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1. Personal Consumption Journal pattern from February 22 2008 to

March 28, 2008

Date Item Brand Price Place of Reason for Feelings Associated

Purchase Purchase with Purchase
Week 1 Coffee Nescafe 3.00 Shop near • Love coffee Nescafe is a brand
(February Powder Sachet to Hostel • Available in which appeals warmth,
22nd- Building required activeness and energy.
29th) quantity The music in the ad re-
energises my thoughts.

Sauce Tomato 25.00 Family Loves to have sauce

Super • Good taste and the ad which
Market • Better than Jam creative which attracts
the audience.
Week 2 Soap Pears 36.00 Reliance Good past My mother prefers this
(March Fresh experience brand and that is the
1st -7th) • Preferred brand reason why I also use.
The ad which shows
the relationship of
mother and child.
Hand Dettol 55.00 Reliance Hygiene Fight against germs
Wash Fresh • Moisturiser feels fresh after use,
Healthy Smell
Week 3 Biscuits Britannia: 10.00 TASMAC • Good taste I like cashews and
(March 8 Good day Canteen • Like cashews tastier than other
to 14) biscuits.

Super • Good taste Healthy, protects from
Chyawa Dabur 97.00 Market • Like cashews infection, cough and
nprash cold. It is Ayurvedic
good for health
Week 4 Soft Appy 10.00 TASMAC Preferred Brand It is cost effective and
(March Drink Canteen Alternatives with a variety in taste.
15 to 21) not available

Corn Super Preferred Brand Convenience product,
Flakes Kellogg’s 32.00 Market Easy to use gives healthy diet.

Week 5 Bread Milkmaid 16.00 Shop near • Convenience Good brand and it is
(March to Hostel (shop is near) fresh and good
22 to 28) Building Soft packaging.

HP Pump • Routine Use No much alternatives in

Petrol HP 52.42 Good Mileage petrol also gives good
Week 6 Noodle Magi 21.00 Reliance • Convenience I like Chinese noodles
(March Fresh • Good taste and easy to cook.
29 to
April 3)
• Known Brand Best Alternative for
Milk Amulya 98.00 Reliance Name milk and easy to use
Powder Fresh • Need of milk

2. List of 10 regularly used product

Product/Services Brands Size Colour/ Model

Lip Gloss Vaseline 20 gm Petroleum Gel
Ice cream Kwality Walls Regular Cornetto
Shampoo Nyle 200ml Nyle Alovera Herbal
Recharge card Idea Rs. 120 Easy recharge, Top Up
Chocolate 5 Star 100gms Chocolaty layer of
Soft drink Minute Maid 250ml Pulpy Orange
Biscuits Britannia 225 gm Glucose, Calcium
Soap Pears 200 gm Pears brown, Transparent
Deo Park Avenue 150 ml Cool Blue
Sunscreen lotion Ayur 100ml Skin Naturals Ayurveda
with milk

3. Advertisement Analysis
a) Pears: Pure and Gentle
Pears is one of the oldest soap brands in the world. Pears is unique in the mind of the people
for due to its advertising quality as well the unique feature of glycerine for skin care and

transparency of the product. Pears Original Soap is especially made to take care of even
sensitive and delicate skin, cleansing thoroughly, yet gently and rising clean. Through out its
advertisement pattern they maintained the relationship of child and mother which has helped
them in achieving their target market through out its life cycle. It is associated with some of
the popular shows like Idea Rocks India, Idea star singer & Idea Andhra idol (reality shows).

• Identify four to six consumer behaviour concepts used in the

• Emotions: This ad had an emotional appeal in terms of the mother and child relations
hip. The ad basically has looked in to the Indian women’s cultural concept where
emotional feelings for one another have a strong bond.
• Motivation: This ad motivated mothers for caring their children’s with the unique
product for their children’s soft and gentle skin. Even it motivated the children’s
especially female kids to adopt their mothers brand product.
• Values: This advertisement showed a high value of protagonist as a mother which is
basic culture of the Indian women and which reflects the value of changing Indian
women in the society.
• Family: The ad shows a strong family bond which starts with mother in a family. It
passes the message that in a family mother has a key role in the family and she chooses
products keeping in mind about each and every one’s health and safety.

• Identify and explain the demographic and psychographic segments to

which the ad was designed to appeal.
Pears always followed smart advertising and covered the gap in the soap market through
its advertisements. The product has mainly concentrated on the niche market with its USP
of glycerine and transparency of the soap. Even though pears as a unique product it has
covered all Indian’s mind with no age bar with the affection of mother. The ad actually
did not set any age bar for the product but the way ad was presented it had a feeling
among the people as it is a product for matured people. Product has always been
supported with careful advertising. The brand is promoted with the positioning as a Pure

and Gentle soap. The transparency of the soap acts as the visual cue for purity and the
glycerine content as the sign for gentleness. Pears commercials highlight the virtue of the
soap using Mother and Child as the central theme.

