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Taken by Force
Lisa Chauke
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Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke

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Liana couldn’t help smiling when she opened the gate for her guest who had been hooting nonstop. She had never seen a man so handsome before, he was tall and masculine with strong hands any woman would die to be held in. He had soft black hair and a beautiful complexion and the way he was dressed said a lot. He was a man of style probably a man who had brought tears to a lot of women. He had beautiful brown eyes one could get lost in them, staring into them was like a ride to a beautiful place as if that wasn't enough he smiled at her wow! A sexy attractive smile it was; the kind that lightens one up and makes them forget all their sorrows for a while. His lips looked so attractive soft, smooth and very appealing. Wasn't there anything not to like about this stranger? She wondered. "Hi I’m Josh Diamond", he reached out his hand to meet hers in a hand shake. His voice sounded clear and smooth. "You must be Liana", he continued seeing the woman frozen in silent not knowing it was because his fine presence had left her in a fantasy world. Snapping back to reality she responded. "Yes, I was expecting you after I got my aunt's call ordering me to hand some documents and cash to you". "That's great then do you have them with you?" "Yes", she replied staring at him not believing such beauty in a man existed, realizing he was expecting her to give him more information she continued. "Yes it’s right here", she added handing him an envelope, he opened it took out the cash and counted it. "$5000" she informed him."Yes it’s the right amount thank you for your co-operation I will be going now", he bid goodbye. Liana beat herself up about not looking her best she had worn a black long skirt a t- shirt and a hat she wasn’t looking attractive at all. If only she had known that Josh would turn out to be such a dashing man she would have made herself look irresistible by doing her hair and wearing a sexy outfit then he would have noticed her like she had noticed him. She didn’t know anything about that man, she never believed in love at first sight but the moment she saw Josh standing in front of her she then understood what was meant by love at first sight. She couldn’t get him out of her mind she wasn’t sure she even wanted to. Liana Crawford was a young beauty only twenty three but she looked younger than that thanks to her fresh looking face which was smooth and soft without a single pimple or dark spot on it. She had a curvaceous body not skinny but not fat, her eyes were seductively pretty, beautiful chocolate brown. Her long beautiful blonde hair that gracefully tumbled down her shoulders made her even more beautiful and attractive.

Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke

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Liana was not working or schooling at the moment just enjoying taking a long break to find herself again. Her previous failed relationship had left her devastated and she had vowed to stay away from men assuming they were all the same heartless heartbreakers but not Josh! She would give him a chance if he asked for one. She wouldn’t hesitate to go back on her vow not if it was for Josh Diamond for him she would break all the rules, a stranger she didn’t know but somehow he had already captured her heart. It seemed crazy and silly but that’s the way it was. Josh Diamond was a thirty four year old self employed business man he looked more than five years younger than his age. He dealt with buying and selling of cars. Liana's aunt had bought a car from him over the internet and he was kind enough to come collect the money and Mrs. Luther's required documents straight from her home. Mrs. Luther was out of town for a few days hence she had left the money with her niece Liana. Mrs. Luther took in Liana after she lost both her parents along with her husband Mr. Luther in a tragic car accident. He had been driving Liana's parents to the airport when he swayed his car trying to avoid hitting a dog that had came out of nowhere. Since he had been driving at a high speed; his car overturned and rolled down the road several times claiming their lives. It had taken a lot of therapy to keep Mrs. Luther and Liana from going mentally unstable. Liana was only twenty when the accident befell. Her aunt was in her early fifties she didn’t see the need to re marry at her age and so she kept her husband's name. "You are back, how was work today?" Lia asked her cousin Kayla who had just walked in. "Busy as usual but at least it keeps me busy, you should start looking for a job Lia you can't sit at home forever and the best way to get over your broken heart is to keep busy", she advised. This was now Kay’s slogan and Lia had heard enough of the same statement over and over again but she knew Kayla meant well. "Don’t you ever get tired of saying the same thing every day? Fine then I will look for a job Monday morning if that will get you off my case"; "you mean that?" "Yes I do Kay I guess a job wouldn't hurt besides I’ve got all the right qualifications for an accountant", she smirked. Kayla was the only child Mr. and Mrs. Luther had and she was three years older than Liana they got along very well in fact they were best of friends. Liana had been the only child as well. Kayla was a health care nurse, she had a passion for nursing the sick back to health and being part of helping save people's lives for she knew how much a loss of a loved one hurt. Sunday morning Mrs. Luther arrived duly from her vacation. She was still very passionate about life. She owned the biggest hair salon in town; she had employed a manager to oversee everything while she enjoyed the pleasures of life travelling the world. If her husband's death had taught her anything then it was to make the best of every moment and to live each day like it were her last. "Welcome back home mom", smiled Kay as she embraced her

Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke

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mother and helped her with her bags. "I hope you girls behaved while I was away", she questioned indirectly. "Of course we did we are responsible adults, you aren't to worry about anything", responded Liana. "I had the time of my life you girls should join me sometime, I promise you won’t regret it", she suggested and then she turned around to face Liana and asked, "Did Mr. Diamond bring my car?" The mention of the name Diamond reminded her of the moment she first laid her eyes on the sexiest handsome man she had ever seen. "Liana did you hear what I just said?" "Oh sorry uh yes I mean no he didn’t he said you should come collect it tomorrow morning, I will go with you since I will be in town looking for a job before Kay kills me", she offered. Liana couldn't wait to see Mr. Diamond again, he was all her eyes wanted to see. She hoped and prayed that he was single and he would notice her when they meet again. She remembered shaking hands with him, he wasn't wearing a ring but surely a man like him had a woman or a bunch of women but she was determined to be his number one lady. Mr. Diamond looked like a man of class; he probably wouldn't date a woman who wasn’t even working so she had to find a job. Monday morning Liana wore a black suit which clung onto her body exposing its curves, she had put on a sexy blouse and left the first two buttons unbuttoned revealing her tempting attractive cleavage. Her hair had been perfectly styled into tiny spirals. She wore a red shoe to match with her red blouse. After applying light make up she winked at the mirror admiring her good looks. "If Mr. Diamond doesn't notice me today then I will know for sure that he is a blind idiot", she mumbled. "What are you mumbling about?" asked Kay taking a seat on Liana's bed. "I was just saying I should get hired today". "Yeah right I don’t see why you wouldn’t dressed like that", giggled Kay. "No Kay I won’t be getting hired because of my good looks but because of my qualifications, I’m well equipped and it’s not my fault that I’m so darn gorgeous", she simpered. "There you go again, you are so full of yourself", snickered Kayla. After spending a few minutes on the road they knocked on Mr. Diamond's office door."Mrs. Luther please come in", taking another glance at Liana, He was wondering who she was before he realized it was Liana. "Miss Liana Crawford, I almost didn’t recognize you, my goodness you look stunning, you almost knocked me off my feet", he didn’t even try to hide his attraction to her. He thought he must have been in too much of a hurry to not have noticed how beautiful Liana was. She was the right height the right shape the right weight and her outfit told him that she was a woman of independence and class. Liana was glad he remembered her name; she knew he noticed her this time for he kept

Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke

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"Oh I’m sorry I had no idea". she apologized. Lia and her aunt left Diamond sales. she apologized.R and you won’t find me in my office because I’m right here talking to you. The receptionist greeted her with warmth and kindness. Mr.R's office and I need no help getting there but thank you for asking". "No problem Miss just go wait in my office I will be with you shortly". she crossed her fingers hoping she would get a job there for she knew it would be worth her while. how about dinner at eight pm? I will come pick you up". Liana went straight to the office and took a sit while she waited nervously thinking she had already ruined her chances of getting hired. "Eight pm will be just fine I will see you then". "I am the H. As she entered she smiled captivated by the beauty of the place. It had been the best day of her life. "Here are your car keys Mrs. “That would be lovely but unfortunately I have plans for tonight but you can take my niece Liana".R's office she quickly made her way there but she was stopped by a man she came across along the corridor. Luther wasn’t fooled she knew he wanted to steal time with Liana. Embarrassed Liana rolled her eyes from left to right as if afraid to clash her eyes with the man's. The man believed to be the H. Liana was overwhelmed she couldn’t believe it. he offered with his eyes set on Liana.leering at her. "No I am heading to the H. The man just smiled at her. It felt good to know that she was pretty enough to be noticed by a man like Josh Diamond. It was part of her job to show kindness to everyone who came to Logan Communications for any purpose. Logan communications the multi-billion company.R who didn’t seem to mind the unprofessional act. "That’s fair enough if it’s okay with the lady?” "Its fine Josh oh sorry I mean Mr. "I’m sorry". here at Diamond car sales we value our customers and so I would like to show my gratitude by taking you out for dinner tonight both of you". "I'm pleased to hear that. Mrs. "May I be of help Miss?" he asked. "No need to apologize Miss Crawford. I assumed you were heading to my office that’s why I asked you if I may be of help". amazed by her beauty and confidence. replied Liana. After a few hours of no luck she decided to try one more place. Diamond I will be pleased to". Mrs. I will see you at work tomorrow if it’s okay with you". Luther and thank you so much for doing business with me. She got ecstatic and hugged the H. Diamond had asked her out for dinner and she had been hired by the biggest company ever it couldn’t have got any better Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 6 . thank you again”. "Yes absolutely. After being directed to the H. Luther went back home and Lia went on with her search for a job.R came and interviewed her and he was so impressed by her that he hired her immediately.

Diamond". "Wow! Are you trying to leave me breathless?" he asked leering at her with lustful eyes. A few hours surpassed and she took a shower to get ready for dinner with Mr. Diamond rang the doorbell and she strolled to the door feeling a little nervous. It looked like heaven and no one had ever treated her to such an expensive place before. Talk turned into their hobbies and likes and she was laughing like a little child. he simpered making her blush. She straightened her hair and let it loose. Looking at Josh Diamond she wondered just how many women he had brought there before. "Am I succeeding?" "Like you don’t already know it. Mr. As soon as she got home she shared the wonderful news with her aunt and cousin and they were thrilled for her. He opened the door for her. "It's not as beautiful as you though". An hour later when they were getting ready to leave Josh asked her if she knew about Logan communications. she had answered with enthusiasm stating that not only did she know about the company but she will be working there starting tomorrow. he stated. "oh really?" she doubted. she got in and they drove off. She looked beautiful as always. She seemed to forget this wasn’t a date but dinner to show his gratitude towards his customers as he had said. I give my customers ten percent discount the next time they buy a car from me. The red and black shoe matched well with her dress. Liana squealed captivated by the beauty of the five star hotel. "can we talk about something else something more interesting?" "Of course". "So you do this with all beautiful women who buy cars from you?" He wished she would just take the compliment and not question him any further. she picked a red armless dress which was above her knees. you are beautiful Miss Crawford". I guess I was just curious". "Wow! Please tell me this is where we are dining. Diamond. It was the Dorchester Hotel where the rich dined. "Why thank you Mr. Choosing a dress to wear wasn’t easy. he confessed. Taking a seat. "No I take them car racing". "Okay you got me! So I lied. He was blown away how could he not have noticed all this beauty from the moment he saw her? He had wondered again and again. well that’s the proud owner of Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 7 . he was hilarious.than that. you are beautiful Liana I had to take you out for dinner it boosts a man's ego to be seen dining with a gorgeous woman". "Oh stop it Mr. "Is this how you show your male customers gratitude too?" He was caught off guard by Lia's question. "No! What are you insinuating?" he asked annoyed by her interrogation. she was still mesmerized by the beauty of the hotel. "Nothing. she agreed. he chocked a little and then sipped his wine while thinking of how to reply her. Diamond you are making me blush". One glass of wine would cost you the same amount as a bottle of the same wine from a grocery store. it’s so beautiful". "Oh wow! I’m impressed congratulations.

Josh drove Liana back home. Josh became jealous and held Liana in his arms as if to say the girl is mine but that didn’t keep Liana from waving back. he is the one who interviewed me today".R. I hope to do this again sometime soon". He was thirty and still not married and he wasn’t intending to get married to gold diggers who would divorce him after a year and loot his possessions.R so as to grant her a job. He had told himself marriage was out of the question but that all changed the second he laid his eyes on beautiful Miss Crawford. Derik Logan wasn’t a handsome man neither was he ugly but he was not the kind of man a woman would look at twice but he was filthy rich and most women wanted him for that reason only. she thought. she exclaimed much to Josh’s dismay. check his profile on the internet". Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 8 . he said. he isn’t Derik Logan he is the H.Logan communications. She didn’t reply. Josh leaned forward and kissed her completely blowing her off his lips felt so good on hers.R wasn’t going to since the company was not hiring at the moment. he grinned. "Oh my word so that’s really Derik Logan! The owner of the famous billion dollar company hired me himself wow! I must be one lucky woman". For the first time in his life he wished he didn’t have his port belly then maybe luring Liana would be easy. Derik Logan". He was tall and had a port belly which was very unattractive since women obsessed over men with ripped flat abs not port bellies. "Thank you for the wonderful time Liana. He had learnt to live with it and it didn’t bother him at all. Liana knew she wasn’t mistaken that was the same man who had int erviewed her earlier today. The man definitely didn’t have a tomorrow. He knew he wanted her but was afraid a woman like Liana wouldn’t find him attractive unless she wanted him for his name but somehow he knew that Miss Crawford wasn’t that kind of a woman. She just stared at him like a lost puppy and she later smiled. "No that can’t be right. soft and smooth and his kiss was like a gentle massage. her day seemed like a dream she was waiting for someone to pinch her and wake her up. Mr. the real H. "Believe me he played with your mind probably because he wanted to be drooling over your luscious self. he informed her with jealousy in his voice as he pointed to the man he envied. Noticing Liana at the hotel he couldn’t help smiling and waving at her. He was a busy man and had no time for gym to dissolve his port belly. Logan liked Liana so much that he pretended to be the H. Mr.

