II.1 medium, so the originals have not their construction.
In 1853, English engineer George survived nearly as well as the clay tablets Strong and durable must the body be
Cayley was the first to build and fly a of Sumer. To the natural ravages of the made, like a great flying bird, of light
glider capable of carrying a man through millennia, we also must add the deliberate material. Inside it, one must place the
the air. Rather than climbing aboard destruction of ancient documents, Mercury-engine, with its iron heating
himself, however, Cayley ordered his although India experienced less of this apparatus beneath. By means of the
servant to make the flight. Luckily for the than most places. power latent in the mercury, which sets
coachman, it worked. Even earlier, two What we do have for study are the driving whirlwind in motion, a man
Frenchmen were the first humans to fly copies, or more likely, copies of copies sitting inside may travel a great dis-
through the air in a human-made device which have surfaced over the years. There tance in the sky in the most marvelous
when they launched their unpowered hot- is always the problem of provenance, as manner.
air balloon 120 years before the Wrights. 1 well as the difficulties surrounding Similarly, by using the prescribed
More ancient flying machines translation and interpretation. And there is process, one can build a vimana as large
the matter of separating fact from fiction. as the temple of the God-in-motion. Four
There is, however, more to the story Some historians are skeptical of claims strong mercury containers must be built
of human flight. Most of us are familiar that certain documents have been into the interior structure. When these
with tales of flying carpets, skyward “hidden” in various underground caves or have been heated by controlled fire from
chariots, and even Biblical figures such as in remote temples. But given the human iron containers, the vimana develops
Ezekiel and Solomon, who “flew” from penchant for burning and looting over the thunder-power through the mercury. And
place to place. The ancient Greeks told of centuries, who could blame those who at once it becomes a pearl in the sky. 2
men creating artificial wings in an attempt valued ancient wisdom for being
to fly. Closer to our own time, even secretive? The Ramayana, another ancient text,
Leonardo da Vinci made realistic drawings describes a vimana as a double-deck,
of flying machines. It’s easy for us to take Travel to other worlds, other planes circular or cylindrical aircraft with
this in with a knowing smile—the stuff of In Vedic society, it was accepted that portholes and a dome. It flew with the
fantasy. one could travel to other worlds, other “speed of the wind” and gave forth a
But we can also read about something star systems and even other dimensions. “melodious sound.” 2
quite different—a very early aircraft called They also thought it possible to leave the
the vimana. These sophisticated flying
Continued on page 10
April 2007 MUFON UFO Journal 7
How Math may Explain Unidentified Objects in the Twilight Sky
By Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D.
Figure 2. Imagine, also, a cloud 40,000 Under that assumption the approxi-
UFO investigators may find it feet (or 40,000/5280 = 7.576 miles) mate distance from the latitudinal
useful to be aware of some circum- above the surface of the earth, circle’s center to our hypothetical cirrus
stances that can arise with regard to observed at 40 degrees north latitude a cloud is R + h, or 3035.979 + 7.576 =
sightings that take place during the first short time after sunset. In Figure 2, C 3043.555 miles. If you divide R by R +
few minutes after sunset or during the denotes the cloud, h denotes its height h, getting 3035.979/3043.555 =
last few minutes before sunrise. or altitude, X denotes an observer on 0.997510806, you have the cosine of
We all know that under certain the angle A; see triangle YTC in the
lighting conditions, any number of diagram. Now hit the “inverse cosine”
essentially stationary aerial objects, cer- key (be sure your scientific calculator is
tainly including some types of clouds, in degree mode, not radian mode, when
can take on so striking an appearance you do this), and the result is that the
that people report them as UFOs. angle of rotation A is 4.043497363
I have found that with a little degrees.
elementary mathematics and the help of Since the earth rotates through ¼
a scientific calculator, it is possible to of a degree (0.25 degrees) per minute,
think in a very specific way about such it will take four times the obtained
sightings, in terms of the amount of rotation angle, or about 16.174 minutes
time after sunset (or before sunrise) to rotate through the angle A, which
when these sightings occur, and in makes about 16 minutes and 10
terms of the altitude of the object seen. seconds.
This is because at these times of The earth has rotated the earth-
day, objects aloft can reflect sunlight bound observer away from the sun, so
during mathematically describable that from observer X’s point of view
periods, even though the sun is below the sun is below the horizon, but from
the horizon to the observer. the position of the cloud the sun would
Everything depends on the angular still be visible for a while, not yet
rate of rotation of the earth, which is having been “rotated out of sight” of
360 degrees every 24 hours (approxi- the sun’s rays.
mately). Dividing 360 degrees by 24 Figure 1, top. Figure 2, bottom. In a short amount of time, though,
hours gives a rotation rate of 15 the further rotation of the earth will of
degrees per hour, or, more convenient- course take the sun’s apparent position
ly, 15/60 = 0.25 degrees per minute. the ground, R denotes the radius of the below the horizon even from the point
The radius of the earth at the latitudinal circle, Y denotes its center, of view of the cloud, but there are a
equator is approximately 3963.189 and A denotes the angle through which few minutes during which the light still
miles on average. Now imagine, for the earth has rotated the observer away strikes the cloud, and during this
example, the parallel of 40 degrees from the sun since sunset. (Cirrus interval the cloud’s reflectivity may be
north latitude as a band encircling the clouds often do occur at altitudes quite remarkable to the earthbound
earth. (This band would pass near around 40,000 feet, and since they are observer.
Indianapolis.) It will be necessary to ice-crystal clouds, they can reflect In this case, the interval of time has
find the average radius of this latitudinal sunlight with almost metallic intensity.) turned out, by the above calculations, to
circle; see Figure 1. This smaller radius Strictly speaking, in Figure 2, the be about 16 minutes and 10 seconds.
can easily be computed by multiplying cloud does not quite lie in the plane of Our cirrus cloud, at 40 degrees of
the equatorial radius of the earth by the the latitudinal circle (unless one is at the latitude and at an altitude of 40,000 feet,
cosine of the latitudinal angle 40 equator), but little error is generated by will continue to reflect sunlight for
degrees, producing 3963.189 ° (cos assuming that it does, since such a about the indicated length of time. This
40 degrees) = 3963.189 ° cloud’s altitude is less than two thou- then is a critical time interval under the
0.766044443 = 3035.979 miles. sandths of the radius of the earth. For circumstances.
Now imagine looking down at this simplicity’s sake we shall treat the Clearly, with regard to clouds or
40-degrees-latitude circle from an aerial cloud as if it did lie in the plane of the other essentially stationary objects (e.g.,
position above the North Pole; see circle. some balloons) at whatever altitude,

