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Ff 2008 Workbooks and Teacher's Guides Bi Best Reading & Language Instruction Books THIS BOOK IS THE PROPERTY OF: cau Book No. cain inspaces SCHOOL DISTRICT eee OTHER ae CONDITION sssueD To usec [_sssuep | reTunnen PUPILS to whom this texthook is icsved must not rite on any page or mark any part ‘of it in any way, consumable texiboots excepted. 1. Teachers should eee thatthe pups rame is clearly wittn in inkin te spaces above in every book issued. 2. The following tems should be used is recording the condition ofthe book: New, Good: Fair, Poor Bad. ‘The contents of this consumable workbook are protected by US copyright low. Ifa workbook has been purchased for @ child, the couthor and Handwriting Without Tears give limited permission to copy pages for additional practice or homework for that child No copied pages from this book can be given to another person without writen permission from Handwriting Without Tears. Handwriting Without Tears® Cursive Handwriting