Luther had been out and about with her friends as usual leaving Kayla alone and bored. he persisted. A few hours surpassed while they cuddled on the couch watching television. I mean you are at work every week day and then you decide to spend the weekend with your new best friends leaving me home alone to die of boredom". Her first day at work wasn’t bad at all everyone was nice to her and she made a few friends. "Are you kidding me? Thank you. "aren’t you going to try the bed and see how comfy it is?” “Are you trying to seduce me Mr. she hesitated. it feels like my life has just begun and I owe it all to you for that little push". Sunday morning Josh came to pick up Liana for breakfast in his house. Liana didn’t know that she was seen as a future wife and not just a qualified accountant. eggs.R who was following Logan's orders. Mrs. Logan at work. Liana was on time for her first day at work. she commented. There were beautiful curtains and everything seemed in place. she griped. Diamond?" she asked as she threw Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 9 . please pardon me. Cindy and Liana did the same tasks hence worked together most of the time and became closer. toast and juice. she considered Liana as her second daughter. Four days surpassed and she still hadn’t seen Mr. grouched Kayla when Liana entered. He was a great cook. She didn’t even know that the company wasn’t hiring at all. "Would you like to see my bedroom?" He asked. His bed was a king-sized neatly done with silky sheets. "so what? Come on Lia". She was seen to her office by the real H.CHAPTER 2 Eight o’clock in the morning. He wanted Liana to have a comfortable stay in his company not because he wanted that for all his employees but because Liana was his wife to be in his mind. Weekend came and Liana spent it with her new found friends getting to know them better and she got home in the evening. His bedroom was painted ocean blue with wall pictures of animals. "Oh okay fine then show me". "Uh. I thought you had your own plans for the weekend"."Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea pushing you to find a job". Breakfast consisted of bacon. "Well it feels like I’ve lost my best friend. He was definitely a neat freak. His house was captivating just like she had expected it to be. “I didn’t mean to abandon you Kay. Josh your bedroom is your private room". "It's beautiful Josh". she chuckled. Ashley the receptionist who was twenty two years old and then there was Cindy a twenty six year old accountant. When she returned home she was in a good mood and cooked dinner for her two daughters. he was away on a business trip. "Are you kidding me? I spend my weekends with you if I’m not at work and you know that so I don’t know what plans you are talking about".

"Yes Mr. it would look good for me to have a pretty lady in my arms". He wasn’t the dashing debonair man with a sexy hot body and a handsome face all girls would dream of. spend the night with me". Logan. yes I am Mr. he had an effect on her. "Josh I’m sorry I can’t. "I’m sorry Liana. she declined. Making her way to her office she came across Mr. she responded and as she was about to enter her office she heard him call out for her. "I should go home to rest now I’ve work to get to tomorrow morning". "Yes. He started kissing down her neck making her moan with pleasure. she protested. She didn’t find him attractive. she bid goodbye. thank you". his touch. Ah what now? She wondered. "Not at all Miss Crawford unless you want me to". Turning around to face him she got rid of the annoyed look she had on her face and forced a smile on. I don’t know what kind of a woman you take me for but I can tell you one thing I’m not about to let you strip me and devour me that easily that soon for that matter I just met you"."Mr. "I would like to ask you to be my business dinner date this Friday. Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 10 . This man was too much. Looks were a very big deal to her in fact they were her first priority. I respect you it’s just that you are too hot a man can’t help himself around a beautiful sexy woman like you". Logan". Kissing him felt good. he excused himself. He began stroking her face and playing around with her hair making her blush.herself on his bed. his kisses and everything about him got her burning up. Logan asking her of all people to be his date was a surprise to her. "Miss Crawford I hope you are enjoying it here so far". She had always dated handsome men. Mr. He removed the strings of her dress from her shoulders trying to strip her but she pushed him away and got off the bed. There was silence for a moment as they stared into each other’s eyes as if waiting for them to speak. Now here was this rich business man who clearly didn’t interest her in anyway asking her to be his date. "You look good in my bed as if it was made for you. he whispered before taking her mouth into his. tall handsome flat abs and strong arms. Logan. he smiled happy to have bumped into her. you will have to ask someone else". feeling his hands on her made her feel like a baby wrapped in the warmth of blankets. she felt honored but despite his reputation he wasn’t the kind of man she wanted to be seen arm in arm with. Logan I’m honored that you asked me but unfortunately I can’t. he smirked taking a seat next to her on his bed. Even with his multi-billionaire status she didn’t find him attractive at all. he proposed. there were a dozen of beautiful women he could have invited from his company but he chose her. her type of men description was always the same.

uttered Cindy and they both burst into laughter. Logan arrived to pick her up and acting like a gentleman he opened the door for her and offered her his hand to let her out of the limo when they arrived at the hotel. "Liana I’m not asking you to be my wife. she didn’t want to give Mr. "Wow he must really like you"."Cindy I don’t want an ugly man and have ugly children with him". "well I wish he didn’t because I don’t like him not in that way. She sat on the couch waiting for Mr. Logan’s face slowly faded away. "Oh my goodness you are so childish Mr. he cleared his throat before responding to her refusal. the beauty of a man is his heart and wallet not his face or his ripped abs". she was going to set him straight despite who he was. She sighed wishing she was a good liar then she would pretend to be sick. his name and his money won’t make me change my mind about him". "Miss Crawford my hand being around your waist will do no harm I’m just being a gentle man so do me a favor and get over yourself". you are certainly not a God to me and so I will not let you speak to me in any way Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 11 . "Surely Mr. She reluctantly dressed up for the business dinner that night. Maybe not now but you will be one day soon. he thought. She told Cindy about Mr. "Liana! Are you out of your mind? Mr. I’m sorry for making it sound like a request earlier. A few minutes later Mr. I don’t give a damn who you think you are. she snickered. She wore a long black silky dress which didn’t expose anything except shape her figure. he hissed. Walking together towards the hotel’s entrance he couldn’t help curving his hand around Lia's waist and she didn’t hesitate to protest. Oh my word! He did not just say that to me! Who does he think he is to talk to me like that? Liana was astounded. Logan’s unfair command on their way to the bus station after work. Logan isn’t handsome and he’s not ugly either he’s in between ugly and handsome". Friday approached and Mr. you are coming with me to this business dinner on Friday whether you like it or not. No one had ever talked to her in that manner before and she wasn’t going to tolerate it. Logan any ideas or have him drooling over her. she prattled. "You have no right to talk to me like that. it’s an order!" He sneered and turned his back on her and walked away leaving Liana's mouth dropped open in astonishment. Logan is a good man. Logan made it his job to constantly remind Lia that she was his date for dinner that night. It had been her first time being in a limo but the experience was ruined because she was in it with a man whom she disliked and she was sulking over being his dinner date against her wish. Logan to come pick her up for this dinner she wasn’t interested in attending.The smile on Mr. Logan there is no need to wrap your hand around my waist as if I’m your wife".

you want to know why? Simply because I’m not interested in you or the billions in your bank account Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 12 ."Okay fine. "If you don’t tell me the truth right now then I’m quitting". They ordered some wine. he had taste in clothes but that didn’t help him much since he wasn’t a sexy hunk and on top of that he was a rude jerk. I’m leaving". we are to meet Mr. "Liana my guests just informed me that they won’t be able to make it. she murmured feeling please I am going back home". Liana didn’t object she was starved. she shrugged turning away from the entrance to walk away but Derik wasn’t going to let that happen. "I hope you now realize that I didn’t bring you here for my own motives". "You will do no such thing. "Liana calm down it’s not like that. how was I to know they weren’t going to show up?" He defended himself. after a while he suggested they order their meals since his guests were running late. "You are unbelievable I despise men like you who are manipulative and always want to get their way all the time. there was never a business dinner arrangement you made it all up. we did have a business dinner date with the Kingsley's but when I saw you looking this beautiful I couldn’t help desiring to have you all to myself so I texted them and rescheduled while we were in the car". she threatened. He roughly grabbed her arm and pulled her back to him. Minutes later when they were done with their meal. I wanted you here to keep his wife company while I steal her husband's attention."Are we early?" she asked surprised it was just the two of them. didn’t you? What kind of a man tricks a woman into dining with him against her will you ought to be ashamed of yourself”. Liana gasped. He pulled out a chair for her to sit acting like a gentleman not that she even appreciated it. "Liana I don’t understand why you are put off by this most women would be flattered if I did that for them but you seem to forget who I am". he informed. he is interested in investing in my company. this man had some nerve talking to her like she was nothing just because she worked for him. "Uh-huh". she stormed out of the hotel and he ran after her. stop acting like a spoiled brat we are here for business. "Yes I suppose a little. she snapped. She took a good look at him and then noticed that he was wearing a nice suit. did he not know that she could quit just that moment for she wasn’t desperate. I will have to reschedule". he confessed." He cleared his throat and then continued. he whispered into her ear so the people passing by wouldn’t hear him. Logan it just doesn’t matter to me. he groaned. Kingsley and his wife. "Ooh I know who you are Mr."You must think I’m a fool. I’m not courting you so stop acting like I am". Derik fiddled with his phone for a moment.

On Sunday she went to Josh’s house for lunch.I’m not attracted to you Derik Logan and I wouldn’t be even if you woke up president of this country and for your own information I’m already seeing someone so leave me alone please! Just back off". she scoffed. She didn’t seem to acknowledge him at all. She had the audacity to speak to him like he was a teenage boy and that infuriated him but at the same time it ignited a fire in him it turned him on. "What’s troubling you?" Josh questioned. Women threw themselves at him and would jump at the chance to have dinner with him but just not Liana Crawford. Liana picked it up and got her revenge shooting at him getting him drenched. she threatened but it fell on deaf ears and before she knew it she was running around the house screaming while Josh ran after her spraying water on her getting her drenched. The minute Josh dropped the water gun. he offered. He was used to women throwing themselves at him and so he never had to sweat to get a woman but now he had to. He had never came across a woman so disrespectful enough to talk to him in that way she was feisty and he kind of liked it and he decided he was going to continue pursuing her hot or cold. Derik stood in disbelief not believing the words she had uttered to him the owner of the multi-billion company. She didn’t even respect him although she worked for him. "Josh! Come on stop it that’s not funny look what you've done wetting my hair like this". come rain come thunder he was going to get her to wear his ring. he was like any ordinary person to her. Liana was thankful the next day was a weekend she wouldn’t have to face Logan. He found it sexy and attractive."You are in big trouble Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 13 . she complained. "Nothing I’m fine just dreading going back to work tomorrow". she belittled him. He loved her confidence and her no nonsense attitude and the fact that she could stand up for herself and she wasn’t interested in his wealth. he who was courted by a lot of sexy beautiful young women even though he knew it was because of his money and fame. she growled before she trailed off leaving him at a loss for words. "Let me get that off your mind". On Saturday she spent the day home with Kayla and her aunt going through old photo albums and reminiscing about the good old days."Ooh no don’t even think about it". she didn’t flirt with him like most women did but she did the opposite. He forced her to stand up and held her in his arms and passionately kissed her for a short while and then he went away and came back with a huge water gun. He acknowledged that she was going to be a handful but he thought a challenge wouldn’t hurt for a change. she didn’t mention Derik and his little stunt to him but she was fretting about seeing him at work the next day.

you know how girls are like always trying to force themselves back into their ex’s lives”. Liana grabbed a towel wrapped herself with it and went to join Josh by the door to see what was happening. The thought of Liana being naked in his bathroom was appealing to him and making him hard. he insisted and she let the towel drop down to her feet as if under his magic spell. they chose to ignore it then they heard a female voice call out for Josh. Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 14 . he took her in his arms and carried her to his room and he laid her on his bed as if she were a goddess. Rose was a woman Josh had spent the night with weeks ago before he met Liana he had made it clear to her that it was only a one night fling and there would be no ties between them but here she was hoping for a second night with him. she concurred making her way into his bedroom searching for one of his shirt’s. he smiled sinfully. “Oh my God Josh you don’t waste time. she exhaled. he froze for a minute not knowing what to do and then he excused himself and attended to the woman at the door. "Yes it was fun. He began touching her exciting her whole body. "Right". he commented. do you?” She looked at Liana with disdain and then walked away. "Damn it woman you are too beautiful". "What?" she protested. Rose was disgusted when she saw Liana in nothing but a towel she jumped into the conclusion that they were having sex. he ordered her with a voice sounding like that of a policeman."Ooh that was fun I felt like a kid again". when she found one she could wear she headed to the bathroom to change. he stammered.woman". Liana was startled she grabbed a towel and wrapped herself with it. Josh had hoped he would be given the honor of getting her out of those wet clothes but he was way ahead of himself. wasn’t it? Now we have to get you out of these wet clothes". He found himself opening the bathroom door and letting himself in. "I said drop the towel Lia. she felt weak when he kissed her like he had possessed all of her energy and mind. Suddenly a knock was heard on the front door. He took her in his arms and kissed her as if he was trying to suck the life out of her. you've got nothing to hide show off that beautiful body". “what kind of a question is that and why are your clothes wet?” asked the beautiful blonde woman who was short and skinny. The way he smiled when he looked at her naked body gave her confidence about her body. he warned chasing after her till they both collapsed on the couch exhausted and panting. He didn’t give her a chance to reply him. “What was that all about Josh?” she questioned. “Uh she is my eer she is my ex girlfriend. “Rose! What are you doing here?” he exhaled. "Drop it". She stared at him admiringly gosh he was handsome he was beautiful and his flat abs were showing perfectly through his wet transparent t-shirt.

“And you didn’t believe him?” “No! I know men like Josh.He lied to her. he knew it would put her off and she would call him a man whore. “I’m telling you the truth Liana”. “Ooh I know it looks that way but it’s entirely the opposite”. “I don’t know what to say but all I can say is that I’m truly sorry I didn’t mean to offend you or to manipulate you as you put it”. “Mr.” “Shhh Liana let me speak. she declined. Her clothes were still wet.. he thought she was playing hard to get not knowing that she really wasn’t Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 15 . he wasn’t pleased but he wasn’t going to give up on her. Cindy excused herself. He had thought switching to Mr. She wore her coat and left Josh who ran after her begging her not to leave but she had made up her mind. “Trust me you don’t want to know and I don’t want to bore you to death”. stated Mrs. she queried crossing her hands against her chest.” before she could finish what she wanted to say she was staggered when she looked up and saw Mr.. “Miss Rhodes can you please give us some privacy”.. Uh Liana we shall speak later”.. “is that your way of saying you don’t want to talk about it?” “Cindy I’m quite busy right now I promise I will... he requested “of course Mr. Logan standing by her door. she crossed her legs and paid attention to Liana. he didn’t want her to know he was the kind of man who had one night stands.. nice boss was going to help him get in Liana’s good books but he thought wrong. she huffed making her way to the bathroom. “Back so early I thought you were having dinner at Josh’s place”. “You are forgiven. Damn right you do! She thought to herself. “I’m sure you are”. now if you don’t mind I would like to get back to work”. “I’m guessing you had an awesome weekend that’s why you forgot all about me all weekend”. Logan. the way that woman looked at me and Josh that was definitely a look of a betrayed girlfriend”. “That was the plan until some woman showed up looking for Josh and he said she is his ex girlfriend”. Logan with all due respect. “really! Tell me about it”... assumed Cindy as she took a seat next to Liana’s. thank God she had been wearing her long coat. “one more thing. Luther. “Uh-huh”. he sincerely apologized. I owe you an apology”.. would you let me take you out for dinner tonight as my way of apologizing?” “No! Uh that won’t be necessary. CHAPTER 3 Dragging herself into her office she didn’t know what the day held for her. I already have plans for tonight”.