8 MUFON UFO Journal April 2007

Twilight Sightings TABLE 1. (for 40 deg. N or S latitude)
3.35425. Find the cosine of this (be sure
the calculator is in degree mode): cos
Continued from page 8 (3.35425 degrees) = 0.998286865.
Approx. Period of Press the 1/x key to find the reciprocal:
these intervals of time are periods in Object Altitude Twilight Reflectivity
5,000 ft = 0.947 mi 5 min 43 sec
1.001716075. Subtract 1 from this to
which such things in the sky can
10,000 ft = 1.894 mi 8 min 6 sec produce 0.001716075. Finally, multiply
assume a highly suggestive appearance,
15,000 ft = 2.841 mi 9 min 55 sec by the latitudinal radius: 0.001716075 °
especially against a backdrop of
20,000 ft = 3.788 mi 11 min 27 sec 3035.979 = 5.21 miles, or 5.21 ° 5280
partially darkened sky, and it is little 25,000 ft = 4.735 mi 12 min 47 sec = 27,500 feet approximately. This is a
wonder that they often get reported as 30,000 ft = 5.682 mi 14 min 1 sec good estimate of the object’s altitude.
anomalous objects. 35,000 ft = 6.629 mi 15 min 8 sec
One notices, with the given calcu- 40,000 ft = 7.576 mi 16 min 10 sec
50,000 ft = 9.470 mi 18 min 5 sec In summary, solely due to the
lations, that the period of “twilight
60,000 ft = 11.364 mi 19 min 48 sec earth’s angular rate of rotation, there is
reflectivity” depends, at least by our
an accessible, approximate relation (at
somewhat simplified mathematical
seconds longer than what happened at 40 any given latitude) between the altitude of
model, only upon the height of the
degrees latitude. As one moves further a stationary object and the length of time
object and the latitude (north or south)
at which the sighting occurs. away from the equator, an aerial object at a it reflects sunlight from an “already set”
By plugging in various other altitudes given altitude reflects below-the-horizon
in place of the 40,000 feet, I have also sunlight longer, but in mid-latitudes, a R = latitudinal radius in miles
calculated the approximate time intervals difference of a few degrees’ latitude = 3963.189 ° cos(A),
for these other altitudes, all assumed to makes only a few seconds’ difference in where A is the angle of latitude in degrees.
apply to sightings made at 40 degrees of reflectivity time, as one would expect.
latitude, as shown in the table. Needless The fact that high stationary objects T = reflectivity time in minutes
can only reflect sunlight for a short and = 4 cos-1[ R/(R+h)],
to say, these time intervals are indeed
approximately computable amount of where h is the object altitude in miles.
approximate, mostly because the simple
mathematical model here does not factor time after sunset (or before sunrise)
in seasonal shifts due to the tilt of the means, among other things, that some
earth’s axis; however, the approximations objects cannot readily be accounted for ⎛ ⎞
are reasonably close for practical in those terms. If such an object is seen, ⎜ 1 ⎟
h = R ⎜ − 1⎟
purposes. One may want to round them to say, an hour after sunset at typical ⎜⎜ cos( T ) ⎟⎟
the nearest half-minute, say, to avoid latitudes, it cannot be a cloud or balloon ⎝ 4 ⎠
claiming too much precision. reflecting below-the-horizon sunlight
Look at the table entry for an alti- unless the altitude is improbably high.
Conversely, for a stationary object, Figure 3
tude of 15,000 feet. This was
computed for 40 degrees latitude, but one may mathematically invert the above or “not yet risen” sun, and if one knows
one may of course go through the same procedure. If one has observed how either the altitude or the time, one can
procedure for other latitudes, simply long an object has continued to reflect roughly determine the other. For the
using the cosine of whatever latitude sunlight after sunset, one may compute mathematically inclined, the formulas are
angle applies. a good estimate of the object’s altitude. shown in Figure 3.
For example, for an altitude again An example will illustrate the It should be clear from these
of 15,000 feet but at an observer “inverse” procedure without dwelling on observations that the first few minutes
position of 35 degrees north latitude this all the mathematical theory. Suppose, at after sunset or before sunrise, while a
time (the parallel of latitude at 40 degrees north latitude, we observe problematical time for witnesses, can
Albuquerque), the latitudinal radius that a stationary object has continued to be an exceedingly interesting time for
turns out to be 3246.300 miles, and the reflect sunlight for 13 minutes and 25 UFO investigators.
reflectivity time works out to be about seconds, or 13.417 minutes.
9 minutes and 35 seconds, or about 20 First as before we find the Donald R. Burleson, the MUFON
seconds less than what happened at 40 “latitudinal radius” (sometimes called the State Director, New Mexico.
degrees latitude. Similarly, for 45 “cosine-corrected radius”) by finding the
degrees north latitude (e.g. in cosine of 40 degrees and multiplying by
Minneapolis/St. Paul) the latitudinal the earth’s equatorial radius: 3963.189 °
radius is 2802.264 miles, and the cos 40 = 3035.979. Save this result.
reflectivity interval comes out to about Now take the elapsed time of 13.417
10 minutes and 19 seconds, or 24 minutes and divide it by 4 to produce

April 2007 MUFON UFO Journal 9

Vimanas, Flying Craft Hair and nails fell out; * They could be large enough to carry
Continued from page 7 pottery broke without apparent cause, troops or weapons.
and the birds turned white. * An engine which used mercury
Channeled info: how to build a vimana propelled at least some of the craft.
One often-quoted document is the There is more, but you get the idea. * Either vimanas or some other device
Vaimanika-sastra, found in 1918 near Vimanas then common as airplanes now could create a tempest, and this was
Bombay. This document describes in great often used as a defensive weapon.
detail how to build a vimana, and, more Richard L. Thompson, scientist and (Alexander the Great is even reported
surprisingly, just how to fly them. Vedic researcher, points out that vimanas to have been foiled by this kind of
However, G.R. Josyer, in his translation of in ancient India seemed as commonplace fierce wind.)
the book, points out that it was written by as airplanes are to us today.3 Accounts of
a psychic process known as “chan- these flying machines pop up in stories in So, what do we know for sure? Well,
neling.” So, while unquestionably an an almost casual way. certainty is not a state usually associated
interesting read, it can’t be counted in the One tale involves the sage Kardama with anomalies. We know there were
same league as genuine Vedic texts.3 Muni, who is describing the beauty of his people in ancient India (how far back they
The Ramayana, or “Rama’s Way” is future wife, Devahuti, to her father: existed is debatable) and that they
one of India’s great epics handed down I have heard that Visavasu, his mind produced countless, varied documents in
over thousands of years to the present. stupefied with infatuation, fell from his Sanskrit. They tell stories of Gods,
The Ramayana is some 25,000 verses long, airplane after seeing your daughter demigods, humans and animals, all of
and tells the story of romantic courtly playing with a ball on the roof of the whom coexisted on Earth. The demigods
intrigue, heroic renunciation, fierce battles palace, for she was indeed beautiful with (and occasionally mere humans) were said
and the triumph of good over evil. The her twinkling ankle bells and her eyes to fly the heavens in fantastic vehicles,
hero, Prince Rama of Ayodhya, after being moving to and fro.3 and all too often, these beings waged war
bilked out of his claim to the throne, on one another or upon hapless humans.
(Obviously, he wasn’t wearing his
leaves the city to roam the wilds. He We have very little physical evidence
engages the evil demon king Ravana of of such goings on, but then it was a long
Ceylon in combat, and both sides use Built by humans or demigods? time ago. It doesn’t seem we have made
powerful weapons which are hurled from much of an effort to look either, even
From both fables and historic tales,
flying machines. These weapons destroy when the artifacts are as obvious as cities
we learn that vimanas could be quite
whole cities and disintegrate whole under water just off the coast of India.4
small, housing just one person. They
armies.2 After all, they are just stories and myths.
could also be the size of mansions or small
The story of Rama is fairly typical of But I’m curious—as reader of the
cities. Some resemble our own aircraft in
these tales of olden India. While the MUFON Journal, what patterns and
size and shape, but most were circular,
technology of the demigods is wonderful, connections do you see?
cylindrical, or even irregular in shape.
even awesome, the destruction which There are good indications that, while
comes from their numerous wars is truly Bibliography
humans could and did build simple
awful! From the Mahabharata: 1
Asimov, Isaac, Beginnings: The Story of
vimanas, the more advanced kind were
Origins of Mankind, Life, the Earth,
built and controlled by non-standard
Gurkha, flying a swift and powerful and Universe. Walker Publishing
human beings. On occasion, these
vimana, Company, New York, NY. 1987.
technically superior craft might be given
hurled a single projectile 2
Childress, David Hatcher, Vimana:
to a regular human for his personal use.
charged with all the power of the Aircraft of Ancient India and
From a variety of Vedic sources, here
Universe. Atlantis. Adventures Unlimited Press,
are some characteristics of vimanas:
An incandescent column of smoke and Kempton, IL. 2004
flame, 3
Thompson, Richard L., Alien Identities.
* They could cloak themselves or become
as bright as ten thousand suns, Govardhan Hill Inc., Badger, CA. 1993.
rose with all its splendor. 4
Hancock, Graham, Underworld: The
* They were described as brilliant,
Mysterious Origins of Civilization.
glowing, or fiery in the sky.
It was an unknown weapon, Crown Publishers, New York, NY.
* Vimanas could produce a paralyzing
an iron thunderbolt, 2002.
force which incapacitated other vimana.
a gigantic messenger of death, * Their flight was often erratic or zigzag.
which reduced to ashes John Ringer, a retired instructor and
* These craft could change shapes.
the entire race of the Vrishnis and the trainer, is interested in how anomalous
* Pilots could use a viewing device to see
Andhakas. experiences sometimes labeled as myths,
within another craft.
folklore or religious experiences may relate
* Vimanas could travel beyond Earth.
The corpses were so burned to UFO experiences.
as to be unrecognizable.
10 MUFON UFO Journal April 2007
Letters to the Editor Submitting Articles
Dear Editor: to the Journal
I was surprised to see an article by
Uriarte and Reichmuth in the March We here at MUFON are grate-
2007 issue of the MUFON UFO Jour- ful for those of you who submit ar-
nal on a number of videos taken in ticles and columns for consideration
Mexico where the image filmed was for the MUFON UFO Journal. In
human-shaped. The authors thought of order to serve you and all our mem-
a possible explanation in the implausible bers better, we’d like you to be able
tests of rocket belt technology over ur- to receive your copy of the Journal
ban areas, which they show themselves
not to be applicable. Aslo, it is well
earlier each month.
Therefore, to accomplish this, we
known the Mexican culture of balloons will be gradually moving up the
with a huge diversity of them in shapes,
sizes, colors, etc.
deadline dates for submission of ar-
In the specific cases of videos taken
in the state of Cuernavaca and in Mexico
City in the year 2000 (and further), I
• Submissions for the May 2007
issue should reach us no later
than April 15.
would refer to the reader to the entry of
April 19, 2006, in my personal • Submissions for the June 2007
FOTOCAT blog http:// issue should reach us by May 5.
2006_04_19_archive.html, where these • Submissions for the July 2007
videos were identified as balloons issue should reach us by May 25.
shaped like the Buzz Light Year charac- The Society for Scientific
• The deadline for all subsequent
ter! There, one of those video clips can Exploration (SSE, website
issues will be the 25th of the
be downloaded for inspection and ob- month, 5 weeks prior to the issue www.
vious concurrence. date. is a multidisciplinary
In Mexico, today, every well-versed
professional organization of
mainstream ufologists, except those
commercially-biased, agree with this
scientists and other scholars
Thank you for your support! committed to studying phenom-
explanation. Submit articles to:
I hope to have clarified this issue. ena that cross or are outside of the traditional boundaries of
Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos
their disciplines and, for these
Sketch Artist Volunteers his Time to Draw Close or other reasons, are ignored
Encounters or studied inadequately. More
generally, SSE seeks to
Mark Marren, a very talented artist, is volunteering his time to sketch close promote an improved
encounters of UFO’s and alien beings. If you had a sighting and want Mark to understanding of the central
create a sketch based on your description, please contact Mark via email at role that anomalies have played in advancing scholarly
knowledge throughout history,
and of factors that
unnecessarily limit the scope of
intellectual inquiry such as
restrictive world-views, unrec-
ognized theoretical assump-
tions, dogmatic approaches to
the interpretation
of empirical evidence, and
sociological constraints.

