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CHAPTER:01 Introduction

Achievement of high economic growth is the basic principles of present economic policy. In achieving the objectives, the banking sector plays an important role. The banking sectors channel resources through deposit mobilization and providing credit for different business venture. The successful running of a bank business depends upon how effectively the credit management recovered the funds. Responsibilities on Dutch Bangla Bank Limited is based upon its ability to ensure efficient and effective banking operation in a sound manner. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited is always ready to maintain the highest quality services by upgrading Banking technology prudence in manage and applying high standard of business ethics through its established commitment and heritage. Objectives of a private institution like DBBL are to maximize profit through optimum utilization of resources by providing best customers service.


A develop banking sector plays a vital role for financial stability of a country. In the BBA program, the internship is one of the vital parts, which has to be done by every student. The internship program provides an opportunity for the students to minimize the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge and will help in practical life. I got this great opportunity to perform my internship program in the DUTCH BAGLA BANK LIMITED. I have completed internship program based on theoretical and practical knowledge. A Bank is a financial institution whose main objective is the mobilization of fund from surplus unit to deficit unit. In the process of acceptance of deposits and provision of loan, Bank creates money. This characteristic feature sets Bank apart from other financial institution. A Bank can influence the money supply through lending and investment. A Bank is also an economic institution whose main objective is to earn profit through exchange of money and credit instruments. Commercial Bank is one, which is concern with accepting deposit of money from the public, Repaying on demand or otherwise and withdrawal on demand or otherwise and employing

the deposits in the form of loan and investment to meet the financial needs of business and other Classes of society. Bank is very old institution that is contributing toward the development of economy and an important service provider in the modern world. In the globalization and free market economy, banks provide their service worldwide and compete with other all over the world. The banking sector is one of the major sectors in Bangladesh economy and can be divided mainly in to four categories-Nationalized bank, Local private bank, specialized financial institution and foreign banks. In Bangladesh, the journey of private commercial banks is not older. The banking in Bangladesh has passed three decades through different policy environment and comprises central bank at the apex. The countrys central bank, Bangladesh bank, controls and monitors the banking industry. At present, there are 4 nationalized, 5 are specialized, 30 are local private commercial and 10 are foreign commercial banks.


I am very glad for getting the opportunity to accomplish my practical training in the Dutch Banla Bank Limited, Satmosjid road Branch commencing from October 3, 2013 to ,2013. This report is a partial requirement of BBA Internship Program in the Human Resource Management under Business Studies Faculties in the United International University and has been prepared after three months.


The objective of study is to gather practical knowledge regarding over all banking system and its operations. Theoretical classes of BBA provide us theories regarding different subjects where as practical training gives us the chances to view those systems and their operations. The principal intent of this report is to analyze the trends modern banking and their customers services. More precisely we can identify the objective of this report as follows:

To gain practical job experiences and view the application of theoretical knowledge in the real life. To present an over view of DBBL. To know DBBLs customers different queries and query frequencies regarding deposit , loans and other facilities.. To apprise major activities of DBBL. To observe the customers and their satisfaction towards the products and services of DBBL. To observe the customers reaction towards the new product development of DBBL. To study the services of Branches and various Booths of DBBL. To describe the ATM facilities, Internet banking, SMS banking, Mobile banking and other facilities provided by DBBL. To understand the other alternative customer services of the origination. To know DBBLs customers view on banks current operation quality and standards. To identify problems of DBBL in handling customer. To suggest ways of improving the service standard that accommodates a rapidly growing customer volume.


1.5.1: Data Collection For achieving the specific objective of this study, data were gathered from both primary and secondary sources. A. Primary Sources Primary data is collected through observation of the banking activities, direct conversation with the respective officers of the branch, face to face conversation with the clients. And also customers opinion is collected through Questionnaire. B. Secondary Sources

Data that were published before for some other reason can be collected using internal and external sources. i) Internal Secondary data: To furnish the report properly some papers has been collected from the officials of DBBL. Information from annual reports, journals, newspapers and other published documents have been used. Besides other published information about the organization, depth interview of the branch manager Sub- manager and the authorized officer have also taken.


External Secondary Data: For better interpretation some data has been collected from Bangladesh Bank. Internet Browsing is also one source of external Secondary data.

1.5.2: Sample Respondent A. Population The population in the research is mainly the branch customer and employees. This population has been selected mainly because we are conducting the survey on the perception about the matter amongst the branch customer and employees. B. Sampling Unit The sampling unit in case of this research consists of the branch customer and employees C. Sampling Frame The sampling frame usually contains a list of elements from which the sample is drawn. The survey has been conducted at different levels of customers coming to the branch such as Priority customer, Excel Customer, Corporate customer And so on. And also the different levels of employees in the branch. D. Sample Size

The sample size in our case is 20 customers of the different level and employees in the Satmosjid Road branch. 1.5.3: Sample Design The sample design used in this case is random sampling method. When taking the random sampling into consideration there is always a chance that error might occur. This happens when there is a difference in the sampling that is done during the course of the survey. There are different types of sampling that can also be done.


Lack of comprehension of the respondents was the major problem that created many confusions regarding verification of conceptual question.

Limitation of time was one of the most important factors that shortened the present study. Due to time limitation many aspects could not discussed in the present study.

Confidentiality of data was another important barrier that was faced during the conduct of this study. Every organization has their own secrecy that can not be revealed to others. While collecting data on DBBL, personnel did not disclose enough information for the sake of confidentiality of the organization.

Rush hours and business was another reason that acts as an obstacle while gathering data. Limitation of the Personal knowledge is another one. Since knowledge knows know bound, so this report is incapable to present all things with more depth.

An Overview on Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd

2.1: An Overview of Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (the Bank, DBBL) is a scheduled joint venture commercial bank between local Bangladeshi parties spearheaded by M Sahabuddin Ahmed (Founder & Chairman) and the Dutch company FMO. DBBL was established under the Bank Companies Act 1991 and incorporated as a public limited company under the Companies Act 1994 in Bangladesh with the primary objective to carry on all kinds of banking business in Bangladesh. DBBL commenced formal operation from June 3, 1996. The Bank is listed with the Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited and Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited. The focus of the bank has been financing high-growth manufacturing industries in Bangladesh. The rationale being that the manufacturing sector exports Bangladeshi products worldwide. Thereby financing and concentrating on this sector allows Bangladesh to achieve the desired growth. DBBL's other focus is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Even though CSR is now a clich, DBBL is the pioneer in this sector and termed the contribution simply as 'social responsibility'. Due to its investment in this sector, DBBL has become one of the largest donors and the largest bank donor in Bangladesh. The bank has won numerous international awards because of its unique approach as a socially conscious bank. DBBL was the first bank in Bangladesh to be fully automated. The Electronic-Banking Division was established in 2002 to undertake rapid automation and bring modern banking services into this field. Full automation was completed in 2003 and hereby introduced plastic money to the Bangladeshi masses. DBBL also operates the nation's largest ATM fleet and in the process drastically cut consumer costs and fees by 80%. Moreover, DBBL choosing the low profitability route for this sector has surprised many critics. DBBL had pursued the mass automation in Banking as a CSR activity and never intended profitability from this sector. As a result it now provides unrivaled banking technology offerings to all its customers. Because of this mindset, most local banks have joined DBBL's banking infrastructure instead of pursuing their own. Even with a history of hefty technological investments and an even larger donations, consumer and investor confidence has never waned. Dutch-Bangla Bank stock set the record for the highest share price in the Dhaka Stock Exchange in 2008.