He asked her out for a late dinner but she declined saying she was tired and wanted to go straight to bed. “Cindy the truth is I’m not really sure of what’s going on that’s why I can’t tell you anything right now”. “No I’m not. that’s an old trick”. she exclaimed. she muttered. She threw herself in his wide open arms and Josh gave a sigh of relief knowing that she was back in his life. I was just being honest. he implored. I didn’t realize it was so but you know what they say there is a first time for everything”. He got on his feet the minute she walked in. Logan! I can’t I told you that I’m seeing someone and he wouldn’t like it if he heard I was dining with you or any other man for that matter he is a jealous man”. Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 16 . laughed Liana. please trust me because no relationship can survive without trust and I don’t want to live without you so please don’t make me Lia”. She was glad neither of them brought up the subject of her and Derik. “Liana don’t be like that I’m your friend tell me what’s going on. Two months surpassed. she stated. she then decided to give him the benefit of a doubt. Being a gentleman he understood and bid goodbye. Finally he gave up and left her office the minute he left Cindy eagerly rushed back into Lia’s office. Logan and you are going to tell me what it is right now”. the way he sounded so serious frightened her. what about tomorrow night then?” he persisted. “Okay.interested in him. now that’s going to raise eyebrows and start some heavy gossip around here I’m telling you”. Liana and her friends hooked up for drinks after work. Liana was still seeing Josh and Derik Logan had kept his distance. Liana stood quiet for a while thinking of how to proceed. “Mr. is he courting you? That wouldn’t be a surprise you are very beautiful”. “Okay then its fine I will let you get back to work now”. he just calls them and orders them to come to his office if he wants a word with them but today for the first time in history he didn’t do that he came to you. okay if you don’t want to tell me then its fine I will back off”. what makes you think there is something going on?” “I’ve worked here for a very long time and throughout all the years I’ve been here I’ve never I repeat never seen Mr. “Oh is that right. One day while in her office she got a call from Logan asking her to step into his office right away. “Liana I miss you. When she got back home she found Josh waiting for her in the living room with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. “Ha! Ha! Ha! You are just trying to sweet talk me into opening up. “Cindy! Nothing is going on. Logan seeking an employee in their office. please understand that nothing is going on between me and that woman. she demanded. “Something is definitely going on between you and Mr. she murmured as she walked away. she warned.

If only she had been nice to Mr. groaned Mrs. “So are you going to work tomorrow?” wondered Kayla. if she lost her job and got arrested then no company would ever want to hire her. you have to know that this is a serious matter and just because I’m a nice man I’m giving you one week to return the money failure to that I will have no choice but to turn you over to the authorities and you will be arrested for fraud. he ordered in a husky voice. he sympathized with her but told her he couldn’t help her because he didn’t have that kind of money. you may leave my office now”. Five days surpassed and Liana still had no idea how to get her hands on half a million dollars to avoid prosecution. “Miss Crawford this is no time for games. Logan then she would have made him understand that this wasn’t any of her doing but he didn’t want to hear her out. ooh I’m so depressed right now I can’t believe this is happening to me I think I need to lie down and try to get this nightmare out of my mind”. Logan there is no way possible that I can get half a million even if you gave me a year I need you to understand that I had nothing to do with Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 17 . they have to investigate this case before laying all the blame on you”. Kay and Mrs. “That’s not possible Mr. “I guess I have to go because if I don’t it will only make me look guilty. “Mr. “Take a seat”. I haven’t been fired yet. Luther. She knew she had only two days left. “Half a million dollars has disappeared from one of the books of accounts. “What’s this about?” she asked. Luther worried so much about her when they got wind of the news. No one could help her except of course Derik Logan himself but he was cold towards her when he called her into his office he probably thought of her as a thief and wasn’t going to be interested in helping her in anyway. She decided to try her luck and talk to Derik and get him to understand that she is innocent.She immediately left her office to his. “What are we going to do?” pondered Kay nearly in tears. she didn’t understand how such an amount of money had gone missing she wondered if Cindy had anything to do with it but she couldn’t question her and risk ruining their friendship. he rasped. Logan”. “Someone definitely framed you. “It better be good you do know that you only have two days left to make amends? Come in and take a seat”. Where was she to get that amount of money in a week. She loved Liana a lot and couldn’t bear the thought of her going to prison for a crime she didn’t commit. “Mr. She passed by Josh’s place after work to tell him what was going on. This seemed like a nightmare to her. he informed. Logan may I please have a word with you?” she requested. she shuddered. she hollered. Liana heaved and blinked her eyes she was thunderstruck. the figures don’t add up and it’s one of the books you were working on I’ve confiscated it to hand it to the authorities”.

“Well I guess you will have to tell that to the authorities on Wednesday now please leave my office I’m a busy man and oh one more thing you will not address me as Derik ever again or Logan for that matter I’m your boss and not your neighbor or friend so please keep in mind to always call me Mr. Logan didn’t seem to be touched by her plea. “I wish I could but I can’t it might be important”. As soon as he rolled on top of her. she got off the bed and Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 18 . When she got back to her office she found Cindy waiting for her. “I did not steal from you Derik! I’m not a thief”. “then you have no right to say you’ve been framed”.the missing figures I think I was framed somebody must have tempered with my books”. her phone started ringing. He had cooked for her to cheer her up. that would be all close the door behind you”. After crying her eyes out she wiped off her tears and told Cindy everything. “what kind of a question is that? You know that I love you with all of me”. “Really. she whispered. Liana burst into tears and ran into Cindy’s arms. “Now!?” he asked astonished. Logan please help me I’m innocent don’t let me go down for a crime I did not commit it will ruin my life my career and my future”. The following day after work Lia went to visit Josh thinking it was her last time with him before being arrested. he responded and leaned forward to kiss her. “Mr. she whimpered but Mr. make love to me”. “I love you too Josh. Like who?” he queried. “Miss Crawford I offered you a job and you repaid me by stealing from me so I really don’t know what it is that you expect from me”. Was it because he thought she stole from him or it was because she refused to entertain him? She wondered. he scoffed. “Ignore it”. she insisted. Josh didn’t need to listen any further he stood up and carried her in his arms and took her to his bed. “Josh do you love me?” she asked. she retorted with her eyes blazing with anger as she stood up and banged his desk with her fist. Logan. “I don’t know I’ve been cursed my whole world is crumbling down right in front of my eyes”. “I’ve waited for this moment for a very long time”. She was very sympathetic and concerned for her friend. she sobbed. he grinned as he slowly undressed her. Tears escaped Liana’s eyes she felt like she was in a maze and couldn’t find a way out and the only person who could help her was nothing but cold and cruel towards her. “I don’t want to point fingers and I have no idea who it could have been”. he scolded. “Yes Josh I don’t know what tomorrow holds for me I might go to prison and I may never get the chance to be with you again until after a couple of months or years depending on the sentence I will get so please Josh just take all of me tonight let’s consummate this beautiful relationship that we have built”. he grated. “What’s going on sweetie?” She asked as she fondled her back.

he commented the minute Liana arrived. she answered. “I’m dead serious it’s really important I wouldn’t leave you hanging if it wasn’t. He was a wealthy man and a celebrity to many. “What! Noooo! You can’t be serious”. “Would you like something to eat?” he offered. she gave him a kiss him on the forehead and hurried to the hotel. I’m Liana Crawford and I’m telling you again that I’m not attracted to you and I don’t wish to be anything besides your employee. “My life depends on it”. “You are punctual”. “Nothing is for free Liana I’m glad you know that. she grunted. she chortled she thought he was full of jokes. Logan surely you do know that this is a huge deal I need time to think about it. “I’ve to go”. he rumbled. “Right let me cut to the chase I can help you by replacing the missing money and there will be no need to involve the police”. I’m in love with another Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 19 . sexy and hot just the way she liked her men. “No thanks I’ve had dinner already. “I’ve told you before that I’m not any woman. meet me at the same hotel in ten minutes”. be blacklisted in every company and have no future at all just because of your pride? Do you have any idea how many women would die for a chance to be Mrs. I might be able to help you that’s if you are willing to co-operate. The waiter brought a glass of water for Liana. she informed. “Miss Crawford I have a proposal for you. She knew a lot of women would jump at the chance to wed him but just not her. “No Liana! Why are you behaving like a dumb child? I’m the only person who can help you so what’s there to think about. she uttered as she dressed up. “No! I’m not joking I’m a busy man I don’t have the time to sit down to crack jokes so it’s either that or prison the choice is yours and I need an answer right away because I need to know how to proceed”. she thought. “Mr. I will tell you all about it when I come back”. he informed her with no shame at all. He was handsome. a glass of water would be fine”. can you please give me up to tomorrow to decide?” she implored. Now he’s acting like a gentleman but he was a monster earlier today in the office. he hung up not giving her a chance to reply him. he explained. would you rather be a jail bird. “What! You must be kidding”.reached for her phone that was on top of the drawer. “Hello”. he croaked. “Its Derik eer I mean Mr. Liana’s eyes started getting teary. she loved Josh Diamond from the moment she met him. Derik Logan? Being my wife would be the best thing for any woman because she would be well taken care of and never lack anything at all so why do you have to be so impossible and ungrateful”. Logan”. she didn’t love this man and wasn’t even attracted to him. “Oh! And what’s in it for you?” she didn’t hesitate to ask. She dreamt of having beautiful babies with him and being his wife but now all that seemed like a blur vision. If you want me to help you save your reputation career and future and keep you from the hell on earth called prison then you will have to be my wife”.

he ranted.“If the wedding is today then I need time to go home to change and we will meet after an hour or so”. cold and rude as you are. "Why do you make it sound like being married to me would be worse than prison? You must think you are the hottest thing around town but my dear you are not. I will see you tomorrow in the hands of the authorities and I hope the drama will be worth it”. he turned around and went back to his seat and stared at her with a look that said “yes what is it?” “If I said yes to your proposal when would you want the wedding?” “If you said yes Liana I would make you my wife right away because I don’t want to give you time to cook up some plan to run away”. “Love doesn’t grow overnight I’m sure that as time surpasses you will learn to love me. The look on Liana’s face was like that of a person who had just seen a ghost. This time he had her in the palm of his hands. she Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 20 . “Please try to understand that you are asking for too much I can’t leave the man that I love to be with you for the rest of my life. “Mr. “First of all you need to acknowledge the fact that you are in no position to snap at me like that because you are the one in need of my help and not the other way around so keep that in mind". that’s torture and I’m sure I’m worth more than half a million dollars”.man damn it!” she huffed. he knew Liana would think of something like that to spite him and he was right that was exactly what she was planning. I wanted to marry you simply because time is not on my side I need a wife to bear me a heir for my empire I can’t just pick those gold digging sluts on the streets to mother my children and for some reason I liked you as proud. she was desperate and so she had no choice but to concede and tolerate his insults. arrogant. What Derik didn’t want was to give Liana enough time to go make love to her boyfriend and ask him to impregnate her. was it? So forgive me for taking advantage of the situation but oh well there is nothing I can do if you prefer prison. he hissed. she found the courage to protest further. I’m not a bad man Liana I will treat you like a queen and never deny you anything and I would have asked you to marry me under better circumstances if you had given me the chance but that wasn’t going to happen. She thought if she got pregnant with Josh’s child and he found out weeks after their marriage then he wouldn’t hesitate to divorce her. I thought I could help you and you help me in return but if you want to be impossible then suit yourself”. he taunted as he walked away. She knew it would bother him to watch her tummy grow knowing it was another man’s child and it would be a while before she got fit to be pregnant again. “Derik wait!” she yelled. Logan I wouldn’t run away and leave my family behind”. “So you say but I don’t know that for a fact Liana”. Liana just kept quiet and glared at him.

“I understand Mr. “I suggest you pay him a visit and explain things to him before we get married because I don’t want him near you after the wedding. everyone else must think you married me on your own free will”. he ordered. she begged. Can you please give me a minute to call him and tell him in private?” She Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 21 . he simpered. “Are you kidding me? We are not in love don’t delude yourself”. “Oh okay. “That won’t be necessary there is a bridal shop nearby you will go and pick a dress you like then slip into it and then we go to the chapel and get married simple as that”. he conceded. “of course you can. “Oh wow! You certainly do have a wild imagination Derik”. she thought. a wedding that would be the death of her. “I have to go home I can’t get married without my aunt and my cousin around”. she concurred. he snorted. They arrived at the bridal shop and the wedding gowns were beautiful and staring at them brought tears to her eyes never had she thought she would be choosing a wedding gown for a wedding she did not want. “Sure you can go and see him as long as you are going there with me”. she ran out of the shop in tears.suggested hoping he would say yes and she would then run straight to Josh but Derik wasn’t stupid. “oh my gosh! You are impossible I’m not even your wife yet but I’m already being treated like a prisoner”. if you don’t want to go with me then I will send one of my men to go with you just to make sure no funny business takes place”. she persisted. “You can’t do that! I need to be there to explain to them what’s going on. The pain she was feeling was too much for her. “Good! I’m going to be your husband soon so I suggest you try to get used to calling me honey or darling”. “I’m not stupid Liana I will not give you a chance to go get yourself pregnant by that man of yours whoever he is”. he simpered. Derik it is then”. she complained. “I already have the wedding rings Liana I just need my bride to be ready and you can call your family and tell them about our deal but no one else should know about this. it’s not like you are marrying the man of your dreams but if you want them present I can send a driver to pick them up”. he offered. Derik followed her outside. “Forget I asked I won’t be able to look at him to tell him all this madness I don’t want to be there to see the hurt in his eyes when he hears that I can’t be with him anymore. He already had the rings with him? Wow he definitely was certain he would manage to coax me into marrying him. she muttered. “Can’t I at least get to see my boyfriend for five minutes just to explain to him what’s going on. Logan”. just let me go and you can take the time to go buy wedding rings or something”. please Derik try to understand I love this man and he loves me and we were planning a future together but now that’s never going to happen I need to see him before I become your wife”.