Sketch by Mark Marren

April 2007 MUFON UFO Journal 11
March 8–Aug. 15—Alien Images:
UFOs, Photography and Belief.
Visit the MUFON
Photographic Exhibit at Arizona State Store online at
University, Tempe, AZ. 480-965-6224.; (See article books.htm
on page 11.)
World’s Best UFO Cases
April 13–15—19th Annual Ozark By Dwight Connelly
UFO Conference. Inn of the Ozarks,
Eureka Spring, AR. Featuring Linda
Moulton Howe, Timothy Good,
Wendelle Stevens, Dr. Claude
Swanson, Grant Cameron, Nancy
Talbott, and others to be added.
501-354-2558;; PhD, Nicholas Redfern, Peter Robbins, Guy Malone, Richard Dolan,
Order from MUFON Headquarters,
John Greenewald Jr., Steven Bassett,
the website, or from the
April 21—Remote Viewing Confer- Michael S. Heiser, PhD, Dr. Roger author at 14026 Ridgelawn Road,
ence. Mystic Lake Casino, Shakopee, Leir, John Rhodes, Adam GoRightly, Martinsville, IL 62442. $9.95 plus $2.00
MN. Focused on the 1953 Kinross Greg Bishop, Paola Harris, Tom Horn, shipping (single or multiple copies).
Incident. For information, contact Tim Rob Simone. 1-888-ROS-FEST
Whiteagle, .
A unique, important study
May 18–19—McMenamins UFO Aug. 10–12—MUFON International
Festival. McMenimins Hotel, UFO Symposium. Marriott Denver Animal Reactions to
McMinnville, OR. 503-472-8427;
Tech Center, Denver, CO. Theme:
“An Estimate of the Situation: The
Extraterrestrial Hypothesis.” Speak- By Joan Woodward
June 9–10—ParaCon Conference. ers: Stanton Friedman, Richard Dolan, $14.00 in the U.S.
Milford, CT. Contact Jon at 203-2247- Kathleen Marden, John Greenewald, $16.00 elsewhere
0310 or at; Sam Maranto, Timothy Good, Michael MUFON, P.O. Box 279, Nelson, Robert Salas, more. Bellvue, CO 80512-0279
July 5–8—60th Anniversary of the
Roswell Incident, 2007 Roswell UFO
Festival. Roswell Museum & Art
Center, Roswell, NM. Featuring
Heads UP The 2006 proceedings are avail-
able from MUFON Headquarters,
Dennis Balthasar, Donald Burleson, New Episodes of The Black Vault P.O. Box 279, Bellvue, CO 80512-
Radio every TUESDAY and THURS- 0279, for $33 postpaid in the U.S.
Estate Planning: DAY night! and $42 outside of the U.S.
Please remember MUFON in DVDs, videos, and audio CDs of
your will. In addition to monetary each symposium speaker are avail-
bequests, you can also donate your 2006 Symposium Proceedings able from:
UFO case files, books, periodicals, The International UFO Confer-
and DVDs
etc. Don’t let your valuable research ence, 6160 Firestone Blvd., Suite
Every year since 1971, MUFON
end up at a flea market or estate sale. #104-373, Firestone, CO 80505-
has published the proceedings of
Please contact MUFON HQ at 970- 6427. 303-651-7136. Web store:
the annual MUFON International
221-1836 for more information.
UFO Symposium.