Branches of DBBL:
The Bank was established under the Bank Companies Act 1991 and incorporated as a public limited company on July 23, 1995 under the Companies Act 1994 in Bangladesh with the primary objective to carry on all kinds of banking business in Bangladesh. It has completed its journey for last 18 years and during this period of time the Bank has established total 130 Branches and 3 SME Center over the country.

Division Dhaka Chittagong Sylhet Khulna Rajshahi

No. of Branch 71 26 15 5 6

Barisal Rangpur SME Center Total

2 5 3 133

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

Dhaka Region 71 Branches

Khulna Region 5 Branches

Chittagong Region 26 Branches

Rajshahi Region 6 Branches

Sylhet Region 15 Branches

Barisal Region 2 Branches

Rangpur Region 5 Branches

Figure-: Branches of DBBL

2.2: An Overview of Satmosjid Road Branch:

Dutch Bangla bank limited, Satmasjid Road Branch started its operation on 28 June, 2009. From the begging of the branch it shows its potentiality to grow swiftly. Within very short time it is established as one of the commanding positions among all the branches in terms of profit. Basic reasons for its sound growth are location, Premises, Interior design, effective & efficient management team, and most importantly providing the best service to their customers. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited branch is situated in a potential business area which is an opportunity for the bank. So, the branch has a great opportunity to become a most contributed branch of DBBL.


2.2.1: Satmasjid Road Branch at a glance:

171-Satmosjid Branch

Adress: Phone No : Mobile No : Fax No : E-mail : Manager in Charge : Opening Date : Number of ATMs : Branch working hours :

Plot # 47, Road # 9/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1209 (8802) 8191162, 8191750 01938801632 (8802) 8191145 Md. Badiul Alam Badal 28-06-2009 30 10:00 AM To 04:00 PM

2.3: Mission, Vision & Core Values of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited

Dutch-Bangla Bank engineers enterprise and creativity in business and industry with a commitment to social responsibility. "Profits alone" do not hold a central focus in the Bank's operation; Vision Dutch-Bangla Bank dreams of better Bangladesh, where arts and letters, sports and athletics, music and entertainment, science and education, health and hygiene, clean and pollution free environment and above all a society based on morality and ethics make all our lives worth living. DBBL's essence and ethos rest on a cosmos of creativity and the marvel-magic of a charmed life that abounds with spirit of life and adventures that contributes towards human development.











CoreObjectives Dutch-Bangla Bank believes in its uncompromising commitment to fulfill its customer needs and satisfaction and to become their first choice in banking. Taking cue from its pool esteemed clientele, Dutch-Bangla Bank intends to pave the way for a new era in banking that upholds and epitomizes its vaunted marquees "Your Trusted Partner"

2.4: Company Highlights of DBBL:

2.4.1 Board of Directors of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited.
Mr. Abedur Rashid Khan

Mr. Sayem Ahmed Mrs.Frey-TangYuenMei,Barbara (Nominated by M/s. Ecotrim Hong Kong Limited) Mr. Md. Fakhrul Islam Dr. Irshad Kamal Khan, Independent Director Dr. Syed Fakhrul Ameen Mr. Chowdhury M. Ashraf Hossain

Mr. Md. Yeasin Ali

Managing Director
Mr. K. Shamshi Tabrez

Deputy Managing Directors

Abul Kashem Md. Shirin Md. Sayedul Hasan Khan Tariqul Islam


2.4.2 Executive Committee

Mr. Sayem Ahmed Mr. Abedur Rashid Khan Mr. K. Shamshi Tabrez

Chairman Member Member

2.4.3 Audit Committee

Mr. Md. Yeasin Ali Mr. Abedur Rashid Khan Mr. Sayem Ahmed Dr. Irshad Kamal Khan

Chairman Member Member Member


2.4.4 Organizational Structure A layout of management structure and legitimate hierarchy of

management of DBBL are presented as follows:

Top Management Chairman Board of Ddirectors Executive Committee Managing Director Additional Managing Director

Executive Level Management Deputy Managing Director Senior Executive Vice President Executive Vice President Senior Vice President Vice President Senior Assistant Vice President First Assistant Vice President

Mid Level Management Assistant Vice President Senior Principal Officer Principal Officer

Junior Level Management Senior Officer Officer Trainee Officer

Figure-: Organizational Structure of DBBL


2.4.5 Dutch Bangla Bank Limited (Satmosjid Branch) Hierarchy

Senior Assistant Vice President-1 (Act as Branch Manager)

Executive Officer-(2 Person)

Senior Officer-(4 Person)

Officer-(12 person)

Trainee Officer-(1 person)

Figure -: Hierarchy of Satmasjid Branch



Bank activities can be divided into three categories. These are as follow:

General Banking activities. Credit or Loan advance activities Foreign Exchange activities General Banking Activities: 1. To maintain types of deposit account 2. To operate cash transaction 3. To operate clearing house activities 4. To collect &discounts bill and check 5. To maintains safety deposit lockers 6. To operate customers standing instructions Credit & Loan Advance Activities: 1) Provides various types of loans in various sectors Foreign Exchange Activities: 1. DBBL opens letter of credit for imports industrial and commercial goods and equipments against commission. 2. DBBL participates in export business and earns commission and service charges.