CHAPTER 4 Liana and Derik got back inside the bridal shop and she picked a dress for her farce of a wedding.requested. He seemed to hesitate to move away and give her privacy. you have no idea what you are putting me through. she frowned. he commented. goodbye”. you are heartless”. “Wow! You look beautiful”. Liana wiped away her tears and forced a smile on her face as she got ready to enter the chapel. now wipe those tears away before we enter the chapel I don’t want the priest telling the world that my bride was in tears the day she married me its humiliating”. he murmured. he said as he pulled out a beautiful ring with a huge diamond on it. “No! I would rather you pay the half a million and find out what really happened instead of ruining my life like this. “Stop it Liana this isn’t the end of the world I promise you. Liana started crying. “Liana before we go inside I want you to have your engagement ring on your finger”. “Oh Josh I’m going to miss you”. For the first time he was with her he saw her smile and it pleased him. “Honey why are you crying. she sobbed as she hung up she then called her family to let them know what was going on and they thought she was just joking or drunk. He knew then that the wise were telling the truth when they said diamonds were a girl's best friend. “Liana would you rather go to jail?” he hissed. is everything okay? Talk to me”. “Please Derik I promise I won’t run away if I do you can cancel the deal and hand me over to the authorities tomorrow”. She froze quiet in awe of the beautiful ring she had never seen before. “Huh what do you mean when you say you are going to miss me. Logan is going to pay the missing half a million and in return he wants me to marry him so I’m getting married to him in a couple of minutes and I will not be allowed to see you or contact you again but I promise you I will find a way to see you again Josh I love you. “Babe what’s taking you forever?” he asked the minute he picked up the phone. she was leaving all her dreams behind and starting a life she hadn’t planned to live. She looked beautiful in it and it pained her to know she was that beautiful to marry a man she didn’t love. Mr. she cussed throwing punches all over him. it was breath taking. He walked away giving her the privacy she needed. are you planning to run away?” he wondered. “No! Running away is not an option I can never live like that. “Who cares? I’m attending my funeral”. He slid it onto her finger and if fit her perfectly. She raised her hand up high to take a Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 22 .

he took hold of her hand and dragged her upstairs. The driver immediately took them to Derik’s house. he blustered. “Derik this is the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen. she stated. the cooks. it must have cost you a fortune. Derik had always wanted to kiss Liana’s soft and smooth looking lips but when he looked at her it looked like the thought of their lips touching disgusted her. Logan respect her and do as she says she is your boss as well”. “Ron and Ben you may be excused. I love it”. “I need to get out of this dress and I have nothing to wear. “I now pronounce you husband and wife you may now kiss the bride”. Everything about it was beautiful. she was wearing a million dollar ring she never thought she would ever wear. “It’s beautiful but I need my own room”. she couldn’t wait to dive into it. here is my credit card you can go buy anything that you want to replace the things which you left home”. “This is my wife Liana address her as Mrs. The workers all greeted her with warmth and departed. Liana looked at him as if he were a mad man. He didn’t want to make things any harder for her and so he kissed her cheek instead and she was relieved. I’ve to go home to get my clothes”. “That’s not going to happen because you are a married woman”. she croaked. Liana come I show you to our bedroom”. “Am I the president’s wife in need of protection?” she grated. Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 23 . the walls the gate the flowers the beautiful lawn and the beautiful pool. Derik paid no attention to her rhetorical question. he informed. “Just because I’m an understanding man I will give you just one week to get used to the idea of being my wife after that we are consummating this marriage whether you like it or not and believe me you will love the thought of being touched by me when I’m done with you”. She didn’t hide the fact that she loved his mansion it was beautiful and he was pleased she loved it. she huffed. announced the Priest. Suddenly two giant men dressed in black came in and approached them. “This is Ron on your right he will be driving you anywhere you want to go and on your left is Ben he will be your bodyguard keeping an eye on you wherever you go”. “Okay fine but don’t expect me to have sex with you because I don’t love you whether married or not I can’t bear the thought of being touched by you”.good look at the beautiful ring not believing it was on her finger. he stated. “That’s not going to be a problem my love. Derik’s mansion was mesmerizing. Derik called for all his workers attention. she crowed then her smile slowly faded away after she reminded herself that she didn’t love the man who had put a ring on her finger and because of him she would never know what it’s like to wear the ring of a man she loves. the butler and the maids to introduce his wife to them.

The maid knocked on their bedroom door and he attended to her. “Derik please I’m not comfortable in getting naked in front of you just not yet please try to understand. “and why not?” he asked puzzled. she thought. The food smelled good and she was hungry she had ate her last meal hours ago at Josh’s place. he announced. I have to find a way to see Josh before my one week is up. he said before closing the door. “Oh that reminds me I forgot to tell you that you are fired with immediate effect”. “Thank you Nancy”. “You are going to be a house wife. he smirked. “I’m not going anywhere you are my wife there is nothi ng wrong with changing in front of your husband. “I meant to say it’s best for happily married women and I’m not one now get out so I can change”. “Ha! Ha! Ha! You are so funny. she gasped. he snickered. he smirked. She thought of Josh if Derik had called just ten minutes late she would have made love to the man she loved by then. She decided to get into bed before Derik returned. “I had Nancy rush to the shops to buy you a nightdress and change of clothes for tomorrow I hope she bought the right size”. Liana rubbed her cheek in disgust and screamed at the top of her lungs. Liana took out the gowns from the bag. She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. she thought as she viewed herself on the mirror but she couldn’t let Derik see her in it or else he would change his mind about waiting one week before wanting sex from her. “Dinner in bed my lovely bride”. Soon as she got in the blankets Derik pushed the door open. Every time she was close to making love to Josh something would crop up and she wondered why. “What! Why?” She heaved. she cursed. I will leave and let you change but I will back”. I need to change and sleep I’ve work to get to tomorrow morning”. I must make a plan tomorrow. you have a beautiful figure I can’t wait to see it”. she had brought a night dress and change of clothes for Liana like he had asked her to do. She changed into her night dress it made her look so sexy. “I can’t wear this nightdress”. its suitable for married women not me”. She sat up and Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 24 . he gave her a peck on the cheek before stepping out. “That will change sooner than you think. He handed the carriage bag to Liana. she roared. check your finger you are a married woman now change into that night dress unless you want to sleep in your wedding gown”. This was a nightmare she decided to accept that her life was over. “Can’t you see this is a see through and ridiculously short it will be the same as being naked. I plan to impregnate you soon as possible and I will need you to be at home taking care of our unborn baby. she ordered. Now she would never know how it feels to make love to Josh but she had no doubt he was going to turn her hot as fire. “Damn you Derik”.“God help me! I’m not attracted to you Derik get that through your head”. all in good time”.

“Oh stop being a drama queen I was just joking I’m a man of his word you can bet on that”. he wasn’t self conscious. you have just made things worse for you”. When he was done he got in the blankets and Liana moved away so their bodies wouldn’t touch. “No don’t touch me or I swear I will be out of this house right this minute and you will never see me again. “I’m sorry Ben. I could get used to this life. there were different dishes to choose from and they all tasted delicious it was no surprise since every meal was prepared by a qualified chef. she didn’t notice Ben behind her and she was startled when she turned around and met his gaze. he seemed to be proud of his body and his small port belly. “Liana I’ve changed my mind about waiting one week I want you now”. He didn’t seem bothered by his body although he had no ripped abs and no six pack. He thought she was something else and chuckled. “Oh I understand. she said. Liana couldn’t help but look. “You are welcome” he replied giving her another peck on the cheek. Derik started removing his clothes to change into his boxers. Since he was around she couldn’t rub it off. can I buy a few things before we go back to the house I won’t run away again I promise”. Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 25 . She wasn’t used to having breakfast made for her but she loved the idea of it. “It smells delicious thank you Derik”. Logan. she begged. she smiled. please don’t tell Derik about this”. God I wish he would stop doing that she said to herself. She thought of Josh and wondered why he hadn’t tried calling her. she sighed with her hand resting on her chest. “That wasn’t a wise move Mrs. Liana screamed. The maid was summoned to collect the dishes after Lia was done eating. he shook his head in disapproval. “That wasn’t funny Derik”. “Oh my God you scared the hell out of me”. Liana couldn’t help laughing. When she woke up the next day Derik had already left for work. dressed up and tied her hair. She stopped for a minute to catch her breath. she thought he probably felt betrayed. she thought maybe it was because he didn’t know what to say to her. the minute Ben her bodyguard looked aside she made a run for it. She asked Ron to drive her to the shops. he riposted. she frowned. She took a bath. “Oh say my name again. he murmured as he moved closer to her. she was panting. “You are crazy Logan goodnight”. she ran as fast as she could. “It’s my job I have to report everything to him. When she climbed down stairs the workers greeted her and she was led into the dining room for her breakfast. he chortled. she threatened. I will run away to another city”.received the tray at least her husband was thoughtful it was kind of sweet. I love hearing you say it”. I would lose my job if he found out I hid this from him”. she thought.

“This is your new sim card it has been connected to Ben’s computer to keep record of every call and text message you send or receive so if you ever think of contacting your ex again I will know”. no wonder no one had contacted her. “I’m sorry I wanted to go home to see my family I have never been away from them not even for a single night. Mrs. she lied. He came back after a few minutes with news for her. She enjoyed spending Derik’s money. we can’t risk you running away again and as I speak all the doors and windows are being installed with security cameras just in case you plan to exit the house. When she got back home she tried on her clothes and loved every minute of it. I will make sure of it”. The car was loaded with her carriage bags. She bought shoes for every outfit she bought as well as matching bags and jewellery. he yelled and ran downstairs to talk to Ben. the wife of a multi-billionaire for that matter. she protested. “You will not be allowed to leave the house except when I’m with you. “Derik please I’m asking you as my husband don’t do this to me”. she had expected Josh. Being Derik’s wife can’t get any worse than this. “You can’t do that I’m not a child”. “At least you will be in a better comfortable big cell getting everything you want and away from bullies”. “I will tell you again I’m not stupid Liana if you wanted to see your family you would have told me and the driver would have took you there without demur I would never keep you away from your family. what’s wrong with you?” he huffed. Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 26 . “then stop acting like one”. he agreed. he sneered. her aunt her cousin and her friends to contact her. After dinner he grabbed her and dragged her to their bedroom. she had always loved fashion but now that she was a rich man’s wife she could afford to buy the original staff. She took out her phone and tried calling her cousin Kay but all she heard was a beeping sound. she realized that her number was out of service. She knew he had heard that she tried running away and was probably mad at her.“Sure Mrs. it is your boyfriend your ex boyfriend you wanted to see you leave me no choice but to ground you” . “That’s insane you can’t do that to me. Logan! She wasn’t used to that name. Derik got home in the evening and they had dinner together in silence. the security guard will be watching you”. that soon. She now had access to fancy clothes fancy food a fancy house all that was missing was love. never had she thought she would be a Mrs. she implored. What he didn’t tell her was that it also had a tracking device just in case she ran away he thought if she knew she would toss the sim away. he growled. “Damn right you will. Logan”. “I heard about your little stunt. She enjoyed shopping buying designer clothes and perfumes with celebrity brand names. she shuddered frightened by his tone. “I will I promise”. I miss them Derik”. she thought. she knew it was all Derik’s doing. you are making me your prisoner”.

I thought I had hurt you silly”. “Oh it feels good to see the world again”. “Gotcha!” He laughed taking her into his arms. she exclaimed and stared at him to hear how he would respond. “Don’t make me chase you around the whole park again”. “Oh my gosh you should have seen the look on your face you looked like a scared little puppy”. she lost her balance and they both fell down and Derik started tickling her. he smiled paying no attention to her statement. I wouldn’t hurt a fly let alone a human being”. “Say you are sorry”.“Oh honey I’m tempted to give in to your wish but I can’t. “Oh would you please stop being such a hard wall to break”. she panted. They chased each other like school kids. “Derik I’m tired I can’t keep running from you anymore”. buns fruits and juice. he was lying down staring at the sky and was startled when he felt a soft object hit him. “I can’t I’m afraid of what you will do to me”. he quickly got up with a frightened look on his face then he realized it was a bun that hit him. “Then give up already”. he smiled. she giggled. she wore a floral summer dress which gave her a girlish look. Derik wore knee high shorts and a t shirt. During the weekend he took her out for a picnic at a park on a Saturday. he packed sandwiches. “It’s not that I care. she blushed. she laughed compulsively because of the tickling. "A man has to do what a man has got to do to discipline his wife". “no I won’t do that”. the weather was warm. “Oh you poor baby you are just mad because you didn’t hear what you wanted to”. she screamed as she kicked him in between his legs. “Get off me”. write a list of your family and friends as well as their contact details and addresses so that when you want to see them the driver will go fetch them for you and when you want to buy anything tell me so I can make time to accompany you”. he said running after Liana who had already got up to avoid his retaliation. Derik amazed her no matter how mean Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 27 . he demanded. he advised. he cackled. he sneered. she then noticed he had nice legs and his taste in clothes was appealing. Liana appreciated being outdoors for a change. An old couple passed by and thought they were newlyweds in love. she teased. Derik got up and started groaning in pain. “Derik are you okay? I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you”. “Oh so you think that was funny wait till I’m done with you”. Liana laughed at him. “Don’t you dare scare me like that again. “Ooh I didn’t know you cared”. Derik caught up with her and grabbed her. she said punching him lightly. “You got it all figured out don’t you?” she glowered. she apologized fearing she had kicked his private parts causing him unbearable pain. he warned. “This is my first picnic with my wife”. Liana furiously took a bun from the basket and threw it at him. she giggled. Any one seeing them in that state would have thought the same. Liana kept running in circles around a big tree.

she was to him. Derik could see she wasn’t in a good mood anymore. he simpered. You are not in my shoes. she thought he was very sweet and funny. she ranted before dashing to her bedroom feeling dejected. she uttered. “Oh I don’t know and I couldn’t care less”. “Wow! Now my family has turned their backs on me”. “Why not? I don’t understand” “Because it’s for the best Liana communicating with him will only make things harder for you”. “Thank you”. “Your house is beautiful”.” “Stop it! I don’t want to hear it. “There is nothing to tell. look I cooked your favorite meal just the way you like it”. Mrs. Luther. commented her aunt. she missed him. neither of you can tell me what’s best for me.. will you take my letter to Josh please Aunt Luther?” Liana turned to her aunt. Liana spent the rest of the day in bed thinking about Josh and how she could find a way to reach him. “Thank you for the meal Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 28 . she huffed. “How did you know?” she asked impressed.. he never let it get to him not so many men would stand a mean woman but he could. “Tell me about you”. He rang Kayla and asked what Lia’s favorite meal was and he prepared it for her. “You can’t be that cold Lia he is your husband”. “Try getting married to a man you don’t love then maybe you will understand before I forget I need to ask you for a favor. Kayla and Mrs. I want to go. would you please take my letter to Josh and give it to him?” “No!” blurted Kayla. he did as she asked. “my crystal ball”. “You don’t know that Kay. She was hungry and dinner being her favorite meal she wiped the plate clean. she muttered with tears in her eyes. take me back to my prison cell”. "No Liana it’s not like that we just think it will be best for you if. “Ha! You mean Derik’s house”. Luther and Kayla were happy to see her again.. she replied. that’s for me to worry about”. he didn’t argue with her. Ben will show you out”. “So where is your husband?” asked Mrs. marveled Kayla who sounded a lil bit jealous. “Don’t you worry about that. “Liana I love you and I don’t mean to upset you but I can’t be your post girl not when I know it will only make things harder for you”. Roasted potatoes with boiled butternut and grilled steak. “Oh my God that’s the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen”. Luther left her house disappointed. he requested. “I’m sorry I can’t do that either”.. The following day Derik spent it away from home hoping it would make her miss him. “Liana I don’t know what you are upset about but I cannot let you go to bed without having dinner. When Derik got home she was told that his wife refused to come down for dinner. she snarled. she refused. He wondered if it was something he had said or done that got her upset. Liana asked the driver to fetch her family for her. He carried the food to the bedroom in a tray. she gloated. reminded Kay. he chuckled and Liana smiled. Thinking about Josh had been the cause of her sudden change of mood.