12 MUFON UFO Journal April 2007

UFO Crawler Searches for Flying Saucers, Ghosts, Mysteries
SAN FRANCISCO, March 9, more holistic view of all the informa- IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition is a
2007—The Anomalies Network today tion sources they need to decide for no-cost, entry level enterprise search
unveiled the UFOCrawler, one the themselves.” product with Web search services
first of a new breed of search engines In addition to launching powered by Yahoo! that enables
specifically tuned to search for infor- UFOCrawler today, The Anomalies departments and businesses of all
mation about the paranormal and Network is also introducing numerous sizes to quickly and easily find, access
unexplained. site enhancements to enable better and capitalize on information stored
The UFOCrawler, found online at collaboration among users as well as within organizations and across the was developed major performance enhancements to Web.
to make it easier to conduct advanced the site.
research and tap information and The site enhancements includes all The Anomalies Network
knowledge sources worldwide on new content and features to enable ( is the
topics such as UFO sightings, time more users to contribute, collaborate world’s largest online UFO/
travel, conspiracy theories and anoma- and dynamically share information Paranormal Community. Originally
lies. based on their interests. A new user- formed as the S4 Database more
Powered by IBM OmniFind driven search and RSS subscriptions then 10 years ago,
Yahoo! Edition enterprise search as well as account access also enable The Anomalies Network, was
software, UFOCrawler helps users users to customize and view only created to improve the quality of
precisely target and gather information information of interest to them. information about UFOs and the
from relevant sources, including “With the connectivity improve- paranormal on the Web. The site
thousands of documents and files ments we are making thanks to Silicon provides the world’s largest collec-
collected in the vast Anomalies Valley Web Hosting, coupled with the tion of information about the
Network archive, as well as multiple advanced global caching platform paranormal, enabling users to
global resources across the Web on offered by Netli we will be seeing a research, contribute information
topics such as such as ghosts, con- massive increase in performance. and collaborate with others via
spiracy theories and extraterrestrials. Both services are best of breed forums and chat.
Previously, using a conventional Web and will allow us to offer even more
search engine—doing a search on advanced services to our visitors in the
“Area 51,” for example—would return future,” Phillips added.
thousands of irrelevant and inaccurate “The web, especially web 2.0 is
results. about speed and reliability. The
UFOCrawler helps users more combination of Netli’s global caching
clearly define and target their search and Silicon Valley Web Hosting’s state
to a particular topic, for instance to of the art datacenter provide the best
search for information about an aurora possible environment for our evolution
sighted over Area 51. UFOCrawler is as a site and service to our visitors.”
tuned to search for and deliver the In existence for more than 10
specific information requested or years, the Anomalies Network is the
refine an area of interest. world’s largest online UFO and
“Only through raw information can paranormal community with over a
people form their own opinions about million pageviews per month.
what is happening out there,” said The site is designed to serve as a
Olav Phillips, founder, the Anomalies super archive to make the location of
Network. “The questions about the
paranormal are some of the most
related information easier. MUFON has a new
Built almost entirely on open
fundamental questions of humanity. source software, the Anomalies phone system and
People can’t draw conclusions, make Network uses the CentOS Linux
a decision or form an opinion based on distribution, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL phone number.
a single sighting or event. and PHP in addition to IBM OmniFind
UFOCrawler is designed to give users a Yahoo! Edition. 1-888-817-2220
April 2007 MUFON UFO Journal 13
Filer’s Files By George Filer
Director, MUFON Eastern Region

Note: These reports are presented in or-

der to keep readers informed of some of the because I was feeling so strongly the object was
vast number of sightings being reported. How- presence of something showing up, and triangular shaped
ever, these cases have not been officially and moved
it did. Many of you reading these
investigated, unless noted.
reports may have feelings like this. I towards the south,
Arizona Unknown Object Filmed recommend, “Go with your gut feeling, but it displayed a
because you will usually capture a rapid side to side
APACHE JUNCTION— A friend UFO.” I believe there is a telepathic movement. This
and I were traveling along Highway communication which takes place object was
60 by Gold Canyon on January 28, when I film, and I know many other pulsating. The
2007. Robert was driving, while I was investigators and even novice photog- witness zoomed George Filer
observing the skies and saw a raphers experience this. into both objects
suspicious looking cloud hanging along Robert did the photo study on the with his camcorder. The witness stated
Superstition Mountains. I felt UFO using different filters and plug-ins that he saw military aircraft in the area
intuitively something was going to used on the object. He used probably from March Air Reserve
appear around that cloud. As Robert Photoshop’s Emboss, Photoshop Find- Base.
drove, I began clicking many shots Edges, and Flaming Pear’s Lacquer. Investigator’s Notes: This sighting
with my Digital Panasonic Lumix You can see the energy field on a was reported by a highly credible
(Mega D.I.S. 5.0) camera as quickly couple of them. Report by Victoria witness, an Air Reservist (Aircraft
as I could. We were traveling 70 mph Liljenquist, Phoenix, AZ Structural Maintenance Worker).
on the freeway, so it was a bit tricky Obviously the witness is familiar with
with all the trees passing us by. Just as “state-of-the-art” military aircraft. He
California Air Force Reserve
I was able to get a clear shot of the plainly stated that this “was not ours.”
Videotapes UFO
mountain and this strange cloud, I shot The fact that the witness noticed that
the photo when suddenly appearing in RIVERSIDE—The witness re- the first object changed shapes is most
the photo was this UFO. ported he sighted an object on March unusual. Thanks to Bill Puckett http://
3, 2007, about 2:30 PM. Twenty
I know this may sound strange to
minutes after the first sighting he saw
some folks, but it was like the UFO Kansas Ball of Creamy Yellow Light
a second object. He was outside
was “just waiting” to jump into the
playing with his kids and noticed a HUTCHINSON—The reporter states
shot when I could photograph with a
black triangular shaped object with that it was a clear night on March 01,
clear view. Very exciting!! I share this
“white glowing tips” moving to 2007, at the center of town, “The Craft
the south. He immediately came from east moving west south-
grabbed his Sony DVD west toward Wichita, Kansas. The
Camcorder and began taping. He craft was a ball of creamy yellow light
said, “The object changed into an fifteen feet in diameter flying at two
orb and then eventually into a thousand feet in altitude. Slow move-
disc that wobbled.” He lost sight ment with pauses in speed yet kept
of the object as it approached the moving steadily with slight side move-
sun. The witness then went to ments but made no sound.. A fixed-
converse with a neighbor about wing plane coming from the southeast
his sighting and then noticed a intersected its flight path. One quarter
second object towards the east. mile before they met, the light on the
He again grabbed his video craft dimmed slowly. The craft then
Sighting from Highway 60, Arizona, USA camera and began taping. This flew steadily under the airplane as it
14 MUFON UFO Journal April 2007
Filer’s Files
Continued from page 14
object was still in view at that time. United Kingdom—Strange Lights
disappeared into the night sky.” Thanks (NUFORC note: we spoke via
to Christopher Montgomery UFORC SOMERSET COUNTY—Laura
telephone with the party who submitted
International Global Network http:// Thorpe reports, “Strange lights in the
this report for a friend. The friend did night sky have prompted readers of the
not want to be identified, but the caller
Somerset County Gazette to question
Vermont Watching a Failing sounded to us to be quite serious-
the existence of UFOs.” At about 10
Engine on a UFO minded and credible. pd) Thanks to
PM on Monday night, March 13, 2007,
Peter Davenport Director
ISLAND POND—My friend and I a sighting of a strange glow in the sky
were sitting out on the back porch on was reported by Fay Boyd of Kingston
February 28, 2007, the first sunny day Philippines UFO sighting St. Mary, Richard Fowle of Cheddon
we have had in awhile. She pointed up “Dancing in the sky’” Road in Taunton, and his son Edward.
to the sky and we saw then what Mrs. Boyd told the County Gazette:
BATANGAS—On the night of February “There was a long vertical light, it was
looked like a silver ball floating down
12, 2007, just after midnight my not a star but I have no explanation for
from the sky like a leaf. She ran inside
Mother, Auntie, 1-year-old daughter, it. As far as I can tell it didn’t stay
to get binoculars and the ship turned
boyfriend and the boat operator were there very long, I don’t normally
over. With the binoculars we could see
onboard a small courier boat traveling believe in the paranormal but it was
so much of this equipment. The metal
from Coco Beach back to White very strange.” The object was seen as
was very shiny and smooth as if
Beach on our holiday. I opened my a “vertical shaft of light” by witnesses.
molded. We could see what looked like
eyes to look up to see a shooting star The photo was taken by Richard
5 or 6 engines all spinning in different
as it shot across the sky in one Fowle.
directions. Inside those tubes were
direction and quickly disap-peared. I Stargazer Fowles of Taunton
more tubes spinning in the opposite
was thinking I should make a wish, states, “This fascinating occurrence
direction as the big tube. Instead of fire
when it reappeared moving in different could be the rare phenomenon known
coming out of these it looked more like
directions at incredible speed. It had as the Zodiacal Light, a ghostly cone of
lava or coals being sucked into these
white, red, orange and blue lights and
tubes. The engines seemed to stop
the size of an average star. After five
spinning from the inside tube first then
minutes of watching, I woke up my
the outside one would stop. It then
boyfriend to tell him to look at the star
again appeared to turn and you could
but he said, “Nah it’s because the boat
see the saucer shape. It fell behind two
is moving.” It reappeared, brighter, and
mountains. The smoke trail was gone
this time he was quiet trying to focus
within 10 minutes... Thanks to Peter
and saw it swerve in a zigzag motion.
Davenport Director
My boyfriend let out “Wow.” I looked
back at the object and he informed me
Washington, DC Saucer that it just made a spectacular circular UFO or Zodiacal Light?
The witness reports seeing a motion and he started recording on his
hovering saucer-shaped object near camcorder. illumination caused by the reflection of
tree-top level, with yellow flashing We noticed an aeroplane moving the Sun’s light from millions of tiny
lights making no sound on March 5, towards us and we compared them, particles in the plane of the Earth’s
2007, at 7 PM. The saucer was then deciding that there is no way that UFO and Venus’ orbits. It’s visible just after
approached by a second triangular or is a plane. Then we watched the UFO twilight, a vast faint triangular glow
“flying wing” shaped object that was move towards the west until it faded. rising from Venus upward into the
also silent. It was not well lit, and was We arrived at the shores in complete constellation of Aries. If it is the
bronze colored. The triangle hovered awe. It was one of the most Zodiacal Light it’ll be visible until
nearby and seemed to fade slowly memorable moments in my life and I about March 20 towards the west.”
from view, possibly obscured by a will probably never come across a Thanks to Reporter :
cloud. The witness watched for ten UFO again. Thanks to Peter
minutes, then had to leave. The first Davenport

