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Product Data Sheet


The World’s #1 Structural Analysis and design Software

STAAD.Pro is a comprehensive and integrated finite element analysis and design solution, including
a state-of-the-art user interface, visualization tools, and international design codes. Capable of
analyzing any structure exposed to static loading, a dynamic response, soil-structure interaction,
wind, earthquake, and moving loads.
STAAD.Pro is the premier FEM analysis and design tool for any type of project including towers,
culverts, plants, bridges, stadiums, and marine structures.

With an array of advanced analysis capabilities including mission tower in Asia, STAAD.Pro is the perfect workhorse
linear static, response spectra, time history, cable, and for your design firm.
pushover and non-linear analyses, STAAD.Pro provides your
engineering team with a scalable solution that will meet Extremely Flexible Modeling Environment
the demands of your project every time. All the power in an interface that is based on the latest
programming technology which means that 80% of new
clients learn to use STAAD.Pro efficiently in under 2 hours.
STAAD.Pro will eliminate Along with our tutorial movies, we also include on line help
the countless man-hours and dozens of examples to illustrate solutions to commonly
raised modeling, analysis and design issues.
Clear Start Page and new structure wizard required to properly load
allows user configuration and easy access
into the program. your structure by automating Broad Spectra of Design Codes
the forces caused by wind, Steel, concrete, timber and aluminum design codes from
all around the world including a number of historical codes
earthquakes, snow, or vehicles.
means that you can take STAAD.Pro to wherever your
company works.
STAAD.Pro will eliminate the countless man-hours required
to properly load your structure by automating the forces Interoperability and Open Architecture
caused by wind, earthquakes, snow, or vehicles. STAAD.Pro is more than an analysis and design tool, but

In addition, no matter what material you are using or what from simple importing of CAD models to custom links to
Powerful state of the art graphics rou-
country you are designing your structure in, STAAD.Pro can third party applications using OpenSTAAD; it can be the
tines to fully visualize the model.
easily accommodate your design and loading requirements, heart of your structural solution. When integrated with

including US, European (including the Eurocodes), Nordic, Bentley® ProjectWise®, your STAAD.Pro models can be effi-

Indian, and Asian codes; even special codes like AASHTO, ciently managed with the leading project collaboration tool.