“Will you teach me how to cook like you next weekend?” “I would love to. he apologized and they both laughed and exchanged goodnights. he responded in the same tone. Nancy opted for the white dress and Liana tried it on. “Yes”. She woke up before Derik did to use the bathroom when she came back he was up and he smiled when he noticed that she was wearing a long nightdress which was designed like a t shirt. "Okay! Okay! I'm sorry". “If you say so my darling. you just might embarrass me”. she laughed most of the time they talked and she was a good listener. she replied. “Relax Lia I won’t tell anyone about it. hearing him utter his name so softly sent shivers throughout his body. I guess the way to a woman’s heart is also through her stomach”. “it doesn’t have an age restriction on its tag”. you are making it sound like I’m greedy just because I wiped the plate clean”. she said as she started hitting him with a pillow. she was having a hard time choosing between the knee high yellow stripe less dress and the long white string dress. be ready at eight pm tonight we are going out for dinner at my friend’s house”. Logan remind me not to take you out for dinner. Liana laughed. When it was around seven pm she took another shower to freshen up and tried picking a dress to wear but she couldn’t make up her mind. he teased. it will be our own little secret”. “I won’t object it would be nice to get out of my prison cell for a while”. “You are insane Logan”. Liana was glad to have a friend in the house.Derik I didn’t know you are such a great cook”. he informed. “And you are a food slayer Mrs. he teased. she felt like an angel. CHAPTER 5 Liana had bought long unrevealing nightgowns and tossed the see through one away she could now walk around freely in her nightgown without worrying about Derik seeing too much. she praised before pulling up her blankets. "That's it". He was glad she ate. “That’s a nightdress fit for ten year olds sweetheart”. “Derik!” she whispered his name in a soft sweet tone when he got in bed next to her. Nancy was in her late thirties and had a passion for life. “Sue a woman for loving good meals. she was impressed by the way she looked in it. she chuckled. Liana spent the day chatting with Nancy the maid. Why do I even care about how I look Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 29 .

I had a little something to take care of”. He was thirty four and his beautiful wife Jamie was twenty eight. He opened the door for her to let her in and then closed it after she had sat down. They arrived at Johnson’s house after fifteen minutes of driving. Mike Johnson was Derik’s friend since high school. he didn’t have the looks that a woman like her would want in a man but he didn’t care he was her husband and he intended to keep it that way forever. “Your ring is beautiful Lia. They took their seats and exchanged a few words. The chef brought the dishes to the table and they all started eating. “Mrs. She then greeted her husband with a kiss which seemed to be greatly appreciated. exclaimed Jamie. they had been married for five years with only one child. he whispered back after kissing her soft cheek. looking beautiful in her white dress with her hair styled into tiny sexy curls. Liana was always up for meeting new people and so she was anxious to meet Mike’s wife. they were good friends although they didn’t see much of each other because Derik was a busy man and the same could be said about Mike. she smiled. She was beautiful there was no doubt about it. Liana and Jamie got along well. she didn’t seem to mind this time. When they were done with dinner they relocated to the lounge. “your husband” always made Lia feel uneasy she always seemed to Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 30 . Watching her climb down the stairs graciously. he felt bad for keeping her locked up like a prisoner but he loved her and was willing to do whatever it took not to lose her to any other man even if it meant he had to keep her locked up until she learned to love him. Derik arrived duly on time to pick her up. Hearing the words. Mrs. Logan it’s a pleasure to finally meet you I’ve heard so much about you”. Mrs. Lia whispered to Derik. “Yes she is but not as beautiful as you are”. Mike greeted them as soon as they entered the house and he led them to the dining room. greeted Mike as he kissed her hand. “I hope good things only”. The house was beautiful but not as beautiful as Derik’s.tonight as if I’m trying to impress Derik? She wondered. he knew he had made the right choice by getting her to marry him. Johnson arrived and they could see her whispering to the maid. she stated. He held out his hand to receive hers and walked her to the car with his hand curved around her waist. they shared jokes and laughed out loud. Mike Johnson owned the Dorchester hotel which Derik loved visiting. Johnson walked into the dining room to greet her guests. a four year old girl who had already been put to bed. Derik was happy to see his wife laughing that much he knew she was lonely. “Please forgive me for being late. She smiled back at him and that almost made him blush. Derik and Mike excused themselves and went to sit far away from the women to talk about business while playing a game of chess. “She is beautiful”. your husband has great taste”.

Jamie’s eyes were tearing with joy. “Soon as I looked away from the banner to face him he got down on bended knee and pulled out this beautiful ring. Marriage was something she wasn’t planning to think about for a while but here she was wearing a wedding ring. it was the most beautiful day. Liana agreed to dance with her husband even though she didn’t want to because it was the only way to escape Jamie’s questions. the expression on her face was like that of a person asked of her deepest darkest secret that she could not disclose. I said yes instantly and jumped on top of him and we kissed. Mike is his best friend anyway back to the proposal and wedding details please”. Feeling jealous of the couple dancing Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 31 . she only wore her ring around because she loved it. she grinned anxiously. tell me about you. Derik was a good dancer and so was Liana. she thought. he spun her around and pulled her back into his arms. “I still remember the day Mike proposed like it was yesterday. Liana was jealous of course she thought she would never have a real marriage proposal that she would brag about to her friends. she thought life was very unpredictable. it was on my 23rd birthday and I had told him I don’t want a party I just want to have dinner with him. He took me to his hotel and when I got there I heard people scream surprise! Surprise! Then when I looked up to observe the decorations I noticed a big banner written happy birthday my beautiful Jamie will you agree to be my wife this very day and make it even more memorable and unforgettable”. “Ooh Jamie that was beautiful”. she had been eager to hear all the details of their engagement and wedding. how did Derik propose and how was the wedding? I was surprised when I heard Derik got married without inviting us. he had seen the look on Lia’s face that she had been asked a question she could not answer. People are easily fooled or very blind. she paused and looked at her husband with eyes burning with love and then she continued. Liana was speechless she had no idea what to tell Jamie fortunately Derik came to her rescue when he switched on the radio and asked her for a dance. every time I celebrate my birthday I remember the day this handsome man asked me to marry him”. She could feel the warmth of his hands on her back and the warmth of his skin when her face touched his neck as she leaned against him. she responded.forget that she was a married woman. “Thank you I guess he does”. I totally wasn’t expecting it. my birthday also became my engagement day now I can never forget either of the two. she exclaimed. she thought of it as a fashion ring and not a wedding ring. Jamie wasn’t pleased when Derik came to claim his wife before she answered her. “Yes it was and so was my wedding but enough about that. Liana thought it was written all over her face that she didn’t love Derik she was surprised when Jamie said they looked so much in love.

she mumbled. she wasn’t expecting him there. take that back”. Morning came and Liana woke up and smiled feeling liberated then she turned around and met Derik’s gaze and she screamed startled. you gave me such a fright what are you doing here?” “I should be asking you the same question because this isn’t our bedroom”. “Never in my life have I met such a disrespectful woman like you. he roared. He got off the bed and checked for her in every bedroom until he reached the last one and there she was sleeping peacefully. well eer that’s because I didn’t want your friend’s to over hear that you are making me your prisoner”. “Damn you. He smiled and snuck in the blankets next to her careful not to wake her up. When she changed into her nightdress she decided to sleep in the guest room just to spite him. it hadn’t been used for a long time since Derik lived alone and his house had too many bedrooms and he never had any guests sleeping over. she whispered bursting his bubble. “Whatever! Just take me home”. if you honestly think thieves can get past Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 32 . she sassed. just one night Derik is that too much to ask for?” “Yes it is. “how you proposed and the wedding. he simpered. “Oh that. “Okay fine!” she yelled storming out of the room. she huffed. She went to the last bedroom on the corridor. she ordered. he simpered. “I’m guessing you don’t realize that this is actually the first time you’ve called my house your home instead of a prison cell”. he whispered. Derik and Liana bid goodbye to the Johnson’s and headed back to their mansion. “There is security outside you dumb head”. “What was she asking you that got your face so pale?” asked Derik. “Liana I'm tired of leaving the room every time you want to change either you change in front of me or you leave to another room to change”. “I will soon as you start treating me like your husband”. He thought she was acting like a child. “I saved your life Lia one day you will realize that”. “Please kindly excuse me I want to change into my night dress”. “You are not my prisoner you are my wife”. fifteen minutes surpassed and she still hadn’t returned. “No. she hissed.beautifully together Jamie decided to join the dance floor with her husband. “Home! Did you just say home?” he asked smiling. Derik waited for Liana to come back to bed but she didn’t. he huffed annoyed. Liana kept quiet she knew she couldn’t bring herself to acknowledge him as her husband. you are my wife you are my responsibility I should always sleep next to you just in case thieves break in at night then I will be able to protect you”. “Then maybe you should start treating me like your wife instead of your prisoner”. “I wanted just one night away from you. “Yes Derik I said I want to go home what’s so hard to understand about that?” she sneered. it just reminded me of how you ruined my life Derik”.

He turned her around so that her front was facing his. He could never be Josh the handsome dashing man with the sexiest attractive smile and a sexy hot body. she rated him ten out of ten. Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 33 . he advised. Suddenly Josh came into her mind. His lips felt soft and smooth and gosh did they taste like melting chocolate in her mouth. he reached for her and turned her around to face him. all of his attention had gone to her lips. betraying him with a man who couldn’t look half as handsome as Josh was. They kept on laughing but when their faces touched. he continued kissing her as fast as he could as if he was running out time as if his life depended on her lips. “Put me down you bully”. “Okay don’t say I didn’t warn you Lia you asked for it”. He wasn’t kissing her slowly and gently but hungrily like a man who hadn’t eaten in years. he stated. “Take your words back”. she was betraying him. she felt her body temperature rise and the fondling from his hands brought her so much pleasure that a moan of pleasure almost escaped her mouth. her feet seemed to have been glued to the floor. “You deserve to be punished”. “Derik stop it”.such heavy security then you are a dumb head”. she rolled off the bed and ran along the corridor with Derik following behind. “Are you not going to work today?” She asked turning away from him. she screamed. he rolled over and started tickling her. he didn’t have the to die for looks that she wanted in a man but he could surely make her laugh even if he didn’t want to and he was very sweet and caring but then she reminded herself that he wasn’t Josh and her smile faded away. he held her and pulled her close to him they looked like they had been glued together. “No never”. she laughed. She got in their bedroom and tried to close the door but Derik had more strength than her so he managed to push it open and wrapped her in his arms. the handsome man she loved. Liana had always been disgusted by the thought of kissing him but she found herself kissing him back and loving it for that matter. she giggled. she refused pushing him away. Liana smiled for a split second as she thought of how frisky and adventurous this man was. he lifted her up and her legs were dangling in the air and her back was facing his front. His arms were still holding her tight. Derik thought it was the perfect time to have his first kiss with his bride but when he leaned forward to capture her lips she pulled away from his arms. Liana didn’t understand why she was enjoying his kisses so much. She found the strength to pull away from him although she didn’t want to. He never heard a word she uttered. she ran to the bathroom and locked herself in there. he took her in his arms and he planted a deep kiss on her soft tender lips. he could never measure up to Josh. when she looked at him she guessed what was on his mind but she didn’t turn away. the laughing ceased and they went quiet just staring into each other’s eyes.

so find another one and stop bothering me”. “Liana open up why must you insist on acting like a child?” he hissed. His bossy behavior his temper his possessiveness and his rudeness made her itch but at the same time it turned her on but of course she never let it show. she hinted. she called it her Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 34 . Before she knew it Derik had broken down the door. she uttered. if only he didn’t make her laugh and cause her to run around like a happy kid if only she could turn her heart cold and be extra mean to him and not give him the time or day maybe he would eventually let her go free but doing all that seemed like an impossibility. “there are many bathrooms in this house”. “It’s your favorite so it’s also mine”. open up I want to use the bathroom”. he saved her from prison. she cackled. don’t do that again”. Either he had bewitched her or she was slowly falling in love with him. I will get it fixed in a second”. her mouth dropped open in shock. she loved the tough act she thought it was manly. “Go away. he blustered. Derik couldn’t help smiling. Why? Why did she have to love every minute of their lips locking. was she to accept being his wife or what? Why did life have to be so complicated? If only she didn’t enjoy his company. “you wouldn’t dare”. “It’s my house too you buffoon and I don’t want you breaking down doors like a mad man. “Because you are my wife damn it I’m not supposed to leave you alone. “I know that but I want to use this one it’s my favorite”. she scolded. why can’t you leave me alone?” she hollered. “It’s my house I can do as I please. “Oh my God I’m married to an animal. “Liana open up or I will break down the door. She thought poor Josh was probably sitting home alone missing her yet she was busy kissing Derik and loving it for that matter. he replied. she shouted wiping off her tears. He wasn’t a soft weak man who would let a woman control him and she loved that about him. She heard a soft knock on the door. Liana thought he was the most disrespectful man she had ever met. what did you do that for. she hollered. she couldn’t resist him but yet he was the same man who made rules for her and kept her locked up like a prisoner so why was she enjoying his touch and kisses? She couldn’t find the answer to any of her questions. “really and why is that? The bathrooms all look the same to me”. “Well that’s too bad because I’m occupying it now.She enjoyed the heat that had consumed her when he kissed her as if her lips were his oxygen tank for breathing. if only she didn’t then she would have clapped Derik and pushed him away but he was her husband. are you crazy? You can’t break down doors just because you feel like it”. Josh! Josh! Josh! The name kept ringing in her head causing her to cry. she wondered if she was enjoying it because she hadn’t been held or kissed for a while or because Derik was just too damn good at arousing the fire in her.