• Explain whether or not they fit into the identified target market.
Pears have positioned themselves as a unique product with target market as initiators of
the family. The ads with motherly touch have brought a new meaning to the target market
as a product chosen by mothers especially for their children’s. The brand commands a
unique position in the mind of the people. Pears is unique from other ordinary soaps in
that the glycerine is retained in the soap. Pears target the premium segment of the market.
"Pears Mother" is used as the central character to appeal to the emotions of the target
market. The brand remains a niche player in the soap segment. In these sense the product
perfectly fit in to the target market what ever be the income or salary. The product has
also strengthen the brand with two variants : Blue for Germ fighting and Green for Oil

b) Idea: An Idea Can Change your life

Idea is an interesting brand in the mobile service provider market in India. Idea was more
focused on expanding the network and improving the infrastructure from years. The brand
has taken Innovate, Stimulate & liberate as the core brand values. Recently Idea brand got a

major boost when the brand roped in Abhishek Bachchan as the brand ambassador. The
brand had chosen a tagline " An Idea Can Change Your Life " and the entire brand
communication was around this theme of ' an idea changing the life '. Before Abhishek
coming in the campaigns, the brand had done a series of campaign highlighting the
positioning around the theme. In my opinion, the major breakthrough for the brand came
from the campaign involving Abhishek as the Sarpanch (village chief)
The latest commercial where Abhishek plays the role of a Idea guide and using sms to
communicate with a deaf tourist further popularised the brand. This single factor has made
the brand Idea and the tagline " An Idea can change your life " very popular. The latest
campaign has a new additional slogan " What an Idea " which also has the potential to
become a popular lingo.
• Identify four to six consumer behaviour concepts used in the
• Culture: The advertisement depicts the Indian culture of understanding people better and
helping them in needs. It shows that even after being a deaf they still exchange their
views and communicate through idea, which brings them in a bond of affection and care
of each other which reflects the Indian culture. In the “Sarpanch” ad also depecited a
family bonding among the people in the village through Idea. People lived happily and
friendly to each other as soon as they were know each others with numbers, which shows
the family culture of a Indian who always tries to solve the issues soon and live happily
with others.
• Opinion Leadership: The ad carried a leadership quality of Abhishek Bachchan as a
Sarpanch influencing other people’s opinion in the village. The ad depicted the impact of
Sarpanch’s opinion on people which reflects his ability to influence others attitudes and
behaviour and his ability to control people and guide them to the right direction. Thus,
this ad has brought a major break for the product and captured the market share
• Emotion: The ad has shown the emotional appeal in it. It has shown various emotional
moments which captures sense of affection of people to each other. When the idea guide
tries to understand the deaf girl and start helping her the way she is comfortable makes
her very emotionally attached to the product and to the person. It also shows people’s

emotional attachment towards knowing each others with numbers and not with their
names, they feel happy for being together and when they shares their feelings to
understand people better.
• Learning: Each ads of idea depicts the Idea’s of innovation, creativity and values of the
product. Each innovative ads and the music which Idea is been using in its ads shows a
lot of learning about the ad and the way the company is capturing the entire target
market. Each ad brings lot of learnings because each ads of idea depicts the culture,
values and emotions. Idea ads do not change with new products coming in the market
instead each Idea ads makes the product new and innovative in the market.
• Identify and explain the demographic and psychographic segments to
which the ad was designed to appeal.
Mobile services are usually targeted for all the people from all part of the country with no
age or gender bar. As it is a service which can be enjoyed by all the people around us
being a child or old person or even an uneducated person. But unlike others mobile
companies ads, Ideas ads do not target the mass market even though the product is for the
mass market. They cover the mass market with each new and innovative ad through
which they cover the mass market and even each segment of customers feel attached to
the product. Idea displayed its brand value - innovation through various offers and
schemes. Idea My Gang was an example of such an innovation. The Closed User Group
specifically targeting young customers was the first of its kind. Then campaign involving
Abhishek as the Sarpanch in which they have targeted the old and senior citizen as well
the rural markets. The ad of Idea guide has almost covered the inbound roamers of the
idea network from other countries as well another side of the human society “dump and
deaf” which catch the sympathy of the all the people in the entire mass market.

• Explain whether or not they fit into the identified target market.
The ad has perfectly fit into the target market over and above the special attention of each
new ads is catching attention of the specified segments. Even the innovative ideas in the
ads and the product association with lot of reality programs in the market is also

attracting lot of new customers to the product as well the existing customers feel self
esteem being a customer of this product. Usually mobile companies do mass marketing
but Idea has already recognized the importance of investing in ad and building brand.
Hence, the company is trying to corner as much mental associations possible because
many aspects of the services are getting commoditized. The features like connectivity,
tariff plans and coverage are almost standardized. There is intense fight in the Value
Added Service provided by each service provider and that is where idea is catching up
with new innovative products and innovative ads like CUG, Hello Tunes, and Idea Guide


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