Build, Find, or Buying a Pullup Bar Options

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Stew Smith October 30, 2012 Military Workouts 0

Here is an emailed question about not havin the !acilities to do "ullu"s# $ have a hard time with this one as $ have not been a ym member !or nearly twenty years and have no issues with !indin "ullu" bars or even buildin my own !or little or no money# %ust use some ood old !ashioned in enuity or buy an ine&"ensive "ullu" bar system i! you need to# One observation too ' have you noticed there is ()*)+ a line in the ym !or the "ull u" bars, -here is a reason ' .ullu"s are hard to do ' so et crackin/# Stew, I recently read your article about no doing pullups / pushups everyday. Stop Doing Pushups and Pullups EVERYD Y! I have a di""erent issue. I cannot do pullups ever as I a# not a #e#ber o" a gy# and I do not have a pullup bar. ny suggestions on what I can do$ 0ou have SO M1(0 O.-$O(S# 2heck out these o"tions3

The Playground Options ' $ have been runnin to a local "lay round and usin their monkey bars to do "ullu"s !or years# Whether $ am at home or on travel, $ am never too !ar !rom a "ark or an elementary school to !ind "ullu" bars# So hi h school tracks have "ullu" bars nearby and those make !or reat !ree workout !acilities# -he "ictured monkey bars ives you a variety o! "ullu" o"tions !rom wide ri", reverse ri", neutral ri", etc4 and you can take your kids and teach them how to do "ullu"s i! you are old like me# 35 Make runnin to the "lay round "art o! your workout#

"i"es. with a !ew wood screws. you can hook a "ole to your un!inished basement beams# .Build Your Own ' 1ll this version takes is a bar and some trust in a ladder and a secure location on a wall# $t works6 (o need to com"lain about not bein able to do "ullu"s anymore6 Make sure you secure both ends and have a sturdy enou h bar# 2annot !ind a bar. 7ook around your house or o to Home 8e"ot !or )*)+0-H$(9 that you need and more to build "ullu" bars# On the ri ht hand side. and :0 de ree "i"e elbows.

$ recommend to not bend your knees ? !eet backward or cross your ankles so you can land on your !eet i! somethin ha""ens to your door or equi"ment used# 1s you can see there are many.i! your door Cam is not that sturdy you could quickly be on your !ace# -hat is why when $ use these as well as usin the ladder o"tion above. di"s mi&ed into our swim .100<.sessions# -hese ran e in "rice !rom .ullu"s +ead more3 htt"3??military<!itness#military#com?2012?10?build<!ind<or<buyin <a<"ullu"<bar< o"tions#htmlDi&EE2wi3a-&-9 Military<Fitness#Military#com . many o"tions !or you to !ind a "lace to do "ullu"s# 0ou Cust have to take your "ick# 1ny other ideas out there.2=0 de"endin on the sturdiness o! the tower# >ut even the most !limsy "ower towers work to do "ullu"s ? di"s in your home# Door Jam Pullup Bar ' -his model on the ri ht works really well even in 3@A door wells# -hese devices are sur"risin ly sturdy >B. -a s3 equi"ment !eatured ..Buy a Power Tower ' $ have used one o! these !or years and donatin to our local swimmin "ool which then allows my rou" and me to do "ullu"s.

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