April 2007 MUFON UFO Journal 15

O’Hare witnesses probably credible;
Airman relates spaceship sighting observed by many in Minnesota
By Earl Beal
Early last November, twenty United ties contacted the radar site in response right at us 100 feet above the radar
Airlines employees witnessed what could to a frantic call they had received from a towers. It appeared to be dark silver and
be noted as an UFO hovering several woman in Grand Marais that something was windowless. The GIs cheered. This
minutes above one of the passenger was hovering above her house. We Herculean craft passed above us on a
terminals at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. It positioned the height finder radar toward course heading northwest. In the far
rocketed through the clouds, creating a the direction of Grand Marais and saw a distance, we could see it hovering above
hole in the cloud deck 1900 feet above positive radar presentation at an altitude an area known to have high voltage power
the airport. FAA officials, in the agency’s of 1000 feet. The Operations Officer in lines, remaining there for several
attempt to attack the credibility of these charge of this midnight watch was called minutes. Suddenly, the disc launched
otherwise trusted airline employees, to the radar room. He in turn contacted from this hovering position.
asserted that its radar network never Air Defense Sector Headquarters in Radar tracked it going 200 miles
painted nor tracked this so-called Duluth to scramble four F-106 aircraft— from an altitude of 1000 feet to 85,000
anomaly. (This sighting was reported in at that time, the best fighter interceptor feet in 12 seconds which translates to
the February 2007 MUFON UFO in American air defense inventory. 28,000 mph.
Journal.) Both height and search radar contin- The invader left, never to return that
ued to paint the radar returns of this thing night nor anytime thereafter. Once the
No military explanation
as it came toward the radar site at furor was over, everyone went back to
One, the military would never minimum speed. Halfway towards Grand barracks. Two days later, brass from the
conduct any stunt such as this in the form Marais airspace 60 miles northeast, the North American Air Defense Command,
of a training flight over one of the four jets intercepted it. The spaceship Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, visited
busiest—if not the busiest—civilian started playing cat and mouse with these the site. They took depositions from the
airports in North America. Two, the jets, as the pilots screamed over the air- Commander, Operations Officer, First
military doesn’t have any aircraft like this to-ground communication system how Sergeant, and various other site
in its inventory that can remain sus- this craft was able to abruptly change illuminaries. The three NORAD colonels
pended, stationary, and rotating like a speed and direction in mid-flight. left the site, and to this day, all the data
frisbee. Three, mankind has produced and relevant information relating to this
Tracked at 28,000 mph
nothing in the way of a flying machine event remains buried with NORAD.
which would shoot straight upward As they chased it out over Lake
We know what we saw
making a prodigious hole in an overcast Superior, the silent disc ascended to an
cloud deck. Four, so-called weather altitude of 20,000 feet leaving the fly- My fellow airmen and I know what
balloons such as the one in Roswell, New boys behind screaming [expletive we saw that early morning in 1966 on a
Mexico, back in 1947 just don’t fly the deleted] comments into their headsets. Minnesotan mountain ridge housing a
way this thing did as it left O’Hare Ten minutes later, it returned to an radar site from which official air defense
airspace. Five, despite what the FAA altitude just above water level with the operations were conducted 24/7/365.
would have us to believe, these United jets again in hot pursuit. It took off again, These United Airlines employees saw
Airlines employees are not idiots. this time to the northeast beyond radar what they saw this past November, all in
And neither was I nor were the other coverage, leaving the jets farther in its clear and sober states-of-mind, and
150 GIs, the Commander, the Officer of wake. without question, what was seen certainly
the Day, or the First Sergeant who saw a Over the next 45 minutes, things isn’t from around here.
100-foot diameter ship during an early began to quiet down. By this time,
August morning in 1966 passing over our everyone at the entire radar site was up at Earl Beal was stationed at Finland AFS
Minnesota northern woods North this 4:00 AM hour. The jets had returned in Finland, Minnesota as a radar
American Air Defense Command radar to base. But suddenly, here it came again, technician from August 1965 through
installation. this time from due east as radar painted September 1966. He remembers the
As my crew worked the midnight its position 130 miles away. Several area quite well.
radar shift at Finland Radar Site, Finland, minutes later someone screamed, “Here
Minnesota, (90 miles NE of Duluth, 15 it comes!”
miles NW of Silver Bay and west of Lake Looking east, I saw this colossal disc
Superior), state law enforcement authori- quietly slicing through the air coming

16 MUFON UFO Journal April 2007

Field Investigator’s Corner
by Chuck Reever
MUFON Director of Investigations Rank State Director Weighted
Rank (50/50)
Assigned Completed