When they had made the dough Derik got behind Liana and held her hands showing her how to smoothly roll the dough. she said giving in to his embrace in surrender. she beamed like an excited child. she turned her head to face him and his lips were a centimeter away from hers. Liana was proud of herself. “I’m sorry Lia I have to go duty calls but I will be back as soon as possible”. “Let’s make cookies instead of frying chicken I want to make chocolate chip cookies”. he responded and they placed the tray in the oven and after twenty minutes the cookies were ready and they tasted delicious. take a bath and come to the kitchen. When they had devoured their breakfast they trailed to the kitchen to start their cooking lessons. They started surfing the flour and mixing it with sugar. He came back around five in the evening and Liana was keen to pick up where they left off although she knew that Derik was tired. he concurred . “Uh yes”. he kissed her on the forehead and left to the office. Feeling him so close behind her and his hands on hers felt like electricity passing through her veins but she tried not to show it. “Anything you want honey”. he cleared his throat before replying her. he and was sounding more and more like a real wife to him. He tried to hug her but she kept pushing him away then he used his strength to force her into his arms and he embraced her tightly. He kissed her one more time and she didn’t try to fight him. She quickly turned away. She had never baked before and she had never been interested in baking or cooking but the fact that she would be doing it with Derik made it all interesting. “I’m not going to work today because I will be teaching my lovely wife how to cook ambrosia food like she asked me to and baking too so it will take the whole day. When she had gathered all the needed ingredients for blackened chicken and fried rice Derik’s phone rang and he was summoned to his office to sort out urgent matters. He could never say no to Liana whenever she put on her beautiful smile. I will shower downstairs”. he said. “Yes honey I get it”. “Can we start cutting out the shapes now?” she asked trying to break the uncomfortable silence. “You are such a bully”. Derik thought rubbing flour on Liana’s nose was funny and she returned the favor and they started giggling at their hilarious looking faces. Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 35 . he wanted to tell her he loved her but didn’t want to scare her away and so he decided to wait until he felt her love for him. it was coaxing.

He took off her clothes and threw them away and it was like something took over her for she found herself tearing his clothes off in a hurry. Derik never knew a woman could taste so good. “Logan please I can’t do this I don’t want you”. He had made love to his beautiful wife for the first time and it was incredible. she reminded him. she couldn’t fight her hunger for him anymore she let him do as he pleased with her body. “Well then I guess your body is betraying you”. she was wondering what madness had got into him. he grinned as he laid her down on his bed. he glanced at her. the way she touched him with her soft gentle hands. moans of pleasure escaped her mouth as he moved deep inside her and she couldn’t help screaming his name out loud making him grin with joy of knowing he was satisfying her. “It’s time for dessert”. he ordered. he didn’t give her a chance to reply him. he replied. She couldn’t believe that this man who didn’t have the looks she wanted had the touch and skills that could drive her insane in bed. she was beautiful and he wanted to have her. the way she screamed his name when he was inside her. “Liana I want a child I’m not growing any younger you know that”. She leaned her head against his chest and he wrapped his arms around her and Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 36 . he smirked. “Okay fine I can never say no to you”. he kissed her neck and nibbled her ears. She sat up with her eyes popping out as she stared at him. “Oh you have no idea how much I love it when you call me Logan it turns me on. she implored. he could feel her body warming up to his touch. he couldn’t wait one more week. he would never forget the moment. he kissed her lips slowly and gently this time as if he was teasing her. isn’t it?” “You got that right we are consummating this marriage tonight right this instance”. She heard herself asking for more and he didn’t deny her the pleasure. he protested. When they got in bed and Liana’s back was facing his. “oh my goodness one week is up. She was enjoying the moment. “Sorry sweetheart but I’ve changed my mind”.CHAPTER 6 After dinner he swept her off her feet as he carried her in his arms to their bedroom. “I’m not ready Derik give me one more week that’s all I ask for”. She was out of breath by the time he was done with her. she was panting heavily. “Logan you said you would give me one more week”. he was exciting her whole body but she couldn’t give in she reminded herself that there was Josh she couldn’t betray her handsome Josh. now shut up and make love to me I know you want to”. “I know but please Logan just one more week”. She pulled her lips away from his. He rolled her over so that she lay on her back and her front faced the ceiling then he got on top of her. he agreed.

Liana smiled as she remembered how good it felt to make love to Derik though a part of her felt like she had betrayed Josh. Cindy didn’t look too happy when Liana brought up Josh. she smirked. she questioned. The next day Cindy came to see her in the afternoon and Liana was anxious to hear how it went with Josh and to know if he replied her letter or not. she embraced her friend. It breaks my heart to know that I may never see you again Josh but I want you to know that I will always love you and I want you to be happy and so I hope you are not still waiting for me to come back to you. “Cindy it’s complicated let’s just say I would rather not see him personally and he’s not answering my calls”. In the letter she had wrote: Dear Josh I miss you so much my love I hope you are doing fine. the note read: thank you for the lovely night Mrs. “what do you mean?” Liana was puzzled. When she woke up in the morning Derik had left for work she found a note on top of the drawer with a red rose next to it. she handed Cindy the letter. Logan.kissed her forehead. Cindy was happy to see Liana. “I don’t understand why you don’t just call him or go see him. “He was playing you. Take care of yourself Josh but dare not forget me. she missed him although spending time with Logan got him out of her mind. She didn’t worry about falling pregnant since she was taking pills but Derik didn’t know. she lied. She didn’t want to tell Cindy the truth in fear that she would spread it around the office and Logan’s workers would see him as an evil man. she closed her eyes and fell asleep. She hadn’t seen her ever since she got married. when I reached his place he was standing outside the door with a woman and I got suspicious so I hid behind the corner of the house and listened to their conversation. it felt good to have the company of her friend again she had missed her. Logan’s wife is my best friend”. find yourself a beautiful woman to love and start a family with. why are you sending me when you can go yourself”. “Don’t make laugh Cindy I’m the last person you should be jealous of just that you don’t know it”. She hugged her friend and said goodbye to her and thanked her for coming and for agreeing to take her letter to Josh. Liana and Cindy chatted while having lunch. He usually gets home after five pm”. “Cindy I need to ask you for a favor. look at you and oh my gosh that’s an exquisite expensive ring you are wearing I’m so jealous”. Josh is not the man you think he is”. “So how is it? Married life? I’m always telling people at work that Mr. I heard him say to her: Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 37 . “Liana I don’t know how to tell you this. she enjoyed Logan’s company. she wasn’t sure if she wanted anyone to see her and start asking questions about things she didn’t want to talk about. I need you to take a letter to Josh I’ve wrote down his address. “You are living like a queen my friend. During lunch hour Liana asked Ron to fetch Cindy for her.

he just wanted to bed her and thank God he never did. “Okay fine I will drive you there myself it’s not like I have anything to worry about now that you’ve found out what an ass Josh is”. “I want to go home Logan just for tonight I want to be with my family I miss them and I know that being with them will make me feel better. he was playing her all the time knowing he had a baby on the way with another’s been a wonderful eight months with you honey I can’t believe in just six months time I will be a father. I’ve been with Josh for the past two months and he never gave me a reason to think he was cheating on me. “I heard him call her Carolyn. she wanted to be alone. Tears started rushing down her cheeks. he uttered. Cindy hugged her friend trying to console her. it was no wonder he hadn’t tracked her down and made a scene at the mansion demanding to see her. she thought. I was seeing him often and spending time with him in his house there is no way he was cheating on me”. she then remembered Rose and came to the conclusion that Josh was nothing but a womanizer. Derik wondered what had got his wife in that state. she was in denial. she was a beautiful thirty year old woman. she had been away for three months visiting her family abroad and Josh had took that time to bitch around. “Honey what is it? Why are you crying”. “Liana I won’t be able to sleep without you besides me not after what we shared last night”. Liana pulled herself away from Cindy and ran to her room in tears. I knew you wouldn’t believe me thank God for technology I was able to record him and take pictures of him”. “Of Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 38 . he asked wiping off her tears with his hand. “It’s Josh! He was playing me all along and I didn’t even know it. “no don’t say that maybe it was Rose you saw his ex girlfriend”. When Derik got home Liana ran to him and threw herself in his arms crying her eyes out. what can I do to make you feel better name it and I will do it”. she took out her phone and played the recording for her and showed her the pictures. “That’s the thing you don’t realize Liana he was cheating on her with you. I loved him so much Logan now my heart is in pieces”. He had been seeing Carolyn out after dinner when Cindy saw them. “No you must have heard wrong Cindy. he didn’t love her. we will be holding our baby”. he asked fondling her. you were the other woman”. Josh had been dating Carolyn for eight months. “I’m so sorry Liana I know how much you loved that jerk”. Liana hugged him for a minute and he appreciated her embrace. “Oh I’m so sorry sweetheart you will be okay just forget about him. it had all been a lie he didn’t care about her. That’s when it dawned on her that he had played her for a fool. The pain that she felt was unbearable. Cindy let herself out and went back to work. he thought maybe one of her family members had died. you will send Ron to pick me up tomorrow morning”.

If Liana hadn’t been aware of the truth she would have believed him. I found out today that he was playing me from the start. she ranted before storming out of his house in tears.course you have nothing to worry about I’m not adulterous”. turns out you were right Josh isn’t the man I thought he was. she stated. As soon as he left Liana hurried to Josh’s place and she hoped to find him with Carolyn so she would know what a womanizer her man was. Derik drove her to her aunt’s place and Liana introduced him to her aunt and Kayla. stop acting confused I know all about Carolyn and that she is carrying your baby you have been dating her for eight months so I was just your sideline woman”. She pushed him away and slapped him and he looked flustered he was definitely not expecting that. he said as he hugged her. she snarled. she smiled when she remembered how caring he was. I regret the day I met you and I hope you burn in hell Josh Diamond”. said Kayla. “I’m not sure what you are talking about”. she stated. “It’s okay Lia we understand I couldn’t believe it myself”. he said moving closer to touch her. She headed back to her aunt’s place. “It wasn’t like that Liana I was planning to leave her for you. you mean to tell me that you knew all along that he was playing me and you didn’t tell me?” “Yes and no! We found out after you got married Lia and we couldn’t tell you because you weren’t going to believe us anyway not without proof. She decided to put Josh Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 39 . “Don’t you dare touch me you should at least be man enough to admit the truth instead of lying when the truth is already out in the open. Luther. Luther explained. worried Mrs. we didn’t want to cause you unnecessary pain”. “I’m talking about your two timing making me your sideline woman. Josh was staggered when Liana said it like it was he wondered how she had come to know all that. she murmured. he was that good of a liar. “Me either”. he mumbled. she replied on her way to her room. “I’m sorry for being rude to you the last time I saw you. “but you haven’t had dinner yet”. “Lia what a surprise you have no idea how happy I am to see you I’ve been going through hell without you”. added Mrs. He didn’t stay long. please excuse me I’m going to bed now”. “I understand. They were happy to finally meet him in person. “What do you mean you couldn’t believe it? Wait a minute. he went back to his home. She couldn’t believe how pathetic he was to try to lie his way out of something so obvious. “You bastard so you thought I wouldn’t find out didn’t you?” she roared. he has a pregnant girlfriend”. Mrs. “I’m not hungry”. Derik wasn’t there to cook her favorite dish and beg her to eat. it’s you that I love baby”. Luther. Josh pretended to be happy to see her but she knew he wasn’t for he probably thought it was Carolyn and he was afraid Carolyn would pass by and find Liana in his house.

behind her and focus on her marriage. Derik lay in bed wide awake. “Wow! You did your homework well but let me guess it’s Kayla who told you all that”. she saw Derik as her hero and the man who saved her life. It was around eleven when Derik woke up his driver Ron. Liana thanked Derik for keeping her locked up for if he hadn’t she would have gone to sleep with Josh and got herself pregnant only to realize later that he was just playing with her. she could now leave the house anytime without a bodyguard. she said glancing at her wedding ring. “Have you gone mad? It’s eleven pm”. Logan”. Logan”. he said lifting her up. Liana couldn’t sleep either a dozen of thoughts ran through her mind. he was finding it hard to sleep without Liana next to her. Now that Derik knew Josh was no longer a threat and that his wife was falling in love with him there was no need to keep her locked up. You went to Midlands University and your favorite sport is volley ball”. “oh in that case tell me what my favorite color is”. Liana had awakened her aunt asking to borrow her car. he replied. “I know but I can’t sleep here anymore I’m a married woman I have to go back home to my husband”. your parents died in a car accident and you were raised by Mrs. “I want to go home Mr. I also know that you were born on the 5th of November in 1988. “I’m here to take you there Mrs. he carried her to the car and when they arrived home he carried her to bed and held her tight all night. When she opened the front door to make her way out she was thrilled to see Derik standing on the doorway he was just about to ring the doorbell. She didn’t ask any questions she jumped on top of him she knew he really meant it when he said he couldn’t sleep without her next to him and so he had come to fetch her. she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as she received his arousing kisses. he stated with a big smile on his face. It was a hot Saturday and he was spending the day with his wife. “I’m going to get my wife”. he said drinking a glass of wine while in the pool with his lovely wife who looked sexy in her swimwear. He gave her the freedom she wanted. “I think it’s time my wife got to know about me”. “Sir it’s eleven pm where do you want to drive to this late?” he wondered. “it doesn’t matter how I knew what matters is that I know the woman I’m married to”. “Yes my darling I made it my job to know all there is to know about you”. “it’s red. this time she saw it as her wedding ring not a fashion ring like she used to. “Ah true that but aren’t you supposed to find out about your wife first?” “I’m happy to say there isn’t much I don’t already know about my wife”. he smirked. Luther. “I feel bad that I don’t Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 40 . “Is that so?” she asked amused. she crowed.

she locked lips with him. “thank you”. he uttered. “Would you like to go back to work Lia?” he asked while they lay in bed. She loved making love to her husband and every time they did she swore she could fly. “What do you think?” she asked as she spun around leaving him breathless. he whispered as he carried her in his arms and took her to their bedroom to make love to her. he said as he got out of the pool. let’s wait till next year please?” “Okay if that’s what you want. Lia I know you are on pills please stop taking them”. “Let’s get out of here”. “You were saying you will tell me about yourself”. you are perfect. “I’m sorry to hear that Derik”. He thought she looked stunning in it. “Let’s not dwell on my sob story freshen up and we go shopping”. she said as she embraced her husband. feeling the warmth of the sun on their skin which felt great. I never knew my mother she died while giving birth to me and my father abandoned her when she got pregnant and so I do not know who he is. she admitted. “There is no way you could have found about me Lia”. They went to different shops trying on different clothes and seeking each other’s opinion. Lia had already started wearing sexy nightgowns to bed as she now considered herself as a happily married woman. “Oh yes right. you are very caring and so sweet and loving even with your workers you treat them with respect and you value them. Liana tried on a red dress. he implored. An hour later they were outdoors. Arm in arm they strolled down the streets joyfully. she reminded him as they lay in bed.know anything about you”. he said. he knew just how to set her ablaze. “and why is that?” “So that we start trying for a baby. I was born on January 10 in 1983. she sympathized. “Oh Logan I’m sorry but I’m not ready for a baby right now please understand I want to enjoy being a wife before being a mother. “I was hoping you would say that”. Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 41 . “I know that you are a kind man. he said raising his eyebrows. we are buying it”. you are a good man Logan and you are a good husband when we got married I thought it was my funeral but I was wrong this marriage has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me”. “Come here”. I grew up in an orphanage though I had an uncle who was my mother’s brother he refused to take responsibility of me. it was knee high exposing her long legs and it clung onto her body exposing its beautiful curves. she grabbed him and whispered “I love you Derik Logan”. “oh”. you know I can never say no to you”. “but it’s not entirely true that I don’t know anything about you”. the rest you will have to stick around to know”. “It’s perfect. he suggested. “Yes but not now I’m happy with having no weight on my shoulders and just relaxing at home”. she didn’t give him a chance to reply.

