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Tom E. Hill, Jr.

Executive Officer
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133 (918) 695-0994 Cell

With an MBA background rich in, talent development & acquisition, employee engagement, and organizational development, he will drive strategic, competitive, and compliant solutions that support your Companys goals. A conscientious and results motivated Human Resource professional with over 20 years experience in hiring, training, and developing leadership, with special skills in business and market positioning, developing opportunities, organizational development and human resources. Having worked internationally, the eastern hemisphere, he is familiar with the people, customs, and geography of this area. This experience allows him to understand how to utilize diplomacy in business transactions, the employee complexities, and the business climate. As CEO, he managed multiple company locations with 15 direct employees and 250 total employees encompassing six business lines and a $54 million yearly budget. Having led a company through several competitor acquisitions, market expansions, and productivity enhancements, he is looking to apply his creativity, innovation, and experience to develop these same types of profitable improvements for his next employer.

Professional Skills:
Benefits Team Building Contract Negotiations Compensation Training Profitability Public Speaker Talent Acquisitions Employee Review Vendor Relationships Strategic Planning Leadership & Development Procedures & Policies Regulatory Compliance Productivity Enhancements

Professional Accomplishments:
Organizational Development Benefit: One of his primary missions was to develop and drive the

human resources strategy, linking the direction of the human resources functions to the overall business strategy. To accomplish this required him to realign employee policies, job functions and initiatives to further strategic goals.
Talent Acquisition & Retention Benefit: He incorporated the managers to comprehend the

needs of the open positions and the culture of the environment. Utilizing social networks he employed tactics to identify a qualified and diverse candidate pool. Structuring compensation and incentives allowed him to attract and retain top external talent.

Resume of: Tom E. Hill, Jr.

Coaching and Mentoring Benefit: He was responsible for the performance and development of

team members through performance reviews, coaching, skill development, training, incentives and team building. Through his leadership the expertise, crossfunctionality, and knowledge base increased strengthening the Companys leadership core.
Training & Seminars Benefit: Having obtained his undergraduate diploma in education, being a

state certified teacher, and his masters in business gives him the ability to understand and efficiently transfer organizational goals. He has developed and delivered course content dealing with operations, transportation, retail, customer service, and management while engaging the employee as an advocate to ensure long-term success of these programs. He has taught continuing education seminars throughout the Nation.
Accounting Systems Benefit: He implemented new pricing practices, accountability safeguards,

and accounting protocols including inventory and other internal controls. Over the course of the next 3 years the Company captured over $500,000 of previously missed revenue.
Business Development with Cost Controls - Benefit: He was able to build an alliance with a

competitor by generating benefits outside of the normal industry services. He negotiated a new 5 year contract which reduced costs and generated a new revenue stream. This resulted in a total benefit of over $2.1 million in the first 16 months.
Workers Compensation Insurance Enacted policies to improve the relationship between

management and employees improving morale and reducing costs. Monitoring, training, and safety protocols were implemented with real-time analysis to ensure compliance with risk assessments and work environment changes. Benefit: Over a 3 year period the number of workers compensation claims reduced from 17 to 1 per year. This resulted in a $972,000 savings. This also allowed them to now bid on jobs they were previously denied access based on their high safety incident rate. Benefit: On internal claims he was able to negotiate with the care providers to re-price services based on State approved fee schedules. This produced a 63% savings over standard pricing.
Health Insurance Monthly, Quarterly and Annual review of statistical usage, plan modification,

and training to ensure proper employee utilization of benefits and cost controls. Benefit: As the workforce continued to age the Company was having significant claims for diseases that could be proactively managed (diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, etc.). Through a series of changes he was able to reduce major (over $20,000) claims by 75%. Participation sky rocketed and this helped control and reduce all claims. Benefit: The Company was experiencing an increase in emergency room expenses for nonemergency care. (Colds, flu, stomach viruses, etc.). He created new vendor alliances and plan modifications to significantly decrease higher priced ER services. He reduced claim expenses in these categories by over 41% while still providing efficient and effective care for the employee.

Resume of: Tom E. Hill, Jr.

Marketing Strategy and Product Placement Benefit: Utilizing mobile technology he designed an

application for an IPAD. The Company was able to increase the sales close ratio by better sales presentation, timely follow up and consistent pricing. The Sales Department was able to forecast coming events and create competitive barriers that allowed them to gain market share.
Acquisitions and Mergers Benefit:

He led the management team through six competitor acquisitions blending them seamlessly into the current organization. These acquisitions increased service areas, developed new business lines, and fortified the Companys market share. This resulted in improved profitability, a stronger employee base and a diversified revenue stream.
Strategic Planning Benefit: His analysis showed a new developing market that had only one

competitor. Seeing the opportunity and void in the market he installed new automated systems and programs to position the company to aggressively pursue new business. This allowed him to win a $14 million contract over a 10 year period.
Branding & Public Speaking Benefit: Rebranded the public perception about the Company

through marketing strategies to generate public interest, create brand loyalty, and solidify media and government support for this new image.

Employment History:
AWC, Inc. The WFRE LTD ARAMCO Services* 2007 2013 1987 2007 1982 1987

* The employment period with ARAMCO includes stateside and Saudi Arabia.

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Bachelor of Science HBU College of Business & Economics University of Tulsa

Applicable Training:
Teaching Certificate State of Oklahoma Compliance Educators Private Pilots License Certified Master Recycling System Manager Certified Manager of Landfill Operations Green Advantage Environmental Certified Transfer Station System Manager LEED Green Associate

Computer Software Systems / Programs:

All Microsoft products PC Scale Technologies Quick Books HRMS / HRIS / NOVAtime