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Canada The name Canada comes from the Iroquoian (Indian) word kanata, which means village, Its land area totals 3, !", #$ square miles ($,$%&," ! square 'ilometers)( .o*ulation - -## - 33,!#&,/-" Body Language It is customar, to sha'e hands when 1eing introduced( 2ost Canadians do not often 'iss or hug when greeting friends( Meeting and Greeting In Canada, *eo*le use their given name first and their surname (famil, name) last( If ,ou meet someone older than ,ou for the first time, ,ou should *ro1a1l, not use the *erson)s first name( It is safer to use the surname, *receded 1, a courtes, title such as0 2s(, 2rs(, 2r(, or 3r( The most common greeting is the handsha'e( It should 1e firm and accom*anied 1, direct e,e contact and a sincere smile( Gift Giving In general, Canadians give gifts for 1irthda,s and Christmas( If invited to someone)s home for dinner, ta'e a 1o+ of good chocolates, flowers or a 1ottle of wine( 3o not give white lilies as the, are used at funerals( 3o not give cash or mone, as a *resent( 4ifts are usuall, o*ened when received(

South Korea

South Korea)s area is a**ro+imatel, "##,#3square 'ilometers .o*ulation (-## )0 /$,-3-, //(

acce*ta1le( Canadian Communication Styles 8nglo*hones do not generall. i(e( the for' is held in the left hand and the 'nife in the right while eating( 5ait to 1e shown to .rovinces .Culture Dining Etiquette Ta1le manners are generall. Canadian and >ritish flags used .our el1ows on the ta1le( 6eel free to refuse individual foods or drin' without offering an e+*lanation( 7eaving a small amount at the end of the meal is generall. interru*t someone who is s*ea'ing( The. <ueen of =ngland - 6lag . consider it rude not to let a *erson com*lete their thought 1efore entering the discussion( 6ranco*hones are more li' Crown .our seat( 3o not 1egin eating until the hostess starts( 3o not rest . to interru*t another s*ea'er( Canadians li'e their s*ace and *refer to 1e at an arm9s length when s*ea'ing to someone( Symbols of Canada :o. each with one flag .Canada/South Korea . Continental.

al Canadian 2ounted .Culture Coat of 8rms 3 ?fficial Colors . .arliament >uildings .olice . and 7acrosse :C2. Ice Aoc'e. :o. :ed and 5hite The 2a*le Tree The >eaver @ational S*orts .Canada/South Korea .

-an.Canada/South Korea . " May 2)* Canada Day + Labour Day 'first Monday of Se(tember* Bul.Culture Canadian Coins / "# . . " Se*t( % .rovinces and 3 Territories Holidays 200 !e" #ear$s Day Good %riday Easter Monday Ban( " 8*ril "# 8*ril "3 &ictoria Day 'Monday (receding 2a.sgiving Day 'second Monday ?ct( "of /ctober* 0emembrance Day @ov( "" C-ristmas Bo1ing Day 3ec( -! 3ec( -& * The Holidays Act provides that July 2 is Canada Day when July 1 is a Sunday.

to the *oint that the. " wee' 0egionalism 2ost Canadians have a strong allegiance to their *rovince or region.Canada/South Korea . and rela+ed( • >ritish Colom1ia0 The *eo*le are less conventional( This *rovince is often viewed as the Canada of the future( • <ue1ec0 The 6rench region.eriod ! Lunc. .0/# .( There are some 1road differences 1etween regions.Culture Sc-ool Sc-edule Daily Timetable 0egistration 03! . sometimes more so than to the countr.."-0! "-0! "03# -0#-0"/ -0/& .wee's =aster Aolida.eriod / .eriod . Bul.s .30" Sc-ool #ear 7ast wee' of 8ugust to 7ast wee' of Bune Summer Aolida.""03""03. 1e summed u* as follows0 • 8tlantic . 2anito1a and Sas'atchewan)0 The *eo*le are o*en.eriod 0ecess .eriod % . regionalistic/inde*endent( • @orth0 The *eo*le have a strong *ioneer s*irit( .eriod "# 0/# $0"$0// "#0- ! . friendl.-0#."-0-& "-0-& .( The *eo*le are e+tremel.-0"/ .eriod " .eriod $ . @ew >runswic'.rince =dward Island and @ewfoundland)0 The *eo*le are somewhat reserved and *rovincial."#0""0## . are seen as old-fashioned( • ?ntario0 This is the 1usiness hu1 and the *eo*le tend to 1e 1usiness-li'e and conservative( • 5estern Canada (8l1erta.s . which can generall. and 8ugust Christmas Aolida.s .rovinces (@ova Scotia. has a distinct cultural identit.-0/& ."#0"& .$0". ."03# .eriod & .""0## "#0"& .$0// .eriod 3 0ecess .

Canada/South Korea .Culture & .

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