The house was decorated in red her favorite color and her cake was in red and white. She hoped it would have the same effect on him. “Hmm that’s tempting but I was thinking we could go to your aunt’s place for family lunch it would give me time to get to know my in-laws much better”. how’s that for celebrating my 25th?” she smiled seductively. He had asked her to organize Lia’s party. “Honey we have to go home now something needs our urgent attention”. Kayla and her mother were pleased to have them over. “Happy birthday my love”. he pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately. He had instructed his chef to bake a big cake for Liana. he grimaced after ending his call from Cindy. he could never get enough of kissing her. “Oh”. They all got in the limo and left to Derik’s house. “And you make me proud to be your wife”. she smiled as she lightly kissed his lips. “Surprise!” screamed the guests as soon as Liana stepped foot into the house. “You make me proud to be your husband”. and Mrs. It was a pleasant surprise for her. “Tomorrow is a Saturday so you will be home right? You can take me out for lunch then we can have our own private party in our bedroom all day. After a couple of hours surpassed Derik took a call from Cindy. exclaimed Cindy as she embraced her friend. he smiled when he saw her climbing down the stairs. you planned all this Derik you are very sneaky I never suspected a thing”. he suggested. they talked. Derik had let them know in advance. she beamed. a day before Liana’s birthday Derik asked her how she wanted to celebrate it although he already had plans of his own to throw her a surprise party. “Ooh you are so sweet and I’m sure they will appreciate the presence of Mr. joked and laughed and had a merry time. They danced around and partied hard. she beamed. The next day Liana picked a dress to wear for her big day. settle in the guests and call him when everything was in place. she was delighted. Ashley was there too and Liana appreciated her presence she hadn’t seen her for a long time. she chose the red dress she had bought when she went on a shopping spree with her husband. she sighed disappointed. Mike and Jamie were also among the guests and Lia enjoyed their presence. Derik asked her to come with him outside to see Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 42 . “we will come with you”. She replied saying she just wanted to spend it out doors with him. Hearing that he couldn’t help smiling. decorate the place.CHAPTER 7 Two weeks later. Logan”. sharing jokes and laughter filled the house then came the time for opening gifts. “Oh my God this is beautiful I love the decorations and my cake is amazing. offered her aunt and cousin who knew about the surprise party. he held out his hand to receive hers.

She danced around him for a while. now come along we have guests to see out and then we can have that private party”. leaving him breathless and asking for more of her. he winked. It lifted Derik’s spirit to see his wife so excited.. Liana smiled. “Uh not really. He gave her a wicked smile. He took her to the back yard and she got overwhelmed by joy when she laid her eyes on a white stallion and a stable had already been built for it. Liana gave a short speech thanking everyone for attending and for their lovely gifts and she gave a vote of thanks to her best friend Cindy for taking care of everything and to her beloved husband for sponsoring the party and for the wonderful gift. she was glad people could see that she was happy in her marriage just by looking at her. “I meant to say if he hadn’t forced me to eer reconsider marriage. Jamie wasn’t supposed to know that she was taken by force. she was about to ask what she meant when Liana explained herself.” Liana gasped when she realized that she had said the wrong word. Liana switched on the radio and asked him to dance with her and he gladly agreed. Jamie had raised her eyebrows at the mention of the word forced. “I will name him Logan”. “Logan it is then. They looked wonderful together even though Derik wasn’t the most handsome man. teasing him then she later pushed him onto the bed and she rode him like a horse. she grinned. ever since I was young I’ve always wanted a white horse but my parents couldn’t afford to buy me one”.. She jumped on top of Derik screaming and beaming. “This is the best present anyone has ever given me. he sighed. I wasn’t keen on the idea at first but his love towards me compelled me to reconsider”. “Alone at last”. she lied. “Oh so you mean to tell me that you said no when he proposed to you?”She queried. “You look happier than the first time I met you. he beamed. Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 43 . “Please do as you please to me”. It was a memorable day for her and she owed it all to him. Derik left Liana in the company of Jamie and he mingled with the other guests. “Oh Jamie he has been so good to me. “Allow me to show you how grateful I am for everything you’ve done for me”. She tried her best to lie but Jamie wasn’t buying it. she said with a tone that sounded happy and a little sad at the same time. Derik is really taking good care of you. he paused to look at her lustfully and then he continued. isn’t he?” assumed Jamie.her gift and she anxiously followed him. “Ooh woman you are going to be the death of me”.. she whispered into his ear while they danced. I eer I did say yes I was overwhelmed then I changed my mind later but he got me to reconsider”. Sunday evening Derik and his wife attended a ball party hosted by the Johnsons. I’m a lucky woman and I didn’t know it back then sometimes I just sit and wonder how my life would have turned out if he hadn’t forced me into. he watched with delight as she fondled the horse and it responded well to her.

Derik’s wife”. “Hi I’m Liana Logan. “Oh” the woman gasped. They joined the dance floor and danced blissfully. The next day she went shopping alone for the first time since she got married. He wasn’t the man of her dreams in terms of appearance but he was the sweetest man she had ever known she had planned to show him how cold she could be but somehow he got her to love him and accept him the way he was. this lady was giggling and all over Derik. Liana didn’t give him a chance to speak she took possession of his lips as she gave him a passionate heartfelt kiss that left him gasping for air and the lady who had been all over Derik watched in disdain with her mouth dropped open. she tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around to face her. she announced with a smug smile on her face. Ben had been given another position in the house because there was no need for Liana to have a bodyguard anymore. Liana curved her hand around her husband’s waist and pulled out one hand to greet the woman. Liana and Derik snickered after she left. She huffed when she thought about Josh and how he had played her and wasted her time. She stood up and approached the two. “Excuse me Jamie I’m going to rescue my husband”. she stated. she heard herself snickering at the memories. he chuckled. Derik was an amazing man. It felt great knowing that she had her freedom back she could now go wherever she desired but she wasn’t angry at Derik for keeping her locked up she knew if he hadn’t she would have ended up alone and devastated after finding out about Josh’s pregnant girlfriend. she didn’t stay to exchange words with Liana she walked away without even bidding goodbye. “Thanks for saving me sweetheart”. she thought. when he tricked her into dining with him and how she had rebuffed him. all the guests had come dressed in their best because dressing was a statement. realizing it was no one else but his wife he smiled wickedly. when she first saw him and he hired her.Liana glanced around the room and was appalled when she spotted a young woman dressed in revealing clothes that one could mistake her for a hooker. The food was prepared by the chefs it was appetizing and delicious. Liana got jealous and her face flushed red although she could see that Derik wasn’t showing any signs of being interested in the woman. if it wasn’t for Cindy she wouldn’t have known the truth she was going to keep thinking she was betraying him with Derik causing her to withhold herself from a man who truly loved her. he looked rather bored and uncomfortable. She couldn’t bear the sight of any woman all up close with her husband like that. She had flashbacks of her encounters with Derik. he probably entertained the lady because he didn’t want to be rude. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. She realized that it wasn’t the good looks of a man Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 44 .

She glanced around the place as she walked down the corridor. He slowly lifted his head up to confirm if his sense of smell was correct. “I can’t believe you find this funny. She took a quick glimpse of her office. She sometimes forgot the weight her last name carried. She didn’t want to come during working hours only to be met by a thousand gazes seeing her as a thief. she was sounding insecure and that pleased him because it told him that she was scared to lose him to another woman. She then decided to go to his office to bring him dinner. Derik’s office door was wide open. he didn’t notice Liana standing on his doorway but he smelled her perfume and the aroma of the food in the basket she carried. She couldn’t ask for a better husband Derik was just good enough for her. It was after six and all the workers had left only the security guard remained behind. When she got hired she had been ecstatic she had no idea then that working for Logan communications would change her life in a way she never imagined. why are you laughing. Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 45 . “You are thirty means late Derik who are you with who is hindering you from coming back home?” Derik laughed he thought she was sounding more and more like a wife. he smiled and left his chair to hold his wife in his arms. She flashed back to her last time there. she didn’t know that nobody else knew about the missing money except for Cindy who had been a true friend and kept it to herself. the wife of the multibillionaire. Thirty minutes surpassed and he was nowhere to be seen. The workers would have loved seeing her. their boss’s wife only that she didn’t know it. “Honey calm down I’m in the office kind of busy so I won’t be home for the next two hours or so”. “Ah I was wondering where that seductive smell is coming from”. he had buried his head in the pile of books that where on his desk. am I a clown now?” she snarled. She set up the table and waited for her husband to arrive. She then decided to call him.that made a good husband but the characteristics a man possessed. She first changed into a sexy nightgown and wore a long coat to cover up. she exhaled. she kept glancing at her watch with disappointment written all over her face. She took her time preparing the Italian rotini and cheese. it was filled with pictures of another accountant who had replaced her. “Oh”. she felt like she hadn’t been in the Logan Communications building for ages. it wasn’t pleasant she had been frantic with worry over the missing money and fearing going to jail and Derik had been mean to her and refused to listen to her but that wasn’t the same Derik who was now her husband. She got home early to cook dinner for Derik and surprise him. he informed.

she had contacted him when he became rich and famous introducing herself as his cousin.“I thought to surprise you and bring you dinner I’m sure you are starved”. it boost his ego and so did the fact that his wife could leave him gasping for breath. he commented. “Thank you Nancy I will go see who it is”. he said. she said fondling her tummy with her left hand in a way of showing off her engagement ring which of course was nothing compared to Liana’s. “No! You are lying”. They poured wine and ate together. “Please do”. “Let me take you home my love”. “Well in that case I believe you. he offered. This was going to be a moment he would never forget. “You are going to kill me with pleasure”. I was in the neighbourhood and I just thought to pass by to say hello. he smiled and stared at her all the time until she complained. “Mama Mia! Woman thou art sexy”. he leered intrigued by the sight of his wife in the sexy gown. “Wow you are something else Mrs. she was a sex goddess she satisfied his every need and she knew exactly how. aren’t I a lucky man?” he exhaled as he got off her. she sighed dressing up. she advised. “and who said I didn’t?” she asked taking off her coat revealing what she was hiding underneath it”. Logan. she accepted. he assumed. it smells great”. she had asked him for a job and he had refused and that had been the last time he heard from her. “That wouldn’t be such a bad way to die”. His face turned pale when he clashed eyes with Carolyn Beckley. Derik had kept tabs on her. “Call the chef and ask him yourself”. she smirked. Derik had showed no interest in her because he hated the fact that she didn’t try contacting him when he had nothing. it’s been long since we last saw each other”. “Derik I just arrived. “That’s very sweet and thoughtful of you I surely did pick the right woman. he looked surprised and Liana was suspicious. his uncle who had refused taking him in and gave him up for adoption. he smirked excited by the fact that he could still satisfy his wife. He could make love to her the whole day if she would let him. she uttered as soon as he let go of her lips. “My goodness it was delicious I should give my chef a raise”. They arrived home and Nancy notified Derik that there was a woman waiting to see him in the living room. I will return the favor sometime soon and thank you for the meal Mrs. making love to his wife in his office he was now going to love being in his office everyday now that it held such an arousing memory. he praised. Logan too bad you didn’t bring dessert”. She and Carolyn weren’t close but they had met on a few occasions. where and when to touch him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and they stumbled onto the big desk and he gave it to her like never before. he knew everything about her as well as his uncle. She was the daughter of his mother’s brother. Derik knew that Josh was playing with Liana from the start because he knew he Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 46 . “I was the one who cooked”.

She approached Derik and his guest and smiled at her as she reached out her hand to greet her. “Uh Liana I don’t know where to begin”.was dating his cousin and that he had got her pregnant but he didn’t bother telling Liana before marrying her because he didn’t want her to fall in love with him just because Josh had broke her heart and besides she wasn’t going to believe him if he had told her. “Liana I couldn’t tell you. “Nice to meet you Carolyn but Derik hadn’t told me about you?” she blurted staring at Derik with her eyebrows raised. he hesitated replying for a while. leave now!” he grumbled. she snapped throwing fists at him. Liana ran to her bedroom in tears. she whimpered. “Did you just say Josh?” Liana asked astounded. “Yes why do you ask? Josh Diamond is my fiancé”. He ran to Liana to console her. Now that Liana knew about Josh’s infidelity Derik didn’t want her finding out that he knew about it all along. “You’ve been keeping things from me for all this time. she smiled. I wanted to protect you from Josh that’s why I had to concoct a plan to get you to marry me”. “No! Not until someone tells me what’s going on here”. she greeted as she shook her hand. Derik got Ben to escort Carolyn out of his house and instructed him to never allow her to enter his house again. Liana gasped and tears rolled down her cheeks. “Oh! I’m Carolyn Beckley wow I must say my cousin has great taste in women I’m impressed it’s a pleasure to meet you”. Liana had gone upstairs to slip out of her dinner dress and her high heels which were killing her. she yelled. Josh will kill you if he hears of this”. she stated. “Derik! You knew all this time and you didn’t tell me”. “I’m Liana. “don’t touch me”. he blurted. It tore him apart to see Liana in tears. He later turned back to face her and asked her to sit down and she agreed Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 47 . I thought you loved me and we had a real marriage built in honesty but I was wrong what else have you been hiding from me? You better tell me now before it comes out on its own”. He grabbed Carolyn to drag him out of his house leaving Liana floored. Liana was puzzled for a moment by the fact that this woman claimed to be Derik’s cousin and that her name was Carolyn and she was pregnant she wondered if she was the same Carolyn who was seeing Josh but then she dismissed the thought thinking if it were so Derik would have told her. she protested. “Derik what’s wrong with you. “What do you mean concoct a plan?” she asked flustered. he thought to get rid of Carolyn before Liana started asking questions but he was too late. that’s no way to treat your pregnant cousin. “Carolyn I think you have overstayed your welcome. he mumbled turning his back on her. “What’s going on here?” asked Carolyn with a puzzled expression on her face. He cleared his throat and gave no response to Liana’s statement. Derik’s wife”. I didn’t want you to make me your rebound and besides you wouldn’t have believed me if I had told you. she shrugged.

