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Frequently Asked Questions Q: Where can we get the case?

? A: All the cases are from the textbook International Business: An Asia Pacific Perspective (Second edition, January 18, 2010) by Andrew Delios, Paul W. Beamish, Jane W. Lu. You can find the book from the library and make a photocopy of the case that your group needs to work on. Q: What is the recommended structure for the report? A: We recommend all groups to have an introduction section and a conclusion section, in addition to your answer to the three questions as specified in the course outline. Other than this, we do not have any other specific requirements and you have full discretion on deciding what structure would be the most effective one to deliver your analyses and solutions. The structure of your answer is a reflection of the logic and approach your group adopts to address the questions. It is also an important input from your group and will affect the overall quality of your report. Therefore, your tutor will NOT answer questions such as whether or not the specific structure you are proposing is a good one. Q: Can we write more than 10 pages for our report? A: No. The length requirement will be strictly enforced. To ensure the fairness for all groups, students reports that exceed the required length will be penalized in the grading process. Q: Are we are allowed or required to bring in external sources of data for analysis? A: You are encouraged to use the case as the primary source of information. However, you can supplement the case with external sources of information if you think that is necessary to support your analyses and solutions. External sources of information are NOT required. Q: I would like to ask if the answers to the questions of the projects should be structured around frameworks discussed in the Delios textbook, or is it supposed to be open-ended? A: You are NOT required to use any of them, although many of the frameworks from the class and reading materials can be helpful. The way you structure your answer is a key input from your group that would differentiate your answer from those of others, and therefore affects the overall quality of your report. Therefore, we will not provide any specific guidelines on this issue and your group has full discretion. Q: What are the expectations of us i.e. are we supposed to do a full case analysis and answer the 3 questions or just focus on the 3 questions in the course outline? A: We would recommend you to prepare a general introduction and conclusion for the case. However, you should focus on the three questions from the course outline and make sure your report covers all of them. These questions are broad in nature, and therefore you can decide on what specific analyses and solutions you are going to propose to address these questions.