1 Texas Kenneth E. Cherry 89 % 29/37 38/38

Each month we publish the CMS 2 Florida Bland Pugh 87 % 57/77 82/82
Ranking Report for all State Directors. 3 New Mexico Donald R. Burleson 86 % 16/22 19/19
4 Kansas Thomas H. Nicholl 86 % 8/11 8/8
Congratulations to Kenneth E. 5 Washington Laurence Childs 76 % 11/21 13/13
Cherry (Texas), Bland Pugh 6 Oklahoma Charles L. Pine 75 % 6/12 13/13
7 South Carolina Cheryl Ann Gilmore 75 % 2/4 5/5
(Florida), Donald R. Burleson (New 8 Iowa Jim King 66 % 1/3 3/3
Mexico) for being 1st, 2nd and 3rd 9
Samuel Maranto
Thomas Bowden
64 %
58 %
respectively in the month of March. 11 Georgia Walter Sheets 56 % 10/22 10/15
12 Nevada Mark Easter 54 % 7/29 22/26
The report is based on our two 13 Delaware Ralph P. Flegal 50 % 0/1 1/1
measures of UFO Investigation 14 North Carolina James (Jim) Sutton, Sr. 49 % 1/20 28/30
15 California Georgeanne Cifarelli 47 % 43/71 21/62
effectiveness: assigning reports within 16 Massachusetts Greg S. Berghorn 46 % 0/12 14/15
48 hours of receipt, and completing all 17 Colorado Leslie H. Varnicle 42 % 37/50 5/46
18 Nebraska John C. Kasher 40 % 0/4 4/5
investigations within 60 days of being 19 Utah Elaine Douglass/Ronald S. Regehr 38 % 2/5 3/8
assigned. The Assigned column is a 20
New Jersey
Kim Shaffer
George A. Filer, III
37 %
36 %
six-month running average of the 22 Wisconsin David J. Watson 35 % 3/8 4/12
23 Minnesota Richard D. Moss 28 % 0/13 8/14
number of cases assigned within 48 24 Hawaii Puuloa M. Teves 28 % 1/6 2/5
hours divided by the total number of 25 Vermont Dan Lavilette 25 % 2/4 0/7
26 Indiana Jerry L. Sievers 23 % 3/29 9/24
cases received in that six-month 27 Michigan William J. Konkolesky 18 % 8/54 12/55
period. 28 California Ruben J. Uriarte 17 % 10/45 5/42
29 Alaska J. Glen Harper 16 % 1/3 0/1
The Completed column is the 30 Washington Gerald E. Rolwes 16 % 1/6 1/6
number of cases completed beginning 31
New York James G. Bouck, Jr.
New Hampshire Peter R. Geremia
13 %
12 %
sixty-two (62) days back and going 33 Maryland Bruce S. Maccabee 11 % 0/11 2/9
34 Connecticut Anastasia Wietrzychowska 8% 0/5 1/6
back six months from there (for a total 35 Virginia Susan L. Swiatek 5% 0/16 1/9
of eight months back) divided by the 36 Rhode Island Janet L. Bucci 0% 0/4 0/3
37 Missouri Bruce A. Widaman 0% 0/21 0/16
total number of cases reported in the 38 Wyoming Richard Beckwith 0% 0/4 0/4
same period. The Weighted Rank is 39 Arkansas Norman D. Walker 0% 0/4 0/5
40 Ohio William Edward Jones 0% 0/32 0/34
the average of the two columns 41 Montana Jeff W. Goodrich 0% 0/4 0/4
expressed as a percent. 42
Idaho Robert Gates
North Carolina George E. Lund, III
State Directors can improve their 44 Alabama William H. Weeks 0% 0/4 0/6
45 Pennsylvania Wayne G. Gracey 0% 0/22 0/22
scores by being sure to assign all 46 Kentucky Earle T. Benezet 0% 0/11 0/5
cases within 48 hours, and following 47 Arizona George C. Parks 0% 0/31 0/24
up with their Field Investigators to 48 North Dakota Jeffrey L. Wachter 0% 0/2 0/2

ensure all reports are completed within

60 days. To be considered complete, a MUFON
report must have been investigated Field Investigators Manual
and placed in one of the three com-
pleted status codes (Unknown, Hoax
or IFO) by the State Director. The official Mutual UFO Network
If you have any questions or need guidelines for in-depth UFO
help with your investigations please investigation
contact Churck Reever at 530-414- Price includes shipping/handling:
4341 or 530-582-8339 or via e-mail at Member U.S. or Canada: $28.50 Non-Member U.S. or Canada $38.50
Member Foreign: $49.50
Non-Member Foreign: $59.50

Order online at:

April 2007 MUFON UFO Journal 17

By Stanton T. Friedman

When Photographs Lie and

light sitting still for many minutes in the mountain ranges. The press and some
When they Tell the Truth UFO investigators such as Dr. Lynn
sky at night with nothing else in the
Recently someone on the UFO frame to provide scale or distance Kitie combined reports of these flares
Updates list asked when others thought comparison is just not very useful. It with the reports of the big triangle seen
that cameras would be so ubiquitous might depict an alien spacecraft, but earlier that same evening. Bruce
that photographic proof of flying no definitive evidence is provided. Maccabee determined the sight lines of
saucers would be achieved. Many Also I am wary of most pix of which photographers at two different loca-
responded that the photographer says, “I didn’t see tions who filmed the flares. Where the
photographs anything (at the time), but look at this sight lines crossed was many miles
would never small dot on the print.” Others ask me further than either photographer had
be convincing if what they show me isn’t the best thought.
to debunkers. UFO picture I have ever seen. I try to Photos the Public Never Sees
After all, with gently say that frankly there are many
today’s much better UFO pictures which I use It is unfortunately true that some
computer in my lectures. of the best photographic instruments
software, Most of today’s 3.5 or 6 mega- produce data that the public never gets
almost any- pixel digital cameras have much to see. Think of military aircraft with
thing can be poorer resolution than the film used in gun cameras. Back in 1952 when
faked. Con-
Stanton Friedman “old fashioned” 35mm film cameras. It military aircraft were instructed to
sider how good Hollywood has become seems ironic that if the pictures of the shoot down UFOs, there must have
at creating genuine-appearing but false replacement radar reflector balloon been plenty of film taken. Since Major
sequences. Others pointed out that material taken in General Ramey’s General Roger Ramey noted that
while cell phone cameras are every- Fort Worth office on July 8, 1947, had hundreds of aircraft had been
where, the photos they produce are been taken with a typical digital scrambled to chase UFOs, undoubt-
hardly high quality. camera instead of a speed graphic, edly film was shot. But gun camera
A good analysis of a photo’s they could not have been read by Dr. film is not handled by the pilots, nor is
veracity should address all factors David Rudiak.* it processed at the local drug store.
including not only the camera, but the The recent 10th anniversary of the Many years ago after my lecture at
photographer, details of the location, Phoenix lights sighting reminds us of Indiana University, Indianapolis, I
and so forth. There have been long other camera-related controversies. asked my usual question of the audi-
discussions about even classic photos This sighting—the flyover of a huge ence: how many had experienced
such as those of the Rex Heflin case, triangle slowly and silently from UFO sightings as I had defined the
the Trinidade case, the McMinnville Prescott south to Phoenix and then to term at the beginning of my lecture? I
case, and others. One reason I use Tucson—was observed by literally counted the usual 10%. I asked how
older photos in my lecture is that at thousands of people around 8 PM on many had reported what they had seen
least we can be sure that they were not March 13, 1997. Around 10 PM many 90% of the hands came down. When I
made by a home computer expert also observed very bright lights slowly asked how many of those remaining
having fun. One must indeed be wary, drifting down and seemingly being had been in the military at the time of
considering the capabilities of today’s turned off. Later investigation estab- their sighting, one hand remained up. I
software. Twelve-year-olds can create lished that these lights could be ex- asked if he would tell us about it as I
UFO pictures these days. plained as military battlefield illumina- get some very interesting reports that
tion flares dropped via parachutes from way. He said: “They took my pic-
Not Always What They Seem tures,” and nothing more. I said I
air national guard planes. They moved
I am often asked to review stills slowly because they were at a great wouldn’t ask for his name, but I was
and videos that have impressed the distance and they went behind unseen
photographer, but leave me cold. A
18 MUFON UFO Journal April 2007
When Photographs Lie
Continued from page 18

