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Process Manual

Knowledge base for the process industries 100 Experts at your fingertips.

The Process Manual takes you beyond numerical and simulation programs, providing you with in-depth information and helping you with crucial questions such as equipment selection, debottlenecking and troubleshooting. The Process Manual is a web-based knowledge management tool for the process industries, delivering an extensive information resource, derived from over 25 years of industrial problem-solving and research. The knowledge can be accessed via the Internet, and there is also an Intranet version which can be mounted on your own company network. The Process Manual currently covers 10 technical areas mainly in the fields of separation and solids processing; with over 100 volumes written by 150 technical experts. It gives users a complete on-line library at their fingertips. Each Technical Area contains detailed information ranging from fundamental technology and data correlation techniques, through equipment selection and design, to plant operation and troubleshooting.

The Solids and Separation technical areas are: Bulk Solids Handling Crystallization Drying Gas Cleaning Slurry Handling Solid Liquid Separation Solvent Extraction Waste Water Treatment Applied Rheology (in preparation) Mini Manual Series including instrumentation, pumps and pumping, adsorption, comminution, classification, granulation and overall process design. The Aspen Richardson Process Plant Cost Estimating Standards have recently been issued in Process Manual format, and further expansion is under way.

The Process Manual enables chemists, chemical engineers, plant operators, engineering contractors or equipment supply companies to access valuable chemical engineering knowledge using the standard web browser. If you ever find yourself asking any of the following questions, the Process Manual could help you too. I want to select process equipment but I need unbiased advice to give confidence Im making the right selection for my particular material I need to scale-up reliably and anticipate potential pitfalls I have a problem with production rate or product quality and need to know how to solve it I need to increase throughput but want to know if I can squeeze it out of my existing plant before I go for capital investment The Process Manual answers these questions by providing: A comprehensive, relevant and impartial source of knowledge, peer reviewed and applied in industry for over 25 years In-depth information complementary to calculation and simulation programs, giving the user the Why and How as well as the output Easy access throughout your company, to all divisions, sites and countries Only after consulting Process Manual and Process Tools for a gas cleaning equipment selection problem did we find that cyclones could be used where they had previously been thought not feasible. We saved over $ 1M a year from recovering useful product, while exceeding EPA air quality standards and completely eliminating effluent treatment requirements. The results were above and beyond our expectations both technically and economically. Jim Ryans Eastman Chemical Co, Engineering and Construction Division

Rigorous theory which has been transformed into practical procedures for selection, design and performance improvement

The Process Manual is powerful and user-friendly, requiring no specialized training. Key features include: Easy-to-use front end in standard web format Search tool for basic and advanced searching capabilities Live equations for key calculations performed on-line, including 2D/3D plots Links and contacts, allowing users to add cross-references to their own in-house documentation, files and personnel Links with calculation and simulation programs, including Process Tools, Aspen Plus, Batch Plus and HYSYS Richardson WinRace Database searches and uses an electronic unit cost estimating database and estimating system

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