Following types of account are generally opened by the Dutch-Bangla Bank:

Current Deposits Account Savings Deposits Account 16

Short Term Deposit Fixed Deposit Bearer Certificate Deposit

Monthly term Deposit

2.5.1 Current Deposit (CD) Account: A current account is an account, which is generally opened by business people for their convenience. A current account is a running and active account, which may be operated upon any number of times during a working day. There is no restriction on the number & amount withdrawals from current a/c. It does not earn any interest. It has the following properties: Opening Amount/ Initial Deposit Service Charge (yearly) Minimum Balance Requirement Tk. 2,500/Tk. 6, 00/-(excluding VAT) Tk. 2,000/-

Current a/c may be individual or joint or partnership or can be formed on any name. It provides the following facilities: Overdraft facility, Other facilities like collection of checks transfer of money, rendering Agency and general utility services

2.5.2 Savings Bank (SB) Account:

This deposit is intended primarily for small-scale savers. The main objectives of this account, is promotion of thrift. Savings account is meant for those who want to save a^ certain amount of their income and earn interest on that for future needs. All features are more or less like (hat of CD a/c except for some restriction that is imposed by the bank. Number of withdrawals over a period of time is limited. .This A/C mainly opens on person name. SB account has the following properties:

Opening Amount/ Initial Deposit Service Charge (yearly)

Tk. 500- 2,000/Tk. 600/-(excluding VAT)


Minimum Balance Requirement Interest rate Maximum transaction amount

Tk. 500/4.00% Tk.1,00,000/- per day

There is another type of savings account which is called EXCEL ACCOUNT, here no check book is provided as well as no interest is provided. Opening Amount/ Initial Deposit Service Charge (yearly) Minimum Balance Requirement Interest rate Maximum transaction amount Tk.500- 1,000/Tk. 0/Tk. 500/0% Tk. 50000/- per day

2.5.3 Short Term Deposit (STD): It is a deposit account open by customer where customer deposited money for short period. Customer can draw money after giving short notice, This account holder enjoys the same facilities of CD account including receiving interest on his deposited money. Interest rate of STD is less than the interest rate of SB account. STD account has the following properties: Opening Amount/ Initial Deposit Minimum Balance Requirement Interest rate

Tk. 50000 Tk. 50000 6.5 %

2.5.4 Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) Account: In this category are included the deposit with the bank for a fixed period which is specified at the time of making the deposit. Such deposits are therefore called fixed deposits or term deposits. A fixed deposit is repayable on the expiry of a specified period, chosen by the depositor to suit his purpose and to enable him to get back money us and when he needs it. The fixed deposit may be made for 1 month, 3 months,6 months, 1 year, 2 year or 3 year . As the date of repayment of fixed deposit is determined in advance, the banker needs not keep more cash reserves against it and can utilize such amount more profitably. The banker therefore offers higher rate of interest on such deposits. Fixed deposit has grown in importance and popularity in our country during


recent years. When a matured FDR is withdrawn, the principle amount along with the interest amount (deducting 15% tax from the total) is paid to the client. The rate of interest and the terms of the Fixed Deposit receipt are given below: Term 1 month 3 months 6months 1 year above 1 years

Interest rate






2.5.5 Bearer Certificate Deposit This is transferable by mere delivery. This certificate doesnt contain any information about the depositor. Opening of such account doesnt require any kind of document. 2.5.6 Monthly term Deposit: It is an innovative offer of DBBL, which is a scheme like FDR but in different definition. In this scheme the MTD holder can withdraw the interest amount after end of each months where principle amount will remain as usual. Different interest of DBBL: PERIOD 1 month (MTD) 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 year 3 year INTEREST RATE 8.50% 8.75% 9.25% 9.50% 9.75% 10.00%



You have already been informed that Dutch-Bangla bank limited is maintaining an upward trend and increase of Deposit, loans and advances, import & export business and other banking business activities. Following are brief features of new products for the customers. a. Commission free remittance: Dutch Bangla bank limited has abolished commission on pay orders, demand drafts & telegraphic transfers, which obviously maximizes customer benefit by saving cost. b. Small Scale Credit Facility for Shop Owners: For small shop owners loan facility without security for want of which they could not get banking support and compelled to avail the informal source with unusually high rate of interest. Dutch-Bangla bank limited brought them under the umbrella of banking service. c. Small Scale Taxi and Transport Scheme: To have a hassle and pollution free, environment friendly city ride and to ease the traffic congestion and modernize the transport system, DutchBangla bank limited has introduced comfort taxi cab, duranta and rider schemes. Duranta and rider are urban minibus service. d. Monthly Term Deposit: Depositing minimum of Tk. 50000.00 will allow an attractive monthly earning and instant loan facility against the deposit. e. Consumer Credit Scheme: You will be happy to know that DBBL has already introduce Consumer Credit Company of USA has executed a contract with one of our local clients for marketing their product through Dutch-Bangla bank limited under this scheme. We are actively thinking to open the items as well as selling house for the clients. f. Student Transport Scheme: DBBL is one of the pioneers in commercial vehicle financing such as DURANTA, DIGANTA, RIDER, COMFORT TAXICAB etc. These schemes reflect the banks policy to respond with the Governments effort to make pollution and traffic jam free Dhaka City. In line with the above success the bank has undertaken a new scheme entitled a Student Transport Scheme with an objective of financing transports at a lower cost for the

educational institutions. The financing scheme will provide loans to educational institution covering government and private schools, colleges and universities for transport of the student. g. Rescue Transport Scheme: As a part social commitment and with a view to take the medical facility to the doors of the common people, DBBL has introduced transport scheme for hospital and clinic entitle as Rescue Transport Scheme and offered vehicles for First Aid Station, Mobile Clinic and Ambulance at a lower cost. h. Interest on Current Account: DBBL started paying interest on deposits on current account. This is also a unique product of the bank. Apart from the above the bank is always keen in developing the banking section, in general and the DBBL, in particular with the help of its trained and efficient work force.

2.7: Department of the Satmasjid Road Branch:

Account Opening Department Cash Department Investment Department Clearing Department Local Remittance Department Card Department Customer Department Credit Department

2.8 : Corporate Banking 2.8.1 : Corporate Banking Services overview

Dutch-Bangla Bank offers a wide range of corporate banking services. They include: Project finance The Bank encourages accepting purpose/project specific development funds on competitive


terms towards economic upliftment and well being of the people/country by way of setting up a new stand alone, capital intensive project or for BMRE of an existing project. Working Capital finance The bank considers lending short term working capital finance to entities engaged in manufacturing, assembling, processing, re-packaging of goods and commodities for domestic consumption or export market. However, unsecured loans (not collateralized) for working capital without justification or purpose is not considered. Syndications & Structured finance The Bank, on case to case basis, arranges loan syndications or approves disclosed participations in syndications provided such transactions meet the parameters separately established. The bank will at all times maintain at the minimum a pari-passu status to other banks in all lending relationships. Second mortgages or lower are not be accepted as primary collateral. Trade finance DBBL prefers Trade Financing in the form of short-term (up to 12 months), self liquidating or cash flow supported well collateralized trade transactions*Work Order financeoThe Bank will consider financing construction contractors (work order finance). However all such transactions must meet the guidelines.oBank asks for assignment of bills receivables with concurrent authority to collect bills issued favoring DBBL. Equity finance DBBL joins in hands in building partnership with entrepreneurs of high credit standing and excellent track record within the purview of regulatory restrictions. However, lending for the purpose of supplying equity in a business is not allowed nor venture capital financing. Social and Environmental Infrastructure finance The Bank receives credit lines, from time to time, from home & abroad, to finance eco-efficient and sustainable projects aimed at improving environment and generating social benefits. Custom electronic-banking projects If the client realizes that they need a specific banking solution and/or services to meet their

needs, DBBL will create it and provide it. Projects are done on a per client basis designed specifically to meet the needs of clients. Currently large companies and Multi-nationals use these services extensively but it is not limited to them only.