sure the audience would like to hear field of view of a telescope is very Francis Barwood to find out more. Ten
the story. small and the time during which a years later, Symington admitted that he
He told us that he had been flying flying object, plane, bird, or UFO had seen the triangle that night. He was
an Air Force plane over the Pacific would be within view is very brief. also a pilot and generally familiar with
when another plane, 20 miles ahead, When I lived in Pittsburgh, Penn- the sky. At the time he had legal
radioed that there was a saucer sylvania, 40 years ago, I was told that problems and didn’t want the attention
heading his way. Gun cameras were of 100,000 pictures taken of the sky by a positive report would have brought
used to take pictures as it approached. the Allegheny Observatory, only five him.
The pilot radioed the base to which gave an indication of a bird or plane, One must also remember General
they were headed. Upon arrival the despite the probable large number of Bolender’s 1969 comment that reports
film was taken from the gun cameras, birds and planes flying by. People are of UFOs which could affect national
the crew was debriefed and told to often quite surprised when I point out security were not part of the Blue
never say anything about it. I should that an aspirin tablet held at arm’s Book system. One wonders whether
stress that the pilot didn’t get a chance length can cover the moon. They often the files of the French government’s
to see the footage. He had “no need to guess it would take a quarter or half UFO investigations (recently placed
know.” dollar. The moon seems large but how on the internet) include reports of
A similar situation exists for many of us have observed a plane aircraft chasing UFOs or being
footage taken of rocket launches by flying across the face of the moon? attacked by them.
high performance cameras to assure The field of view is actually small and
that problems are noted, but which crossing time is very short. Stan Friedman
also have on occasion recorded
It’s Human Nature to Watch
saucers near the rocket. This data is
born classified. The film taken by spy Another problem standing in the * I still have a few CDs with 10 scans of
satellites is also born classified as is way of getting good pictures is human the original negative and prints available for
any interested parties for only $15 from
footage taken by cameras recording nature. I talked to a California police
UFORI, POB 958, Houlton, ME 04730-0958.
military radar screens. Yes, we do officer who had been standing next to
have cameras capable of reading his patrol car when a UFO went over.
license plates on cars in the parking lot It was only after it was gone that he
of the Kremlin. That film is obviously remembered that he had a camera in
off limits. the car. An engineer told me he was
on the sidewalk in front of his house
It’s Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a UFO
when he spotted a saucer in the sky.
What about all those astronomers He stood there gawking at it, not
using fancy telescopes? People seem thinking to call a neighbor down the
to think that astronomers at an obser- street who always had a loaded
vatory are walking around looking for camera. Curiosity and the desire to
something to observe with their observe as much as he could pre-
telescopes. In truth, essentially all vented him from seeking another
telescopes have their viewing witness, even one with a camera.
preplanned and controlled by comput- Furthermore, I would bet that
ers. Rarely do astronomers look there are lots of pictures that have
through telescopes. Film and CCDs never seen the light of day because
(charge-coupled devices, a type of the photographer did not want any MUFON Members
image sensor) are used. It’s important attention or may have been concerned
to understand that telescopes are about ridicule or notoriety. It is inter- Message Board
normally focused on objects such as esting that Fife Symington, the Arizona
planets, stars and galaxies at a great governor during the 1997 Phoenix
distance, and are not focused at points Lights sightings, ridiculed the reports Password: Hynek1947
within the atmosphere. Obviously the and the efforts of City Councilman (case sensitive)

April 2007 MUFON UFO Journal 19

By Ted Phillips

Other Ancient Artifacts formations of erratic, unusual stones.) Ancient Songs of Edda tell the tale
A photograph of one of the balls is
Part Five Jan Hurnik has developed a theory
presented here. Obviously this area is on
about the Ancient Songs of Edda, the
The region near the Cave of the my list of places to visit when I return to
oldest known historical records, which
Half Moon presents a number of inter- the Moonshaft area.
came from Iceland. The songs are writ-
esting artifacts dating back beyond 4,000 Wall of the Giants, Fossa Giganteum ten in Old Icelandic, considered to be the
BC. My good friends Robert
The stone balls are just 20 miles from remnant of an ancient world language.
Lesniakiewicz and Dr. Milos Jesensky
the north end of the Wall of the Giants (The Slovak language is also very simi-
have alerted me to artifacts located west
(Fossa Giganteum). The wall begins at lar to this ancient language, perhaps
of the Moonshaft area.
the hill Sitno in the Stiavince Mountains more similar than the Old Icelandic.)
Devilish Balls and runs from the northern to southern Hurnik theorizes that the Edda songs
borders of Slovakia through the villages allude to events that occurred in the loca-
The villagers call one area the Place
Pecenice and Dudince to the River Ipel. tion of present Slovakia. Later people
of Devilish Rocks and Balls. It is located
some 60 miles from the Moonshaft site, Part of the Wall forms a
near the Slovakian-Czech border in the “natural” border be-
Javorniky Mountains. The stone balls tween the two counties
found there measures from 1.0 meter of Zvolen and Levice,
to 3.05 meters in diameter. and is clearly recogniz-
Lesniakiewicz reports: “They are able today. Another well
from the Tertiary period, but nobody preserved part of the
knows how these balls originated. Other Wall is in Dudince east
strange artifacts called the “spherical from Levice.
negatives” are empty spaces in the rock Stones forming the
bodies with a very regular ball shape. Wall appear to have
Dr. Jesensky and I presented our favor- been fused together by
ite theory, that these balls are remnants of intense heat.
an ancient civilization(s), which had ex- The length of the
isted there for many thousands of years. Wall is 80 km and its
“The problem of the devilish stones width is 8 meters. It is
has been researched by Polish ufologists believed the prehistoric
since the 1970s, when they realized that Wall is at least 7,000
UFOs very often appeared in the vicin- years old. It is men-
ity of those erratic stones and other tioned as Fossa
megalithic constructions, such as rings Giganteum in manu-
of alles stones in the Diry, Wesiory and scripts from the 13 th
Grzybnica-Rosnowo villages. They are century. Ancient Edda
not so impressive as Stonehenge, but songs also mention the
they were erected 6,000 or even 8,000 Wall.
Stone ball—“devilish ball”— in Tatra Cave
years ago.” (Alles stones are ring-shaped area of Slovakia
20 MUFON UFO Journal April 2007
Atlas Almon Mathis and family in 1928. Mathis’s statement about what he saw in the coal
mine near Heavener, Oklahoma.
abandoned their homeland and traveled Herald wrote: “Capt. Lacy of signed statement describing the find:
elsewhere and in this way the songs Hammondsville, Ohio, had some men “In the year 1928, I, Atlas Almon
reached Iceland. engaged in making an entry into his coal Mathis, was working in coal mine No. 5
These events must have happened bank, when a huge mass of coal fell located two miles north of Heavener,
prior to the Neolithic revolution (5000 down, disclosing a large, smooth wall, Oklahoma. This was a shaft mine and
BC in the Slovakian region), because the upon the surface of which were plainly they told us it was two miles deep. The
Old Icelandic language did not include carved several lines of hieroglyphics. No mine was so deep that they let us down
agronomical terminology. one has yet been able to tell in what lan- into it on an elevator. The elevator was
Stonehenge-like Structure guage the words are written. The let- released at the top and fell so fast that I
ters are raised; the first line contains 25.” was weightless and my dinner bucket
On my second trip to Slovakia I was The men discovered this wall about would turn upside down and the bail
taken by the director of the Kezmarsky 100 feet below the surface. Consider- would hold it to my arm, however, the
Hrad into the underground chambers ing its location beneath the coal the age gallon of water in the bottom of it would
beneath the castle. I was allowed to see must be considerable. The Scientific not spill out. This elevator would fall at
many photographs from World War II American for January 14, 1886, carries least several seconds at this rate and then
which have not been released to the a report from the Lexington (Kentucky) they gradually slowed the elevator till it
public. In one small chamber were old pho- Weekly Press that tells of the massive stopped at the bottom. They pumped air
tographs of a structure very similar to wall: “It had every appearance of hav- down to us, it was so deep.
Stonehenge. I was not allowed to copy ing been built by human hands. Above it “Tom Davidson was in charge of the
these images but was told the structure about ten feet of drift and twenty feet mine. Lu Elders, Monti Claiborn, ?
still stands not too far east of the castle. of rock had been removed by the work- Dawes, Bill Gresky, John Raiborn and a
When I return I plan to try to get per- men, and on the side exposed the men young fellow by the name of Mattox
mission to visit this site. had advanced fully forty feet from where were working there also.
Unexplained Walls in the USA they first struck rock. Thus it was firmly “One night I shot 4 shots in room 24
embedded in a solid limestone quarry which of the mine and the next morning there
Much closer to home I have located certainly was formed about it since the were several concrete blocks laying in
two underground walls. When funding wall was built.” the floor.” Atlas A. Mathis
is available I plan to investigate these The second wall, located in south- Atlas told his grandson the wall was
sites personally. The first site is near ern Oklahoma, was discovered deep in highly polished and that another miner
Hammondsville, Ohio. a coal mine in 1928. One of the miners struck this same wall about 100 to 150
Writing from Wellsville, Ohio, in present when the wall was found left a
1868, a correspondent of the Cleveland Continued on page 22