CHAPTER 8 Liana wailed as she said goodbye to the mansion and her husband. “You bastard!” she yelled slapping him. “Liana I love you and so I can’t keep on hiding the truth from you. she felt betrayed by her husband and her own family. She was hurting inside and agitated. you weren’t going to give me a chance to date you. how can you be so heartless? You only thought of yourself you rich people just got to have your way all the time not caring who you hurt on the way. he professed. “Do you have any idea what you put me through? I had sleepless nights fearing going to prison and my life never being the same again all because of you. Liana couldn’t believe her ears. you are my wife”. she hissed.without demur. I can’t believe you would do something so wretched and I can’t believe my family knew about this and kept it from me. I’m leaving”. don’t you dare touch me again. “I don’t want to be with a man who is manipulative and conniving I can’t trust you anymore. “I don’t understand. I want a divorce and if you try to fight me on this then you will leave me no choice but to sue you for framing me and I will sell the story to the press I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be on the front page of tomorrow’s paper it will be bad for your reputation”. “Yes I did. She gave him back his ring before entering the car with her luggage and he stood helplessly on his doorway as he watched the car disappear with his wife in it. I planned the whole thing to get you to marry me and protect you from Josh and if I could turn back the hands of time I would do it all over again. just think of what would have happened if this marriage hadn’t happened”. she stood up with her hands resting on her waist. I don’t know who to trust anymore”. “I agree you were taken by force but we love each other now tell me what to do to put this behind us”. he protested taking hold of her wrist. I couldn’t think of anything else I told your family about it after we got married and they understood that I was only looking out for you”. There was no doubt that she loved him and still wanted to be with him but she couldn’t forgive him for secretly taking control of her life. “Are you kidding me? You call this a marriage? Derik I was taken by force against my will”. “I did it for you Liana. “No! I will not let you leave. She was undecided about Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 48 . “Leave me alone. what do you mean there was no missing money? Are you trying to tell me that you orchestrated the whole thing? You wouldn’t be that evil”. she ranted while she packed her bags. I know you didn’t steal money from my company because there was no missing money”. she sobbed.

Liana acted as if she didn’t hear a word. A week surpassed and she was still sulking at her family. Neither Derik nor Liana slept that night. you are defending him! He had no right to do what he did. “Liana come on just get over yourself how long do you plan on sulking?” grouched Kayla while they sat on the couch watching television. He missed holding her throughout the night and she missed being held by him but she couldn’t get rid of the anger she felt towards him. Suddenly Mrs. She decided to head back to her aunts place and they were happy at the same time surprised to see her. Mrs. what was he supposed to do?” uttered Kayla. Luther when they tried embracing her. he was desperate to have you and you wouldn’t even look at him twice. she retorted. she had tipped Derik to come while Liana was out of her room and unaware of his visit. “Just give her time she will be okay”. she roared before dashing to her room and locking herself up. “What’s going on with you Liana did Derik throw you out?” asked her aunt. she screamed at Kayla and Mrs. advised Kayla when her mother thought of running after Liana. all that wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t done what he did. They were left astonished by her reaction. “Kayla you are also defending him. The following days Derik tried calling her and she didn’t pick up his calls and she locked herself in her room whenever he came to her house to see her. “I can’t believe this. Luther and Derik barged in.where to go she was angry at her family for keeping the truth from her. Luther defended Derik. he put me through hell and for what? He could have simply told me the truth about Josh and asked me out on a date till he got my love that’s what a real man would have done”. “Ooh snap out of it your marriage is the best thing that’s ever happened to you. you should be grateful to him he saved you from making the biggest mistake of your life with Josh”. why does it matter anyway things worked out for the best you got to see what a good man Derik is and even fell in love with him. a part of her was happy to see him and wanted to hug him she missed him but a part of her was angry at him and wanted to run away from him. “We didn’t know how to tell you Liana we thought it would be best if you never found out. “Don’t touch me”. “No! I found out that everyone I love has been hiding things from me. I can’t believe you knew Derik planned the whole missing money scam to get me to marry him and you didn’t tell me! What kind of a family is this?” she snarled. he loves you and you love him and so what if he went about it the wrong way. did he pay you to have his back or what? I will not stay to listen to this nonsense”. She had mixed emotions when she saw him. “I’m here to bring you the divorce paper’s I’ve signed Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 49 .

the sooner the better right? You were taken by force against your will its time I set you free this is what you wanted. what if he refused to take her back. “Oh! How did you get that done so quickly?” she asked trying hard to sound calm and fight back her tears. Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 50 . to fight for us. “Well he did try calling you day after day but you wouldn’t pick up and whenever he came here to try and talk sense into you. I didn’t know he would come hand me annulment papers so soon”. I don’t want to make a fool out of myself I’m not going to force myself on a man who doesn’t have the patience and time to fight for the woman he claims to love. “I’ve lost him forever Kay what have I done? I can’t live without him I love him”. Luther who was not only upset she had lost a rich son in-law but because she thought that no man would love her niece the way Logan did. “I have friends in high places.them I just need your signature and then this marriage will be over”. can’t you see she is hurting? Now is not the time”. She thought he didn’t love her anymore and he had given up on her. what more did you want the man to do? Kneel down and break into tears for you to forgive him?” taunted Mrs. She wished she could ask him to forget about the divorce but her pride wouldn’t let her. “Mother how can you say that. advised Kayla. She wanted to run into his arms and tear up the papers but her pride wouldn’t let her. mumbled her aunt. “ I thought that’s exactly what you wanted Liana”. She signed the papers with her hand shaking. “Can you please stop taunting me Aunt Luther. “No! I can’t do that. she knew she wouldn’t bear the embarrassment. She felt like she was going to drop down and die. She wondered how he could give up on her that easily without a fight. he didn’t love me enough to wait for me to come around not even to fight for me. Liana turned to Kayla and cried in her arms. He took them from her and left without saying another word. “I just needed some time to get over the anger I felt inside but I guess he wanted out. Logan and she couldn’t bear the thought of another woman replacing her. she cried. she whimpered. she cried. What was she to do now? Her life felt empty and meaningless without this man who had concocted an absurd plan to get her to marry him. he stated handing her the papers. rumbled Kay. I hope you are happy now it’s best this way”. you ran away and locked yourself up in your room like a little child who’s puppy just died. “Liana I’m sure he thought he was giving you what you wanted and I’m sure he was hurting inside too. I’m going to bed now”. he uttered. call him and tell him how you feel”. what did you expect me to do? I was still hurting I wasn’t ready to talk things out with him. how am I supposed to go on without him? I just can’t. I wouldn’t even know where to begin”. She couldn’t believe she was no longer Mrs. she winced.

He was looking handsome to her for the first time. she stated blissfully. he said. he paused to clear his throat and then continued. she wasn’t Mrs. “I ordered a Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 51 . The next weekend he visited her totally surprising her. she thought he wasn’t going to believe that she was pregnant when he knew she was on the pill. she realized she had missed her monthly period. She was happy and relieved to hear him say that. “I’m coming home Derik”. She started getting sick feeling nauseas.Did the past have to matter. The table was romantically set with candles and rose petals sprinkled all over. Logan anymore and he was no longer her husband. she knew then that things between them weren’t really over like she had thought they were. “I don’t understand don’t you want me anymore. She was relieved when she heard him say that. Logan”. “No Liana that’s not the reason I’m here. He waited for her to change and they left for their date. The smile on Liana’s face slowly disappeared and her eyes started getting teary. don’t you want us to try again?” she asked. “And I’m Liana Crawford and yes I would love to go out for dinner with you Mr. There was a band playing soft music and one waiter on standby. he said as he kissed her hand. She had forgotten to take her pills once or twice never had she thought it would result in her getting pregnant. “No you got it all wrong. she simpered. she thought he was going to accuse her of lying to get him back. she cried when the pregnancy test confirmed that she was two weeks pregnant. A couple of days surpassed and she had not heard a word from Derik and she had found it hard to be the one to call him. he wasn’t the not good looking man anymore perhaps the beauty inside him had made him look handsome on the outside as well. “Allow me to introduce myself. He had brought her beautiful flowers. “Liana these past days have been like hell for me. my name is Derik Logan and I would like to ask you out for dinner tonight”. Liana thought Derik was fed up with her and that he had moved on. she threw herself at him and hugged him. She told her family about it and they advised her to call Derik and let him know but she refused stating that he wouldn’t believe her and he would think she is trying to use the pregnancy to get him back. She didn’t know how to react because she didn’t know the real reason he was there. you can’t come back”. did how they got married have to matter or it was the love they had built that mattered? She would ask herself. He took her to a nice restaurant and he had booked the whole place. waking up every night to realize you aren’t next to me is like torture”. He pulled out a chair for her to sit and they had their dinner while chatting and laughing like they had never been apart but the missing ring on her finger reminded her that things weren’t the same. I just want to do things right this time”. She had flashbacks of her happy moments with him and she doubted she would have the chance to be with him again.

The waiter came with the cake in a big box and he placed it on the table in front of Liana and walked away. she had believed she would never know what it’s like to have a real engagement and wedding since she had been forced into a marriage she wasn’t ready for but this time it was different she wanted the wedding and she loved her groom and most importantly she wasn’t being taken by force but being taken on her own free will. “At least she will now get a proper wedding she deserves and she has already gotten a proper engagement I’m sure she never thought she would. everything went smoothly and all the invited guests turned up. beamed Mrs. make me the happiest man on earth and say you will be my wife”. “Liana you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’ve seen how meaningless my life is without you and I don’t ever want to experience it again. what am I supposed to do with a full cake?” she asked. lifting high a beautiful diamond ring. he proposed. “Open the box”. she replied amused. thought Liana. multi-billionaire Derik Logan weds beautiful Liana Crawford for the second time”. It was easy for them to plan the wedding within a week because they had all the money and right connections to speed things up. it was written “WILL YOU MARRY ME LIANA CRAWFORD?” using red cream. Liana and Derik looked at each other with eyes burning Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 52 .cake for dessert I know that’s what you love”. front page of every paper I can just see the headlines. The wedding took place on a Sunday. Derik had realized how he had deprived her of a real marriage and he wanted to turn his wrongs into rights. he promised. “Are you kidding me. When she looked up to face Derik he had gone down on bended knee. “Not when it comes to you”. she was excited it was her first real wedding she was preparing for. He drove her back to her aunt’s house and she was happy to share the news of her engagement. he instructed. The Lord blessed them with a beautiful weather. Mike was Derik’s best man and Kayla was Liana’s bride’s maid. The place was decorated to look like heaven on earth. “I’m going to be your bride’s maid. It was the most beautiful cake she had ever seen. they were excited for her and they danced around in circles screaming at the top of their lungs. her jaw dropped open she couldn’t believe he bought her a new ring. Liana had gone with Kayla and Cindy to choose her wedding dress. he smiled. “You don’t forget”. I’m happy for her”. “I’m going to give you the proper marriage you deserve Liana”. She slowly opened the box and she exhaled heavily in great astonishment. it’s going to be the biggest wedding in the universe. Luther. “Yes! Yes I will marry you Logan”. Isn’t it amazing how a man can turn a woman’s tears into screams of joy in just one minute. beamed Kayla. he grinned. she squealed with excitement and he slid the ring onto her finger and they kissed and embraced. She got up from her chair and moved closer to him with her hand covering her mouth in surprise.

“I wanted a fresh start Lia. I wanted to give you a new start to make new memories. ooh baby that’s the best gift ever I love you more today”. “I’m going to be a father”. “That wouldn’t be a bad way to die”. “It’s beautiful Logan”.with flames of love as they exchanged their vows. “It’s inside me”. she announced. She looked at him overwhelmed. she replied as she fondled her belly. It wasn’t long before they tossed their clothes away and made love passionately. “Yes it is”. he screamed as loud as he could as if to alert the whole world. he smiled. “You got that right. It was a beautiful mansion that had been specifically built for her. he grinned tickling her all over. she grinned. “Too much excitement will kill me Derik”. “What are you trying to tell me?” he asked not wanting to get his hopes high. he giggled. She kept staring at her ring in disbelief. Logan?” he asked. I was going to tell you but when you asked me to marry you I thought why not make it your wedding present?” “But I thought you were on pills you said you weren’t ready for a child?” “I think I may have missed taking my pills once or twice”. thanks for reminding me". “You are carrying my child. he replied. I want you to stay home and take care of our unborn baby so yes its fine they can move in with us. “Ooh you are so sweet. Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 53 . he smiled. "Yes it is. I Love you Logan”. “thank God for that”. good ones only and so I decided to build you a house and I’m glad you like it”. “Logan since I’m pregnant will it be okay with you if Kay and my aunt moved in with us? I don’t want to be alone in that big house while you are off to work and I know you wouldn’t want me working on my condition”. She took out the keys which were inside the box and held them in disbelief then she took a look at the pictures of the house which came with the key. he exclaimed overwhelmed with joy. she beamed. “It’s time for your wedding gift from me”. he announced getting out of bed to grab a neatly wrapped small box and he handed it to Liana and got back in bed with her. “Where is my wedding present Mrs. she exclaimed. Logan again. she cried. I didn’t want you to come back to the house that you were once a prisoner in. “I’m pregnant Logan. She ripped up the wrapping paper and opened the box. is this what I think it is?” she exclaimed. she chuckled. Liana didn’t deny how good it felt to be Mrs. “Oh my God. He flew her to Italy for their honeymoon on his private jet. they are now my family and it's your house after all”. “Stop it Logan. I mean Derik”. four weeks pregnant you are going to be a father”. “Wait a minute! You knew all along and you didn’t tell me till today?” “I found out two weeks back when we were eer still on separation. “call me Logan again and before you know it I will be inside you again”.

or to gain access to it. Having her family and her husband all in one roof was a dream come true for Liana she couldn’t be happier. she was his wife and the mother of his child and nothing else in the world could mean more to him than Liana and their son. I’ve learned my lesson”. “Oh my God Derik please don’t remind me of that. .“I’m not attracted to you Derik and I wouldn’t be even if you woke up president of this country”.com. Both their lives changed when Derwin was born. “Which is what?” “To never say never”. Eight months later Logan watched Liana give birth to their son whom they named Derwin Logan. If you enjoyed reading my book I would be delighted if you would leave some feedback on my obooko. THE END. .E. Their wedding had been everybody’s cup of tea. He vowed to show her love and kindness for as long as he lived. Derik now had piece of mind knowing that he had married Liana with her approval and that of her family. Carrying Derik’s child made her love him more. Taken by Force By Lisa Vic Chauke Page 54 . Derik was kind to her family and they all got along well. . . If you paid for this book. he mimicked. she stated. Liana was happy their child was a boy she had given her husband the heir he had always longed for. It had been memorable and special. they grew even closer now that together they had created a download page. he had given her the life that was growing inside of her and she loved every minute of her first pregnancy. He never denied her anything.obooko. she chortled. Now that his wife was pregnant he appointed a new C. he loved her more every day. Please note: This is a free digital edition from www. we suggest you demand an immediate refund.O in his company so as to spend all his time with his wife making sure she was well taken care of. He was there to buy her anything she craved for and to do anything she asked. Liana burst into laughter.

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