ASCE 52, IBC and the US aluminum code can be catered to.
Quality Assurance
With an unparalleled quality assurance program, open STAAD.Pro is the only software that has gone through ISO
architecture for customization, and a 25-year track record 9001 certification and has passed the stringent software
including such projects as the MCI Stadium in Washington validation requirements of the nuclear industry (10CFR Part
DC, Wimbledon Court No1 in Europe, and the tallest trans- 50, 10CFR 21 and ASME NQA-1-2000).
STAAD.Pro has the power to analyze and de-
sign the most complex of structural models.
User Interface Analysis • Animations. View displacements,
Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon
• Graphical tools. Models can be • Elastic. Traditional first order includ- stress contours or mode shapes
Operating System: created quickly and accurately using ing iterative one way analysis. dynamically.
Windows Vista, XP, and 2000 structural grids, tooltips to highlight • P-Delta. Both large and small P-Delta
RAM: data, frame generators and a structure including stress stiffening effects
128MB minimum wizard for standard structural frames. • Bentley® Structural. Two way link to
• Cable. Account for the changing
support creating models with design
Hard Disk: • Visualization. From simple wire frames stiffness of cables due to loading.
and construction documents.
200MB free disk space for speed, accuracy and ease of use • Imperfection. Account for imperfec-
to fully rendered 3D models for clear • Bentley® REBAR. Reinforced concrete
tions in structural geometry.
Display: mass distribution and presentation. designs passed into Bentley Rebar for
Graphics Card supported by • Dynamic. Modal analysis including complete scheduling and detailing.
DirectX 9.0
• Editor. A color coded tool to check stress stiffening eigensolution and
and organize the data, label with • RAM™ Concept. Floor slabs can be
steady state options, Time History
comments and organize to model identified and linked to RAM Concept
and Response Spectrums.
stage construction. for full RC and PT design and detail-
• Buckling. Identify the eigen ing in a state of the art application.
• Section Wizard. Calculate properties buckling factor.
of built up sections, drawn freehand, • RAM™ Connection. Joints defined in
• Basic and Advanced Solvers. The the model with the forces calculated
parametrically defined, or imported standard solver, the staple of
from a CAD drawing. from the analysis passed into the lead-
ABOUT BENTLEY STAAD® for over 20 years is now ing connection design application.
• Meshing tools. Triangular or quadri- complemented by an advanced solver
Bentley Systems, Incorporated is lateral meshes created from zones • AutoPipe®. Pass the STAAD.Pro
that can be up to 1000 times faster!
the global leader dedicated to within defined models or imported structural steel frame into AutoPipe
• Pushover. A solution to the require- to correctly account for the pipe
providing comprehensive software from DXF files. ments outlined in FEMA 356:2000 support stiffnesses and import the
solutions for sustaining infrastructure. • Load generators. Seismic UBC,
Architects, engineers, constructors, • Code Checking and Design pipe engineers support reactions back
IBC, ASME wind and snow, bridge • Steel, 37 codes from around the world.
and owner-operators are indispensable into the model for an accurate design
loading BEAVA.
in improving our world and our quality • Concrete, 25 codes batch processed or in a fraction of the time of traditional
of life; the company’s mission is to • Customizable interface with VBA tools. within the interactive RC design modes. methods.
improve the performance of their Create windows and tables to your own
• Timber, 4 design codes supported. • Import the
projects and of the assets they specification. SQL query builder.
• Aluminum design. STAAD.Pro support reactions and
design, build, and operate. Bentley
Objects • Shearwall designs for US, Indian and positions directly in to design the
sustains the infrastructure professions
• Beams. Standard linear, curved and British codes. structure foundations.
by helping to leverage information
technology, learning, best practices, physical beams, compression/tension • OpenSTAAD. A complete set of func-
only, with databases of sections Post Processing tions that make Open STAAD an API
and global collaboration – and by
promoting careers devoted to this from around the world. • Pages. The STAAD.Pro interface is from which data an be extracted directly
crucial work. • Plates. 3 or 4 noded 2D plates and configured to suit the model to ease into applications such as MS Word or
surface objects with holes. access to the required data. MS Excel or your very own application.
For more information, visit • Interactive graphics. Linked tables You can even drive STAAD.Pro creating or call • Solid. Solid 3D bricks from 4 to 8 noded.
and windows to get direct feedback models, run the analysis and view the
1-800-BENTLEY • Supports. Foundation and Multi
from one item in related windows. result with your own interface.
linear springs.
• Output file. Simple clear information • CAD, DXF. Use CAD models as the
• Loads. Full range of loads for static
to verify the analysis. base wire frame, structural grid or
and dynamic analysis which can be
defined explicitly or calculated using • User Report. Create high quality outline of a complex deck that needs
the wide range of load generators. documents. to be meshed.
BENTLEY OFFICES • Contoured stress plots. Using • CIS/2. Exchange data with other steel
automatic or user configured scales, design packages.
Corporate Headquarters
colors and limits.
685 Stockton Drive
Exton, PA 19341 USA
1-800-BENTLEY (1-800-236-8539)
Outside the US +1 610-458-5000

Bentley Systems Europe B.V.

Wegalaan 2
2132 JC Hoofddorp
+31 23 556 0560

Bentley Asia
No. 1 A Jiangoumenwai Avenue
Chaoyang District, Unit 406
NCI Tower Beijing 100022
+86 108 518 5220
Graphical post processing and linked windows to cross Pipe work designed in AutoPipe can be imported and graphically
reference results data. linked to the structure to import the loading.

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