Of the elementals, verily are the Lilitir of multiple diverse forms and indeed exceedingly numerous. Only one thing bear they in common amongst all their kind, that the size of their emanation waneth tiny like the midge and waxeth big as a large man’s hand. That is the extent of their form, larger or smaller it cannot appear.

The young child seeth Lilitir by day, yea, and at night but to the discerning adult, only in the moonlight may it be seen. Rarely perchance at dawn or dusk and oft as a mere speck of light. Indeed draweth Lilitir power from moonlight to enhance its form. It adoreth the infant and the child but verily concealeth itself from the grown-up. Yea, it shieth away from lusts and desires, those acquired at puberty. Innocence pleaseth it, carnal yearnings offend it.

The form of Lilitir is like a beauteous maiden with wings. Some few kinds only have one single leg like a stem or a root whilst the number of wings varieth indeed. One or two or even three pairs there may be. If there be those with more, as such there might, it hath not been observed by us. Lilitir loveth water and vegetation, truly is it scarce in the desert regions to the west and the east. Even though it be an elemental of the air, frolicketh it on the water and in the plants. Yea, in Buradun and Iddigina it flourisheth, in the canals likewise and in the marshes. In the hilly lands with brooks and streams aplenty, there also wilst thou find it.


Lilitir wandereth far and wide across the lands, it is said, and, that it hath no fixed abode. A being of mirth, it indulgeth in dances and games whereby it fulfilleth its duties. Verily spinneth it sunlight into food and medicine for the plants. When it danceth, truly then performeth it this work. And Lilitir playeth and laboureth together with diverse nature spirits to bring rain and raise flowers.

Some there are of the Lilitir who look after birds and butterflies to safeguard their numbers and it is thought that others have the power to chase away plagues and pestilences borne on the wind. More than that, no one knoweth their tasks and their functions and their actions besides nature itself.


Lo! The cat and the dog of thine household see Lilitir but ignore it, verily because they know it holdeth no threat. Yea, to thy pet it is but a natural part of the world. They bark not, they hiss not at it. They sniff it not for they observe that its body is subtle, odourless and without taste.

Brian Froud

Wouldst thou invite Lilitir to thy fields? Mayhaps it turneth away the mould and the disease borne on the breeze? Plant flowers and channel water into thy garden, make little pools and a rivulet. Then it cometh assuredly to bring gladness and mirth.



Translated from Sumerian by Pieter Uys From: The Bestiary of Bau Mara, the great seer of Nippur All rights reserved. ©Pieter Uys 2014


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