2.8.2 Electronice Banking For Your Business

Dutch-Bangla Bank offers a complete electronic banking facility for your company around the clock. Most multi-nationals use this service because it is advanced, secure and affordable. DBBL creates a custom banking service to suit any business of any size. The services have a wide range that includes cash flow services, distribution banking and salary accounts. If a company knows what type of custom and tailored banking service they need, DBBL can provide it instantly and at minimal cost (usually free of charge). There are hundreds of companies using this type of services from DBBL and they also include the largest companies and multi-nationals operating in Bangladesh. DBBL has a world-class banking system used by many of the world's top banks and the largest electronic banking infrastructure to provde your company with any type of custom banking services you desire. For example for your starting point, DBBL has created Employee Banking program which allows: Seamless and error free distribution of salaries Providing employees with timely salary payments Lower manpower needed Reduces cash theft and misappropriation Transactions are properly logged for your easy reference Highly secure way of distributing money No cash at hand in the office, all cash finally distributed through the largest ATM network in Bangladesh


2.8.3 LC (Latter Of Credit) Trade:

Import Finance DBBL extends finance to the importers in the form of: 1. Opening of Import L/C 2. Credit against Trust Receipt for retirement of import bills. 3. Short term & medium term loans for installation of imported machineries & production thereof. 4. Payment against document Export Finance 1. Pre-Shipment Finance Pre-Shipment finance in the form of: I) Opening of Back-to-Back L/C II) Export Cash Credit

2. Post-Shipment Finance Post-Shipment finance in the form of: I) Foreign/Local Documentary Bills Purchase II) Export Credit Guarantee III) Finance against cash incentive Foreign Remittance DBBL provides premium quality service for repatriation and collection of remittance with the help of its first class correspondents and trained personnel. By introducing on-line banking service and becoming a SWIFT Alliance Access Member, which enable its branches to send and receive payment instruction directly, that helps provide premium services. Remittance services provided by DBBL are: Inward Remittance: Draft, TT Outward Remittance: FDD, TT, TC and Cash (FC)


Treasury DBBL is well equipped for treasury operation through subscribing Reuters's terminal and operating in SWIFT network. It is also well equipped with competent human resources for efficient dealing.

Our treasury quote competitive exchange rate for major currencies: Spot Sale/Purchase 2. Forward Sale/Purchase 3. Money market Interbank & Corporate 4. SWAPS 5. Forex - Commercial & Non-Commercial Account Services DBBL provides all the accounts services as prescribed by the guidelines of Central Bank (Bangladesh Bank). We offer competitive interest rate and provide premium quality services for the accounts. Account services are: 1. Foreign Currency Account 2. Non-Resident Foreign Currency Deposit Account (NFCD) 3. Resident Foreign Currency Deposit Account (RFCD) 4. Convertible and Non-Convertible Taka Account 5. Convertible and Non-Convertible Taka Account 6. Non-Resident Blocked Taka Account

2.8.4: Kinds of Advances

There are various kinds of borrowing facilities provided by banks to their clients. These facilities can be broadly classified into following categories: Loans The bank advances a lump sum for a certain period at an agreed rate of interest, in case of loan. Loan may be a demand loan or a term loan. The entire amount is paid on an occasion either in cash or by credit in his current account, which he can draw at any time. The interest is charged

for the full amount sanctioned whether he withdraws the money from his account or not. The loan may be repaid in installments or at expiry of a certain period. Overdraft Overdraft is a temporary accommodation usually granted to an operating account subject to the limit sanctioned. This is a permanent arrangement and the customer need not to draw the sanctioned amount at once, but draw the amount as and when required. This interest is charged on the amount, which he withdraws, not on the sanctioned amount. OD is of two types practiced in Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. Foreign Exchange branch. These are as follows
Secured Overdraft (Sod)

Branch sanctions SOD against different securities like FDR, Sanchaypatras and work orders.
Temporary Overdraft (TOD)

It is given to the valued customers only. It is not that much secured. Usually it forwards without any security or sometimes exercise lien against the instrument, deposited in the bank. CashCredit By this arrangement, a banker allows his customer to borrow money up to a certain limit. CC is a favorite mode of borrowing by trades, industrialists, etc. for meeting their working capital requirements. It is operated like overdraft account. Depending on the needs of the business, the borrower can draw on his cash credit account at different time and when he gets money can adjust the liability. Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. charges interest on the daily balance of the account. Based on charging securities, there are two forms of cash credit. Loan(General) It is given against personal guarantee, hypothecation of goods and land & building. Staff Loan Local office branch provides advances to the staff for purchasing house, building, sanchaypatras, and meeting up certain requirements like family medical, personal medical, wedding purposes. Bank provides this facility under installments, loan able amount varies on the basis of purpose.


Bills Portfolio Local Office branch purchases demand bills of exchange that are called Draft accompanied by documents of title to goods such as bill of landing, railway receipt, truck receipt. The purchase of bill of exchange drawn at an issuance, i.e. for a certain period maturing on a future date and not payable on demand or sight. Term Loan Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. is advancing both short and medium term credit to the commercial sector on the basis of their capital structure, constitution and liquidity consideration. It is given against land and building along with machinery, personal guarantee of Directors and hypothecation of raw materials. Bill Purchased and Discount Banks grant advances to their customers by discounting bill if exchange. Loan against Imported Merchandise (LIM) Advances allowed for retirement of shipping documents and release of good imported through L/C taking effective control over the goods by pledge fall under this type of advance. When the importer failed to pay the amount payable the exporter against import, L/C, then DBBL gives loan against imported merchandise to the importer. The importer will bear all the expense i.e. the godown charge, insurance fees, etc. and the ownership of the goods in retain to the bank. This is also a temporary advance connected with import, which is known as post import finance. Payments against Documents (PAD) The importers are to open letter of credit through any bank for importing goods. Most of the time, the banks are to extend credit to the importers, without violating the rules and circulars of Bangladesh bank, for buying required foreign exchange. This loan on receipts of the shipping documents from the negotiating bank is transferred and lodged to PAD. PAD is associated with import and import financing. This kind of loan is issued in favor or the exporter to fulfill the commitment of issuing bank of L/C to the exporter. Loan against Trust Receipt (LTR) Advance allowed for retirement of shipping documents and release of goods imported through


