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Tutorials 1 to 5 (except for tutorial 3, E-Learning week)

Not your usual tutorials. FOCUS is not on the ANSWERS but the learning journey. These tutorials are designed for students to participate and contribute to live discussions. Your responsibility is to come to tutorials prepared. Your role in class is to contribute where appropriate, listen to what others said, digest what is said and take notes of key points to the discussions. After class, you need to consolidate your thoughts and make up your own answers to each of the case questions / class discussions.

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Tutorials2 (ChangesduetoElearningweekinweek5)
Sem1/AY2013 to 2014 BSP 2005 Tutorial Topics Asias dynamic growth in the new century Tutorial 2 (IS) (Wk 4) Week starting 2nd Sept. 2013 Required Readings Ch. 1, 2 and 6 of Tselichtchev and Debroux. Supplementary Reading: ASEANCompetitivenessReport2010.Seeweblink:

No pre-set discussion questions. Please come prepared with a 1 page 10 points notes from your required and supplementary (optional) reading for class discussions.

Sem1/AY2013 to 2014 BSP 2005 Tutorial Topics The State and Business Groups in Asia Tutorial 3 (IS) (Wk 5) Required Readings

Week starting 9th Sept. Tselichtchev and Debroux: Ch. 3 Structural Transformation : The State 2013 Ch. 4 Structural Transformation : Business (ELearningWeek) Delios text: Chapter9.MultinationalEnterprise Chapter10.BusinessGroups Supplementary Reading: ASEANCompetitivenessReport2010.Seeweblink: Porter, M. (1990 "The competitive advantage of nations", Harvard Business Review, Mar/Apr, Vol.68(2), p.73-93.

Notes for tutorial 3 will be available via IVLE on 6th Sept 2013.

Week5(ElearningWeek) RecommendedReadings
Studyguides pleasedownloadfromIVLE: Lecturenotesoncountrystudies justfocuson2 countries. Tutorialdiscussionnotes. Readings Delios text:
Chapter9.MultinationalEnterprise Chapter10.BusinessGroups

Tselichtchev andDebroux :
Relevantchapters any2countriesofyourinterest

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