April 2007 MUFON UFO Journal 21

(Continued from page 2) professional. If you would prefer, you
from outside our planet? can instead mail a color portrait photo Ted Phillips:
to MUFON, PO Box 279, Bellvue,
Interdimensional technology from a so-
ciety that resides a millimeter away? Colorado 80512 and include your full Physical Traces
name and MUFON ID #. As a special Continued from page 21
Time travelers from the future? One
thing we can all agree on is that the an- bonus, all new ID cards will be issued
yards from where the first section was
ecdotal and physical evidence is over- with a plastic case and lanyard for wear-
ing your ID card around your neck. found. The coal in the mine was prob-
whelming that there is a UFO reality, ably Carboniferous, which would mean
although we may disagree on what that the wall was at least 286 million years
reality is. MUFON Benefactors
MUFON would like to recognize the old. The mine was closed shortly after
MUFON recently hosted a stellar
following benefactors who became life- the find and the men were told not to
panel of both ufologists and scientists
time members between November 2006 speak about what they had seen.
in a “Meeting of the Minds” workshop
in Fort Collins, Colorado to debate this and March 2007. Thank you for your Atlas also said that in the area of
very question – whose technology is dedication to MUFON. the wall the mine would rumble fiercely
it? You can read more about what was Leslee Alexander as though a freight train was passing
discussed at the workshop in a special Shannon Black within a few feet. At such times the rock
report in this month’s Journal. Richard Freeman walls would glow and become transpar-
Jack Hardin ent. A number of very unusual artifacts
Symposium Michael Harris were found inside coal veins in this and
The MUFON 2007 Symposium Au- Lorna Hunter other mines in the area. These artifacts
gust 10 -12, 2007 has an outstanding Laurie King were of human construction without
lineup of speakers that have explosive Aaron Powers question.
new information to share on everything David Reay
from the Betty and Barney Hill story to Timothy Whiteagle What are the connections?
MJ12 to the Portage Ohio UFO chase Sandra Wright
Do the American sites have some
case. This is one Symposium you will connection to the underground structures
not want to miss. Registration starts this Position Announcements in Russia and Slovakia? I can only hope
month and you can either register online Alejandro Rojas has been ap-
that funding will become available and
by credit card at pointed as the MUFON Director of
answers found. I see documentaries on
symposia.htm or send in a check using Public Education.
Carlos Guzman has been appointed the History Channel and National Geo-
the form inserted in this month’s Jour- graphic dealing with the same old tired
nal. as the MUFON Foreign Represen-
tative for Mexico. stories. Perhaps it’s time to take off the
blinders and look for something that
MUFON ID cards
Field Investigators could change our thinking about things
MUFON headquarters has instituted
Check Reever, MUFON’s Director far past. How science can reject such
a new MUFON ID card policy for
MUFON leadership and investigative of Investigations, is pleased to announce things out of hand has puzzled me for
positions. If you are a Board Member, that the following MUFON members many years. There are enormous dis-
Functional Director, State/Provincial have passed their field investigator exam coveries around us and beneath our feet
Director, Assistant State/Provincial Di- and are now MUFON certified Field if we have the nerve to just look.
rector, State/Provincial Section Direc- Investigators: Antoinette Souza-King
tor or Field Investigator, your MUFON of Rocklin, California, Iraja Sivadas Ted Phillips archaeoanom@inter-
ID card must have a portrait picture of of Bella Vista, California, Ellen Bullock
yourself on it. We have purchased a new of Las Vegas, Nevada, Shawn Giddens
ID card system that allows us to print of Bossier City, Louisiana, Charles
your photo directly on a hard plastic Stone of Bridgeton, New Jersey, J
ID card. Please request an updated ID Craig Beasley of Houston, Texas,
card by emailing a portrait photo of Steve McGee of Clayton, North Caro-
yourself in .jpg file format (448H X lina and Max Mitchell of Kingsport,
336W pixels at 300 dpi) to Tennessee and make sure to in- Correction: In the February issue, new
clude your full name and MUFON ID. Field Investigator Kari M. Bunting’s
Please ensure that it is a portrait photo name was misspelled. We regret the
and not a full body shot and that it looks error.
22 MUFON UFO Journal April 2007
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Human Unity, Freedom & the
Hidden Reality of Contact
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April 2007 MUFON UFO Journal 23

The Night Sky
By Gavin A. J. McLeod

May 2007 Sky

Moon Phases:
Full Moon May 2nd
Last Quarter May 10th
New Moon May 16th
First Quarter May 23rd
Bright Planets (Evening Sky):
Mercury (magnitude -2.0 to -0.6).
Moving from Aries through Taurus to
Gemini. For northern and southern
hemisphere observers, Mercury will
begin the month lost in the western
evening twilight, ascend higher in the After dusk on May 22, 2007
sky as the month progresses and, as
Bright Planets (Morning Sky) Conjunctions and Occultations
the month closes, will stand low over
the west-northwest horizon Mars (magnitude 1.0 to 0.9). May 2: Mars 4 degrees south of
Venus (magnitude -4.0 to -4.1). Moving from Gemini to Cancer. For the Moon.
Moving from Taurus to Gemini. For northern hemisphere observers, Mars May 11: Spica 0.3 degrees south
northern and southern hemisphere will rise above the eastern horizon of the Moon.
observers, Venus will be easily ob- about 2 hours before the Sun and will May 14: Antares 0.1 degrees north
served shining brightly in the western be well above the east-southeast of the Moon.
sky as the Sun sets. horizon as the Sun rises. For southern May 24: Venus 4 degrees south of
Jupiter (magnitude -2.5 to - 2.6). hemisphere observers, Mars will rise the Moon.
In Ophiuchus. For northern hemi- above the eastern horizon about 4.5
sphere observers, Jupiter will rise hours before the Sun and will be very
above the south-southeast horizon high above the northeast horizon as
about 3 hours after sunset and will be the Sun rises.
standing well above the southwest
Other Celestial Phenomena
horizon as the Sun rises. For southern
Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower
hemisphere observers, Jupiter will rise
above the south-southeast horizon The nearly full moon will interfere
about 2 hours after sunset and will be with the viewing of the Eta Aquarids.
standing high above the west-south- These meteors originate from the
west horizon as the Sun rises. famous Halley’s comet and can be
Saturn (magnitude 0.4 to 0.5). seen from the end of April until the
Transitioning from Cancer to Leo. For middle part of May. They peak on the
northern hemisphere observers, Saturn 6th of May and can produce around
will be very high in the southwest at 30 meteors or more per hour. Viewing
sunset and will set about 6 hours after will be slightly more favorable in the
the Sun. For southern hemisphere southern hemisphere.
observers, Saturn will be very high in Planetary Conjunction
the north-northeast at sunset and will
set about 6 hours after the Sun. Conjunction of the Moon, Saturn,
Venus and Mercury.

24 MUFON UFO Journal April 2007