L/C falls under this head. The goods are handed over to the importer under trust with arrangement that sale proceeds should be deposited to liquidate the advances within a given period. This is post import finance by DBBL. In land Bill Purchased (IBP) Payment made against documents representing sell of goods to local export oriented industries, which are deemed as exports and which are denominated in local currency/foreign currency falls under this head. The bill of exchange is held as the primary security. The client submits the nuisance bill and the bank discounts it. This temporary liability is adjustable from the proceeds of the bills. IBP is one of the moods of advancing money by bank and it is a profitable way of deploying banks fund for short period. The party himself must draw genuine trade transaction and the bill and he is not the purchaser of the bill. ILC and mother L/C of export is needed to sanction the loan. The banks scrutinize the shipping document of ILC and asked the ILC opening bank for acceptance of the bill with maturity date. The bill will purchase up to 80% of the accepted value.

2.8.5: Internet Banking Features

Account Summary The Customer will be able to view the list of Current, Saving, Term Deposit and Loan accounts with the current balance. Account Details The Customer can choose a particular account and see the account details including unclear fund, limit, interest accrued etc. Account Activity The customer can see or print his transaction activity in a given account for a particular period. Transfer Funds The customer can transfer funds from one of his accounts to another of his accounts within the bank.

Third Party Transfer * The customer can transfer funds from one of his accounts to another customers account within the bank. Pay Bills The customer can pay his utility bill (like DBBL Credit Card Bills, Alico, Mobile, Tuition Fees etc.) Standing Instructions The customer can setup, modify or delete standing instructions for transferring fund from one of his account to another account (his account or 3rd party). Open/Modify Term Deposit The customer can open a term deposit by transferring funds from one of his current or savings accounts with the bank. He can also modify the TD and redeem / part-redeem it. Loan Repayments The customer can make payment of the loan installment from his CASA account. Statement Request The customer can make a request for account statement for a required period. The bank will manually service this request. Cheque Book Request The customer can make a request for a Cheque book. Cheque Status Inquiry The customer can choose an account and enter the Cheque number for which the status should be viewed. Stop Payment Cheque The customer can mark his Cheque leaf as stop payment.


Interest Rate Inquiry The customer can query on the interest rates on CASA & Term Deposit Products. Foreign Exchange Rate Inquiry The customer can query on the Foreign Exchange (FX) Rates using this function. Change Password The customer can change his Internet Banking Password using this function. *Not allowed by Bangladesh Bank regulations and rules.

Additional Internet Banking Features for Corporate Banking Letter of Credit The customer can initiate the LC application through Internet Banking. Bank Guarantee The customer can initiate the Bank Guarantee through Internet Banking. Limits Query The customer can view his Loan Limits and Limits Utilization through Internet Banking.

2.9 DBBL SMS & Alert Banking


By applying for SMS & Alert Banking for the first time, the User acknowledges and accepts the below listed Terms & Conditions. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, all Terms & Conditions pertaining to the accounts shall continue to apply. 1. DBBL will provide the customer with temporary PIN for SMS Banking in the first instance. 2. As a safety measure, after sending a SMS request to DBBL which contains his PIN, the user should immediately delete the SMS from the Send Items or Outbox of his/her mobile.


3. As a safety measure, the User, as a customer should immediately change PIN upon receiving the same for DBBL. User is requested to change his/her PIN frequently thereafter as far as possible. 4. The customer acknowledges that the PIN selected as User's authorized signature. This signature authorizes and validates directions given just as an actual written signature does. 5. User is responsible for maintaining the confidentially of Customers PIN. User should agree that he/she will not under any circumstances disclose his/her PIN to anyone, including anyone claiming to represent the Bank or to someone giving assistance on a technical helpdesk in connection with the service. It should be clearly understood that Bank employees do not need Users PIN for any reason whatsoever.

6. User should make sure that no one is physically watching his/her PIN when he/she is entering into the mobile. The PIN should not be written anywhere.

7. If User gives his/her PIN to anyone or fails to safeguard its secrecy, he/she does so at his/her own risk because anyone with User PIN will have access to his/her accounts. 8. 8.I f User forgets the SMS Banking PIN, he/she has to request for issue of a new PIN by sending a written request to DBBL.

9. The User agrees and acknowledges that DBBL shall in no way be held responsible or liable if the User incurs any loss as a result of information being disclosed by DBBL regarding his Account(s) or carrying the instruction of the User pursuant to the access of the SMS Banking and the User shall fully indemnify and hold harmless DBBL in respect of the same.

10. DBBL reserves the right to change and recover from the User(s) service charges, as may be fixed time to time. The User hereby authorizes DBBL to recover such charges from his/her account(s). 11. .Normal SMS charge by the mobile operators will be applicable for each SMS send to DBBL

12. Customer should agree and confirm that he/se will not use this SMS and Alert banking facility for money laundering or violate any law related to the money laundering.

13. DBBL reserves the right to demand explanation from the User regarding any matter pertaining to money laundering law of the country.

14. These Terms and/or the operations in the Accounts of the User shall be governed by the Laws of Bangladesh, in force.

2.9.1Mobile Banking;
Mobile Banking is a Banking process without bank branch which provides financial services to unbanked communities efficiently and at affordable cost. To provide banking and financial services, such as cash-in, cash out, merchant payment, utility payment, salary disbursement, foreign remittance, government allowance disbursement, ATM money withdrawal through mobile technology devices, i.e. Mobile Phone, is called Mobile Banking.


CHAPTER: 03 Literature Review


Literature Review
To analyze the level of satisfaction customers have with DBBL, we need to know what is customer service, what is customer satisfaction and factors that affect the level of customer satisfaction. 3.1.1 Customer service It is the set of behaviors that a business undertakes during its interaction with its customers. It can also refer to a specific person or desk which is set up to provide general assistance to customers. CRM is system with which to identify and track customers needs. Four basic steps will help to ensure a greater effectiveness in your CRM system:

Establish clear and specific objectives regarding the CRM needs you wish to fulfill Plan a realistic strategy to accomplish the set objectives Identify a CRM software that matches up with set goals Evaluate on a regular basis to train and adapt your strategy to your progressive experience

3.1.2 Customer Satisfaction It refers to the satisfaction of customers in terms of how are they satisfied with the politeness, knowledge and promptness of employees in handling busy customers. It also takes into consideration the perception of the customers as to whether the product or service is worth what they are paying for it. Customers of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited have a good perception about the quality of service provided by them. From our survey we found that customers are satisfied with the overall service of DBBL . All the offers provided by DBBL are very beneficial for the customers. But in case of service benefit is not the alone factor that determines the level of satisfaction. There are many other things that take control over the overall satisfaction. For instance, service having attractive


offers may fail only because of rude behavior or carelessness of the provider. So it is very important to ensure other factors that are related with the success of the service.

3.1.3 Factors that determine service quality and customer satisfaction

Fig: Factors that determine service quality and customer satisfaction


3.1.4 The five Factors to customer Satisfaction There are five major factors identified by the experts that are essential to assure the quality of better service that will lift the level of satisfaction. They are reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibles. These five factors determines the quality of interaction between customer and provider, the quality of Physical environment, quality and quality of the service which leads the overall service to the position of excellence of quality. From our survey we found that how these factors affect their satisfaction level. Reliability:

It means ability to perform the promised service accurately. In case of banking reliability is very important. Because if the client pretends that the company is not able to continue its service proper in the future they will not interested to banking with DBBL . From our survey we see that most of the customers chose DBBL because they think it is reliable compare to others in case of providing various unique features. On the whole, customers have a perception that DBBL is capable to provide all the services they offered. Responsiveness:

It is another vital factor that controls customers perception about quality of service. It means willingness of the employees to help the customers. According to the perception of customers responsiveness is very important to increase the quality of the service. Even the customers ranked the importance of responsiveness in banking 7 out of 9. If employees do not response immediately to the need of the customers, valuable time of the customers will be spent unnecessarily. Even the customer may become frustrated whether he will get the service or not. The customers of DBBL replied that DBBL responses promptly. Assurance:

It means the knowledge and ability of the employees to develop trust in the mind of the clients about the completion of the task properly and on time. Customers have a great perception about


SBL that they perform according to their promise. Assurance has a great impact on the quality of the service because if promises are not kept customers may switch to other bank. Empathy

To ensure better service it is very important for the employees to have empathy. Empathy means giving individual attention and taking extra care of the customer. DBBL has young and energetic employees that interact with customers nicely and they continuously ask about their satisfaction and dissatisfaction of every individual. Tangibles

Tangibles are very important factor because it directs the customer mind about the quality of the service. Tangibles are physical facilities, equipment etc used in the context of service company. Interior decoration, sitting arrangements, temperature of the room, cleanness odor everything controls the perception of customers about the quality of the service. DBBL has confirmed well interior decoration in all their branches and they try to keep the standard of their services as same as for all of their branches.


CHAPTER: 04 Findings and Analysis


While preparing the report I have done a questionnaire survey on a scale of 5: Excellent, Good Average, Fair and Poor. 24 questions were asked to the account holders of SBL. Due to limitation, only 20 clients were asked and they were chosen randomly. 1. What is your overall rating of the branch services of DBBL? 2. What is your overall rating of the teller services of DBBL? 3. In terms of time consideration, how was the tellers service in your last visit? 4. How would you rate the following aspect of teller services: Willingness to help at all times? 5. What is your overall rating of the PFC services of DBBL? 6. In terms of time consideration, how was the PFCs service in your last visit? 7. How would you rate the following aspect of PFC services: Taking time to understand your needs? 8. What is your overall rating of the customer care services of DBBL? 9. How would you rate the overall service provided by DBBLs Customer service representative? 10. How would you rate the following aspect of Customer care service agent : The Attentiveness, Courteousness and Friendliness? 11. What is your overall rating on using DBBLs Internet banking services? 12. What is your overall rating on using DBBLs SMS banking services? 13. What is your overall rating on using DBBLs Mobile banking services? 14. How would you rate the following aspect of Internet banking; SMS banking; Mobile banking: speed of completing the transaction? 15. What is your overall rating on using DBBLs complaint resolution? 16. How would you rate the reliability of the saving schemes provided by Dutch Bangla Bank ? 17. What level of service did you get while opening an account in your last visit? 18. What is your overall rating on the amount that is required to open an account ? 19. How would you rate the speed of services provided by DBBL? 20. .What is your overall rating on the location of branches?

21. What is your overall rating on the rates of loans provided by DBBL? 22. What is your overall rating on reliability and accuracy of the statement? 23. What is your overall rating on clarity of the statement? 24. . What is your overall rating on using ATM services in Dutch-Bangla Bank ATM booths?

4.2 : CHARTS
0% 10% 0% 0%

Poor Fair Average


Good Excellent

Chart of question 1
0% 10% 0% 0%

Poor Fair Average


Good Excellent

Chart of question 2


Poor 20% 50% 30% 0% 0% Fair Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 3

20% 35% 0%

Poor Fair Average



Good Excellent

Chart of question 4
0% 20% 60% 20% 0%

Poor Fair Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 5


0% Poor 20% 60% 20% 0% Fair Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 6
0% Poor 20% 60% 20% 0% Fair Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 7
0% 10%

0% 20%

Poor Fair Average


Good Excellent

Chart of question 8


0% 10%


Poor Fair

20% 70%

Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 9
0% Poor 20% 0% 0% 80% Fair Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 10

Poor 30% 20% 0% 0% 50% Fair Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 11


Poor 30% 20% 0% 0% 50% Fair Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 12

Poor 30% 20% 0% 0% 50% Fair Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 13

0% 10%


Poor Fair

30% 60%

Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 14


0% 0% 20% 20% 60%

Poor Fair Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 15
0% 20% 80% 0% 0%

Poor Fair Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 16
0% Poor 20% 0% 0% 80% Fair Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 17
0% 0%



Poor Fair Average


Good Excellent


Chart of question 18
0% Poor 20% 0% 0% 80% Fair Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 19
0% 0%



Poor Fair Average


Good Excellent

Chart of question 20
0% 0% 20% 60% 20%

Poor Fair Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 21


0% 15% 0% Poor 0% Fair Average 85% Good Excellent

Chart of question 22
0% 15% 0% Poor 0% Fair Average 85% Good Excellent

Chart of question 23


0% 30% 70%

0% Poor Fair Average Good Excellent

Chart of question 24


From the survey, the collected opinions and analysis were as follows: Based on the questions from 1-4, I found that the teller services performances mainly depends on the three consecutive questions. Customers said that the overall services of the teller services are good. When the question came about the time consideration 50 percent said that they are excellent and about the question of willingness 35 percent said that they are excellent. So, I can say that willingness of the teller employee should give the priority. Based on the questions from 5-7, I found that Personal Financial Consultants (PFC) are the most important of the branch. Thus the overall performance of the branch depends on the performance of the PFCs. From these three questions, I found that the overall performance of the PFCs are good. But it will be excellent if they can solve the problem of the client within a short time and they can quickly understand the problem of the clients. Based on the questions from 8-10, it is found that Customer care center which is introduced for solving the problems of the customers, are now doing a very good job to help the customer. And now the overall performance of the bank also depends on the performance of the call center. From the survey it is found that the customers are very much pleased on customer care services of DBBL. But still improvement is needed. Because the overall performance of the call center depends on the attentiveness ,courteousness and friendliness of the customer service representatives as well as their quality of service so improvement is needed in both the cases. Based on the questions from 11-15, I found that customers were satisfied about 24 hours Internet banking, SMS banking, Mobile banking of DBBL and the speed of completing every transaction. Customers were moderately satisfied about DBBLs complaint resolution. So, improvement is needed in this area. Based on the questions from 16-19, it is found that 80 percent customers were reliable about the different saving schemes provided by DBBL and also the did not face any problem during opening accounts as the speed of providing services was quite good. 85 percent customers were


positive about the amount required to open an account in DBBL as the amount is low compared to other banks. Based on the questions from 20-22, only 85 percent customers were satisfied about the location of branches of DBBL. 60 percent customers were satisfied about the given rates on loans. Most of the customers were satisfied and believe that the statements given by DBBL are highly reliable and accurate. Based on the questions from 23-24, 85 percent customers were satisfied about the clarity of statements given by DBBL. 70 percent customers were satisfied about using ATM cards in Dutch-Bangla Bank ATM booths and 30 percent customers said that DBBL should improve their networking services.

4.4.1 Findings on general banking activities: Standard Bank contributes and plays a major role in developing social economic condition of Bangladesh and also makes the banking function dynamic. The Clients of DBBL prefer to maintain Savings Account. Dutch Bangla Bank Limited has very good modern documentation process for general banking. Customers like the brand name of Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. And quite satisfied with this. Customers like for the moderate service charge. Customers like the superior services provided by DBBL.

4.4.2 Major Findings of the survey on customer satisfaction: 1. Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. has very good modern documentation process. They are following high technology in keeping very good record of the documents and filing system, also the serial is been properly maintained too.


2. Majority of customers prefer this bank because they have the opportunity to choose various types of saving schemes. In this branch, customers prefer savings and current deposits and other accounts. 3. Customers like the brand name of Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. and quite satisfied with this. 4. This bank charges moderate value toward the customers. Majority are found to be medium value which they are able to pay to get the product or service. Moreover debit card charge also reasonable and has some clear conditions. 5. Peoples are very satisfied about the location of this branch. 6. Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd is quite creative on their exterior design. Majority of respondent said that bank is good in terms of its the exterior decoration. 7. The bank is good in terms of its interior design. there is enough space inside the bank to move freely. GB (general banking) has such amount of space that is enough for attracting the customers. 8. DBBL customers could only know about the bank through its current clients because lack of advertisement makes it difficult to get enough information about the bank. Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. invests little bit for promotional program. 9. Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. is operating the business in a very expert style with energetic and well mannered employees. They are very respectful to the Bangladesh Banks policies and very much serious to fulfill customer satisfaction. Again, they are very cooperative and friendly to their customers. They always try to help the customers at their best. 10. Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. is a reliable bank and provides better service to its customers.



4.5.1 Drivers of satisfaction If banks are to improve their satisfaction and loyalty ratings and differentiate themselves from the competition, they need to understand what really drives satisfaction and loyalty. They also need to know which areas have the greatest room for improvements. There is little point in intervening resources in areas that are important but are performing well, or in areas which there is much room for improvement but they are not important in driving satisfaction and loyalty. Thus DBBL managers need to know what levers to push to increase these measures of success. 4.5.2 Most important attributes of the service The analysis of the importance scores across various attributes of service quality dimension pointed out some attributes that were highly important to customers. These attributes are listed below according to importance.

Speed of service Location of the branches Friendliness & courtesy of the employees Rates on Loans Savings schemes Fees & service charges

4.5.3 Satisfaction towards the most important attributes As mentioned earlier, the major concern of managers is to find out satisfaction of the customers across the various drivers of satisfaction . The results of the survey showed that customers were satisfied only across the following drivers of satisfaction: Friendliness & courtesy of the employees

Minimum amount to open an account Saving and deposit schemes Customer care services Speed of providing services Accurate and reliable statements Clarity of the statements

4.5.4 Assessment of the quality of service This research on customer satisfaction of DBBL was designed across some dimensions of service quality. Such dimensions were responsible for influencing the overall service quality and customer satisfaction of DBBL. The results showed that the most important dimension of service quality was reliability of the service which is ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately . The second most important was the Assurance of service quality which consists employees knowledge, courtesy and ability to inspire trust and confidence. The results showed that customers were satisfied with this dimension of DBBL services. Friendliness of employees and safety with DBBL are some of the most satisfied attributes of this dimension. This indicates that DBBL should build on this dimension of service quality. Lastly the conveniences of the locations were another of the important dimension mentioned by the customers. But the satisfaction with this dimension falls short of expectation and most of the customers are on the above average side. Thus to improve customer satisfaction DBBL should improve its location facilities according to customer needs and wants. Most of the dissatisfaction came due to the inconveniency of the branches. 4.5.5 Complaint resolution and satisfaction The survey found that an important reason of dissatisfaction was dissatisfaction with the way a customer complaint had been handled. Only 38% respondents were satisfied with the outcome of a complaint they made. This lack of satisfaction influenced 62 % of those who had made

complaints to hold negative remarks about the overall satisfaction of the bank. The number and sort of complaints were not recorded. Clearly, DBBL needs to do better in this area.


From the above explanation, it is found that customers have given different opinion in respect of all the questions. And from their opinion I found that there are some lacking in the services done by the various part of standard bank as well as there are also some strengths in different sectors. I found that the overall performance of Customer care services are better than teller and PFC services. PFC services need better improvement as it is the most important in the branch service. Customers were quite satisfied about the speed of providing services, they were reliable on DBBL bank, they found the employees were well mannered etc. During the course of the undertaken study, several findings have been stumbled upon with which have been summarized and discussed below, Dutch Bangla Banks customer service was superior due largely to its strong brand image. The bank is constantly expanding and improving its performance.

Existing products come with new attractive features to their customers . The empirical evidence of the product suggests that it is performing quite well and contributes a good portion to the overall profitability of the bank. Although the current offering for the personal loan is a lucrative one, there is still scope for further improvement which would be beneficial for the bank as well as the customers. New products are improved gradually according to the needs of the customers.

Financial institutions have always played an imperative role in strengthening the economic infrastructure of the country. Banks such as the Dutch Bangla Bank has been at the forefront on this role. Although right now the products contribution in comparison to the other products is not that high, it can certainly be hoped that with proper modification and policy change, it will surely become a large profit earning sector for the bank. The different features of the product identify it


as a convenient way for the consumers to avail those products for a variety of purposes to assess the different aspects of the products applicant. The performance of the product also shows clear indication about the increasing trend of the products customer base. Day by day the numbers of products are increasing. Finally it can be argued that product development for consumers credit program of Dutch Bangla Bank has been operating more or less in the desired direction. However, we have identified some loopholes in the program which needs special attention. We hope that if the existing problems are addressed properly, the bank will be able to expand the program as per their target and it will continue to provide more revenues in maximizing the wealth of the bank in the years to come.


CHAPTER: 05 Conclusion & Recommendation


No financial system can operate if banks do not function according to commercial criteria. While supervisory and regulatory measures can help in this regard, on their own they will not be enough. They must be accompanied by a Government commitment, publicly announced and backed at the highest political level, that banks will be allowed to operate without any direct Government interference in their commercial decisions and that banking laws and financial discipline must be rigorously enforced without regard to persons. Implementation of reforms may involve pain and costs. But experience elsewhere in the world suggests that the longer the d elay, the greater the pain, sacrifice and costs. DBBL has started its banking activities much earlier comparing to the other banks and due to that it has gained a lot of banking experience which has been proved very worthy for them. But that is a part of their job because our countries economic condition is yet to progress a lot. Time to time they are offering different attractive packages of program like various loan packages for particular economic group as doctors loan, businessman loan, household loan etc. They also have adequate planning for compensation in various sectors like-they have a wide range of bonusbranch bonus, sales bonus as the percentage of individual performance, etc. They also have some special incentives for specified performance which is really encouraging for the employees. But at the same time they have some drawbacks like- they do focus mainly on financial incentives and benefits and not on non-financial ones. But it is not wise on their part. So they need to consider the non-financial incentives a little bit seriously for the customers as well as for the employees also. They also need to increase the range of attractive offers with the increasing business. Another thing is, according to my perception, they require a much prompt guideline to operate their activities. Also, according to my perception , with a bulk of qualified and experienced human resource, Dutch Bangla Bank can exploit any opportunity in the banking sector. To summarize the whole situation, I would like to say that, this organization is giving a wonderful service to the people in general and at the same time they are also trying to educate our people about the world class banking procedures which is, according to my concept, a very

worthy step and we should cooperate with them in this matter for our own benefit. The Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd to manage the overall banking activities program and they will definitely progress with the modernization of business environment

Although the Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd is performing very well in our country, but as per my observation and understanding, I think they need a little modification in their procedures to be the number one organization. Such as They need to maintain an upgraded guideline for the employees to avoid any kind of confusion. According to my observation, there is a lack of communication between the customers and the organization which they need to reduce for the betterment and they can easily do that by instructing the employees about how to communicate in a proper way. Although they are giving the world-class services and products, yet their charges are comparatively high than others and that is very much de-motivating for the customers. So they should consider this fact and can try to reduce it within their capacity. The interest rates for loans are also very high in DBBL .but to sale more, they should reduce this rate and thus they can make a higher profit. And in deposit sector, their interest rate is poor. Though they have many classified savings , they introduce customer only two, so they should enhance their savings facilities by introducing many other saving schemes, because customers really look for various savings programs. They should specify some basic training course in some specified sector to make clear understanding about each employees job and for promotion of employees. There is a need to establish specific increment category for each level. Special increment should be given to middle and junior level managers and executives also to increase their motivation level. While ranking job or evaluate them to specify the range of compensation, they should consider the employees overall performance, rather than his designation, to make a better understanding on the evaluation process.

There should be a scope for participate in decision making process of the organization within a fixed range because according to my understanding, it is one of the best way to encourage the employees to perform in a better way as they feel themselves as a permanent part or body of the organization.

They need to increase the range of non-financial incentives like-secretarial assistance for senior level officers, option for casual dress up for clerical level once in a week, etc. They can motivate their employees with some special incentives like-childrens education facility, loan facility, compensation for short time disability, company products at subsidized price, paternity leave, etc.


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Internet f. Doutch-Bangla Bank, Official Site:, Time: november 18-December 28, 2013. g. Bangladesh Bank, Official Site:, Time: December 28, 2013. h. United International University, Official Site:, Time Octobor 18December 28, 2012.


Dear respondent, I am conducting an analysis of customer satisfaction: a case study of Dutch Bangla Bank Limited on a multidimensional scale. By providing the following information regarding your perception about DBBLS service, you can facilitate us. Name: Occupation: AGE: Phone Number:

Rank each factor according to the following Scales: Poor 1 Fair 2 Average 3 Good 4 Excellent 5

Questionnaires 1. What is your overall rating of the branch services of DBBL? 2. What is your overall rating of the teller services of DBBL? 3. In terms of time consideration, how was the tellers service in your last visit? 4. How would you rate the following aspect of teller services: Willingness to help at all times? 5. What is your overall rating of the PFC services of DBBL? 6. In terms of time consideration, how was the PFCs service in your last visit? 7. How would you rate the following aspect of

Poor 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Fair 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

Average Good 3 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 4

Excellent 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 60

PFC services: Taking time to understand your needs? 8. What is your overall rating of the customer care services of DBBL? 9. How would you rate the overall service provided by DBBLs Customer service representative? 10. How would you rate the following aspect of Customer care service agent : The Attentiveness, Courteousness and Friendliness? 11. What is your overall rating on using DBBLs Internet banking services? 12. What is your overall rating on using DBBLs SMS banking services? 13. What is your overall rating on using DBBLs Mobile banking services? 14. How would you rate the following aspect of Internet banking, SMS banking, Mobile banking: speed of completing the transaction? 15. What is your overall rating on using DBBLs complaint resolution? 16. How would you rate the reliability of the saving schemes provided by Dutch Bangla Bank ? 17. What level of service did you get while opening an account in your last visit? 18. What is your overall rating on the amount that is required to open an account ? 19. How would you rate the speed of services provided by DBBL? 20. What is your overall rating on the location of branches? 21.. What is your overall rating on the rates of loans provided by DBBL? 22. What is your overall rating on reliability and accuracy of the statement? 23. What is your overall rating on clarity of the statement? 24. What is your overall rating on using ATM services in Dutch-Bangla Bank ATM booths?

1 1

2 2

3 3

4 4

5 5

1 1 1 1

2 2 2 2

3 3 3 3

4 4 4 4

5 5 5 5

1 1

2 2

3 3

4 4

5 5

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5